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Top Stories:
Woman Drives Around With Body Of Sister-In-Law
Man Accused Of Killing His 2 Dogs
U.S. Census Bureau Spent $47,000 On T-Shirts
Woman killed ex-husband during sex
Man stabbed, shoved in duffle bag and set on fire

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Birthdays, various stuff

The show started off with audio of The Rays winning. Bubba said the
bumper music was provided by Brent, he said he’s hitting the wall, he
said he went to bed around 9”30, Manson is shocked this happened,
Spice said they’ll be doing rock music with the Top Five countdown,
Bubba plugged Kevin Hayslett’s appearance on the show for today, he
then said the guy Dr. Mcshary spoke about will be on the show, he then
went over some birthdays for today, Spice said Cluny is pimping,
Manson said he makes horrible movies. Bubba reminded Spice that
Mother’s day is this Sunday; Manson said Donna will be working all day
today, Bubba plugged, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd calls in, New York bomber

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba went over
some sports scores; he said he got some emails from people who said
Aubry’s phone sucked. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd said he’s
still up, he said he watched the game, he said it was 2-3, he said
that Seattle sucks, he said that the Rays aren’t his team, he said he
was watching Family Guy on Adult Swim, Bubba had no idea what he was
saying. B-Fudd said Bubba isn’t racist, he said Bubba hired
Twenty-five Cent, he said Bubba was friends with Blind Lawrence, Bubba
had no idea what he was saying, Ned thinks B-Fudd is racist. B-Fudd
said that he’s not racist, he said everyone should own one, Bubba said
that wasn’t funny, Spice said the retarded people drool on each other,
Bubba said they’re proving how stupid B-Fudd is, by putting him on the
air, B-Fudd said he makes fun of the guys, so it evens it out, he
thinks Bubba’s IQ is 38, he said he watches the news for the hot
girls. Bubba asked him when the last time he got laid was, B-Fudd said
that it was a long time, he said if anyone calls Bubba racist, they’ll
fight about it, Bubba had no idea what B-Fudd was saying, Spice thinks
B-Fudd’s parents didn’t send him to speech therapy, B-Fudd said he’s
done it before. Spice wondered what his first word was; B-Fudd said he
didn’t know, Manson said he has a really good sense of humor. We then
heard an audio clip about the monkey on the loose, Manson thinks it
looks like the devil, Spice said the house looks like the shot of an
old porno, Manson said anyone can say they found the monkey. Bubba
said the monkey is smart, as he never comes back, he then said that
being marandized is your constitutional right, he said the problem is,
the New York bomber was an American, Brent said it wouldn’t have been
a really big explosion, the guys think it would just be a fireball of
crap, Bubba thinks we should be more stricter on people who enter our
country. Brent said the guy looked normal, until he went to Pakistan.
We then heard a clip of Glen Beck talking about the situation, Brent
said that Glen is the sane one in the room, Manson said that’s
frightening. Bubba said the problem is, we’re giving American Rights
to anyone, he said the guy had no business being here, Brent said the
guy is still talking, Bubba then read a quote from Rubio about it,
Manson said by that logic, Tim McVay got read his rights, Brent said
even Ted Bundy got it. Bubba said he doesn’t care if you don’t like
them at all, he said you can’t turn what they did into a bad
situation, but people do; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – emails, Michelle Williams

