Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Spice Returns

The show started off with “Ants Go Marching” by Dave Matthews Band.
Bubba began by saying they’re working the tip as far as the new name
goes, he said Spice is back, Spice said he’ never going to the
emergency room again, Bubba said it’s a shakedown, saying it’s a hurry
up and wait, Spice said a black woman was next to him with a yeast
infection. Bubba wondered what happened to the Lakers; Brent said
they’ve been playing sloppy. Bubba then announced that Greg Evans is
the Facebook fan of the day, he said the comments on channel 10’s
website have been overtly negative, he said he’s doing two Rick Scott
segments back to back, he said it won’t be about him every time, Brent
said both parties are saying he’s an idiot. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – NASCAR stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new stuff at Bubba told Ned that Mandy cut some stuff the other day,
the starring Ned stuff won’t be featured until a few weeks from now,
he then told Spice about Ned’s “The Predicament” name, as well as the
shirt concept. Spice said he’s excited about the two seater, Bubba
recapped what Spice will be wearing while in the car, Jabberjaw said
Cardo also helped out; the guys think it’s a drug kind of thing. Spice
said he noticed the car was incredibly loud, Bubba said the drivers
wear the db head phones, he then told Spice that tomorrow, he’ll be in
a real NASCAR, he told Spice the car has no windows, Spice said the
website is Bubba said that Joann from NASCAR has been
great to them, he said they’re parked next to Matty Yokem, Ned thinks
he can watch him putting on his eye liner. Bubba said he’ll refine his
look with channel 10, he said he gets a little nervous when he’s on;
he said TV adds ten pounds. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dropping the tray,
followed by “Spider Web” by No Doubt. Bubba said that rent got a call
from the program director in Ft. Meyers asking if the name change
would be permanent, he said that if a program director doesn’t like
it, he’ll gladly consider it. The first email thanked Bubba for his
support for law enforcement; the emailer said we need to get Rick
Scott out of office. Bubba said that there’s going to be other
political parties in his crosshairs, he said Rick has never had to
answer to anyone. Another email said he saw Tony Stewart at a race,
saying how he’s a true racer, Bubba told the guy Smoke loves being at
the dirt track. Another email said he checked out R&L metals, he said
he got $619.55 for his scrap. Another email said she was the black
woman who called in yesterday; she said she’s disappointed that they
don’t have any more passes. Bubba thinks that Heather would have a
problem with a threesome, Manson thinks it’s arrogant, Spice said he
doesn’t want to double his workload in the sack. We then heard a clip
of Bubba talking about Rick Scott’s decision on shooting down a
high-speed rail, Spice couldn’t stop laughing his ass off when Bubba
said “this has what has me full hot”, Ned said he can’t wait to watch
this with his pants down. Bubba said the comments are almost all
negative, Spice said a few positive ones are on there. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Mike from Dexter Maine, Israel the Black FTE, Billy Ray
Cyrus discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for signing up for Bubba came on saying Ned won’t be in Daytona tomorrow, he
thinks Ned is going to Orlando tonight, Ned said he’s experiencing the
Real Orlando. Bubba said that Shane texted him yesterday about Ned’s
room, he then wondered why Spice has a sexy saxophone clip, which we
then heard, Bubba didn’t know what it was all about, Spice said
they’ll come back to it later. Mike in Dexter Maine came on saying
he’s been trying to listen to the show, but he doesn’t have a phone,
Bubba called him a jackass for not getting the technology yet, Mike
said that money is the issue, Bubba suggested the guy go a few days
without heat, Mike said he’ll do it when he gets his tax return. Bubba
said that Bubba 2 will have a bunch of great content, he said that
will start March 1, Spice said he doesn’t have the schedule in front
of him. Bubba said that their third Country with is Japan;
Brent said there’s a lot of Marine bases in Japan. Mike said their
Governor is just like Florida’s governor, Bubba said they’re all Tea
Party based decisions. Spice wonders what Scott’s reasoning is behind
it; Bubba said that now California will get it. Israel came on, Bubba
told him he’s part of the Goon Platoon; Israel then said that he
always puts on his Special Forces shirt. Bubba went over the people in
the Goon Platoon; he said he hasn’t heard from Downer Dave or Blind
glen, he thinks you have to make RJ in the Woods. Israel wondered what
happened to his positioning statement, he then said he was worried
about Spice the other day, Spice then asked if Israel still lives in
Compton, Israel said no, he then said he has his Special Forces shirt.
