Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with some Saliva, Bubba came on saying that the
magic can’t win at home, he said that there’s a rumor that Dwight
Howard will be going to the Lakers, he then said Lisa Deion is the
Twitter follower of the day, he thinks Channel 10 has a problem with
his “Vanity in America” piece, Brent thinks that’s not the case, he
said they’ll be running it, but they have the Police Officer stuff to
do, Bubba said since its anti Palin, he said everyone is afraid to
piss off the tea party, he said he can’t get Cox to write him back, he
thinks that remaining calm will get nothing done, he said he’s going
to flip out, he said he emailed ay and Keith about something, he
hasn’t gotten a response, Keith wrote him back at around 10, saying
he’ll get on it, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Light

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
“Rent And Roll”, followed by “Blinded By The Light”, Bubba thinks they
were saying “Woke up like a douche”, Ned said it’s “Wrapped up like a
duce”. We then heard Bubba Light’s positioning statement, he came on
asking Brent if he got his email, he then said he’s had strep throat,
he said he’s glad Spice is feeling better, he said he’s had some Tuna
fish, egg whites and cheese, he suggested Bubba have Raisin Toast,
Bubba thinks Brent is a beaten man, Brent said he is, saying he’s
trying to get his work done. Bubba Light then talked about Silvaroto;
Ned thinks Cox could hire Bubba Light for a tenth of what they’re
paying him. Bubba Light asked for a chicken dip update, Spice thinks
he’s a dick. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by “Mr. Jones” by The Counting Crows. Bubba thanked someone for
putting together the Uhuru stuff, he then said there’s some new
Charlie Sheen news, he wonders why he went to the Bahamas on his
Private jet with Bree Olson, a stripper, and his ex wife. Manson said
that the Bahamas are more relaxed with drug laws. The first email said
Bubba was a big fat hypocrite with his Americans are stupid routine,
yet he talks about pill mills, Bubba said that he’s told on himself
many times, he said Rick Scott’s approval rating is 33%. Another email
thinks the Uhurus are a terrorist organization, Bubba said they’re
professional protesters, he thinks he’d get shot if he protested them.
Another email said Victoria Justice is 18 now, Spice sarcastically
doesn’t think it’s creepy. Another email said it was great for Bubba
to take on the Uhurus. Another email asked how the local police can be
called an occupation, the emailer said they donated $2,000 to the BTLS
Foundation, Bubba said the guy owns We then heard some
clips of the Uhurus talking about Goliath Davis, Spice goofed on the
guy in the clip, Bubba wishes it was the Wild West days.

