Thursday, December 02, 2010

December 2nd, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with some Rev Theory. Bubba wondered what
happened with their RV getting ripped off, he thinks they should do
Lasker Investigates on that, Brent remembered when Lasker went to the
wrong place, Spice said he would always mess stuff up, Ned was heard
cracking open an Ice House. Bubba said he had some Ice Houses
yesterday, Ned thinks Bubba should cut loose. Bubba went over some
sports scores, he asked Brent what was up with the Gators, Spice
wonders what it must be like to be Michael Jordan’s kid, Brent said
he’s really good. Bubba said he still has the WGRD tape to go through,
Spice said that Tasha was listening; she thought it was a horrible
Hogan impression. Bubba said that he talked to Hogan last night, the
battery in his back doesn’t work anymore, Ned said he’ll rip it out
Bruce Lee style. Bubba said he has the BRN Springsteen Christmas bit
to go through; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba remembers classic cartoons, Susan Boil

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Moving On Up”
sale, followed by “Back In The Saddle”. Bubba said they need to hulk
up the Twitter, he said he’s on it a lot, Spice said he likes reading
it. Bubba said that he got into it with someone over an issue with the
email; he said if you’re a pussy enough to complain about it, just
send it to the Spam folder. We then heard a clip about Carl Crofferd,
Bubba then went over his stats, Spice said Carl deserves every bit of
the money he’ll be getting. Bubba said he cut a promo on the kids the
other night, he said they were watching TV; the commercial for
“Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, Spice said he grew up with that, and
the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Bubba said the kids took a crap
on the movie, Tyler said he already saw it, Bubba said the problem is
the kids have too much stuff, he said he was taking all their stuff
away, he didn’t get a TV in his room until he was sixteen, he
remembers when all you had was four channels. Spice said they haven’
made anything new that will make it a classic, Manson thinks he
watched that with them about 150 times. Bubba said that last year,
they watched the new one, he made them answer questions on it, he said
that back in the day, kids used to be able to stay still, Manson
thinks it’s censor overload. Bubba said that his kids have to hate
him, Spice thinks it’s a reverse Grinch, Bubba said he wants them to
appreciate stuff. Spice said that Tasha adopted a kid in the Third
World; he said that he talked her out of it. Bubba took a call from a
guy who asked if he’s bought a dirt track, he said nothing is a done
deal. Tony said he was watching The Grinch with his grand kid, the
part where the heart grew got cut; Manson said that’s the climax.
Bubba wondered who Susan Boil was, he thinks she’s a fat retarded
bitch in England, Spice thinks he has it pegged. Bubba said that she
was on The View, and lost a note, he thinks she might’ve had a White
Castle slider. We then heard the clip, where Susan is doing “Oh Holy
Night”, Bubba thinks the onion portion got her; Spice said she has a
good voice. We then heard a clip of some singing, Manson guessed the
woman is 38, Bubba wondered if it was real, he said that its talent,
Spice said she’s 10, he said that he can respect the talent. Bubba
said that they don’t have her whored out, Spice thinks Matty B would
kick her ass in an Eight Mile, Manson said that was good. Bubba said
they should put that up as the video of the day, Spice said it’s
understandable that she’s doing “America’s Got Talent”, Bubba said he
really hates this Matty B kid, he said he wants to spank him, Spice
wonders where you go if you’re an Opera singer. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle’s appearance in
Orlando tomorrow. Bubba plugged Baba Booey’s book signing at Scene
tonight, he’s not sure if Gary has done anything big in Tampa, he then
plugged the Toys for Tots ride on Sunday at Jim’s Harley Davidson, he
then plugged the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he then said that if you
entered, make sure to listen. Moe in Apollo Beach asked Bubba what he
defines as talent with Matty B; bubba said his skills were horrible,
Manson wondered what Matty B’s talent is. Bubba said that Matty B is
as white as he is, Manson thinks the caller is a racist, Spice said
he’s as white as Justin Beeber. John in Texas said he’s Hispanic, he
asked Bubba at Hogan, Bubba said he talked to him last night. Jeff in
Ohio said he’s the guy who donated $1,000 for the breast cancer
survivor, he thanked Bubba for the shirts, he wore his “bitch I told
You” shirt, the 65 year-old principal told him “Bubba Army Forever”,
Bubba said they’re having signal problems with the Dayton affiliate,
Manson thinks maybe the guy shouldn’t wear the “Bitch I told You”
shirt when he picks his son up. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Baba Booey’s
appearance at Scene night Club. Bubba said that Kevin Hayslett will be
in soon, he then plugged Tuddle’s appearance at the Wing House in
Orlando, he said they’ll be doing a grand opening in Brandon soon, he
suggested you put the sticker on your window, he then recapped an
email with a Bubba Army guy speeding in a school zone. Spice then set
up a clip of Britney saying her boyfriend beats her up. We then heard
the clip, Bubba said that ever since the Mel Gibson stuff, everyone is
rolling tape, Spice said an audience expert has said this tape is
fake, Bubba thinks they sound drunk, Manson thinks the guy is a moron.
