Thursday, October 07, 2010

October 7th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Today’s music provided by 25Cent:
James Brown – Sex Machine
Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty
Necro – Dead Body Disposal
Fabolous – Lights Out
NAS – The Cross
WC – That’s What I’m Talking About
The High & Mighty – Mind, Soul and Body
Aesop Rock – I’ll Be OK
Sleepy Brown – I Can’t Wait
NAS and Damian Marley – As We Ente

Segment 1 – Rays recap, coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing (5-1), followed by
some James Brown. Bubba started the show buy saying the Rays looked
like crap, Brent said Peña shouldn’t play today, Bubba told him to
swing the bat, Spice said he forgot it was a mid day game, Bubba
thinks he could put his bat out and get something, he said you don’t
just stand there when your batting 196, he then went over some sports
scores, he said he was mad watching the Rays game, Spice said that’s
worth getting upset over. Bubba thinks he’s getting something, Manson
said something is going around, he said Big Dick is just getting off
an illness, the guys then goofed on Big Dick with a cold. Bubba
plugged the Sand Soldiers event, he then plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show today, he said Kevin will be able to shed some
light on the Devon James lawsuit, Spice said she has a website that
shows her with a tiger, the guys think she could be having sex with a
tiger, Ned said he’s interested in that. Bubba thinks the lightning
are 5 and 0 in pre season, he then said that Kevin Hayslett will be
bringing by Yayas, he said should’ve remembered that, as he’s already
hit the chicken dip, Manson thinks they should banish it from the
building, Spice thinks it punishes everyone in the building. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said today’s music was provided by
Twenty-five Cent, he asked for Jabberjaw or Big dick to make a copy of
the daily audio sheet, as he lost his copy, Spice said he had one,
Bubba thinks Spice is mad at him over something, Brent said Spice has
been cool to him for the past few days, Spice sarcastically said he
was mad over having to give Bubba his daily audio sheet, he said they
can continue with the show, he said he was fine. We then heard a clip
of Joe madden talking about the Rays game; Brent thinks Joe wasn’t
watching the same game. Jim in South Decoda said they rope the Hind
legs of the calf, Bubba thinks that has to be more traumatic, Manson
thinks it’s a dick move. John in Texas asked to start the morning off
with a Brent swinger story; Brent said he’s been busy. Brian said
hearing Bubba go off on Gallagher gets him fired up, he said he can’t
believe how much corruption is in Pasco County, Bubba said the guy
runs the show, he said next November, he’ll find three people who will
make a change. The guy said Bubba has the same power locally as Howard
has nationally, Bubba said they’ll discover that next year. Mike in
Dexter Maine wondered when Tucker will be on, Bubba said he hasn’t
been on; Brent said he’ll be on next Monday. Bubba said he watched
“East Bound and Down”, he said they’re back to what they used to do,
he thinks the geek band guy brought it back to center. The first email
of the day said girls who chase cowboys are called Buckle Bunnies.
Another emailer said it’s great to know that the guys will be in
Dayton, Bubba said it’s November 6, he said he gets emails like this
about 100 times a day. Another emailer said they work for Ras; Bubba
thinks Spice would like that. Another emailer said Bubba’s advice with
Breast cancer is spot on, the emailer said they almost cried during
the call. Another emailer said last night’s South Park episode was
about racing, Spice said he just saw the preview. Another emailer said
that Turtle got a deal with Sirius; Manson said he rests his case.
