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Top Stories:
Radio host to give check to Sgt. Brown’s widow
South Florida lifeguard arrested
Student suspended over ‘Who Dey’ haircut?
Warning: Graphic MaterialCharla Nash, Connecticut woman mauled by chimpanzee, unveils face on Oprah
61-Year-Old Playing College Football for Kicks
GOP sees Fort Hood shooting as act of terror
Was priest’s beating a hate crime?
Radio host to give check to Sgt. Brown’s widow

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.
This recap goes out to matt in Richmond, for being the winner of the
first Golden Ticket. Congratulations Matt!

Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Manson’s live chat, Big Dick
calls in, listener has first Golden Ticket?

The show started off with some messages from the fans. Bubba said
today’s music is from Spice, Manson thought it was Ned’s selections,
Ned said he doesn’t claim that crap. Bubba was having difficulty with
something, Dave piped in and said he normally checks it via a wav
file, he couldn’t tell with the speakers. Bubba recapped some sports
scores, he said he talked to Kevin Vargas, he thinks he should be
quiet. Bubba asked Manson how his shoot went, Manson said he was high,
Manson said he had James and Donna helping him out with the chat.
Bubba wondered who is next up; Brent said he’ll check, he came back
saying that Spice is next. Spice said they were a bunch of haters on
there, Manson said he would love that stuff, Spice said it fills up
the screen. Bubba wondered if Big dick is on his way to 2001. Bubba
said Jason Bruce, the guy who attacked the priest will be coming in,
Brent said he did some investigating; a lot of what Jason says can be
validated. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for
today. Big Dick was on, he said as soon as he heard Bubba ask him to
call, he called the warm line. Bubba said that Dick has a 102.5 The
Bone Tent; he’ll be signing up people for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said matt from Richmond claim that he has a golden
ticket. Bubba said he’d like to hire Jefferson Davis. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Matt from Richmond gets the first Golden Ticket, Bubba is mad at Cox

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bubba Wonka”,
then into some messages from the fans, then into “Super Villain” as
bumper music. Bubba said he loved the listener, Ned told him to just
come out of the closet, Manson said there would be bits for years if
Bubba said he was gay. Bubba went to Matt in Richmond, Bubba gave him
the timble, he congratulated him. Spice asked him what he likes to do,
he wants to make sure the guy isn’t a douche bag, Matt said he likes
to go to a bar that his roommate works at, Ned thinks he’s a tool.
Bubba asked him what he listens to the show on, Matt said he likes
both. Bubba thinks he could use the show to get someone to go with
him. Bubba wonders where the ticket is, Matt said its right there, he
said he tried to downplay it; he was really excited when he saw it.
Ned sarcastically thinks Matt is exciting, Bubba told Ned he’s being a
dick. Manson said if anyone gets a ticket, but don’t want to go to the
strip club, they can go with him and Donna to a bar and have fun. Matt
thanked the guys, Bubba told him to lock in the date of May 13, he put
him on hold a few seconds later. Ned thinks the guy should have a
little more excitement. Bubba said he had his colonic yesterday; he
has to go back on Monday. Bubba thinks his problem is, he’s not
drinking enough water, Spice said no one follows those rules. Bubba
went over some birthdays, Manson is surprised Al Michaels is 65, Spice
wonders how Horney he is, Bubba said that was Frank Gifford, Manson
thinks he looks like death. Bubba told the Miami listeners that today
is customer appreciation day at McDonalds. Bubba said there’s a little
bit of controversy over Ned’s new bit, Ned said he didn’t know there
was anything wrong with it, Brent advised him not to say on the air,
Ned thinks Bubba is scared. Bubba said some people in the building
think a particular part of the song is offensive, he thinks one of the
African American shows is doing reverse racism; Spice said it’s
questionable that the guy in the original is black. We then heard the
original song “I’m In Miami Bitch”. Ned gave Bubba crap for stopping
the song before the song got to the part in question, Ned thinks it’s
the part where in 25 Cent says nigger. Bubba is mad that the guys
