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Top Stories:
Visit these businesses during the month of October
Child killer John Couey dies
Amoeba claims second Polk County victim
Kamasutra a term in classroom, parents shocked
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Still No Sign of Missing Girls, Father
Jaguars Could Play Games In Orlando
Police Searching for Abducted Baby-Flint Adam

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – iPods and Sports scores

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Jump” by Van Halen as bumper music. Bubba is shocked October is here
already, he went on to say that Brent, Manson, Dave and Spice will be
getting their own iPods, Bubba thinks by the time the guys quit, the
iPod will be out of style. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he goes
over the teams he thinks will be in the World Series, Brent thinks
it’ll be the same teams it always has. Bubba wants to have a splash
page featuring the businesses who would like to help out the BTLS
Foundation for the month of October. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Girls wanting Metallica Tickets, Joe the Supermark calls
in, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Raw dollar
preview, then into some messages from the fans. Bubba had to dump out
of the song he played as bumper music; he thinks Nickelback didn’t
have it in them to curse. Bubba said they’re in a bit of a situation
with Bren, Bubba asked her to wear a Bubba Army shirt with no braw.
Bubba described some of the pictures, he thinks she’s steamy. Bubba
said the representation of his show is hot chicks with big boobs.
Bubba said he got an email from Samantha; he wasn’t all that impressed
with her photos. Samantha was on; she said the reason why the pictures
came out was because of her husband’s camera phone. Bubba went over
some girls from back in the day. Samantha said she’ll do anything for
Metallica tickets, she said she could take some video on her phone.
Bubba asked her what her morning is like, she said she has to take her
daughter to school, she doesn’t have a job. Bubba said they’ll call
her around 8:30 to have her do some stuff. Bubba plugged a boat racing
event, he likes how it will be free, Brent really likes the races.
Bubba read that the boats go up to 200 miles per hour, Spice asked
Bubba if he’d ride on one of them, Bubba said no. Joe the Supermark
was on, he said Friday’s Smackdown is great, he got his Bubba Army
hoody on television. We then heard a news clip about cranking up a car
stereo, Brent said there’s a funny clip about a guy who got a ticket
for it, the guy had Bill O’riley on, the guy argued that the law was
for people who play rap music. Bubba said he’s tired of law makers who
are behind stuff like this. Jamey in Ohio thanked the guys for
Bubbapalooza, she thinks Brent is the coolest person ever, Bubba joked
that Amanda was on. Bubba said people don’t really know Brent, he said
Brent is either a ten or a zero. Bubba said Bubbapalooza in Pittsburg
was a shot in the arm for them to fire it up. Bubba thinks Spice is
the cutest one on the show. Bubba said Shelly texted him, the tax, tag
and title is now about $400. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba’s Insurance issue, emails and phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Breast Cancer
awareness shirt, then into some messages from the fans, then into
“Brown Eyed girl” by Van Morrison as bumper music. Bubba said if Bren
calls back, they should put her to the front of the line. Bubba said
he had to write a check for his house insurance, Brent said he has
mandatory flood insurance, he finds it odd home owners insurance
doesn’t cover water damage. Bubba said he got something in the mail on
Monday, he worked on some stuff last night, he saw the bill and went
to pay it, he got a message saying he has until October 1 to pay it,
or else he’d get denied, Bubba said it’s not reasonable. Bubba said
Fabrizi knows about every shake down in the book, Fabrizi said the
reason why they do that is because they don’t want you to shop
anywhere else. Bubba thinks he should’ve listened to Fabrizi more
often, he thinks Fabrizi should write a book about shake downs. Bubba
said once you get canceled, best of luck of getting back on. Bubba
wrote a letter to him expressing his disgust over the matter; Brent
said Spice hates that kind of stuff. Bubba went into some emails, the
first email said they’d like to do a meet and greet in Texas, he
thinks he should just do it. Another emailer likes John Gruden with
commentary. Another emailer thanked the guys for the show; they had a
problem with Ned’s lighting. Bubba said there’s controversy saying
that Bubba had a girdle, Spice said he would bust Bubba’s balls on
stage. Another emailer thanked Bubba for getting him through some
tough times. Another emailer asked where he could send Bubba some
shirts. Another emailer said he’d like to meet Bubba in Texas. Another
emailer said they have wheels for various drivers, including David
Reutimann. John in Miami thinks Bubba is screwed with the bill, Bubba
said it would expire the next day. Bubba said he pays in one lump sum.
