Thursday, November 04, 2010

November 4th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recap today provided by Blind Lawrence and bumper music for today provided by Brent Hatley.

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

Bubba came on saying the music was provided by Brent, he said he
always thinks of Ned when he hears “Night Prowler”, ed said he has a
wine bottle in his back pocket, he thinks Bon Scott sounds rough in
the song, Bubba thinks it’s Ned’s song, Ned said he loves this stuff.
Bubba went over some sports scores, he said Chris Dingman will be on
today, he said he got a chance to talk with Kevin Vargas, he said
Kevin’s wife is originally from Dayton, he talked about a place that
offers the world’s greatest milkshake, he then asked for Ray, he then
scrapped it, he said that yesterday he got jacked up on Nyquil, he
said he has a bit of a sore throat, but it’s not noticeable, Manson
thinks Bubba has no immune system, he thinks the big one will take the
guys, Bubba thinks he’ll go from a heart attack, or a gun to the side
of the head. Mark in Dayton said it’s a place called “Young’s Jersey
Dairy”, Bubba doesn’t know what Kevin is telling him with that, he
then asked the guy how big diamonds is, the guy said about 150-200
people, Bubba thinks they’ll pack the place out, he then said he’s a
little down, he thinks they’ve lost everyone when it comes to
Politics, Spice said that he tries to steer clear of that stuff, Bubba
said he’s so passionate, he said if you don’t get it, you can leave,
he then said he has to get out fairly early, as he needs to sign some
papers in regards to his death. Ned wonders why Bubba is even doing
that, Bubba asked the guys if they’ve ever gotten an inheritance,
Manson and Brent said no. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Political discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said for those who live in Tampa, Jim’s Harley Davidson has a toy
drive going on, he then told Spice he could put him on one, he then
said ned is drying up, Ned said he’s concrete, he thinks he’d die on
the way there, he thinks he should just sit on his trike while it’s on
the flat bed. Bubba then went on to say that they did the FourLoko
experiment on Friday, Spice told him it was Monday, Bubba said he’s
getting old, he then sad that FourLoko is made by Fusion, not Anhyser
Bush. Johnny asked Bubba if he’s feeling better, he said yesterday’s
show was awesome; Bubba said people were disturbed over his treatment
of Roland. Johnny said that he heard Howard’s show, he thinks bubba’s
show was better, Bubba told him that he hates it whenever people
compare his show to Howard’s show, he said they’re on the same team,
he then said Mel has an earnings call today, he thinks Mel will have
something with Howard, he said they’d like to come back to Sirius, but
they need to get Howard’s deal done first, he thinks maybe Sirius has
joined SN, he said that people have been throwing the fact that he
voted for Obama right back in his face, he thinks it wouldn’t be any
different than what we have now, Manson thinks everything will get
worse as time goes on. Bubba thinks maybe this is where we should be,
he thinks we’re like white trash with a credit card, Manson said when
homeless people have cell phones, something is wrong, Spice thinks
obama got him with the word change, he said the pendulum is swinging
back and forth, he said he’s ready to get on the Tea Party movement.
Bubba said he wants a Political party to keep God out of it, he
suggests we just talk about the money situation. Spice said that he
watched the opening to Glen Beck’s show yesterday, he wrote that
Government doesn’t create jobs, Brent said every politician says
they’ll make jobs, Ned asked about the Bulls. Bubba said he’s gotten
more hate mail than anything lately, he said the ratings in Orlando
should be a sign. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Religion discussions