Segment 4 – Joe Waller Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that next week, “Bubba Saw 2” will be going down, he said they’ve
got the “Blow Gun Challenge” today, he said that in regards to “Bubba
Saw 2”,, Bubba said the guy on the site wants to put
that in the shed, he then said you can pre register for “Bubba’s Bikes
For Badges”, he said he’d like to make it a parade like route. Tony
asked 1800AskBrent about the Military not being allowed to police
their only country; Brent said there’s something called the “Posse
Comitatus Act”, which prohibits that happening.
Bubba asked him what the name of the act was; the guy hung up, the
guys ended up goofing on his accent. Monty thanked Bubba for all he
does with fallen officers. Bubba said that in 40 days, we’ve had three
cops go down from black people, he thinks people are getting the
Uhuru’s message, he said that if it was black cops getting killed by
white people, it would be a big problem, he said if he was the mayor,
he’d have a roundup of dirt bags, Brent said that by protesting the
Uhurus, it’s just putting them over. Bubba said that he donates
directly to the family. We then heard a clip of Joe Waller, Bubba said
this would be like a white person saying they’re English, he suggests
a “Get the hell out” package, he then said that Joe Waller is
basically calling every black person a kid toucher, Brent said the
Uhurus are an offshoot of The Black Panthers from Oakland California.
Bubba said if he was Mayor, he’d be front row and take notes, then
grab the microphone when he’s done, Spice thinks Foster would be out
of place if he went there, he said it would be like when Don Imus went
on Al Sharpton’s show, and got the evil eye from around 15 black
people. We then heard a clip of Joe Waller yelling about white people
wearing Buckweet T-shirts, Spice said he loved that character, Bubba
thinks he’s grand standing, Manson said he doesn’t make any points,
Spice this stuff makes him want to hear Al Sharpton, Bubba said
they’re making it seem like the cops grabbed a regular black man and
shot him, Brent thinks the cops would’ve shot Hank Earl Car 64 times
if they had the chance. (Hank was a man who on May 19, 1998, killed
his four year-old son, and two cops, he turned the gun on himself
later that day.) Bubba is shocked at what Joe Waller is saying, he
thinks we should lean on these people, he’d like for an African
American to speak against them. Spice said he feels bad for Slavery,
he had nothing to do with it, Bubba said that you can’t blame the
white man for Slavery. Brent said we’re the first majority white
Country to elect a minority leader. Bubba wonders if Joe even knows
what he’s saying, he thinks the guy wants to bring back Slavery, he
wonders if Twenty-five is offended by this audio, he said this
represents the Militant mindset people have, Brent said the guy is
misquoting the Constitution. Twenty-five came on the phone, saying he
was putting gas in the truck, Spice as Bubba asked Twenty-five about
Slavery, Twenty-five said it’s all new to him, he said it’s
ridiculous, he said he’s no different than the KKK. Bubba said that
Joe feels that if you’ve bettered yourself, you’re a boot licking
vomit eater, Spice said he’d like to have dinner with him; he then
goofed on Joe Waller ordering 10 hot wings with Bleu Cheese. Bubba
said that what Hydra lacey did was nothing like what happened in
Egypt, he said if he was Bill Foster, he’d have a lunch with someone
over something that needs to be done, he doesn’t get how they’re
making Hydra Lacey a hero, he said he has a problem with how Rodney
King was handled (Sunday March 3, 1991), he then said that if he was
the Mayor, he’d have this guy arrested, he said this makes him want to
kick his ass, he thinks he’s found a guy dumber than him, Spice then
goofed on Joe Waller, saying Bubba has no woman listening to him in