Bubba said that he’ll be in California on May 5, he then said that
Julia Schenecker had her trial yesterday, we then heard a news clip
about that, followed by Ned’s “Crazy Bitch”. Bubba came on talking
about Billy Ray Cyrus, Spice said he has so much hate for this guy,
Bubba said that Billy is upset with Disney, saying that Hanna Montana
destroyed the family, he said that’s on him, he said Disney didn’t
turn Miley into a whore, he thinks the parenting was an issue, he said
that if Berlin was like that, nothing would get by Donna. Spice said
he loves seeing this happening, as Billy Ray Cyrus is on the Parents
Television Council, yet he’s against this show. Bubba said that what
Miley has done isn’t enough to be in GQ, Spice said he’s going through
a midlife situation; Manson thinks Billy is blaming this on Satan.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Men’s Health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Charleston
appearance. Bubba said that the program directors will be getting used
to the new name, Spice joked the Jacksonville station will be dumping
them when they say “the Bubba Clem Show”. Bubba told Dr. Mark about
Spice’s situation, Mark said that if Spice signed himself out, he’ll
have to pay around $15,000, Manson thinks Spice is screwed. We then
heard Dr. Mark’s bumper, Bubba wondered if Spice can be pro active on
this, Mark thinks it will be after the fact. Spice said he’s done with
the Emergency room, he said he had chest diss comfort at 6, Bubba
thinks he was being the typical man, he then said his Mom is a nurse,
she picked him up, he said once you get to the ER, your there, he felt
uncomfortable with what was going on. Bubba said they have United, he
said it’s Donna Waters approved, he suggests they do “Donna Waters’s
List”, he then said that on his next labels, they’ll put “Donna Waters
Approved”. Steve in Jacksonville said about two months ago, he got his
levels tested, his testosterone came back nonexistent, he said he’s on
Andro Jell. Mark suggested the guy get a MRI, as he thinks it’s a
toomer, Manson told the guy to back off the chicken wings. Bubba asked
if mark owns, he thinks Mark should have a
recommendation for all their cities, mark said that has
helped out Revitalabs. James in Jacksonville said he has a 14 month
old son, he was circumcised about a week after he was born, the skin
that was cut back is graphed to the head of the penis; Mark suggested
the guy see a Pediatric Urologist. Paul in Virginia said his
girlfriend has a yeast infection, he thinks he caught some of it,
saying it’s like a paper cut on his deal, mark said as women get
older, the Estrogen dries up, he suggested the guy switch to a
different condom, as Paul had mentioned he wears them. Bubba took a
call from a guy on protection who said he can’t last long with his
wife, Mark joked he’ll leave the room for this one, the guy said he’s
only been sexually active with his wife, he said he’s 36, the guy said
he didn’t get laid until he was in his 30’s, Spice made a fake cough
as he called the guy a pussy. Mark suggested the guy try Zoloft. Spice
thinks the guy is all new to sex, the guys cracked up at mark saying
“We drive cars to work”. Larry on protection said he’s 33 years old,
he was married for six years, once he got married, he had issues
sexually, he said his wife passed away. Mark said if you think about
having an errection too much, it won’t happen. Spice wondered if
they’ll ever be able to get errection pills over the counter, mark
said that will probably never happen. Bubba read an email from someone
asking about warts, Mark said it’s not going to happen, he then said
that he has a patient who has warts all over his penis, they had to
burn them all off. Another email asked about a no needle for a
Vasectomy, the guys goofed on Dr. Mark looking for a needle during
surgery, calling it a “Pointy thing”. Bubba described it as sticking a
needle in your scrodum; he thinks the emailer is a pussy. Jeff in
Lakeland said he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he asked the
chances of reoccurrence, mark said it depends on the age, the guy said
he’s 50, he said he doesn’t want impotence; Spice said his Dad went
through with that, he said Chemo was horrible. Mark said that they
have something that will take your prostate out Bubba wonders if you
can live without one. The guy asked the downtime on that surgery; Mark
said you have a bag for about a week; he then described what the
prostate does. Bubba asked for a percentage of guys who have their
prostate removed, that can go on to have a fairly good sex life, Mark
said that nothing comes out. Bubba wonders if the penis can get any
bigger, he said he’d like to do an extension. Michael in Jacksonville
said he has a sist on his left testicals, he doesn’t have much seamen
when he ejaculates, mark suggested the guy get it checked out, he then
suggested a guy in Jacksonville. Kyle said he has a small hard lump,
he said it’s only on his penis when he’s erect; mark said it could be
a Thromboss vane. Another email asked the safe way to increase the
size of his penis,
Bubba said this is the biggest scam going, mark said he doesn’t
recommend it. Bubba wondered if Micro penis is a real diagnosis, Mark
said that is a real case, he said four inches flaccid isn’t so bad.
Bubba said that if you want to contact Dr. Mark, you can call him at
813-875-5855, he then told the Bubba Army to not bug the woman at the
front desk, he said if anyone acts like a jackass, beat the person up.