Bubba said he was talking to someone about Sirius, he said that even
though he doesn’t like &A, they feel his pain with horrible contract
deals, he thinks Sirius has the easiest time getting non radio people
contracts, Manson thinks they’re marks for celebrities, Spice said you
can’ hate on people for getting big deals. We then heard one of
Hogan’s bumpers, he came on and sounded out of it, Bubba said in all
the years he’s known him, he’s never heard him sound like that, Spice
thinks it sounds like a suicide call. We then heard a news clip about
a whale dying, Bubba doesn’t get how this is an opening story, he
thinks this is like showing an Autistic person the shiny object, he
said the story about the Japanese killing whales with harpoons is a
story, he then cut the story off, saying this just proves how stupid
people are, he said it’s too bad a whale can’t leave behind a suicide
note. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Wild Whale” from “Bubba Show
Classics Vol. 13”, track 18. Spice said he tried to go by the new BRN,
but was locked out, Bubba said he’ll get him a key, Spice thinks the
picture Bubba showed him was brutal. Bubba said he’s concerned about
Hogan, he said he’s never heard Hogan sound the way he does, Hogan was
heard moaning and making noises in the background, a nurse was heard
in the back ground asking him if he needed anything. Hogan said that
they got him in ICU, he said they’ve tried to get him healthy, he said
after all the surgeries, they figured they’d try a spine unit, he said
they had to put the battery in his right hip, he said the pain is off
the chain, he said he’s had a total of eight back surgeries, Bubba
thinks this should be a testament to how Wrestling messes you up,
Spice said that at least Hogan has big Cocoa pebbles money. Bubba said
not a lot of guys have the medical care Hogan has, he thinks that’s
why the death rate is climbing, Hogan said he doesn’t want to end up
dead. Bubba asked how big the implant is, Hogan said it’s about the
size of a Zippo lighter, he said he’s got all these wires in his
spine, Bubba asked him if he could put the picture up on,
Hogan said yes, he said the battery is supposed to last 20-25 years,
he said the situation with his Mom is killing him, Bubba said he’ll
get over there, he wonders if they should include the phone call, he
told Spice to watermark the clip, as TMZ will want it, but they never
give him credit, he then read an article about a University
complaining about Susan G Koman, he wonders if they’ve given people
some insight. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Female Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that Mel Gibson is back in the news, we then
heard a news clip about Mel’s ex saying she feared for her life,
followed by “Maniac Mel” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”, track 9.
Kim came on asking for Lightning tickets, Bubba thinks he should only
give it to someone who knows about the show, he told she needs two out
of three. Spice asked his dog’s name, Kim said she didn’t know that
one, Bubba said that was a hard one, he then asked her Manson’s wife’s
name, Kim said she couldn’t remember that one, Bubba accidently
revealed the answer. Manson asked who Bubba’s friend is that owns
Scene, Kim said Fabrizi; she got the tymbal for that. Lisa came on for
Bubba Trivia, Brent said it’s kind of a tough one, Bubba’s dog’s name,
Lisa had no idea. Bubba asked the old guy’s name on the show, Lisa
said Ned, Spice thinks she’s super hot, Lisa said she’s blonde, blue
eyes, Spice thinks that’s all he needs to know. Isa said she’s five
foot one, she said she weighs 105, Spice said she’s annoying. Ned
asked what sport is Tyler involved in, Lisa said race car driving, she
got the tymbal for that. Lisa said she doesn’t know anything about the
show, she’s heard the show a bit with her husband, she said she
listens to 94.9 and 100.7, Spice asked who does nights on 94.9, Lisa
said Delilah. Bubba asked who does mornings on 94.9, she got buzzed,
Bubba asked her to say that chadd and Christy were married, she has
big jugs and that Chadd is the bitch. Bubba took a call from a woman
who came on for trivia. Ned said he’s on vikes today, he then asked
his wife’s name, she said Garnet. Spice asked is dog’s name, the woman
said no one knows his dog’s name, Bubba then asked for Tasha’s name,
she got the tymbal for that. Ashley came on for trivia, she didn’t
know Spice’s dog’s name. Lorry came on, she said she tries to listen
as much as she can, she said she didn’t know the dog’s name, nor
Spice’s girlfriend’s name that did him dirty. Hope came on saying she
doesn’t listen to the show, she said she just talks to her husband on
the way to work, Bubba decided to do Florida trivia, he asked her the
current Governor, she said Charlie Crist and got it. Bubba asked who
Charlie is running against, hope said Alex Sink, she got buzzed. Bubba
asked the mascot for the Miami hockey team, he wonders who is helping
her, she said her husband. Nattily said she’s calling as her husband
loves the show. Bubba asked who was the Quarterback who is playing for
Denver, she called him Tim Tampo, she got buzzed. Spice asked the
Buccaneers quarterback, bubba thinks she won’t know that one. Bubba
asked her the Miami hockey question; he thinks either women are
stupid, or no nothing about what guys like. Chelsea came on, she said
that bubba likes to eat chicken dip; Spice asked that they just get
this mess over with. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper. Kevin thinks he’s at 14,215 followers
on Twitter, Bubba said that if they can reach 50,000 followers on
Twitter by Monday at 6:00 AM, he’ll post a picture of Janessa and
