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Top Stories:
Immokalee man accused of using teens as sex slaves
Police: Man Stripped Naked In Library
Student brings pot-laced cereal to school
Capt. ‘Sully,’ heroic airline pilot, retires
Baby’s Return

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba tours a jail, Leech challenge explained

The show started with Jim Croce’s “I’ve Got a Name” as bumper music.
Bubba said Ned just puts eight songs on his iPod, he thinks he’s being
thrown a bone; Ned said he can’t let Bubba know what’s in the treasure
chest. Bubba said he’s really excited about today, Spice said he saw
them, Ned said he’d like to take a few home, Bubba thinks some people
are against fishing, Spice said fishing is pretty mean, Bubba thinks a
nature show is mean, he then said he went to a jail yesterday and hung
out with one of the cops, he likes the place that has free cookies, he
said he loves the bakery, he said they’re really cool guys, Spice
thinks one of the guys was a little excited. Bubba thinks slinging
weed isn’t a big deal, he said he’s interested in jail specials; he
then said some guys in the psychotic ward recognized him. Spice said
he took a jail tour once, he said it was fun; Brent said being on one
side of jail isn’t fun. Bubba likes how they grown their own animals,
he said they make 98,000 heads of lettuce themselves, about 12-13
thousand pounds of pork, Spice wonders who kills the pig, Bubba said
he didn’t ask, he said one of the guys suggested he take a picture
with one of the pigs, he told the guy that he and pigs don’t see eye
to eye. Manson said the live chat was fun last night, he
couldn’t get a question on Twitter, he thinks it was operator error.
Bubba recapped some sports scores, the guys think Jeff Halpern will
bag himself an a-lister, Bubba then explained the leech challenge, he
thinks they’ve been starved since Tuesday or Wednesday, he thinks
they’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the slingshots, he thinks Tom
Taylor looked like he had ringworm, he’s interested in looking at, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Roger Ebert

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community. Bubba wondered who the music was, Ned said it was Clay
Akin; Spice said is the really gay guy from American Idol. Bubba
wondered if they’ve done any tests with the leeches, Dave said the
first test didn’t work, he thinks Gale had a lot of body lotion on, he
thinks if they put them on Blind Lawrence, he wouldn’t know. Bubba
thinks Big Dick should get some physical abuse, Ned suggested right on
Dick’s neck, Bubba asked the guys to get one ready, he then went over
some birthdays, Spice thinks the biggest coat tail rider has to be
Stedman, Manson thinks Oprah is gay with Gale King. Jim said Bubba was
working on a motor, Bubba said he worked until 8:30, Dave said they
can put the mic right by the motor, Bubba said they could dino one of
his motors on the air some day. Jim then went over a recipe for juice,
Spice said it was different from the one he had, Manson thinks it
can’t be that good. The first email of the day said a friend over
juiced, the emailer asked to post Peter Max’s recipe, Bubba thinks the
guy is more hooked on Tim’s coffee enema, he wonders why they need
coffee, Brent thins it’s a bunch of crap. Another emailer wondered if
Bubba will bring his Camero to the Wall mart appearance, Bubba thinks
they dropped the ball at the garage sale by not putting it on display,
Brent thinks he would get thrown out of Elder Ford if he did that.
