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Top Stories:
After an eight-year drought, why did these Yankees finally win it all?
Inmates come to guard’s aid in jail attack
Man Calls 911, Doesn’t Know His Address
Chris Jericho Slurs Speech
Fla. baby missing for 5 days found alive under bed
Gloucester Man Attacked on Halloween
Boy Charged as Adult in Murder of Child
Cross-Dressing Student Sent Home

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Bottled water discussions, sports scores, Bubba’s live
chat discussed

The show started with “Mr. Jones” as bumper music. Bubba thinks Ned is
all over the road with his selections, he asked Spice if he saw
something on TV, Spice said it was awesome, Bubba potted up the audio.
Spice wonders if the inmate who helps out a cop gets a free pass. The
guys discuss channel 10 kicking Leno’s ass, Bubba thinks one of the
reporters on cbs looks like Carol Brady, Spice thinks she’s a cougar,
he then thinks she’s a milf. Bubba thinks Leno will get canceled. Ned
said he’s feeling crappy, he doesn’t like the great value water, he
said the bottle cap is the size of a nickel. Bubba wonders who is
buying it, Spice said he gets Nesly, Manson and Ned like Zephyr hills,
Bubba said they’ve got cheap bottles. Bubba said the Yankees won the
World Series last night; he then went on to recap some sports scores.
Bubba had a tough time getting something, Dave walked him through it.
Bubba said he spent most of the chat looking at the screen, Spice said
he couldn’t get through. Manson asked how it went, Bubba said it went
well, he’s shocked the people on the chat told bubba he has a nigger
dog, Brent said a dog’s mouth self cleans itself every thirty seconds.
Spice said his dog licks himself a lot; Bubba said that at least his
dog is a girl. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – the guys discuss their Wonkas, coming up on the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. We then
heard “Friends In Low Places” as bumper music. Spice thinks this is
like a college bar; the guys discuss when you should put a condom on.
Bubba plugged the 12 Boobs of Christmas® Jacksonville appearance,
he then plugged the websites, he then said the weekend for the Bubba
Wonka hang out will be May13016. Bubba wondered what it must be like
to be the lucky fan who gets the tickets, Bubba said his Wonka thing
would be Brett Favre, Spice said Jessica Simpson, Manson said he
entered a contest with bob Lassitor, he said he got a chance to get
it, Brent said his would be to meet Kiss as a kid, Ned said his would
be Osama Bin Laden, Bubba thinks he’s lying, Dave said a good band.
Spice asked if Bubba and Favre would be lifelong friends after, Bubba
thinks maybe, he thinks he’ll become friends with some fans. Bubba
said if you win a golden ticket, you need to call into the show. Bubba
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the day; he then
read a story about a Florida soldier who was killed overseas. Bubba
asked that if you’re in the bay sore area, that you pay respect to the
guy. Bubba got caught off guard with a woman on TV, Brent said channel
13 has gotten a lot of hot girls, Spice told the girl to shut up and
take her top off, Bubba told him to shut up. Spice likes Bubba’s name
for the operation, “operation what the hell are we doing over there?”
Bubba said you don’t realize how great life is until it’s over. Bubba
said Tom the Treeman will get his lip sewed shut today; he wants to
get The Bone van down to the area. Bubba wonders if Ned has made
people solute him as he walks by, Ned said he does that as a rib.
Bubba went over some birthdays for the day, Bubba said bill Walton is
a smart guy, Spice said he hates Ike Turner. We then heard “Ike Turner
Christmas”, which isn’t in the catalog. The bit features various
Christmas songs done by Ike, and also features a girl getting hit a
few times. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Manson’s New bit and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Army Retail,
then into “Dust in The Wind” as bumper music. Ned said this is a great
song; he said he gets high and listens to it. Bubba said Manson has a
song congratulating the Yankees, the song parodies “New York New York”
by Frank Sinatra, and features a clip of Doug Stanhope ranting about
the Yankees, the song is called “F*** You new York”. Bubba thinks
Cowhead will kick their asses individually, Brent thinks Artie will
get pissed, Bubba said he’ll send it to JT the Brick. The bit ends
with a clip of a guy asking for people to have a moment of silent’s
for Pope John Paul the second, Manson said a guy yelled “Yankees Suck”
during the clip. The first email apologized for acting like a fool.
