Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recap for today provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Big Dick:
Stone Temple Pilots – Meatplow
Bush – Monkey
Helmet – In the Meantime
Dropkick Murphy’s – Shipping Up To Boston
Cheap Trick – She’s Tight
Anthrax – Only
The Ramones – The KKK Took My Baby Away
Living Colour – Sunshine Of My Love
Elvis Presley – In The Ghetto
Sevendust – Home

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Big Dick,
he then said that he doesn’t remember the time when Ned was late, Ned
said he hates being home, Bubba told him he’ll be exciting when the
new studio will be done, Ned thinks he’ll just live in the studio.
Bubba said they’ll be incorporating a new bar, Spice thinks they’re
running a night club, Manson then said he loves the new car, Bubba
said Donna’s new name is the boss, Manson said that Berlin drove it,
and didn’t crash it, Bubba thinks Berlin is like Donna, while Trace
and Westin are like Manson, he suggests they give the car to Jabberjaw
next, he then went on to say the Lightning are for real, Brent said
they’re at Philadelphia.
Bubba wonders how you say Karpf, Spice thinks this will be a rough
interview for Bubba, Spice didn’t like the 30-30 on Mike Tyson was
good, he didn’t like the spoken word portion. Bubba said that Tim
Richmond was a driver who died of Aids, he then thanked Tuddle for
getting that interview set up for them, Spice told him to stop
messaging him, Brent said he’s got show prep, he said the Lightning
are at Philadelphia tonight. Bubba said that Tom out of Kentucky bare
hugged a Pit Bull to death; he said he hasn’t talked to Travis Fucking
Travis in a long time (January 22, 2010). They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Tom from Kentucky

