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This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – ocean Prime, Guess the race part, emails, Bubba on the
Lightning round

Bubba started off with Billy Joel as bumper music. Bubba said today is
his Friday. Bubba said he and Brent went to ocean Prime last night to
celebrate Heather’s birthday. Bubba said the portions are smaller as
the fancier the place is. Spice said he hasn’t been there. Bubba said
Angey Fox will be coming in today; Jim Florentine will also be in, as
well as the Human Fireworks display. Bubba said when Don gave him a
tour of the factory, he was freaking out. Bubba said they’re doing it
rain or shine. Bubba said he got more emails from people about his
appearance on the Lightning Round; he got a lot of complaints. Bubba
said he got a ton of emails from people who loved Manson’s Billy Mays
call from yesterday. Bubba said he’s going to show the guys various
car parts, you guess the part, if you get it right, and you get a
dollar. Bubba held up the first item, no one guessed what it was;
Bubba said it was an axle hub. Manson wondered if they were on the
air. Bubba displayed the next item, Ned guess what it was, he got it,
and it was a day break. Bubba displayed the next item; Bubba said
they’re axle collars. Bubba displayed the next item, Manson guessed a
U joint, he got it wrong though, and Bubba said it was a front end
spindle. Bubba displayed the next item; he said they were a arms that
hook up to the tires. Bubba had the next item, Ned guessed Chinese
Death stars, and Bubba said they’re not. Bubba displayed the next
item, Ned said axle, and he got it. Bubba displayed the next item,
Spice guessed a spatchula, Bubba said it’s a peddle. Charles in West
Palm Beach wondered when someone will ring the bell. Bubba recapped
some sports scores. Bubba thinks the Rays fell apart yesterday. Allen
in Tampa said he had a valve, someone rang the bell. Spice thinks
Billy Mays could’ve made racing boring. Bubba read an email from
someone asking if they can use Bubba’s quotes in a book. Another email
thanked the guys for the Clemulus package. Bubba said there’s a free
pass to BubbaRaw.com in there. Another emailer suggested the guys use
an air soft weapon on tom the Tree man. Another email said David
Hefner is an idiot, he did ref Hogan’s match. Another email thanked
Manson for his Billy Mays impersonation. Another email said they
wanted to find the audio of that. Bubba wonders if they should offer
it on btls.com. Another email wonders where the Dead Baby bit is, the
guys wonder if it made the cut for the album, Bubba had to check,
Spice joked that Bubba could do a show under a bunch of car parts.
Bubba went through the track listing. Bubba thinks he doesn’t have
time to look through all of this. Bubba said he doesn’t remember
“Stairway to bubba”, Manson said it wasn’t funny. Another email said
the Billy Mays stuff was hilarious. Another email complained about
Bubba’s comments on Michael Jackson. Bubba played the audio from the
Lightning Round. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd Works the Drive-thru

Coming out of commercials, we heard the B-Fudd Works the drive-thru
bit from “The Clemulus package” disc 2, track 14. In the bit, Bubba
pretends to be a customer at McDonalds, with B-Fudd as the guy working
there. In the bit, Bubba attempts to order a meal for him and Tyler,
B-Fudd messes it up, the guys crack up, Ned acts as an impatient
customer. This bit was originally broadcasted May 6, 2008. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Girls of Callientay

