Thursday, January 06, 2011

January 6th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Recap via Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various stuff

Bubba started the show by saying he almost didn’t make it in today, he
thinks he’s picking up what Spice has, Spice said that he’s on a Z
pack, saying what he has is brutal. Bubba said he’s got a bit of a
cold. Ned told him to butch up; he then goofed on Bubba, saying he has
the sniffles. Bubba thinks he’s run down, he did about six interviews
on Tuesday, five yesterday, Spice said he’d trade that for 8 hours of
emails. Bubba thinks they should hire Indians to answer all the
questions, he then said the homeless guy with the radio voice got a
job, Brent and Manson think the original announcer is pissed about
getting replaced. Bubba said that Dan McKinnon is the highlighted
FaceBook fan of the day, he then went back to the homeless radio guy,
he thinks it’s media pandering all day, Spice said it’s the first
viral video in 2011, he then said the Lightning got their asses kicked
8-1. Brent thanked for hooking them up with
some paintball guns. Bubba thinks they should talk about Spice’s dog,
he said Banksy charged at him, he said he’s no longer welcome at the
BRN; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Blood pressure

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Who made Who” by AC/DC. Bubba
thanked the guys from DNA Energy drinks, he then said he loves stuff
from The Waffle House, Manson said he loves that stuff, Ned wondered
why Bubba needs double cheese on his order of double eggs, Spice said
it was healthy until now, Bubba said he’s not worried about fat, he
then said his blood pressure is 97 over 65, Spice said he can never
remember what is good and bad with blood pressure, he then read that
means Bubba is good. Brent said when he got his blood pressure taken,
the woman almost hospitalize him. Chris said just because someone get
wrapped up in crack doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of a shot of
redemption, Bubba thinks the guy should just start off small, he then
recapped their experiment with Homeless Scott (Circa 2008). Spice
wondered if the guy will get on the pipe, Bubba said he’d like for the
guy to have success. Chris said he delivers kidney medicine, he thinks
Brent should get his blood pressure taken care of, Brent said that his
Mother in law got in his face about that, he said that he doesn’t eat
any land animal, Manson said it’s been about 20 years since he’s had
red meat, he said Trace likes steak, Bubba thinks Spice looks skinny,
Ned requested that Spice take his pants off. Bubba thinks Spice
counter programs himself; he said if he looked like Spice, he’d paint
a shirt on, Manson suggested Spice get on growth. Bubba said that
Heather got him a new watch, but he didn’t bring it in, he said that
she saves her money; ned wondered if she saves the money he gave her.
Bubba said that she bought him a $6,000 watch, he then told the guys
they were getting him spun into a circle, he said she took the money
out of her account; Spice thinks Heather is cooking the books. Bubba
told Spice that if he trashes a breed of dog again, he’ll throw him
out of the studio. Brent said Banksy bit him yesterday, he thinks that
had it been a Pit Bull, he would’ve had his nose bitten off. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Spice’s dog issue