Another emailer said the killer whale is going to get ugly, saying
that SeaWorld might try to blame the trainer, Manson thinks she was a
little too close to the whale. Another emailer said Bubba is wrong
with saying the Government would never take away your guns, the
emailer said that after Hurricane Katrina, it happened, Brent
confirmed that it happened, Bubba doesn’t get how the mayor super
seeded the second amendment, Brent said half of the cops in New
Orleans left. Bubba said he can’t imagine what he’d do if someone took
his guns, he said that he’d cry. The guys brought Big dick in, Dick
said he can feel it, he said it’s like a poking, he saw it attach, he
thinks it went for skin. Miller said he’s seen it, he said it takes
about twenty minutes or so for the leech to get full. Dick said it
doesn’t hurt, he said he knows when it’s filling up; Spice said you
can kind of see the leech eating. Bubba wonders if Twenty-five is
afraid, he goofed on him for wearing gloves while handling the worms,
Spice goofed on Twenty-five for being too safe, Bubba suggests
smashing the worm in the kitchen. George said he distributes “naked
Juice”. Bubba wondered how they make it, George said it’s a fruit
juice smoothie, Bubba said he loves Publix. Another emailer asked the
name of the company that has the chips; Bubba said it’s Jet
Performance. Another emailer wondered when the “wild whale” will be
available, Spice said he didn’t know. Bubba said that James didn’t
show up for the Live chat, Manson said he sucks on the computer, Bubba
said he has an issue with that. Another emailer said that on the black
of a car, they saw a Bubba Army license plate. Another emailer
wondered if bubba will rebroadcast his TNA appearance, Bubba said yes.
Another emailer wondered the name of the company that makes golf cart
rims, Ned said he wouldn’t give the name; Bubba said it’s DWT (Douglas
Wheel Technologies). Joe in California said Ned rules, he thinks Bubba
is a Fatass; he ended up calling Bubba a fat F, Bubba called him a
skinny nerd. John in Jacksonville said the leeches are often used to
drain very infected areas, he explained how it works, saying it’s a
blood thinner, he said you’ll see a lot of thin blood, Bubba suggested
scrubbing Tom’s back with steel wool, the guy thinks Tom wouldn’t like
that. Bubba wondered about the teeth, the guy said they’ll just
decompose, Bubba thinks if something burns, it works. Bubba said that
Roger Ebert was on Oprah, he thinks Roger got jaw cancer from eating
too much movie theatre popcorn, Spice said it was cancer that spread,
Manson said he has a permanent smile. Bubba thinks you very rarely
learn new words, he thinks you’ll never hear racing terms in Roger
Ebert’s vocabulary. We then heard a clip of a woman talking, Bubba
thinks that if Heather didn’t hear him talk for four years, she’d do
back flips, he thinks it doesn’t sound like him, he then think it
sounds like him, he said that it’s like blind Lawrence’s Jaws program,
Manson wonders if you’re married and you had to go through with that.
Bubba said he had a weird dream, he can’t get into it, Spice said the
guy can type fast, Bubba said he’d like to hear Roger doing sexy talk,
Manson thinks if he can’t talk, eat or drink, life would suck, Spice
said they have to feed him through a tube, Bubba thinks he would look
like Brad Pit next to that guy, Spice thinks Bubba would turn down his
speaker, he then goofed on Roger sounding the way he does now. We then
heard a clip of Roger giving his Oscar predictions, Spice said he tore
up while watching “The Blind Side”, Bubba thinks Avatar will take
everything, Ned gave Ebert two thumbs down. We then heard Plies, Bubba
wonders why this song didn’t get a nal (Notice of Apparent Liability),
Brent said it’s baffling, Bubba said that some people are suing him
for a nightclub shooting, Spice thinks even Plies couldn’t pronounce
his own name, which is why he changed it, he then goofed on him in
court, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Kid directs an airplane

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall mart this Saturday, then into “Free Ride”. Bubba thanked Manson
and donna for the live chat, he said Jay has been killing him for some
stuff, we then heard a clip of Don Imus talking about music, Brent
wonders how you can understand what he says, Manson thinks Imus should