Segment 5 – Uhuru Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard “nothing But a G Thang” by Snoop
Dogg and Dr. Dre. Ike in Tampa said he doesn’t mess with the Police,
he said the guy isn’t African, saying Africans aren’t named Joe, he
said that he’s looking for weak minded people. Misty in South Carolina
said she’s having a problem with all this, she said he’s acting like
hydra was a law abiding citizen, Bubba said he has a big problem with
good people getting railroaded, he said if you’re the gunman, he has
no sympathy, he then said that two of Joe Waller’s sons were arrested
for drug possession, Brent said he’s invited Joe on the show, but
hasn’t gotten a response, Manson thinks Joe feels he’ll be challenged,
and made to look like an idiot. Bubba told Joe that he doesn’t have a
hair on his chicken ass if he doesn’t come down to the show, he then
said that Uhurus are pussies, he said he’s not afraid of them, he
thinks the dumbest person at the show is smarter than Joe Waller,
Spice said he’d put Pantera in that category, he then wondered if
Joe’s house got broken into, he’d call the police. We then heard a
clip of a woman talking, Brent explained that she’s a communist, Bubba
thinks most good people would be disgusted by this, he said the cop
killer had missed 40 days of school, he thinks that’s on the parent,
he said we need to start charging the parents if a kid has done
something stupid, he wonders if he’s out of line for saying that, he
thinks that should be his topic of channel 10, Brent said it would be
interesting, Bubba thinks it’s Brent’s way of saying the idea is
stupid, he thinks the woman in the clip is a stupid bitch, he said
Penny Hess gives his race a bad name, he doesn’t like how things are
fragmented, he said thinks that everyone wants something to bitch
about at all times, he suggests they send Joe Waller back to Africa on
a one way trip, he said the bad guys fired the first shot, he said he
needed a good laugh today. Adam in Ft. Lauderdale said his Dad needs
to get new vests, as of what’s been going on lately. Ryan asked
1800AskBrent if Joe Waller is tax exempt, Brent thinks the IRS should
take a look at that. Mike said he’s a former law enforcement, he said
he can relate to everything Bubba is talking about, Bubba hung up on
him when he said “colored”. Less wonders where the parents were, he
said his kids were at home sleeping, he said his kids don’t miss
school, even if they have a cold. We then heard a news clip about the
cop killer, Bubba said they should put him in General population, he
wonders why the kid hasn’t been in Juvenile detention permanently, he
then read an article about the Mom telling the shooter to man up,
claiming the shooting was accidental, he then read that one of his
classmates said that the shooter was a great kid, he wonders where the
parents were in that case, he thinks Gibbs High wouldn’t allow that
shirt on campus, Spice said he was watching the news last night, one
of the classmates said that anyone would’ve done the same thing, he
said that’s the problem with society. Bubba likes how the coach is the
only one in the article that makes sense; he thinks this is all lack
of parenting. Spice said he found a tribute page, he thinks anyone who
posted a positive message on the page should be investigated, Bubba
read some of the screen names who have contributed, he asked the Bubba
Army to attack the page. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dropping the Tray.
Bubba said they’ll be doing the “Blow gun Challenge” with Auggie in a
few minutes, he then said that he’ll be racing this weekend. We then
heard “Bring It on Bubba” from last night, Bubba said he’s not proud
of these, he said he can’t use the same language on TV than he does
radio. We then heard the clip, where Bubba talks about the Mayoral
race, he thinks Dick Greco is like a Father like figure, he said Bob
Buckhorn is the guy who is against lap dancing, he thinks he’s gotten
smoother, Brent said the vanity one will be running on Monday. Spice
thinks people won’t like him mentioning Rick Scott; Bubba likes how
the anker got Bubba’s time right. Tony said he works with Juvenile
justice kids, he said there’s a lot of components, he said he’d like
to create a school grade that is attached to the kids reporter card,
that grades the parent, Bubba told him it’s not going to happen, he
told the guy he needs to deep throat reality, he said it sounds good,
but it won’t happen. Tom said he’ll try to make it short and sweet, he
said that it’s like their promoting violence against main stream
figures; he thinks this would be considered home terrorism. Bubba then
read the law about advocating the overthrow of the Government, Brent
said that means advocating the killing of government officials. Bubba
thinks they should direct Mike Deeson on to this, he said that for a
long time, Nick Lindsey’s Mother has been receiving food stamps for a
long time, he thinks that’s fraud if you have a job, and your getting
food stamps, he said this is all lack of parenting. Lee thinks Bubba
is no different than who he’s talking about, Bubba said he’s trying to
get people to be personally responsible, the guy said Bubba is just
pissing people off, he said he’s only heard black people who are in
good with Bubba, he said he’s afraid of guys like Bubba and Waller,
Bubba said he’s beating the truth over your head, he said Joe Waller
won’t come on his show, the guy thinks Bubba and Mark Ferman would be
great on TV, Bubba sarcastically said that he’s a racist, Brent asked
the guy to name one Country in Africa that is successful. Bubba said
people like Lee can’t handle the truth, he said he’s not responsible
for Slavery. David on protection said the number one problem is the
previous caller, he told the guy to make something of himself, he said
his parents were ran out of Bubba, they’re fine now, he said he’s a
social worker in Miami, he said the parents know of the problem. Bubba
said that Hogan had to settle with the Graziano’s, he said he can’t
get into what they’re going through now, it goes back to people
wanting to be a victim. Brooke came on asking who she was talking to,
Bubba ran her through the Evil soundboard, Bubba called her a dumbass.
We then heard a news clip about Nick Lyndsey, Spice goofed on him
saying he was reaching for his inhaler, Bubba then goofed on the
people in the clip. Spice said the Facebook page is up on
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Blow Gun Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Charleston on March 4. Bubba said that Berlin has a new offering
about Charlie Sheen. Jonathan said he’d like to send his prays to the
officer’s families, he thinks the kids are out of control, as they
know what the situation is, Bubba said we’ve done this to ourselves,
he said in the comments section, the guy suggested Bubba not go after
the parents, which he somewhat agrees with, but when there’s a cop
killer who has missed 40 days of school, it’s a problem, he then said
if she was a bit of a better person without violence, he probably
wouldn’t have this mindset. Auggie came on, Bubba told him he doesn’t’
have to do any of this, Auggie said he’ll do this on his own free
will, Spice thinks Auggie looks nine months pregnant. Bubba cracked up
at Auggie’s setup; miller said that this was a Carl Harris/hammil
collaboration. Bubba said that this will be on in the
next few days; Spice then recapped what the setup was like. Bubba then
fired the first shot, he almost got the bull’s eye, Manson thinks
Auggie didn’t even feel it. Bubba fired off some more shots, Auggie
asked that they switch cheeks; Manson thinks Bubba is quite good.
Auggie asked if they’re really ding all 10, Spice described what Bubba
was doing, Bubba liked how he got a bulls eye, he then attempted to
hit the plate, but he got hit right in the crack. Bubba fired the last
one, he got a bull’s eye, plus it went in deep, he thinks Auggie is
giving him a look of “Bubba is going to kill me”, he then pointed out
Auggie’s tattoo, he said that it may not be the coolest sounding
things, but it was cool to do it. Brent said that a listener emailed
him saying that if you put frozen peas in your mouth and fire them out
like a machine gun, it will hurt, Bubba said he can’t do that fast
enough. John said that you can spank your kids, under the guys that
you’re teaching the kid a lesson, Bubba said that Dr. Saturley
suggests only using the hand, rather than an instrument, he then
decided to play Berlin’s newest offering, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Berlin’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dropping the Tray.
Bubba apologized to Carl for not playing the positioning statement for
the Blow Gun challenge, which we then heard. Bubba thinks they should
drill little holes in the shed to torture the guys, he then took a
call from a guy who turned out to be Portor, he then decided on a
lifetime ban on him and BJ from Phoenix. We then heard “Teenaged
Dream” by Katy Parry, Manson said all of her songs are sappy and
stupid, yet they’re catchy. Bubba said that Julia knows this song, he
wonders if it’s wrong for him to know the song is about screwing, he
thinks he’s turning into “That guy”, he then said he’ll have heather
ask Julia not to listen to this song. We then heard Berlin’s “Charlie
Sheen”, Manson thinks Charlie Sheen would play this. The song recaps
some of the girls Charlie has been with; bubba likes how it doesn’t
take any liberties. We then heard the tymbal, Bubba thanked Manson for
the bit, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

