Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

Bubba started off by going over the scores, he said the Capitals are
the team to beat, he said he’d like for all of them to go to a game,
he said he’s gone to 1, Spice said he’ll sometimes stay in the bar.
Bubba then brought up the magic game last night, he then went over the
FSU/Duke game, he then said Kelly Tishner is the Facebook listener of
the day, Spice said the numbers are going up. Bubba said that RJ in
the Woods is on, RJ said he’s not in jail now, Bubba said he needs him
to hold on. Spice said the timeline of that guy is crazy, Ned thinks
its good work. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – RJ in the Woods

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba came on plugging what they’ve got coming up on the show, he said
that Christian was going to be in studio, but he’s tweaked, he then
said he has to call Heather to wish her a happy anniversary, he tried
to tell RJ in the Woods this, the guys think he passed out. RJ
responded after Bubba got on the bullhorn. Bubba called up heather,
she picked up, Bubba thinks heather left him last night, as he was
snoring. Bubba said he almost likes the upstairs bed, as it’s like a
hotel, he then wished her a happy Anniversary, he’s surprised they
made it four years. Rj came back on wishing Bubba a happy anniversary,
we then heard RJ in the Woods’s bumper, he said he has a bit of a fan
club in Georgia, he said the Sharif knows Bubba, he said he was in a
psycho ward, saying he’s been sober for 29 days, he went on to say the
woman he is with has a husband, yesterday was their five year
anniversary, he thinks the guy will kick his ass when he comes back.
Bubba said they’re thinking about doing a Charleston appearance, RJ
said he’ll do the branding; he then said if the guys are driving, they
can swing by his house, Bubba said that they’ll be flying. RJ then
described Mindy, the woman he is with. She’s 30 years old, and weighs
204, RJ then said he’s got a 7 inch penis, Ned thinks he’s half way
there. Bubba asked to talk to Mindy, he wonders what she’ll sound
like, Mindy said she has a hangover, she had beer and VO Scotch, Bubba
thinks this is Ned’s kind of woman. Indy said she smokes Wild Horse
cigarettes; Ned thinks she’s right for him. Mindy said she’s in love
with RJ sometimes, she hates him a majority of the time, she said that
she doesn’t care about her husband, as he’s seeing his ex wife, she
asked if Bubba would get her a job. Mindy said they both got out of
rehab the same day, she said it’s been six years since she was on
cocaine. Spice wonders how she can stick with him, Mindy said that she
has to beat his ass every so often; she said that RJ is good in bed.
Bubba asked if Mindy has any kids, Mindy said she does, their at her
Mom’s house, she went on to say that her husband has a warrant for his
arrest, as he tried to light their house on fire, Manson thinks it’s a
white trash circus, Bubba thinks they can’t get a reality show fast
enough. Spice said he’d watch, Bubba said it’s better than “American
Idol”, Spice said shows like “Cops” are great, but they don’t tell the
whole story. Bubba introduced ed to Mindy, Ned isn’t sure if he could
ask what he’d like to ask, he thinks she’s sloppy, as Mindy said she
has 40 Double Ds, Ned thinks she could put 36 pencils under her
breasts, he thinks he could be the king of the county, he thinks she’s
his kind of woman. Mindy said she tried meth, but didn’t like it,
Bubba thinks Ned could parashoot out if he had some cocaine on him,
Ned thinks he’d be like DB Cooper. Bubba put her on hold; he thinks
this will get Ned excited; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army garage
sale. Bubba said if you’re on the go, you can get the Bubba Army app,
he then said they’re working on updating it, Spice said the droid app
is ready to go; Bubba thinks that will save Spice about 9 hours of
emails. Josh in Georgia said he’s heard them talk about Radio IO,
Bubba said he’s a stock holder, Brent thinks Bubba has done a good job
at saying he’s a stock holder. Jim in Florida came on, Bubba said he
met him at Mike’s Pizza, the guy said it was a good pizza, he likes
the little kick on it, Bubba said that was his dip on there, the guy