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada on
August 14. Bubba plugged his Lumber Liquidators appearance this
Saturday, he said Tyler might be there, he then plugged Brent’s
appearance at Rusty’s Seafood an Oyster Bar, Brent said it’s a party,
he said it’s a salt water tournament, Bubba thinks Fabrizi should
participate with a Bubba Army boat, he said Brent will be there from
6-8 pm. Glen asked about Bubba’s nightclub, Bubba said he’ll give more
details when it opens up, he said when it opens, come see them. Brent
sad there was an article about St. Pete keeping the bars open until 3
AM, Spice said it’s an awesome thing, Bubba said the problem is the
old bags. The first email of the day wrote a letter to the editor on
the Grandma situation. Another emailer said his cousin got a message
from an Indian guy saying he owed some money, the guy called him back,
the emailer thinks the guys should call the number of the Indian guy.
Another emailer said Billy McKnight is her Brother, the emailer didn’t
like how Bubba was friendly with Mindy; the emailer said that Mindy
did six months in jail for beating up her Mother, the emailer called
Bubba clueless, Spice as a Southerner said some stuff. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for helping out the Grandma; the emailer said fare media
coverage is like saying free money. Bubba said that Kevin was getting
more run. Another emailer said they took a picture of a NASCAR guy
with a Bubba Army patch, he said the guy doesn’t get any flack; the
emailer suggested the site Bubba said he loves
Michelle Williams, he went to her a few seconds later, he recapped his
TNA situation for her, Michelle said yesterday, she received a bunch
of messages from people saying call Bubba, she said she’s one of the
baddest bitches in Florida, she said if you mess with Bubba, you mess
with her, she said she hasn’t followed the story, she said she’s tired
of everyone saying thin skin, she said Bubba is one of her dearest
friends, Bubba said if you’re called a racist, you’re in trouble
forever, he then recapped the situation for her, he said it all
started because of his Haiti comments, Michelle said she printed out
bubba’s Haiti commentary, she said he wasn’t saying he doesn’t care
about Haiti, she said we need to focus on what America is doing. Bubba
said he hasn’t seen any celebrities do anything about what has
happened in America, he then described the day when Awesome Kong
blasted him in the face, he said if he was to fight back, it would be
even worse for him. Michelle said she should be in jail, she said you
don’t go around breaking the law; she said she’s tired of the race
card, when people don’t know how to use it. Bubba then went ton to
recap his appearance on Cowhead’s show, he said his comments towards
Kong made him racially insensitive, he said he could’ve used other
racial terms, but elected not to. Michelle asked when all this drama
will end, she said she’s about ready to write a letter to her
Congressman, she said Kong brought all this on herself, she said Bubba
took the high road in this situation. Bubba said he’s tired of all the
good things he’s done getting thrown out the window. Michelle said if
someone is acting ignorant, color isn’t a part of it. Bubba said if
just the term black is racist, that opens up more issues, he then
described some of TNA’s black characters. Michelle said she has a
strong issue with the people who are thin skinned, she said if they
got into a fight and he called her black, she’d come back with
cracker, she said a lot of people inbox her, and refer to her as a
black Bubba, Bubba thanked her for calling, Ned said she’s a fire
cracker. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various news clips, Ned’s new bit Gets Voted On

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls newsletter,
then into a news clip about the Grandma who slapped her Grand Daughter
for bad language. Bubba wondered if the mention in the clip was the
only press he got, he said you think they’d get more coverage. Lesley
in Jacksonville said he was Inside Edition, Bubba’s name was
mentioned. We then heard the clip about that, Spice thinks the
Granddaughter hasn’t apologized, Bubba said she’s a know it all bitch,
Manson said she was doing the perp walk, the guys cracked up at her
describing being with a crack head, Bubba cracked up when they beeped
out bitch, he thinks she looks like a bitch, Spice thinks she has
skanky eyes, Bubba said they messed the whole story up, Spice everyone
gets a little bit of information, Manson said the media gets nothing
right, Spice said that’s why he doesn’t trust them. We then heard
another news clip about the Grandma, Bubba said he didn’t get a
mention on this one, he thinks the girl in the clip is a smartass. We
then heard a news clip about the bombing in new York, bubba said this
is how the media messes things up, Manson said that’s all they got, he
said he’s not really worried about this guy, Spice joked the guy went
to Pyro Junky, Manson said the guy trained with Roman Candles, Brent
said the guy was stupid, as he placed the keys to his getaway car in
the vehicle he was going to blow up, Spice said if he was the Taliban,
he wouldn’t take responsibility, he and Manson then did some Arabic
voices, asking for a receipt. Bubba said the Republicans are trying to
push a bill that says a woman should go to a doctor’s office before
getting an abortion, Spice said it’ll be harder to drag a chick to the
clinic now, he said this puts a wrench in his system. Bubba thinks
it’s a problem that the government is saying you should do certain
things, he said he believes in common sense, he then recapped both
sides of abortion, he said this is just playing God, Manson said it’s
either legal or not, Bubba said the woman should decide for herself,
we then heard a news clip about that, Manson thinks it’s pandering to
the old farts, Bubba likes Charlie’s statement. Bubba said Ned has a
new bit called “I Said It”, Bubba said this was the second edition, as
you won’t hear the first one. Ned said he’d like to talk about the new
law about abortion, he said the image will look like a blob of crap;
he thinks abortion is the only thing that will save the world. Bubba
thinks they should do the all female vote, Manson said the fans have a
good head about it. Bubba thinks they should name the show “that’s
right, I said it”, Spice suggests they continue the bit and not pull
out, bubba said that’s what happens with him most of the time, he then
went over the options: keep, adopt or abort…

