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This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Marcus Jones from The Ultimate Fighter, for
getting the Bubbaism “Coocoo for Cocoa puffs” on the show last night.

Segment 1 – Stock market, coming up on the show

Bubba started off with some Rehab as bumper music. Bubba said today’s
bumper music is from Manson. Spice said he couldn’t care about the
stock market going up. Bubba said he has to be tight on time, as he’ll
be having Bill Foster on. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Various Birthdays, Name that Tune

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
told Spice to take the clicks off of Manson’s iPod, Spice said the
song his is guilty pleasure, Manson thinks you have to be high to
enjoy it. Ned thinks the guy is rubbing his prostate. Joe in Texas
thinks the song sucks. Bubba said the guy has a radio condom over him.
Joe said some of the guys from work were hanging out, having some
drinks, he thinks he said something that was off color, someone
complained, he’s not sure what it was. Bubba thinks the complainer is
a pussy, Spice said it’s tough to be in corporate America. Bubba said
the way they do things is totally different. He said he can understand
someone talking to a female employee in a certain way, but not with
two dudes, Bubba told the guy he needs to really settle it down. Bubba
wonders if Kelli from has the new blue bar, Brent said
he has one, but it’s in the wrong wrapper, Bubba said he doesn’t want
it. Bubba went on to say that he doesn’t want to be a zoo keeper, but
he noticed some birthdays, we then heard Hogan’s version of “happy
Birthday” from “the Fat and The Furious” disc 2, track 15. Bubba
played a song and asked Manson to name the tune, he didn’t know it, he
said it sounds familiar, Bubba said Brent is madder that he’s had to
hear the song. Ned said it’s “I Still Believe”, Bubba gave him the
timble, Ned then asked for his protein bar, Dave said he thought it
was Michael Jackson when he was a kid. Spice read about Brenda K Star,
Bubba said it’s also penny marshal’s birthday, Spice said he looks
every bit of 66. Bubba said the next person is 51, Spice thinks 61,
its Chris Daburg, Bubba thinks the song “lady In Red” was really homo.
Bubba wonders what was so cool with the Rubik’s Cube and the pet rock;
he said he was trying to get out of the song as soon as possible. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba wonders if
Manson is ribbing him, “one Bad Apple” is the selection for this
segment, Spice thinks it sounds like Michael Jackson, Bubba joked the
segment is sponsored by nambla. Manson said Donna gets real mad when
he plays it, bubba thinks Manson likes anything that has the word high
in it, he thinks the singer is getting a prostate examination. Bubba
plugged what’s on and Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show today; he said the whole show will
be at The Gold Club in Miami. Bubba said Russ is working on a
Jacksonville and a Ft. Meyers party for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®.
Bubba said Spice will be at International Plaza this Sunday, he said
Ball Watch is donating $25 to the BTLS Foundation, for every watch
sold. Bubba asked the guys if they heard about Captain Lue dying,
Spice said he thought he died years ago, he said he looked rough. The
first email of the day thinks Bubba is a dick for recording Brent’s
meltdown, they enjoyed Ned’s song about it, Ned said he’s just
reporting the facts. Another emailer suggested Go Joe Cherry
fingernail cleaner, Bubba said he needs some, he asked the guys to
turn the lights up, he showed them some of his nails he can’t get
clean, Spice thinks it’s chocolate, he calls him a dick for doing so.
Another emailer said he’s upset listening to Mad Dog talking about his
channel, the emailer wishes Bubba was exclusive to Sirius; Bubba said
the guy makes too much sense. Bubba thinks Sirius is kicking
themselves for handling Bubba like that. Another emailer asked about
the BTLS one-off shows, Brent said Sirius hasn’t exactly asked, Spice
said they begged to do extra stuff. Another emailer thinks Bubba is
fake, Bubba thinks reading it proves he’s not fake, Manson said it
could be a fake email address. The emailer lists some reasons why he
doesn’t like the show, while Spice kept score, Bubba thinks the
average guy is stuck in his own ways, Manson said people would know
the top ten shows about fifteen years ago, Spice said he agrees with
Manson. The results were in – Bubba 6, emailer 2, Bubba thinks the
emailer is a nerd. Another emailer said his girlfriend wants to get
her breasts reduced, Bubba said that’s what the 12 boobs of
Christmas® is all about, it’s anything you want. Another emailer thinks
Dave disrespected Brent with his mouth, Dave thinks he didn’t say
anything. Another emailer said Manson opened with a parody of “song
#2”, Bubba said it’s just for Bubbapalooza, Bubba thinks they should
put them on iTunes. Bubba wonders how the Bearcats got so popular in
football; Brent said they’re not that good. Bubba thinks having the
Hurricanes in the schedule will make it tough, he thinks Ned knows a
lot about college Football. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Crying In The Green
Room”. We then heard some Neyo as bumper music; Bubba wasn’t sure as
to who it was. Bubba tried to cal Hogan, he automatically got sent to
voicemail, Spice thinks he’s sad. Bubba called again, only to have the
same results. Bubba played “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”; Captain Lue
played the Dad in the video. Spice said he saw Cindy Lopper a few
years ago, Bubba thinks he didn’t, Ned thinks they’re fags. Bubba said
Hogan never turns his phone off, he said the house looks empty, you
don’t realize how big it is until it’s empty. Bubba said Hogan gave
Tyler his wrestling boots. Bubba said Ned has a new offering about the
Buccaneers’s horrible record, “Love Stinks” is the original, “Bucs
Stink” is Ned’s version. Bubba likes how the other guys helped Ned out
in the bit with backing vocals. Bubba thinks they should send this to
Gruden. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for the show’s
page. Bubba isn’t sure the genre Manson has on his iPod, Manson said
his music is hated, Spice said he’s tempted to copy Tyler’s picks.
Bubba got Tyler on the line, Bubba played Tyler’s bumper, he thinks
it’s cool.