Bubba asked Spice if he does saunas, Spice said he knows of them,
Bubba said he loves his, he said his uses infer red heat, Kevin thinks
he has about 537 videos on his website. Ron in Florida said his
Daughter was rapped last December, he was released on a plea bargain,
Kevin said that the state would have to contact the victim, he thinks
the person is a sexual offender, and not a predator. Ron said he
talked to the State Attorney, he said this was in Palm Beach County,
Kevin said he’ll track down the information. The first email of the
day said they were in a wreck, they were out of work until September
and didn’t receive any compensation, Kevin went over what they do, he
said they’ve had to add Realistate, he said when the show goes out,
they talk to people from here to Washington state, he thinks he
emailed the guy back. Rolando said he has a younger brother who was at
GNC, he asked about getting up sold on stuff, he ended up head butting
the customer, Kevin said that if battery is committed, they’re liable
for damages. Joe on protection said that he has a warrant for his
arrest, the warrant is still showing active, Kevin said it’ll be about
48-72 hours before it’s lifted. Another emailer asked for a good
divorce attorney, Kevin said Regina Hunter. Another emailer asked if
they should fight or pay a red light camera case, Kevin said he
doesn’t want to keep beating a dead horse, he thinks it’ll be phased
out, he said it’s the wrong answer. Spice wonders if it’s worth it to
go through all the madness. Kevin said if you don’ get it resolved the
right way, your insurance will go up, he said that some jobs require
you not getting a speeding ticket. William said his wife bought a
house. Two years later, she had to get a survey done, showing an
overlap, he said that the company was looking for a corrective deed,
Bubba told Kevin to hurry, Kevin said the guy bought what he bought,
Bubba thinks it was a bad call. Matt in West Palm said he was
convicted of domestic violence by his ex wife, Kevin said if you’ve
been convicted of it, you can never get a concealed weapon, he said
it’s difficult to unwind a deal, Bubba thinks Kevin deflated the guy.
Nick in Miami said he’s a fire fighter, he was injured on the job
while on duty, he got terminated, and got no help from his union, he
asked if there’s anything he can do for compensation. Kevin said that
the pre legal plans only cover so much, he said they do more worker’s
comp than anyone on the West side of Florida. Debbie in Sarasota asked
about her daughter getting arrested at a football game, she got
arrested for Alcohol possession, it was a written arrest, Kevin then
explained how Florida handles stuff like this. Debbie said she had her
Daughter call Ask The Dom from the Cowhead show, she thinks she’ll end
up with community service, Kevin said getting it sealed or expunged is
complicated. Michael in Miami said he got arrested for stealing and
battery, it was over his ex wife, he said he could get everything
back, he can’t expunge it, Kevin said that is the case. Anthony said
he was arrested in Sarasota county, he was convicted of disorderly
conduct, he asked about his record, Kevin said disorderly conduct is
the lowest form of a crime, he said it’s hard to prove. Eric asked for
protection, he said he’s a teacher, he said in 2010, he was
recommended for termination, he thinks the good old boy network is
going on, Kevin said he didn’t understand the question, Spice thinks
the guy sucked as an employee, he then told the guy he should talk to
a guy named Evil, the guy knew what was coming, he then got the Evil
treatment. Brian said a year ago, he was on a dock when it collapsed
on him, he got a messed up knee and a messed up back, he said the
company has since lawyered up, he said that he was asked for a
recorded statement, his lawyer told him they’d just file suit, he
thinks he doesn’t have the right lawyer, Kevin said the bad thing
about recorded statements is that they could be used against him, he
said that it’s important to look at the case, he said he’ll be going
to the Bubba Army gathering, he doesn’t think he’s using Twitter
right. Bubba thinks he’s going, Spice joked Kevin will go in hopes
someone will fall off a jet ski, Kevin thinks that he’ll provide free
beer. Bubba said that he’s working on getting Kevin some new rims,
Spice thinks he needs some new wheels, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Religion Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Sand Soldiers ride
on Sunday. Bubba said tomorrow they’ll do the nfl picks, he then said
Ned has a new offering, he said it’s called “We’re Wasting Our time in
Fucking Afghanistan”, he thinks the title is a problem, Ned said he
just beeps out the word. Paul said his daughter is in Sixth grade,
she’s in a reader and writing class, the topic of war was brought up,
the kid voiced her opinion on the Mosk, the teacher suggested a Muslim
kid’s Mom come in and talk about the Muslim Religion. Bubba called up
1800AskBrent, Bubba recapped the situation for him, Brent said that
Religion should be a private matter, he thinks it would apply here,
Bubba said he doesn’t want his kid learning about various Religions,
he wants his kid to make up their own mind on that, he said it’s all
or none, the guy thanked Bubba for putting him on. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said he’s a preacher, the guy said his name is Bill, he
preaches at the Riverview Seventh day church, he said he was in the
car and found the program, he said he caught some of the commentary,
Bubba thinks Fox people thought heaven is better than life, he thinks
Heaven can’ get much better for him, he said he makes a good living.
