Thursday, July 15th

July 16th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, July 15, 2010

As always, this is Lawrence, your blind scribe, with the recap.

Bumper music provided by Jabberjaw:
Orianthi – Shut Up & Kiss Me
Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me
Michael Franti ft. Speakhead – Say Hey (I Love You)
Paramore – Misery Business
Neon Trees – 1983
B.o.B. ft Rivers Cuomo – Magic
Paper Tongues – Get Higher

Segment 1 – Starting off the show

Bubba said they’re trying to diversify the music, he then cut the song
off, he was shocked that it’s Thursday, Spice thinks he had a rough
one, Bubba said it’s a sad situation, even though he’s doing the right
thing, he said he couldn’t put himself in their shoes, he said a
kickass cop picked them up at the airport, he then went on to say that
a fhp guy rubbed him the wrong way, he wonders what’s up with the
Jacksonville ratings, he thinks MJ is freaked out, saying the ratings
is like a rollercoaster, Manson said that MJ isn’t tall enough to ride
it. Bubba said that there’s yet another Mel Gibson tape, Brent isn’t
sure if they can play it on regular radio, he thinks there’s going to
be even more today. Bubba said that Mel is trying to discredit the
audio, Brent said it’s clearly him, Bubba said that Mel is claiming
the clips are edited, Manson joked that it’s Mike Kaminski (Mike was a
guy who did voices in the Clear channel days), Spice said it would be
cool if Mel cursed in another language. Tom in Brandon asked for Pagan
and Potheads tickets, Bubba told him to hang on, Manson said he’ll be
happy to see him there. Brent thanked Bubba for supporting the event,
he said that Bubba takes care of the guys, Ned told him to move on.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Coins for Cops”.
Bubba wonders if the song will kick in, Spice said it does, Bubba
doesn’t think stuff just gets him, he then read an article about Mike
Tyson saying he’s a pig, he thinks Shaque should just give it up. Sean
in Tampa said he’s the guy who lost his car in a sinkhole, Bubba
thinks the guy has Soma Tongue, Sean said he’s so numb from talking,
Bubba thinks the guy should call the Insurance company, Brent said to
max out your car insurance, as you won’t have any problems when
something big happens. Sean said they’re going to back their insurance
up, Ned thinks the guy is on Oxies, Sean said he smokes a little bit
of weed, Bubba thinks he smoked a whole truck of it. Dave in West Palm
said Howard was putting them over yesterday, he referenced something
Bubba was talking about, he mentioned Brent’s love of getting bitten,
Bubba said he’d love to spend some time with him, Spice thinks Howard
is the only one who still believes in them, Bubba said no one from
Jacksonville has congratulated him, Spice said there’s a sandwich shop
that is interested in getting the Meaty Mandingo, Ned said he wasn’t
sure, he said there are men in t. Meyers with hungry mouths. We then
heard the commercial for “Ned’s 12 inch Meaty Mandingo (available with
a side of man sauce)”, Bubba thinks if they do that, they won’t be
able to monitor if the company is doing it right, Ned thinks the guys
in Ft. Meyers will have to keep having hungry mouths, Bubba thinks it
would be watering down the product, he thinks they should keep it
within the zip code. Calvin said he’s from Canada, he said he can’t
wait to see them in Calgary; Bubba had to dump him for cursing. Calvin
said the show on regular radio is better than the Sirius show, he said
he’ll be driving fourteen hours, he asked if Manson and Brent could
bring the Pagan Potheads to Bubbapalooza, Manson said yes. Jim in
South Decoda asked if the guys would play a bit, he said whoever picks
the replays for the Satellite shows pick some good stuff. The guys
then went over some birthdays, Spice thinks the guy married to Megan
Fox is a douchebag, Bubba said he hears the same thing, Manson thinks
Linda Ronstadt isn’t all that hot, Spice didn’t know who that was.
Bubba thinks Linda went downhill, he thinks Bridget Neilson looked
horrible, Spice thinks she doesn’t look as bad as Linda Ronstadt,
Bubba thinks she’s a pig, he thinks he wasted so much stuff on her.
