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Top Stories:
State Attorney Mark A. Ober
Okla. boy says mom, her friend beat him over food
‘Singing Sex Offender’: I’m An Entertainer
Use of word Negro on 2010 census forms raises memories of Jim Crow
Police seek woman who trashed Mo. McDonald’s
Gary Coleman hospitalized, says TMZ
Acid bombs thrown at homeless

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Tasha in a magazine, Tom the Treeman bumper

Bubba started off asking what the bumper music was, Spice referred to
it as a guilty pleasure. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he thinks
Ned should just pull the plug on the sandwich, he thinks maybe it’s a
copy cat; he said they could always put it in another shop. Bubba said
that he saw Tasha in a magazine, Spice didn’t say anything, he then
said that he’s never bought a porno mag in a store, Bubba told him
that he has something no one else has, he said it’s a little
embarrassing to have to prove himself to a clerk if he bought the
magazine. Bubba said that there was a Tom the Treeman spotting
yesterday, the emailer said that Tom billed himself as “Tom from the
Cowhead Show”. We then heard a Carl Harris produced bumper about
hiring Tom the Treeman for an event, Bubba thinks they should give
Tom’s business a bit of a push, Manson said that a tree has fallen on
his fence when Tom has been at his house; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Pop culture, Vegas

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Free-thinking
Comedy Tour”. BJ in Phoenix said he’s just relaxing, he thinks
everyone at TNA is happy with the ratings, Bubba thinks this will show
Spike that people love this, BJ said that Kevin Nash wrote on his
Twitter that tna might go head to head, he hopes that Jeff Hardy isn’t
put in with a bunch of mid card guys, Bubba thinks he’ll be one of the
top guys, he said he doesn’t want to be the guy who discovers dead
bodies. BJ said that Howard played a bunch of TNA segments; Bubba
thinks it’s like early wcw. Bubba said that Kevin Hayslett will be on
today, he then read some emails. The first email asked what Bubba has
in store for those who got screwed with tna, he told the listeners it
should make up for what happened. Another emailer asked if Bubba still
talks about Fein, Bubba said it’s still around, the website is Another emailer said that he could put nuts and ball hair
in Bubba’s food, as revenge for the tna situation. Another emailer
wondered if the guys will put together a party bus for the
Free-thinking comedy show, Bubba told the emailer to just take the two
hour drive down there, Another emailer said they saw Bubba at the Wing
House, he didn’t want to bug him, Bubba said he digs Miller Lite in
the can. Another emailer said they were at Mike’s Pizza, the employee
didn’t offer the man sauce. Another emailer said that ms. Howard TV
voting is almost over, he wants a last minute email to ask people to
vote for Janessa. Another emailer said that they agree with Spice in
regards to his take on tools. Another emailer agreed with Spice,
Manson thinks Spice buys a can of Fix-a-flat, the emailer said that
she’s not that kitchen savvy, Bubba thinks that as an adult, it’s
important to know your way around the kitchen. Spice wondered what’s
in Hamburger helper, Manson thinks Mac and cheese. Bubba thinks the
emailer is a lazy bitch, he said that people don’t have dinner with
their families anymore. The last email of the day said they can print
up bibs; Ned likes how they’ll do it for free. CP Trav in Naples was
on, Bubba wonders if he fell down; he wonders if he’s on speaker
phone, he hung up on him. We then heard a news clip about Obama
commenting on the terrorist act on Christmas day. Bubba went over some
stuff people are talking about, he said he knows nothing about this
stuff. He went on to say that for all the money in the world, he has
no idea what the botched terror attack is about, Spice said Bubba
should at least know about that, Bubba ran down his schedule for the
past few days, Brent had to correct him on the day. Bubba asked what
happened with the Terrorist attack, the guys recapped it for him.
