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Top Stories:
China may ban consumption of cats and dogs
Ex-Boyfriend Of ‘Jihad Jane’ Speaks Out
Kennedy Lashes Out on Afghan War, Media Coverage
No-Fly List Doubles After Christmas Attack
Hillsborough County detectives shoot two pit bulls, owner facing charges of animal cruelty
Calif. boy thanks dispatcher who took his 911 call about gunmen threatening parents
Jamie Jungers wins Howard Stern’s beauty pageant composed of Tiger Woods’ former mistresses
Homeless couple weds in outdoor ceremony
Massa resigns to avoid ethics probe

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Today’s recap is dedicated to Janie Cakes, as today is her special
day. Happy Birthday Jane!

Segment 1 –

Bubba said the bumper music was provided by Gale, The guys go over
some sports scores, also the NC double D’s contest has been extended
to next Wednesday.

Segment 2 – Emails, NASA discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community, then into some MGMT as bumper music. Bubba said that the
song made him wan to punch Gale in the mouth, Spice said they got the
eighteenth best album, Manson said it was horrible, Bubba thinks it’s
the worst stuff he’s ever heard in his life, ed said he could make
this on a Fisher Price keyboard, Bubba said this stuff puts him in a
bad mood, he said these fags are hogging everything up, he thinks it
locks in that Gale is queer. We then heard “Walk” by Pantera, Bubba
said this is music, Spice said they kicked ass. We then heard “Don’t
worry, Be Happy”, Bubba sang along with it, Manson said it’s like a
kid’s song, Bubba said the song wants him to hurt someone. Matt in
Orange County, he said he’s fired up for May; he thinks Howard knocked
it out of the park with the Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant. Bubba said he
was in rare form yesterday, Brent thinks you’d have to be an idiot to
tell Bubba to not worry and be happy, Spice said he’d like to do that
next time, he thinks all the Wonkas are out. The first email of the
day said Chick-Fil-A splits the profits, he thinks its genius, Spice
said every time he’s gone there, the employees are really nice.
Another emailer didn’t like Bubba’s comments on NASA, Spice wishes the
space program would’ve been straight up with him, he doesn’t like
their expectations. Bubba told the emailer that life is tough, he said
the people at NASA will find other jobs; Brent said that we need to
stop china with blasting satellites out of the sky. Bubba said that he
knows what it’s like to not have a job, he wonders why we need to send
ships to Mars, he said anyone who cuts the space program is going to
look like the bad guy. Spice said every time the shuttle goes up, he
wonders if it’ll blow up. Bill in Cocoa Beach said he agrees with
Bubba about the space program being an open wound, he said it’s about
money, Bubba thinks the space program should earmark their money for
stuff we care about, the guy said if we stop sending shuttles up,
China will get ahead. Bubba wonders why they needed to see if water
ever existed on Mars; the guy said he wasn’t sure. Bubba thinks the
average man would like a shield that can blast anything out of the
sky, Spice thinks the top people in NASA are just playing out their
Star Wars fantasy; he then did a nerd voice about that. Bubba said
NASA has never been told no, he said a lot of it doesn’t make sense.
The guy said his wife works for NASA, he said that the gravy train is
going to dry up. Spice said people will still go to the space center,
he said the crowd won’t watch the shuttles go up. Bubba said he
doesn’t want anyone to go through bad times, Manson said it’s a
Government run program, it’s not run competently. Tracey said she’s a
teacher, she said she knows she has to work her ass off, she thinks
privatizing scares her, Brent said it’s a state level thing. Bubba
said there’s going to be some unpopular things to stabilize the
economy, Brent said Paul Ryan has a great idea for Health care, both
parties hate him. Peter said NASA earns money, Bubba wonders how many
years ago was it, the guy wonders why they need money. Spice said that
NASA has a bunch of patents. Joe said NASA is figuring out that their
endless budget is coming to a close; he said he’s seen guys put wood
out in the rain, Bubba thinks it’s finally catching up with them.
Jason said someday, Earth will be unlivable, Manson thinks we should
work on not destroying the Earth, Bubba goofed on the caller for that.
