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This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports discussions

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by a
clip of the Rays getting a grand slam home run. Bubba said the music
was provided by Gale, Spice thinks they just started calling him that.
Bubba asked if the guys watched the Rays game, he turned on his iPhone
and saw the score 2-1, the next thing he realized it was bases loaded,
Rays up 3-2, he saw the grand slam, we then heard the clip again.
Manson said he didn’t see it, Spice said Carl used his bat as a middle
finger, telling the Rays to pay him; Brent said he’s a $17,000,000
player. Bubba thinks they should give Crofferd the money they pay
Carlos Pinia, and let one of them go; Brent said he’s batting 176.
Spice said he’s got all kind of stuff going on, Bubba said someone was
eating something, Ned said he had chicken wings last night. Bubba said
they’re still looking for single Dads for a “date” with Naughty
Alysha. Spice brought up the umpire who blew the perfect game, Bubba
said it wasn’t even close, he said the perfect game is one of the
rarest things in baseball, he thinks the umpires should have instant
replay, Manson asked when this happened, Bubba said it was the final
out of the game, he then explained how it went down, he asked the guys
to burn the clip on DVD so Manson could see it, he then read an
article about that. Manson thinks challenging some cals wouldn’t be a
big deal, Spice said even professional Tennis has gone to challenging.
Bubba said this could make the player’s career, Brent said this put
the guy on the map, Bubba thinks Baseball is being ruined by Budd
Seelic, he doesn’t like his 1955 mentality, he thinks baseball should
have a salary cap, he said every other sport pays their guys around
10-14 million. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, Jim Joyce discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s Chicago
appearance. Bubba plugged the dollar preview, he said
Auggy had a horrible showing; he said you never turn your back during
a boxing match, the guys then went over some birthdays. Spice didn’t
know what The Gong Show was about, Manson said the sow was pretty cool
back in the day, he said some girls came out with some really long
popsicles, he said people were trying to stop them, Bubba told Spice
to check it out, he thinks chuck got high and thought of the show,
Manson said it’s like American Idol’s tryout week, with a gong. Spice
said Dean martin was a pimp on TV, Bubba said he always had a
cigarette going, Spice said he refused to go to any pre show meetings,
Manson said people loved Dino getting drunk. Bubba said he feels good
about the show, Manson thinks it will be a great fit, Bubba said
they’ll let him be me, he said he told the guy that when they beep
stuff out, they use chicken clucking, burps and farts, the guy he was
talking to liked the idea, he then went on to play the footage of the
Tigers/Indians game, we then heard the clip. Manson said it looked
really slow, Spice cracked up at the clip, the guys cracked up when
the reporter said it may go down as one of the worst calls ever, Bubba
thinks if it was him, you couldn’t have something without putting in a
few F bombs, he thinks the guy is happy INS isn’t sniffing around, he
then recapped what he’d say, he thinks the guys in the background are
madder. Manson said the guy was so closed to making the right call, we
then heard a clip of Jim Joyce talking; Bubba said he thinks the guy
will get more millage out of his response. Spice asked what would’ve
happened if he had made the safe sign, only to punch out, Brent said
the head umpire can overturn the play. Bubba said he’s only seen
something like that happen once in 1979. Spice said he went to school
with the daughter of an umpire who made a call with a Twelve year-old;
the guy got a bunch of death threats. Bubba said as mad as he is at
the guy, he likes him, he said the game is what makes the guy the bad
guy, he said Jim is doing the right thing. We then heard a clip of Jim
Leland commenting on the situation, Bubba said he’s just mad at the
game, he said the big sports are ran by some old farts. We then heard
a clip of Jason Donald talking about the event; Bubba said it was
close in real time standards, but not in replay. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails, oil spills

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
then into Adam Smash’s “Last Call”. Bubba said these guys are from
Miami, he said the fans gave them a positive response, he thinks
they’re Puddle Of Mud sound to them, he said the White ap stuff is for
Florida based companies only, it’s only through the month of June, he
said he told Dawalt and White Cap he could make a difference. The
first email of the day said Bubba is an idiot for calling Jessey James
white trash winning the lottery, Bubba said he can bamboozle to listen
to the show. Another emailer said on ay 26, one of his friends was
electrocuted while working on a generator. Bubba said he’s very
familiar with the Rocket Hocket, he said it’s a sad loss; he said the
guy died instantly, he thinks he raced with him. Another emailer said
he’d like to participate in the Naughty Alysha contest, the emailer
said he doesn’t have much time to go on dates. Another emailer said
they hear Bubba’s commercials about Metro PCS, the emailer was a
little unsure about that stuff, they got a great deal. Another emailer
asked who was on the show; Spice said it’s Atom Smash. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for getting them hooked on Buddy’s Home Furnishing.