faded the song out at the part in question; he said the guys in the
group are white. Bubba said he’s not racial, he’s donating money, he
said he’s not Bubba Imus, Manson said the context doesn’t matter, Ned
is bummed out over this, Bubba said it wasn’t anything written by Ned,
it was the original line in the song, Bubba said he’d expect this from
Clear Channel, he said everyone is involved on this situation, he said
they have no idea the can of worms that has been opened. Bubba said he
talked to one of his black friends in Chicago who has been in radio
who thinks it’s some jealous brothers because Bubba is getting
traction. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Manson’s Travis the chimp bits retired? Bubba Flips out on Cox

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said that big Dick is at 2001, signing girls up for
the 12 Boobs of Christmas® contest. Dez in Canada said the monkey
attack victim was on Oprah, Bubba thinks it’s one of the worst things
he’s ever seen, he asked how the guys feel now, Bubba said he doesn’t
feel so good about playing those songs. Manson said he thought it was
worse than he thought, Dez said he’d pay good money to have them not
play the songs, Bubba said it’s amazing she’s alive. Spice said it’s
incredible that she carries herself the way she does, we then heard a
bit of “Bad Monkey” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 1,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 7. Ned thinks Bubba is
scared. Bubba asked Manson about it, Manson said if he had his face
ripped off by a big chimp, he wouldn’t care if some radio station did
that. Spice said Oprah really ramps it up, he said oprah had a really
disturbing look on her face, we then heard “Eyes Ripped off her Face”
from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 8, and “The Clemulus
Package” disc 2, track 5. Bubba thinks Cox or clear Channel will do
something with this. Bubba said that may be the last time you hear
this stuff on the show, he said it’s like a final send off, Manson
said he’s healing through humor. We then heard “Bad Monkey”. Michael
said this is the pussyfication of the show; he thinks Bubba should
play that stuff every day. He thinks reverse racism is the most
ridiculous phrase ever; Bubba thinks the guy might have a point. Bubba
said he makes fun of everyone, he said he makes fun of himself more
than anyone. Mark in Miami said he’s a Hispanic guy, he said they’re
just plugging Bubba more, he said that Ricky Smiley claims that every
Hispanic person owns a carwash and a fruit stand, Bubba thinks he
should be quiet. Bubba said they weren’t doing anything wrong, he
thinks he should get the listeners up to speed. Bubba said he got
called by all the over-thinkers about Ned’s song, the complaint is
over Twenty-five Cent’s line. We then heard the original; Bubba said
he doesn’t get this at all. Spice wonders if they were to copy the
effect, would it be a problem, Bubba thinks they could. Bubba rewound
it to that part a few times, he said he was playing the game, he said
he’s over it. We then heard Ned’s version, he then recapped how Vargas
might’ve handled the situation. Bubba thinks they’ll get in trouble
for saying Cubans, Ned thinks the people of Miami don’t like Bubba for
being fat and stupid. Bubba thinks this song will cause them to get
fired; he stopped it after the line in question. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said “Go Ned go”; he said he doesn’t have a problem
with it. Bubba asked him if he finds him racial towards black people,
the guy wonders how anyone can be offended if he’s making fun of
himself. Bubba asked that they unbeep the part, he said that when they
beep there version, he’ll beep his, Manson said people need to lighten
up, Bubba said this disgusts him. Bubba hopes Sirius steps up with an
exclusive offer; he said he ran away from this stuff. Bubba said it’s
this kind of stuff that will make them more popular. Bubba said if
Sirius steps up, they’re gone, he thinks it’s gay he has to say bull
shiz with a z. Bubba said he puts long work days, he thinks he won’ be
allowed to stay in Miami, he thinks someone is insecure with the
product they put out. Bubba said this never should’ve gotten on his
plate, he said someone should’ve done his research. Bubba thinks they
should either nip in the bud now, or just fire them, he doesn’t want
to take calls from Cox about that, he said he’ll give the money back.