Spice said it doesn’t sound like her, Manson wonders if this is a
story, bubba thinks it kind of sounds like her, Manson thinks it could
be her, Spice said the guy is just bleeding her for information. Bubba
thinks it might be real, as Hogan delt with Larry Rudolph, who was
Britney’s manager for years, Manson thinks if it’s fake, the quality
would be better. Spice said if the guy is taping her, he’s a scumbag
for doing so; he said that stuff should never get out. Bubba thinks
they should have a federal law about calling people and recording it,
Spice said that nothing is private anymore, he thinks Britney is nuts,
he said her Dating pool hasn’t been stellar. The first email of the
day asked where Tuddle will be, bubba said he’ll be at 436 and I4.
Another emailer asked about the Dragon Tales guy’s number, Bubba said
he doesn’t have the number. Another emailer asked if Bubba needs to
visualize what happened to Caylee Anthony. Bubba said they’re about
generating business, he doesn’t know of anyone who is in business who
doesn’t generate any business. Another emailer said that a guy
ejaculated on a TSA agent during a pat down, Spice isn’t sure about
that, Bubba said it actually happened, ned said that’s why he loves
the pat down, he said he hides stuff like marbles. Another emailer
said that they love the show in Orlando, Bubba thanked her for that.
Another emailer said that if Bubba wants to go to the pri show,
they’ll talk about laser engraving. Bubba said he’s thinking about
doing the Spice Boy paycheck scavenger hunt, Spice thinks it would be
like the worst game of “super Mario Brothers” ever, Manson thinks it’s
like the Amazing Race, but not as amazing, Brent wondered if this was
a racing convention or a gay bath house, Bubba told him he would make
Brent do it if he kept up, he then said that Brent’s paycheck would be
at the bottom of an oil pan, Spice said it’s kind of worth it. Bubba
said that PRI has an app where you can plan out your day; he thinks
it’s pretty ingenious. Another emailer said the Bubba’s chicken dip is
out of control. Another emailer thinks the “My trunk” bit was genius;
bubba thinks it’s someone who gets it. Another emailer said that they
were rejected with a high blood pressure, the emailer suggested
tasteless, odorless garlic, Brent said he’ll check it out. Another
emailer said they have an inside about the teacher and student in
Ohio. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “toys for Tatas”.
Bubba said his kids know the words to “Like a G6”, Spice thinks the
people who listen to it don’t know what a G6 is. We then heard Kevin
Hayslett’s bumper, Kevin came in saying he was doing great, he then
said he has more videos coming. Kyle in Ft. Meyers said about ten
years ago, he got a girl pregnant, he hasn’t seen the kid in seven
years because of a restraining order; Bubba thinks the guy is
sloughing a lot off. The guy said he hasn’t broken the restraining
order, he was denied getting the order taken off, he wonders how you
can get it taken off, Kevin said you could get a tro, which is
temporary, he thinks there was a lack of evidence. The guy said she
doesn’t’ want it lifted, Kevin said she’ll explain why she wants it
that way. Greg in Tampa said that his Brother was drunk and rear ended
someone, the car was flipped and totaled, he asked about a time frame,
as nothing has happened, he said it takes about 45 days for the blood
to come back, Bubba said the guy is lucky for now. Kevin said if it’s
under an 08, he’s fine. David said that on Sunday night at 8:15, some
state police were searching his home about three missing boys, he
wondered what his rights were, Kevin said they needed provable cause;
he said they can’t come in without a warrant, Spice said they mess up
your house and don’t clean it. The first email for Kevin said they
pled guilty to mail fraud, Kevin said they couldn’t get it sealed or
expunged, he said certain cases deal with that. Another emailer said
that they can’t get a job because of probation issues, Kevin said they
could help out if the person has a cdl license. Matt in South Carolina
came on welcoming the guys, he then said he’s been a carpenter his
whole life, he said his company blamed him for something he didn’t do.