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween at Scene on
October 29. Bubba came on saying the Lightning did great last night.
Tom in Kentucky said he came home from work yesterday, his wife was
freaking out, she was screaming bloody murder, he said a Pit bull was
on his wife’s arm, he asked Bubba about his friend with the Pit Bull.
The guy said that the neighbors have a fenced in yard, he said the dog
will periodically get out; Bubba wonders what causes them to flip out.
The guy said the dog was on its hind legs, he came out there, grabbed
the dog in a bear hug and squeezed it, he wouldn’t let him go after
hearing the dog’s ribs break, he thinks his wife will have years of
surgery, Bubba thinks this would warrant a lawsuit, Tom said he bare
hugged the dog for three minutes, ed thinks the guy tapped it out, he
said he’s heard the guys talk about Pit bulls for months, Bubba likes
how they can resolve this issue without having issues. Tom said
they’ll be doing skin grafts, some small wounds were stitched up, he
said he has some stitches himself, he said the claws got him a few
times. Bubba asked if the dog was crying, Tom said he was, he said he
kind of felt bad about that, he said once he heard the ribs pop, he
knew he didn’t want to let the dog go, Bubba thinks they should get
this guy in the octagon, Spice said he doesn’t want to see a dog get
killed, Brent said he sympathize with the guy, he said he’d just shoot
the dog, Bubba asked if he was to miss and hit Amanda,
Brent said that’s the price of doing business. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Bubba came on saying he wanted to play the “Pit Bulls are razed” song,
but he forgot, Spice suggested they play it now. We then heard the bit
from “bubba show classics Volume 14”, track 13. Bubba came on plugging
the latest stuff on, he thinks the Dropkick Murphys song
is good until they start singing, he thinks Rory Karpf has a messed up
name, he ten told Ned Richard petty will be calling into the show
tomorrow, he thanked Spice for getting that hookup. Pulk County on
protection came on; Bubba thinks he called in yesterday. Larry said
these guys are like his friends, he said that at least he can voice
his opinion; he asked the guys if they checked out his videos, Bubba
said that they did, but they were in Spanish. Larry said they’re at, he said they don’t promote gangs. Spice said the
cops just apply the law, Bubba said he’d be on the phone with his
representative if he didn’t like it, Spice said it’s kind of shifty.
Larry said he doesn’t want anyone in his family going through what
these guys went through, he asked bubba if he’ll put one of the guys
on, Bubba said he would, Larry then plugged, he
said it’s the name of a company, Bubba said he’s not one way, he’ll
allow anyone to say their peace. Bubba wondered if you lived in this
area, and you have this company going on, the server to the website is
not based in the area, and the videos that are on the site aren’t in
your County, he wonders if you could have an argument about that,
Brent said it depends on if the prosecution could prove you committed
a crime. Bubba then read an article about a guy who shot his son in
the ass for not pulling his pants up, Manson wonders how kids today
walk, Bubba thinks you should just wear underwear if you want to show
your ass, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks this
could be a great boopity story, he thinks this is a South Park
episode, Spice thinks maybe the kid was being a real smartass, he
sarcastically thinks “Don’t put me on no camera” is proper English.
Bubba thinks the next story is a der der, we then heard a news clip
about a woman who went surfing on the web while her kids were in the
bath tub, Bubba wonders who would be on the porch with a laptop while
the kids are in the tub, he and Spice then did southern voices talking
about that, the guys think sterilization needs to happen now, Bubba
thinks the kid will be retarded, he thinks the kid is in a better
place than having to live with her, he said the problem is the woman
is allowed to have kids, Brent wonders if abortion was illegal, he
thinks we’d have a bunch of retards, Manson said it’s reverse
evolution, Bubba thinks stupid people breeding and immigration will be
the end of us.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Jerry Brown/Megan Whitman audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Hockey
jersey. Bubba went over the various locations where you can get the
Bubba Army Remember The hoeroes shirt, he thinks ned would love a
metal scrapping place, he said he’s working on Jim’s Harley Davidson,
he said he’ll be doing the toy run there, Spice said he did it last
year, Bubba said no stuffed toys, due to bed bugs, Manson wonders how
much fun you can have with a stuffed animal, Bubba thinks the minute
you’re over three, you shouldn’t be playing with one of them, he then
went on to say that he thinks the people on “It’s Always Sunny In
Philadelphia” are fans of the show. We then heard a clip of a guy
saying jabrony; Manson said Jabrony is a great word. Bubba said he got
the term jabrony in 1990, he started using it when he got in radio, he
said The Rock used it a lot. We then heard another clip where a guy
questions the other guy about the word jabrony, Bubba thinks they’re
getting a bone thrown at them, Spice suggested Bubba watching the
show, he asked Brent to order the DVD for him, he then plugged his
Lumber liquidator’s appearance this Saturday, from Noon to 1:30.
Manson described the new car as a smaller Sudan, he said it drove
nice. The first email of the day said his step ad is the treasurer of
the Defenders Motor cycle club. Another emailer said they should check
some comic stores in regards to the Janessa Brazil penthouse spread.
Another emailer said they plan on doing a party in Tampa, the emailer
asked what strip club they should go to, Bubba said 2001 is great, as
you get the same type of action, and you’ll have a place to relax,
Spice said at Mons Venus is small. Another emailer thanked Bubba for
the pizza recommendation. Another emailer said the trails of Terror is
doing a Bubba
Army promotion. Another emailer said they’ve never seen Star Wars; the
emailer called it a nerd fest. Another emailer said Bubba has become a
pathetic hypocrite, the emailer said bob and tom is now more shocking
than they are, Bubba said the show has been changed because of regular
radio, Spice asked the guy to look for an edgier show on regular
radio, Bubba said it’s how they make a living, he then recapped what
Mel told him, Manson thinks no shows will be talking about Abortion.
Another emailer said that Bubba is dead on with his comments on Fox;
Bubba said that they’re right down the middle. Another emailer said
the way to tell the difference with men and women is the length of
ring finger and the index finger, the guys then did the comparison,
Bubba asked for Jabberjaw to come in, he thinks Spice has female
fingers, as his wring and index fingers are the same length. Jabberjaw
then went over the people who haven’t paid with the lottery; Brent
said he just hasn’t had the chance. Bubba said if it goes two weeks
without getting paid, it’s double, he then read the Charleston, South
Carolina breakdown, Manson said that Pickny knows of radio, ed thinks
they should put Twenty-five’s picture up on a billboard. Andy in
Orlando came on talking about the gangs; he thinks they could use the
office for state wide prosecution. Jennifer said what the emailer said
wasn’t the case; the distance proves how aggressive you’ll be, Spice
thinks she’s hit her boyfriend a few times. Brass said it’s great to
hear the guys again, Bubba had to dump him for saying “shit”, the guy
said the gangs are pathetic, Bubba then hung up on him for cursing
again, he said that stuff would get him in a lot of trouble. Bubba
asked who Jerry Brown is, Brent said he used to be the Attorney
General, he ten explained who Megan Whitman is, Spice said they need
some sort of salary cap with politics. Brent explained the clip, where
Brown was doing an interview; he didn’t hang the phone up all the way,
one of the guys called Whitman a whore. We then heard the clip about
that, Bubba then goofed on Brokaw a little, Brent said he can barely
speak; Manson thinks he’s out of control, bubba wonders if Jerry is
Dracula, he then got caught off guard with the guy moaning, Brent
thinks it’s Brokaw, Manson thinks every Politician is a whore, bubba
told her to get back to EBay, he thinks the race isn’t a buy it now
kind of deal. We then heard the clip of jerry talking to one of his
guys via a phone. We then heard a clip of Megan being asked about
illegal immigrants, Bubba doesn’t like how everything is E, we then
heard a clip of Jerry Brown slipping up and saying he has the cops in
his back pocket. Bubba said no one has called him about Political
stuff, Spice said he doesn’t have a home phone, Bubba then read an
article about that, he thinks we’re the oldest state Demographics
wise, he’s not sure if Charlie is appealing to the young people, he
thinks Kendrick Meeks doesn’t have a chance. George came on talking
about his ex wife, the timer was heard in the background, he then got
the Evil treatment. We then heard a clip of Linda McMahon asking
Blumenthal about him lying about Vietnam, Spice said he’d like to hear
a mediator that will admonish someone for not answering a question. We
then heard a clip of Blumenthal talking about Linda lobbying against
sex; Linda said it’s just entertainment. Spice thinks she just
should’ve come back with Vietnam. Bubba then mentioned all the minors
are out, he likes how the guy’s mistress was waiting for him. We then
heard a clip of Joe madden talking about the season, followed by a
clip of Carl Crofferd talking about staying in Tampa, Brent said he’s
not buying it, he thinks he’ll go to the Angels. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Nick DiPaolo in studio

