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October 4th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba and Brent talked about the Rays and baseball in general.
Last night’s debate with Romney and Obama, Manson said if he was a
rube, he’d vote for Romney.
Emails: Guy got some chicken dip in Charleston, a few listeners
suggested the guys move the Top five countdown to a few minutes early,
guy said he’ll be laughing his ass off when his kids eat Skttles, and
a guy is impressed with the professionalism of Steve the web guy.
Bubba said he heard Ned bugged the Skttles woman for nearly 90
minutes, Ned said he loves when people flip out on him.
Math professor strips in front of class.
Bubba talked about “Thirty on thirty”, he wants to get Keith McCant
back on the sow.
Kevin Hayslett in studio.
Email: son was punched at school; no one at the school reported it.
Caller has two sitations he owes from 2005, Bubba ended up hanging up
on the guy.
Beverly said her husband was stuck by an IV drug user’s kneedle, the
hospital didn’t give him medicine, the hospital isn’t releasing
Bubba wondered what happened with Keith, Kevin said he has issues,
Keith called him from a jail in Alabama, he got everything unwound for
him, he has developed a cocaine problem, Bubba said it’s not good in
any capasity.
Jay on protection said the cops did a search warrant on his friend’s
place, Kevin thinks it’s like a bad traffic stop.
Bubba thinks they’ve gotten some bad calls today.
Tim said he got a DUI when he was home from the Military, he got a
lawyer, he asked if he could get this conceeled, Kevin said there’s
two parts of a DUI, the basic goal is to get it reduced to wreckless
driving, it all depends on if it was ajudicated guilty.
Tommy said he had an incident in Tenessee and another one in Florida,
Bubba thinks tis guy is Spicoli, Kevin explained what an uninsured
motorist is.
Kevin said his next Io show will be this Monday; he’ll then do it every week.
Ned’s Load – “Skittles Call”.
Obama phone remix.
Audio of Wolfy from the Howard Stern show interviewing Nascar fans
about the election.
Bubba thinks we can’t be fixed, we’ve spent so much money on
education, yet we’ve produced people like this.
Ned’s “Neditorial – Mitt Romney”.
Colin said a lot of the same people who bash Obama are the same people
who have “Support our troops” bumper stickers.
Caller said he’s a black man who is a Veteran, a Nascar fan, and he’s
not going to vote for either Obama or Romney, he’ll vote for Charlie
Rob Kahn in studio, they’ve opened some new locations.
Bubba said he was at Columbus when he saw Tim Silva get knocked out;
he then asked if they do any girl MMA, Rob said UFC has had a stance
against doing stuff with girls.
Bubba mentioned some of the guys who Rob has worked with over the
years; Rob thinks the only guy who could beat GSP would be his
sparring partner.
Deion, a fight promoter came on, Bubba thinks the guy is Rob’s PR guy,
you can visit
Frank said he has a four year-old, he’s wondering when would be a good
time to get the kid into MMA, Rob suggested five or six is a good age
to get started.
Bubba asked how marcus Jones was doing, Rob said that he is back in
training just to stay in shape.
The guys wonder if Jesus could be a good MMA fighter.
Brent wants Robb to do the most painful thing.
Augie came in with a shirt that proclaimed “tom Cheatem has a huge
weiner”, it was a reffrence to one of his friends from back home.
Bubba asked Augie if he smells like cigarettes, Augie admitted to
that, he apologized to Rob for doing that.
Bubba wondered if it was hot, Tara said it was so clold she could
throw up; Bubba then did a temperature check of various spots in the
Tara liked Rob’s shirt “My girl loves to be choaked”.
We then heard a Carl Harris produced bumper for “The Tapout Challenge”.
Brent explained to augie how to properly tapout if he can’t take it,
he then described what Rob was doing, this lasted 00:31.
Rob was able to get augie in an elbow lock; Bubba had Rob get on Augie.
Round two began, Brent did play-by-play, Augie lasted 00:08.
Rob recapped his new locations; Bubba said that Rob used to train Shaque.
Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” was played as the bumper music; Bubba
thinks tis song would’ve been good months ago.
Lisa Lampanelli came on, she thinks Bubba is more famous than him, she
said she supports getting your stomach ripped out and drop 80 pounds,
she got the Gastrict sleve surgery, they take out most of your
stomach, she joked their using what they took to cover up Yankey
stadium during rain delays.
Jimmy Big Balls even got the surgery, he dropped 66 pounds, Lisa
dropped the weight in 5 months, she said that she was on liquids for
two weeks; she stayed four days, as it was fun to be wited on.
Bubba thinks some of her shtick is around her being big.
Lisa said she’s decent for her, she’s been madder since she’s had the
surgery, as she can’t get all the food down.
Bubba loves Lisa’s brashness; Tara said isa has the right to bring it more.
Lisa said that no one has recognized her within five months, she said
the first two years of marriage blows.
Bubba said that yesterday Beth and Howard celebrated four years.
Lisa said she’ll tweet that out to Howard personally, she said she was
on his show two weeks ago, she said you can’t even see her scars, she
said that donald Trump so her.
Tara thinks Bubba would be great on “the Apprentis”, Bubba thinks he
wouldn’t be considered, he’s a regional guy.
Lisa then explained how the show works, she said that in some cases,
Bubba wouldn’t have time to do the show.
Bubba still thinks they wouldn’t consider him.
Lisa said she’ll be in Miami in November 08, she then talked about her
upcoming braudway show, Bubba thinks she should still call the show
“the big Bitch That Brings It”, the idea was shot down, as was Lisa’s
suggestion of “Lisa is Not A Fat Cunt Anymore”.
Bubba said Tara has been bugging him ever since she saw Dee Snyder and
Lisa on “the Apprentis”.
Audio of Mariah Cary and Nikki Minaj fighting.
Janie Cakes called to wish Tara a happy birthday.
The guys had a hard time understanding what Janie was saying, Bubba
hit the “Oh lord Johnson” sounder a few times, this had everyone in
the studio cracking up.
Fat Tony thinks Bubba being on “The Apprentis” would be great.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “maniac Mel” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 16”, track 9).
The guys talk about the Romney Obama debate.
The guys think romney did better than Obama.
Various callers sound off on who did better in the debate, Bubba
wishes he had something to taze or pepper spray idiotic callers, he
then gave up on taking calls as “Voodoo child” was kicking in. Show:

Bubba said they have a blockbuster of a show today, he suggested
people check out the amber Lin Bahk video when it’s up on, he remembers all the fights he would have with mangement
over stuff, he said that Howard can have the Sybian, they have to have
a nub on the Sybian.
Emails: International listeners are concerned about not getting
merchandise, guy wants to get his Canadian Dad a T-shirt, listener is
baffled that people can’t touch manatees, but you can grind on a young
person, another listener asking about international shipping, listener
feels Bubba’s pain of missing the chance to record various moments of
his son’s life, and a guy said if he heard Tara orgasming he would be
fine, as long as Tarlick doesn’t talk much.
Tara said that Tarlick is at the show today, Bubba asked for him to come in.
Tarlick came in, Ned was heard asking for him to whip it out.
Bubba asked what Tarlick would be doing for Tara’s birthday, Tarlick
said that whatever she wants to do.
Bubba said that he doesn’t want to hear his sister get fucked, but
he’ll take one for the team, he knows the listeners want to hear it,
he said that he will be incredibly mad if she doesn’ deliver, he told
her it’s not a big deal, Ned said he wants to hear a lot of Tarlick.
Bubba asked for Tarlick to show his cock, Ned thinks he’ll start
caling him “Tiny Tarlick”.
Bubba said he doesn’t want to torture Tara or Tarlick, he wouldn’t
want her to quit if he shocked her pussy, he asked that she and
Tarlick not disappoint them.
Audio of Matt Barns apologizing for insulting a cop.
Josh asked Bubba if he caught “south Park” from last night, he said it
was almost as good as the chicken dip.
We then heard a bit of “Looking Through Engineering Glass”, The
Woodsman’s song about Bubba, from Chaz’s perspective.
We then heard The Woodsman’s song about Manson’s colon problem.
Bubba said the Woodsman is just a bottom scraping intern at best, he
then played audio of Matt Barns, he likes how it’s clear quality, he
said he’s been on a few rides with Denzil.

Cim harris, professional female boxer in studio.
We then heard a Carl harris produced bumper for the event.
The fight was three rounds, Cim ended up winning.
The Woodsman says he has an apology song, Bubba said he’ll play it tomorrow.

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