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus
Package”. We then heard “papa was A Rolling Stone” as bumper music.
Derrick in Braington said he was watching Fox; he thinks TV can’t
handle him. Bubba said he’s turned down a bunch of reality shows, as
he doesn’t do scripted stuff. Bubba said he has to blow out all these
tickets today. Bubba asked to bring the girls in, Brent said they were
at the Bikes for Badges. Two of the girls are named Ashley. Angey said
the contest will be Saturday at one. Twenty-five said that the last
time he dated a black woman was when they first started at Sirius.
Twenty-five said he’d take Ashley, Brent said they’re both named
Ashley. Bubba thinks Twenty-five has no game. Brent thinks he lost his
black card. Angey said Twenty-five visits them all the time. Ashley
thinks Twenty-five is setting black people back. Ashley said she’s
never dated a white guy. Bubba thinks he’s the same size as the girls
Twenty-five dates. Angey said it’s a clothing optional resort, Spice
said the master bedroom has mirrors all around it. Bubba said that if
he ever fires Twenty-five, he could work driving the golf cart at the
resort. Angey said that you have to be nude if you’re in the pool.
Bubba said the girls are cooler than he thought. Bubba wonders how
Twenty-five got into it. Spice thinks Twenty-five has been breaking
into the resort. Brent said swimming nude isn’t all that bad. Brent
said the resort is nicer than hedo. Angey asked Bubba if he’s ever
gone to a nudist resort, Bubba said he’d never go. Spice said a dude
came into the night club, he saw a dude without pants. Spice said some
dude partied on him. Bubba wonders if Twenty-five and Angey will have
sex. Bubba asked for the two Ashleys to have a mini Callientay party.
Ashley said you have to be there. Bubba asked Angey to show her boobs,
she did. Bubba thanked them for coming in, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Replay of the Billy Mays call

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
some Johnny Cash as bumper music. Bubba took some calls from some
listeners, people wanted to hear the bit from yesterday. Bubba played
it for those who didn’t hear it. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan on the line

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show from Hogan.
We then heard AWB as bumper music. Bubba said he hasn’t heard from
Hogan all week. Bubba called him, Bubba played his bumper. Bubba asked
if they had heat, Hogan said it’s just crazyness that’s keeping him
down. Bubba said they don’t go a day or two without contact. Hogan
said he’s been running hard to get stuff done. Bubba said some of the
guys in the Packers said Brooke did a great job. Hogan said he saw
Charlie in the hall during a break, he told him he wasn’t going to
kill him. Hogan asked the bubba Army to hold off on attacking Linda.
Hogan said that stuff is going to get crazy. Bubba said he’s glad
stuff can finally be worked out. Bubba recapped the David Hebner
story. Bubba asked Hogan who the ref was in his match between Andre,
Hogan said it was a guy named Joey who has since passed away. Hogan
asked Bubba to hold on, as he was pulling up his pants, we then heard
Hogan flushing his toilet. The guys go over various wrestlers. Hogan
said he hasn’t heard anything from Vince. Bubba said he pulled a Hogan
yesterday with his agents. Bubba thinks tom Bean has Gina Hunter on
lockdown. The guys talk about the Mj situation. Hogan said Bubba would
have to show people his closet. Bubba said if Hogan died, he couldn’t
talk to people about it, he’d be helping out the family. Bubba said
when Hogan’s dad died; there was no way he could’ve gone back to work
so suddenly. Hogan said he knew Billy just as a friend. Bubba said MJ
didn’t exactly know Mays. Bubba said he’ll call Hogan, Hogan said he
wouldn’t. Bubba said he’ll be on Hogan’s phone around eleven today.
Hogan said when he talked to Linda yesterday; it was like they were
getting along. Bubba thinks the people is ready for this. Bubba said
he’s got Jim Florentine in, Hogan didn’t know who that was. Hogan
joked that the guys have waisted enough of his time. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Comedian Jim Florentine visits the BRN