Another emailer asked how much would it be to have Twenty-five Cent to
appear in Denver, the guys think the email is some kind of Klan
related stuff. Another emailer said the oil leek will put all the good
people out of business, Bubba wonders where all the stars are, the
emailer said Bubba was a visionary for saying “Fuck Haiti”, Spice said
everyone is expecting BP to pay for everything, Manson said some
people in Alaska are still waiting to get paid for the Exxon
situation. Spice said even the reporters have nothing to report on;
Manson thinks it’s in an aquarium. We then heard a news clip about BP
cutting into some lines, Bubba asked Ned if he was a fan of Tar Balls,
Ned said he had no idea what he was talking about. Spice said that BP
hired people to make it seem like they were doing something, as they
left when Obama left, Bubba told the listeners to not even think about
going to the places he has listed on the website, the guys think
Gilligan could do better with the oil spill. Bill on protection said
lawsuits will be filed, but the media will never mention it. Bubba
thinks they should be regulated, he said everyone will be screwed from
all of this. The guy said BP has a line where you can bail them out;
Ned wondered why the guy was on protection. The last email of the day
said they saw Bubba’s race rig on the road the other day, Bubba said
the crew is headed to Indiana, Ned thinks the Hip Hugger is a gay bar.
Mike in Orlando said Bubba has been doing radio gold lately. We then
heard a news clip about Obama’s approach of the oil spill, Bubba
thinks Obama is learning how to work, he said he’d like to see a
President flipping out. We then heard Ned’s Messages to BP; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Chicago
appearance. We then heard Kevin hayslett’s bumper, Bubba said some
guys were on hold asking about the oil spill. Bubba said Kevin is one
of the few lawyers to have a bunch of videos on his website, Kevin
said he has about 488, Bubba thinks Kevin is like the Rain Man of
lawyers. Spice asked about if you get pulled over for a dui, a penny
under the tongue will work, Kevin said no. Bubba asked about the tack
in the shoe during a lie detector test, Kevin said no. Spice wonders
what the difference is with lie detectors now; Kevin said they were
most trust worthy back in the day. Dane said he’s on probation, he
asked what his roommate will have, Kevin said when you’re on
probation, you’ve given up your fourth Amendment rights. Dane said
he’s on probation for a possession charge, he said he’s on for two
years. Bubba asked if the PO can come by un announced, Kevin said yes.
Tim said he lost his job, he got a new one, he said his landlord is
threatening to change the locks. Kevin said she has three days to
leave, Spice said he spent about $500 when he had to kick out his
tenets, he told the guy to pay his lot and leave. Bubba asked him how
far behind is he, the guy said it’s a gated situation, Manson goofed
on him, the guy said it’s $500 a month, Spice told him to leave, he
said the guy is looking to buy time, Manson said that’s why it’s
called a mobile home. Spice said you can’t just change the locks.
Bubba said the guy is being a dick, he said the guy is manipulating
the system, Tim said he’s not behind with the property itself, he said
they don’t want partial payments, he said he’s not even making $300 a
week, Spice told him to just leave, the guy got Eviled a few seconds
later. Kevin said back in the day, someone would take off your front
door, he said you can’t turn off the power and water, Spice said they
left his apartment as a hell hole. Tina said her job has been shorting
her on her paycheck, she said her hours hasn’t been matching up. Kevin
gave her his number: 17274431562. Quante came on, Spice said guilty.