Dano in St. Petersburg asked if bubba is still gay for Favre, bubba
thinks he’s bisexual for him. Bubba said if Kevin is here, they could
do him now. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Football Picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into some
messages from the fan. We then heard some Super Tramp as bumper music.
Bubba thinks Spice wouldn’t have picked this song, Spice didn’t knew
who did the song, the guys like the band super Tramp. Bubba said it’s
time for Football picks. We then heard the Monday Night Football
music. Bubba thinks Ned is working on something, Ned said he did
something; he gave it to Bubba yesterday. The guys then did their
picks. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tyler’s football picks, Legal advice with Kevin Hayslett

Bubba had Tyler to give his football picks; Bubba wants Tyler to
reconsider his thoughts on the cowboys. Brent asked Bubba about the
kick return, he likes Tyler’s picks. Bubba thinks they’ll take the
segment to the bottom of the hour. The first email thanked Kevin for
helping them out. Another emailer said he got a ticket for not being
behind a white line, Bubba and Kevin think we can’t just tax and
ticket. Another emailer asked to get their record expunged, Kevin said
yes. Julian said he was arrested for fleeting and looting, Kevin said
they’d need to identify the guy as the driver. Bubba asked the guy if
he’s hired a lawyer yet, the guy said no, Ned thinks he’d pin it on
someone else. Kevin said if you can wait to get a lawyer in charge,
it’s better to get it done as quickly as possible. Rich said his
brother was arrested for an illegal substance. Kevin asked if the
brother has a lawyer, the guy said yes, he said just because your
guilty in one county doesn’t mean you’re guilty in another county.
Another emailer asked about expungement, Kevin said some states don’t
allow an expungement if you’ve been convicted. Another emailer said
her boyfriend was arrested for having drugs, and a weapon, that were
brass knuckles, Kevin said they could help him out with this. The guys
crack up when discussing brass knuckles; Kevin thinks he defended a
case like that in the 80’s. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he
caused an injury while driving; Kevin said the guy will be away for
five years. Bubba took a call from a guy who said his car got towed
from a handicapped spot, even though he had the sticker up. The guy
said he also got ran over by a meter maid, Bubba thinks he’s a dick,
Spice thinks the guy is okay, Manson thinks he gets around for a
handicapped guy. Anthony in Miami asked about limitations for reco, he
said nothing was stolen during the case. Bubba thinks Ned’s junkyard
has some sort of racatearing involved with it. Anthony said they had a
snitch, Bubba asked him what he was selling; Anthony said they
couldn’t prove anything. Bubba thinks the guy is giving him a
headache, Spice thinks the guy is a dildo, Bubba thinks he’s talking
to Frank Caruso. Kevin said part of what he’s saying is a problem. Bob
in Sarasota said he was on probation for marijuana, he wants to get it
expunged, Kevin suggested the guy contact him. Bubba asked Kevin’s
thought on the lawyer who is calling David G a criminal, Bubba finds
the lawyer disturbing. Kevin said when you’re arrested and your lawyer
has communications with you, everything is recorded. Kevin said every
jail has a spot where you can have a private conversation with your
client. Bubba went to Bren from a few days ago, he thinks he should
get Kevin out of there; he thinks it wouldn’t be cool for Kevin to be
exposed to that kind of stuff. Bubba said he’s going to talk to Kevin,
as he is dealing with some stuff. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Girls compete for Metallica tickets, Jeff Halpern on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “Brass monkey” as bumper music. Bubba thanked the Canadian
listener who came by with some stuff from Canada; he said they’ve got
Canadian coke and Canadian catsup. Bubba thinks he’ll have to
commandeer the rest of the stash. Bren was on, bubba thinks it would
be steamy if she went to class without a brawl on, she said it’s about
fourteen grand to get in. Bubba said he went to college and learned
nothing, Spice wonders why you’d want to go to a private school. Bubba
asked what the big schools are, Brent listed a few. Bubba said if you
went to the highest ranking professor for communications, they don’t
know much about radio. Spice and Manson think that radio is a very
unique job. Brent said USF has something like that where you can learn
how it works, however it’s expensive to get in. Bubba said he’s torn
about giving her the tickets. Bren said she’s a marine biology major,
Spice told her to get ready to be unemployed, Bubba asked Spice to get
the other girl on the phone. Bubba said he’s got the other girl who
has been sending nude pictures; Ned said that whores get tickets.
