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Top Stories:
Second arrest made in USF bomb threats
Shannon Burke In Court Trying To Avoid Trial
98-year-old woman beats robber after break in
Nancy Grace interviews Ronald Cummings
Allegations of misuse of DUI machines at Hillsborough Jail
NASCAR standardizes start times for 2010; Daytona 500 will now start at 1 p.m.

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show, sports scores

Bubba wondered what the bumper music is, he said it’s from Spice’s
iPod, Spice said it was “Where did You Go”. Bubba said today at 7:10,
they’ll go over the Brent meltdown, Bubba said the last three cuts are
riveting, he said Oren Cools will be on the show today. Spice said he
saw the trailer for Saw 6 looks bad ass. Bubba said for tomorrow’s
show, they’ve got Dr. Joe Saturley to talk about the Brent meltdown.
Bubba recapped some sports scores; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Shannon Burke back on the air?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
wonka” set. We then heard some Tom Petty as bumper music. Bubba said
for the ladies who would like to go to tonight’s Lightning game, call
in and sound hot. Kevin in Orlando said Shannon Burke is coming back
on Orlando, Spice said he’s paying for the time; he said he’s really
cleaned himself up. Ned said he has an offering, it’s collaboration
with Manson, the bit is called “The Doug Clem Fan club”. Bubba read an
article about Shannon Burke; he thinks they should send someone over
to cover the trial. Spice said it’s not real, Bubba read that the show
is about recovery, Bubba thinks differently. Spice said Burke has to
sell his own advertising, he wonders what it makes you look like.
Bubba said people are sorry after the fact, he wonders what people
were thinking while it was happening. Bubba thinks Shannon is giving
alcoholics a bad name, he said Ned is a functional alcoholic; Ned said
he does that to take the edge off. Bubba said if you look at the
picture, you can see the injuries, the guys didn’t care for the one
with the dog, Spice thinks the grazing bullet did more damage, Bubba
said had her head been in just a little bit to one part, she would’ve
been dead. Bubba sarcastically wished Burke the best of luck, we then
heard Manson’s “Shannon Burke song” from “Bubba show classics Vol.
10”, track 9. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Caller touched by his cousin, roman Polanski and Ronald
Cummings discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then into
some messages from the fans. Bubba thinks Spice has more intro per
square inch than anyone else Bubba said he just plays dumb on the
radio. Nancy said she’s a teacher, Bubba said he’ll give her the
tickets, Bubba thinks you have to have a Zanex drip to deal with first
graders. Josh in St. Lewis said he has a family reunion coming up, he
had a dream about his cousin last night, the cousin touched him when
he was younger. Josh said the guy is a flaming homo, Bubba thinks he
should man up; Spice suggested the guy beat the crap out of his
cousin. Josh said he was touched twice, Spice thinks it’s a weird
angle. Bubba thinks he can’t ask him what happened, he asked Brent how
they should handle the situation, Brent told him to be as clinical as
possible, Josh said less than sex, more than touching. Bubba yells at
Spice for making a noise, Spice said he was yawning. Josh said he was
on the receiving end, Bubba said at least he’s on the better end of
it. Josh said the cousin touched his sister, he never went back. Ned
thinks Josh should sucker punch him. Josh said the guy is a bisexual,
he said the reunion will be at a park. Bubba thinks he should stand on
one of the tables and exposes him to who he is. Spice wondered if it
would suck if the family didn’t believe him. Bubba said he’ll give the
guy anything he wants, Josh said his wife suggests he punch him out,
Bubba thinks he shouldn’t, Spice suggests he berate the guy first.
Josh said he’d like a golden ticket, Bubba said it’s worth about five
grand. Bubba asked him not to be that guy who doesn’t let people know
about it. We then heard a news clip about roman Polanski losing his
court battle, Manson wonders why people stick up for him, Spice said
there’s no defense for this. Bubba said he’ll never change his mind on
Whoopy goldburg. Bubba said he’ll fragment rape on one thing, if you
have a twenty-one year0old guy, and a seventeen year-old girl, he
thinks he shouldn’t fragment it. Bubba thinks you can’t fragment rape
that much, the only situations he feels for guys in rape cases are if
you’re eighteen and you hook up with a Freshman, the other case would
be a guy over twenty-one, a girl with a drink band is under age, Bubba
