Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10th, 2011 by Staff

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence
Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “Back In The Saddle” by Aerosmith. Bubba
came on saying he won’t be able to punch through, Ned told him he
doesn’t mess with Steven Tyler. Bubba said he’s incredibly busy, ed
told him it was 6:04 in the morning, he then described his day
yesterday of being at Huff’s, he then said the Fare opens today at 10,
he said that he felt like he was at Mechanics school, he didn’t even
eat yesterday, he then described what his day will be like for
tomorrow, Spice thinks his venture tomorrow night at the Penthouse
Club will cost him a pretty penny in gas. Bubba said that upon
takeoff, he burns about 60 gallons, forty gallons thereafter, he then
announced that Jerome Janick from Hawaii was the Facebook fan of the
day, he then said that Chris Dingman will be calling in, he said he’s
tired of these people canceling. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Rants Against Arbitron

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando on Feb. 19, followed by some Linkin Park. Bubba said you can
go to after the show if you’d like to hear them
uncensored, he then asked about Bill Foster’s statement, he said he’s
never seen a person that has so much power; Brent said that Bill needs
to read the comments on that article. Bubba said he lives in St.
Petersburg, he said this just screams of something, he thinks he
should wait until 7 or 8 to talk about this, he then plugged Spice’s
appearance at the Penthouse tomorrow night at 11, he then said that
they’ll be at the Market Street Saloon in Charleston on March 4, he
then said that “Guitar hero” is done, he said nothing can stay hot for
very long, Spice said it had a great run for a while. Bubba said that
when he was at Nicalodian, “guitar Hero” had the biggest display. Mark
in Ft. Meyers said good morning to everyone, he then said he’ll drop
off a 100 double L. Bubba said that he’s not playing music, he said he
told Cox he’s not doing that, he said he got a bunch of complaint
calls yesterday, he said these other guys have to sit there and take
it, he then said if you’d like to meet them in Orlando, go to Airport
Chrysler Dodge Jeep. John in St. Cloud said he’s never listened so
hard to a song to catch the parody, he then said he owns part of a
company that provides billboard space, he said that they rent the
space, Bubba wondered if this was a swop shop, he then said he doesn’t
want Arbitron to screw them over in Charleston, he said he won’t let
Arbitron tell him that they’re last, Spice said that eventually,
they’ll have some questions to answer. Bubba thinks he should sue
Arbitron, Manson said that every DJ would support him. Bubba thinks
Arbitron will shove him out of this business; he said something is
going on in Orlando. Sean in Charleston said the market Street Saloon
has an indoor bull riding ring; Bubba thinks he doesn’t need to take
any more calls. Nick in Charleston said the place kicks ass. James in
Charleston said it’s the closest thing to a strip club. Another guy
named James said the one in North Charleston is great. Bubba then said
that he’s mandating an all Orlando call. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Orlando Listeners

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page. Bubba said he did the music thing yesterday, he sarcastically
said that it worked out, he thinks the problem is that they’re too
damn honest, he thinks that they’re a dying breed, he thinks they
could be driving themselves out of the business, he said they talked
about their world, he said he never gets ratings from Dayton, he said
it’s not working out in Orlando, he said he’s trying like hell to fix
the problem, he said after they were canceled in Hartford, they
cracked the top 3, he told Todd Thomas that there was no way the
Twelfth rated morning show could draw that type of crowd, he said that
when he was at White Cap last year, the Orlando appearance was packed,
he said if you’re in Orlando, you won’t be able to get on, he asked
that you come to the Blues BQ, he asked that when they’re on stage, he
asked for the fans to go crazy. Spice said that sometimes he’ll hear
The Monsters; he thinks Russ is like Bubba in some ways, Bubba said
that he wants to look at Arbitron data; he said the internet is
working out nicely, he asked the audience to think about coming to
work every day, and not knowing when your last day will be. JP in
Orlando said he sees the Bubba Army bumper stickers, he said Bubba
will see that next week. Bubba said it’s free to attend the Blues BQ,
he said this is a chance for people to save the show. Derik in Orlando
thinks Bubba is getting shafted, Bubba thanked him for his call, he
said Cox would love nothing more for them to be number 1, he said that
to Cox’s credit, they were cool with him not playing music. Chuck in
Orlando thanked the guys for all that they do, he said he would be
devastated if he lost the show, Bubba asked that they have a bunch of
Bubba Army stickers ready for Blues BQ, he then said he got a text
from Chad from Miller Lite, asking if the guys would like any beer,
Spice said yes, Bubba said that the Miller Lite was the big hit at the
Super Bowl party, he thinks that there has to be one woman in Orlando
who is listening to the show. Greg in Orlando thinks advertising is
the problem, he said that there’s zero advertising there, Bubba asked
him to attend Blues BQ, he said he’s not doing what some people want.
