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Top Stories:
Man Accused Of Sexually Battering Woman, 76
Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck rail against ’system’
Pat Robertson: Haiti “Cursed” After “Pact to the Devil”
11 yr old shot by cousin who flees with father
Tulsa Police Identify Gunman Shot At KBEZ Radio Station
Jennifer Love Hewitt Glitters Her Genital With Expensive Crystal

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, BRN Garage Sale

Bubba said he was having iPod issues, he said he thinks Twenty-five
Cent was sitting behind his desk, he said they were stretched, Spice
said that was because of a black man’s afro. Bubba said he has mixed
emotions about something, he thinks he should cut it, Spice wonders if
he sheds or not. Bubba said that when you have that much, you’re going
to shed, he then recapped some sports scores, he said he’ll have to
pay for Clear Channel’s legal fees, he thinks he should write a book
about one guy can get in trouble for doing his job. Manson thinks the
Clear Channel thing is a crock. Bubba told the guys to be open-minded
with the BRN Garage Sale, he asked that they donate half to the
foundation, he said he wants everyone, he joked that Brent needs to go
to rehab with his large collection of stuff, Brent said that he never
knows when he’s going to need that. Bubba said that Gayle Guyardo quit
channel 8. Manson thinks next weekend would work for him, Bubba thinks
Ned will go through some stuff; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
thinks Spice is making beats on his Mac, Manson thinks they should
kick it in, Ned thinks it’s horrible. Bubba asked the guys if they’ve
seen the new Hogan shirt, Manson said he didn’t see it. Spice wondered
if it’s sleeveless by design, Bubba said no, he said his arms look
longer that way, he thinks he’s deformed, Spice thinks Bubba is stuck
in the house of mirrors, he’s stuck looking at the bad one. Bubba
thinks he has a not so big wing span, he asked Brent to look it up,
Ned said he wears short shorts, Bubba said he sweats like a Buffalo.
Spice said the wing span should match the side of your body, Bubba
thinks it’s urban Legend. Dave said he uses Certain Dry, Bubba asked
for someone to pick it up for him. Spice said that he hasn’t seen the
new shirt. Bubba said that JT The Brick and Scotty Ferrall are close;
he said JT will be calling in; the guys think Lane Kiffin has crippled
College Football. Spice said it’s one thing if you’re in the nfl; it’s
different if you’re going to a College program. Bubba said it’s about
the personality, Spice thinks Lane won’t be a big recruiting tool for
USC. Bubba wonders if they’ll bring back a former coach, Brent said
no. Bubba said that skip Hults might be coming back; Brent said that
USF is a bigger job. Bubba said that Doug Williams was interviewed for
2 and a half hours yesterday, the guys think he would be a good pick,
Bubba thinks you can’t go wrong with either Skip or Doug. Brent thinks
Sean Paten deserves Coach of the year; the guys congratulated Junior
Seau for retiring. Bubba said he’s got clothing and some other stuff,
he thinks he’s got two pickup trucks worth of stuff. Spice said that
he’s got electronics and clothing, Manson said that if he doesn’t use
something in a while, it goes out. Bubba said Janie used to get around
$1200; Spice goofed on Janie a little. We then heard a news clip about
a teenager who was set on fire, Bubba thinks the kid sounds like a
gangster, he said that the Government won’t be trying John Gotty, he
said he’d be in prison for mowing down the family. Spice thinks this
is the case where one of the kids’s parents defended him, Bubba thinks
the kid sounds the way he does, do to him getting burnt, he said he
would kill one of the bastards, he said he’d have them looking like
Fire marshal Bill. Spice thinks that the Middle East is messed up with
the way they act at times; he thinks they’re on point with some stuff.