said they had a call like that, the guy ended up going to jail. Bubba
wonders how old Roman was when it happened, Brent said he was married
to Sharron Tate before she was murdered; he then went to say that he
did everything to her. Bubba said that Ronald Cummings is filing for
divorce; Spice said you can only sleep with the enemy for so long. We
then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks Ronald knows what
happened, he’s reversing the script. Bubba thinks Casey Anthony’s
parents should turn on them, he thinks she’s listening to the show; he
likes how Orlando TV channels are showing him picking his nose and
eating it. Bubba thinks if you’re her, you throw as much shit against
the wall until something sticks. Spice thinks Ronald is the dumbest
man ever, the guys have fun breaking down his statement, Spice has a
tough time writing it all down to get a quote. Bubba had Spice read
back what he wrote, Manson thinks he couldn’t say der der der
properly, we heard a bit of the song under the clip. The guys crack up
when the guy in the clip says ‘mortality as opposed to “mentality”,
Manson said he could listen to this all day. Bubba thinks Nancy Grace
is a pig, we then heard a clip about that. Bubba thinks Ronald is
using the mark Lunsford template, he then thinks he shouldn’t have
said that. Spice said Misty Cummings was pulled over on I4 last night;
she was roughed up as she was put in the car. We then heard Manson’s
“Ronald And Misty Cummings Wedding Vows” from “Bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11.
Bubba said he set an appointment for the Brent meltdown, Bubba told
the listeners to give him a eight minute break, we then heard a clip
where Bubba and Brent argue over him drinking Jack Daniels, Spice
thinks the green room therapy was the funniest. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Brent’s meltdown revisited, Tyler’s football picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Blame It on The Jack
Daniels”. Spice said he’d like to see Bruce Hornsby in concert; Manson
really likes the song Spice said his girlfriend looks at him like he’s
strange when he plays this. Bubba said 12 Boobs of Christmas® is
locked in, also toys for tits, that will be on Friday December 18.
Manson wonders what the difference is between a tata and a tit, Bubba
said it’s just a word. Bubba recapped the situation for the listeners
who missed the Moonshine Miller VS Angry jack Brent. Bubba said they
discovered when Miller got on moonshine in Pittsburg, they discovered
he was funny. Bubba said he was trying to calm Brent down; Bubba
replayed the clip where Brent and Bubba argued on the phone. In the
clip, Bubba rakes Brent over the coals for throwing a trash can,
saying that he’d be lucky to have a job. Spice said he’d like to see
the video, Bubba thinks they offer tough love around there. Bubba said
the worst thing to do is to challenge him when he’s out of control.
Bubba said he was trying to be the voice of reason Bubba played a clip
where Brent came into the studio, Bubba threatens his job, Bubba said
he’s about facing if his boss tells him he’s messed up. Brent yells at
Bubba for making him partake in the stunt, bubba thinks Brent isn’t
smart enough to control his emotions, Brent said he can’t control
himself when he’s on Jack. Brent said he hates himself, he hates it
when people point out he has problems. Bubba said he didn’t like it
when Brent was trying to keep score, Bubba told Brent he needs to stop
with his bullshit. Bubba thinks they should use this as training tape
as how not to talk with your boss. Brent thinks he’s impossible to
live with, he thinks his wife will leave him. Spice thinks there’s an
issue, Bubba said the problem is, Brent has never been pushed to get
help, he thinks Amanda will leave Brent if he doesn’t’ get help Spice
asked him if he feels suicidal, Brent said no. Bubba played a clip
where the guys discuss Brent’s meltdown, while Brent is heard crying
in the green room. Bubba potted up the audio of Brent crying, Bubba
said he’s not laughing at Brent, he’s just laughing at the guys Bubba
wondered if he should play this for Brent, Brent said he doesn’t want
to cheat the listeners. Bubba said Ralph walked into the green room,
then quickly walked out. Ralph came into the green room, Brent asked
that he be left alone. Bubba asked that you shouldn’t call him up and
call him the bad guy, Bubba said they’re in a tight spot with this,
Spice said the classic “you’re damned if you do and you’re damn if you
don’t”. Bubba said he has to call Tyler in a few minutes. Bubba called
Tyler to get his picks. Bubba thinks Tyler has an intro now, Tyler
picked up, Bubba played it for him.