get one of those saliva suckers in his mouth all the time. Bubba said
an air traffic controller brought his kids to work, he let the kids
talk the pilots through flying a plane, Spice thinks you’d like to
show your kid what they do, Bubba said the guy told his kid what to
say, Spice said the audio sounds professional. We then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba thinks the media will spin it to make the guy
look bad, he said the kid just did what his Dad told him to do, Brent
agrees, Manson thinks they’re hyping it up, Bubba said the news guy
should throw the script away and said screw you to the story, he said
the audio was edited, he said the commercial guys are really cool,
Manson likes how the kid was endorsed by a pilot. Bubba rewound the
clip where the pilot congratulated the kid, he thinks they’ll bury the
guy, he said he feels really bad for the guy, he thinks the President
should step in, he asked for a pilot to call in and comment on the
situation, he said someone just texted him, saying that the message is
no different, Manson goofed on the guy with his fake outrage, Bubba
thinks your screwed when the Union doesn’t get behind it, he wonders
what happened to a brain fart. Chris in Tampa said Bubba is on point,
Bubba said the kid isn’t looking at blips on the radar. Joe said that
a lot of people don’t know the industry, he was repeating stuff his
qualified Dad was telling him to say, Bubba said he’s sat on the
tarmac of JFK for an hour and forty-five minutes, he said the guy just
did it four times, he thinks it’s pandering, he hung up on the guy a
few seconds later, he thinks the guy was talking down to him, Manson
said he’d like to know if anything could’ve gone wrong, Bubba read
what the kid had said, he said the guy shouldn’t get fired because of
this, he thinks he’s too soft on this situation. Spice said if he was
on a plane, he’d be a little freaked out. Brian in Jacksonville said
Bubba isn’t wrong, he said the pilots know what to do. TR said he
keeps his airplane next to bubba’s, he said when he was ten, he worked
at his Dad’s radio station, he said it’s almost the same, Bubba said
it’s not the same, he wishes he was on the plane on September 11, he
thinks you’d need a chainsaw to get through him, Manson said he’s
never heard of a successful parashoot story, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Tiffany Rice. We then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper, Kevin
said he was fantastic, Bubba thinks he’s in every third Thursday, he
then gave Kevin’s information, Spice thinks he’s a social networking
freak, he said Kevin thanked the Bubba Army for upping his Twitter
number, he likes the little videos on Kevin’s webpage, Kevin said he’s
got more legal videos than anyone in the world, he said they’ve got
578 videos up on the site. Darren in Clearwater said he had a few
drinks with his girlfriend, he got a ticket for a dui, he refused the
breathalyzer, Spice thinks the guy’s girlfriend is a bitch. Kevin said
if you’re above a point zero eight, you’re license is gone, you get a
temporary license, he said you’ve got a bunch of issues, Bubba thinks
you’ll be able to get the traffic stop thrown out, Kevin said it would
be like taking your own kidney out, Brent said the man who represents
himself in court, has a fool for a client. Billy Joe said MJ is a fan
of Bubba’s; he got hung up on after that. Joe in Ft. Meyers was on,
the guys think he was near a trash compactor; he got hung up on a few
seconds later. Bubba read an email from a guy who said his company’s
vehicle was involved in an accident, he’s looking for settlement,
Kevin said he’ll talk to the guy. Another emailer said while in Miami,
he said the mirror of a car next to him was broken, he got a ticket
for careless driving, Kevin said a lot of people think you can’t get a
criminal charge on private property, he said it’s all about timing.
Bubba asked if you were drunk while in a car, Kevin said if the keys
aren’t in the ignition, you can’t get a dui, Ned said he always passes
out in the trunk, Kevin said that people who often call a cab, while
drunk in a car have gotten arrested for a dui, Bubba wondered if the
cab guy was to show up, Kevin said there’s discression, he said most
law enforcement offers will have to make that decision. Bubba said he
got a text from a cop who said Kevin did a great job with something.