Bubba came on saying that Miller and Al-kida are working on Bubbaween,
he thinks you could make that a part of Bubba Raw Volume 5, he then
said that Dave from Back 9 BBQ, he said that all Florida based
Albertsons will be selling it, he then said they’re not successful
until Publix has stepped in, he then said the two free agents have
been picked up, Brent thinks it’s bad for both of them, Manson thinks
Moss will be bad for the Titans. Bubba said that the Giants are making
Aubry their number one priority, Spice said Aubry pulled the thong out
of his pants. We then heard a clip of Aubry talking about San
Francisco’s victory, Ned thinks he’s drunk. Spice explained Aubry’s
Zoo Lander reference, Bubba likes how the crowd popped for that.
Donnie said he was listening earlier, he said a lot of the listeners
are Christians, he said that whenever Bubba talks about taking God out
of everything, it effects the listeners who worship him, Manson
wondered why the guy wants God in Government, he said he tries to keep
it right down the line. Donnie asked about a kid being brought up in a
Church, would the kid be a better person than living with an atheist,
Bubba thinks it’s used as a tool, Manson said that his kids were
raised without Religion. The guy got the Evil treatment for talking on
and on, Bubba said he really hates that, he wonders if there’s
something wrong with the phone system, or does he just needs to get a
better one, Spice said cell phones aren’t helping either. Bubba said
that all too often, Political parties etch back to Religion, he said
Religion is why we have wars, he said what if Religion is such a
thing, he said millions of people have been killed under Religion, he
thinks the more common sense you are, the more people think of him as
a dick, he thinks Religion is a crap shoot, he said he needs better
than 5050 odds to kill someone, he said he doesn’t know where he’s
going with the topic, he thinks he’s spun himself in a circle, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said they’re a few minutes away from Kevin Hayslett,
he said he’s been specializing in expungement lately, he then said he
went to Florida Shed for “Bubba Saw 2”, he said they do some great
stuff, Spice said he’s never been there, Bubba thinks it’s the last
place he’d take Ned, Ned said he needs a shed, Bubba thinks it’s, he then wonders who should be in it, Spice said
Lasker is into it. The first email of the day thinks bubba is
delusional, the emailer asked for bubba to just die. Another emailer
was about the Ronald McDonald House; Brent said he’ll look at it.
Another emailer suggested Bubba kill some puppies and kittens, the
emailer didn’t like what Bubba did to the Veteran. Another email was
from the guy who won the baddest dude contest, the emailer thanked
Bubba for the prize. Another emailer said since 2006, 1,000 soldiers
have committed suicide. Another emailer said they’re done with the
show, Bubba said on the other end of the call, Roland got drunk and
peed on some people, he said the guy visited the wing House with a
scrap book, he then said someone emailed him who was in Vietnam, most
people are fakers about it, Ned said that some people can take it, yet
some people can’t. Bubba apologized if the segment offended anyone.
Donnie came on apologizing for talking over bubba, Bubba said he’s not
trying to be a dick, but they couldn’t have a conversation, Donnie
said he couldn’t hear him, bubba said he tries to keep Religion out of
it, he said he’s guilty of taking over conversations. Chris in Tampa
said he’s very educated on Religion, he said you have Christians who
stand outside abortion clinics, he doesn’t get how Adam and Eve ate a
fruit, and 7,000 years later, we have cancer, the guy said you can’t
pick a God, Bubba told him not to listen to the show, as he gets it,
he thinks he’s too smart for the whole thing. Ed in Miami said God is
the cause of wars, Bubba said we’re now doing Christian bashing; he
thinks they should just move on. Brian in Lakeland said whenever Bubba
talks about taking God out of Politics, bubba told the guy to move on.
Shannon in Indiana said that Sunny Lane has a show on Sirius; he
called her and asked if she had sex with Spice, as she’s from Tampa,
Spice thinks he doesn’t remember having sex with her. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( We then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper.
Bubba asked him how many videos he has, Kevin said he hasn’t done
videos in about four to five months, he said he has his own studio,
Ned thinks Kevin is a mark for himself, Spice thinks the only thing