Bangles at Ravens – ravens
Bucs at Eagles – Eagles
Browns at bills – Bills
Stealers at Lions – Stealers
Redskins at panthers – panthers
Cowboys at Chiefs – cowboys
Raiders at Giants – Giants
Vikings at Rams – Vikings
Falcons at San Fran – San Fran
Texans at Cardinals – Cardinals
Patriots at Broncos – Patriots
Jacksonville at Seattle – Jacksonville
Colts at titans – Colts
Jets at dolphins – Dolphins

Bubba thinks Tyler watches ESPN, Bubba said he can make it so that
it’s the only channel he lets Tyler watch. Bubba went back to the
Brent meltdown, where Bubba is in the green room, calming Brent down
Brent apologized for what he did, Bubba told him he’s not getting
fired. Bubba said he knows Brent is sorry, he forgives him, but they
need to move forward. Spice said bubba is just trying to get through
to him. Bubba said he was sorry if he treated Brent like crap, he
thinks Brent should grab a hold of himself. Bubba told Brent this
isn’t a bit, this is life, Ralph thinks it’s the worst therapy ever,
the guys crack up at the clip Ralph wonders how long Brent has been
crying for, Spice thinks Brent hasn’t cried in 35 years. Steve said he
loves the show, he thinks the Brent thing is sad, he said he used to
drink jack, he thinks tough love is a good thing Bill in Jacksonville
was on, he said people can go against you, he said the show is less
without Brent. Steve thinks the problem with the situation is that
Bubba got upset, he thinks it wasn’t the right time to go in and talk
to him. Bubba thinks he had to be more stiffer than normal when
addressing Brent. Bubba thinks the guy should change his tampon and
listen to something else. Frank said he listens to the show every
morning, he thinks Brent acted like a baby, he thinks bubba should’ve
smacked him, Bubba said he wouldn’t do that. Bubba said he’s cried
like that, but it wasn’t in the public. Bubba said you’re not less of
a man if he cries. Jessica said she loves the show, she said Brent
acts like a hardass, she thinks it was appropriate for Bubba to go in
there Bubba said he would never fire Brent, unless he was caught
touching kids. Bubba thinks he’s not one of the best managers, Bubba
said none of the guys at the show couldn’t work at a normal work
environment. Bubba said this business makes you jaded Moe said the
blame is on Bubba, as this is what happens when you make groan men
Twitter, the guys were laughing their asses off. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later

