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Top Stories:
Surveillance released of Brickell rapist
Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Hits Orlando Again
Father accused of ‘branding’ his children with iron
People Having Sex In Cemetery, W. Palm Beach Residents Say
Another black eye for Phila. police
Tampa is GOP’s 2012 pick
Devi Silvia Hurled Baby Into Hudson River: Police
Student: Suspected impostor ‘played the part good’

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “Life In The Fast Lane” as bumper music.
Bubba said the timing was a little off, he went on to say The Rays
mean business, we then heard a clip from the game, where they won 4-3,
he said they’ll be having the Wonka winners in a box at the game, Ned
said he has to practice, he then booed. Spice said he remembers Ned’s
first pitch (June 20, 2008), Ned suggests Bubba try it when he’s 72,
he thinks Bubba won’t make it that far, Brent said that Ned did better
than Bababbooey. Bubba went over some sports scores, he said Dan
Aykroyd will be on the show today, he then plugged who will be on next
week, he then said Spice hasn’t Tweeted much, Spice said he’s thought
about it, but doesn’t do it for some reason, Bubba said that he can’t
read all the emails he got over Bubba’s man rock, he said that kept
him on the phone for an hour with Cox,. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Show classics Vol. 14, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba said the music was provided by the Ferret, he said
either you’re a pussy, or you’re a stud if you like Michael McDonald,
he thinks Rob Kahn could listen to this stuff. Matt in Orange County
said he’s fired up about going, he said he can’t wait to see the guys,
Bubba recapped for him what they’ve got going on, Matt said he’s
pulling an all-nighter, he said his favorite slot in Vegas is “wheel
Of Fortune”, Spice told him he’ll be about fifteen minutes away from
the Hard rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa. The new album is up on
iTunes, “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 14”.

1. 100 Boys
2. Big Fat Bubba Blows
3. Bubba Saw
4. Bubba’s TNA Performance
5. I Stroke Two Deaf Boys
6. Can’t Stop Their Breedin’
7. Jane And Doug Clem Song
8. Fing Deaf Boys
9. Mick Foley’s Gonna Knock You Out
10. Muslim Head Scarf Call
11. My Pit Bull Ate Him While I Sleep
12. Punch Him (Mick Foley Song)
13. Pit Bulls Are Crazed
14. Sponge Bob Interview
15. Thank God I’m An Altar Boy
16. Tramp Stamp (Live)
17. The Tree Man Can
18. Chicken Dip And Prayer Filibuster
19. Clem’s Creek (BRN Doctors)

Bubba said Ned is almost always two for two, Ned laughed at Manson for
only getting Silver. Bubba then went over some birthdays; he said
Stevie Wonder has won more Grammies than any male artist. The first
email of the day said they would’ve had to spend about $200 for the
kind of music Bubba likes, Bubba said it was thrown in his face that
it’s not manly to play Nickelback and Green Day in the same block.
Another emailer said that they were listening to a show, the guy said
pussyfication of America. Another emailer said they originally didn’t
like the bubba’s man rock idea, but they ended up liking it. Another
emailer said they should post the Bubba’s man Rock playlist up on the
site. Another emailer said they’re hooked on the show. Another emailer
said they’re the new tom the Treeman. The last email of the day raked
Bubba over the coals, he thinks the emailer isn’t being very Christian
like, he thinks the emailer is a fag, he asked when he talks bad about
Warsaw, he said he’d like to have a lake Home there, Manson thinks the
guy just wrote to hear his email on the air. Bubba said the emailer
left his phone number; Ned thinks the guy is a mark. Jim said the
music was pretty cool, he said the music is the same thing on almost
every channel, Bubba said that’s the way everything is; Spice said he
got voicemail on the number. Wayne said the music was straight up, he
told the guys to keep up the good work, he then said he’s got some
Michael Jackson voicemails. Spice said he loves wrestling, but he’s
not that hooked on it. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Michael Jackson voicemails, Tea Party discussions, TNA Tough Guys