Bubba said the show is about their lives, he wonders how much Cox
truly appreciates what they do; he said he’ll never set foot in the
Miami Cox building ever. Bubba said he’s going to have Jason Bruce in
the studio, Jason is the man who beat up a Priest, Brent is shocked
that Spice said you should believe a priest. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tyler’s football picks, Jason Bruce in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
ask that Brent get ready to come into the studio for the interview, he
then recapped the story. Bubba called Tyler to get his football picks,
Bubba played his bumper. Bubba told Tyler he has a busy schedule.

Bares at San Fran – Bears
Lions at Vikings – Vikings
Denver at Washington – Denver
Bucs at dolphins — Dolphins
Bills at Titans – titans
Saints at rams – Saints
Jags at Jets – jets
Atlanta at Carolina – Falcons
Bangles at Pittsburg – Pittsburg
KC at Oakland – KC
Dallas at Green Bay – Dallas
Seattle at Arizona – Arizona
Ravens at Browns – Browns

Bubba asked for Jason to come in, he then said he has to pee, he
thinks he’ll die of water intoxication. Bubba thanked Jason for coming
in, Jason thanked him for coming in, Bubba thinks he’s not that
violent. Spice wonders why they have him spun as a dick; he said the
media hates it when they can’t get a sound bite. Jason said the story
is bizarre, it’s a 210 pound Marine taking on a 29 year-old priest.
Spice said he lives right near that guy, Brent said you don’t get lost
going into the parking garage. Jason said he arrived at his parking
spot at around 6:30, he thought the priest was a homeless man, the guy
grabbed his crotch, the only thing he said was “I want to f you”.
The guy put his hands on his neck, he got out of the guys hold, he
reached in his trunk for his tire iron, Bubba wonders why Jason called
911 on himself, Jason said the guy had assaulted him. Jason said he
didn’t know what the guy was doing there. Jason said he gave the guy a
warning, telling him not to step towards him, the guy did, he said the
guy had a little bit of weight on him. Jason said the guy looked
homeless, Bubba wonders what the guy is doing there, Jason said he
lives near a couple of dark areas. Bubba said on the surface, he
thinks Jason is getting railroaded, Manson thinks the story is
credible. Jason said the guy didn’t’ even flinch, he said the guy ran,
he decided to chase him, he didn’t want this guy to get away, the 911
operator advised him not to chase him. Jason said the guy lunged at
him, as Jason defended himself, the police pulled up. We then heard a
news clip about that, where the reporter claims that Jason beat up a
tow truck driver. Bubba said the tow truck driver incident was in
1007, Jason said he never thought the priest was a terrorist; the guys
think tow truck drivers are shady. Jason said he owned a medical place
a few years ago; he took the last parking space he could find. He saw
a tow truck driver with his vehicle, the driver slammed the door on
him, he pushed him back, the driver picked up a chain, Jason said he
pled no contest for all that. Bubba said that the tow truck driver had
some prior scrapes with the law; he then read what he’s done. Jason
said the media inaccurately stated that he had the priest pinned down,
he was fifty feet away from him, he was asked to set down the tire
iron, he was asked if he’d like to press chargers, the cop came back
and told Jason that the priest was mentally ill. Bubba wonders why
this isn’t in the media; Jason said it wouldn’t make for a very good
story. Jason thinks the guy has done this to someone in the past.
Spice asked him about the priest’s broken English; Jason said it was
very obvious what he said. Bubba wonders why anyone would want to mess
with a guy like Jason; Jason thanked one of the witnesses who got his
stuff together. Spice asked him if he’s a homo, Jason said he’s an
advocate for getting the cure to HIV, he said he’s not on steroids;
Brent said Jason is naturally big. Spice said he’s glad they got a
chance to talk to him; Bubba said they were guilty of pinning him as
the bad guy. Spice said if the guy gets cleared, it will be considered
a minor story. Bubba went back to the news clip about the tow truck
driver, he thinks the guy doesn’t’ look like a Buccaneer, Spice said
you don’t go up to a tow truck driver calmly. Bubba said the media has
spun Jason as a dick, Brent said they need to add in that the overpass
near the garage is where homosexuals go to meet. Bubba asked him if he
parks in the same spot, Jason said yes, he said it’s a very secure
place. Spice wonders if the guy came right at him, Jason said yes.
