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Top Stories:
Eight jailed American missionaries arrive in U.S.
Obama and Republicans Clash Over Stimulus Bill, One Year Later
Tiger Woods to hold news conference Friday
NJ police search for infant believed thrown off bridge; father held on kidnapping charge
BK Worker Accused of Putting Hydrocodone in Sandwich Held on Bond
Man rented out foreclosed homes, police say

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – The Farrett’s bumper music, Upstairs VS. Downstairs, the
guys goof on Pantera

Bubba started off by offering up three guesses as to the bumper music,
Spice said that he can’t speculate, Brent guessed Bubba, he got buzz,
Bubba thanked him for fagging him out. Manson guessed big Dick, he got
buzzed, Bubba said it’s the Ferret, Manson as the Ferret said some
stuff, Spice thinks Gale put this together, Dave said Gale just mixed
some songs, Manson as the Ferret said he’s a busy guy, Bubba said that
he’s glad he’s taking it so serious, he said that bumper music is part
of what gives them traction, Spice thinks it’s Gale’s way of getting
back. Bubba said this isn’t the way he wanted it to go, he thinks
everyone would pick out their own music, he thinks Gale is miserable
being the Farrett’s bitch, he said downstairs has all the cool people,
he said upstairs is busy, Ned called it “Douchebag Central”. Bubba
said the coolest guy upstairs is Jim Martin, we then heard a tymbal
for him, he thinks Brad is afraid of his own shadow, he said Bean is
all buttoned up, he said Gale can quit anytime, he thinks that Gale
could pack up his office in a box, he said that Tom Bean is like the
grim reaper, he said that when the show is done, he wants to chill,
ned thinks Tom looks like a sack of crap with a head sticking out.
Bubba advised Jim to come downstairs, Ned thinks he’s a man’s man,
Bubba thinks Jim would much rather take a cubical over his big office,
he likes how he has a hockey game there. Manson as the Ferret said
he’s too busy to play hockey, Bubba then recapped some sports scores,
he then went on to recap what they’ve got on the show today, he
wonders if the board op in Virginia exists, he said they get very few
calls in Richmond, Spice said they’re billboard is across from a gay
center. Bubba said he’s never worked for a cheaper company than Cox,
he then thinks Pantera could program The bone, the guys then goofed on
Pantera’s Tweets. Bubba thinks Vargas is the one bright spot, he
thinks Ron and Paul are right by saying Bubba won’t last, Spice said
he had a great time at the Brew Review. Bubba thinks Ron and Paul are
dildos, he thinks they’re in third, while the Bubba show is in
thirty-third. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – NC Double D contest, Richmond, the Ferret calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “NC Double D”. We then
heard “More Money More Problems” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ll
be putting 32 ladies in the “NC Double D” contest, he thinks you can
go to to get more information; Spice said it’s really easy to
do. Bubba said you don’t need to have double Ds, he said guys can go
crazy on the voting, he went on to say that every dollar from the
Bubba Army Bikini will go to the spca. Dan in Richmond came on, he
said he doesn’t get the ratings, he said he appreciates the show.
Bubba wonders why he’s dead last with the ratings, Spice said that
white is right, Bubba told him to stop it. Dan thinks they’re isn’t a
lot of white things there, Bubba thinks whites on the radio are
extinct. Frank in Richmond said a lot of people are listening to them,
Bubba thinks it’s pathetic, he thinks they’re doing better in Miami
than Richmond, Brent said it’s a weird town. Frank said that Elliot is
also on in Richmond, Bubba said he’s not afraid to discuss his
competition, he thinks Elliot is a jackass. Kelly in Richmond said she
grew up in Florida, Bubba said they’ve been there for a year and a
half; he thinks the problem is that people don’t know about it, he
said Cox refuses to do anything for them. Bubba went over some
birthdays; he thinks he’s old knowing that Mollie Ringwald is around
his age, Spice thinks gingers don’t age well. We then heard some Snoop
Dogg, Bubba said that Dr. Dre has aged well, the guys wonder if Wheel
of Forchan is still on, the guys think Yoko Ono’s music is terrible.