Another emailer said that they’ve had five duis since 1986, Bubba
wondered if the lawyer was related to rank Caruso, as the guy’s name
was rank Russo, Kevin said the laws change in Florida, he said it used
to be that after five years, you’d get a hard license, he said the law
would have to change, he said the DMV doesn’t want that, he said the
interlock devices really help out. Wessely in Miami said he got
arrested seven years ago for insurance fraud, he said he had a vehicle
he couldn’t pay for, Bubba wondered how he could sell a car back, the
guy said it was stolen, he said he pled guilty to get with held for
jurisdiction. Bubba got caught off guard with a noise; Spice said it
was just a chair. Kevin said crimes of theft are going to deal
breakers, he said it’s a lot of baggage; he said it’ll be hard to
shake. Bill on protection asked about getting something sealed or
expunged, Kevin said it couldn’t happen. Another emailer said in
August, his girlfriend was charged for driving on a suspended license,
Kevin said the problem is, it depends on why her license was
suspended, he said her best bet would be to try and get it converted
from a felony to a misdemeanor. Tracy in Tampa said she hasn’t had any
violations, she’s had some hardships, Kevin said in the state of
Florida, they don’t have debtor’s prison, he said the court will
decide, he said they can set the outstanding restitution as a lean, he
thinks she’d have a better chance of paying it back. Steve in Orlando
said in 1985, he had two drug charges, he’s trying to gain access to
school property, Kevin asked how were the charges resolved, Steve said
he served a little time in jail, Kevin said the problem is if people
have no prior offenses, you’d have to be convicted, he said it’s a
third degree felony, he said you can’t get that stuff expunged, he
suggested you plead for some jail time, he said a felony is the gift
that keeps on giving, bubba said it’s like Ned’s hurpies. Steve said
he could get it fixed in Maryland, Ned said he’d like to move there.
Bubba wished Kevin the best of luck on working with Sluggo, he said
Sluggo is a felony idiot, Kevin thanked the Bubba Army for boosting up
his numbers Spice said he’ll kick Kevin’s ass at tennis. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hogan on Imus

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall Mart, then into “You’d Better Not Smoke Pot” from “bubba’s new
and Misc hits Vol. 6”, track 10, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 112. Ned said this was him and Garnet’s song, around 84, Bubba
sang along with it for a little bit, he thinks that was the only hit
the guy had, he thinks primitive stuff was better back then, he
thanked Kevin for bringing by Yaya’s, Spice said Dave was digging it,
he thinks Tom is nervous about the leech thing. We then heard a clip
of Hogan talking on TV, he suggested Imus lose the hat, Spice thinks
he sounded hammered. Bubba said he can do Imus, as long as he’s
eating, he then goofed on him. Jimmy hart said Hogan signs everyone’s
autograph, he said no one gets turned away, the guys think Imus
doesn’t remember three years ago, Manson thinks he looks like an 80
year-old woman. Bubba said he’d much rather have Hogan gimmicked up on
his show, Spice thinks no one is watching that, the guys cracked up
when Imus asked Hogan to explain tna to him, Bubba thinks Imus doesn’t
like them, Brent thinks Imus doesn’t even notice, Bubba likes how Imus
just sits there, Manson thinks he sleeps during interviews, Bubba told
Spice he should see Dixie Carter in life. Imus asked about Ric Flair,
Hogan said he’s got a partner, Imus said he doesn’t know much about
wrestling, the guys goofed on him, saying he just pooped his pants. We
then heard “Don Imus Song” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 4”, track
22. The song parodies “Just a Jiggalo”, and recaps Imus’s blunder of
saying “Nappy headed hoes”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jim Florentine visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the unity in the
community. Bubba said Jim Florentine is in the studio, he said Jim can
roll up on there in a moment’s notice. Jim said the last time he was
here, he liked the fireworks (July 2, 2009), he said he’s at a place
called Bonkers, he’ll also be at the hard Rock on Monday, bubba thinks
Monday is an off night, he said he doesn’t do it that often, Bubba
thinks Jim should be above the trying out stage. Bubba potted up the
audio of Steve Hurly talking about “Unity in The Community”, he said
Hogan will be there. Jim said he’s doing a metal show on VH1 Classic,