said the toppings are good, but they might take away from the flavor
of the dip. Bubba said the fund raiser for Sgt. Wittmore is on January
29, it will be $15 a person, you can register on,
he then asked ned if he’d like to do his standard, he then explained
what that means, ed said it’s a fan favorite, he said he doesn’t want
to drink and drive with Grady Judd near him, Bubba said Ned can’t even
get off the flat bread, Manson thinks it’s a bad ass setup. The first
email of the day said Satellite is empty, the emailer asked if Bubba
is pulling a Jackie Martling, Bubba said that Jackie Martling didn’t
have anywhere to go. Another email said that when the stock market
opens, they’ll be selling their Sirius stock, and traded it for Radio
IO. Another email said that Lesley Spenser is firing off form letters
that say they’ll be looking at new items. Bubba said that Lesley
claims that he and Bubba had dinner at Burn’s, we then heard the
Chicken dip update sounder, Spice was heard saying he needs to get the
gong near him, Bubba said it means nothing when he over rules it, he
then said he’s thinking about firing his Chicken dip brokers, he said
he’s had dinner at Burn’s three times, once with Deion Sanders, Randy
Michaels and his wife, and Tom Bean, he said you don’t forget dinner
at Burn’s. Spice thinks that even if that’s the case, it shouldn’t
matter. Manson thinks you have to have huge balls to sell 16 carrots
for $12, he doesn’t’ get how Publix can call them controversial; when
they’ve donated money, he then called her a Buffalo fat ass bitch.
Another email said he’s a member of the Radio IO family. Another email
was a copy of a form letter, saying that the chicken dip won’t be sold
there. Another email likes how Bubba is looking out for the fallen
cops, Bubba said the Wittmore case is a horrible case; he then
recapped how it happened. Another email was another form letter from
Publix. Another email said they got stock in Radio IO. Bubba said that
Miami is the number one market for mobile devices; Ned thinks the
audience has to have it. The last email of the day said they moved
from Tampa to Virginia asked if the guys would ever be on in Richmond,
Bubba thinks the emailer never knew, he said this just proves that Cox
doesn’t promote them. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Various news

Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he
thinks Steve Hurley will host an autograph session, he then said that
next Saturday will be when the Garage Sale at Buddy’s, he said it will
be from 12:00-3:00, he thinks that Ned will pack up at 2;30, not
selling anything, he said they’re going to have stuff that has been
diss continued, he said he’ll charge a dollar for adults to get in,
the guys think it’s a great idea. Jabberjaw said she’ll be helping
Twenty-five, Bubba said she got out at 2:15; Ned said he just walks
away. Manson thinks Bubba should sell some chicken dip there, Bubba
said he’ll get that done, he then went on to say that Giffords is
doing better, Brent thinks Obama’s speech from last night was out of
line. We then heard a news clip about a robbery suspect who called
911, looking for a cab, the guys goofed on the cop in the clip, Spice
said that the guy got the 911 guy interested. We then heard a news
clip about church members accused of sex crimes, bubba thinks it’s one
of the black churches, Spice did his angry black guy voice, he said
he’s never heard the “Get over it” approach. Phil in Ohio said the
guys are doing an awesome job, the guy requested the guys would play
the Irish song (“bubba’s Back Vol. 2”, track 11); bubba said he’ll get
that on. We then heard a clip about Obama visiting Giffords, Bubba
said that sometimes Obama goes rhymey, he wonders if this is the
President, or TD Dukes, the guys told him it was TD Jakes, bubba then
told Brent he doesn’t need to give him some stuff he had originally
requested, he then wonders if the new Bird Flu is anything new, he
wonders if it’s a big shakedown from Big Pharmacy, we then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba said that he doesn’t care about it, he
thinks we should let nature take its course, he said he gets that it’s
important to build homes for birds, Manson said it’s just nature, he