Rams at Jacksonville – Rams
Chiefs at Redskins – Washington
Texans at Bangles – Bangles
Ravens and Vikings – Vikings
Lions at Packers – Lions
Browns at Stealers – Stealers
Panthers at Tampa – Panthers
Giants at saints – Giants
Arizona at Seattle – Seattle
Eagles at Oakland – Eagles
Buffalo at Jets – Jets
Titans at Patriots – Pats
Bares at Falcons – Chicago
Denver at Chargers – Denver

Bubba thinks something is up with Tyler, heather said he’s fine, Bubba
wonders why everyone has to talk down to him. Ned thinks Tyler has
been drinking. Bubba played Dr. Mark’s bumper. Bubba said you could
always call mark’s office 913=986-5755. The first email of the day
asked about a men’s’ health doctor, Mark said he goes to a guy named
Dr. Joe. Another emailer said his foreskin doesn’t stretch, Bubba told
Ned he can’t have the email, Spice wonders if we can do that, mark
suggested a circumcision. Another emailer asked about an injection
that gives you some testosterone. Another emailer said he suffers from
Enuresis, Mark said the guy wets the bed, he said some people don’t
out grow it. Beau said he’s had an issue for a while, he said when he
wakes up some mornings, he said he’s bathed in sweat that smells
horrible, Bubba said it’s chub rub, Mark suggested the guy sees his
family doctor, Beau said it smells like cat pee. Jamey in Tampa said
he just had some blood work done, everything came back normal, he
wonders if he could try Andro Jell, marks suggested the guy do some
exercise and get roughly seven-nine hours of sleep. Jamey said he got
cured of sleep apnea, mark said he needs to get it re checked. Neil
said his wife got her tubes tied, he wonders if it can be reversed,
mark said it could be done. Another emailer said he’s an incomplete
paraplegic; he hasn’t had an errection since a spinal cord injury.
Mark said some people don’t get really good levels. Another emailer
said when he has sex, he can ejaculate once or twice before an orgasm,
Ned wants to get what the guy has, mark said he doesn’t have a pill
for it. Another emailer wonders if mark deals with women, Bubba had to
reread the email, Spice thinks she’s looking for an abortion clinic.
We then heard a sample of Manson’s “sounds Like An Abortion”; he
stopped it to say he’ll play it later. Spice said it says “Women’s
clinic”. Another emailer asked what Dr. mark ment by low dosage, mark
explained it. Spice asked about going to the bathroom in the middle of
the night, he asked if it hurts to hold it in, Mark said it shouldn’t,
it all depends. Spice also asked about herbal sex pills, he said it
worked for him, mark said some of the medications work. David in
Jacksonville said he saw his family doctor, he said his doctor put him
on Andro jell, he thinks it put some weight on him, mark thinks he
needs to check his estrogen levels checked. Another emailer said he’s
no longer an alcoholic, he now doesn’t want sex. Another emailer asked
about mark’s hgh product, Mark said it’s still in the trial phase.
Bubba took a call from a guy who has some problems with his penis, he
thinks it’s a psychological thing, mark said it is, he said you can
talk yourself out of an errection, Spice thinks the guy is turning
into a bitch. Billy said he had a prostate check done a few years ago,
he said his sperm came out looking muddy, Mark said that’s normal. Ned
thinks the doctor was lazy, Mark told Ned he’s fired; Spice said he
expects perfection from a doctor. Doug in Jacksonville thanked the
guys for the testosterone check. Bubba thanked Mark for coming in,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various 911 Calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Amy Breast
cancer awareness shirt, then into Manson’s “Sounds Like An Abortion”.
We then heard some Guns N’ Roses as bumper music, Bubba said on
December 4, they’ll be in Orlando. Bubba said Oprah will be bringing
in Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield together. Bubba said Jabber Jaw
found him a story with a 911 call, bubba feels sorry for the guy they
played yesterday, where a guy got shot, Bubba said it sucks that the
cops shot the wrong guy, he played the call, Bubba thinks they could
do a show with just 911 calls. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who got in trouble for a fake 911 call, Bubba told MJ to pay attention
for filing it a fake police report. Spice said he’s been held at
gunpoint, he finds it calming. Bubba asked Ned if he has a ham radio,
Ned said he does. We then heard a news clip about three people who
were electrocuted while setting up an antenna. Bubba was laughing at