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando. The first email of the day told Bubba to get the Android app
going as soon as possible. Another email said that they love 98 Rock
in Charleston; Bubba said they’re talking to them about doing
something. Another email said that they’re canceling Sirius. Another
email said that Sirius sent them a survey on why they canceled; Bubba
thinks the guy had an educated reason as to why they canceled. Sean in
Ocala said that he’s cracking up about the comments on Spice’s dog,
the guy said the dog Spice has is the Chinese version of a Pit Bull,
Bubba thinks Spice is being hypocritical on his comments, he then said
the dog growled at him, Brent said the dog attacked, ed said that dogs
are good judges of character. Jeff in Maine said he was listening to
Howard, he said that he was saying positive things, saying that Bubba
might be on the channels. Bubba said he has no bad feelings about
Howard, he said he’ll never turn on him, he said by not signing him
back, it’s an insult to Howard, he said if they were to come back,
it’s because of Howard’s hard fought battle. Dave in West Palm said he
read the article on Hollywood Reporter; he said some guy wrote a
negative comment on Radio IO, claiming it was a shell game. Bubba said
Radio IO offered them a job in 2004, but it was too early for internet
radio, Tom Bean was interested and got involved, he then recapped a
Tweet that Deion Sanders wrote to him the other night about going to
Radio IO; he thinks Sirius has never appreciated them. Dave thinks
maybe Bubba should delve into the guy who talked smack about Tom Bean;
Bubba said he could care less what the person in question says. David
said you need to keep your dog socialized, he said the house is empty,
which is why it’s aggressive. Bubba thinks maybe the dog staying at
Twenty-five’s house changed it, Spice said the dog had growled at
people before, Twenty-five said he’s never seen that happen before, he
sarcastically sad he’s been fighting Banksy. Bubba thinks Spice has a
problem on his hands, Spice said he doesn’t want a lawsuit,
Twenty-five said he’s never fought a dog in his life; he said the dog
has been around other dogs and is fine. Sean in Orlando said he had a
Sharpay; they had to put it down, as it turned on them. Terry said he
used to work for the SPCA, the warning dogs included Sharpay. Bubba
thinks Spice should just give the dog away, he thinks Spice is
disturbed, Spice thinks maybe the dog doesn’t like Bubba. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – princess Boy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba sarcastically said that Tom Bean was a drug kingpin, Spice said
he’s always wanted to know someone like that, Ned thinks he’s a great
drug runner. John in Philadelphia said he canceled both of his Sirius
subscriptions, the woman told him not to, further saying that Bubba
would be back in two months, the guy said that was choppy
or him, Bubba said he wouldn’t subscribe until march 1, he then
plugged his iPhone into the board, he then talked about a young boy
who wants to be a dude, Spice said Twenty-five referred to the kid as
a “Bitch Boy”, he said if that was his kid, he’d have some serious
issues. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks the kid
could’ve been manned up, Manson said some people are born the way they
are, Bubba thinks the kid being rolled on The today Show is just
adding insult to injury, Spice said he’d just hide the kid, Bubba
thinks Spice should adopt Banksy, he thinks the parents are doing more
damage than good with the kid who wants to be a woman, Spice said he
wouldn’t allow his kid wearing a dress, he thinks the kid is going to
be psychologically damaging, Manson thinks the kid will be locked into
that title forever, Bubba thinks pedophiles will buy the book. Spice
shamed The Today Show for putting this on, Bubba thinks The Today Show
is adding fuel to the fire, Spice thinks maybe the kid is a
reincarnation of Michael Jackson, he thinks she doesn’t have a hair on
her ass if she didn’t asked if he was gay, Bubba thinks the kid is a
fag. Manson thinks the easy solution would be to not have any dresses
in the house. Bubba thinks the woman is a fag hag, Spice thinks the
kid will look at his Mom, ned thinks the kid will inject her with
bleach when he’s 16. Bubba thinks this is an example of the parent
letting the kid run the show, he said you often see a white trash
family where a kid throws a fit, and the parents just cave in. Spice
wonders if the kid isn’t gay, he thinks that will only be worse, he
thinks this sad to him; Bubba thinks the woman is totally selfish.
Valarie in Sarasota thinks the woman is setting her kid up for Chester
the Molester, she then said she had a chicken Dip update, she asked
for it at Publix, they couldn’t seem to find it, she told the person
that they could get it from Albertsons, Bubba thinks the chicken dip
people are going to Albertsons, emptying it out, and giving it to the
meat manager at Publix, he then told her that if she likes it, clean
out the container and go to the meat manager on Saturday, he then said
the chicken Dip pizza is at Mike’s Pizza, they’ve sold almost 300 of