said it’s sad to see a bird wrapped in fishing line. Spice wonders if
Bubba has no humanity, Ned said he’d drown an injured bird, Spice
thinks Bubba has no compassion, Bubba thinks birds being lunch is
another form of nature, Manson said he’s torn on the situation. Spice
said if he sees an injured bird, he’ll try and help it. Bubba said if
it’s a wild animal, you should let nature takes its course. Ted said
he’s a 35 year-old man in Clear Water, he said he needs some pills to
put himself to sleep, he then hung up. Jeff said the guy who runs the
Seabird place is good friends with a guy who owns;
he said channel 10 did a story about that. Spice thinks the guy is a
creep; he’s surprised no one is checking his hard drive, Manson
wondered who would let their kid pose on the site, Spice thinks the
same people who would allow their kid to do beauty pageants at a young
age. Bubba said he’d like to see the guy’s tax returns, Brent said
he’ll check that out. The guy said hello to the Fire and Rescue guys
in Station 9, Bubba thanked them for listening. Spice said his ex
girlfriend used to live next door to the bird guy, saying that when
she was under age, he would make inappropriate comments to her. Bubba
wondered if the girls were over 18, Brent said the guy lists the ages
on there. Bubba said he’s looking at one that claims she’s 17, he
thinks she looks 30, Manson said some of the girls look pretty young,
bubba said it’s wrong in any capacity. Manson said it’s morally wrong
what the guy is doing, Brent thinks the see-through clothing is a
problem. Spice said the guy who takes the pictures is a different
person from the one who runs the bird place, bubba thinks it’s a
problem, he said if he did something like that, he’d be ran out of the
business. Ron said he knows for a fact that the guy is a scam artist,
Spice said the place is on Gulf BLVD. Fred on protection said that you
have to show the children in a sex act, as an underage girl naked is
not child pornography. Bubba asked about the trucker who took a
picture of the girls who flashed him, the girls turned out to be under
age, he thinks that would be thrown out, as the guy didn’t know, the
guy said you could get arrested for it, but not prosecuted, Spice
thinks there’s a big loop hole. The guy said it’s hard to track down
the victim of child porn, Bubba thinks the law should be rewritten, he
said he feels bad for the guy who hooks up at a bar with a 17 year-old
who used a fake id to get in. they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Chris Dingman calls in, Bird Sanctuary

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app,
followed by Rush. Bubba said that Chris Dingman is standing by, he
then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show, he then asked the
guys if they saw the welts and marks on the guys. We then heard Chris
Dingman’s bumper, Chris said the new guy was in goal last night; he
thinks Ellis and Smith might get traded. Bubba wondered where Ellis
came from, Chris said he came from the Canadians, Bubba thinks Ellis
will be the odd man out, he thinks they’ll keep the guy who makes
less, he then said that Ralston has a year left on his contract, he
said the guy is 41. Bubba thinks they offended Chris last week, he
apologized for that, Chris said he’s not mad, he said he’s mad about
the lockout. Spice asked what they did; Chris said they practiced for
the most part. Bubba asked for the schedule, Chris said that will have
12 home games after January 23, he said he goes to concerts to get
pumped up, not go to sleep, as Barry Manalow will be in town soon,
Spice said his girlfriend likes Shaday. Bubba thinks rappers don’t
like snow mobiles. Bubba thanked Chris for coming on, he said they’re
off on Monday, he then told Chris about what they’ve got coming up on
the show. Troy said his girlfriend works for a vet, picking up the
bird might make it worse if it’s really injured, he thinks people
should be more like birds. Carol said she used to work for Ralph
heath, Spice said that’s the guy who runs the bird place. Bubba said
that Brent has the tax returns for the bird place, they give back 0,
Bubba had to dump her for cursing, he then went over the Suncoast Sea