Kevin is missing is a cigar, Kevin said he likes the black and white
ones. Bill in Orlando said is kid was arrested for shoplifting a pair
of sunglasses from Sears, while he was in prison, he was provided with
a drug test. Kevin said its pre trial intervention, since he failed
the drug test, the charges were put back on, he said the kid messed up
a good thing. Bill said he’s not looking to hire a lawyer over $26 of
sunglasses, he thinks the kid should just plead guilty, Kevin said
small charges can affect you, places like McDonalds or Home Depot
won’t take you if you’ve been convicted. Robby in Charleston said his
daughter was arrested for taking someone to a pawn shop with a stolen
ring, she denied knowing anything about it, Spice told him this wasn’t
a therapy session. Kevin said if they haven’t charged her, try not to
get them filed, he said if you can intervene in getting charges
cleaned on a loved one, do it. Kaitlin came on, she said she was skate
boarding, she was smoking K2 with a friend while there, she went to
another parking lot to see if the cop was there, the cop searched them
both, she said she can’t smoke weed anymore, as she has a disease from
it, Spice crack3ed up at the name. Kevin said it’s possession of
paraphernalia, he said it’s the two pronged test; he said he can’t
give consent for an officer to search a bag. Spice thinks she’s not
that mature for her age, Kaitlin said she’s in College, Bubba thinks
that’s not the case, as she’s only 16, she said she’s in a step
program, Kevin said she’s fine. Bubba said Jabberjaw sent him a clip
of Kevin Hayslett, we then heard a clip of Kevin talking about a DUI,
Spice thinks he’s heard the background music before, he then figured
it out, he thinks it’s the same music from the trailer commercial,
Kevin said he’s never seen it, Ned said Kevin never listens to the
show. We then heard the Mobil homes commercial, Kevin was cracking up
at the commercial. Matt in Charleston said it’s great to have Bubba in
town, the guy said his son was at a county fare, he missed his ride,
he asked a cop if he could use a phone, the cop told him to get off
the property, the kid was arrested for getting verbally assaulted, as
the kid called the cop gay, Bubba thinks this could be a huge problem.
Kevin said in every state, those statements are protected by the First
Amendment; he said the case will be dismissed on that, he said cops
are frustrated when stuff like this happens, he said the guy needs to
get the criminal case resolved first, then go to other avenues. Bubba
took a call from a woman who said someone she knows has gotten pulled
over for speeding, a K9 dog sniffed his car, the guy had a bag of
Meth, she wondered if there’s propopal cause. Kevin said if you get
pulled over, the cops can bring a dog. Spice said they had something
like that happen to him, he was pulled over for speeding, the way it
was worded confused him, Kevin said he has a video about that, Spice
said they use a lot of psychology, he asked if the cops have searched
and found nothing, Kevin said the dogs he’s seen are doing great
stuff. We then heard a clip of Kevin talking about the secrets of
police searches, Ned thinks it sounds like U2 in the background, Spice
thinks it’s wordy, Ned told him it was long. Kevin said he’s had a
relative tell him not to except a search, Spice said he had porn in
his car, Ned thinks Spice was all scat porn. Bubba thinks they should
just play Kevin’s youtube videos, Kevin said if you’ve agreed to the
search; it’ll be about 30-45 minutes. Fred on protection said his wife
got arrested for Crack, the charges got reduced. The second time she
got busted for possession of a crack pipe, he asked how the courts are
still letting her keep the kids. Kevin said she’s been convicted of
possession of paraphernalia, he asked if the guy has gone to family
law, Fred said he’s done that, but he gets pushed back. rick said
about a month ago, a woman gave him the green light to take a truck,
he accidently hit a dog, in the process, a mirror was hit, he was
arrested for Grand theft Auto. “Dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show
classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background; Kevin said
he’s trying to write down all this stuff, he said the guy can’t be
charged. Bubba joked that if you get in trouble, you can watch Kevin’s
videos. Kevin said that Devon James has been served, Bubba thinks she
won’t respond. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Spice being a Randy Moss mark? Hulk Hogan Calls in, Chris
Dingman Calls in