Spice likes how channel 28 has contacted him; Jason said they’ve
talked to his lawyer, Jeff Brown. Jason said he hasn’t’ done fitness
modeling since 2003, he said he did a photo shoot, he said it’s not a
gay website, he said some gay websites high jacked his picture; Manson
thinks they really buried the guy. Bubba said the media really got
him, Spice said they’re the darkest people in the world, yet they got
fooled. Manson likes how the guy has information; Brent said what
guilty guy doesn’t wants to answer questions. Brent said he’s talked
to a lot of people who have known Jason for years, he’s heard Jason is
a very honest guy, Spice thinks Jason was homoed out in the media.
Jason said he didn’t know the guy was a priest, Bubba thinks a
homeless guy wouldn’t have done that. Bubba wonders if the marines
will investigate, Jason said he has some people backing him up, he
called the chain of command, they’re on his side. Jason said his
brother was in Iraq twice, the guy was wounded the second time around.
We then heard the news clip from yesterday, Jason said he thinks the
911 audio hasn’t been released. Bubba wonders how the West Sore area
turns into the parking garage; he said you have to know where you’re
going. Bubba said he would’ve loved to have exposed that Jason is a
homo; he said if you’re lost, you don’t end up at a parking garage.
Jason said the cop commended him as a hero, he was asked to identify
the priest’s car, when they found the guy’s suitcase, Jason said the
cops were joking that he’s a terrorist. Jason said he could get
various people to come on. Spice said this is the only place where
he’ll be able to get his story out; Bubba said Melanie Brookes said
she’ll tape him and not edit the tape. Spice said if this case went to
court, he wouldn’t find a problem with what Jason has done; Bubba said
he would sue the Greek Church for slandering his good name. Bubba said
apparently, Steve the tow truck driver was on the phone. Bubba went to
him, Steve said Jason can rebuff all the lies about him, Jason said
there were eleven witnesses, Manson thinks he’s a hot head. Steve said
he’s a respectful tow truck driver, Spice wonders if there’s such a
thing. Steve ask that Jason not say anything until he was finished,
bubba suggested Jason write down some notes. Steve said the day the
incident happened, he lowered Jason’s car on to his bed, he said a
bunch of guys were screaming at him, he said Jason came at him and
knocked him to the ground, Steve said he wasn’t friend with the
police. Bubba said the tow trucking industry is the shadiest operation
ever, he thinks Steve is the typical tow truck driver. He thinks there
are some good companies out there; he said they have all the power.
Bubba said if he was in the gym and saw a guy hooking his car, he
would react a little differently, he thinks the guy is being unfair,
Bubba asked him about his prior scrapes with the law, Steve said he’s
got a couple of scrapes with the law, he said he’s not on trial, Spice
thinks Steve is performing character assassination on Jason. Bubba
said he could go to the phone lines and ask about tow truck drivers,
the general population would say that it’s a bad operation. Steve said
he didn’t call the media, the media called him. Bubba asked him about
the aggravated battery, Steve thinks Bubba is one-sided, he said the
industry is looking to get rid of the bad apples; Bubba said he’s one
of them. Steve said it was a fight between him and another guy who
kicked him in the crotch; he hit the guy with a flashlight. Steve said
there were two independent witnesses; Jason said the cop wasn’t a
friend of Steve’s. Jason went over the people who were there that day;
he said he wants to be done with Steve. Bubba said he has no respect
with the tow truck industry, Brent said they’ve all had a bad
experience with tow truck drivers. Bubba thinks there are some people
who may not believe Jason, but a lot of people think the towing
industry is horrible. Bubba thinks he was fare to Jason, he thinks he
should pick someone in television to talk to. Spice said he hopes
Jason is innocent. Jason said he feels comfortable with Jason’s
interview, he said he doesn’t want any trouble when he goes home; he
wants to chill out and watch TV. Jason doesn’t get how the media
claimed that he’s uncooperative. Bubba apologized for what he said
about Jason, Brent said they’ve been right about some cases the media
has been wrong about. Bubba thanked him for coming in, he said he
could care less how the tow truck driving situation went down, Spice
hoped he shoved him on the ground. Brent thinks the tow truck driver
has never served our country. Bubba wished him the best of luck; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – “I Suck In Miami Bitch”

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Spice next Wednesday at 7, then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami
Bitch”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jesse James Dupree Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “Crawling” by Link and Park as bumper music.