Bubba thinks a kid named Denver is white trash, he said the kids he
hangs out with wouldn’t have the mindset to do that. Bubba read that
John Gotty won’t be getting a fifth trial, Spice thinks some of the
trial started here, Brent said it was something different, he said he
gets his bail money back. Spice said that would be the last case on
Earth he would take. Bubba thinks his outcome won’t be so good, he
hopes the court sees it as a shakedown. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Conan discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Bubba Army
Hulkamania shirt. Bubba said he liked the music, Spice said The
Gorillaz aren’t a bad, it’s a cartoon, Bubba thinks it’s stupid, he
said all he hears are beats, Manson thinks they should do a radio show
like that. Bubba said if he was a black guy, he’d be Kobey, actor wise
he’d be Denzel Washington, music wise he’d be LL Cool Jay. Bubba said
that today is LL’s birthday, we then heard “I’m Gonna Knock You Out”,
Spice said LL is a nice guy. Bubba went over some more birthdays,
Brent said Cobane wrote a lot of the lyrics, Manson thinks Andy Roony
is getting old, Bubba and Spice goofed on him a little, Bubba said
he’d like to do something with Andy’s eyebrows. Bubba said he feels
bad for Conan, he said that there’s all kinds of situations like that,
he said they can’t move Bubba from morning drive, he then read an
article about that, he said that no one can interview anyone in thirty
minutes, Spice thinks Jay should just skip his monolog, he said
everyone wants to rail against their boss. Bubba thinks maybe the
writers should be fired, Brent said if it was good, people would
watch. Bubba said that even basic cable comes with lots of good stuff;
Manson said he watched the Tonight show periodically, he never saw the
ten o’clock show. Bubba said if you’re in the contact field your fine,
delivery not so much, he said that the next thing in radio is the
internet; he said it’s like the dvr for radio. Bubba remembers when
they got fired; they thought internet radio was stupid, Spice said you
don’t want to be the first guy on it. Matt in Orange county came on,
he said he got a new laptop, he likes listening to them lie, he said
MJ is horrific, he said MJ makes Mark and Brian look like geniuses.
Bubba thinks they’ll never infiltrate the Los Angeles market. Bubba
said he had to get going, he told him that he’ll see him on May 13. We
then heard a clip of Conan talking about his future with television,
Bubba said it’s no wonder why it’s not working, Spice said he likes
Conan simply for making fun of himself. Bubba said he couldn’t go on
stage and address people like that, Manson wonders if hosting the
Tonight Show is a dream, Bubba thinks you’re a nerd if that’s the
case. Bubba said his dream in life was to be a football guy, he wanted
to be a High School football coach, he thinks he would own Ned on the
field, Ned said they’d have leather helmets to prove they’re badasses.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails,
Tony Little Interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba said there’s a guy from West Palm, he plugged the latest
stuff on Dave said you have to feel bad for Conan’s staff,
Bubba said its business; he said no one cared about them when they
lost their job. Dave said he liked “Bubba Wonka”, he said he loves
Amanda’s picture, Bubba told him he couldn’t have an opinion on the
Michelle Williams situation, he hung up on him. The first email of the
day said she loves the show, she wonders why they’re not heard in
Phoenix. Another emailer is surprised they’ll have Gold Dust on, the
emailer turned out to be a hater. Bubba said Gold Dust is wrestling
for fcw, Spice said 93 Rock will be handing out Bubba shirts. Another
emailer said he’s had about 85 operations, the emailer asked for tna
tickets, Bubba said no, he said he felt bad for them, he said he
should rethink the whole tna thing, he said he’s just back there doing
backstage stuff. Another emailer wondered why Bubba didn’t’ play the
Jim Cornet audio, Brent thinks they’re putting him over. Another
emailer wondered what song from Spice’s iPod; Bubba said it was Valley
Road by Bruce Hornsby. Bubba wonders where he came from; Spice said he
didn’t know, Manson said he’s always heard Bruce Hornsby in the Rain.