The first email of the day said the big checks could be the best idea.
Another emailer asked Bubba to update his personal information; Spice
thinks the bio section, the emailer asked to see the relationship
between Mark Ober and MJ. Another emailer thanked Bubba for the red
line oil suggestion. Another emailer said the big checks are the best
way to assist people. Another emailer thanked Bubba for turning them
on to Another emailer started by addressing Bubba as
Todd, Spice said that’s never anything good, the emailer thinks Bubba
has gone too far with the Mel Gibson tapes, the emailer hoped Bubba is
never that embarrassed. Bubba said everyone is playing them, he said
he did auto-tune them, he’ll be playing them uncensored on the
Satellite show; Spice said they didn’t break into his house and record
him. Brent said the tapes will be evidence, as the loophole is that if
you make a threat on tape. Another emailer said Jeff Hess said hello.
The last email of the day thanked Bubba for donating money to the
families. Bubba said he hasn’t seen any coverage, he said that he’s
not a DJ, Spice said channel 4 sucks. Bubba read an article about him
helping out families, he said a DJ is the guy who plays records at a
club, he said he’ll gladly take shock jock over DJ any day of the
week. Ron in Jacksonville said last night he was checking out Mancos’s
show, he said that they got a call from someone looking for Tara Clem,
Bubba thinks Mancos’s show is repurposed, the guy said it was on Rock
105, the guys said it was Cowhead. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Rape Fantasy discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba said he kind of likes the song, Spice said it’s Michael Franty,
Bubba had no idea who Spearhead was, he then plugged his Wing House
appearance, he’s shocked that tomorrow is Friday, Manson thinks the
year is flying by, as it’s almost August. Bubba said a marine used
Craigslist to hire someone to rape his girlfriend, Spice said you can
get anything there, he said he doesn’t agree with it, but it’s a
clever move, he wonders if the guy got off scott free, Manson thinks
she didn’t’ have a rape fantasy. Spice said he dated a girl once who
wanted a rape fantasy, he said there’ a lot of girls with rape
fantasies. Bubba said he’s not condoning it, Manson thinks you can’t
actually do this without being charged with rape, he said you’re
always running the risk that the woman will say she was raped. Josh in
Jacksonville thanked Bubba for what they’ve done; Bubba said Ms.
Anderson was a wonderful woman. Joe on protection said his wife has a
rape fantasy, Bubba said he’s not condoning this, Spice said it’s the
girl’s fantasy, Manson said it’s a big difference if it’s someone like
your husband. Bubba asked if he’s done it, the guy said it’s just him
and his wife, he said he grabs her, throws her down and does whatever
he wants, Bubba said that’s “Bad day at work sex”, the guy got Eviled
a few seconds later. Spice said if a girl had asked him to do it, he
wouldn’t do it. Carol on protection said she had a rape fantasy with a
partner. Bubba wondered how that turns her on, Carol said it’s
something you don’t want, it’s the fantasy part of it. Spice said he’s
been accused of rape, it’s no fantasy. Bubba said he doesn’t agree
with the fantasy, he said that he’s just asking questions. Jen on
protection said part of the rape fantasy is the danger aspect; Manson
goofed on her voice a little. Bubba asked her if she’s done this, Jen
said yes, she said she’s done it before, she only did it once, Manson
as Jen said “this sucks”, saying how it’s not like a Rollercoaster,
and that it’s like rape. Jen said she’s enjoyed bondage, she said
there’s not a lot you can control, Manson thinks rape is the 15 year
anniversary. Bubba asked how her fantasy went down, Jen said the guy
she was dating knew a guy in the community, Spice wonders if rape is
listed in the yellow pages. Bubba thinks there’s a whole underworld of
sex he doesn’t know about. Jen said the only thing she knew was that
her man had talked to someone, she said it happened on a Saturday,
Spice thinks they should refer to the rapist as LT. Bubba asked how
the guy did it, Jen said her boyfriend had called and said he forgot
his key, and to leave the door open for her, LT came in, she said she
was reading a book, Spice thinks she was reading “Rape for Dumbies”.