Another emailer said in The Joker Card album, it says everything is
about God, the emailer said people don’t understand ICP. Another
emailer said that they need to fight facs, as a 17 year-old was seen
as an unfit parent, Bubba thinks the Grand parents would have first
right of refusal. Another emailer thanked Bubba for the kind words
about ICP; the emailer said the Bubba Army and the Juggalos are the
same. Bubba wonders if he could play some ICP. Another emailer asked
the name of the company that made Tony Stewart’s belt, Bubba suggested
Wild Cat. Another emailer said they were a former rancher, and now
owns his own Pizza place. Another emailer said talk radio needs more
guys like Bubba. Another emailer thinks Bubba is spineless; the
emailer thinks Bubba will turn his back on the listeners. Bubba said
weather he goes or stays isn’t about anything conflict wise, he said
they’ll be positive, he said they can’t be here forever, he said it’s
a lot of pressure, he said that you’ll be able to get your fix, he
said it’s no one’s fault, he said the Satellite fans are great, but at
the same time are selfish, Spice said they’ve got to stay ahead, Brent
said no one knows what will happen. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – JTSM, Corey Haim, Meth, Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba wonders who would want to
be Russ’s assistant, we then heard Joe the super Mark’s bumper, he
came on wishing Jane a happy birthday, he thinks TNA was far more
exciting than Raw. Bubba asked for an update on his relationship, Joe
said he’s with his girlfriend, but he doesn’t see his Mom much, he
said he’d like to punch Sluggo in the face, he thinks it was the worst
web chat ever, Spice thinks he doesn’t know the show, Bubba said he
practically gave the Bubba Wonkas away. We then heard a news clip
about Corey Haim, Spice said this just proves everyone loving the guy
in death, bubba thinks they should be news guys, Spice said our men
and women barely even get a blurb, Bubba thinks Haim controlled his
own destiny, he said they could be the anti Hollywood guys, he thinks
they’d get ran out of town, he then recapped Haim’s drug usage, he
said Steve from Purple People Movers texted him, calling Haim a faggy
mouth breather, he wishes Feldman would join him, he thinks Donna
would knock Manson in the mouth if he called Manson beautiful after
death. We then heard a clip of Corey Haim talking, Spice goofed on
him. We then heard a clip of Larry King, the guys think the throat
clearing is the signal for the drug dealers, Bubba thinks Corey has
answered his own question, Spice thinks Feldman is enjoying this, as
it makes him somewhat popular, Bubba thinks one of the guys in the
clip sounds messed up, Ned said that stuff is a badge of honor. Bubba
said drugs will mess you up, as he used to be cute vs. what they look
like now, he thinks you’d be blackballed from Hollywood if you said
what they just said, he then read some quotes, Manson wishes someone
would say no one cares. Bubba said Spice gave him the meth gallery,
Spice said these are just random inmates, Bubba thinks he should get
on it, Brent said Denzel told him that it rots your skin, Manson
thinks one of the guys looks like a Concentration camp victim, Bubba
doesn’t get the face scarring, the guys think one of the people in the
picture had a surprise proctal exam. Angey in Tampa came on, Spice
said he hates her, Bubba said they hate her, Angey said Spice used to
love her, Spice called her porky. Bubba asked her what she looks like,
she said she used to call them on 98 Rock, the coocoo sound effect was
in the background, Bubba said he’ll fire whoever let’s her on. Dave on
protection said he was on meth for about a year, he said he was about
270 when he started, he was about 165 pound when he got off it, he
said it makes you itch like crazy, Manson thinks it sounds like a
great time. Bubba wondered what the high is like, Dave said it’s like
Super speed, he said it would be like taking a bunch of caffeine pills
at one time, Brent thinks the guy is wrong by saying Cocaine is a
downer, he said it makes him feel like his heart is going to pound out
of his chest. Spice thinks a lot of people in the pictures aren’t
getting stuff done, Dave said they used it during long nights, Bubba
hung up on him. Richard said he used to work in a meth clinic, he said
people think that bugs are on them, Spice said the faces of meth is up
on We then heard a news clip about the Howard Stern Tiger
Woods Beauty pageant, Bubba then stopped it. We then heard the clip,
Bubba thinks she should’ve done one on one parenting; Brent thinks the
singing caused the kid to commit suicide. Bubba said it would’ve been
cool for someone to yell stuff out in the audience, Spice said he’d
love for someone to yell out “You suck!” Bubba thinks the problem is
that they’re not corny enough. We then heard a TMZ clip about the
tiger Woods pageant, Bubba said he hates the corniness of the clip, he
said he really likes Howard’s interview skills; he wonders why people
need to thank God. Spice said he likes how the story were good; Bubba
asked that Spice rack up some tiger stuff. Jeff said his wife is on
meth, he said they’ve been married for five years, he said a lot of
house wives are into it, the guy said he has the kids, Bubba said
that’s good, the guy said the imaginary bugs are called “Meth Mites”.