Spice said Jesse was on, Bubba decided to switch it up, we then heard
“Super Villain”. . Bubba went to him, Jesse said he was taking a bite
out of life’s ass, he said his show just aired on Truth TV. Jesse said
this was the biggest biker bar ever, he said it’s the grandfather
motor cycle, he said the place is open for nine days, it costs him two
million just to open, he said some of the girls just wear dental floss
and a band aid, he said they’ve got seven one hour episodes, the first
episode will air Tuesday night at 9, Bubba said he didn’t’ get a
chance to see it, Jesse said he’s super proud of it. Bubba asked if
Jackal has played this particular bar, jesses aide they’ve played
there before, Spice thinks Blackstone Sherry is the loudest band he’s
ever heard. Jesse said the guy has his own bank; the money goes into
bank bags. Bubba said he wants to hear Jesse’s new song, “My Moonshine
kicks your cocaine’s ass.” Jesse said he sees Bubba Army people at his
shows; Bubba said the Bubba Army loves him. Bubba said he misses the
show Two A Days, Jesse said he got nominated for that. Jesse said his
partner made Bruce Willis a highly paid actor, he said he hasn’t met
him though. Bubba asked what Kiefer Sutherland is like; Jesse said
he’s a great guy. Jesse said he spent a week with him, Bubba said
that’s one of his favorite Hollywood guys. Jesse said he’s proud of
his son, he said he asks his Dad for studio time. Bubba thanked him
for coming on, Jesse said he’s the biggest fan, he told Bubba not to
let up. Spice said a guy like that will often fade away, Bubba said
heather didn’t like them at Bubbapalooza. Bubba gave some love out to
Dave from Back9 BBQ, bubba wonders how they get food manufactured, he
said the chicken dip is great, Manson said it’s like crack. Bubba also
thanked Atlantic medical supplies for the ear; Bubba said he’s going
to buy one. Bubba said he’ll be racing Saturday night, he thinks the
weather will be okay, he told the listeners to look for number 20. Joe
on protection said he’s a member of the Greek paradox, he said he
knows the guy, he said he’s an overweight little guy, Manson thinks he
doesn’t’ know him at all; Bubba said he’s just forming his own
opinion. Joe thinks the guys are generalizing the community. Spice
asked him if he speaks only English, Joe said the priest is working on
his English, Bubba said it goes against what the church said. Bubba
said the media is all over it, he thinks they won’t get the credit for
having Jason on, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – icy Hot Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into “Super Villain” as bumper music. Bubba suggested they pull the
bumper music for tomorrow, it landed on him. Bubba wondered if the Icy
Hot challenge has a bumper, we then heard it. Bubba had Tom the
Treeman, Pantera, and Twenty-five Cent in the studio, the guys said
they were all shaved. Hammil said the girls have been told the guys
are millionaires. Bubba took a call from a guy who said some guys have
to have a request to move a vehicle. John said he’s not behind bubba
on the issue. Tom was heard in the background screaming, the guys were
cracking up at this, Pantera was also heard screaming. Spice asked
what it’s like, Bubba told Pantera not to do touch, Pantera was heard
running into the shower, Pantera was heard saying how bad it was.