Bubba had the Ferret on, he thinks Gale picked out the music, Ferret
said it sounds good for cheap heat, he said they’d pick on his music
regardless, he said “Pretty Young Thing” is his jam. We then heard the
song for a few seconds, Bubba thinks the story behind that is that the
Ferret dates girls who are about as smart as Tyler, Ferret said it’s
the worst relationship he’s in, Bubba said that she runs all over him,
he said some Chinese chick is crazy for him, Spice thinks Russ has
swagger. Russ said that she tried to choke him out, Bubba thinks the
first video he watched was “99 Red Balloons”, Russ said his family is
about that song, he said he never wore one glove; Spice thinks Russ is
a Jewish Captain do, Manson as Michael Jackson said some stuff. Spice
said that he heard Russ was in tears when Jackson died, Russ said yes,
the guys cracked up at that. Bubba thinks Jim could kick everyone’s
ass. Russ said “More money More Problems” was the first song he ever
promoted at a club, Bubba talked over it in a New York accent. Spice
wonders if Russ got “this Is It” on DVD, Russ said that Grant got it
for him. Bubba said he needs to have a meeting with him; he let him go
a short time later. Bubba thinks they got shut out of the Brew event,
Spice said he got an email saying they could buy tickets; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skins,
then into a news clip about Tiger Woods’s press conference. We then
heard “Horny Black Guy in the PGA” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 12”,
track 8. Bubba wondered if the Ferret was kidding him with the bumper
music, he thinks the artist is dumb for throwing it out there, Spice
thinks he wants to get girls pregnant. Bubba said hi to some guys who
do valves for cars, he’s convinced Ned’s car was bondoed by Blind
Lawrence, Ned thinks it was a good job. Bubba said his Dad is a
talented man, but he’s a prick, he wishes he was much cooler and more
patient, Spice thinks Ned looks like an old fool on his trike, Ned
said he got third place in the Revita Labs race, he said he drove with
one hand on the wheel. Bubba plugged the latest stuff on,
he plugged Spice’s appearance with the Rays this weekend, Spice said
the uniforms they got will be used on Sunday at home games. Bubba then
plugged Brent’s appearance in Orlando; Brent said it’ll be in the
evening, he said he’ll be doing stage announcements. Bubba said Metro
PCS is great, he loves when he looks at his phone bill, it’s all Fifty
Dollars, he then went on to say he’ll be at East Bay over the weekend.
Spice said he hasn’t gotten word on the Brew Review. The first email
of the day said she loved Bubba’s balls, saying how she’d love to ride
Bubba like a cowboy for his thoughts on Palin and the 911 call, she
directed Bubba to, Brent thinks the Republicans are
trying to cover up Palin’s white trash image, he read something that
was debunked, he said Bristol missed five months of school for mono.
Bubba proposes a DNA test, which is what the emailer requested; he
thinks the Down’s syndrome baby was Bristol’s. Another emailer said
the chicken dip was great, it should be back out soon. Another emailer
said his Dad hated the way the Red Cross treated the vets of WWII, his
dyeing words was not to donate to the Red Cross. Another emailer said
people should research factory farms. Another emailer said Bubba
bashes women all the time, the emailer didn’t like Bubba’s comments on
Palin, the emailer thinks Palin would own Bubba in a debate, Bubba
said he claims to be dumb, he said he’ll tell you he’s a real dude,
Spice said Bubba sets his expectations low. The emailer asked that
Bubba give Danica a chance, Bubba thinks she knows nothing about
nothing. Another emailer said he went to a race and liked it. Bubba
said Danica is good for putting new viewers to the sport, he said he’s
tired of everyone kissing her ass. Another emailer thinks the 911 call
was bologna, the emailer asked for more information about the bolts.