Kevin said he can’t give the guy any advice for his situation. Jeremy
said last Sunday, his girlfriend has an addiction problem, he said
he’s out of resources, she almost ripped his ear off, she punched her
son in the eye, he said he doesn’t have anything in his house, Spice
thinks the guy sounds like he doesn’t smoke pot, Kevin asked him what
his question was, the guy said he had marijuana. Kevin then recapped
the situation, he then said the problem is that it’s his house; Spice
thinks the guy smokes too much weed. Kevin said that they could pull
him out of the Abis; he said if the guy can get off drugs. Spice said
the guy got caught, Kevin said the felony will cripple him. Michael in
Tampa said he has a wife who is 36, when she was 20, she got busted
for cocaine, she got it kicked down to a second degree felony, Kevin
said they could get it expunged. David said some people had a safe in
a house, would you have to let the cops in, Bubba said the cops came
in to a house, but didn’t have it for the safe, Kevin said they need
to be specific, he then said when you consent to a search, you’ve
opened the door to be searched, Ned said he’ll just put a combination
lock on his house. Ashley said that she had a house fire a month ago,
they found an ounce of marijuana, the guy didn’t say anything about
it. Kevin said this was a good question, he said that you could be
prosecuted with that. Bubba wonders if she should have Kevin on speed
dial just in case, Kevin then recapped how it would go if he was in
law enforcement, he told her she doesn’t have a requirement to talk to
anyone. Robert in Jacksonville said a few years ago, he and his ex got
into a fight, she told the cops that he didn’t hit her, the guys
goofed on him saying “blah blah blah”, Spice thinks the guy is a dick,
the guy said he didn’t do it. “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show
classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background as the guy
talked, Kevin said the guy didn’t complete the drug and alcohol
program, he said the second charge is just a violation for not
finishing it. Jeff in Tampa said two years ago, he was placed on
probation for putting his girlfriend’s address as his address, Spice
said the guy talks fast, Bubba thinks he should be in radio. Kevin
asked about the license, the guy said he was on probation in
Hillsborough, Kevin said the Fourth Amendment is limited if you’re on
probation. Manny in Jacksonville said he’s on the road for three weeks
at a time, he’s only home about a week, he said he dinner with his
wife, the cops pulled him over for a busted tale light, he got busted
for a dui, even though he had two beers, he said he refused the
breathalyzer, he said that he listens to the show. Kevin said if
you’ve had two drinks, you’ll be under at the time you blow; he thinks
the guy should be to take a breath test, he said the issue is law
enforcement has to prove that your over .08 at the time of driving.
Bubba said he’ll put the guy on hold, he asked if a .156 is
defendable, Kevin said he’s gotten people off, Spice as a drunk guy
said he was a good attorney.

Kevin Hayslett’s information:

Phone: 1800-529-5655


Segment 6 – Manson’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Moving On Up”
sale at Bubba said that Kevin always brings in Yayas,
he thinks it would be a good time to play the Springsteen 2010 bit, he
thinks they should explain it for the people who don’t know what it’s
about. Spice said it’s the song where Bruce talks to his band mates,
Manson said it’s the live version of “Santa Clause is Coming To Town”,
Spice said it’s just hateful. The order of people in the bit are as

1. Big dick – vibrating butt plug of marijuana
2. Pantera – hired to screen letters
3. Brent – pooped on the floor
4. Twenty-five – wants color in Christmas
5. Jabberjaw – misses David Rice
6. Miller – a contract for a six dollar bar tab
7. Bubba – Wants to be Santa
8. Chaz and Al-kida – a role in “Two Jabrones and one cup”
9. Spice – questions Santa’s job
10. Sluggo – got nervous and chickened out
11. Ned – said he’d like to fuck Rudolph
12. Manson – considered to be hotter than Jesus, he then tells the
guys the bit is over

Bubba said that Manson always puts himself over in the bit; Manson
ends up crapping on the floor. Bubba said that they’ll do a prediction
for what will be like in 2011; he said they’ll seal the list in the
safe until next year. Bill in Lakeland said he was Jeff Cocab’s
cousin, he said there’s a new foundation called “Tears”, which helps
out cops who can’t afford funerals. Bubba thinks that Aubry is living
large. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Aubry Huff in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas winners, followed by “letters From Home” by Aubry Huff.