Bubba went to Samantha, Bubba told Bren she’s still in the game. Bubba
asked her what she has; Samantha said she has a rabbit and a pocket
wand. Bubba had her put the phone on one of the toys. Bubba asked Bren
if she has some toys, Bren said yes, but she’s not bringing them out.
Bubba asked Samantha to turn on the pocket rocket. Bubba thinks they
should do a buzz off, he wonders what’s so bad about it. Bren thinks
one of her toys is called the white night, Spice said it’s the Matt
Loyd model. Bubba had her fire up the white night; she thinks it needs
new batteries. Bubba thinks the other toy has dead batteries, Brent
thinks it’s a dead battery caper. Bren said her other toy was a basic
dildo, Spice asked her to beat it against the phone, Bren said no to
that, Bubba said he’s really trying his hardest to give her the
tickets. Bubba thinks Bren is being a bitch to him, Manson thinks she
should whore it up, or else she won’t get tickets, he thinks it won’t
sound that bad. Bubba said he realizes she has an education; Bubba is
convinced she’s working them. Bren got her toys, the white knight had
some power, she beat the dildo on the phone, bubba thinks it’s the
Doug Clem model. Bubba said they both will get the tickets, Bubba is
upset that Bren lied to him about the batteries. Bubba asked what the
protocol is for girls who want to dildo themselves; she thinks you
don’t say much of anything. Bubba plugged the Rock N’ Brew in Miami.
TJ in Orlando said he heard that Bubba and tony would be buying
something, Bubba said he couldn’t talk about it. Sam in north Carolina
asked how the golden tickets will be put in, Bubba said the
manufacturer will put them in there, Bubba said he hopes they get
distributed evenly, he thinks a few people from Canada will be down
there, Bubba said it’ll be $399.99. Bubba thinks the guys should reset
the Doug Clem story, Spice recapped how it happened; Manson said that
because Bubba was born, he messed up his life. Brent said he’s never
been proud of anything his son has done. Bubba said as men, we strive
to make our Dad’s proud. Bubba said he tried to get his Dad a car
part. Bubba went to Jeff Halpern; Jeff said he’s ready for next week.