Another emailer said after Danica crashed, she said that she doesn’t
know why Good year couldn’t make a good tire that doesn’t have tire
smoke; the emailer thinks Bubba is right all along. Another emailer
said his friend loves everything about the show; the emailer is going
crazy, the emailer said the person drinks; Ned thinks the guy is his
kind of guy. Another emailer said they don’t like Palin, but they
didn’t like his comments on Palin’s kid, Bubba said he’ll call Palin’s
kid anything he wants, he said he got a bunch of emails about that, he
thinks Donna wouldn’t use a down syndrome kid as a prop, he thinks
Palin did that to look good, Spice said he knows more about Palin’s
kids than Obama’s kids. Bubba said the kids take a beating if on the
campaign trail, he said he’s not sure what the proper term is for a
down syndrome individual, he said that if you’re running for a public
office, and you put your kid out in public, he said you should take
it, Spice thinks people should relax, he said some celebrities like to
keep their kids out of public. Bubba said one you role something out,
all bets are off, he said you can’t de-public figure some people, he
said you can’t fault radio guys for commenting on public figures, he
said babies are not comfortable, he said the baby has nothing to do
with Palin’s campaign trail. Another emailer thinks the 911 call was a
setup. Another emailer wondered if they could find the interview with
Danica, Bubba said they already got an email on that. Another emailer
thinks the world will end on December 21, 2012, Spice thinks it’s
bologna, Bubba thinks it’s stupid. The last email of the day said his
wife would like to donate to the save the polar bears, Manson thinks
it’s a lost cause. Bubba told him to grow a set of nads, he told him
to be responsible and give to charity that needs it, he said the last
thing you want to do is give to the polar bears, Brent suggested you
donate to a no kill shelter. Manson thinks the Florida Panther is
doomed. Bubba read something from March 6, 2008 about Palin, Brent
thinks its bologna; he thinks people were scared to criticize a woman
with a Down syndrome kid. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Men’s Health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage sale.
Bubba is shocked that Carl Harris’s music will be showcased tomorrow,
we then heard Dr. Mark’s bumper. Bubba plugged Revitalabs; he thanked
Mark for coming in. Bubba wondered if it’s surgery day, mark said he
had a guy with cancer, he had to take the head of the guy’s penis and
redo it, he said you could drill a pubic bone, he called it a super
pubic tube, Ned said he’d like one. Mark said it’s hard to regain
function, Bubba thinks mark has to be a counselor, Mark said he has a
lot of paraplegics as patients, he said it’s part of the job, he said
you have to read the person, he said he’s pretty straight forward, the
guys clowned mark for going silent, Bubba said as long as he has a
job, he’s fine. Bubba gave mark’s number: 8138755855. The first email
asked about the Testirone check, mark said yes. Another emailer said
he needs to make his penis larger, Mark said penal enlargement will
work for him, he said the concept of lifting weights with it will
damage it. Spice wondered the average size of the penis, mark said
about six inches erect. Bubba wonders how you can make yourself lay
nice, Mark said you can lay it up at a twelve o’clock position, he
said he’s never seen anything like that in a text book. Another
emailer said he frequently pees, mark said they’ll see him. Bubba said
Spice has a week flow, Spice said he feels like he’s got more, but it
won’t come out, Bubba then goofed on Big Dick a little. Chris on
protection said he’s 33, he said he’s had discoloration with his
seamen, Mark thinks the guy may have to go on medicine for four to six
weeks. Jay in Miami said that he hasn’t had any erectile problems, he
said he hooked up with a freak, he has a hard time keeping up with
her, he said he smokes pot a little bit. Mark said if you’re losing
your ability to maintain an erection, it could be a mild form of E.D.
Spice wonders the average age to start taking pills, Mark said it
starts showing up around the 30’s and 40’s, he said most guys will
brush it off when it first starts. Another emailer said they’ve got
flat molds on his penis, the molds have been spreading, Mark thinks
warts; he suggested the guy get them checked out. Another emailer said
they’ve had two heart attacks, the testicals has swallowed up, Mark
thinks it’s fluid collection. Steve said that pills don’t work for
him, Mark said Diabetics may have a problem with the pills, he
suggested penal rehab; Ned thinks he should do that. Joe said he had a
back injury, he’s been on pain killers, he can’t urinate, Mark thinks
the back injury is more important, he suggested seeing an urologist.
Bubba thinks pain management is a racket, Mark said it’s hard to find
a true source, Bubba thinks some people aren’t in pain at all. Billy
said he has no problem getting an erection, he said he’s 36, mark
suggested he stop smoking, Manson thinks he won’t do it. Mark said the
two causes of E.D are smoking and age. Pat said he snores like crazy,
he wonders why he doesn’t wake up to it. Mark suggested a sleep test.