1. Jenn – keep
2. Dian – keep
3. Robin – keep
4. Nicole – keep
5. April – keep
6. Stephanie – keep
7. Dana – keep
8. Vicky – keep
9. Rachael – keep
10. Tiffany – keep
11. Christina – keep

Bubba said their friend chuck was talking about Algae, he apologized
for not taking him seriously, he said Chuck texted him, saying Ned was
a genius. We then heard “That’s right I Said It – Abortion”, then into
“Sounds like an Abortion” from “bubba show classics vol. 11”, track
10. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Legal advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba said they’ve got a bunch of stuff to get to, he thanked
Brent for his bumper music, he then plugged Bubba’s Bikes For Badges
on May 22, he said lunch will be provided by the Wing House, Kevin
said they’ll step up, Bubba then recapped who will be where, he thinks
no one will give away 2500 dollars with poker events, he then plugged
some of the items that will be up for you to bid on, Brent said the
Miami heat autographed a basketball, bubba went over the various
sponsors. Kim in Winter Haven said the term abortion includes
spontaneous abortion, which means it could be either from the Fetus,
or something goes wrong with the carrier, she said she’s a nurse.
Bubba asked if she believes in a woman’s right to choose, Kim said it
is. Bubba asked if the doctors will start talking them out of getting
an abortion, Spice said maybe the girl will think about it, he said he
has to use more skills, Kim said it’s unethical on a Doctor’s point.
Bubba said Kevin is quite the TV star, Spice asked for his autograph,
Kevin said about 90% of his followers are bubba Army, bubba plugged, he said it’s the best site ever, Kevin said
he’s got more legal videos, he said he follows everyone. Bubba said
that Rob Kahn texted him, offering up six month and one year packages
for Gracey Tampa, Brent said it will drop the weight off of you in no
time. Steve said that his girlfriend got in an accident, she was at
fault and is now getting sued by the other driver, he asked if they
found marijuana in your system, can they pinpoint it to the day it
happened. Kevin said this runs the gamut of so many situations, he
said it’s either done by a blood draw or urine screen, he said urine
tests are the worst ways to check to see if they’re on something, the
reason is that it qualifies, not quantifies, Marijuana can stay in
your system for up to 15-90 days, he said the urine is a huge problem.
Brent said ned is one crazy ass dude, he then said he was tried on
some pbl charges, he was held in Pulk county, he said he was scared
into taking the deal, he ended up doing eight months and three years’
probation, he asked about getting his rights back, Bubba yelled for
the guy to turn his radio down. Kevin explained what the guy was
facing, he said in order to get his gun rights restored, he’d have to
be off probation, Brent said his thing of Clear Eyes caused him to
look like he was on Marijuana, bubba said the guy was taking too much
of his time. Kevin said if you’re on a prescription medication, they
need to be in the bottle with your name on it, Bubba said they need to
focus on the guys who sell pills. Kitsy said her story sounds like
something out of a jerry Springer episode, she said she’s never been
in trouble, she said her niece tried to have her arrested for hitting
her with her car, she said she had a gps on her leg for 22 weeks, she
asked if she could sue her for her expenses. Kevin said it’s false
prosecution, Kitsy said she had tow witnesses who got her off. Kevin
said she’ll be successful in this, depending on the testimonial. Mike
in Naples said back in 1999, his ex wife put a restraining order
against him, when he didn’t do anything, he ended up signing his life
away, Kevin said they can get it reversed, Mike said he’s a felon
without the charges, he said he tried to get it taken off in 2006,
Kevin told him to call him (727-443-1562), he said they handle these
kind of cases all over Florida, he said there won’t be competent
evidence. Bubba read an email from someone who said their license will
be revoked for driving with a suspended license, without their
knowing, Kevin said this is hto (Habitchual Traffic offender), he then
explained that means you can only drive for business reasons, he said
they can get people’s licenses back. Adam asked about Expungement, he
said he was arrested for Grand Theft on a construction site, he said
he took some cinder blocks, he thinks he should’ve taken some copper,
Bubba told him he shouldn’t have taken anything, Spice goofed on him,
saying he stole the wrong stuff. the guy said he’d like to be in law
enforcement, Bubba thinks the guy will never be a cop, Kevin explained
what PTI means (Prior Trial intervention), he said it’s still out
there, he said he gets a call like that every day, he said just
because you complete PTI, doesn’t mean it’s off your record. Gator
said if you have a DV, could you own a firearm, Kevin said no, Spice
sarcastically said “Poor Gator”, Manson said he wants to shoot her.
Adam said when he was in High School, some friends took the
Principal’s car, he said he’s trying to get a job, Kevin said they
could, Adam said all he had to do was pay. Kevin said a lot of courts
will bring you in on arraignments, he said the charge will stay on
your record. Bubba then asked him about the Grandma case, Kevin said
Teresa and Walter were the salt of the Earth, he said people still
care about them. Bubba said it’s just good people coming together, he
asked Kevin about him being called a racist; Kevin said it has nothing
to do with it. Spice recapped the Walt Belcher piece, Bubba said it’s
amazing. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Shelly from the Car Store, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Bikes for
Badges on Saturday, May 22, then into Ned’s “Big Black Bitch”. Bubba
thanked Kevin Hayslett for dropping by, he then plugged DJ Rabby’s
appearance tomorrow, he said Steve Hurley texted him, they’ve raised
$5,000, while the Car Store has raised $3,000, he said he’d like to
get $10,000 more, he thinks he should call up Shelly, he said she
can’t sell a used box truck, as it’s a different vehicle, he thinks
it’s just a vehicle, Spice thought the same thing. Bubba called
Shelly; she picked up a few seconds later. Shelly said the hearing
will be Tuesday at 9, she said the code enforcement has told them they
can sell F350s, but if it has a ladder rack, you can’t have that,
bubba wondered why that’s the case, Shelly said it hurts the working
man, she said they’re hitting them at every turn, bubba said it’s
disturbing, Shelly said her neighbors support her on it, she said the
DMV said they’re licensed, she said they’re just trying to sell trucks
with beds on them. Bubba said this is like the guy who had the fish on
the side of his building; Brent said Clear Water lost the whole case.
Shelly asked for people to email the County comitioner, she asked for
anyone to show up, Bubba said Brent will put together a nice form
letter, he suggested they put it up as a rotator, Shelly thanked bubba
for what he’s done. Brent said he’ll call her to work this out, Bubba
asked Brent to let him know when it’s up. Bubba thinks it’s horrible
that the Car Store is getting screwed with; he said he can understand
if they sold Semis, Manson said the small business gets screwed with.
Dave thanked Bubba for giving his wife new boobs, he said it’s like he
has a new girlfriend, Ned told the guy to settle down, the guys goofed
on the caller. Dave in Jacksonville asked if he could get support of
the bubba Army about getting a boycott, he said he was involved in a
murder for hire, he said his wife’s ex boyfriend, Bubba told the guy
not to mention any names. Spice asked how it would work, Dave said the
guy knew personal things about him, he said he could hire a guy to
stab him, he said the guy was involved in drug dealing, Bubba thinks
the guy wants to throw a lot of people under the bus, we then heard
the coocoo sound effect as the guy talked, bubba asked him what it is
that he wanted, Spice said he wishes the guy would’ve followed
through, Manson said he feels him. Bubba said he was warming Evil up,
the guy got Eviled a few seconds later, Bubba told the guy to man up.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Top five Rock