Bubba thanked John from Richmond for getting the show a billboard, he
went on to say that Gayle Guyardo retired, he then read an article
about that. Spice thinks she can make money from the content of it,
Manson thinks it’s a plug fest. Spice thinks some news casters should
be nude, Bubba told Spice he needs to grow up. Bubba said that he’s
man enough to say that he‘d like to see Melanie Brookes nude, he said
he doesn’t’ want to see the CBS Evening news; he wonders who is
running Hady, Brent said they don’t have anything. Bubba said the guy
holding the dead kid is on him, he wonders if the Hayshins are in
Miami legally, Manson thinks the Dominican Republic is beautiful,
Bubba thinks Hayshin hookers are infected with stuff; he thinks the
Earthquake is a good thing. We then heard a clip of Pat Robertson
talking about Hady, the guys stepped all over the clip, Bubba said
he’d like to have a girl who agrees with him, he selected Melanie
Brookes, he described it as sexual moaning validation, the guys piled
on, Bubba said he didn’t want dudes. Bubba thinks it’s a deal from the
Devil, Spice as the devil said some stuff. Bubba said people are mad
about the Hady comments, Spice said he doesn’t get why we’re so quick
to give everyone aid after a disaster. Bubba said that whores will
either destroy or help you, Brent thinks whores need to be legalized,
the guys think the girl is touching herself. Bubba went to Tony
Little, he said he’s doing a Satellite tour; Bubba thinks Tony could
pitch anything. Spice asked Tony the biggest slug lines, Tony said
always believe in yourself, you can do it. Bubba asked him his latest
thing is, Tony said they have the easier shaper, it takes the place of
dumbbells, it goes from 0 to 60 pounds in six seconds. Tony said when
he wrote his book, he wanted to have his stories in it, he said Bubba
is a great business man. Bubba thinks people don’ understand Tony’s
history, Tony said there’s always going to be something in your path,
he said it’s a mindset, he said you have to believe it; he said it all
comes back to attitude. Spice said that Tony was hooked on corndogs,
Tony said he was, also pain killers and beer, he said corndogs were
simple; he said it was the first time in his career wondered why he
had this issue. Bubba wondered what put him on the map; Tony said
“Target Training”, Bubba wondered how he lost it all. Tony said one
factor would be not watching his back office, his accountant’s wife
was using cocaine, he said you have to make a decision. Spice said
accountants can get off scott free. Bubba said that his agent had a
guy who was embezzling funds, Brent said the guy was giving Tom phony
receipts, he said it was sad. Tony said he’s always pro active, his
book is “there’s Always A Way”, he said it’s supposed to give you
positive reinforcement, he has a section called “Adversities of my
Life”, he ran down what happened to him, Bubba thinks it sounds like a
Saturday Night at Ned’s house. Tony said he was drugged and kidnapped
when he was 15, a guy stuck him with a needle in the left butt cheek,
he said he wasn’t molested; he said the guy who did it was in practice
mode. Tony asked Bubba what he does when his back is against the wall,
Bubba said he calls Brent. Tony said people are talking about his
book; he said he sold 3,000 at hsn, Bubba thinks he should do a book
signing in Tampa. Spice wonders if the gay roomer drives him crazy,
Tony said it doesn’t, he said his wife had his twins, they were twelve
weeks early, he said you have to be positive about this stuff, he said
he’s happy to have them, Bubba said Tony has a great mentality. Tony
thinks he’s sold more products than anyone. Spice wonders what it’s
like when he goes to hsn, Tony said he gets treated with respect, he
said he’ll never be on the air with a product he doesn’t love. Bubba
asked him about Billy Mays, Tony said he was close to him, he said
Billy was great at what he did. Spice wondered if he was surprised
when the report came back, Tony said he was. Bubba wondered if Tony
likes other pitch guys, Tony said he was an unbelievable guy. Tony
said he jokes with his kid about being the Shamwow guy; Bubba said he
doesn’t like that guy. Bubba told him he could swing by anytime, he
wished him the best of luck with his family. Charley said Bill
Michaels has been saying some nice things about Bubba on his show, the
callers have been yelling Bubba Army. Bubba said when they went to
Green Bay for a personal appearance; it was a big turn out. Phil in
Canada wondered if the guys will be coming to Toronto, Bubba said
they’ll be there, he said they’ll be doing three Bubbapaloozas this
year. The guy wondered if Bubba will ever get his own channel, Bubba
said no one knows what they’ll end up doing. Bubba went back to the