Bill said that when you die you’re in the grave, he said where you go
is not in the Bible. Spice asked Bill if he believes in ghosts, Bill
said no, he said that when Jesus comes back, he’ll turn the dead
people back to life. Spice asked if he’s ever thought about the over
population, Bill doesn’t think hell is an everlasting thing, he said
that it would be cruel if that was the case, he said there’s a second
resurrection, Bubba wondered if he’ll do an encore, Manson thinks it’s
like the Rolling Stones, they won’t go away. Bill said that Jesus will
save the good people first, Spice thinks Jesus is quite the book
keeper, Manson thinks the guy couldn’t sell this script to Hollywood
if he tried. Spice suggested they go to Holy land in Orlando, Brent
said it’s hilarious. Spice asked the guy if he’s married, Bill said he
has two kids, he said he doesn’t need dirty talk during sex, he’s glad
God gave them all the right parts, he then commented on the Catholics,
Manson thinks the guy makes no sense. Bubba wonders how the Catholics
can believe in the same book, but read it differently, Spice thinks
the guy has shot down his whole thing, Bill said each person has to
tread the Bible for themselves and draw their own conclusions, Bubba
thinks it should just be about doing good, he thinks the only way to
prove Religion would be to die, and come back with a report. Bill said
the Bible was written over 1500 years with about 40 writers, Bubba
thinks they were all in on it, Bill thinks its prophecy. Bubba said
he’d like for Jesus to show himself, and not in the way people have
claimed saying they’ve seen Jesus in stuff, Spice thinks God took a
dump and that is what Earth is, Bill said he’s glad he missed it, Ned
thinks it was the eighth day. Bubba said he’s just trying to use
common sense with Religion, he just wants some proof. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chris Dingman Calls in

Bubba came on saying Chris Dingman is on, Chris said he heard the
bumper about stupid callers. Bubba asked what the most impressive game
was, Chris thinks the last one was the most impressive, Spice thinks
Atlanta is out of steam, Chris said they’re doing a lot of movement,
he said that he and Spice like free drinks, Bubba thinks Spice made
Chris pay for a beer. Chris thinks the coaching staff is prepared, he
said they know what system their playing. Bubba asked if smith is
returning, Chris said the game he layed after a finger injury was
incredible. Bubba thinks Ellis was a great pickup, Chris said Cabena
is someone to watch. Spice asked Chris about Steve Iserman coming in,
he asked if there’s going to be a conflict, he said one of the players
had two different offers from the NHL. Bubba asked about Dana Tyrell,
Chris said he’s a great player, Bubba thinks Chris called them with a
shoe string and a can, he then asked about Headman, Chris said he’s a
great kid. Bubba asked about Conley, Chris said he only played 16
games the year before, he then asked about Roman Hammerlin, Chris said
he’s still out there. Bubba asked about Chris Grat, Chris said he’s
done. Bubba asked about Weaver, Chris said his knee was messed up.
Bubba asked about Lancow, Chris said he’s done. Bubba thinks Chris is
a big baller, Chris said he’s hanging out with Spice getting a beer.
Bubba asked about defense for this year, he thinks we got Bret Clark,
Chris said that there are some guys who can move the puck, he said
Malone can fight with the best of them. Bubba asked about matt Sabmy,
Chris said he’s a big kid, this was against Dallas. Spice asked if
there are any guys will fight, Chris said there are some guys like
that, he thinks Matt Cook is that kind of guy. Spice asked if a player
ever wonders if they’ll fight someone, Chris said there’s always
scores that need to be settled, the guys goofed on Chris a little with
some of his word choice, Bubba asked Chris to say hi to Marty for
them, Spice said he likes the guy who smashed Tom while on the ice.