Another emailer said Melvin is in fact a sexual offender, Brent said
he’s got nothing new. Another emailer said they’re in charge of the
video operation for a double A baseball team, the emailer is looking
for a new machine; Dave emailed him with some stuff. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for looking after kids. Another emailer said they liked
how Bubba hanged the predator out to dry. Another emailer said they
really enjoys the show, after hearing Bubba’s thoughts on sexual
offenders. Another emailer said they’ve been listening since the
Sirius show; they were disappointed when Bubba’s new deal was
announced, but they still like it. Another emailer said they had a
Bubba Army flag at a racetrack. Another emailer thinks Rogers is doing
good, Bubba stats are just stats. Another emailer asked bubba who the
very first driver to win a national cup was, he thinks it’s Tony
Stewart. Another emailer asked if they could get a mp3 of Ned’s “White
Trash Baby”, Bubba said he’ll play it, he then went on to say that
iTunes is deathly slow. Another emailer said he was disgusted with the
story about the starving kid. Another emailer thinks Bubba has a heart
of gold, the emailer said they’ll be at Sting Ray Chevy during the
check presentation. Another emailer asked Bubba if he saw Marcus
Jones’s arm bar, Bubba missed it, Spice recapped it. Another emailer
said he lost his axles; Bubba called the emailer a smartass. Another
emailer said they have cp, Bubba said he’d like to meet him. Another
emailer said they googled Melvin Richards, he is a sex offender.
Another emailer asked if they can go on the site to register the
12 Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba said yes. Another emailer said the
secret is out on the trucks. Another emailer said he was Snow White,
bubba called the emailer a jackass. Another emailer said they couldn’t
get on the chat last night; Bubba thinks Manson will be so high.
Another emailer said the live chat was great, Bubba thanked him for
that. Another emailer said it was great looking at the screen. Ted in
Michigan said he was listening to Howard, he said Howard thinks he’s
uglier than Bubba. Ted went on to say that Howard discussed Bubba’s
Sirius rant, he said Bubba brought it, Bubba said the show is like a
train on the tracks. Ted said he’s glad he has Satellite radio, he
said he doesn’t like Bob and tom, bubba said Bob and Tom are horrible.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – 12 Boobs Of Christmas® promos, 911 call

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “White Trash Baby”. Bubba
thinks Ned is rapping the listeners with his iPod, Ned thinks it
deserves it. Bubba said he hasn’t seen the weekly numbers, Ned thinks
they’re losing traction. Bubba said Kevin Vargas came up with a
jingle, we heard the clip a short time later, Bubba thinks Kevin has
swagger. We then heard the Jacksonville promo, Bubba wonders why they
needed to change it, he wonders where the girl singing is, he likes
the girl in the promo describing the contest, Ned thinks Santa sounds
like a tool, Spice as Santa wondered why he sounds like a queer. We
then heard a 911 call where a woman got her teeth knocked out and then
set on fire, bubba thinks four kids in two years doesn’t make sense.
The guys thinks it’s a boopity situation, Bubba likes how the operator
gets a little uptight, he said he can’t hear anything, Bubba thinks it
sounds like a Saturday night at Ned’s, we then heard “the Boopity
song” under the clip. Spice mocked the woman in the call, Bubba was
laughing his ass off at it, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tyler’s football picks, legal advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Perfect circle” as bumper music.
Bubba said Kevin is now, Spice thinks he should walk into the court
room with this. Bubba thinks Kevin should have a hype man, Spice did
it, Bubba fired the song up again, we then heard Kevin’s bumper, Kevin
said he likes it. We then heard Tyler’s bumper as he called him.