Nick came on saying he was involved in the fight at the office, he
said the guy was an overall douche. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – rich Guzzi Calls in, Bubba on Channel 10, Juicey Fruit Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Dropping the Tray.
Bubba said he has a bunch of stuff to get to, he said Jim Florentine
will be on the show today, he said Jim is great, he thinks he’ll go to
Ocala tonight, then go to Daytona, he said as long as he’s in Daytona
by 10:30 or 11:00, he’ll be fine, he then described the USAC races
going on this weekend, he wishes Ned was going to Daytona, ned said
that stuff is awesome. Bubba said that Society Red will be performing
at the Ocala Races, he said they sound just like a national band, he
wondered when they’ll get big, Manson as Macho Man said they were
tight. We then heard some Society Red, Bubba said they have an album
out, he then said they have a MySpace account, Rich Guzzi came on, Spice said he’s going
to play the stress one today, he said the stop smoking one helps
people out. Spice thinks it was just him getting stressed. Rich said
he’d like to check out the demographic, he said that he’d like to do a
free show for the Bubba Army in Orlando, Bubba thinks the show should
be for ladies only, he joked that three women in Orlando listen to the
show, Rich thinks the place will be packed. Rich said he has some
stuff, he said it’s all in the wording, he said it’s like the not so
good looking guy getting the good looking girl at the bar, he said
he’s at Side Splitters this weekend, he said today only, anyone from
the bubba Army can get his programs for free. Bubba then went over who
will be on the show tomorrow, he then said he saw Ned throttle Garnet
up for almost selling a dicast, he then said that channel 10 is doing
“Bring it on Bubba”, he wonders if people don’t like him because he’s
real, he thinks a lot of people are pussies, he said he’s not much to
look at, he thinks it’s not so bad audio wise, he thinks MJ has 450
fake accounts on wtsp’s website. We then heard the clip, where Bubba
talks about Rick Scott’s decision to not take the high speed rail
money, he then said he knows it sucks, even though Brent told him it
was a homerun, he then said his term “Bald headed dildo” was denied,
he had to change it to “idiot”. The guys goofed on Reggie a little,
Ned thinks Bubba should change some of his verbage, Spice thinks Bubba
could be like peter from “family Guy”, with the “Grind My Gears” idea.
David in Brandon said he saw him last night on the news, he said he
agreed with him. We then heard some jazz music, intercut with some
clips from Bubba’s appearance, this had Spice and Manson laughing
their asses off, Bubba thinks the guys are pure dicks. Tara in palm
harbor said Bubba looked good, Bubba said it will look better as the
days go on, he said that he gets people to hate him, he said that at
least people are watching. We then heard Juicey Fruit’s bumper, he
said he’s in Texas, he said Ned got upset with him, as he didn’t’ get
a shirt; he said that ned texts him, Ned said he didn’t mean to send
those to him. Juicy Fruit said he and Ned should hook up, he said
Florida is his home base, Ned said he’d like to be nice, he said he
used, Juicey Fruit said that he’ll be in Tampa a few
weeks ago he said that Ned bought him a Black Berry, he said he still
sees the Bubba Army muddflaps. We then heard the remix again, Manson
was cracking up at it, Bubba said he’s not much to look at, Manson as
an old guy said “You know what really chaps my ass?” Bubba wondered if
it’s just a heat getter, Manson said he’s not sure if he agrees at
this point, he said he’s behind Bubba on the pill mill. We then heard
the segment again; Spice was heard hyping the clip up. We then heard
the remix, Spice couldn’t’ stop laughing at the “gets me hot”, he
thinks Bubba should go with that every night, Manson thinks Bubba will
crack up at it, Bubba thinks it will make for daily comments. Barren
in Naples thought it was awesome, he said Bubba is the only one who
tells it like it is, he wondered what happened to the “let’s get to
work” slug line, Brent said he’s cutting the budget, Bubba said this
isn’t his way to bash the Republicans, he just bashes people for being
stupid. Scott in Tampa said he’s been listening for about 20 years, he
said Bubba hit it right on the head, Bubba told the guy his phone
quality absolutely sucks, he said he can’t be himself on TV. Terry in
Lakeland said it’s going to cost us three billion for the high speed
rail, bubba thinks the guy is hooked on Billy Ray Cyrus, he then took
a call from a guy who said he loves the chicken dip, he thanked
Albertsons for selling the dip. Larry said he called into a show where
a guy was defending Rick Scott, Bubba said the database wouldn’t be an
issue he then told the guy he has to get going, he thinks the patriot
Act has taken away more Freedoms than anything, Brent said one is that
while you’re not at home, a cop can show up and not inform you that he
was there, Manson thinks that the founding Fathers would hate the
Patriot act. Tim in Tampa thought Bubba was kicked off the air, as he
heard Bubba say “Bubba Sounds off”, he thinks Bubba should do a debate
with MJ, Bubba hung up on him, he said they couldn’t even frame him up
Manson said that it would be Bubba talking to lump of hair, Bubba said
that MJ doesn’t agree with anything he stands for. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jim Florentine Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by some Paper tongues. Bubba asked for the guys to bring in Jim
Florentine, he said Jim will also be on the Cowhead show, he said he
feels like he’s going to have a nervous breakdown, he said he’s going
through a lot. Jim said everything is great, he said he remembers when
he sat in on Howard’s show, he said the day he picked, Howard would
always be in a bad mood for some reason, he said he’s a total dick.