Jen said she thought the guy was just some drunk guy who came in, she
said she didn’t know her boyfriend was in the house until after the
rape, Spice did a black voice saying he needs some pills; this had the
guys cracking up. Jen said she didn’t know an attack is coming; the
guy threw her down on the bed. Bubba asked if she was fighting, Jen
said yes, she said she was in a tank top and boxers, she said she was
about 200 at the time. Manson asked if she was injured, Jen said her
pride was hurt, saying it was survive or kill. Bubba asked if they
used protection, Jen said they prepared for that, Spice said he kind
of believes the story. Jen said she didn’t orgasm, Manson asked what’s
in it for you then? Jen said the guy was light, Manson thinks it would
be “Rape Light”, Spice thinks the guy should be locked up. Manson
asked if she’s still with her boyfriend, Jen said no. Bubba thinks
after it happened it must’ve been uncomfortable, Jen asked for the
guys to leave, which he then did. Bubba asked how the next
conversation go, Jen said he called her the next morning, she said she
needed some time. Bubba said you know your screwed when the woman sys
one of two things: I just want to be friends, or I just need some
time. Spice said he could never role-play with his woman, he said
there’s nothing good about rape; Bubba thinks she’s into being held.
Bubba said it’s horrible that we allow Saudi Arabia to do the things
they do, as a schoolgirl is getting 90 lashes for having her cell
phone out during school, Brent said that they use canes, Bubba thinks
it’s very hypocritical of us to medal in other Countires, he then went
on to say that John Daily is leading the British open, he then went on
to say that Congress tried to throw Toyota out of the Country, he said
Twenty-five is finally taking his advice when it comes to cars, as
he’ll be going to Sting Ray Chevy, he said it must be user error, he
thinks our Government put gasoline on that fire, he said an
independent firm has said that it’s all human error, Spice as an old
woman said her gas pedal stuck, Manson wonders how pissed Toyota
because of Americans being stupid, Bubba said he would’ve loved for a
Congressman to stand up and say that they wouldn’t pass judgment on an
American based company, he then said that Kevin Hayslett is coming up,
he then read an article about a guy who got killed by his pet snake,
Spice as a southern guy said some stuff, the guy ended up dying in the
middle of the night, Brent said it’s a giant muscle around your neck,
Manson said snakes don’t understand what a tap out is, he said they
don’t love you. Spice said if he sees a snake, he’s killing it, Brent
thinks he’s running. We then heard “Snake snake Snake” from “bubba
Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 14. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
the wing House tomorrow. We then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper, Kevin
said he was doing great, he said it’s always good, Bubba thanked him
for helping out the Lasker family, Spice as Lasker said some stuff.
Bubba said Kevin has a podcast, Kevin joked they’re also in Asia,
Bubba thanked the Bubba Army for following him on Twitter, he thinks
MJ will be charged with a mistimener, Kevin said Bubba’s felony
charges were far less concrete, he said the issue with the hog is why
it went to trial, he told Bubba that had it gone bad, he would’ve gone
out one door, while Bubba would’ve gone out another door, Bubba likes
how Kevin doesn’t beat around the bush, Kevin sad what Bubba did isn’t
a crime, he said the state attorney does that, he said normally the
prosecutor will listen to the cops, he said prosecutors do this every
day. Bubba said the reports that went back to the Court Room said that
they didn’t do anything wrong, he doesn’t’ get how the fire marshal
can recommend charges, yet it’s sat on Ober’s desk, Kevin said if law
enforcement has the facts, the real issue is if they can prove it,
Manson said it’s on video. Bubba asked if there’s any recourse if
someone thinks Ober is a fool, Kevin said law enforcement always has a
dog in the fight, he said he’s not convinced, he said he talked to
Arson experts, who have said if you look at Florida’s statute, it’s a
felony, he said that he told Bubba that the day after it happened, he
told him it would be a felony, he thinks someone can prove it’s Arson,
he has confidence that charges will be filed. Bubba said they should
take Ober out of the mix, he thinks that should conflict Ober out, as
Michelle Schnitt used to work with Ober. Kevin said that gets assigned
to a different case, Bubba called Ober a red nosed drunk, he told
Brent to write a certified letter to Ober today that if it isn’t
processed, they’ll start a fire that will look like a Kiss concert.