them since Monday, today you can get two slices for $5. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – legal Advice With Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard Kevin hayslett’s bumper. Bubba
said if you’d like to follow Kevin on Twitter, he’s at, he then wondered what LawCast was, Kevin
said it’s his videos in audio form, he then said that Yayas is double
wrapped so he can’t sniff it out. Denis said his wife was in an
accident on 12/9, a drunk woman hit her, she has no injuries, but the
vehicle was totaled, the insurance card was no good. Kevin said when
you buy auto insurance, you can also buy insurance to protect you, he
said the guy is entitled to restitution. The first email to Kevin was
about pleading no contest to accident that resulted in death, he got
his license re instated, but it has since been denied, Kevin said the
problem is that if you have a court ordered life time suspension, he
said the DMV can overrule a judge on stuff like that, he thinks the
emailer in question won’t get their license back. Jennifer on
protection said her neighbor keeps threatening to shoot her, as her
dogs keep breeding on the neighbor’s lawn. Kevin said the charge would
be either assault or aggravated assault, it’s considered aggravated
assault if a weapon is visible, he said he’ll need to talk to her. We
then heard a clip about the homeless guy with the golden voice; Bubba
thinks it’s all a shakedown. Another email to Kevin said that she blew
a .75, Kevin said you’d be dead, he thinks she ment .075, which is
fine, he then said the highest he’s seen was .48, Ned said he’s been
at a .30 before. Spice thinks the mandatory DUI checkpoints are
egregious, Kevin said they hold you down, Brent thinks it violates
Fourth Amendment issues, Kevin said they take your blood against your
will, he said there’s a line of cases that deal with the checkpoints,
Spice said he doesn’t want a needle in his arm if he hasn’t done
anything wrong. Bubba said he hates getting needles in him, he wonders
what will happen to those who came back under the limit. Kevin said
the cops go through everything with a search, he said they just leave
when it’s all over, he said the courts have never come back with a
reimbursement, he thinks it will come to Florida. Bubba wondered how
they draw blood, Kevin said they have a registered nurse, Spice said
regardless if the person is licensed or not, he doesn’t want his blood
taken. Dan in Tampa said his wife was charged with Domestic violence
10 years ago, she got it expunged, yet her picture still appears on
the Hillsborough county website, Kevin said he could help him out with
this. Ivan said he was involved in an accident, a vehicle hit him
while he was on his way home, all the guy got was a ticket, he said
that he had some beer in his car, the beer exploded when he got hit,
Ned said he’s done that before. Ivan said he was on his bicycle, he
said he’s had a dui in the past; Spice thinks maybe the checkpoint
isn’t so bad. Tyler said that he got some violations in regards to the
sun pass, Kevin sad the easiest thing would be to deal with the judges
in each county where he got the fine. Spice said the cops showed up at
the door once; a woman had taken his tag and used it in a robbery. Al
said that on October 6, he got pulled over on his way to work; his
license was suspended on him not paying child support. Kevin asked if
the guy got a suspended license because of the CDL, the guy said no,
Kevin said he can help the guy out, he suggested the guy go with
Regina hunter in regards to his child support. The guy said he’s been
paying for 20 years, Bubba said he’ll give the guy the information he
needs. Another email to Kevin asked about getting a record expunged
for a grand theft, Kevin said he’s done that under certain
circumstances. Tom said he got into a fight with a girl he was seeing;
he was charged with battery, even though she hit him, he said he pled
not guilty. Kevin said that’s hear say evidence. Chris said he got
pulled over yesterday, he got a speeding ticket about a week ago, he
wondered if he could take two classes, Kevin said a reckless driving
charge is not class worthy, he said that’s a serious offence, he said
he does videos on stuff like that. Less said he got a ticket for
running a stop sign, the ticket states he’s in a 98 Ford, he’s in a
2009, he wonders if that’s a technicality. Kevin said it depends on
the county, he thinks it’s something that can be delt with. Bubba
thanked Kevin for coming by, Kevin thanked all of his Twitter
followers, he then gave an update on Keith McCants, he said he’s doing
great, he also said that the Anthony Lowery case is going to court,
Bubba wondered why that’s the case, he said this is a police officer
who is being a dick. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Huck fin Censored, N word discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app,
followed by Paper Tongues. Bubba came in wondering if he should ride
out the rest of the song, all the guys voted for it. Bubba came back
on saying that they rarely play music, he then said that heather tried
the McDonalds oatmeal, she loves it, he thinks he’s miserable with the