11 Responses

  1. Kimberly

    This Joseph Waller is a natural born idiot with the only agenda is to bring attention to himself. Thank God that the majority of african americans can see that his actions will cause nothing but riots and unfounded civil unrest. There will be a large price to pay for his stupidity. Are these people ready to give up all there family members in the name of Joseph Waller? I bet not! Think people, think!

  2. sean

    bubba, if i remember my history lessons. it was the africans who fought and enslaved each other, then sold the prisoners to the europeans. listening to your show today, l am still astounded that white people are catching the full brunt of the blame on that. yes, that’s right. africans were enslaving each other long before europeans showed up.

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  3. JASON


  4. sickofliars

    bubba, thank you for telling it like it is and making no excuses for the truth. i am a parent of 4, and there is no way in hell my child at any would own a gun or be out past any o clock without me knowing where they are. why does it have to be a racial thing? The worst thing is that the school let that girl magic marker her shirt. No race involved, either your bad or good, either your a good parent or you are a parent who raises their children to kill. this is evil knievel

  5. S.D.

    Joe Waller needs to just shut the hell up, as you pointed out, he’s pretty much telling the black st pete community to fight the cops because this kid was stopped by an officer while committing a crime. So he praises someone shooting the cops, but wait its not a black cop that was shot, god forbid that ever happens. This ignorant trash needs to man up. He should accept bubba’s invite to come on the show, i would love to hear this piece of trash defend this kid. How can anyone defend a cold blooded murder of someone that risks there life everyday to protect a community?

  6. Dawn

    I thought Berlin’s song about Charlie Sheen was great. Can I down load it?

  7. jerry pellette

    Love the shows, as usual.

    Can’t believe the mess in Tampa/St. Pete.

    Black militants have got to go.

    You guys have got it right.

    Radio IO is the bomb.

    Best of luck,

    Baton Rouge

  8. Carrie

    Joe Schmoe is an idiot. Does he think there should be NO police? I heard someone ask who this brilliant black extremist would call if his house were broken into or if he were robbed or his wife or children killed…such a good point. I am so tired of (ignorant) black people using the race card for EVERYTHING. There is so much “white on white” crime…but if we were to make a campaign to stop the “white on white” crime…we would be racist!