Evin said bubba will be arrested, Bubba asked if we live in Russia,
where a man is allowed to overlook what a man does, Kevin thinks law
enforcement will continue to apply pressure, he said he’ll clear his
next year’s calendar. Jason asked Kevin that he has a friend who
caught his wife cheating and got four duis, the guy got a lifetime
revocation of his license, the guy’s Mom has fallen a lot. Kevin said
this is a great question, he said anyone who has a driver’s license
revocation, Spice as a drunk guy said this would be awesome. James in
Orlando said he was looking at a house for rent, he said he and his
friends would be interested, he was asked to sign a lease, the house
turned out to be garbage, the guy said he got an email saying he owed
$300, Bubba told the guy to tell the guy to pack sand and lick him.
Brian said he recently purchased a home, he said he got all this stuff
taken care of, he asked if his roommate is his boyfriend, Spice thinks
this is a Catholic priest, Ned thinks the guy is touching himself,
Bubba doesn’t get how the guy can’t have a roommate, Kevin thinks it’s
a condo, he said he can’t imagine the guy not qualifying. Scott in
Clearwater said last week, he got a speeding ticket from fhp, as he
went six miles over the speed limit, the guy said the cop’s name was
Clarence Williams, he got three points on his license, Kevin told the
guy to call him: 727-443-1562. Bubba said yesterday, he was traveling
with some police officers he knows, the fhp guy wasn’t allowed to wear
his uniform, one of the other cops think it’s over thinking, he thinks
showing up with jeans and a button-down shirt has no effect, Brent
doesn’t’ get it, bubba said this was the third one of the day, he said
he’ll send the picture to Charlie Crist, Kevin said it’s good will.
Bubba said that John Simmons is MJ’s lawyer, he pointed out how Kevin
clears his throat when he’s nervous, he thinks he will get filed
against, he said he’d file and take it to a jury, he said if he was
the average citizen, he’d be charged right there. Bubba said the 800
pound Gorilla is Michelle used to work for Ober, Bubba thanked Kevin
for not being a politician. Bubba took a call from someone asking
about a breathalyzer test; Kevin said you need to take them. Bubba
said if Ober doesn’t file, he thinks he’s established a huge double
standard, Kevin thinks Bubba will get charged if he recreates the
fire, Bubba said it was very trying, Manson said they don’t
understand. Vinnie said he pleaded no contest for Arson, he moved to
New York and got his probation terminated, he said his background
check shows that he committed Arson in 2009. Kevin said you can’t
correct it, he said the guy pled guilty to violation of probation, he
said it’s the way the clerk keeps track of it. Bubba asked him what he
did, Vinnie said his friend had an old shack, he said they got
slammed. Spice said Dave Rice sent him something it is illegal to burn
certain things, such as tires. Bubba said you also have a fire fighter
who was hurt; he thinks Ober is flipping off fire fighters, Brent said
the guy is a Captain, Bubba thinks he should question Kevin more
often. Kevin said law enforcement should get an explanation. Bubba
said he’s just looking for MJ to go through what he went through, he
said he would be happy if MJ was found not guilty, as at least it
would’ve gone to trial. Kevin said Bubba is looking for consistency in
getting stuffed filed; Brent said that they should apply the
fourteenth Amendment. Bubba asked that you vote for Debby Moss, Kevin
said Casey Carlson’s birthday is today, Bubba thinks he messed it up
by calling Casey 80, Kevin said they had a great conversation. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mel Gibson Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Can’t Say My ABCs”. The
song parodies “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straights, and describes the
time when Phil Campbell, MJ Kelli’s lawyer was pulled over for dui,
and couldn’t say his ABCs. This bit is not in the catalog. Bubba
thanked Kevin Hayslett and Yayas; he said he gets distracted when
Kevin is there, as the chicken smell travels, Spice as a drunk guy
said he’s a great guy. Bubba said they’ve got the latest Mel Gibson
rant, he wonders if Mel is happy with anything, he thinks listening to
it uncensored takes it to the next level. We then heard the clip,
where Mel is ranting about his sex life, the guys cracked up at the
clip. Bubba thinks he had to be on an all night bender, he thinks
they’ll have the latest clip by the end of the show for today, he said
she’s going to court today and try to get all custody taken away,
Spice said it’s working smart, Bubba said Mel is mad and Horney, he
said that at least Mel lives in a big house, if he had a condo, the
neighbors would ask what was going on, the guys cracked up when Mel
told her to blow him first. Ned thinks Mel is really into oral sex,
Bubba said Mel is like Jack Nickelson in The Shining, he thinks Mel
grunting is all you need to play for the judge, he doesn’t think
talking to a therapist is a bad thing, Spice thinks the therapist
isn’t doing a good job, he thinks Danny Glover should calm him down.