1. Bubba said that nick Diaolo would be on in a few minutes, he said
that Miller would be opening up for him; he then plugged the Remember
the Heroes shirt. Nick DiPaolo came in, he said he likes coloring his
hair in pubes, he said he looks like Buddy Ebson in Second grade, he
said being a comic is somewhat stressful, he said his website is Bubba said Nick is very radio friendly, he said Nick was
a part of the Free FM experience, Nick said he was Noon to 3 on Krock,
Bubba said that they gave avid Lee Roth $5,000,000, he then said the
line-up was Opie and Anthony, JV and Elvis, then him, he said that Jim
Cramer and Penn Jillette held the timeslot for a while, he said his
producer told him it wouldn’t last very long. Bubba plugged Nick’s
appearances at Side Splitters this weekend; Miller said he now wears
slacks and a dress up shirt. Bobby said he’s giving Miller a different
stage presents, Spice said when Adam Sandler on stage doesn’t look
dressed to the nines, the guys think Eddie Murphy’s Raw outfit had to
be something. Spice said that when Robert Schimmel died, he was broke,
he wonders if comedy is that tough, Nick said he probably didn’t have
insurance, he said he has no kids, he’s been asking himself why he’s
been married for seven years, Bubba thinks John Candy was in better
shape than Farley, nick wonders if Bubba was basing that off of
Cholesterol. Spice asked if Nick ever got caught in the trap of drugs,
Nick said he’s a quiet drunk, he joked he met his wife while selling
drugs, he then said he met his wife at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New
York. Bubba said Nick has done a bunch of roasts, he said the Pam
Anderson roast was brutal, Spice asked how she looks close up, Bubba
thinks she’s heavy on the makeup, Nick thinks the makeup hides the hep
C. Bubba asked his least favorite and his most favorite, Nick said he
loved doing the Artie Lange roast (June 8, 2006), Bubba asked how
Artie is doing, Nick said he talked to him, he then goofed on him a
little, Bubba thinks not much has changed, he thinks Artie would like
to go back. Spice asked about Chris Rock, Nick said he puts out a
special every so often, Manson said he’s got movies, Bubba had no idea
what Chris Rock’s latest movie was called, Nick said even Collin Quinn
is doing great, he did a one-man show in Broadway, he said off
Broadway is about the location. Bubba said Nick should look at who is
taking care of him, he said Miller is the camera guy, nick thinks
Miller looks like Ron Jeremy, miller said he has all the negative
aspects of Ron. Bubba then explained to Nick the MJ lawsuit, Nick said
that his hair is thinning up, he said he’s almost 50, Bubba thinks
he’s on growth, he said that life goes by real quick, he said he’s had
his prostate checked. Spice said he mentality doesn’t feel 31, Nick
said he feels his oldest when he goes to the mall. Bubba said that he
can’t interact with the waitresses at Scene; Spice thinks Bubba should
talk about Jersey Shore. Bubba asked Nick if he knew Greg Geraldo
, Nick said they were close, he said he didn’t know what was going on,
he said Collin Quinn was nuts back in the day, he said Collin stopped
drinking when he woke up in jail. Bubba asked Nick if he was a Carlin
fan, nick said he was great. Spice said for some reason the girls love
Dane Cooke, he doesn’t get it, Nick said he takes shots at him, but
he’s happy for him, he said he doesn’t get Dane’s humor. Bubba asked
Nick who he likes. Nick said he likes Lewis CK, Spice said Bubba
didn’t like him, Bubba said they got off on the wrong foot (march 11,
2009), he then asked for nick to make some in-roads for him, Bubba
said he was having a bad day, Spice said Bubba is pop culture
retarded, Nick said he watches TV, he likes how TV can update you on
stuff, he said that he called into Cowhead’s show yesterday. Bobby
said its, Bubba then talked about Miller;
Miller said he’ll probably get in some drinking. Bubba asked if nick
ever checks out the opening guy, Nick said he doesn’t watch the middle
act. Spice explains why they don’t have comedians on the show, he then
goofed on bubba getting a Pizza, Nick wonders if Miller is living off
of bacon grease, he thinks Miller has another mouth under his chin.
Miller said he’ll be going on a cruise next week, he then said he’s
the first guy on stage. Nick said his set is about an hour, he thinks
Miller could talk about his breasts for 45 minutes. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Rory Karpf calls in