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing
Incorporated Hat. Bubba said Tony Stewart ran some open wheel
modifiers, Slide ob Jones gave him some Bubba Army stickers, he thinks
they’ll start distributing tickets for Bubbapalooza in New Orleans, he
then played some voicemails of Michael Jackson, he had no idea what he
was saying. We then heard another one, Bubba stopped and started to
translate, Manson thinks it sounds like CP Trav, Bubba cracked up at
the audio. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Bubba is spinning the
Tea party a little wrong, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba
show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14 as the guy talked, the guys cracked
up at the caller’s accent, the guy said Bubba needs to open his eyes
to everything, he thinks Glenn Beck gets off his rocker every now and
again, the guy said he wishes he could smack George W. Bush, he said
all of us were asleep at the wheel.
Spice said the Tea party has good ideas, but you have Palin acting as
the spokesperson, Manson said she’s discrediting his movement, the guy
said they point things out, Spice as a redneck said White power,
Manson joined in. The guy said he would take Bubba over the Tea party,
Bubba said no to that, Manson as a redneck said he hoped they had a
big sheet to cover him. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he’s
just tuned in, it sounds like they’re bashing the Tea Party, Bubba
explained to him what just went down, he thinks no one should be
propelled in Politics just by looks, Manson said our Political system
is hopeless. The guy said the Tea party wouldn’t want Palin as their
candidates, Spice said they should drop her. Bubba said he’d take the
Tea party more seriously if they attached themselves with a serious
candidate, he said the Tea party should come out and say they were
wrong for supporting Bush, the guy said they haven’t found a candidate
yet, Bubba suggested they get rid of Palin, he said the sooner they
get rid of her, the party would be real, the guy said when she makes a
speech, he cringes, he said that if it was Palin S Obama, you’d have
someone who is stupid, and someone who will run the country into the
ground, Manson said he’d leave the country. Brent said Palin is trying
to keep church and State together, the guy said the Democrats are
doing that, Bubba said everyone wants to jump on the band wagon, he
said this stuff doesn’t take a brain surgeon, but it kind of does. The
guy said this country was founded on Religion, Bubba thinks the Tea
Party should just get rid of Palin Spice it’s a good idea, but has a
bad messenger. We then heard a clip of a guy talking about Bubba
getting fired from TNA, the guy said they took forever, Bubba said who
would’ve thought that two words would come back and bite him in the
ass, he questioned if the guy knows anything about Haiti, the guy
accused Bubba of being racist towards Haitians, the guy called Bubba a
racist pig, Manson said the guy doesn’t even know. The guy said Bubba
is a waste of space, Bubba said TNA is pathetic for firing him, Spice
said if he did this, his girlfriend would leave, he said he’d hate his
kid if they were to do that. We then heard another clip of a guy
talking about
Bubba, Bubba goofed n the guy’s voice, Manson wondered who is watching
this. Bubba said if he was the head of Spike, he’d question what the
deal was; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Callers, Bubba offers money in a rape case