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada.
Bubba said he’ll do the Top Five countdown for Rock. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said that it’s a classified vehicle; he said if it’s a
car lot, they shouldn’t be allowed to touch her. Steve said tomorrow
from 5:00-7:00, Alex Sink will be holding a rally in Orlando, Bubba
said he’ll have Brent look into it. Chris from Look Swimware said
they’d like to get some money together for bikes for Badges, he
thanked Bubba for what he’s done; he said they were sending a bubba
Army Bikini to Finland. We then heard the top five Countdown promo,
the rock charts. Bubba said they do this every so often, he said this
genre doesn’t screw up his day. We then heard the number five song,
God smack – “Crying Like A bitch”. Bubba said this is music, Spice
said the video is great, as it’s UFC related, bubba said he loves it,
he said this is the kind of music The Bone needs to be playing, Manson
said it’s good. We then heard the next song, Rise Against, Bubba
doesn’t like how the song had a 00:00 intro, Ned thinks it’s crappy,
the guys goofed on the song, Bubba suggested 97 X play this stuff, he
said it was too fast, Spice as an old guy asked for his slippers. We
then heard the next song by Three Days Grace, Bubba thinks it’s money,
he then compared the God smack and Rise Against song, Ned thinks bubba
is on to something. Bubba said he’d like to start a genre called “man
rock”, Manson cracked up at this, bubba thinks no one is listening, he
said he could deal with it, he said he liked Nickelback, Manson
accused Spice of marking out the other day. We then heard the next
song by Alice in Chains, Spice said they wine a lot, Manson said
they’re great, Brent said you need Lane Staley, Bubba said he’s only
playing “man In The Box”. We then heard the last song, “Between the
Lines”, by STP, the guys clowned Bubba for messing up the title of the
song, he thinks the song sucks, Ned thinks he should get back to
heroin, we then heard the price is right loser horn. Bubba thinks he
should do “bubba’s rock” next week, where he plays various songs, Ned
said he can smoke a joint. Manson asked if he was a rock expert, Bubba
said no, he said he’s a man expert. We then heard “Rock star” by
Nickelback, Ned said bubba is a genius, Bubba said he’s a genius when
it comes to men, he then wondered if he fagged himself out. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s Rock station