Ravens at Bangles – Bangles
Dolphins at Pats – Pats
Chiefs at Jacksonville – Jacksonville
Packers at Bucs – Packers
Skins at falcons – falcons
Arizona at bares – Bares
Detroit at Seattle – Seattle
Titans at San fran – San Fran
Giants at chargers – Chargers
Dallas at Philly – Dallas
Pittsburg at Denver – Pittsburg

Kevin said he’s got an open morning today, Ned thinks Kevin’s wife is
banging the tennis instructor. Spice said he’s played Kevin in tennis,
Bubba thinks they’re gay. Tanya in Seabring said she has a felony,
Bubba wonders how she can have one for sounding so nice. Kevin said
you can’t be compelled to make comments against your wife. Tanya said
her daughter accused her husband of stuff, Bubba said she can’t just
gloss over that kind of stuff. Tanya said her daughter is 16, this was
about three years ago, she said that it never happened, Bubba wonders
why she’s a felon, she said he was convicted, but it was appealed and
overturned for lack of evidence. The guys do southern voices saying
that she loves the guy, Bubba still wonders why she’s a felon, she
said it was when her daughter didn’t get what she wanted; she was
accused of intimidation of a witness. Kevin said different states will
charge you with different stuff, he explained intimidating a witness,
he said it happens in domestic violence cases, he said if you have
pled guilty, you can’t have it sealed or expunged. Spice asked if
Tanya and her daughter have a good relationship, Tanya said she’s not
allowed to talk to her, as she’s in foster care, Bubba told her she’s
waisting time. Roger on protection said he was on duty; he followed a
guy who smashed his windows, the guy told Manson to hold on for his
John Wayne impersonation. Kevin said the guy could bring a civil
charge against someone. Bubba read an email about someone who was
injured in an accident, Kevin said everyone who operates a motor
vehicle should stay a reasonable distance away from the other car, he
said careless driving is an issue. Ned likes how Kevin said coon, the
guys cracked up at this. Another emailer said they’re going to court
for a dui, Kevin said you could get a hardship license. Mike in
Orlando said his wife was doing 58 on a 60, he was clocked going 78,
he said he’s going to fight it. The guy asked about moving radar,
Kevin explained it. Spice said one of the thinks he’s heard his that
your speedometer is messed up, bubba yelled shop as Gene Lasker; Spice
had no idea what he was saying. Ken in Tampa said he took a concealed
weapons course; something appeared on his record, he said they can’t
find any information on the town where this happened; he said the
state of Florida won’t give him a weapon. Kevin suggested the guy get
an order clarifying his innocents; he said the state of Florida won’t
take action until they find something out. Bubba thinks Kevin pays by
the hour, which is why he talks so much. Bubba went to Scotty the
body; Scotty thinks Pantera is brutal on the phones. Bubba said he
would love to have Kevin work on a pardon for Scotty. Bubba wonders
what pardons are for, Kevin explained them. Bubba wonders why Scotty
should get a pardon, Scotty said tomorrow would be twelve years out.
Kevin said Scotty may have had some drug problems back in the day, but
if he’s reformed, he could get a pardon. Bubba thinks Scotty is worthy
of a pardon. Another emailer said his friend was arrested for armed
robbery, Kevin said they could straighten it out. Bobby in Lakeland
said he was recently arrested with domestic battery, he said he went
into his father-in-law’s house, the guy was looking to fight him, he
got into an argument and spat in his step daughter’s face, we then
heard “dueling Der Ders” under the caller. Kevin said the guy will
more than likely get an increased sentence, he thinks burglary will be
overlooked. Bubba asked that Bobby not spit in Kevin’s face. Bubba
thanked him for coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – JD Calaway calls in, news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 boobs of
Christmas®. Spice thinks he’s at Olive Garden, Bubba thinks Spice is
raping Ned’s iPod. Bubba said the guy who was supposed to call isn’t
on yet. Bubba likes a guy named JD Calaway, he said he intimidates
him. JD said he’s a civil of public information, he said he’s pretty
big time, he said his responsibilities are to never lie. Spice doesn’t
know what the title means, Bubba said he can call the cops. Spice
asked about some wildlife guys, JD said they’re powerful, he thinks
they’re getting away from the conversation. JD said Bubba has one of
the best stations, he said the service will happen at around 3 this
afternoon, he asked people to come out to Channel side drive or State
road 60 in Brandon. Bubba said he really likes the motor cycle guys,
JD said they’ll be leading the service. Bubba asked about the cop who
got jumped, JD said he’s doing okay. Bubba likes how one cop
supermanned another guy, JD said they’ve got fifteen minutes of fame.
Bubba thanked JD for coming on, he said the funeral is this Saturday
at 10”00 am. Bubba said he’d much rather have troops alive on our soil
rather than dead. Sean in Canada was looking for some advice on what
to do with a car, Bubba said he puts a k and N on it, he then goes to
jet Performance, he also plugged Bubba thinks
they’re based out of California, as it takes a few days to get there.