Segment 5 – Tampa Bay Lightning owner Oren cools visits the brn

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Baba O’riley” as bumper music
Bubba asked Spice if Oren is here, Spice said yes, Bubba welcomed him.
Bubba wonders if Oren is famous for the Lightning or the Saw movies,
Oren said friend of Bubba. Bubba said we’ve had a few heart breakers,
Bubba loves the shootouts, Oren thinks it’s tough to play sixty-five
minutes of hockey, he thinks it’s a specialized thing. Bubba asked who
we sent out, Oren said Marty almost scored, he said it’s a knack.
Bubba asked Oren if there’s a guy on the team who has surprised him,
Oren said they’ve got James Right, he’s a new guy. Bubba said it sucks
that the Lightning do openers on the road, Oren said some o the road
games aren’t as bad, Bubba said Washington is really good, Oren said
they had a bunch of tough years. Spice said hockey is a long season,
he wondered what the lead time is, Oren said they’re trying to do it
in five game segments. Oren said they’re off for seventeen days in
February, he said hockey is already a long year, he said the schedule
looks like their plying every other night. Oren said a lot of people
overseas can’t watch the game live. Bubba said Oren was one of the
only local celebrities who came out to bikes for badges, Spice thanked
him for coming out. Bubba asked him what happened with Berry Melrose,
Oren said the faster you correct a mistake, the better it is, he said
Berry was an amazing coach fourteen years ago, he said he’s still a
friend. Bubba wonders if Oren has had a tough time dealing with
people, Oren said the Canadian press has given him some tough times,
Spice asked him if he’s ever toned stuff down, Oren said the one thing
you don’t realize when you get in is that it’s a public private
company, he said it’s different. Spice wonders if anything has gotten
under Oren’s skin, he doesn’t’ like it when they don’t call him. Bubba
asked about how did the trade of Vinnie roomer start, Oren said it
mostly came out of Canada, he said Vinnie could have both legs in a
cast and still play. Oren thinks the last time he heard of a decoy
card was Elvis. Oren said it comes up every few months. Bubba asked
him about any trades he regrets, Bubba thinks Boil and Brad Richards,
Oren said Brad is a good friend, he said he has to do what he has to
do, he then said that hockey has a very hard salary cap Bubba said you
can only have so many of the guys there before you need to trade Bubba
asked about Hobby bulin, Oren said he’s in Edmonton now, Spice said he
was a trip to watch. Bubba asked Oren who the weirdest player has ever
been, Oren said goalies are like baseball relievers, he said they’re
all crazy, none of them stand out. Bubba asked him if he’s ever gotten
into pads for the goally position, Oren said he only did it once.
Bubba asked Oren who he thinks has the hardest shot, Oren thinks
Kurdus is dangerous. Bubba said Halpern is the only player who will
call into the show, Bubba thinks Marty and Vinnie are afraid of him.
Bubba asked Oren the top five hockey colleges, Oren said Denver is one
of them, he said some guys weren’t even drafted. Bubba asked Oren
where the hottest place is for hockey, Oren said Sweden, Bubba wants
to move there, Oren said the sisters are really hot. Oren described a
player he likes, he thinks the guy doesn’t sweat. Bubba said he used
to watch the Fort Wayne Commits, Oren said he played with them. Bubba
asked how good is Wayne Gretski, Oren said he’s really good. Spice
wonders what kind of coach Wayne is, Oren said he’s okay. Bubba asked
how good are the devils, Oren said they’re good, Bubba said he’ll be
in the Carolina game on Saturday. Bubba told him about Kevin Vargas’s
love for hockey, Oren said he feels bad for the panthers, as they
opened in Europe. Bubba wondered who the Gretski in the league is,
Oren said he couldn’t answer that Bubba really liked a highlight real,
Oren said stamcose hasn’t scratched the surreal yet, Spice said he
feels old when he looks at the guy’s date of birth. Oren wonders if
racecar drivers have memorized their sponsors Bubba wonders how hard
it is to run the club, Oren said it’s exciting. Bubba likes Oren is
laid back when he deals with people at the venue. Spice said the forum
is a busy place. Cricket said she’d love to go, Bubba put her on hold.
Peggy in Lutz asked about tickets, Bubba put her on hold. Erick in
Miami said he loves the show, he asked about a thirty on thirty on
ESPN, he said Gretski would’ve gone down as the greatest hockey player
ever had he stayed in Edmonton. Bubba said Bill and Jimmy has been
helping Oren out, Bubba asked when will they get Johnny Drama on the
show. Oren said his partner mark got four inches taller, but 12
years older in look. Bubba is bummed out when he finds out that mark
won’t be in town. Bubba asked that they change subjects to Saw, Spice
clowns bubba for not going to one of those movies. Oren said they try
to make it as a thriller. Spice said the first Saw movie is a
suspense. Bubba thinks Oren made Saw for less than $1.6 million, Oren
thinks he’ll make a billion dollars after the latest Saw movie. Oren
said all the studios they shopped it to past on them. Bubba asked what
did Oren do before the Saw movies, Oren said he and mark had a movie
company and made some movies, he said John Q was about $30,000,000.
Oren said for a while, Water World was the biggest loser ever. Bubba
played the audio from the trailer for Saw Six. Oren said it was about
$10,8 million to make, Oren said Saw Seven will be in 3D. Oren said
Saw isn’t all about killing people, he didn’t know they had a stripper
poll. Bubba show him the torture wrack, Oren couldn’t believe it,
Bubba thinks they could make Saw Seven with the stuff in the studio.
Oren said they try to put it on two tracks. Bubba said the franchise
scares him, he asks what a trap is, Oren explained it to him, Bubba
thinks he’d feel stupid if he saw the movie. Bubba said after Saw
Seven, he’d have no scratches on him. Bubba asked if he’ll see a guy’s
head fall off, Oren said no. Spice likes the part in one of the movies