Bubba thinks he’s old, as there’s no one his age playing hockey, he
said he likes Ryan Malone and Brett Clark. Spice asked him what he did
when he got the cup, Chris said that he drank out of it, he said it’s
the only trophy you can do that with. Bubba thanked him for coming on,
he said he’ll be at the game, he thinks Ned looks like an old hockey
coach, Ned thinks he doesn’t look like him at all. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s New Bit, Muhammad the Muslim caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators in Ft. Meyers on October 16. Bubba said Hogan
didn’t sound so good today, he said the picture Hogan texted him with
is what is on the site, he thinks they’re supposed to get his new
T-shirts for Officer Longway, he then said the Sauna he has his from, he then asked Spice if he’s got anything for him, Spice
said he’ll be at the Penthouse, he said this is a fake story Fox
reported on, Manson said there’ an elevator story that’s funny. Spice
said Fox got fooled by someone with a jet pack story, Brent said it
was in Weekly World News. We then heard a news clip about that, the
guys cracked up at the clip, Manson thinks that would be over a
billion dollars, Bubba said this just proves they don’t do their
research, he said Fox is horrible at making stuff up as they go along,
Spice said the worst thing is that they get their information from
cable networks, Manson wonders who can listen to that. We then heard
the retraction, Brent said they didn’t even point out the story was
fake. Bubba apologized to ned for his new bit getting pre-empted, Ned
thinks its garbage time now, he thinks they should save it for another
day. We then heard the bit, which starts out with a clip of George
Carlin talking about war from his 1992 special “Jamming’ In New York”,
Bubba thinks ned knows how to pander by including Carlin and Jimmy
Buffett in the same bit. The bit parodies “Margaritaville”, and is
about how wrong the war in Afghanistan is. Muhammad said he loves the
show, he’s a property manager, Bubba thinks we’ve been brain washed,
Muhammad said 9/11 is a bad image. Bubba said prior to 9/11, Muslims
didn’t mean anything to him, he thinks that after it, Americans hate
Muslims. Manson said if we use Islam as the fall boy, it’s another
issue. Bubba said they hate us because we’re in their back yard, he
thinks we should just leave, he said they’ll be fighting forever, he
thinks we need to not be the ref. Spice asked the guy if he’d be mad
if the burned a Koran, Muhammad said yes. Bubba told the guy about
Lasker, he said that he doesn’t endorse what Lasker is doing, Muhammad
said he loves the show and knows about it. Bubba wondered if they have
any Muslim bits they could play for the guy, Muhammad said he has a
Bubba Army sticker on his truck, Manson thinks the Muslim guys are
rugged. Bubba wonders if the Muslims have parody, Ned thinks the call
is stiff, we then heard “A-bomb the A-Rabs” from “Ned’s parody Songs
Vol. 1”, track 11, Ned thinks the bit is pretty stiff. Bubba said that
was back when they were all excited, Muhammad said it’s Politics like
it says in the song, Ned said the guy gets it, Spice thinks the guy is
at home sharpening his box cutter. We then heard “Cartoon Arab Call’
from “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 9, and “Ned Only”, track 14,
Bubba thinks ned is in his head with the processing. Muhammad came
back on cracking up at the bit, ned still thinks the guy feels him.
Muhammad said they don’t make jokes about various Gods, Bubba said
they’re in the joke business. Spice asked what Muslim females use for
birth control, he then said their faces, the guys cracked up at that,
Muhammad said it was beautiful. Spice asked how many Muslims it takes
to change a roll of toilet paper, Muhammad said they don’t use toilet
paper, Spice said he got that one, Muhammad said they have a hole in
the ground. Spice asked how the Muslim adultress cross the road,
Muhammad said they don’t have Adultery, Spice said that she was
dragged by her feet, he then asked what Muslims do for foreplay, he
then said tickle the goat under the chin, Muhammad said that was
crazy, Bubba thanked him for calling, he said that the guy was a great
caller, he thinks the Government wants us to have the anti Muslim
mentality, Brent said Bush kissed the country that harbored the high
jackers, he said he just wants to live his life the way he normally
does, he said that sometimes being dumb makes more sense than being
smart about it. We then heard “Ober Commercial – Dante Morris” from
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”, track 18. They then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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