We then heard “Tiger Woods Song” from “bubba Show classis Vol. 12”,
track 4. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Skin.
Bubba said the faces of meth is up on the site, Spice said they should
show kids that picture. We then heard a news clip about a community
helping out a homeless couple. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who didn’t know his wife was pregnant, Bubba thinks it’s white trash,
he and Spice goofed on her voice, the guys had fun with the way she
said “bathroom”, he thinks the woman has moxy for taking the new born
to the school. Spice wonders how you don’t know your pregnant, the
guys cracked up at the news anker doubting the story. Bubba said that
white trash comes in all shapes and sizes, he thinks he’ll get crap
from Spice, he thinks Jessica Simpson is white trash, Spice disagrees,
he said that she is stupid, Bubba said if she wasn’t who she was,
she’d be at Sonic. We then heard a clip of Jessica on letterman, Bubba
goofed on her accent, Spice said Jessica’s Dad didn’t like Nick
Lachey, Bubba thinks Deion should’ve done it, Spice as Deion said some
stuff, he thinks she’s really steamy, he said Jessica is his hall
pass, Bubba said he’s glad he made that decision, he thinks Spice
would be pre mature, he thinks breaking up with a girl is proving you
have swagger, Manson thinks she’s retarded. Bubba thinks she only had
one hit, Spice said she had a bunch of hits, Manson said he couldn’t
take that laugh for two years. Bubba said that Rothlessburger has been
asked to provide DNA, the guys think he’s out, Spice thinks she went
crazy. Bubba then read an article about Robert De Niro playing Vince
Lombardi in a movie; he thinks Ernest Borgnine nailed it. We then
heard a clip of Patrick Kennedy flipping out, Bubba thinks he makes a
great point; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Violent J calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat, then into Ned’s “Doug Clem Song” from “bubba show classics Vol.
11”, track 15. We then heard some ICP as bumper music, Violent J came
on, saying he was enjoying the show, he said they can’t thank them
enough, he said they don’t want anyone else. Spice said they make a
bunch of money, ay said they don’t want things to change. Bubba thinks
he did a great job, J said he didn’t feel that way when he watched it,
he thinks they educated the guy, he said felt good after doing it;
Bubba thinks he’s being too critical of himself. Spice said J was
really good about it, Bubba said they make easy targets, ay said that
in any fan base, there’s possibly a rapist in the group. Spice
wondered if they’d ever think it would be a gang, J said it’s the rep
people get, he said the Juggalos gather, he said the love for each
other is special, he said the Juggalos aren’t a gang. Bubba said they
derived on their own, he said you’re either one or you’re not. J said
they’re not planning to rob stuff, he said it’s one of the coolest
movements; Bubba thinks gang has a negative connotation. J said its
magic when the Juggalos come together; he said it’s like family. Bubba
wonders how many people in Jr. Nation have had duis, but it never gets
reported. Spice wonders if the family of the victim has reached out, J
said they haven’t heard anything from anyone, he said his message
would be that he’s sorry, it’s terrible for everyone involved, he
thinks it sucked that the guy got arrested while wearing one of their
shirts. We then heard the clip where the reporter recaps various
murders, Manson thinks the tea party has murderers as members, J said
they’re an easy target, he thinks it would suck if someone got
arrested and said they did it because of ICP, he asked Bubba what
would happen if someone from the bubba Army did that, Bubba said he
likes how J puts stuff. Spice said the interviewer on Nightline was
shocked over Michael Jackson, he wondered if the guy was into ICP, J
said martin was cracking up, he said it was all good, Bubba said
that’s why you have one of your guys have B role footage. J said when
he was a kid, one of his teachers lied at him; he said Nightline did
it the way they wanted to. Spice said next time J does an interview;
they should do it with face paint. We then heard a clip of martin
talking to ICP, Bubba thinks it’s really on point, he thinks the woman
in the clip is a “frumpy bitch”, he thinks she needs a good night of
manhood. Ay said they’re not here to teach anyone, he said they’re
here to entertain, he said if your stressed, put on one of their cds,
Bubba thinks this will turn out to be good for them. J said the show
really brings his spirits, he said they’d never change; he said they
have a release date of the Juggalos movie.
