Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “Somebody’s Watching Me”. Bubba thinks we
were pathetic to make this song popular back in the 80s, Manson said
it was horrible. Bubba said he’ll have Neil Strauss on the phone
today, Brent said there’s a Paris Hilton bomb shell about her being a
racist. Bubba said that Linzy Rambean is the FaceBook fan of the day,
the Twitter follower of the day went to Stacey Purvis, he then
wondered if Indiana will get their basketball team back on track,
Brent doesn’t think so. Manson said that Butler is still in; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard “When the Levy Breaks” by Led
Zeppelin. Bubba said that he’ll be doing a meet and greet in
Nashville, he said Grant and Russ did a great job getting him a spot,
he said when he and the fans hang out, he wants only Miller Lite
products. Ken in Calgary saying he just returned from Mexico, Bubba
said that’s a long way for him, he then said when he went to Phoenix,
he had to take some pills, Manson as a blue blooded guy complained
about flying regular. Ken said that he’s awake today; Bubba told the
guy he should’ve downloaded some old shows, Ken sad he did that. Spice
said they’re making the downloads a whole lot easier. Ken said that he
was talking to some people, they didn’t know who Bubba was, he said
he’s Scotty, the Canadian douchebag’s Brother, Bubba said Scotty is a
cool guy. The first email of the day said that Rick Scott has no idea
how bad this problem really is with child porn. Another email said
that all drug tests need to be done at a medical place; Brent said
that is his business. Another email said they found the show again,
the emailer said the guys are cute. Another email was about Rick
Scott’s plain, Bubba said the state had nothing more than a King Air.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that his “Bring It On Bubba” segment is up at, he thinks
it was about gun control, he thinks he’s getting better at it, he then
said that channel 10 sent a card to channel 8, as the channel 8 van
rolled over, we then heard a news clip about that. Bubba said that
he’ll be putting an iPad in the cream machine, he thinks Twenty-five
Cent will flip the vehicle if he watches porn on the iPad, Spice
sarcastically said that he’s shocked with Pantera saying that one of
his friends got pulled over for watching porn in the car. Bubba thinks
it will be the envy of all radio guys, he thinks it will look really
spiffy, he then said that his target date for the new studios will be
July 11, he then explained the layout, he told Ned he could have a
hole in the wall that comes out. John on protection said that you
can’t watch porn in the car if the driver can see it. Jim in South
Decoda said he was calling about the Lasker show, he thinks it went
well, he then recapped some of his favorite moments, he said he’s been
with the show since 2006. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Elizabeth Taylor’s death discussed, Christine Lacey, Bring
it On Bubba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for booing Rick Scott at
the Rays game on Friday April 1. Bubba said that Neil Strauss will be
on the show, he then said he was talking with Gary from 1800AskGary,
he’d like to put on a concert at the 1800AskGary Theatre, he said Gary
is a very nice guy, Spice said he likes how Gary gives back. Joe said
he was watching “that Metal Show”, he saw Jim Florentine was wearing a
Bubba Army shirt, Bubba said he loves Jim, Brent said that Eddie Trunk
will be on the show in April. Bobby said he drove through the accident
with the Channel 8 van, he said it looked like Earnhardt’s car in 96,
Bubba thinks the guy is code talking to him. We then heard a news clip
about Elizabeth Taylor’s death, Spice said that he thought she was
older than 79, Bubba said she was the first Hollywood star to make a
million dollars, he thinks after 8 marriages, you should take a look
at yourself, he said he didn’t realize how rare an academy award is,
he thinks she had a thing for homosexuals, Manson remembers when did a
parody of her on “Saturday Night Live”. Judd came on talking about
Hydra Lacey’s witto asking for stuff, Spice then goofed on her. Bubba
said if she didn’t purchase the gun, we’d still have cops here, he
said that if she did buy the gun, that would be a problem, he then
wonders how responsible someone is to have 8 DVD players and five
video game systems, Bubba briefly snag a parody of “the Twelve Days of
Christmas” about what Christine had, Spice continued to goof on her.
Bubba then read a list of all the stuff Christine had, he said that if
she didn’t buy hydra the gun, they’ll consider, if she did buy the
gun, she’ll get nothing. Dave in Jacksonville said she should be in
jail for harboring a fugitive. Paul wondered if it was a grill to cook
on, or a grill in the mouth. Bubba took a call from a guy who
suggested they send her a bill to pay for the fallen officer’s
families. We then heard the latest “Bring It on Bubba” in regards to
gun control. Bubba wonders what the comments are, he thinks the anti
gun people will think he’s the anti Christ, he then asked the guys to
grade it:

1. Spice – F
2. Manson – B minus
3. Brent – B plus
4. Ned – C

Spice said that he liked the commentary, but he didn’t like the Sirius
shirt, he thinks it’s disrespectful on so many levels. Manson said
that he liked how it moved fast, Brent said he watched it this
morning; Ned said he didn’t like the gun sound effect Bubba made. We
then heard a news clip of Dr. Joe Saturley commenting on the child
molester at the Zoo, Bubba said he’d incarcerate the guy for not only
for what he did, but for what he looks like, he then asked that the
news people refer to the guy as the Elephant man, Manson thinks the
guy is boarder line retarded, the guys wonder how old a kid should be
when they can go to a rest room by themselves, Bubba thinks channel 10
is getting the Bubba rub, he then said you need to have the talk with
your kids about private parts, he thinks if someone touched Berlin,
she’d kick the person’s ass. Matt in Orange County came on saying when
he dropped the tray, he dropped the quad, he bought 100 bucs in stock,
he then said he saw a picture of the guy on the website, he thought it
was a mix-up with a guy with a face transplant. Spice plugged what
they’ve got coming up tonight, Randy Harris will be on at 8, Brent
will be on at 9. Steve wondered if Twenty-five will be doing the news
for Channel 10, Bubba doesn’t think so. Jen on protection said she
looked at the picture of the kid, she said about two years ago, she
had delt with him before, as she’s an EMT, he was mentally disturbed.