the electrocution sounder; he said he hates to be a dick about it.
Bubba played a sounder of Twenty-five cent getting tazzed from march
3, 2006; he thinks they were mean back in the day. Herpes in
Clearwater said Bubba gave him the nickname, Spice said he remembers
the guy. Bubba asked him how he controls it, he said he uses Valtrex.
The guy said there’s now a vaccine that will make an outbreak happen
for five years. Bubba thanked him for calling in; he said he’s called
in a few times. Ashley in Orlando said she didn’t like the log Bubba
dropped earlier. Bubba thinks a lot of people like heather, but hate
him. Ashley said there’s a kickball event in Armstrong park in
Jacksonville, Bubba thinks he’s talking to Sarah Palin of Orlando.
Bubba asked her what she looks like, she said she’s six foot two and
blonde, Bubba couldn’t get over that, he wonders what size she is.
Spice asked her if she looks like a beast, she said nice girls don’t
poop, they call it big business. Ashley said she’s doing a lot of
stuff, she owns an electric company; Bubba said he’d like to see what
she looks like. We then heard a news clip about a woman who called
911, her husband was killed. We then heard the 911 call, Bubba wonders
how calm can you be during all this. Bubba thinks she’s winning the
swagger off at the moment. Spice said he’d like to have her with
Moonshine Miller, Bubba thinks she could have her own talk show. Bubba
thanked jabber Jaw for finding the clip. Spice thinks the husband is
playing dead, Manson thinks the guy called the hit on himself. Ned
said he’d be making 911 calls every day if he was with her. Bubba
thinks the bit he talked about yesterday is too shocking, Brent thinks
he’ll have to stop and start the bit, he said he’s got chicken dip.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Grady Jud calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Breast
Cancer Awareness shirt, then into Ned’s ‘bucs Stink” bit. Bubba said
they’ll be doing the nfl picks, Bubba and Manson think the Bucs will
get their first win of the season, Spice told them to have fun with
that one. Bubba said Grady Jud will be calling in shortly, he then
plugged the show’s appearance in South Florida on November 20. Bubba
went to Grady Jud, Bubba said he really likes him; Grady really likes
the custom timble. Grady said he asked Charlie Christe to sign a death
warrant, he said he’d do it; bubba thanked him for getting it done.
Grady said he gets up every morning and tries to do what’s right.
Bubba read that the guy has been on death row longer than a cop that
he killed, Grady said many of his cops weren’t even born back when it
happened. Grady said the guy has had two trials and fifteen motions of
appeal. Bubba said the guy is a scumbag who needs to be delt with,
Grady said they’ll appeal up until the last second. Grady recapped the
situation, the guy killed a cab driver, killed a teenager, then the
cop. Bubba asked when the execution will happen; Grady said it should
happen November 4. Bubba said when the media has nothing to cover,
they bust balls, he thinks Grady should be governor. Grady said Pulk
is a common sense county. Bubba asked about the guy who killed Ron
Brown, Grady said he’s been moved. Bubba thinks the media is making a
big deal out of the bowling game than it is, Grady recapped the
situation, he said he’s proud of his officers when they do good. Grady
said when he was told about the video, he had some scary thoughts.
Bubba asked him if Grady has the right to be at the execution, he said
he could be there. Bubba told Grady about the various organizations
that are helping out the BTLS Foundation, he wants him to be there for
the check presentation, Grady said he appreciates it, he said he’ll do
his best to do it. Bubba wonders why people have the kind of mentality
that it’s okay to kill a cop, Grady said we’re dealing with thugs, he
said normal people don’t fight with cops. Bubba asked about a robbery,
Grady explained it. Bubba thanked Grady for coming on; Grady said
they’ll continue to keep people safe. Manson said he reminds him of
Andy Griffith. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka” set. We then heard some messages from the fans. Bubba plugged and, he said he has to get out, he thinks he’s
going to drive one of his friend’s trucks. Bubba wished Dan Atwell the
best of luck on his knee surgery recovery. Spice said he’ll be at the
titled Kilt tomorrow night in Carol wood, they then wrapped up, Bubba
said you’ll be able to watch the Bill Foster interview coming up, only
on the Bone.