Bubba thinks Mel wants a woman that will be a punching bag, Spice said
Mel is strangely awesome, Brent said these beat Pat O’Brian’s audio.
Bubba said that they have the audio of Mel Gibson auto-tuned; he
thinks Mel is all over the road, he said Manson has a bit, Manson said
it’s the Mel Gibson doll, he thinks Mel Gibson’s voice refused to be
auto-tuned, Bubba thinks Auto-tune is afraid of him. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s New Bit, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, followed by
“Maniac Mel”. The bit is an ad for a doll that features various Mel
Gibson’s recent quotes. Bubba said he never listens to his show when
it replays, Spice said it sounds funny, Bubba said he thinks he’s
waisting his time, he said he’d rather hear the NFL network, he said
that Kevin Craft has gone back and inserted the unedited Mel Gibson
audio, he thinks it’s a bunch of work for him, he said he doesn’t have
the chance to work with Kevin every day, he said Kevin makes the uncut
version much better, he said this is Kevin trying to put on the best
product, he went on to say that Brent got an email from an attorney,
the email said that people are overlooking that Fester had attempted
to roast a turkey in the van, and it successfully roasted, MJ chided
Fester for not starting a fire, he then thanked the fine people of
channel 7 in Miami, Spice said their Weather girl is hot, he thinks
she could be a stripper. Bubba said like clockwork, he sees Robin
Mead’s legs, he said for some reason, Phoenix has a lot of hot girls,
he said channel 7 covered the story about the check donation, he then
read the article about that, he likes being referred to as “A Radio
Host”, we then heard the news clip about that. Mike in Ft. Lauderdale
said she used to be a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader, the guy asked
if Ned will be at the Pagan Potheads show, Ned thinks he won’t be
there. Bubba asked Spice if he’ll be going, Spice said probably not,
as he has some stuff he has to do. Bubba thinks they should do it in
Jacksonville, Manson said it’s too bible belt-ish. Bubba said a lot of
people in Miami know about them, he asked for four billboards, Manson
said they’d be doing better, Bubba doesn’t get why Jay shot the idea
down. Ron thanked Bubba for what he does for the officers. Jay in
Miami said he also appreciates what Bubba does for the cops; Brent
said they participate in the Post 9/11 foundation. The guy said that
the people who have snakes are idiots; he said all the strength of the
snakes are in the last two inches of their tails. Tom said if you’re a
fan of south Park would know about Mel Gibson going nuts, he said the
episode is called “the Passion of the Jew”, Spice goofed on the guy;
Bubba said the guy is the Blind Lawrence of south Park. Bubba took a
call from a guy who asked how long Bubba get prosecuted; Bubba said
about a week, the guy was shocked by all that. Bubba went over some
headlines concerning Religious people, he said there’s so much kid
touching, he said it goes on to the guys of Jesus. Spice said he’s
frustrated personally, he said if he doesn’t masturbate once a day,
he’s crazy, he thinks the priests are nuts, Manson thinks they should
change the rule. Spice said the Vatican’s profits are down, Brent said
some guy was embezzling money from the church, Spice hopes they catch
the Pope in a masturbations candle. We then heard “100 Boys” from
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 14”, track 1. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Aubry and Fonda Huff

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Letters from Home” by Aubry Huff.