Quante said when he was a teenager, he committed three felonies and
was baker acted, he asked if he could purchase a fire arm. Kevin said
no, he said I the guy was convicted, it’s difficult to get that stuff
overturned, the guys then goofed on the caller. Bubba read an email
from a guy who said his friend was pulled over for driving too close,
they found 900 grams of Meth, the stuff in question wasn’t what they
thought it was, it turned out to be Oatmeal. The emailer asked why the
media can put whatever they’d like, he then read an article about
that, Ned said way to go, Denzel. Kevin said you can’t unring the
bell, he said if you arrest someone for narcotics, perform a test, he
said if that wasn’t done, there are some legal issues. Rob in Tampa
said he was tress passed at Ruth Echard Hall, he got Eviled a few
seconds later. Tina said someone at her job has been threatening to
kill people, Spice thinks Tina was giving her the evil eye. Kevin said
she has no legal recourse, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” from
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14, the caller hung up. Michael
in Miami said he has a felony conviction in New York, he said he was
told to do something via civil disobedience, Kevin said it’s
restoration of your civil rights, Ned asked if the guy is on a
Rollercoaster, the guy said he’s driving. Chris said he was on
vacation, his neighbor complained that the guy’s car was parked in an
empty lot. Kevin said they have to have something going, he said you
have to show up for proof of ownership. Bubba thinks the towing
company is the biggest racket going, he think they’re on a power trip,
Spice said they’re like a bouncer at the club. Kevin said he can’t
comment on the street preacher case, Bubba thinks you should just tell
the guy to turn his stuff down. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ned’s New Bit, Gary Coleman 911

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview, then into “Jessey James Solves The World’s Problems”.
We then heard some Jackal as bumper music, Bubba cracked up at the
song “My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass”, Manson thinks Moonshine
is better than Cocaine, Bubba wonders what Miller thinks of it, he
then stopped and started the song to comment, he then recapped his
Spin class, he said the guy is the bike Nazi, saying how the guy will
twist the knob, Ned said he’d like to try it out, Bubba thinks maybe
the knob is dirty, he said he likes Ron, he said Jim is a prick, Spice
as heather thanked him for the workout, Bubba then recapped how he’d
order Pizza while in Spin Class. Ned thinks he can ride a bike, saying
he has ass problems, Bubba said he has a big seat, he said he’s
dwarfing the seat, he said he’s lost some weight, he thinks they
should make everyone do a spin class, Spice thinks he could do it,
Manson suggested they just meet a Island Way Grill, Spice thinks Bubba
mandates the weirdest stuff ever. Bubba thinks the guys will like Ron
better than Jim, he said he’d like to see Jimmy Kleavis beat up Jim,
Spice thinks this would be like the Bloods Vs the Cripps, Bubba said
Jimmy is single now, he thinks they should get him a date, he said
Jimmy attracts real cunty women. Spice asked if Jimmy talks in third
person, Bubba said no, he thinks Jimmy could buy Spinergy, Spice said
he’s not interesting. We then heard Jimmy Hart’s new song, Bubba said
ned has a rebuttal, Ned said it was delivered on a silver platter,
Spice thinks the song is about Bubba and Hogan, Bubba said the only
name he has on him is Tyler’s name. Ned said his song is called “I’m
Done Screwing that Cow”. Ned said this was a song that Hogan sings
when he’s on the bridge. Ned recaps Hogan’s situation, he said it’s
more powerful then Jimmy Hart’s, Bubba said he’d like to hear the
uncut version, he thinks Scott Hall is still up from last night.