David in Orlando said yesterday it was depressing; Bubba said
yesterday was the average template of rock radio. David said the show
is his best part of his morning, he said that people are buying the
chicken dip, ned said if only the chicken dip was ratings. Bubba said
Cox is still playing ball with them, he said they don’t want to have a
horribly rated show, he said he wouldn’t blame them for wanting to
cancel them, he said it’s on Arbitron; he said that they’re on the
titanic; he doesn’t care about the women and the children. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Orlando Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “You shook me All Night Long” by
AC/DC. Bubba thinks he won’t have time to get into emails. Susan in
Orlando said she’s 48, she doesn’t know where Arbitron gets their
information; she said that was at the Garage sale, saying that Bubba
signed her copy of “The Clemulus Package”. Dian in Orlando said she’s
27, she’s been listening since she was 20, she said almost half her
company listens. Bubba doesn’t think the quality of HD doesn’t do
much, he then asked that she come to Blues BQ, he then read the
ratings for women 18-34, he said it’s been 0.0 for a long time, Spice
said that at least their consistent. Bubba then read about persons
25-54, they have a 1.5, he said the second week was the worst in their
radio career, he then read the shows that are ahead of them, he said
that WHTQ should just fire them, he doesn’t get how Tom Joiner is so
popular, he then said that L106.7 is talking about “American Idol”, he
thinks this is the American Idoling of America, he wonders what Tom
Joiner does that is so fantastic, he thinks maybe Twenty-five Cent
should host the show. Matt in Orlando said it’s irritating, he has
some guys driving for him; he told them that they need to have the
radio on 96.5. Brent said that tony won’t be able to drive Spice
around the Daytona 500 speedway, Spice said that still would be cool
if that would happen. Ned suggested they have Reutimann do it, Spice
said no, saying that he probably won’t make it out alive. Ally in
Orlando thinks the ratings are garbage. Jennifer in Orlando said she
must not exist, she said she’s only been listening since the Mark
Lunsford days; she said the Monsters have no rhythm. Bubba said that
his management wants to have meetings with him over this; he said the
Monsters are horrible. Bubba said that in men 25-54, they have a 3
share, they never get any better with a 4.8, he then wondered what
WRUM does, Spice it’s a Spanish station, Manson thinks they should
broadcast in Spanish. Bubba thinks the Uhurus will start a racial
riot, Spice thinks bill Foster looks like a stooge, Bubba said that
he’s distancing himself from all politicians. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – bubba’s Cream Machine, new Bubba shirt coming up?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba said that he remembers working in San Antonio Teas, he
interviewed Millie Vanilly, Michael Daily, Cheap Trick, The romantics,
and Living Color, he said that yesterday he called Spice, which he
rarely does, he said he doesn’t know how big the Blues BQ venue is, he
asked Orlando not to leave him. David in Tampa said he saw Bubba in
the Cream machine, he said it’s bad ass, he said that thing was loud,
Bubba said it’s only half way done. We then heard an audio clip of
Bubba firing up the ice cream truck, Spice wondered why it sounds like
that, he then started laughing his ass off, Ned said it looks like
someone through a big glob of cream on it. We then heard audio of
Bubba driving the cream machine; Spice wondered how many people record
themselves driving down the road. Bubba said it took the master tech
to get the motor buttoned up, he then said the motor is really
aggressive. Delan said years ago in October, she got a thing in the
mail about Arbitron; Bubba said they don’t do it anymore, saying he
doesn’t want to even get into it. Walt in Orlando said he’ll be at
Blues BQ, he said he’s written Fleetwood several letters. Bubba wishes
that bill Foster would say that he knew what was going on; he said
that the cops dying shouldn’t lead to a racial riot. John said he used
to listen to the Monsters, he said he doesn’t even listen to them
anymore; he said that he was cheering when Bubba ranted against
Arbitron, he then said he bought some stock for We then
heard the legal disclaimer. Josh in Orlando said that all the guys he
works with listen to the show, he doesn’t know where Arbitron gets
their ratings, Bubba thinks someone is manipulating the system, he
then said that as much as he hates on the President, he does have
respect for his wife, as she said something on the today show he
liked, she has forbid her kids for going on Facebook, he then said
that Obama is planning a wireless access, he wonders why they can’t
get a local Arbitron person can’t come by and check them out, he then
asked the guys if they saw the Bubba “me” shirt, he said he hasn’t had
a shirt about himself, Ned said he’s had some shirts about him, Manson
said he liked the art work. Bubba wondered why the bubba Army logo
wasn’t on the back, Twenty-five said he’ll go out and smack Sluggo.