emails, an emailer wondered if Ned will post a picture, Bubba said
it’s in the Wonka project, Spice said he masturbated to one of her
photos. Another email was about getting Harry Read out, Bubba said he
agrees with the guy on gun rights, Brent said harry Read will lose; he
said a gun bill in Congress doesn’t exist. Mike in South Florida
wondered if Clear Channel has made a settlement offer, Bubba thinks he
shouldn’t talk about it, he said Clear channel are evil people, he
said he has a lot to say, he said he’s the parent company, he said
he’s pretty busy tomorrow, he said he’ll try to get to some stuff.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. Bubba
said he got an email from someone asking Tom to come up North. Elly in
South Florida said that if you’re carrying three condoms in
Washington, you’ll get arrested, she thinks its bullshit, Bubba had to
dump her for saying that. Bubba wondered if she carries condoms, she
said no, she said that she’s married and has a kid on the way. Spice
asked her how much has she made, she said the largest case she’s ever
seen was $100,000, she said it’s gets frustrating after awhile. Bubba
said Gary from 1800AskGary gives back to the community. Spice said he
would never get arrested with condoms. Manson said he has a new
offering; it’s about gps, where Bubba is the gps voice. Spice said
they already have that, Ned said he could do it, Bubba as ned did some
stuff, he said he sometimes gets mad at the gps. The bit started off
with Manson impersonating bubba driving, Bubba said he hates it when
the guys impersonate him. Manson thinks the bit would have too many
lines. Bubba said he wouldn’t be talking in Carney, he then thinks he
couldn’t do it; he thinks it’s stupid to talk to a gps. The gps tells
Bubba to shut up; Bubba said this is why he has issues. Spice thinks
the bit is taking a weird turn. Bubba and the gps went back and forth;
Manson said this is Bubba talking to himself. The bit ends with him
getting in a car crash; the gps said Bubba can’t feel his legs, as his
pants are too tight. Tyler thinks the fat makes Bubba sound fat. John
in Richmond said the guys aren’t cutting Bubba any slack, he said the
billboard is still up. Bubba wondered if John has caught any crap from
people about the billboard, John said people love it. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Blind Lawrence’s demo bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Hulkamania
shirt. We then heard Hammil’s “He Is Tom the Treeman”. Bubba said that
he hates to be rude; he said they’ve got a pizza party going on at the
show. James in Tampa said to not let the fat jokes get him down, he
said he sounds fat. Bubba cracked open a Diet coke while the guy he
talked, he told the guy to go to his ham and egger job. We then heard
a Spanish bumper. Bubba is shocked that Blind Lawrence did a bit;
Spice wonders how a blind guy does that kind of stuff. We then heard
the bit, where Lawrence impersonates Stewie from Family Guy, Bubba had
no idea what he was doing. Stewie starts off by chiding Bubba, Bubba
wonders how Lawrence knows he is fat, Spice was laughing his ass off
during the clip, he said he should give him a high five. Stewie thinks
Bubba sucks, he thinks Bubba’s skills at hitting someone with a Wiffle
ball bat are pathetic, Spice said Lawrence was dying listening to
this, Bubba thinks Lawrence is an idiot, he told Lawrence he can’t see
anything. Manson thinks it’s bad that Lawrence has the knowledge he
has, the guys couldn’t stop laughing. Bubba thinks Lawrence can write,
Spice thinks it’s better than Leno. Stewie trashed Spice for being who
he is; Bubba thinks Lawrence should write some stuff for Manson. Bubba
couldn’t stop laughing when Stewie called Spice’s bike a three-wheeled
banana. Bubba thinks they should have Lawrence write some stuff, he
told Brent to not get mad over this. Stewie went on to rake Brent over
the coals, the guys cracked up at the Tim Tebow reference. Stewie went
on to Manson, he thinks he’s ridiculous, Bubba thinks Stewie made a
good point by saying guys named Bundy aren’t doing radio bits. Stewie
thinks Manson is a poor man’s Frank Caliendo, this had the guys
laughing. Stewie wonders why Ned has sex with chickens, he asked ned
to go to a hospice. Stewie thinks Dave Rice has nothing on him, Bubba
said he’s losing him at this point. Stewie wonders why Big dick is so
negative; he thinks the only silver lining in dick’s life is the hair
around his crotch. Stewie thinks Miller is out of control, the guys
cracked up when Stewie said Michael Jay Fox could do a better job with
his tattoos. Stewie finished by bashing blind Lawrence, the guys liked
when Stewie guessed that Lawrence runs like a bitch when he smells
tuna. Bubba thinks they’ve found a new star, we then heard the tymbal.