Manson said that if the shoe bomber didn’t work, and this attempt
didn’t work, why do we spend so much on scanners, he thinks its crap,
Bubba said he’s glad that he didn’t know about it. He went on to say
that he’s never heard of Avatar, Spice explained it to him, he thinks
he didn’t miss out on this stuff. Spice told Bubba about the Adam
Lambert controversy, Bubba said he’s not missing much in life. Dee in
Miami said the show has been bland, Bubba thanked him for calling, he
questioned the guy’s background, the guy said he’s a DJ, he ended up
yelling at the guy, as he wouldn’t stop talking, he then got Eviled.
Jay in Tampa said that while the underwear bomber was with another
man, the guy said he didn’t have a pass port, Bubba Eviled the guy a
few seconds later, he wondered why he’s supposed to care. We then
heard a news clip about TSA taking away some kid’s playdo. Spice said
he was thinking about going to Vegas, he’s not interested at this
point. Bubba said getting out of Tampa is decent, but going out of
Vegas is a problem, he thinks they should get another airport, he then
proposes another Vegas, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – MJ discussions, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (With a side of man sauce)”. We then heard Manson’s “Turkey
Fryer Song”. Bubba said that Kevin Hayslett will be in soon; he went
on to say that on the MJ tip, some new stuff has come out. Bubba said
that there’s a rumor of MJ retaining Barry Cohen, he hopes he’s wrong.
Bubba wonders what kind of example is MJ setting for his listeners, he
said he’s going to refrain from going nuts until it’s official, he
wonders what makes Barry Cohen so special, he thinks it’s like the
Mark Lunsford situation, he said he has a hard time keeping his mouth
shut. Bubba told mark Ober to make the right decision, he thinks
people deserve to know, Brent said he heard that Clear channel is
paying for Fester and Tommy Chuck’s lawyers, Bubba said he can’t wait
for Kevin to comment on this, he thinks that MJ not getting
investigated will run him out o town even quicker, Manson think it’s
great if he sticks around for him to suck on the air. John thinks
there’s some kind of double standard, he asked if Michelle used to
work for a lawyer, Bubba said yes. He said that if it’s not processed,
he’ll set a big fire in the parking lot, we then heard the “Say good
night to the bad guy”. Mike said it’s shocking that they show the
killing of an animal on TV, Bubba said that radio is audio driven; he
said that television is worse than radio. Amber said she enjoys the
show. Craig in Miami said that as a general contractor, they have to
pull a permit to build stuff. We then heard a news clip about the
cross, Spice thinks the priests were loving it, Bubba thinks the kid
will end up arrested for a dui. Bubba doesn’t get how Shannon Burke
has gotten the mileage it’s gotten, Bubba read an article about that.
Bubba wonders what he missing, Spice thinks they should stop doing
good things, we then heard “I Shot A Dog With A Hand Gun” from “bubba
Show classics Vol. 10”, track 9. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kevin Hayslett in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. Bubba
played Kevin Hayslett’s bumper and brought him on, Kevin said he’s
well rested after the vacation, he said he stayed at home. Bubba asked
about the Jason Bruce situation, Kevin thinks there was a move to try
and resolve the case, the victim asked for him to be forgiven. Bubba
wonders how the Greek priest is the victim, Spice said that’s a
problem, Kevin said the media made the priest the victim, Spice thinks
the cops should admit to making a mistake. Bubba wondered what
recourse does Jason have, Kevin said that realistically, he won’t have
any recourse; he said that the 911 call is chilling. Bubba asked Kevin
his thoughts on the MJ situation, Kevin said he contacted high level
people, he asked them their thoughts, the general consensus is that it
could be filed under illegal burning. Bubba thinks the second degree
of arson is what this was, Kevin said you could charge him with arson,
he said that it was pre meditative; Bubba thinks it was done for
entertainment. Kevin said MJ should be charged with something, Bubba
said he’ll be the fastest copy cat if MJ isn’t charged. Kevin said
fire fighters are mad about this situation, he said its un acceptable;
he said he’d like to make good charges. Bubba said he would be mad if
MJ got something to the effect of fishing without a license kind of
charge, he said he’s sick and tired of the Good old boy network; he
said he’s never seen it this bad, he wonders what gives MJ the right
to sue him. Jay in Miami said he was assaulted in a bar by an
employee, the cops took the attacker’s side, he said that he wants to
sue the DA for not looking at his medical bills, Kevin suggested the
guy sue the bar owner. Gene in Orlando said his daughter had a mri,
she was left un attended, she passed out and hit her head, Kevin
thinks it would be a problem. Bubba read an email about getting a
record sealed, Kevin said if you have a prior charge, get it sealed,
provided that you’re not convicted. Another emailer said that they
can’t make it to a court case; Kevin said you can’t charge someone for
reckless driving just on speed alone. Another emailer said that they
lost their gun rights, as they told some people at a hospital that he
was crazy, Bubba wonders why you’d want to commit yourself to avoid a
court case, Kevin said that just causes more problems. Another emailer
said they got arrested by the railroad police for having a firearm,
Kevin said they can’t come to the guy’s house without a warrant.