Bubba told Ned this was his guy, he then sang along with the song for
a little, he asked Spice to include him on the fun. Fonda Huff,
Aubry’s Mom came on a few seconds later. Bubba asked why she’s
running, Fonda said the school can be so much better, she said her kid
goes to a fundamental school; she said she’s frustrated when she talks
to other parents. Bubba said Fonda isn’t just a regular woman, he said
she’s had 17 years of experience, Fonda then went over her resume,
Bubba said he hates math, he said all Aubry wants to know is how many
zeros are after his paycheck. Brent said his Mom has been a teacher
about 35 years, Fonda knew what school she works at. Spice thinks
she’s frustrated over the budget cuts, he’s not sure if it’s a power
position, Fonda said she can get stuff done, she said she doesn’t owe
anyone in the county anything she said the grading policy has changed.
Bubba said that in Pinellas County, they don’t have an attendance
policy, Fonda said that they’re trying to take it back to the way it
was. Bubba asked about discipline, Fonda said she was shocked that
discipline wasn’t applied to certain kids; she said in Texas, you’d
get sent to a special school if you brought a weapon. Bubba said
Pinellas for the most part plays nice, Spice likes how she wants to
make a difference; bubba thinks Aubry isn’t give anything. Aubry Huff
came on, he then said someone owes him $85 over a case of beer, he
said she doesn’t like underage drinking; he said he’s doing great for
six in the morning. Bubba asked when the season picks up, Aubry said
it’s a night game against the Mets, he said he’ll be starting. Bubba
asked about David Price, Aubry said he didn’t watch the game, he
thinks Corry Hart is something, he thinks it’s boring. Spice said
Aubry still gets shunned, Aubry thinks being on Bubba’s show is part
of the issue, he said he refuses to Twitter himself into it, Spice
said he’s not big into it, he told Aubry to do it, he said he respects
him for not liking it. Bubba asked Aubry if he gets a bonus, Aubry
said he wouldn’t’ want it; he said he donated a big amount to her
campaign, Ned thinks he’s a big spender. Bubba said Aubry’s wife could
donate $500, Bubba said he’s ran for public office, Spice said if
Aubry sent him $500, he’d send Fonda $400. Bubba asked him who he’ll
be facing, Aubry said R.E. Dicky, he said he never hit a knuckle ball
very well. Bubba likes how Aubry plays around at the plate; Aubry said
they might have some beers before the game. Spice said when Aubry was
growing up, he asked him about Fonda buying him a batting cage, Aubry
said he went to a Texas Rangers game, he got the cage a few years
later, bubba thinks Aubry is a pain in the ass, Brent said he’s
leading the Giants in homeruns, rbis, and batting averages. Aubry said
he’s a one year deal, bubba thinks it’s big money, he said when you
apply yourself, he then thinks he’s sounding like Aubry’s Mom, Aubry
said he’s happy where he’s at, he said they were horrible in Canada.
Spice asked about Pat burl, Aubry said that’s icing on the cake. Bubba
asked him if he’d like to be back in Tampa, Aubry said that he’d like
to leave his options open. Bubba asked if the Rays signed Crofferd,
would Aubry come back, Aubry said he likes San Francisco. Bubba said
things are working out well for Aubry, he asked Aubry if he cares
about his Mom, Aubry said he’s surprised she’s not in San Francisco,
Fonda said she’d like to have her Grandson, she said she misses Aubry.