Bubba thinks the Improv is paying him a lot of money, Jim said he gets
bonuses on sellouts, he said he’s never been to Charleston, he said he
did Greenville, he said that he met a waitress at the Waffle House,
she ended up seeing him between her breaks. Spice thinks stuff like
that makes for great material. Charles in Charleston came on, he said
his name was Robby cook, Bubba then rang him through the Evil
soundboard, Jim said it was great. Bubba thinks Jim will take one for
the team, Jim said she was in between a double shift, he said the odor
was horrible, he had to put his shirt over his nose, looking like a
bank robber, he said it wasn’t the Waffle House smell, Spice said he
can deal with that, Jim cracked up when Bubba described the woman as
Nell Carter. Bubba Ray Dudley came on, he told Jim he’s Mongo, he said
he’s known Jim for a while, he said he was with the same girl Jim was
with. Jim said he’s known him from the Jersey Shore, he said Bubba ray
will pour the bottle down your throat, then head butt you later on.
Bubba Ray said that Jim wrote a book on how to pickup girls, Jim said
that he did that about 20 years ago, he published it himself. Bubba
Ray said one of the tips was to not throw away the fatties, he then
said he had to get going, Bubba told him that he wasn’t done with him,
Jim said he can only last about 2 or 3 in the morning. Bubba Ray
suggested “the Batchler with Two Bubbas”, Spice said the guy on that
show is good looking. Bubba said he used to be afraid of Bubba Ray,
Bubba Ray said bubba used to go into the locker room and drop his
handbag, he then said he has to get going, as Bubba as Florentine is
on. Spice asked what happened relationship wise, Jim said he has a
kid, he’s engaged, he thinks the kid is his, he said he met the woman
at kid rock concert, he said Bubba Ray was at the show, he said it
took about a month, he said sleeping with robin took a even longer
time. Bubba wondered who Robin is with now, Brent said it’s an artist,
Jim said he hasn’t seen Robin since he did the show last. Bubba
thanked Jim for wearing the Bubba Army stuff on his show, Jim wondered
why the show isn’t on Sirius, Bubba said that Sirius gave him an 80%
pay cut, he said they’ve never been respectful, he said he misses the
Howard family, he said Howard started playing Jim Florentine’s calls,
Jim said his website crashed when Howard played that stuff. Spice said
comedians might get mad at prop comics, he asked about hypnotism, Jim
said he knows Rich Guzzi, he said prop guys are at the bottom of the
list, he said he likes Carrot Top, he then said he’ll be at the Improv
from Thursday to Sunday, he said they’ve had Slash on the show before.
Spice said he met the drummer from Slayer, Jim said he’s a great guy,
he said he opened for slayer, he said they were throwing stuff at him
as the night went on. Bubba said this is the first time where Jim has
been by where they haven’t killed a man, Bubba remembers when Tom got
hit with the Leeches (march 4, 2010), Jim sad the fireworks were great
(July 2, 2009). They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Orlando. Bubba came on talking about the Daytona 500, he said
tickets are still available, he said this week flew by, he then said
that Spice will be in the two seater, he thinks he’ll have a better
appreciation of what they do. Spice then asked about Dale Earnhardt
JR, Bubba thinks he’s as good as anyone on the track, Ned then said it
was the 10 year anniversary. Darleen in North Carolina said she’s a
first time caller, Bubba thinks she sounds hot, Darleen said she’s in
Lexington, Bubba thinks she should be a phone sex operator, Spice
wonders if they still exist. Darleen said she makes juilery; she said
she’s excited about Robert in Dayton came on talking
about a monorail; the guys said that was for Disney, he then got the
Evil treatment. We then heard a news clip about a guy who got injured
in a car accident, the guy is accused of touching kids, as well as
operates “the five Browns”, Spice said the sound isn’t all that good,
Bubba got bored with the story, he then went over the odds for the
Daytona 500, he then wondered if they have the audio of Spice
predicting how his Homestead ride would go, Bubba thinks not much has
changed. They then ended the sow a few seconds later.

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