Bubba said Lund makes really good deflectors. Bubba said he didn’t
know towns had things called ‘The Hottest bachelor”, he thinks you
have to be real hot. We then heard a news clip about a guy who got
arrested for a Halloween prank, Bubba thinks Spice is the hottest
bachelor, he said he wouldn’t want that term, he thinks it’s for tools
and douchebags. Bubba thinks the name is no good, Spice thinks that’s
what makes him a douchebags. Ned thinks the guy isn’t a problem for
pulling the fire alarm, while dressed as Pamela Anderson. Bubba
wonders how they’re hurting for news when this is a top story. The
guys goof on the name of the club, Spice is shocked the guy looks like
the way he does, Bubba thinks it’s a poor man’s Perez Hilton, Spice
hopes he has a good job. Bubba said if his daughter came up with
something like that, he’d commit a double murder. We then heard a news
clip about an animal foundation killing dogs when people aren’t
paying, Brent said they can’t do that. Bubba thinks they should kill
the guy for being a dildo. We then heard “the Boopity song” under the
clip; Brent thinks it’s a shakedown. Spice wonders if the guy knows
someone who has money, Bubba said sometimes people don’t even have
that, he thinks Jessey Jackson and Al Sharpton will be on the case.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – CP Trav calls in, Danny Lasoski

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into “Rico
Suave” as bumper music. Bubba thinks the people in Miami are happy.
Bubba told the guys not to ding or gong him, he told the guys they
could leave if they’d like, Spice said he’s interested. Bubba went to
CP Trav, Trav asked the guys how they are, Bubba said he’s been
missing for a year or so, Spice wonders if this is Phil Campbell,
Bubba said Trav is a guy with a sharp brain, Trav said he’d like to
talk about the principal who got him in a normal school, the guy died.
The guys have a hard time understanding the name of the guy, bubba
figured out it was Jerry Heartrig, Bubba said he wishes he would call
more often. Bubba asked him if he knows Dan Atwell, Trav said he
doesn’t know who that is. Spice thinks Trav said bubba is fat, Bubba
wonders why he turned on him, Bubba said that at least he can lose
weight, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later, Spice thinks he got
outworked. Bubba said for those who follow sprint car racing will like
this, there’s a new sprint car racing event in 2010, ran by Tony
Stewart, he said that the king violates the series; Spice wonders how
they can do that in the bad economy. Bubba called Danny Lasoski; Bubba
told him they were live on the air. Bubba asked him about the new
venture; Danny said Bubba has it right. Bubba asked about Knoxville,
Danny said it’s a great place. Spice wonders how many magic beans does
it take to start up a race team, Bubba asked Spice and Manson to leave
the studio for being jackasses. Bubba thinks they should have an open
tire rule, Danny said you never know what will happen. Bubba said good
years always blister for some reason. Bubba asked him if he’s a free
agent, Danny said yes. Danny thinks the world of outlaws won’t let
Tony make an announcement on other shows. Bubba said he thinks he’s
the first person to report it, Danny said this good stuff. Bubba
thinks all you’d need would be a few tracks; he thinks they should
sprinkle in some one-offs. Bubba thinks Tara Hote would never switch
to Good year. Bubba said he can’t believe Knoxville sold their soul to
the devil, Danny said the one-eyed flagman their penalizes him
periodically. Bubba asked about Brian Brown, bubba said heather sent
him a wedding gift. Bubba asked about Danny getting wrecked, Danny
said it was driver error, he drove over a big tire. Bubba asked him if
he’d ever run a four ten non winger, Danny sad yes. Bubba wants to
race against Selzy. Bubba thinks Danny can’t run world of outlaws and
the new venture, Danny said he needs to make sure he has a car to
drive; Bubba thinks Danny should settle down a little. Bubba said
behind every failure is a bitch, bubba let him go a short time later,
he thinks
Spice is a pussy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tom the Treeman comes in, Gen from the Genitortures visits the brn

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba Wonka”. Bubba
asked for Tom the Treeman to come in, he said he’s been told by Dave
that he’s got to run this segment long. Spice said Gen has a big bag
of tricks with her; he thinks Bubba had her confused with someone
else. Bubba likes how she’s the boss, and is easy on the eyes. Bubba
brought Tom in, Tom said he was thinking about quitting, he said he
took the test for a deputy, he said he doesn’t want to do that kind of
stuff anymore. Bubba thinks it’s a problem, he thinks Tom’s thoughts
are stupid. Spice asked him about being friends with other radio
shows, Tom said it was on his Facebook, Bubba wonders why he did that,
Tom said he doesn’t’ pay attention. Bubba asked Tom if he started
hanging out with Tim the Treeman, Tom said it would be disrespectful,
Bubba wonders if tom wants to be MJ’s stunt man. Bubba told Tom he
never should’ve resigned from his previous job, Tom said it gives him
some money, Tom said they followed him for eighteen miles; he said he
got injured on the job for two weeks. Bubba thinks Tom’s job screwed
him over, tom denied picking up whores, he said he took the easy way
out. Bubba said they have more attorneys than anything, bubba and
Spice recreated a situation with Spice as Tom, and Bubba as a lawyer,
Tom said it wasn’t that far off, Bubba said he likes Spice as the
Treeman better than the real guy. Bubba recapped the situation where
Tom got fired, as the result of abusing Bubba’s insurance for a device
to help him pee. Tom explained it, it makes him pee better, Bubba said
he has problems with his urine, he doesn’t need a device like that,
Spice thinks it’ll end up costing him more money. Bubba wonders if Tom
is retarded, he then proposes a Tom the Treeman IQ test; he thinks
Retard Tommy is smarter than the Treeman, Spice as Tommy said he
doesn’t want the machine. Bubba said Tom is a great worker, Spice said
it’s the stuff that comes along with it, tom agreed to the IQ test.