Bubba thinks Jim is big time in the comedy world, Spice said Jim
really knows his music, Jim went over the bands he likes. Bubba asked
if he heard about Artie, Jim said he hasn’t heard, he thinks the
family is keeping things quiet. Bubba wonders if Jim still keeps in
touch with robin, Jim said he emails her periodically, Spice said
Robin’s new guy is put together, he thinks the guy could paint Jim
silly. Jim remembers when the first date with robin, Spice thinks it’s
a way to show off. Bubba asked him what else he’s got going on, he
thinks his gigs are wearing him down to the bone. Jim said that Chris
O’Donnell is doing a show, he said he has a few scenes with Jenna
Fisher, Spice thinks she’s steamy, he said it took a few hours, he
said about fifteen people were on set, Spice thinks yelling cut would
be a sign to keep going, Jim said he can block it out after awhile, he
said he had to stand up after that, Spice said he’s all about silky
stuff, Jim said he doesn’t like tightly whites. Bubba asked if he’s
seeing anyone, Jim said he’s dating a chick, Bubba said he doesn’t get
“Jersey Shore”, he thinks we’re pathetic for saying “Snooky”, Jim said
it’s not really close to home, he said every kid tries to get ass, he
said there are some areas that are like that. Bubba said he had to
work all summer, he didn’t have time for that, Jim said he would sleep
in the parking lot of his job, Spice thinks he couldn’t do that
anymore. Jim said there’s a really rich area, Bubba said he’d like his
kids to come to him and look for ten grand, he said he’d smack his kid
in the mouth if he tried that. Jim said they were paying a lot of
money per episode. Bubba asked him the biggest gig he’s ever had, Jim
said about ten grand, Spice thinks Jim has to fight for his money,
Bubba thinks dealing with promoters should be a reality show, Jim said
the rock clubs screw you over. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
he knew his sister Dian, he said he used to sit two rows from her, Jim
said he was thrown out of school, he said he drives drunk through the
area three times a week. Bubba said he’d like for Jim to stick around
for the leech challenge, he then explained it to him, Jim said he
loves the torture rack, he said no one thinks of stuff like this, he
said he’d like to try it, Spice said it’s living the dream, Jim said
he used to blow up mailboxes, he said they were like terrorists before
terrorists were big, we then heard a promo for the event, Bubba said
everything is a challenge there. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – The Leech challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Leech Challenge”,
Bubba said they were outside, Tom said he couldn’t hear him, Manson
thinks it’s disgusting, Bubba thinks they should abandon the bit, he
said he’d like to see a blood explosion, tom got hit with some balls,
he said this is a relief for Tom, Spice said he’s trying to get him to
pee himself, Tom got hit, he asked for more hitters, he asked for
Florentine, he then asked to move a little closer. Tom got hit, Spice
thinks it’s much better, Bubba thinks Tom will need medical attention,
he then admonished Florentine for not hitting him, Bubba wonders how
fast the balls are going, Tom was freaking out during all this, Spice
thinks Manson is really strong. Tom got hit again, Bubba told him to
get the clump in the middle, he told him to stop shaking. Tom asked
that they stop, as he got hit in the ear, the guys were cracking up
during all this, the guys cracked up when Tom said he’d like to get
ear muffs, Jim said he keeps getting him in the neck, tom said he was
freezing, he said he had a hard time breathing. Bubba took a shot, Tom
was freaking out, he then asked to get the leeches off, Spice said he
feels for them, Manson said the leeches are white trash, Bubba yelled
for a hose, Spice said that tom’s back looked bad, he said bubba had a
high pressure hose, Manson said you can see the blood on Dick’s hands,
Spice said tom’s back is full of blood, Bubba yelled for people to
help out, he was heard telling Tom to stop faking it, Spice goofed on
Bubba. . Bubba asked tom to bend over, Tom was freaking out as he got
rubbing alcohol on his back, he then got water on his back, it turned
out to be more rubbing alcohol, Manson said you should look at the
blood on his pants. Spice said this is incredible stuff, bubba said
he’s disappointed in the guys, Tom said it really hurts, Tom was
freaking out, Spice described what he was doing, Bubba said this was
really cool, Manson said you can see the bite marks, bubba told tom