Bird sanctuary’s tax returns, Brent said the tax returns were hard to
figure out. Bubba said they do a score of 0-100 on, the best is the Big Cat Rescue, while the Bird
Sanctuary is the worst rated. Bubba thinks they can exploit these
people for who they really are, he thinks the guy found a creative way
to live off the system. Manson said that he’s been to the Big Cat
Sanctuary, it’s a great place. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Callers comment on the Bird Sanctuary

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army garage
sale. Bubba said that Christian will be on in about 30 minutes, he
then said that society Red will be performing at the Bubba Army USAC
race, he then said the guys have been wonderful to him, he then
remembered that Trace won the first won (February 10, 2010), he then
thanked Sluggo for getting the Sgt. Wittmore benefit ride, he asked
that he make that a rotator. Jack on protection said he worked for a
company, whose purpose is to find a sites that are about child porn,
they found one with kids from 3-8 years old. John said the 71 foot yot
at the Bird sanctuary was donated by an old lady whose husband died,
Bubba said he’s just looked at his tax returns, saying he gives
nothing back, he said his comments have nothing to give with the guy
not giving back, he asked the guy to not be the bad guy, he told the
guy he wasn’t going to win this one. Spice asked the guy about Ralph
allowing girls to take pictures; John said he frowns upon that. Bubba
said if he was the average guy, he’d probably donate, but not after
learning about the website. Spice said he’d rather give money to a
drug guy than a creep. Eric said he used to work for the Bird
sanctuary, he said the guy has a bunch of stuff; he said it’s on
Starkey road, the guy thinks Ralph is a hoarder. We then heard a news
clip about Ted Williams going to rehab, Bubba said he wishes he would
die, Spice said he’ll die soon, Brent said the kids could get him for
every dime he has. April said Ralph is running from the law, his Mom
provided some information about the bird sanctuary, she said Ralph had
a 1969 Corvette with chicken shit on it, the guy always had money, and
interested in younger girls, saying that Ralph was hitting on her 10
year-old sister, Spice said that his ex girlfriend used to live next
door to him, he used to stand out on his balcony and look at them with
binoculars. Bubba said they need to get her information, Ned thinks he
could bamboozle her with no problem. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Christian Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app.
Bubba said they’ve got about a minute before Christian comes on, he
wonders if Christian and Edge had a name when they were in a tag team,
Spice said they didn’t have a name. Christian came on talking like a
German; spice thinks that should be a character. Christian said he’s
on his way to therapy, joking he needs mental therapy more than
physical; he then described the recovering process, saying he got hurt
in September. Bubba wondered who Christian was working with, Christian
said it was during a fight with CM Punk, he then described the injury,
he said he went straight to the MRI. Bubba asked if the match has to
stop during a tag team, Christian said it all depends, he said he did
a match years ago where he tried to jump over the ropes while wearing
a mask, he landed on his head, he couldn’t feel his left arm. Bubba
thinks the ref has been instructed to finish the match quickly. Spice
said that Sid Vishis broke his leg once; he said that video is
especially brutal. Bubba said that Under Taker runs the show, he asked
how he’s doing, Christian said he’s good. Bubba asked about Edge,
Christian said he’s doing good, going back and forth between Tampa and
North Carolina. Bubba asked if he still gets a base, Christian said he
does. Spice asked if they’ll ever be a true union, Christian said he’d
be surprised. Bubba said he likes Vince’s wellness program, he said he
likes how Vince will pay for you, even if you’ve wrestled one day.
Christian said he’ll be doing a meet and greet tomorrow in Prot
Charlotte from 6:00-7:30, he said it doesn’t matter if the people come
by and tell him he sucks, he said the fans are usually pretty cool.