Another emailer said he was arrested in Baltimore for crack, Kevin
said they could help the guy out. Mario in Miami said he was arrested
for tress passing, he said he was also arrested for battery; he
wondered if he could get this stuff taken off his record, Kevin said
he could help him out. Bubba wondered what the difference is between
MJ and Balloon boy, Kevin said there was public pressure with Balloon
boy, Bubba wondered if he should turn it up, he wonders how the public
feels, he thinks they should put Mark’s information up on the site,
and tell the people to let him know. Tony in Miami said he was busted
for heroin, he got busted for twelve years, he did eight years, he
asked for it to be sealed, Bubba told him to not gloss over it. Kevin
said you can’t get a murder or trafficking sealed or expunged. Another
emailer said that her husband has numerous duis; Kevin said it’s
really tough to get a dui in Montana. Dave in Sarasota said his son
was pulled over for speeding, the cop smelled alcohol, he was given
two tickets, Kevin said the judge won’t charge him with a dui, he
thinks he’ll get a higher penalty. Bubba read a text from someone
saying that fire fighters have more ties than Peta; he then said that
Guns and Hoses is April 17. Bubba thanked Kevin for coming in, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Artie Lange update, Jim Cornet audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard Manson’s “MJ Turkey Fire Radio
Theatre”. Bubba came back with the news that Gary Colman is in the
hospital, Spice said he heard about that, Bubba said he hates that guy
for some reason, we then heard the theme from Different Stroke. Kevin
in Allen Town said he saw something about Artie Lange, Bubba read the
article about that, saying that he stabbed himself nine times, he
didn’t know what to say, Brent said he feels bad for Artie, Ned thinks
it’s hard core, Spice said he would never kill himself like that, he
went on to say that it hurts when he gets Nintendo thumb. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said that Charlie Sheen got arrested, Bubba read
an article about that, Manson joked that he did that to donna after
watching “Two and a Half Men”. We then heard a news clip about Colman,
Bubba thinks Gary is a little punk, Manson agrees with him. Bubba said
that if you get fired from both wrestling organizations, you’re
pathetic. We then heard a clip of Jim Cornet discussing Hogan on his
podcast, Bubba said he’s tired of guys who aren’t in radio, yet they
do podcasts, he said the content had to be entertaining, he thinks the
processing of the show wouldn’t change, Dave said they could do hire
bit rate. Bubba thinks that within ten months, they’ll be doing
internet radio. Spice said that Cornet has sour grapes, as he was
released from WWE. The guys cracked up at Cornet raking Bubba over the
coals, Bubba thinks it’s a problem if cornet is going to high school
plays. Spice thinks Jim is taking it way too seriously, Bubba
sarcastically said that Jim Cornet was on to something. The guys
cracked up when Jim said it looked like Bubba was s on Beer
Money, Ned said he would’ve tvoed it. they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mariah Carey audio clips, Michelle Williams calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Burning Down The Van”. Bubba said
he got a text from Kurt Angle, he said Kurt has a new food company