Segment 9 – Bill Foster in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bill Foster. Bubba
said he’s very adamant about this race. Bubba said all too often,
people don’t get a chance to read the paper or go to the tiger club,
Bubba asked people to go out and vote. Bubba introduced bill, Bill
thanked him for letting him on. Bubba said Brent has had positive
things to say about bill. Brent said bill has done a great job with
the neighborhood. Bill said Bubba’s introduction was great, he said
local government is the safety net, he said they’re a common sense
group, he said he has almost a ten year history of getting things
done. Bubba asked Bill how long Kathleen Ford has served for, bill
said she served for four years, he said she hasn’t done much. Bill
said he was appointed and re-elected twice. Bubba said bill knocked
down a crack house to build a hotel, he filed a lawsuit on behalf of
the private citizens, Bill said he drove the bulldozer to knock down
the place, he thinks a tazer is much better than a bullet or a
beating. Bill said they constructed the only high ligh court in a city
park, bubba wonders if he can bet on it, Bill said he could. Bubba
asked him about reducing violent crimes, Bill said the first way to
tackle violent crimes is for minor crimes, he said it’s a broken
window philosophy, he said you can’t sweat the small stuff. Bill said
he wants his cops to do more, he said he wants people to be more
active. Bill said they shut down a growhouses because of many
fertilizer bags and dead grass. Bubba asked about the no chase policy,
Bill said it needs to be addressed; he said he wants a common sense
city. Bubba asked about the four deputy mayors, Bill said he wants to
be the mayor, he said the title deputy mayor gives people false hope.
Bill said he’s had a nine year history of knocking on doors, he asks
Brent if he’s a pest for doing so, Brent said no. Bubba asked about
getting a permit, Bill said he’s heard it’s complicated, he said the
customer is in charge with that one. Bill said he and Brent went to
the same high school; he wants the guidance councilor mentality. Bubba
asked Bill where he was born, Bill said he was born in Florida, he
said Ford has only been here since the 80‘s. Bill thinks bubba could
do his show where ever he’d like, he said bubba chose St. Petersburg
for various reasons. Bubba said he could, but he likes how it’s
diverse; he thinks some people will pander to other people. Bill said
he has the history of bringing people together, he said Ford isn’t
like that. Bill said you need to have a vision and bring people
together; he thinks ford has less success than he does. Bubba said he
asked Ford about the pba, Bill confirmed this. Bill said he can’t get
into what she did with the fire fighters; he said they’re going to
look at consolidating. Bill said he would wear bunker gear at 8:00,
from June-August, Bill said his fellow council members mocked him for
doing this. Bill said he was surprised that he didn’t get the fire
fighter endorsement. Bill thinks they need to do better with their
staffing. Bill said he supports St. Pete Fire and rescue, he said he
wants them there if he has a heart attack; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 10 – more with Bill Foster

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bill foster. Bubba
said he messed up and hit the wrong button, he said he’s not used to
working this late. Bill said he comes with solutions, not only
criticisms, his website is, Bubba said he sees
a big sign every time he goes to CVS. Bubba recapped what Ford said
about the Rays, Bill said what she said is true. Bubba said he asked
her about breaking their contract, Bill said you could beat anyone
over the head with a contract; it’s only good as the people who sign
it. Bill said the Rays are important to the city, he said even before
we got the team, we were trying to fight seat deposit issues. Bill
said you don’t beat people over the head with a contract. Bill said it
should be in the hands of the people, he said for every person who
doesn’t like the Rays, there’s one guy who really likes them. Bill
said the impact would be huge. Bubba said he’s been told the reserve
is for natural disaster, Bill said her idea is to pay people, he said
we learned a lot during the horrible time during 2005. Bill said he
had to board up his house when hurricane Charley hit. Bubba said he
got a text from someone asking bill’s headquarters, Bill said it’s 555
fourth street North in St. Petersburg. Bubba said ay walk was great
for a while, Bill thinks it can be brought back; he thinks we should
vacate the sidewalk. Bubba wonders what advantage the city has; he
said you can’t build anything on it. Bill said he’s all about the
first amendment, he knows it has to be regulated. Bill said if you
spread the people out, it will balance out. bubba thanked Bill for
coming by; he wished him the best of luck. Bill thanked Bubba for
coming on, he said Bubba and Brent do a lot for the community, he said
he has a vision, he wants to bring solutions. Bill said we’re going to
treat people with respect, he thanked Brent for serving our country,
he isn’t sure if he’s allowed to say that. Bubba said November 3 is
the big day, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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