Bubba plugged, he said he’s on it, he said it really
makes a difference. Mark sad the Plus is to get energy; he said it’s
important to get seven to nine hours of sleep at night. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba eats a dirt burger,
Blind Lawrence’s new offering

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. Bubba
said you can follow them at, he then brought big
Dick in, Dick thinks on one touched Bubba’s ham burgers, Bubba thinks
he was eating dirt, he said he does the five second rule. Spice
wonders if he ate it, Bubba said yes. Manson thinks they should’ve
saved a piece of it, Dick said the burgers were pre made from Publix,
he said he made it at home, he said his grill is clean. Spice goofed
on Bubba eating, Dick said he dropped the chicken in dirt, Spice told
him it wasn’t the time to say that, Bubba thinks Dick is stupid, Dick
said he cooked them while he was high, Ned thinks he’s not straight.
Bubba said if his order is messed up a little, he’ll eat it, he thinks
something wasn’t right, Spice said bubba put dirty meat in his mouth.
Bubba asked Bj in Phoenix to stop calling The black Pope “the Black
Poop”, BJ gave him the wha treatment, Bubba hung up on him, he said
blind Lawrence has a new offering, he said Lawrence can be funny, he
said most listener bits sucks, he said the title is “president Bill
Clinton Visits the Brn”. Lawrence starts off by saying he’s number 42,
Bubba thinks it’s not that bad. Clinton said he’s visiting the studio,
saying how he wouldn’t pay four hundred bucs for a golden shower,
Bubba thinks he should dump that, Bubba thinks Lawrence has done this
before. Clinton told Jabberjaw to gain some weight, Spice was cracking
up, Bubba thinks it’s pathetic. Clinton told Ned he has a friend who
has a farm; he thinks the farm would be a penthouse letter to him,
Spice thinks they should bring him in. Clinton said he honors Brent,
saying that he didn’t inhale jack Daniels, Spice was cracking up at
this. Clinton told Bubba he’d give him Hilary and a paper bag, Spice
was cracking up. Clinton told Lawrence that Spice might use Vince
Foster’s head as a door stop; he then said he’s going to look for fat
bitch. Stewie came on saying it was the worst Clinton voices he ever
heard, Bubba thinks Lawrence is covering his ass, Spice thinks he’s
working smart. Lawrence then impersonated Kennedy; he then said he’s
going to be a judge in a skiing contest. We then heard the Price is
Right loser sounder, bubba thought it was horrible, he said he threw
it in the trash, he then said he retracts all the good things he said
about Lawrence. Brent said sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes
the bar eats you. Bubba said that a bar tried to offer him seven
dollars; he then said Clinton said Haiti caused his heart issue, the
guys think differently, Manson as Clinton said he went there, but
there were no whores. Spice said they’ve got four dudes and two porn
stars. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Date a porn star, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba thinks Tony used a crappy in-car camera, he asked Miller
to come in, Miller said it’s usually really good, he said there were
some space issues, Bubba thinks he half-assed it, Spice loves how Tony
is filming his own shouting session. Tony said he puked on the plane,
he said he woke up to the Bubba Alarm. Bubba said if he can do it,
surely Tony can, he then goofed on Tony getting sick., he thinks Tony
is being a dick, Brent thinks he’s poking him in the chest. Tony said
there’s no case to state. Bubba asked for the girls to come in, Spice
said they’re from Emily Rigby, Bubba thinks the girls are hot, he
thinks Emily is tall, he then thinks Ceaser doesn’t look that bad,
Ceaser said Emily works for him, Bubba said he likes Emily’s boobs.
Bubba asked how it works; Ceaser said she was working as his
secretary. Emily said she’s got about ten titles, Bubba said porn is
what they like, he thinks he can’t say some of the titles. Emily said
that “Just Vagina” is just girls. Brent thinks a girl’s ass takes up
an entire DVD cover, Bubba joked that they’d need a box set. Bubba
thinks one of the girl’s sounds young, Spice thinks Ceaser has
expensive cars, Bubba said he’s over that stuff, he said he used to
have to own an expensive car to get laid, he went on to say that Hogan
once called him from Miami, he said you have to have $100 to park a
car. Ceaser said it doesn’t cost that, but if you want it you can get
it. Britney said she’s been in some movies, she said she does both
girls and guys, Bubba said he’d take a black man over that. Spice said
the porn music has changed, he said its Electronic, Bubba said music
brings him down; Emily said that she only puts it on the opening.