Bubba came on saying that Rory Karpf will be coming on shortly, we
then heard “Chubby boy Swag”. Rory Karpf came on, Bubba said that he
liked it; Rory said that Tim was a great character, he said he was in
Military school in Miami, he’s not sure why Tim was sent to military
school. Bubba said it was to the point where the Mom lived in Miami,
and the Dad lived in Ohio, Rory said that Tim was wealthy, he said the
episode on Tim will air on Tuesday at u8:00, Bubba said that for Tim’s
sixteenth birthday, he got all this expensive stuff, he thinks that’s
what led to his demise, he then said he got into his first big car in
1976. Spice asked if Tim was a legend, Rory said he’s unique that he
died of aids back in the 80’s, he said Jeff Gordon had realized that
Tim was such a character, Bubba said NASCA tried to cover it up. Bubba
said a lot of people thought Tim was on drugs, Rory said that even
Richard petty thought that was the case, he said they put you back in
the time when Aids was first going on. Bubba said Tim died in 1989, he
then asked Rory how he says his last name, Rory said it rhymes with
barf, he said Tim found out he had aids at the end of 86, he said it’s
incredible to win two races with Full blown aids. Spice asked who the
sponsors were, Bubba said Folgers, he said that Tim failed NASCAR’s
drug test because of over the counter stuff. Rory said they
interviewed Bill Francis in 2006 about this, Bubba asked him his
title; Rory said he’s the executive producer. Bubba said when Tim
flunked the test, Dale Earnhardt stuck up for Tim, NASCAR told Dale to
buzz off. Spice asked about Arthur Ash, bubba said that was after, he
then mentioned Magic Johnson, he wonders what the treatment is, Rory
said they spoke with Greg Louganis on this, who is HIV Positive, he
then said that some women have said they got it. bubba asked what else
they’re working on, Rory said they’re working on Wendell Scott, the
only African American driver to win in NASCAR, he said this was in
1963, he passed away in 1990. Bubba said he never knew “Days Of
Thunder” was based on Tim a little; he then quoted the line “run it 50
laps your way, then run 50 laps my way.” Rory said he met Tom Cruise
and the screen writer for the movie, he said Tom told him he didn’t
base his character on Tim Richmond. Bubba asked what happened with one
woman who said she had sex with Tim; Rory said that Sixty Minutes did
a story on Tim in the 90’s, where a woman claimed Tim intentionally
gave it to her, he then said one of Tim’s girlfriends has had aids for
20 years, she claims he didn’t know, he said that she never held it
against him, bubba thinks all roads stop with her, he said the peace
left him wanting more, Rory said it was great to be on the show, he
said if you Google ESPN 30 for 30, something will come up, Bubba said
it’s a wonderful franchise for them, Rory said he tries to stay low
profile. Bubba said that ned wrote him saying that he refused to
participate in the Tim Richmond interview, as he loved him; Ned said
he didn’t want to bring him down, Spice as a redneck thinks it was
homo stuff, ned told him he’ll slap the taste out of his mouth. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Homeless Shelter