he’d like to talk about, he said that one of his friends called him in
regards to a motor, Ned said he would love to watch, he thinks Spice
should join Bubba. Bubba said he should make Spice be a motor shop
intern, Spice wondered why he should do it, he said that as a kid, he
hated doing yard work. Bubba said that Mariah Carey was drunk, Brent
said she was rambling, we then heard the clip, Bubba likes how she was
messed up, Manson thinks all award shows should be like this, Spice
said he can’t wait until she gets fat. Mike in Tampa wondered if
Ziggler does street racing, Bubba said he does. We then heard a noise,
Bubba didn’t know what it was, Manson said it was Spice hitting the
cowbell with his forehead, we then heard the bell a few times. Bubba
went back to the clip, he thinks she hasn’t read two books in her
life, Spice thinks this is torture. Bubba went to Michelle Williams;
he said her timing was impeccable. We then heard a news clip about the
word Negro appearing in the U.S. Sensis, Bubba wonders what the big
deal is, Manson thinks Obama didn’t make the Sensis. Bubba asked
Michelle her thoughts, Michelle thinks it shouldn’t be on there, she
said when Obama become President, she thought for a minute that things
would change, she said if she was Bewitched, she could change all the
problems in an instant. Spice said the older generation does say
negro, Bubba said he understands where she’s coming from. Michelle
said that when black kids are born, the birth certificate doesn’t say
negro, back in the 40’s it did, she wants to make sure that the blacks
are accounted for. Spice thinks the argument is rather pointless, he
thinks the older generation is sticking around. Bubba thinks Michelle
is being militant on this issue, Michelle said this will work only if
the African Americans choose to be identified like that. Michelle
wondered who came up with the term African American, she said whoever
came up with that can go to hell. Michelle wants people to stop
talking about stuff like that; we then heard “The Boopity song” under
her. Bubba asked Michelle her thoughts on Obama, Michelle said she
doesn’t like the way he’s handling things, she said that we have to
keep quiet on the plantation, as they don’t want to upset the master.
Spice as Butt-head laughed while she talked, Ned wondered what being
her husband must be like, Bubba likes her theory on Obama. Spice
thinks Michelle is eating her own logic by saying poor people have
money. Michelle said that the last time she was on the show, she got a
bunch of FaceBook comments, she encouraged people to listen to other
radio shows. Bubba said he gives African Americans as much mic time as
possible. Bubba thanked her for coming on; Ned thinks she was on some
Fein today. Bubba said the link is up on for Mark Ober, he
thinks Mark needs a gage to go by. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Kurt Angle

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Free-thinking
Comedy Show”. Bubba apologized for the delay, he said he was going to
kick Carl’s ass, for not having the computer right. Buck in Memphis
said negro is just a word, the guys cracked up at him saying “word
up”. Bubba wonders if Buck can be a hockey announcer, Buck tried some
stuff out, the guys were cracking up at this, Bubba said he would love
that. Bubba called up Kurt Angle; he picked up a few seconds later.