Bubba read in 2011, the Genitortures will be celebrating twenty-five
years. Bubba likes how Gen can kick your ass, sing good music, and
look really good. Bubba asked Gen if she wants kids, Gen said her
songs are her kids, Spice said she’s got two different personalities,
bubba thinks her mask scares him, Bubba said he’s glad he doesn’t work
for her. Bubba asked her how she got into this lifestyle, Gen said she
was really into music while in college, she said she came up with the
name, she said she found a card that said “Know your hot hanky
colors”, she said the purple was genitorture. Gen said she’ll try
anything, Gen said all the world is a stage; she said they live the
life style. Spice asked her how normal sex is, she said it is. Spice
asked her about her pre med career, Gen said the music started when
she got her degree. Bubba said all you have to do is get the word out
for a Genitorture show, Gen said the new album is on her label. Spice
wonders if they make a lot of money, Gen sad they now control their
own catalog. Gen said they built a studio, she said the mixing is left
up to professionals. Spice asked her who she’s good friends with; Gen
said she likes Tommy Lee. We then heard “falling Stars” from the new
album. Bubba and Spice liked the song, he said you’re going to see
some crazy ass stuff, Spice said he can’t talk about what she did to
him. Bubba said he wouldn’t want to be pulled on stage during a show.
Gen explained how they do their shows, she said they write concept
albums, Spice said it’s like watching Saw on stage, Bubba said he had
a hard time following her; he was busy looking at her boobs. Spice
wonders if the girl behind her is hurt from a show, Gen said yes. Gen
said they’re going to sew tom’s mouth shut, Gen showed the needles,
Bubba said he understands why Tom requested to leave the show, he
wonders if tom should even be doing it. Spice suggested they give Tom
some ipecac and sew it shut, Bubba said he’d die if that happened. Gen
had tom open his mouth, she did one lip, he freaked out. she did the
next one, he freaked out again, the guys were laughing their asses
off, Gen said she’ll take it out, she said it’s brutal. Gen said it’s
not that bad, Spice said the girl in the facemask is calling tom a
pussy. Tom said it hurts, Gen said he’s getting off easy. Spice thinks
it’s a bit of blood. Gen said she has big needles, Bubba wants to have
her paddle him with his pants off, Gen said they also have whips,
bubba said that stuff is yesterday’s news, he thinks she should just
go with the big whip. Gen said she really likes the Ritz; Bubba is
still freaked out by the girl in the mask. Gen had Tom bend over and
hold on to the chair, she whacked him a few times, Bubba likes her
technique. The guys are freaked out by some stuff flying; Spice thinks
its old skin. Bubba asked if anyone will take a crack at it, Bubba
asked her to give a woodchop, which she did. Bubba asked her to really
bring it, Tom said it doesn’t matter what the safe word if, he wonders
why they find it so funny to mess with a human being. Bubba asked
Spice to hit tom, Spice thinks his technique wouldn’t be all that
great. Bubba asked Spice to bring it like a tennis shot, which he did;
Bubba told Spice if he didn’t bring it, he’d really get it. Spice hit
him again, Bubba was laughing his ass off, Spice was apologizing.
Bubba wondered if the face mask girl can talk, the face mask girl
asked Tom if he’s okay. Bubba asked her what she does; Gen said she’s
her alter-ego on stage. Bubba thanked Gen for coming in, the website
is Bubba plugged the Jacksonville gold club
appearance this Saturday. Bubba went to BJ; he said it was solid gold
stuff. BJ said he saw Hogan in an interview, he said he thought Vince
everything he knows about wrestling, he said he heard that Shane
McMahon is running the franchise, bubba thinks it won’t happen. Spice
said he’s excited about the Jacksonville appearance, Brent said
they’ve got a Visa card deal going on. Bubba plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show next week; Brent said he wants to get
twenty-five in the mix. Bubba plugged the service for today, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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