Bubba said he’d like mute porn, he said that the shrubberies might be
coming back; Brent said he’s had enough of that. Spice said it’s
gotten out of control, he said body odor is a fetish. Bubba went to
Ally, she said she’s 19, Bubba thinks she’s from Columbia; she said
that she’s only done six scenes. Bubba asked Ceaser how he does it,
Spice thinks Ceaser will use his swagger, Ceaser said he tells people
to Google him. Bubba asked his highest paid porn star, Ceaser said a
hundred thousand, he thinks Ceaser should talk to some of the interns.
Bubba said they’ll be bringing in the listeners, Spice said they’ve
got dating game questions, he said the guys can work out a date, he
wonders if Emily will get involved, Emily said she might get involved,
she said she’s all alone. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Date a Porn Star, pt. 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Unity in the
Community. Bubba thinks the music is ridiculous, we then heard the
promo for the contest. Bubba called for the contestants’ to come in,
he said they’ll be dating, he thinks Emily is giving the girls a
heads-up. Bubba said if he was on the other side of the certain, he’d
try everything, he listed the contestants’, Mario was number 1, Barry
number 2, Dwight number 3, Carson number 4. Britney said hi to the
guys, Bubba goofed on the guys’s voices. Britney asked Mario his idea
of a romantic evening, Mario said he’s a good cook, he said a nice,
romantic dinner, Spice thinks he would sexually assault her; we then
heard some CP Trav clips. Bubba thinks Britney doesn’t even eat, the
guys liked Ally’s outfit. Ally asked Barry what word describes his
life, Barry said laid back, we then heard the loser horn. Britney
asked Dwight what dessert would he be, Dwight said pie, he said he’s a
Southern boy, he got buzzed. Ally asked Carson what he sees himself
doing, Carson said living on a beach, Bubba thinks it was the best
answer. Britney asked Barry if his house was on fire, what would he
grabbed, Barry said he’d grab her, Spice said Barry is shaking like a
leaf. Ally asked Mario what his theme song was, Mario said Echoes by
Pink Floyd, we then heard the loser horn, Brent thinks they don’t
appreciate music, Mario then said “Back that Ass Up”. Britney asked
Barry if he was on an island, what would he bring. Barry said lube and
perishable food; we then heard the loser horn. Bubba said the guys
really suck, he thinks Barry has no moxy, the girls said number 3 has
already lost, do to his first answer. Britney asked Carson what flavor
of ice-cream best describes his relationship, he said many, Bubba
thinks he slipped her something. Carson said his last relationship
would be cherry. Ally asked Dwight what Disney character describes
him, Dwight said Mickey Mouse, Ally crossed off her x. Britney asked
Mario asked for his best pick-up lines, Bubba thinks he should throw
it over to Emily, Spice thinks Mario is going through the pick-up line
ap on his phone, Mario said that he doesn’t do pick-up lines, he uses
his personality. Emily said she has 600 ccs of fun. Mario said he’s
23, Barry 29, Dwight 56, and Carson 34, Emily thinks she likes number
4. Emily thinks number 4 is number 1, second place is number 2, third
place is Mario, and Dwight is in Fourth. Bubba asked for the guys to
leave the studio, he said that Ted DiBiase was on, Ted said he’s doing
good, the girls think Ted is hot, Ted said he was married, this bummed
the girls out, Spice thinks they’re married, Ted then described his
wife, he said she has natural breasts. Bubba asked him who he’s
feuding with, Ted said he, Randy and Cody are involved in one, he said
that he’s in a pay-per-view this Sunday, Bubba thinks Randy has stuff
you can’t teach, the girls think Ted is hotter than Randy. Bubba asked
that they take the Irish guy’s belt away, he thinks Ted can have the
strap within a year, Ted said they’re getting rid of ECW. Bubba
plugged Ted’s appearance at Plant City, Bubba thinks Ted can do what
he wants, he thinks Ted should do the fan man, he then suggested he do
Fart Man, Spice suggested he bring in baggy pants, Bubba suggested he
wear assless pants, he thinks Randy triple tans, he said he looked
stupid when he asked Randy about it, he thinks Ted has great job
security. Ted said his Dad is getting inducted in the hall of fame;
Bubba thinks Ted’s Dad had a great gimmick. Bubba thanked him for
being so nice to the family, he told him to come on whenever he wants
to, he then said that when the Under Taker talks, people listen, he
thinks he can’t put Hogan on with Ted. Hulk Hogan was on, Hogan said
what’s up to the girls, he said he didn’t know they had worms going
over there. Bubba recapped who they have there, Hogan said that Jimmy
Hart is the only guy who works for companies and doesn’t get heat.