Coming out of commercials, we heard “In The Ghetto” by Elvis. Bubba
took a call from a guy who asked the guys call Scout and Big Gulp on
gays adopting Bubba said one of them have kids are from a previous
relationship. Janet said bubba makes her morning, she said she’s in
Chrystal river Florida, she said she’s at a Homeless Shelter with her
family, ned said McDonalds is always hiring. Janet then went over the
jobs she’s had, her husband got laid off from his job, she said they
were renting, but got behind on the rent, she said that she smokes,
her husband smokes about two packs a day, Bubba thinks the money could
be going to something else, she said that all her kids live with them,
Bubba thinks that’s what’s wrong with America, Manson said this is
reverse evolution, Bubba wonders why you’d want to have more kids, he
thinks she’s template of White Trash, he thinks she’s not using common
sense, he said he doesn’t want to stick his neck out for her, Janet
said she was just listening, Spice said if he ran that place, he’d
kick her out. Bubba suggested she pick up trash on the side of the
road, Janet said she’s never pan handled. Bubba asked her if she’s
thought about prostitution, Spice sarcastically thinks the smoker’s
cough is sexy. Bubba thinks Janet’s husband is on the computer looking
for side ass. Jim came on a few seconds later, he said he runs the
shelter, he said the Government gives them nothing, he said they’ve
got 73 people, Bubba thinks it’s a shakedown to keep the place open,
Spice thinks the guy is a homeless pimp, Jim said he chooses to live
there, Spice thinks the kids should be taken away, Bubba then hung up
on the guy, he thinks something is going on, he said everyone at the
show makes a good living, Manson said he didn’t have his first kid
until he was around 30, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for miller’s appearance at
Side Splitters this weekend. Bubba came on promoting his racing events
this weekend, Spice said next week he’ll be at penthouse for Jenna
Haze. Bubba said he needs to text people and tell them not to call
him. Tony asked why Bubba is ss judgmental, he said it’s almost an
everyday thing, Bubba thinks he’s talking about what happened
recently, Tony said he said he loves the show, he thinks bubba jumps
on stuff too quick, the guy ended up getting the Evil treatment, Bubba
said he would’ve let the guy continue if he knew what he was talking
about, Manson thinks people should be more judgmental. Max in
Tennessee said last night he had a non sexual dream about Bubba and
his family, he thinks Bubba wasn’t being himself, he said Bubba had a
restaurant in his house, Bubba gave him the Evil treatment, saying the
guy was weirding him out. RJ from Georgia came on, he said he was
drunk, he then said the homeless woman is crazy. Chris in Jacksonville
came on with a question for Brent, he asked him about amendment four
on the ballot, Brent said it wants to basically bankrupt a county when
they want to do a project. Dave thanked Blind Lawrence for the donuts,
we then heard manson’s bit about mark Ober thinking the September 11
attacks were disturbing the peace. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. Josh Garn

    Hey Bubba,
    I listen to the show today about Tim Richmond and I am from Ashland OH. Also, one of the 4 old man in the film is my old man. He baby sat Tim and he has one of his racing suits that Al gave him. I just want to call in and give a few words. I will be calling in a little after 12 30 eastern time. I hope you can take my call.
    Josh Garn

  2. tony

    NOV.3RD THE ONLY DAY WORTH LISTENING TO BUBBA THE FACADE SHOW.And all the DRONE followers calling in with there excuses and ien’djgds’jg of Facts.

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