Bubba thinks the fans don’t need to be worried about Christian, they
need to worry about the German booker, he likes how Steve Cern has
done well, he then told Christian about Jackson Andrews (October 29,
2010). Bubba asked Christian if he’ll be ready for royal rumble,
Christian said he’s not sure, he doesn’t think it will happen, he said
he likes acting, saying it’s a challenge. Bubba asked about Jericho,
Christian said he’s rocking out with his band. Bubba asked if Chris is
one of the top five, Christian said that Chris is one of the top five
guys. Bubba thanked him for coming on, he thinks he has a toxic poop,
he thinks he hasn’t pooped in three or four days. Manson thinks the
show needs a flower shop, Bubba told him to stop.

Segment 8 – The guys hold the fort down

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Garage sale. Spice
came on saying Bubba was in the bathroom, he thinks it smells like hot
farts, Manson said it’s gone through the studio, he then said Kelsey
Grammar’s ex wife was on Howard’s show, saying that he likes cross
dressing, he said he couldn’t picture him doing that, Ned said he
doesn’t like dressing as a woman. Spice wondered about cross dressing,
Ned said he doesn’t partake in that, Manson thinks it’s all on the
individual. Spice thinks once the news comes out that you’re a cross
dresser, he wouldn’t want to leave the house, he thinks cross dressing
is taking it to a new level, he said a few weeks ago, he was watching
“Strange Sex”, he thinks cross dressing is one of the strangest things
ever. John in Orlando said his wife helps people cross dress, he said
she has an office that works on that, their website is:, the guy said this is a sideline business, he
said she’s really confidential in her clients. Cody in Jacksonville
said his brother is a cross dresser, he said when he was 13, he woke
up and found ripped up porn magazines, he walked into the bedroom and
found him, the guy in question was 23, he thinks he did it when he was
in 3rd grade. Bubba came in, he said it was toxic, saying he washed
his hands three times, he said he likes sitting in the chair, he said
he’d like to be Manson for a day, he thinks Ned has the best gig.
Bubba thinks he’s on Manson’s page, he said he’s hitting the
vaporizer, Spice said he and his Mom had a bad relationship when he
first started out, Bubba said that he’s grone up, he then asked Spice
how long it’s been since he’ll get engaged, Spice said he doesn’t see
2 and a half years as a big deal, Bubba thinks they need some off and
on times, he then said they need to live together. Spice asked Bubba
what he learned in four years, Bubba said he’s learned not to sweat
the small stuff, Brent said he’ll be eight years this year, he said he
agrees with Bubba on not sweating the small stuff. bubba said he never
asks questions, he thinks telling a girl a time to come home is being
a dick, he then said that he doesn’t care about decorating the inside
of a house, he thinks Spice has been acting more like Ned, he thinks
it’s time for Spice to pop the question. Mason suggested a six month
trial period, Spice said the kid’s school is way out there, yet he’s
so close, Bubba thinks Spice is selfish, Spice said he doesn’t have a
time frame. Ned thinks they need to start hitting the boy on the butt
a few times, he thinks Spice isn’t committed to Tasha, he then wonders
who it’s about, he then recapped Spice’s situation, Manson thinks
Bubba will never pin Bubba down. Bubba said he’s exposing Spice for
the fraud he is, he then said sitting in this chair is making him a
counter programmer, he thinks living together will have to be in
Brandon, he then asked for just a woman’s perspective. Diana in Largo
came on, the guys goofed on her voice, the woman said she’s on her
second marriage, the guys think she sounds like Launa (former midday
woman on 98 rock). Bubba said that Spice will be a great addition to
Tasha’s family, he thinks Spice is hanging on to the batchler
lifestyle, he said his friend texted him, saying married people drag
them into hell. Alexis in Ft. Meyers asked Spice if he’s ready to be a
step Dad, she said Spice needs to know if he’s ready. Mandy in
Lakeland said going on three years, it’s a long time to not live with
someone. Manson thinks he moved in with Donna within a month, bubba
said Tasha does everything for Spice, Spice said he’s fine. Valley
thinks Spice is in the right place, Bubba thinks Spice will be bald
when he’s 41; he thinks Spice isn’t ready for hell. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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