Bubba came on singing along with the song a little, Aubry said it
sounds good, he wondered how much Bubba listens to the song, Bubba
thinks Aubry should play that at the ballpark, Aubry said he doesn’t
have a hair on his ass to do that, he said he’s more of a Country guy,
he said he likes Kenny Chesney, Bubba thinks Kenny would laugh at
Aubry’s contract, Aubry said he’s a great guy. Bubba said there was a
girl he dated, she was taken by Kenny and his guitar tech, Aubry
seemed amazed by this, he said Kenny has his own island. Spice likes
how Kenny’s roady will stand behind the hot girls; Aubry said there’s
a big party after each show. Bubba said he’d like to call the giants
the 49ers, he thinks Aubry could do football; Aubry said that he’s not
good at throwing a football. Bubba asked who Aubry still keeps in
touch with, Aubry said a guy named Rocco, he said he’s in town for
something. Bubba said Josh Hamilton went on to be the mvp, Spice said
he was a crack head. Aubry said he was in Spring Training with him.
Spice said that Lou Panella was an interesting guy, Aubry said he just
loves to wear people out, he then said that Lou called him into the
office once, he taught him how to change his stance, Spice thinks
Aubry is too secure with his man hood, he said when he’s in a locker
he doesn’t let it hang out, he then asked about the Rally thong. Aubry
said the wife bought it for him as a gag gift on Valentine’s day, he
said he walked around the clubhouse in it. Spice wonders how thankful
the company was, Aubry said they wanted to do a deal with him, Spice
thinks he should tighten up the package. Aubry wondered if bubba will
be wearing depends; Bubba said he’s turning it around. Spice said he
liked when Aubry changed his number to 17, to honor the late Joe
Kennedy, he said to win with that number was nice. Aubry said that his
wife likes to go to Southern California, Bubba thinks he should put
his foot down, Aubry said he loves being in Florida. The guys cracked
up when Bubba called Aubry’s Mom Freda, as opposed to Fonda. Bubba
asked if there are some managers who have a no swing on the first
pitch policy; Aubry said that some guys just don’t listen. Spice said
that bubba gets flipped out over BJ Upton, Manson thinks he’s lazy,
Aubry said you don’t want to be down 0 for 1, he said he’s not a fan
of hitting it right off the bat. Bubba wondered how much he studied
the Rangers guys, Aubry said he tries to stay away from that stuff.
Bubba asked who the nastiest pitcher is; Aubry said it was Pedro
Martinez, now it’s Roy Hauladay. Spice said he has all new respect for
baseball, as he did the batting cages, Aubry said that didn’t count,
he said it’s the hardest thing to do in sports. Spice said when they
went to the world Series, some fans were dogging Longoria, Aubry then
told the fans what was up, he thinks the other fans don’t get it, he
thinks whoever said they can see the seams on the ball are liars.
Bubba said he has to start a swing before the ball comes, Aubry said
they don’t need to, as they’re in better shape than he is, this had
the guys laughing, Manson said the machines now just shoot the ball.
Spice asked him if he knew what kind of pitch was coming before it
starts, Aubry said if you do that, you better be quick. Bubba said
that in baseball, you’re guessing on everything, you usually get a hit
when you guess right; Aubry said the cutter is the new one. Spice
thinks Dantro Willis lost his pitch over the years, Aubry said it
happened to a guy named White; he said some guys can’t throw the ball
to first base. Spice asked him if he gets a cold streek, Aubry said he
tries not to think too much, he said their pitcher will spike it.