We then heard a news clip about Terry Jones burning a Koran, Bubba
thinks he’s not getting enough press, he wishes the guy would just go
away, Manson thinks it’s boring. Bubba said that unless he ends up
dying, he doesn’t want him to be included in the daily audio, he said
he’s dead to him, he wishes the guy would have a heart attack, he then
said that Manson has a new offering, he said that Spice had him play
“somebody’s Watching Me” at the beginning of the show. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s New Bit

Bubba said that Neil Strauss will be on the show today, he said the
guy did the Howard Stern article in Rolling Stone, he then told the
Orlando people to go to their local Metro PCS store, he said it’s $50,
he then talked about Manson’s new song, Manson said that this is about
Bubba saying that he liked to watch people have sex, Bubba doesn’t
think he’s a voyeur these days, he then said that one time, Larry
Plummer had sex with a girl on Janie Cakes’s bed, he was hiding in the
closet. We then heard the bit, Bubba sarcastically thanked Jabberjaw
for providing the excerpts, he said that the guys try to spin him as
something he’s not, Manson said they’re down playing him. The bit is
about Bubba watching Larry Plummer have sex, also saying that Bubba
mounting him during sex. Bubba said the problem is, they haven’t
exposed the shady stuff the other guys have done, he cracked up at the
tom Bean reference, he then asked if the guys have ever seen their
friends have sex, Spice said yes, but they were all drunk. Brent said
he has, it was in the marine Core, he said you couldn’t help but see
what was going on, Ned said he does that all the time, Bubba thinks
Manson wouldn’t admit to it, Manson said he never did it. Bubba said
that Larry Plummer just turned the show on and missed the song, he
then said that he was a Captain of the football team, but wasn’t
getting any ass, he thinks it’s because he was ugly, he wonders why
Larry didn’t mandate his girlfriend have sex with him, he wonders if
he didn’t have money, would he have a lot of girls, the guys think so,
he thinks Spice is a fan of the MILF hunter, Spice said it’s funny to
him. Bubba said that Larry was a good friend, he remembers watching
Larry have sex, Ned thinks the hole just gets deeper and deeper. We
then heard the song, followed by “Man Eater”, Bubba thinks the burials
just continue, he wonders what the guy is talking about in the song,
he said the song is pretty filthy, he wonders if this was Rock
Hudson’s theme song, he then said that he and Larry almost got into a
fist fight. Jeff said that when he and his wife bought their first
house, they found some old mini tapes that featured a clip of him
having sex with another woman, from his high school days; the guys
wonder if you can get in trouble for stuff like that, Brent said the
guy would get in trouble for that. Bubba wondered if the story about
him taking Frosty Stillwell’s album is in his book, Brent said it was,
Brent said it’s in there, Bubba thinks he should rethink the book
deal, he then told Spice about the shower, he then described the
various washers, Ned said he thinks he’d like to stay the night. We
then heard Manson’s “Clem’s Corner”, followed by “Crazy Train” by Ozzy
Ozborn. We then heard a news clip about Sarah Palin appearing in Ft.
Meyers, Bubba said that she’s stupid, and not controversial, Ned
thinks Bubba does that, he thinks they should expand this, Bubba
thinks they should’ve ran a background check on everyone who attended.
Brent said she may run, but she won’t have a chance to win the
primaries, Bubba thinks she should shut up; he thinks the guys just
pick on stupid people who can’t fight back. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said he’s always been a big critic of Sarah Palin, he said she
couldn’t even name any magazines she read, he thinks most guys voted
with their penises, Manson said she’s an opportunist. We then heard
“White Trash Girl” from “Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 6” track 4,
and “The Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 22, followed by “McCaine’s
Vetting process” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 6” track 2,
“Political CD” track 11, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 12.
Bubba came back apologizing for the double shot, he then apologized to
Jabberjaw, he then explained why, saying that he had yelled about her
being in the bathroom, he said that he had to go outside, he said a
lizard was looking at him, he said they’ll have five bathrooms.