cold, he said he’s kind of feeling Howard’s spin on the voice over
guy. Spice said the guy sounds good, but it can’t be anything really
big, Brent said the black guy who was wrongfully imprisoned should get
a break. We then heard a news clip about the homeless guy, Bubba said
this is just an example of how the media just makes it worse, Bubba
said the guy knows how to work the gimmick, he thinks it’s marginal,
Spice thinks the guy doesn’t have sparkle, Manson thinks he has gum
disease. Spice thinks he’ll take his talents to South Beach soon,
Bubba thinks the guy will sign a contract where he gets 10 points.
Gary said he’s done with Sirius, they told him Bubba would be coming
back; Bubba said he just needs to move on. Bob in Ohio suggested Bubba
take some Alka Celtcer Plus, he then said he loves Radio IO. We then
heard a news clip about two planes up for sale, Bubba thinks the
Governor needs a plane, Spice said the difference is the $3,000,000
ball was paid for with funds, Brent said we’re the laughing stock. We
then heard a news clip about “Huck Fin” being reprinted, without the N
word, Manson said that’s the way it was back then, Spice said it’s not
controversial if you consider the time it was written in, Brent said
the kid Huck hung out with was named N word Jim, he then said that
every book before 1922 is public. Bubba thinks they should do the
Bubba Show bible, he thinks he would just put “Please” instead of
Noah’s Ark. Bubba thinks blacks won’t feel better about having “Slave”
in the new version. We then heard a news clip about a federal court
trial involving the N word, Bubba thinks the guy didn’t use it, he
wondered if he can say it, Brent said that as long as you’re talking
about a news story, you can quote it. Bubba said he’s trying to
understand how it went down; Manson thinks it takes away the
credibility if you can’t say it. Bubba said he’s using this in a news
worthy sense, Manson doesn’t like how the guy doesn’t even say the
word, when he’s not being racist, Brent said this is what the first
amendment was crafted on. Bubba said this very thing happened to them
in Miami, he asked for the “I Suck In Miami Bitch” song, he thinks the
guy was discriminated against. We then heard “I’m In Miami Bitch” by
LMFAO, Bubba said you can’t understand what they were saying. We then
heard Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
12”, track 7. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chris Dingman in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard Chris Dingman’s bumper. Bubba
wondered if Chris liked the music selection, Chris said that it’s good
music if he’d like to kill himself. Bubba wondered what happened last
night, Chris said when you got scored on early, it’s not good, he said
they weren’t very good, he thinks they won’t be good in some games.
Bubba wondered if the NHL does back to back games, Chris said only
during Olympic years. Bubba thinks the Lightning have the most
unfavorable road schedule; Chris said we have the least amount of home
games. Bubba said he almost got into a fight over Stamkose spin, as a
guy behind him knew a lot about hockey, he asked if the Lightning have
a lot of French Canadians, Chris then went over who is a French
Canadian, he said the spin o rama has been done before, he said he’s
tried it, Bubba thinks Chris would just fall on his ass, he then asked
about last night with a penalty shot, he said he loves Stamkose. Chris
said everyone has backup skates in case something goes wrong. Bubba
asked if you can feel if the edge is gone, Chris said you can feel it,
he called that “blowing a tire”; he said he couldn’t count the number
of times that has happened to him. Bubba said Hammerlick is still out
there, he thinks he’s older than Chris, Chris said he still looks
good. Bubba asked how many games did Dave Anderchuck play, Chris said
about 2,000. Bubba said that next time Chris will be in studio, Phil
Esposito will also be with them, he then asked Chris about tipping,
Chris said he has no problem giving a trainer some money, he said his
best year, was the year he didn’t play. Bubba wonders why Stamkose
didn’t make the Canadian team; it was because of the Olympic
selection. Spice thinks Chris should be the pissed off announcer,
Chris said that’s what everyone is. Spice wondered what gets Dingman
fired up, Bubba joked it’s when the fat girl jogs in the neighborhood;
he then said he likes the new owner. The guys wonder if Chris is
drinking a Miller Lite, Chris said it was something else, Bubba joked
that he’ll call them from a colonoscopy, he then asked what was Dave’s
best year, Chris said that it’s hard to tell, the guys think he’s
calling from a 1990 phone. Bubba asked about Malone hitting a guy, he
thinks it was a kick ass hit, Chris said that’s happened many times,
Bubba likes how he gets excited about something, yet Chris isn’t all
that excited, he then plugged some events at the St. Pete times Forum.
Chris said he’ll come in soon, he wished the guys a happy new year.
Bubba wondered if Chris is mad at them, Spice thinks bringing up the
lockout year was a bad move, Ned thinks he was smashed. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Sarah from Chicago, Randy Bernet