Bubba said that when you allow the critics to criticize and not come
out fighting, you’re only opening yourself up to problems; Manson said
that Pam Iorio is twice the man Bill Foster is. Bubba likes how Pam
Iorio got Dante Morris’s Aunt fired, he then thanked the St. Pete
Times for reporting the news, he said that if Davis was fired, then
the Uhurus would riot, he told them to riot away. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said that if you get a hold of Arbitron, they put a disclaimer
that says Arbitron just bases it on opinions, even though they’re a
company, Manson thinks they’re just admitting their whole thing is a
crock. Bubba thinks since the whole thing is flawed, he could say
anything, he then said that he shuffled off a caller from yesterday’s
show. We then heard a clip from yesterday’s sow, where Joe on
protection said he works with someone in Arbitron that says they’ll be
going out of Orlando, he said he’s going to hire an investigative
team, he thinks Arbitron is poking them in the chest, he said if this
is real, he needs to talk to someone about it, he said that everyone
knows someone. We then heard the Manson and Twenty-five collaboration
“You’re the Type of Guy”. Bubba thinks they need to start going in
dry, he thinks they built their careers ongoing in dry. Brian said he
stopped at Airport Chrysler, he thinks they have about 50 left. Glen
in Daytona asked if they could fragment different formats, he thinks
Bubba is still kicking it. Mike in Orlando asked if Bubba will take
the leap, he said the guys are blowing the internet out of the water.
Bubba said that his number one market is Miami, he then wondered if he
should stop saying “there’s something in the wood pile”, he then went
on to say that he’ll be talking about bill Foster next, he said that
Hydra lacey JR died with a gun in his hand. Spice said that this whole
thing reminds him of “Training Day” with Denzel Washington, he thinks
Goliath Davis is like the character in the movie, Bubba said he saw
it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – bill foster

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba came on saying that Davis must be public enemy number one in
their world. We then heard a news clip about Hydra lacey JR’s family,
Spice said it’s more of a Goliath Davis thing that will make the
family look bad, Bubba stopped and started the clip to comment on it,
he likes how Jeff hasn’t said anything in the media, he then said he
couldn’t defend Davis going to Hydra’s funeral, even though he
understands the freedom, he said the only wiggle room he’d give the
guy would be that Davis attended the cops’s funeral, Spice said that
Davis has drawn a line in the sand. Bubba said he was so mad, he
couldn’t even talk, he said Pam Iorio and Jane Caster wouldn’t put up
with something like that, he said when your family member kills a cop,
all bets are off, Manson doesn’t think anyone will want to except
money from the Hydra Lacey Scholarship foundation, Bubba said he’d win
the award, only to wipe his ass with it, he said you don’t see guys
like David G acting like this, he wonders what o Davis has done, Brent
said it’s a good answer to a question he hasn’t figured out. Bubba
then read the article about Bill Foster, he thinks they’ve validated
that Davis didn’t attend the cops’s funeral, he said that Davis is
good at being a shakedown artist, he said his job is to hold people to
task, he said he stands behind his statement of telling Foster the
best of luck. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Chris Dingman Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Android
App, followed by “Heaven is A half Pike” by OPM. We then heard Chris
Dingman’s bumper, Chris came on saying he was doing good, he said he
feels horrible. Bubba said Chris has a herniated disc, Chris said that
it wasn’t that bad in the beginning, now it’s horrible, he said he’s
getting roid injections. Bubba said you never hear about a roid
controversy in the NHL, Chris said that roids aren’t big in Hockey.
Bubba asked what happened on Tuesday night with Buffalo, Chris said
they got sloppy, he said they were playing against Ryan Miller. Bubba
thinks we blanked the Flyers, Chris said the team is learning. Bubba
wondered how mad Yserman gets over all this, Chris said the GM doesn’t
go down to the dressing room; he said Washington was treated like the
most important game ever. Bubba asked if we have some injuries, Chris
said Malone got tweaked he said that stuff happens all the time. Bubba
asked what the reviews were like with the All Star game, he said he
didn’t really like it; he thinks they should just regulate it on down
to a shootout. Spice wonders how Stamkose stands out, Bubba mentioned
Crosby, Chris said Crosby is good, he said Stamkose would be one on
goal shots. Bubba wondered if Stamkose could hit a board in front of
the net, Chris said he good, he has only a half a second before
getting it in, Chris thinks he could only get in the lower left, he
then said he’s 100% with shootouts, he’s only done one in his career.
Bubba said he’ll be going to the game on Saturday, he then wondered
who the best is with shootouts, Chris said Yokunin, as well as Brad
Richards, Bubba wondered what it would be like if the lightning still
had him. Bubba said that he likes Jeff Vinnick, he also likes how Jeff
has made it so that the restaurants only get charged once a month,
Chris said Jeff spent $35,000,000 in an upgrades, he said that all the
suites will be redone, the guys think Chris will be broadcasting from
the party deck, Bubba then goofed on his accent a little, he wonders
if Glitz and Sticks is a formal event, he then joked Chris threw back
out chasing a hot girl. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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