Bubba said he just did what he did; Hogan said the boys are just
working. Bubba thinks Hogan is making a hard run at Edge, Hogan said
no, he then said he’s got TNA’s answer to John Cena, he said he’s
character driven. Bubba said someone in the industry said there’s
never been anyone to talk to Hogan like that on camera, Bubba thinks
Hogan is around a bunch of in ablers, he said the girls in the studio
love Hogan, he then recapped “Hulkster Says”, Hogan then said he’s got
some stuff to take care of, one of the girls said they’d do the
dirtiest things ever to Hogan, she said she just tried something that
they couldn’t talk about. Bubba wondered who would be hot over Hogan,
he thinks Emily would be the hottest; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Date a Porn Star, pt. 3

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage sale.
We then heard “Becky” as bumper music, Bubba said the ladies were
blind folded, he asked the guys to come in a few seconds later, he
thinks they should put a blind fold on Emily, he said booty is locked
in, he thinks the dude shouldn’t be there tomorrow, Spice said they
could always call the guy. Bubba asked the girls to take the head
phones off, he asked Britney to walk in front of the guys, Spice said
this is some priceless stuff, the guys liked what they saw, Bubba said
he would’ve been on the A game, Spice said this is like “Taken”. Bubba
had Ally come out, Spice thinks it’s a treat, Bubba thinks the guys
are idiots for not acting excited in the beginning, he then brought
out Emily, one of the guys said that Emily is Miami’s finest. Bubba
asked Mario to stand against the black curtain, he had the guy look at
his ass, the girls liked what they saw. Barry was up; Bubba thinks the
guys are nervous, the girls wondered where Barry’s tattoo was. Number
3 was up, Emily said she likes rednecks, the girls think he has a baby
butt. Dwight said he rode his bike all the way to the show, he said it
was about three hours. Carson was up, the girls liked his ass, he said
he doesn’t tan his butt. Emily asked the guys their favorite kind of
panties; Mario said he likes a t back thong, black. Barry said black
laced, Dwight said boy shorts, and Carson said boy shorts, laced blue.
Bubba said he loves white lace, Spice said he likes the light blue
fold back, Brent said he likes the stuff Baund Fire wears. Bubba said
that Brent likes to be bitten, to the point of blood getting drawn,
Emily said she likes to spit in the guy’s mouth, she said she likes to
punish the guy by smoking and not brushing. Ally asked small, medium
or large. Mario said medium, Barry said average, Dwight thick and
average, Carson said large. Britney asked why they deserve a chance.
Emily said she has some advice, she said girls to not like sex to last
longer than 20 minutes, Spice agrees. Mario said every other woman
he’s been with isn’t freaky enough, Barry said he’s a nice guy, but
he’s got some bad side hidden that he’d like to bring out, Dwight said
that he’s a long time fan of pornos, he likes the girls, and Carson
said the girls will be the lucky ones. Bubba thinks he should let the
girls think about it, he said he doesn’t have the Jeopardy music, he
said he’s got some empty banks, he asked the girls if they’d like a
threesome, they said yes, he asked that it happens, Spice told the
guys not to get mad if they don’t get selected. Bubba wondered if
Emily will be there, he thinks she’s bitchy, she said she only got
four hours of sleep, Bubba said he has to be the spokes person for the
guys. The girls ended up picking Carson, Spice thinks Mario is pissed.
Bubba brought him in, Spice thinks he’s a Seth Rogan kind of guy,
Mario said he’s German, he thinks the girls made a mistake. Barry came
in, the girls thought he was cute, Barry said he’s from Palm Harbor.
Dwight came in, the girls liked the way he looked, Dwight said he
works out, Spice thinks he looks like Mr. Garrison, Dwight said he had
fun. Bubba brought Carson in, we then heard a tymbal for him, Carson
said he’s a local guy, he said he’s a metal fabricator, he said he’s
very lucky, he said he’ll take tomorrow morning off. Bubba thanked him
for coming in; Carson thinks they’re beautiful; Bubba thanked everyone
for coming by. Emily said she’s 24, which is why she had to move her
scale for old men. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the
show for tomorrow, Spice said that Mindi Abaire is a fantastic artist;
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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