Aubry said his wife is pregnant, he said he’s thinking about getting a
vasectomy, the guys cracked up at his quote, bubba said it takes about
five minutes, he said you should put a frozen pack of pees on your
junk for a few days, he thinks two are enough, Aubry said he doesn’t
want a girl, bubba said you can dress a boy up for $39.50. Spice asked
the worst thing Aubry has done as a kid; Fonda thinks the keg thing
was it. Aubry said it took him forever to get laid, Spice thinks he
came out too late. Fonda said if you’d like to hear stories, Pat
should be the ones they should contact. Aubry asked about Pat walking
into his room naked, he then said that this was his first two weeks of
school, he said he hated it, he was in his room, talking with his mom
about coming home, the door opened and it was Pat soaking wet with a
six pack of beer, he asked for some soap, bubba thinks he’s a pussy
for crying. Aubry said that for a guy that big, he’d be more well
endowed. Spice said he remembers coming over to Aubry Huff’s house,
Aubry was naked with a Cowboy hat, drinking a beer and playing a video
game of himself, Fonda said she’s taking notes on all this. Bubba gave
Fonda a plug for her, he likes how Fonda is responsible, Fonda said
her race will be decided on August 24,
Spice said he’s going to vote all over for Aubry’s Mom, Aubry cracked
up at that, Spice said he’ll try to vote three times, Ned said he’s
behind her, Aubry thinks the guys from school will bag on Fonda for
this phone call, Bubba had to tell Aubry that school isn’t in session,
he wonders what Aubry will do from now until 2, Aubry thinks he’ll
have to deal with the kid. Fonda asked about the caller who was
talking about the trailer parks, she said it could be a new
construction project. Bubba thanked Aubry for his better sounding
phone, he told Fonda they should do more phonners, Fonda said you can
Google her name. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hulk Hogan calls in, Mel Gibson Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour, followed by “Get Higher” by Paper tongues, Bubba thinks everyone
in the building has downloaded the song, he told everyone to shut up
and let him enjoy and the song. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Hogan
said he was feeding his fish, he said he can’t believe what the fhp
guy did, Bubba thinks they should make Religious a personal choice,
Hogan said bubba knows who his listeners are, Bubba said he’s the guy
who is busy now, he said he can’t believe the stuff Linda has said
about kids, he said the most disturbing thing he’s ever saw was when
Linda kicked Brooke, called her a fat cunt, and told her to hit the
gym, Hogan said he’s over it. Bubba said it only took Hogan 23 years
to figure out Linda was screwing with him, he said Steve from Sting
Ray is a great guy, Hogan said Greeny sold his bikes for him. Bubba
asked him who told him to settle down, Hogan then did some noises,
Bubba likes how Mobil Flair is at his age, Hogan didn’t like it when
Bubba mentioned flair’s penis, Ned piled on. Bubba asked who the one
guy in wrestling is that is unbelievable, Hogan said Macho Man, Bubba
said he’s the man, he then asked him how much money he made with Vern,
Hogan asked why they’re going down that road, Bubba thinks the Hogan
radio show would be something, Spice as Bubba said some stuff. Hogan
asked if they’ll eat, Bubba said yes, he said he’ll be calling him by
two, he asked him to list the top five wrestlers:

1. Rick Flair
2. Andre the Giant
3. Hogan
4. Macho Man
5. Piper

Bubba asked him how he could leave out The Rock and Stone Cold, Hogan
said those guys would six or seven. Bubba asked him about X Pock,
Hogan said he‘s marginal, Bubba thinks he dialed himself in for life,
he said he’ll get Hogan paper, Hogan said he’s been hearing that for
months. Bubba asked about Cena, Hogan said he’s a great guy. Bubba
asked about Jericho, Hogan said he’s great. Bubba asked about Randy
Orten, Hogan said he’s just now dialing it in, he then asked Hogan’s
Rick rude story, Hogan said he couldn’t tell the story on regular
radio. Bubba said that Rick was incredibly stiff, Hogan said you
wouldn’t want to get on his bad side, he said they’re nearly 11:00;
Hogan said he’d like to stay on. We then heard the latest Mel Gibson
meltdown, where he rants about her carrying about nobody but herself,
bubba said it’s genius, Spice said, the guys cracked
up at the clip. Bubba wonders how he can say he doesn’t have any
money; the guys wonder how much money did Mel make over The Passion,
Bubba thinks Mel makes Vince look like a pansy. Brent said The Passion
made about six hundred twelve million dollars; Manson had no idea what
Mel had said, Spice said he’s a frustrated dude, Bubba thinks you
can’t flap her up, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba likes how
they leave us hanging for tomorrow, Brent said this could go to the
end of the year, he said it never gets old. Bubba thinks Linzy in Ft.
Meyers is waiting for him to shut up. We then heard “Operator” from
“bubba Show classics Vol. 7” track 2, and “the Kabuki Project” track
15. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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