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Jim in Jacksonville thinks Bubba is being a cry baby about
racism, the guy said it’s getting old, he said he bashes Palin every
day, Bubba said he’s never called her a racist, he asked to see one
black guy at a Tea Party. Brent said it’s the ones that have racist
signs, the guy said Jessey Jackson JR had two video cameras in his
hand, bubba said the problem is Tea party people like him, Jim said it
gets old hearing stuff like this, Bubba said he’s being calm on this,
he told the guy he chooses to listen to his show. Spice said a lot of
the bad apples get media coverage, he told the guy he needs to bring
it back to what it was, Manson said he needs to have a sign that is
different. Jim asked when people hung Bush in Effigy, Brent said the
issue is no one was out there saying all white people are stupid, Jim
thinks the guys slant one way, the guy was going on and on, Bubba
yelled for the guy to let him finish, he said he’s disgusted with what
Obama does at times, he said he thought Obama could take us out of the
Middle East, Spice said the guy is giant run-on sentence, the guy said
the guys do everything they accuse everyone else of doing, Bubba said
he’d like to get a little background of himself, Brent said they got
fired because of a Religious campaign, the guy said he doesn’t want to
discuss his life, he then said he’s a Hispanic male, 42 years old, he
said he voted for Ross Perot. Bubba asked him how Religious is he, the
guy said he believes in God. Bubba said when he sees signs on Fox News
of racist stuff, he ended up Eviling the guy a few seconds later,
Spice said he would’ve been done with the conversation five minutes
earlier, Bubba said that kind of caller ruins his day. Brian said the
guys aren’t racist, he said he’s disenfranchising himself with the
Republican party; he referred to Palin as a nut, saying how she’s not
helping the cause. Alex said the Tea party panders to racists; the guy
said rush Limbaugh is a fat guy. We then heard a news clip about guys
taking pole dancing, Spice said negative to that, Bubba said this is
just to get some stupid ass story, he said there’s no real men doing
pole dancing, the guys goofed on one of the guys in the clip, Spice
suggested the guy do a chin-up. Bubba said he finds the following
story disturbing, we then heard a news clip about a woman in an
elevator, she was pushed into her apartment and was raped, Bubba
thinks the cameras would up the chances of the guy getting found, he
said he’ll offer some money on it, Spice said rape is one of the worst
things that could happen to a woman. Bubba said the Crime Stoppers
have offered a reward (305-471-tips), he said he’d like to add $4,000
to the reward, he thinks it would make someone pay attention, he said
he’ll let the Crime Stoppers people be the ones that determine who
will get the money, he said it could very well happen again, he said
he wants the Community to know, he said this is a binding contract, he
said no one else cares about this story. Suzy said every guy is a
potential rapist, Spice said if you’re a woman, you always have to
have your head on a swivel. Suzy said automatically, your mind is
attacked. Jason said he met Brent at the Pagan and Potheads show, he
said there’s a bunch of hot women, he said that you can follow girls
in, Bubba said that’s why he’s stepped up, Jason said when the girls
are scared, it takes away the fun, the guys cracked up at that. they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba’s Homeless idea, rape victim calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba plugged Steve Cern’s event on May 28, he said the
Anagels Home is a great place, he then said Ms. Bacon at the Home
Owner’s Association is driving him crazy, he said the show has been
giving back, he said the area he’s planning on using is an empty lot,
he suggested some homeless guys use the area, he said they’re very pro
homeless people, he said that Mike from Mike’s Pizza has offered to
feed them twice a day. Rebecca said she can’t see Bubba as the bad
guy, she said she was raped when she was younger, Spice said a TV
station has never done anything that they’ve done, Bubba said he makes
a great living, Rebecca said that she doesn’t let her problem effect
her. Spice asked if she still has contact with the guy, Rebecca said
no, she said her Mom beat the crap out of the guy who did it, Brent
said she couldn’t be his only victim, Spice said he would kill the guy
who did that to him. Bubba said he hopes the guy screws up so she can
kill him. Rebecca said she’s married, and is expecting her first baby,
Spice said he’s hell bent on revenge. Bubba asked if there’s a statute
of limitations, Brent said it might’ve gotten removed, Rebecca said
this happened in Alabama, she said the guy is Military, Brent said
that would fall under UCMJ, Bubba said they’d like to get involved in
this case, Rebecca said she still has flashbacks of it. Bubba said it
would be really cool if they could find the guy who did this and
killed him, he said he’s in fear of what the guy is doing, he said
Jessica Simpson will be on Entourage, Ned thinks she’ll play a stupid
bitch; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – AJ the Black FTE’s music