Bubba thinks he has to be an honoree Juggalos, Spice goofed on Bubba
for doing that, he wonders why they’re so hated; J said you have to be
hated in order to make money. Bubba thanked him for coming on, he told
them to not change, J said Bubba is the bomb, we then heard some ICP,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Linda Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into a TMZ clip about Linda Hogan at McDonalds. We then heard
“Charlie’s Just a Friend” from “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 9.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips, Bubba Dudley calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba had no idea what the music was, Spice
said it’s a good band, Spice told Bubba he doesn’t listen to new
music, Bubba said he does, but wasn’t able to list anything. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who killed himself, Bubba said he was
looking for a clip about teachers who have sex with students; they’d
get 25 years to life. Bubba wondered what happened with the hot girl
in Pasco with the fifteen year-old, Spice thinks it’s going through
the court room. We then heard a news clip about Jason Bruce, Bubba
said Reggie is their boy, he thinks they need to slow it down, he said
the purp never calls 911 on themselves, he said the people know, Spice
loves how the media picks up stories, Bubba said they get credit every
few months, he said the people get it, he likes how the news guy
mentioned them. Spice said the building is really secure. Jackie in
Ohio asked what the rules are for using a crate motor, Bubba said they
have carbonation requirements, we then heard an anti-racing bumper,
bubba glossed over it, “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show Classics
Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background. Bubba said he was
feeling Spice’s pain, he then realized Spice was gone. Mike in
Richmond said he had sex with a teacher, Spice asked what his name
was, the guy said it was a her, he then got Eviled a few seconds
later. We then heard a clip of a drunk girl calling 911, Bubba thinks
this is like Ned on a Saturday Night, he stopped and started to
comment, the girls was saying that she couldn’t go home without her
keys. We then heard a news clip about some dogs who were shot by the
cops, as they were Pit-bulls, Spice thinks a Pit-bull is like a mma
guy on cocaine. We then heard a clip about china outlawing dog and cat
processing plants, Bubba wondered why it took them so long, he said
this is sad, Ned thinks he did have some of that, he said it kind of
tastes like chicken. Brent said he was frightened to eat some of the
fried foods in Korea, Bubba said he draws the line at domesticated
animals, Brent thinks they’re barbarians. Bubba said that bubba Dudley
was on, Dudley said hell must’ve frozen over, he said in Japan, they
have stuff on the menu like womb and bowels of a cow, he said it’s
weird to see that stuff. Bubba asked about raw snake, Dudley said yes,
he said he was at a restaurant once, he was eating cartilage; he said
it was like a mouth of rubber bands. Bubba asked about Japan in
wrestling, Dudley said that it’s sumo wrestler, pro wrestler, and
baseball player. Bubba said that Hogan always carried a razor blade,
Dudley said when you’re in Japan for the first time, they’ll try and
test you; he thinks they’re still mad over the Hiroshima bombing.
Bubba asked about Fawn Feather, Dudley said he owns it, he said
they’re not looking to expand, Spice told Dudley to tell Bubba stuff
over and over again. Dudley said the stuff that happened in impact
would go over really well; he said it’s like eating chicken every day.
Bubba likes how TNA is doing tag teams, Dudley said he likes Beer
Money, he said they’ve backed off of it a little bit, he said
sometimes it’ll be on the back burner. Bubba asked how much does
Dudley weigh, Dudley said he’s about 325. Spice asked him what he’s
got after wrestling, Dudley said he has a wrestling school, he said he
was smart with his money, he said he was born in Queens New York, he
then said that Jake Roberts was eating a hamburger, he asked for Bubba
to pay for it. Bubba asked him about the movie The Wrestler, Dudley
said it takes a lot of aspects of wrestling, he said he stood up and
yelled “that’s pro wrestling” when the guy was doing cocaine with the
girl, he went on to say that the boys will clap for people, he said
flair is a great guy, he said all he has to do is stay home. Bubba
said he’d like to give away some certificates for Fawn Feather, Dudley
admonished Bubba for messing the name up, the guys cracked up when he
called bubba queer for wrestling with a handbag. Spice wondered if the
wrestlers don’t like Bubba, Dudley doesn’t get it, he said he dislikes
a lot of people. Bubba said he’s just there to help TNA; he’s there to
get his ass kicked by a black girl. Dudley said he helps his brother
out, Bubba said he keeps to himself, Ned said he loves him. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said they’re ready to close up shop; Dave thanked Bubba
for getting boobs. Bubba said that Fabrizi bought a club, he went on
to plug an event at Jim’s Harley Davidson, Spice said the semi thing
is really cool; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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