Chester in Orlando said Bubba emptying his bladder wasn’t compelling
radio; Bubba said it was the guy who does the Jimmy Stewart
impersonation. Christine in Jacksonville said that she loves the show;
Bubba said he needs to be up there. Sam in South Florida asked why the
show is ragging on John McCaine, Bubba said he recognizes him as a
prisoner of war, but he thought his choice was horrible, Manson said
that John chose an unqualified woman, the guys think she was pilled
up, she got the Evil treatment, Brent said that John McCaine has been
very anti freedom as a political figure. Jamey said that a pregnant
woman got attacked by a Pit Bull, Bubba said he heard about the story,
we then heard the clip, Bubba thinks the station is retroing their
sounds, he then said his Pit Bull would never attack anyone, he said
that he understands Spice’s theory on pit bulls, he thinks they should
treat people like animals, he thinks it will never happen, as people
are a bunch of pussies. We then heard Manson’s “Pit Bulls Are Crazed”
from “Bubba Show classics Volume 14”, track 13. Bubba said that
they’ll have Neil Strauss on the sow, he then said that Jerame Pivin
might be on “Two and A half Men”, he then said that Lyndsey Lohan will
plead innocent, the guys wonder why she wouldn’t take the plea deal.
Bubba said that he knows a bunch of people from NASA listen to the
show, he said that NASA ordered to waste $1000,000 a day, he said that
during a budget extension, they’ll spend $29,000,000, he wonders why
we need to go back to the Moon, he thinks he’s offending the NASA
people. Chris in Tampa said his Dad works for NASA, the culture is
just a way to spend money and create jobs, Bubba said if he was
President, he’d close down NASA, he then read that South Carolina’s
Hispanic population has gone up, 70% are illegal immigrants, the guys
think they should get rid of the 14th Amendment, Brent sad the only
amendment that has been amended was the 18th amendment, it was
repealed by the 21st amendment. Bubba wondered if a politician has
ever said the illegal’s need to go, he said the whole thing is
ridiculous. We then heard a bit of Ned’s “those Fucking Mexicans Gotta
Go” from “bubba show Classics Vol. 15”, track 17. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Neil Strauss Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page, followed by Ned’s “Those Fucking Mexicans Gotta Go” from “Bubba
show Classics Vol. 15”, track 17. We then heard “Running with The
Devil” by Van Halen. Bubba said that he has an important guest on,
Neil Strauss came on, he said he always has time for them. Bubba said
he read the Stern article three times, Neil said that Howard spoke
highly of Bubba, Bubba thinks he got a lot of good stuff out of him,
he thinks the tease on the front cover was great, he thinks he
could’ve left the “happier than ever” part out, Bubba said he got on
the radio to get laid, as he was a loser. Neil said he hates guys who
pitch their websites on the radio, Bubba said he’s
gone through Neil’s new book: “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead”.
Bubba wondered if the Paris Hilton stuff is in there, Neil said for
some reason, that one was ugly, he then said that he never met someone
who was so entitled, Bubba wondered what else she’s done, he likes how
Neil is ready to snap, he had to dump Neil for saying “fuck”, he
thinks the word is the exclamation mark of our generation. Brent said
that Paris’s people are thinking about suing him, Neil said that he
got it cleared with his lawyers, he then listed some celebrities he
talks about in his book. Bubba said that Neil made lady Gaga cry, Neil
said it wasn’t very hard to do that, as she was talking about her
character, bubba thinks she has an Adam’s apple, Neil thinks lady
Gaga’s face looks like Maryland Manson. Spice said he doesn’t like her
thinking she’s all that sexy. Bubba asked Neil about his tour with Tom
Cruise, Neil said Tom took him around a Scientology center, Bubba
thinks it’s a shakedown. Spice wonders what they’d do to him, Neil
said it all depends if you have money or not, he then recapped a story
about a woman driving a car, a man pulled up to her with a matching
car. Spice wondered if tom Cruise is gay, Neil said he may have had an
experience, but he’s not sure. Bubba asked about Travolta, Neil said
he feels like some of these guys get so big, stuff gets started. Bubba
asked about Paris Hilton saying black people are gross, he then asked
about “the Game”, Brent said it’s bounded like a bible. Neil said that
it’s a group of pickup artists who are able to get women. Bubba asked
about Charlie Sheen, Neil thinks he’s doing damage, but is doing a
good thing. Bubba wonders what Charlie has material wise; Neil said
that people love to see public people self destruct, he thinks the
show should be canceled, and it will be popular through reruns. Bubba
asked about “the Game” becoming a movie, Neil said the studios are
thinking it would be a romantic comedy. Bubba said he’s good friends
with Alex Young, Neil said he met him, Bubba said he could pick Alex’s
brain on Hollywood, he then asked Neil interviewing Courtney Love, she
wanted him to snort Kurt’s ashes. Bubba said he’s always heard that
Prince has been a dick for some reason; Neil said that he thinks
Prince was just expressing his point of view. Bubba said he’d love to
do this more often, he then thanked him for coming on, he likes how
Neil was using a land line, Spice said he has great stories. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Bubba Juicy” from “Bubba
show classics Vol. 10”, track 21. Bubba said that the makers of DNA
have a new drink coming out; they then ended the show a few seconds

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