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for a new Tom the Treeman.
Andy in Palm Metto asked if Bubba will have any bridges near the
property, Bubba said the guy could come on over. Bubba went over
Lawrence Taylor’s statement about him just masturbating near the
woman, he read that the girl said her Pimp told her to say she was 19,
Manson thinks Taylor is just Clintoning it, Spice wonders what his
wife is thinking now, Manson said she’s a moron. AJ, the Black FTE
came on, he asked where his signature music was, he said they were
going to make him an intro, Bubba thanked him for reminding him. AJ
said it’s funny how when a white guy gets called a racist, it’s
another white person doing it. Bubba said they have an intro for him,
which we then heard, AJ said he feels special, Bubba said there’s not
a lot going on, AJ said it’s better than nothing, Spice goofed on him
a little, Manson said he could see Carl in there wondering what to do,
Spice suggests they make it shorter. AJ said that a few months ago,
Bubba had the guy from the Hell’s Angels on (march 12, 2010), “the
Boopity Song” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 was heard
in the background, Manson asked if AJ could say white power, which he
did a few seconds later, this had the guys cracking up. AJ said his
MySpace page is Bubba thanked him for calling,
AJ told the guys to take it easy. Spice pulled up the page, he’s not
sure if they can play it. We then heard “Ryde”, Bubba wonders if AJ is
the only guy to go to MySpace these days, the guys cracked up at the
song, Bubba thinks it sounds like ned on protection, Spice
sarcastically said he’s a lyrical genius, the guys cracked up at the
song, we then heard AJ’s bumper. Bubba looked at AJ’s friend page, Ned
said “Holy Crap” to one of the pictures, he said he needs to get on
there, Spice said it looked like Awesome Kong. We then heard “Black
and Mild Wine”, we then heard “I Rep For the GA”, bubba said it was
the hottest track on the page, the guys cracked up at the song. We
then heard a news clip about a woman who claims her son was tricked
into getting on the show Cops, Spice did a black voice, saying he was
just trying to commit a little crime, Ned thinks the guy got busted by
a three-legged cop, Spice as a black woman said something was bad,
Bubba asked if the Mom was Twelve, he said guys like Ned would pay for
three knees, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubbapalooza
Calgary meet and greet. Bubba said Spice is working with someone with
the crime stoppers, Brent said there’s a sketch drawing of the guy on
Channel 4’s website. We then heard a news clip about two Priests who
got accused of molestation, the guys think he’s guilty based on his
voice; Spice goofed on the Priest’s voice. We then heard a news clip
about the 88 priests in Florida who have delt with child molestation,
Brent said that’s less than 50%. Bubba said the Republican National
Convention will be in Tampa in 2012, he said that they should go on
vacation the week that takes place, as someone could hear it and run
on it. Lee said the accusations are bullcrap, Manson asked him how he
knows, the guy said you don’t know, Manson said he rests his case,
Spice said everyone says they’re innocent. We then heard a news clip
about a new cap on the Oil spill, Bubba thinks that if it keeps on
going and going, where will it go? Brent said the stuff is on, Cheech said he was an Altar boy for the Priest, he said he
went on trips with him, he said nothing crazy happened. We then heard
a news clip about a woman who through her Toddler in the Hudson, Bubba
wondered what would provoke you to do such a thing, he thinks they
should kill the Mom, Spice said he wishes someone would give Richard
Mctear jailhouse justice, the guys sarcastically told people to not
stab his eyes out. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Bay-bay” from “bubba show
classics Vol. 10”, track 17. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Bon Jovey. Richard came on,
Bubba explained they’re syndicated in Miami, he told him about raising
the reward to $5,000, Richard said that sounds great, he said it’s a
beautiful area, he said they’ll add it to the reward. Spice said he
was reading an article, where some residents said they’re not too
worried about it, he said guys like this don’t do it just one time.
Joe in Orlando said if Awesome Kong was the reason for bubba’s firing,
he said he’s done watching them. Joi said she called about a week ago,
she said she was the hot vet who called in (May 4, 2010), she said she
lives near the condo where it happened, she said her condo is a little
more secure, they have clickers, she said the Condo’s newsletter
didn’t even mention it, Bubba said they should offer up a door guy,
she said she’s hot, Spice asked her for nudes, she said she’s married,
but doesn’t want any kids at the moment, she said she used to be a
hooter’s waitress, Spice goofed on her a little. Bubba said cops are
investigating an eighteen month old girl who contracted Gonorrhea,
Spice said he’s never gotten it, Ned said you can only get it in one
place, Manson said there’s nothing sexual about an eighteen month old,
Bubba thinks that could kill an infant, he suggests they disembowel
the guy who did it, he said Prison for life is too good for him, he
said he’d like to be King of the United States, he then said he’d like
to be Governor,
Spice said bubba has good ideas, but they’re weird after a while.
Brent said he saw a documentary on Bill Clinton, he said even he had
to be reasoned with at times, Bubba said he needs to get back on his
diet, he said Dan Aykroyd stood them up, Brent said it was pain
staking on his end. Bubba said Dan hasn’t had a big movie since
“Driving Miss Daisy” in 1989, he then went over some movies he’s heard
of, he asked that they not drink his alcohol, he thinks Ned would be
the only one interested in it, they then ended the show a few seconds

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