Kurt sad he forgives Spice for the sex tape. Bubba asked him about the
food company, Kurt explained it, where it’s more protein and more
fiber, the website is Bubba thinks they should
change it to Angle Food company, Kurt said they’ll do that, he said
his food will be ready in a week, he said that you’ll get the food for
free if you’re in the Bubba Army, Bubba said he just wants some free
hamburgers, he said he wants to talk to someone in the wrestling
business who isn’t going to screw over the listeners, Kurt apologized
for that, he hopes they can come back. Kurt said he never kisses ass,
he jokingly said he hates Bubba, he said that after he wrestles
someone, the fans ask him when he’ll be on Bubba next, he said if it
was up to Dixie, she would’ve let the Bubba Army people in to the
event. Bubba asked Kurt his thoughts on the show, Kurt said bubba at
the beginning was great, he liked the matches, he said Jeff hardy’s
entrance was great, he thinks Hogan was incredible, he thinks one of
the matches was anti climactic. Bubba said he didn’t like the cage
match, he thought it was stupid, Kurt said someone could get injured
from that. Bubba said that people in New York were flipping out over
the situation. Spice said he didn’t like how thick the cage was; Kurt
said he thinks he’s getting old. Bubba said he heard that one of
Kurt’s former girlfriends tried to burn his house down, Kurt said his
sister in law went into it, the stove was on, a bowl of grease was on
some plywood, the grease was boiling over, he thinks she’s a crazy
bitch. Bubba asked Kurt about Bobby Lashly, Kurt said Bobby was number
three on the Olympic team. Kurt said he has a lot of respect for Danna
White, he said that Dana won’t allow a wrestler to wrestle and do ufc
at the same time. Bubba hoped that he didn’t get in trouble by
thinking Dixie is hot, he said Lashly’s girl is hot, Kurt agreed, he
went on to say that wrestling was one of the toughest sports he’s ever
had to deal with. Bubba asked him about Brock Lesner, Kurt said that
he hasn’t returned his calls. Spice thinks spandex makes Kurt smaller,
Kurt said he’ll kick Jeff Jarrett’s ass one of these days. Bubba
thinks Kurt will kick Spice’s ass, Manson told him to stop, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news clips, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some OAR as bumper music. Bubba
said that Mark will be on next Tuesday. Nate in Tampa said that
Michelle Williams was shot out of a cannon, he said negro was a
defining term back in the day, Bubba said he would like Nate and Buck
to do hockey commentary. We then heard a news clip about, Bubba thinks it’s very Spice like, Spice said he
loves the way they work, Spice was laughing his ass off, he thinks no
one in the building can get on the site. Bubba wonders if Gale could
be accepted to the site, Bubba thinks everyone should sign up. Bubba
wonders how many radio shows send listeners to the Bunny Ranch, the
guys think a bunch. Bubba read an article about sending a bunch of
girls to a new bunny ranch, where guys are the prostitutes; the guys
think it will turn out to be gay. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Bubba
congratulated him for the big number. Hogan came on doing his Macho
Man voice, Hogan said he’s dying to talk to him; he went to say that
no one could get out of the cage, Bubba hopes they get rid of it.
Hogan said the night before the show, he must’ve asked about ten times
if there was a door on the cage, he was told there was one, but it
wasn’t there. Hogan said he always thinks eight-ten steps ahead, he
said he had no idea Jim Cornet was so bitter, Bubba replayed a clip of
Jim talking. Hogan said the Spike TV guys were there, they seemed
happy, he said he was in the Hollywood Reporter, he said you can’t go
live on selected Mondays, Bubba thinks he should strike while the iron
is hot, he thinks Hogan should ask for the ball. Hogan said that he
needs to market TNA, he said he wants to turn it to a big business, he
said he knows that it’s a big budget. Bubba said he and Hogan talked
about making it up to the bubba Army, Hogan said that he had no idea
what was going on, he said he’s never done this before, Bubba said it
would be a free show, and it would be open to the Army only. Bubba
asked about his depositions went; Hogan said it’s ridiculous to have
to go to court over a toilet seat and light bulbs. Bubba likes how
Hogan is the only party to mention John, Hogan said he appreciates
Bubba’s help, Bubba feels he got ribbed. Bubba said that he was really
impressed with Eric’s performance; he likes how the Nasty boys work.
Hogan said he doesn’t want to compete against Vince; he’s just looking
to put out a better product. Bubba said he’d really like for Macho man
to come back, he said that he was way late, saying it was almost
11:00. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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