Bubba came on saying Kevin brought in Yayas, we then heard Ned’s
“Rubio Killed the Radio Star”. Bubba said that he’s working on
something, that will make Brett Farve’s penis picture look like
nothing, although he can’t get into it, Spice said it turns out he’s
just another scumbag. Bill in Tampa said he asked Bubba if he’d hire
him back for the Bubba Army, Bubba wondered why he’d call up and say
what he said, he said he’s guilty of being loyal,
Bill said he just had a bad moment. Bubba said they normally don’ do
safe radio, he then got distracted with Aubry Huff on TV, Manson
thinks they should water it down and cash it in, Spice thinks that
they could all be douchebags. Jim thinks Rubio and Rick Scott were on
to something by not coming on the show. We then heard a clip of Brad
Childers talking about Randy Moss, Bubba wishes he would’ve answered
the question, Spice said in football, they don’ question the word
“distraction”, Ned thinks Spice is a programmatic non fit, Bubba
thinks Spice is being a dick by sticking up for Moss, Manson thinks if
that’s the case, it’s a dick move, Spice said no one will step up and
say anything, he then said if they were in the kitchen, and Bubba
wasn’t impressed with Yayas, it wouldn’t be considered to be an issue.
We then heard a clip of Farve talking about Moss, Bubba thinks he’s
clinging for life with this one. Randy in Ohio said he called about
three or four weeks ago, he apologized for commenting on Bubba eating
chicken dip while on the air. Bubba thinks it’s redemption day, he
then said if Spice said something like that about someone busting his
ass, there’s no way to make that funny, he thinks the guy should’ve
bought his own food if he didn’t like it. Hulk Hogan came on, saying
he didn’t pull his penis out in a video, Spice thinks Hogan should get
in front of it, Bubba said they put a black box over it, Hogan said
he’ll get on it. Spice remembers when Hogan got heat over the lotion
on Brooke’s back, Bubba then read the article about Hogan flashing a
camera. We then heard Chris Dingmans’ bumper, Chris came on asking why
spice is defending Moss, Bubba thinks Spice should keep his mouth shut
on this, Manson said he’d like to know the whole story. Alana in Ft.
Meyers said she was listening to Krock, Stan and Haney talked about
the incident with the caterer, he confirmed what was said. Bubba went
back to Chris, he asked him about the game, Chris said we got a point,
he said we play against LA tonight; he said they’re first in the West.
Bubba asked who was in goal last night, Chris said Ellis, he then
recapped how it happened, Bubba likes how Stamcose is doing a great
job, he then asked how good the leafs are, Chris said they haven’t won
a cup in 50 years. Bubba said he can’t even talk about what he has on
Farve, he said if it pans out, it would make the penis story look like
nothing, he likes how you never hear about a hockey player getting
analyzed, he then asked the number one hockey town, Chris said
Montreal. Bubba wondered who the original six were, he thinks the TV
lights and the hits to the head has messed him up, he then asked how
many cups Anderchuck won, Chris said just one. Spice said he thinks of
them as back to back champions because of the lockout, Chris said they
would’ve had a chance to repeat it. Tommy in Jacksonville said Spice
just talks crap all day, he wonders who Spice is. Corey said everyone
knows Randy is a dick, so this is expected. Tim in Ft. Meyers said he
was listening to the show yesterday, he said the same thing Alana had
said, Spice said it’s all good for the caterer, Bubba said he’s not
going to talk about it. Jamey wonders why Spice is defending the guy;
Spice said he’s not defending him on being a dick. Bubba thinks this
could be bad for Hogan’s reputation; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Lisa Lampanelli Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba came back goofing on rent’s Kiss selection, he thinks
it’s a gay reference, he then said Lisa Lampanelli should be on
shortly. Rob in Dayton said he agrees with Spice on the Randy Moss
issue, Bubba hung up on him a few seconds later. Lisa Lampanelli came
on, she said her wetback publicist didn’t notify her, she thinks she
can’t fire her, she said if you can’t get on the shows, it would be
over, she said Jimmy is losing weight, she’s lost only 3 pounds. Spice
likes how she has people asking for her picture, Lisa said TMZ is the
only person who stalks her, she then said the show is tomorrow night
at the Maxwell King Center in Mellborn, on Saturday; she’ll be at the
Phillmore in Ft. Meyers. Spice said it’s funny to see that gays by
front row seats to the show. Bubba asked about Andy dick, Lisa said
Andy is really a freak, she then said Perez Hilton bashed her set,
bubba said the problem is we’ve made this guy a lot of money, Lisa
thinks he’d be in an allie. Bubba then congratulated Lisa on her
wedding, Lisa said Bubba sent her $750, she likes how she has American
Express cards, she said the wedding went well. Spice wonders how much
it costed, Lisa said $305,000, she said her Jewish Florist dropped the
price when she ragged on him on Howard’s show, she then said that she
was banned from a theatre, she said an usher had silenced her, she
said that she loves the C word, she then she adopted a puppy, she was
with the dog on a plane, the dog barked a little, a guy told her she
should’ve left the dog at home, she came back by telling him to go F
his mother. Spice said bubba got the fourth most controversial tweet,
Lisa then said she got into a Tweet war with Nick Cannon about
pregnancy. Bubba asked about Chelsea Handler, Lisa said she loves her,
Bubba said he took the high road; he thinks Chelsea didn’t like him.
Lisa thinks Bubba will be back in some capacity; Bubba said he’s not
sure about that, Lisa said Bubba was the only well known person she
invited, she said that she had to invite Paul from Paul and Young Ron,
she said that she got a sad email from him. Bubba asked who sent the
more expensive gift; Lisa said he sent a great gift in cash, while
Paul sent a nice gift from Tiffany’s, she said she has an ice bucket,
Bubba thinks she’s just making that up, he thinks she’s so well
calculated it’s pathetic, Spice likes how she’s defending his gift,
Ned thinks this is a fag show. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Lisa Lampanelli recall, Hulk Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that Lisa Lampanelli called back in, he thinks they’re better
than the other show she was just on, Lisa said she couldn’t wait to
get off the phone with those guys, she said at least Paul isn’t on
Sirius, she then asked why Bubba is feuding with Paul, Bubba said he
wouldn’t hire a producer who touches boys, Ned then asked that if she
gets beads from Ron, don’t touch them. Bubba said that he’s waiting
for Hogan to call in, we then heard one of Hogan’s bumpers, Bubba then
said that he dropped off, he then called him up, only to get
voicemail, Manson thinks someone bitched him out. Bubba then called
Hogan again, Hogan said the call won’t go through when he calls back,
Bubba said Hogan must be listening to the delay. Hogan said he talked
to the guy who worked on it, he said that it was edited, there was
nothing on it, Bubba said they need a clean copy of it, he then said
he was watching a show about girls who were dumped by famous guys, he
said Linda lied about meeting him, he then asked about tires for his
charger, he then hung up, this had the guys laughing there asses off.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Big Al

    When will we hear what Bubba has on B. Farve. Missed the last part of Thursday’s show.

  2. frank

    I am on a site called and they have posted the video with the JUNK from Hulk. When do you think you will have the REAL video up so this myth can be debunked?

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