Bubba asked Twenty-five how it was, Twenty-five said he was on fire,
Bubba asked him for a hair dryer, Spice thinks he looks like a backup
dancer for Two Live Crew. Tom said he was burning; he was dancing to
distract himself. Bubba asked for a heat gun, Twenty-five said “it’s
burning on the sack, nigga.” Bubba wonders if Twenty-five if he can
say that, someone brought in the heat gun, Dave told Bubba he wouldn’t
hand the gun to Bubba. Bubba fired the heat gun on tom, he freaked
out, Manson said Tom was on all fours, Tom tapped out a few seconds
later, Bubba told the guys not to touch something, Manson said the
Treeman has won again. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he wants to stay in
the contest, Twenty-five said he’s trying to ride it out. Manson
wondered how hot the heat gun was, Bubba thinks Tom is a
hypochondriac. Bubba told Tom he would give him a dollar for every
second, Twenty-five yelled out that he couldn’t take it, Bubba had to
dump him a few times. Bubba wondered if anyone will take his one
dollar a second challenge, Tom said he’ll do it. Manson thinks Tom
looks creepy sitting on the couch while Bubba fired up the gun. Tom
yelled out his code word a few seconds later, bubba told him they were
up to five dollars while Tom freaked out, Spice gave some
play-by-play. Bubba asked that they do a grand finale on Tom’s ass,
tom freaked out; Bubba said that tom was on fire, the guys were
streaking with laughter, Manson said his underwear caught on fire.
Bubba told tom he would pay him $100 to light his underwear on fire,
Manson told tom he double trailer park dared him to do it. Bubba said
in order for this to work, he needed to see some flames. Spice gave
commentary, some smoke started up; Tom yelled for someone to put him
out, Bubba said it’
S only worth $20, he then yelled that he was out. Bubba thinks one of
the guys needs to tap out, Twenty-five thinks Bubba is stupid for
heating him up with a heat gun; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Icy Hot challenge conclusion

Coming out of commercials, we heard the Icy Hot Challenge bumper.
Bubba said the show was drawing to a close, as well as the challenge.
Tom was heard groaning in the background, he said they won’t have time
to get to the football picks today. Twenty-five said he was burning,
Manson thinks he’s a beaten man, Bubba thinks they should have a tie,
Spice suggested a reapplication of the stuff. Bubba told Tom he
couldn’t adjust; Twenty-five conceded and said Tom won, Tom said he’s
out. Bubba wondered why Twenty-five was being so militant; Manson
thinks they should just declare Tom the winner. Bubba told Twenty-five
he couldn’t win this way, Twenty-five said he doesn’t’ want to get
disqualified. Spice booed him out of the studio, he said he went
behind tom and just put a whole bunch of icy hot on Tom. Bubba told
tom to get into the shower with Twenty-five Cent, Bubba potted up the
audio of the green room, Manson thinks he won’t like it. Bubba told
tom to take his shirt off, he told him to get naked. Twenty-five asked
Miller to not touchy him, Bubba got caught off guard with tom’s
situation, tom said he doesn’t have it on anymore. Bubba asked Tom to
jump into the shower and being the party boy, the guys cracked up at
Tom doing that. Tom entered while Bubba told him to party on him, the
guys were laughing their asses off, Tom and Twenty-five were yelling
over each other, the guys were cracking up at this, Miller was yelling
at Tom to party on Twenty-five, Spice asked that they don’t stop the
partying. Bubba asked for Twenty-five to stop being so uppity, tony
suggested Twenty-five reverse the heat and party on him, Bubba had to
bail out of it, as Twenty-five was pooping on Tom, Manson thinks it
cleared the room faster than “Hotel California”. Bubba plugged the
12 Boobs of Christmas® contest, he thanked Manson for the live chat, Spice said he’d like to give some love to
Escalade limo for hooking up the girls, Bubba thanked some more
people, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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