Bubba asked for Jim to come in. Bubba said Jim mostly hangs out on the
Stern show for the news. Bubba likes how Jim can just come in. Jim
said it was great to be in. Jim said when Jackie left; he was in a lot
before Artie came in. Bubba wonders if Jim’s shows sell out when he’s
on Howard’s show, Jim said he is. Bubba said he heard that Artie is
making a ton of money. Bubba asked Jim about the heat he got over his
interview with Bubba, Bubba thinks Robin would get heat. Brent said
Howard had the clips racked up the next morning. Bubba thinks the best
hour of radio is when the show first starts. Bubba thinks they got
more out of him. Bubba asked Jim what he’s got going on; Jim said he’s
doing the Improv this weekend. Bubba asked Jim about his latest TV
projects, Jim said he just shot a pilot for mtv; he just shot a movie
with Jennifer Fisher. Jim said he’s also doing “VH1 Classic”. Bubba
wonders why they don’t play videos anymore. Bubba said he heard that
the cast of Hogan Knows Best got a lot of money the last season. Brent
said that people give Sharon Ozborn a hard time, but without her,
Ozzie would’ve been nothing. Jim said he once kissed a guy on the
cheek for a Hogan picture. Jim said he saw Andre the Giant once, he
thinks he was packing some big meat. Jim said he just tried to focus
on the match, he thinks it was creepy to sit on a guy’s lap while the
match was on; Jim said he was rising above the wring. Bubba wondered
what happened to the guy; Jim said his parents weren’t there when he
kissed the guy for the Hogan picture. Jim said the guy got arrested
about a month later. Jim said the guy had his hand in Jim’s pants. Jim
thinks he would’ve been a whore if he was a girl. Jim said he told his
older brothers what happened, they took the guy back to the bus
station and beat the scrap out of him. Bubba got John the sign guy in
Richmond on, he’s never heard back from the guy, Bubba thinks it’s
because the new frequency is coming up. Bubba asked Jim how many shows
he’s doing; he’s doing one show Saturday. Bubba suggested Jim go to
Callientay. Jim said he went to a swingers club in Ft. Lauderdale, he
said he saw people having sex with each other. Jim said he was wearing
a towel; a girl took it off and went to business. Bubba wondered how
much work is there in New York; Jim said it was all about work. Bubba
thinks flying out of JFK has got to be a pain in the ass, bubba thinks
Tampa is the easiest airport to leave from. Brent said Jim has some
prank calls he does with telemarketers. Bubba said it’s sad to be in
the world they’re in. Bubba said he likes Jimmy kimmel; he likes Jimmy
even more after meeting him. Bubba thinks Jimmy should take Conan’s
place. Manson wonders who would watch Lennon and Conan. Bubba thinks
Adam and Drew had a good thing going. Bubba thinks Howard made a lot
of money at k Rock. Bubba said CBS doesn’t even consider them. Bubba
said he’s got a lot of appreciation for people like Jim, Artie, and
Lisa lampanelli. Jim said he did a show one night and no one knew who
he was. Jim said if the crowd knows who you are, you have an
advantage. Bubba thinks Henry Rollins doesn’t’ prepare, he just goes
up to talk for a long time. Bubba said Artie’s new material is
hilarious. Jim said he does some pranks, Bubba said Liquid Ass is
great. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Snake kills a Kid, Manson’s new bit

The guys think the fireworks stunt is a no go. The guys discuss a baby
eaten by a snake. Spice said he wishes all snakes would die. Bubba
thinks the parents are white trash. Brent said snakes are good
ecologically, Brent thinks Spice would run out of fear. Jim wonders
what they’re good for. Bubba played the 911 call about that, Bubba
doesn’t like how the guy calls the snake stupid. Bubba wonders why
it’s so fun to make fun of white Trash. Bubba likes the fast dial in
the phone call, Bubba thinks she should do radio contests. Manson said
white trash have no concept of consequences. Bubba said he realizes
the fast dialing is just a program. Bubba said they’re not editing the
names; it’s just how it came to them. Bubba said he wants to feel bad
for the guy, but he can’t. Manson has a new offering about that,
parody of Kc and the Sunshine Band’s “shake your booty”, “snake Ate
Your Baby”. Bubba thinks the rain has subsided; they should be able to
do the bit. Bubba said Manson can do a bit in forty-five minutes,
bubba thinks it’s a good distraction. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – tom the Tree man Fireworks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Human fireworks
display. Spice came on and said they were outside. Spice said he was
strapping Tom up. Bubba asked Jim what he thought of this, Jim said
this is like home to him. Bubba gave Tom a disclaimer to recite, which
he did. Bubba started it off, he had a little trouble lighting the
thing, and he finally got it going. Bubba said the show didn’t go as
well as planned. A few seconds later, Spice wondered if tom was okay.
Bubba asked Brent to go to commercials, which they did. This is how
the show ended for the day.

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