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said he’ll take Sarah from Chicago’s call, he then
said he needs to call Randy Bernet about a fishing pond. Sarah in
Chicago said that she just Googled his name, Bubba said he was in
Chicago in June, but he couldn’t find her, Sarah said Chicago made a
mistake by letting him go, she said she has a family in Tampa, she
said her daughter is in los Angeles. Spice asked how much she weighs,
Sarah said the same, she said her daughter is doing Pharmacy stuff,
she said her son is a performer, the name of the group is Laced
Confection, Ned thinks it’s a horrible name. Bubba clarified that it
was Ned dogging the band, he thinks the band name could be about
marijuana Brownies, Ned said that he’s doing a 180, he said he feels
like a rube now. Spice said he’ll be the band’s fourth follower on
Twitter ( Sarah remembers when Bubba would
take her daughter out to McDonalds, Bubba then told her about Radio
IO, he said he used to be on Sirius until Monday, he wonders if it
will get worked out, Spice said he has her number. Bubba called up
Randy Bernet, the mayor of Gibsonton, we then heard his bumper. Randy
hoped the guys had a great holiday, Bubba said he was sorry about his
Dad dying, he then told him about the new pond he’s making, Randy said
they’ve been fishing since 1962, Ned said he’s all about a large
mouthed bass. Bubba said this is “fish Talk With King of the Carnies”,
he said he’d like to have Randy help him out with the pond. Randy said
that there’s a circus on Riverview Drive this Saturday near Eastbay,
he thinks the 7:00 show will be great, he then talked about a bar near
the circus, he thinks Ned would be at home if he was there. Spice
asked for a good carnie freak, Randy said they can get one for them,
ned thinks the world’s smallest man is the bouncer of the Carney bar.
Bubba thinks he should meet the Carnie guys, he thinks that’s how
he’ll donate the money to the cops, Spice thinks Bubba will loop them
into another project. Manson thanked pete from Beef O’Bradies for
getting Trace a job, Spice goofed on him a little, they then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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  1. robert robinson

    hay guys im sorry to see you guys go off the satelit show im runing it over in the truck stop. i tryed to hear the howerd stuff in your guys time slot and the fing retarded jay tomas show sucks nuts i wish thay would re sine you guys if i could get raioio to work i could maybe hear you but it dont not on my phone or my computer in the truck thanks for 5 great years off you shanaigans and iggys i will miss you ps ned u da man

  2. Fishhead

    Thanks for the great radio over the last 5 years. I got sirius for Howard and it was an added bonus hearing your show on 101. Although the last couple of years the listeners had to put up with the replay b.s. from Mon-Thurs, it was great hearing the live Sirius Show every Friday. My Sirius sub is expiring on the 24th of January and will not re-up even if they offer me the 20.00 for 5 month deal. Checked out and it wont be a problem getting it in my house. Just have to figure how to get it in my car.

    Peace out,

    HonkyTonkMan, PA

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