    Using the “daddy’s not here” excuse is BS as well. My dad killed himself when I was 8 and I’ve never desired to take another person’s life.

    It’s a shame that so many (ignorant) black people think they are freaking owed…and that they can be so racist yet think that I should not be. (BTW – I’m not…I hate all stupid people no matter what race!!)

  9. D.Jones

    From time to time I skip through stations and have ran into your station a few times. I do understand that your show is based on entertainment and you may not be a racist but you listeners, are fueled by your racy edgy remarks. It is very sad that that officer died. I am well traveled across the country and have seen many cops kill young black men. I honestly don’t see the difference murder is murder but what your doing is really inciting violence and more division between races. Drugs come in this country scott free and was pushed into the ghettos in the 70 and early 80s. As a result we have poverty and crime and young cop killers that think they are living the life of being hood rich wanting fast money.Also the highest prison rate in the world filled with minorities.

    @ Jerry Pellette you say black militants have to go well most are gone. But I can assure you that their are more white militants and militias for that matter than black ones. Black panther party was the last and you see what this country did to them and yet we can have groups like the Republic of texas and of lets not forget the biggest hate organization that used to burned, lynched and massacred hundreds maybe even thousands of blacks in the country. You didn’t see the government kicking in their doors and killing them. You didn’t see the CIA or FBI putting together special units to dismember them.

    This country has enough problems. If you aren’t racist then their should be a better way to speak to your audience. Because alot of them clearly are. I can have a show and most of my followers be child rapist, Im not going to give them tips and talk about sex with children so they can listen to me and go fondle themselves at the local elementary school. Your feeding the wrong message. You can be outraged about a shooting and blame the mother and her parenting but when you see obscene picture and messages on a page reading ni99er this and b!tch that. Its all wrong.

  10. D.Jones

    Really blacks enslaved blacks. If you can remember your history lesson where did they teach you that? Lets say thats true Africans enslaved Africans and sold them into slavery, how long did that last? Did it happening take up to about 1865 and the people who so called free couldn’t even drink from the same water fountain until the jim crow laws were abolished in 1960′s early 70s. Now I don’t know what free is but do that sound like these same “FREE” people were really free to you? The ability to walk around and live in a house doesn’t make you free.The ability to live wherever, read whatever, say whatever, and live free from judgement because of the color of your skin makes you free, Yes we have a Black President I know white folks bring it up overtime there is a conversation about race in America. But if you look at the news and even the tactics used to defeat him while running, you can see the difference. Its people that still think he’s not even American. Really and still making Muslim jokes because of his name. I wonder if clinton ever had to deal with that. Or Ronald Reagan because Reagan ooooooh that don’t sound American to me it maybe Irish or German or English. Its not an American name because the only Americans in this country are Native Americans. Point is they don’t have to explain themselves and neither should he. He has a white mother and African dad and raised by his white grandmother. Graduated from one of the whitest schools in America and he still cant shake the fact that he is black. An Officer in the military said that he refused to take orders from the president because he’s not American. Where do they do these things? Good old America. I spend 12 years in the Army and I obeyed every lame and dumb order my Sergeant over gave. Even when I was sent to Iraq and patrolled with out a plate or a plate that worked in my vest.

  11. Trouble

    Hey Bubba,
    For one I am a 24 year old, Female, who listens to your show. My husband, who serves in our military (just came home in December from a year tour in Iraq) put me on to your show. Also my friend Brandy did your boobs of x-mas…

    anyway I am really annoyed at this hateful group of people. I would never agree with any organization that breeds and commends hateful acts. There is no difference if your black, white, mexican, etc. Telling people its ok to kill/hurt another person is wrong. WHAT HAPPENED TO RISING UP AND ABOVE (why not be better then the people your accusing of attacking you).

    If MR. WALLER does somehow come on your show, please ask him all he has done for the “african” community HE LIVES IN… other then cause them to hate another.

    It seems that if any colored person disagrees with him they are an “Uncle TOM” and if a white disagess with him they are a white cracker.

    We need to work to take power away from these people or we could end up facing what Germany faced. Mr. Waller reminds mme of some other racist who hated jews.

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