they didn’t want him to get infected, Spice said this is like a
redneck walk-in clinic. Bubba freaked out when he got some blood on
his sweatshirt, Manson thinks it’s worse than “the Passion Of the
Christ”, Bubba told tom he was a tough man, Spice is shocked he got
laid by chicks on line, he thinks Tom’s pants look like an ANW, Bubba
thinks it was minimal, he said it’s everything the show stands for, he
thinks it would be over the top for TV, he then admonished Pantera for
having a thing of Sault, he thinks they don’t appreciate the guy. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Doug Goodstein in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “NC double D’s”. Bubba
wondered what the music was, he then said the leech challenge would be
either brilliant or a dud, he said he was worried about the leeches
not being able to stop the leeches from sucking, he said Florentine
was such a good shot, it got Tom in the ear, he wonders how fast the
balls are going, he thinks getting hit by a small thing must hurt more
than a big thing, Manson thinks they must be about 100 mph, he said
his fingers were cold from the frozen balls. Bubba asked about Naomi
Camble punching out her driver, we then heard a clip about that. Bubba
said they’ve got Tom laying on the floor, Doug said bubba has his own
control with a loud click, he thinks they’re using a Radio Shaque ab
switch, Bubba wonders why the guy would want to put that kind of hit
over, Spice thinks it’s a payday. Bubba thinks the guy should press
charges, Doug said she’ll probably settle it, Bubba thinks if you give
a driver fifty grand in Tampa, he’d rob a bank. Bubba had a hard time
figuring out what one of the guy’s in the clip was saying, he wondered
why they put it on, Bubba thinks it’s heavy Jewish, Manson thinks it
sounds Scottish, Doug thinks they subtitled it. Bubba pulled the music
for next week. Monday – hammil, Tuesday – Carl, Wednesday – Manson,
Thursday – Grant, Friday – 25 Cent. Bubba wonders if he has a problem
when directing people, he said they don’t follow along with the show,
Spice said he’s able to think on the same line, Manson said they can’t
think. Doug asked who is the guy with the check list, Bubba said it’s
Big dick, Doug thinks it shouldn’t have been outside, bubba thinks the
flipping out footage is great, Spice thinks the workers don’t want it,
he said he didn’t like the TV showing dog fighting, he thinks he said
Scotch Bright at least four times, he said they didn’t even use a
clean one, they used the one that was used for the egg pan, Spice
hopes it doesn’t get put in rotation, bubba said that’s why he’s not
eating there tomorrow, Doug said Bubba is different, Bubba said Tim
has stood in front of semis for the show, he apologized for that,
Spice recapped how it would go down. Bubba said in the early stages,
they were crazy, he recapped when Howard said they might end up
killing someone. Doug doesn’t’ get the point, Bubba said tom makes
$100 per challenge, he said he’s the official stunt guy, Spice said
they sewed tom’s lip shut, tom backed out of it (November 5, 2009).
Bubba said he pays Tom $80, he said he’ll do anything. Doug liked when
Tom got hit and said it hurt, Bubba said they gave Tom his own shirt,
Spice goofed on someone using, Bubba said the guys
were still working on tom, he asked to see him, he wonders how fast
it’ll get done, Spice said he likes the medical team, Doug thinks it
looks like tom got out of a war, Spice thinks this is Tom’s Afghistan,
Bubba then goofed on Tom. Doug wonders if Tom is dumb, we then heard
Tom’s bumper for various promotions. Bubba said tom used to tell
people he was an intern on the show, he decided to go with it, Spice
said Tom has had some requests, Bubba said Tom was bleeding a lot, he
said Tom looks like a package, the guys goofed on Twenty-five, Manson
said this would be like three guys carjacking someone, only to have a
change of heart. Bubba explained the show he was watching, he said tom
is a white trash guy looking for attention. Bubba potted up the green
room audio, he thinks they’ve gone through $300 of medical supplies,
he said when you walk into the building, you have no rights, he then
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for tomorrow, Doug said
he’d like to see the strippers at 6, Spice said it’s scheduled for 8.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    leeches rocked i laughed my ass off with my partner, we work on an ambulance and our line of work helped it be that much funnier….we will do medical stand by next time

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