They wished Bubba luck in court; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tiger Woods

Spice came on, Manson thinks Scott Stap has a thick voice, ned said he
likes to drink while the fat man isn’t there, he said it’s a 12 ounce
can. Spice said they’re going to hold down the fort, Manson thinks
he’s going to lose everything, Brent said they’re looking for
impressions, Manson thinks he’s handled it all wrong, Brent said obey
played right through his controversy. Manson thinks Kobe’s wife is
just a prostitute. Manson said Tiger is going to get heckled, Brent
thinks he could make a lot of money; he thinks they should have Tiger
texting girls on SNL. Spice said Golf is known as the snooty game, he
said Tiger injected new blood in the game. Brent said if you’re at a
country Club, you have to really keep yourself in check. Spice said he
watched Manson’s video of “horny Black Guy In The PGA”, Brent said ea
Sports is getting something; Spice said he wouldn’t know anyone who
will take over the Madden franchise when he dies. Nate Dog wondered
where the morals went, he agreed with Manson, he said he likes how we
prop up women who sleep around, Spice thinks one of the girls is going
to have a reality show. Moe said he hates to agree with a guy who
wears Mom jeans, this had the guys laughing. Moe said that this
situation will be with Tiger for a long time, he said he’ll have a
career, regardless as to what happens. ned thinks Tiger should’ve gone
to rehab, Manson said he was going to chide Moe for saying he wears
Mom jeans. Brent thinks they should do an internet pole about that,
Spice said you can see Manson in the Mom jeans, Manson said he’s never
been accused of that, he said he got them twelve years ago. Brent said
he couldn’t get his leg in a pair of jeans from twelve years ago,
Spice thinks Donna dresses Manson. Josh thinks that Kobey and Tier are
like apples and oranges. Spice thinks Tiger won’t get his sponsors
back, Brent said Kobey had three championships when he got caught.
Ryan in Richmond said it’s funny to see how close the show is with the
gay community, the guys were laughing their asses off. Tim thinks
Spice is showing off his metro sexual side, he said all he wears are
jean shorts, Manson said he gave them up years ago. Spice said he’s
not metro. Ned said he likes cutoffs. We then heard “horny black Guys
in the PGA” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 12”, track 8.

Segment 8 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for now
taking PayPal. Spice said the bumper music is a guilty pleasure of
his, Manson said he doesn’t have this on his iPod. Spice said Bubba
had court today, Brent thinks it sucks, the guys think it’s an open
and shut case. Brent said the foreclosures are so bad, you can’t get
anything done. Spice said he can’t get his property sold, the bank
keeps rejecting his offer, he said he’s stopped answering his phone,
he said he’s not watching Idol, he said that it smells of a work.
Brent said if they had a show that had 30 million viewers, they’d
crack the Champaign. Manson said there’s no true telephone voting.
Spice said he remembers when Wild started, it was two guys
broadcasting from a boat, he said that whole thing was just a gimmick.
Spice said he was reading an article about getting a casino in a Miami
airport, Brent said he wouldn’t have a problem with it, Manson said he
would gamble at an airport. Jim in Sarasota said that he was thinking
the same thing with Hady, he wonders if it’s a way of thinning out the
world’s population, Brent said it’s plates moving over each other. Jim
mentioned Noah’s arc, Brent said it never happened, Ned thanked him
for calling. Spice said we’re so quick to help other people, Manson
said we’ve got starving people in America, Brent said even in his
neighborhood, he said the new Orleans Government is corrupted. Spice
said he was talking to Rob Kahn, people are railing against Avatar, as
some people think it’s racist, Brent wonders how people can be
offended if they’re blue. Spice recapped the movie, he said Iraq isn’t
Pandora. Brent said people have told him the movie is good. John
thinks a God might exist, he said we’re just waisting our money. Brent
said he was watching a show called “The Crumbling of America”, he said
it’s frightening. John said we need to fix ourselves, Brent said the
under employed with the people who are looking for a job, the
percentage is around 20, Manson thinks they’re trying to screw you.
Marco said that Bush suggested we fund the world, Brent confirmed it.
Spice said a bunch of sinkholes are popping up, Manson said it’s
because of the Strawberry farmers pumping water, Brent wondered how he
can have his strawberry smoothie, Manson and Spice said they’ll take
the smoothie; Manson said he doesn’t drive on I 4. Spice said you need
to learn how to read a contract for a house, Manson said people don’
read it. Spice took a call from a guy who said it took the Government
two or three days, but it took them twelve-twenty-four hours to help
Hady. Keith asked how the guys got their on-air names, Spice said he
doesn’t want to get into it, Brent said the name Ballard thing drives
Amanda crazy. Manson said he was going to be called Chicken Bone
Robbinson, Spice said he wouldn’t have called himself Spice boy, he
said he’s stuck with it. Spice said he would trade his name with
Chicken Bone Robbinson; Manson thinks Bone would’ve been cool.
Spice took a call from guy who said that the death clock is going to
be moved, Spice wonders if this is a science fiction thing. Brent said
no one truly knows, Manson thinks it’s imaginary. Brent said it was
relevant back in the 80’s. Manson said the Pagan Potheads tour will be
on February 6, Spice plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show
for tomorrow. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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