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators, then into “this Afternoon” as bumper music, Bubba
said he loves this stuff, Ned said he likes the line about smoking
pot, bubba said this will be heavy rotation at his station, he wasn’t
sure what to call his station, he turned the music up as he talked,
Ned suggested the Man Hole, Bubba said it’s has to have the word
“Bone” in it. he then fast forwarded the song a little, he then played
a bit of the song, then into “ride to California”, Bubba thinks the
station would be number one, Manson said he’d listen to that. Bubba
then went into “Girls Girls girls”, Spice and Manson said they tuned
out, Brent said he’d tune out, Spice isn’t sure he’d tune back in;
Bubba said he’d make it happen. We then heard “lay Down”, Spice said
he was back, Ned questioned if this was man rock, he then announced he
was out. bubba had the guys say either stay, coming back or gone.
Spice said he would come back, ned said gone, Brent said back, as did
Manson. Bubba told Bob Neil to pay attention, we then heard “LA
woman”, Ned said he’s staying, Spice said out, Ned and Manson said
back. We then heard “American Girl”, Brent, Manson and ned said
staying, Spice said he was back and he’d be singing along, Manson told
him he was burning up all the weed. We then heard some shine down,
Brent staying, Manson staying, ned out, Spice staying; bubba said no
one could do it like he does. We then heard The Rolling stones, Spice
and Manson out, Brent stay, Ned back. We then heard some Buck cherry,
Spice gone, Brent stay, Manson back, Ned back. We then heard some
Pearl jam, all the guys said out. We then heard Rev theory, everyone
but Ned said they were back. We then heard Three Doors Down; all the
guys said they’d listen. We then heard some Metallica, Spice and
Manson said out, as did Ned, Brent said Seger kicks ass, ned said it’s
a horrible cover. Bubba then said he was board with it, Spice as Bubba
said out, Manson thinks it’ll be called WADD.

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  1. Rick

    Heard today on your show about the woman who was unable to sell trucks because of an added ladder rack, or a tool box. As stupid as that is, i have it beat.
    I own the Precinct Pizza located in Channelside, Tampa. Long story short, The Fire Marshall of Hillsborough became upset with Channelside for some reason, so he decided to threaten to no longer allow Channelside to do any events here, including fireworks on the bay during New Years and the 4th of July. On top of this, he decided to make the entire street that adjoins our building a fire lane, which removed the parking spots for my delivery drivers. I used to have a thriving delivery business with 8-9 drivers. Now i have only four left. With no parking for my drivers, i could not schedule the drivers needed to handle the business. so my business is suffering greatly, with at least five jobs lost due to the direct actions of the Fire marshall.
    The really funny thing about it was that when i complained to him about it,and asked why he needed the entire street made into a fire lane, he told me the fire lane has to do with saving lives, so i would not understand it.
    Being a certified Florida Paramedic, Nationally registered Paramedic, and retired New York City Paramedic whose lungs were affected by my exposure at the World Trade Center, i think i know about saving lives. I worked the overnight shift in the busiest, most violent part of New York City, South Jamaica. Needless to say, i was pissed at the comment he made to me about this.
    Well, thats my story. Stop in for a slice. see ya!
    813-436-7085 is my cell if you want to ask me anything

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