Bubba said the goally for the Islanders loves the show. Bubba thinks
hockey money is guaranteed, Jeff said it is. Bubba asked for Jeff to
explain some stuff to him, Jeff said being on a one way means you make
a little bit of money, a two way means you’re on the minors. Jeff said
he’s on a one way contract. Bubba asked him how good the pre season
was; Jeff said they did fairly good. Bubba asked about the Lightning
goally, Jeff said he’s a great guy. Bubba said that if he was a
goally, they could put him in golf cleats. Spice asked Jeff his
thoughts on figure skating, Jeff said he likes it. Spice asked how
hockey players are treated with girls, Jeff said Luke warm, the guys
are bummed out that lacrosse guys are more popular. Bubba thinks Rug
bee is brutal. Bubba thinks the Lightning will be off to a decent
start. Bubba thinks they should take Kevin Vargas down to the
Lightning/panthers game. Jeff said they can tell the difference
between various forms of ice, Bubba thanked him for coming on, Brent
loves going. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Ned’s new bit, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard Ned’s “Big Doug Clem”. Bubba thinks Fallout Boy does a
better job with Michael Jackson, Manson thinks John Mayor is on
guitar. Bubba said the bit was very factual, but was very stiff, Ned
thinks he listens every day. Bubba thinks they’re taking it way too
far. We then heard a clip about a house fire. Bubba got distracted
with Hogan calling him, Bubba picked up, Hogan said he didn’t mean to
call Bubba’s phone. Hogan thinks Bubba is a jobber, Bubba said he
heard that he has to take Hogan to Sting Ray Chevy today. Hogan thinks
Steve from Sting Ray and Steve from Steps towing should hook up, Spice
gonged him, we then heard Brent snoring, Bubba thinks Jennifer is
getting driven crazy. Bubba had Hogan smack Jennifer on the ass, which
he did, Hogan said he’ll be going to Mellborn in November. Bubba asked
Hogan if he could get there by Eleven, Spice had no idea how big
Hogan’s tattoo is. Bubba told Hogan he could be a squatter on his
house. Spice said the snoring is making him tired, Manson said it’s
not the snoring. Bubba proposes a Hogan garage sale. Bubba thinks
Hogan will drive you crazy if you live near him. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who locked her kid in a closet for four years,
Bubba played Twenty-five’s music under the clip. Portor came on, he
thinks Bubba will have a hard time in life, he thinks he’ll regret
what he said about his Dad. Portor said he didn’t like his Father.
Bubba said he’ll play Ned’s bit at his funeral. Portor said when Doug
dies, he’ll revisit his words. Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later,
we then heard a replay of Ned’s “Doug Clem” bit. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – emails, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard “Bang a Gong” as bumper music. Bubba wonders how he got so far
behind today, he said he thinks he’s heard Howard say it a bunch of
times. Bobby in Ft. Meyers said Portor doesn’t know what he was
talking about. Bubba read some emails, one email said they didn’t like
the show, then said they were only kidding. Another emailer said they
were good friends with Rick from Arlington Toyota. Bubba said rick of
Arlington is buying a bunch of Breast Cancer awareness shirts and will
hand them out to people. Another emailer said he heard Dana White,
Bubba wonders what he’s thinking, he thinks Dana is getting full of
himself. Spice thinks if he has a valid reason for not liking Howard,
he should put it in there. Bubba wondered why Dana has to burn
bridges. Bubba thinks Dana should work smarter than that. Bubba said
he likes Dana’s attitude, but it’s starting to wear out on him. Bubba
said Vince McMahon is a prick, but he plays the roll well. Bubba
thinks he has to do a meet and greet in Texas. Another emailer thinks
Jabberjaw should be in the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba said he
couldn’t do that. Another emailer thinks Bubba is a great show, the
emailer thanked Howard Stern for bringing him on. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for getting him hooked on to the car Store. Another
emailer said they own an online store, they’d like to help out, Bubba
asked for Russ to get to it. Bubba thinks Mark Lunsford has handled
his foundation wrong. We then heard a clip about Jessica Lunsford’s
murderer, he died of cancer, Bubba thinks a hospital orderly should’ve
given him a right cross, bubba thinks Ned should do something like
that. We then heard a clip about amebas going up people’s noses, Bubba
thinks we’ve pussified our country, Manson thinks it’ part of it.
Brent said he saw a documentary about our water. Bubba asked Ned about
swimming in ponds, bubba said they played in the direst water ever,
and they never got sick. Bubba stopped the clip when the guy said god.
We then heard a clip about President Bill Clinton in Tampa. We then
heard a news clip about Stephanie Ragoosa, Spice said she looked
decent back then, now she looks like hell. Bubba remembers the time
when he went to a club, he would sit in the car and talk. Spice
remembered when bubba would do stereo contests, but wouldn’t get out
of the van. Bubba recapped the times he had to do something for the
gambling boat, the guys called it the floating prison. Bubba said he
would drive the boat every so often, Brent said he was getting sea
sick just thinking about it. Bubba thinks they would’ve picked up a
speedboat to pick him up. We then heard Manson’s bit about that,
“Ragoosas So Horney” from “bubba’s New and misc Hits vol. 3”, track 6,
parody of “me so Horney” by Two Live Crew. They then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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