Tanner in Arizona said there’s a clip of Gary Coleman’s wife calling
into a show, Spice thinks its murder. Bubba said maybe they got
divorced, he said if that was the case, she didn’t have the authority
to say pull the plug, he said your own bodily functions aren’t that
big of a deal, he thinks Manson would hold Donna’s hair back if she
had to puke, Ned thinks Garnet puking was funny. Bubba said from what
everyone can gather, Gary was downstairs making some food for his
wife, Manson thought he fell in the shower, Bubba thinks she was
waiting in the weeds for something to happen to him. We then heard the
911 call, Bubba said if a loved one has had an accident with blood and
you run to give play-by-play, Spice said it’s hard to follow. Bubba
thinks even Pantera would stay near the body, he thinks the woman
doesn’t sound distraught at all, Manson thinks she beat him with a led
pipe. Bubba recapped her situation, he then goofed on her making the
call, the guys cracked up at her saying she couldn’t do it, Spice said
she’s cold blooded, he then goofed on her saying she couldn’t drive,
Bubba thinks she sounds normal. Spice said even if she didn’t do
anything wrong, she’s still an evil woman, Bubba thinks she doesn’t
sound all that panicked, Spice asked that Gary stop being a dick, he
thinks she’s treating him like he’s a dog. Bubba thinks Gary is in a
better place, where ever that may be, Spice thinks maybe they were a
good couple. Bubba then gave Gary his Eulogy to Gary, saying how he
never heard a good thing about him. Spice said Big Dick met him, he
wouldn’t read liners for a radio station, Bubba said he’s glad he’s
dead, he and Spice then argued a little over who got the money, Bubba
said his Dad gave him his dignity, Ned thinks he’d be the biggest dick
ever. Bubba yelled for everyone to shut up, he then said his
personality got him to the dance, Brent as Bubba said to shut up and
feel sorry for him. Bubba said if you’re a dick, you’re going to get
yourself black balled, he said if the guys didn’t have him, they’d be
nothing. Matt said he’s a big fan, he asked if Bubba had nothing, he
got Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba asked for the guys to
impersonate him accurately, Ned said get over it. Bubba thinks
everyone should impersonate everyone else, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Manson bit gets animated, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for being a wrestler, then
into some Atom Smash. Bubba isn’t sure if the guys like him, Spice
thinks Bubba is working himself up. Bubba said every relationship has
some stuff in it, he said he just cares about Brent, Spice and Manson,
as they rib him. Spice said ribs, Bubba thinks he’s working, Brent
said its all ribs. Bubba thinks they should put this as a part of the
BTLS News letter to get this, Spice said it’s out there. Bubba said
it’s the Bubba GPS bit (Bubba Show classics Vol. 13, track 5)
animated, he told Shark to leave him alone, he said he’ll pick the
best of elements. We then heard the clip, Bubba thinks they couldn’t
have made him look any fatter, he thinks he looks like a cone head,
the guys cracked up at the clip, he thinks Dave has his own restaurant
with the Buffalo chicken dip, Manson said Donna ate there. Bubba
wonders if anyone in Dayton is listening to the show, Manson thinks
not, Spice thinks maybe the board op isn’t listening, he said they
should find out who did this for them, he said the guy is money,
Manson said when you do impersonations, you have to go over the top.
Bubba thinks when you’ve discovered them in Dayton, you won’t want to
go back to Bob and Tom, he said you can see this on Spice
wonders what Bubba would say if he couldn’t’ feel his legs, Bubba
thinks if he was blind, the ribs would never end. Brad in Dayton said
he and his wife listens, he said he heard on Sirius. Bubba asked what
else does Dayton have, the guy said Rush Limbaugh. Joe in Dayton said
he’s in the law enforcement community, he said about 90% of the guys
listen to him, the guy said there’s nothing. Bubba told the guy to
flip around, he said he doesn’t mind exposes the competition. The guy
put the phone on the speaker. The guy flipped over to Bob and tom,
Bubba yelled comedian a few times. The guy said there’s a rap station,
the guy went to it, Spice thinks the guy is alright, Bubba yelled for
the guy to turn it off, the guy came back on a few seconds later.
Bubba took a call from a woman who said she broke her arm, she said
she’s 13, she said she listens to the show every morning. Steve in
Dayton said he loves the show, he asked if Bubba asked about the
Tigers pitcher, bubba said he talked about it. Terry thinks they
should have a Brent concert. We then heard a news clip about Casey
Anthony falling, we then heard “My Trunk” from “bubba’s New and Misc
Hits Vol. 9”, track 9, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba explains the “My Trunk” bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS newsletter.