where a woman jumps a dirty needle pile. Bubba thinks they should have
traps in the opposing team’s lockers. Bubba said he’ll see the first
Saw movie, he wonders the freakiest trap ever, Oren said they had a
pit of rubber needles, Bubba thinks Oren is on the not to be trusted
list. Bubba suggests they do Saw night, where people get a free DVD.
Bubba wants to be Oren’s spokes person, Oren likes how the NHL didn’t
give him any crap. Bubba thanked Oren for coming in, Bubba wants Oren
to swing by periodically. Bubba thinks Spice is a homo for driving a
jet ski with wheels. Spi8ce said he doesn’t disagree with Bubba, Bubba
thinks Spice will hit a wave. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Max Bloomingthole on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Daft punk as bumper music.
Bubba said they’ve got Max Bloomingthole on, Max said it was great to
be on the show. Bubba said he was a Republican for many years,
Democrat was a dirty word. Max thinks his book will appeal to people.
Max said the Republicans targeted Bubba’s show, he thinks that’s
dangerous. Bubba thinks all the shady stuff happens with Republicans,
max said they denounce homosexuals, yet they’ve got the biggest
closet. Max said bob Allan got arrested for trying to perform oral sex
on him. Bubba asked what point did it go wrong, Max said it kind of
went wrong under Ragon, he thinks it’s because Ragon welcomed people
who didn’t like abortion. Max said tom Delay used to be known as Hot
Tub Tommy, Bubba thinks he has some respect for him. Max said Tom was
a heterosexual, Bubba said they’re supposed to be our leaders. Spice
wondered if Nute Gingrig had a lot of nicknames, Max said he would’ve
won the election had he not had sex with his secretary. Max said it’s
a problem with hypocrisy. Bubba asked about dr. James Dobson, max said
he’s not a religious leader, he said the book is a best seller. Max
said it’s no surprise that the guy’s Dobson has converted have turned
out to be gay. Bubba said this is at least half of the party. Max said
his book ends with obama going to the Whitehouse. Bubba wonders why
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are making so much money, Max said that
once people find the party, they get hooked on it Bubba said they know
about Glenn Beck’s rehab. Bubba asked Max who disgusts him the most,
Max thinks Dobson, as he’s never done anything. Max said Nute had to
disappear from public life for a long time, he confessed all of his
sins on James Dobson’s show. Bubba wonders who will be the next
candidate for the Republican Party, he said if Palin doesn’t run,
she’ll still have some power. Bubba thinks the Republican Party is
getting weaker, he thinks they should have less government. Max said
it’s a fight the Republican Party will have to have, Bubba thinks he’s
smarter than Palin. Max said the Republican party hates john McCaine,
Bubba said he represents what the party should be. Bubba thinks the
book will expose how pathetic Americans are. Max said Mel Gibson is a
hot topic in the book. Bubba said Ron Paul gets pun as a nut job, max
said Ron is an old time conservative. Max thinks that had Ron Paul ran
on the democratic ticket, he would’ve gotten more votes. Max said Tom
Cobrin knew that his roommate was having sex with his secretary. Bubba
wondered if Max has ever done a book about Democrats, he said the
difference is that they’re not trying to stand behind the bible. Max
said roger Stone had to resign from Bush SR’s campaign, as they found
personal ads of his in swinger magazines. Bubba asked about Randle
Terry, max said they get into that in the book, Bubba said they turned
the Terry Schiavo case into a nightmare. Max joked they did a scan of
Schiavo, she had the iq of Palin. Spice asked about Kevin Jennings,
Max doesn’t think he’s a pedophile. Bubba said he doesn’t like Obama’s
stance on the war, Max said he agrees. Max said he knows Tucker
Carlson, Bubba said he’s goofy. Max thinks Iraq will be Obama’s
Vietnam. Manson said it’s frustrating that no one listens, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka” set. We then heard some Daft Punk as bumper music. Bubba asked
Twenty-five to get some food, Bubba said he’s thinking about trying
some Firehouse. Ned thinks the bumper music is fag stuff. Bubba
called for Twenty-five to come in, Bubba went through the guys’s
orders. Bubba thinks if he takes it to the next level, that’s a
problem, Bubba called Pantera fat, he thinks Twenty-five will mess it
up Bubba said ned has a new offering, Ned said it’s garbage time,
Bubba said ned is king of the midday’s. In the bit, ned and various
staffers paying tribute to Doug, Spice thinks he should send him
flowers. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Football Picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard some messages from the fans. Bubba said he needs to pick
the bumper music for tomorrow, it landed on him. Bubba said they’ll be
doing football picks

Bangles at Ravens – ned likes Bangles, Spice ravens, brent and Manson
and bubba picked Ravens.

Bucs at Eagles – ned picked Bucs, everyone else said Eagles.

Buffalo at Browns – everyone but ned said Bills.

Pittsburg at Detroit – Ned said Detroit, everyone else said Pittsburg.

Washington at Carolina – ned said skins, everyone else said panthers.

Dallas at Chiefs – everyone but Ned said Dallas.

Oakland at giants – Ned said Oakland, everyone else said giants.

Vikings at rams – Everyone but ned said Vikings

Falcons at San Fran – everyone else said San Fran, ned said falcons.

Texans at Arizona – everyone else said Arizona, ned said Texans

Pats at Denver – everyone said Pats.

Jacksonville at Seattle – Bubba likes the Seahawks, everyone else said

Colts at Titans – ned said titans, everyone else said colts.

Jets at Fins – Manson said Miami, Bubba agreed, everyone else said jets.

The guys did various voices wishing Doug clem a happy birthday, Bubba
yelled “F you, Doug clem!” They then ended the show a few seconds

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