Bubba thinks it was a bad deal when the guy got screwed out of a
perfect game, Aubry said that you mess with the history of it; he said
the umpire is a really nice guy with that. Spice asked if Aubry ever
got the chance to take it all in, Aubry said he grew up watching the
game, Bubba thinks Nolin Ryan would strike him out, he thinks that’s
story book stuff for Aubry, Aubry said he cried a little during an
interview, he groaned when bubba mentioned Baltimore, he thinks Hbo
nailed it with Kenny powers, Brent said he’s based on John Rocker.
Bubba asked Aubry about Geeder, Aubry said he doesn’t care, he said
he’s tired of the East coast baseball. Bubba thinks Aubry could do an
intervention with Carl Crofferd, Aubry said he’ll never play for
Detroit; he said he’d love to come back to Tampa, he then went over
the players the rays will be dropping, he then asked Aubry about
money, Aubry said he gets cash, about $96 per home game, he said
that’s gambling money for the off season. Bubba said that David Wells
would tell him that they would give about $15,000 for a tip; Manson
thinks they make decent money. Bubba said he would send Blind Lawrence
to take care of the grunt work, Aubry said the club guy gets about 10
grand, he said the guys get playoff shares, the guys were amazed by
all this, Aubry said he likes seeing the guys celebrate, he said it’s
college for kids. Bubba asked Aubry if he gets excited when he sees
Spice, spice said he’s kind of mad when he’s not in town, Aubry said
that Spice made his day when Spice said he’d have sex with Aubry’s
wife. Bubba asked about the White kid who fizzled out, Aubry said it
was a messed up arm, he said he’ll get the ring on opening day. Bubba
remembers the time when Aubry called Baltimore a horse shit town
(November 8, 2007), Aubry said the Bubba Army is everywhere; Spice
thinks the comments are worse in print. Aubry said his house is about
the size of the studio, Bubba congratulated him on his deal with San
Francisco, he said he’ll be in Tampa until January 5, Bubba thinks
there’s not much time off, he then asked if there was any other team
he could play for, what would it be; Aubry said he’d like to play for
Texas because of the home town feel. Bubba thinks that Aubry should
come back more often; Aubry said that he needs to be invited more.
Bubba thanked Aubry for coming, Aubry likes how they had chicken at
the show, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – bubba Cream Machine discussions, caller with a money dispute

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle’s appearance in
Orlando tomorrow. Bubba said they were making out with Aubry, ned said
he was forceful with the tongue, Spice said Aubry is a great dude.
Bubba said he’s really excited, he has a video of himself at Clay
Ziggler’s, the motor for the cream machine and goody wagon was pulled,
he said it shows him taking the heads off the motor. We then heard the
clip, where Bubba was describing what he was doing, Bubba thinks he’s
the only guy who does the motor work himself, he said he loves working
on cars, he said he could do that for free. Bubba was heard telling
Hogan that they were busy with something, Manson cracked up at Bubba
short spacing himself, Spice thinks he should put a rainbow sticker on
the ice cream truck, Bubba told the guys that some things have been a
flop, like the motor cycle jackets, he’s made some home runs, he
thinks the cream machine will be the most sot after promotional
vehicle, he said he’s got some badass stuff, he said that his truck
will sound like something out of NASCAR, he said it’ll just be a
promotional tool. Brent thinks Ned should pilot the cream machine,
Bubba told him no, Ned wondered why. Bubba took a call from a woman
who thanked Bubba for his show, she said that a year ago in October,
she helped out a former coe worker with some money, she still hasn’t
gotten paid; Bubba said he was going to call Clay Ziggler, the woman
asked if she’ll get her money back, Brent thinks the guy is getting
crazy. Spice was on hold saying that the show had called; he then was
heard talking about the cream machine. The woman then gave Bubba
another number, she said she smokes a pack a day, Spice said he got
voicemail on the other number, he then got a call back from the woman
in question, he was heard talking with her, the woman claimed she
didn’t owe the other woman any money. Bubba then talked to the woman
on Spice’s phone, he then told the caller that she was owed nothing,
she then dropped the woman’s name, Spice told her that she couldn’t
say that on air, the guys then recapped what the other woman had said
to the caller. Bubba said that he’s going to tear the motor down; he
then said Lasker told him about a racing place. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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