Bubba asked if he’s ever heard of the Crash Kings, Spice said yes,
Bubba groaned at the selection, he thinks Manson hates Russ, Manson
said he’s never done that. Bubba said there’s a new shirt on, the Clem Racing Incorporated Shirt, Ned said he’d like
six. Christine in Miami said she was offended about the Casey Anthony
song, Bubba suggested they talk it out, he said he’s a parent, he said
they didn’t embellish anything in the song, he said all police reports
have indicated what happened. Christine said she’s not reporting news,
she said it doesn’t make her a stupid ass bitch, Spice said she
doesn’t listen to the show, Bubba told her not to hang up, he said
they’re doing a parody element about the facts, he said she can’t
handle the truth. Christine said they’re making a joke over someone
who is dead, Bubba played the jack Nickelson sounder a few times as
she talked, he said he’ll never kill his kid, he said Casey took the
respect from the kid by killer her, he said you’ll never hear on his
show speculation, he said everyone is a pussy around here, he said a
kid dying the way she died is a problem, he said that reporting it in
a parody song, he said she’s a monster, he said they didn’t’ stretch
any truth, he asked how worse can the situation get, we then heard the
ask Nickelson sounder a few times. Bubba challenged her to listen to
the show, he said you’ll never hear a song about speculation, he asked
her to take a few steps back, he asked how much more could the kid be
disrespected, he asked what can a song do that hasn’t already been
done. Christine said it’s not funny, Spice said he’s had emails from
people who think it’s funny, she thinks Bubba will disregard the phone
call, Bubba said he doesn’t’ find the song funny, he finds it
sickening what happened, she hung up a few seconds later. Bubba said
his show is the pulse of what is happening, he said they don’t shine
things up, he said they take life and beat you over the head with it,
Manson said he wanted to drive the point home that society isn’t
outraged. Bubba said the second the kid took its last breath, the
disrespecting is over, he said nothing is worse than what has been
done to her, he said they just put a song together based the
information they had, he said that’s why the show will never be up
there with shows like bob and Tom, Rick and Bubba etc, he said those
kinds of shows are fake, he said they just pander to corporate
America. Bubba said that the song starts out with a news report, he
thinks someone is afraid of losing their job, he thinks she probably
called her a crazy bitch, the guys joined in, Spice said they give the
opinions. Bubba said people just want to hear that it smells horrible,
he then recapped how the news would recap the story, he said both are
the same one is delivered in a different format, he said being
disrespectful isn’t the case, he thinks respect stops the day you die,
Spice said they’ve never been accused of being classy. Bubba stopped
and started the song, Ned interjected as the fact checker. Bubba said
it’s the truth, he said if it’s not the case, then they’ve got
problems, he said he’s sorry for what happened, he said he wishes they
didn’t have to make the song, he said some of the stuff isn’t the
classiest of statements, he said the show stems from people who can’t
handle it, he said if you don’t like the show, don’t listen, he thinks
if people were to visualize this, people would be more offended, he
said this stuff is Bubba-tized. Jay said he’s more offended by the
fact that she killed her kid, he’s not offended by the song, Bubba
said the guy is a real man. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
Bubba has hit the nail on the head, he said the news just lets it go
by the wayside. Jim in Orlando said he’s not offended by the song, he
said he can handle the truth, he thinks the guys take it a little too
far, he said he’d like for her to fry, he thinks the guys will end up
setting her free, Spice said they’ll find people who don’t get it.
Will said it points out the problem with the person, they always seem
to spin it against him. Tim thanked the guys for the show, he said
he’s never visualized it, he said when he heard the song, he said
because of the censorship, no one really gets it. Manson said he’s
just trying to show how ridiculous it is to have a snake, Bubba thinks
they should have a guy animate the bit, he thinks he may have to
censor himself, Spice didn’t know what it means, Bubba thinks he would
get fired, Spice said it all depends on how graphic the animator wants
to make it. Bubba said one should equal the other, he thinks the state
would want to hire them for recreations, he thinks they do ladies
only, Ned said he’s out. they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Female callers vote on Manson’s “My Trunk” getting animated, Orlando ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba asked that the listeners follow them on Twitter, he said
Spice hasn’t been on Twitter a lot, he asked for the ladies to call in
if they’d like to see the animated trunk bit, he said they’ll put it
all on the ladies, he said they’re the fourteenth rated show in
Orlando, he doesn’t get how they did that.

1. Denise – No
2. Maryel – yes
3. Lorry – no
4. Tammy – yes
5. Sabrina – yes
6. Heather – yes
7. Sandra – yes
8. Tracey – no
9. Sandy – yes
10. Caroline – yes
11. Brooke – yes
12. Diana – yes
13. Tina – yes
14. Cindy – yes

Bubba said they’ll be animating it, Spice wonders who they’re
offending, Bubba said Lex and Terry beat them, he wonders if the show
sucks that bad, he thinks they did well for the month of April, Ned
thinks they did horrible shows. They then ended the show a few seconds

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