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Top Stories:
Tow truck driver finds baby in car
Lampanelli — Someone Put a Bleepin’ Ring On It!
Man Robs EB Store at Gunpoint
Misty Cummings Fails Test Miserably!
Bedwell says caseworkers should have done more

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show

Bubba started off with some messages from the fans, then into a clip
of the rays losing. Bubba said the Rays choked last night, Manson
thinks they had them. Manson wondered if the guys saw the umpire
getting hit, Bubba said Howl is not a closer. Bubba recapped some
sports scores, Spice said he hasn’t heard from Huff in a few weeks.
Bubba said everyone is going to start tweeting, Ned thinks he won’t be
able to hit the keys. Bubba said O.A.R will be in the studio today,
Brent said he had to leave early, Brent said he was fine. Bubba said
they’ll have John Gruden on tomorrow. Bubba said tomorrow is packed
with people. Bubba said he feels like some Back 9 BBQ; Manson really
loves the chicken dip. Spice wonders about the diet, Bubba said you
need to reward yourself every so often. Bubba said Dr. mark will be
on, as well as Dixie Carter, Bubba said she has a big rack on her, as
well as O.A.R, Bubba said the phone lines are packed. Bubba said he
got a ton of emails from people in Humboldt County, looking to help
out Brent with his land. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Bubba’s bowling night, Bubba rips into channel four in Jacksonville

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
said he’s shocked that the phone lines are packed so early. Bubba said
you can hear Manson’s tribute to Officer Roberts on Bubba
said they’re almost ¾ sold out of the Ned Hardly shirts, Ned told
Bubba he’s not supposed to understand the meaning of it. Richard in
Nevada said he’s a FTE, he’s in Humboldt, he said if Brent is closed
to Ri county, he suggests Brent get into wind farming, Brent said he
found out there’s a well on his property. Brent said if he admits a
mistake, there’s no need to pile on, bubba gonged him, and Bubba said
the gong is a new way of telling Brent to shut up. Bubba wonders what
wind farming is, Richard said its acres and acres of windmills. Eric
in Dayton said its good news for Brent, he wondered about a Brent
Hatley concert. Bubba said everyone is in ball busting mode, Bubba
said no one wants him to be happy. Bubba said he bowled a 61, Bubba
said he needs to put the bumpers up. Bubba said he likes the guys at
the bowling Allie, Brent thinks Ned would fit in perfectly. Bubba said
some guys put away pitchers and pitchers of beer. Bubba got on the
bullhorn and announced some bowling scores, bubba said when they
announced his score at the Allie over the PA system, and he said
everyone laughed. Bubba proposes a night for gay guys at the bowling
Allie. We then heard Ned’s man Party bit, which is not in the catalog.
In the bit, Ned explains bubba’s man Party, an event Bubba hosted when
the Super bowl was in town. Bubba said all gays get free drinks; bubba
asked Ned if he’ll voice the commercial. Bubba thinks about hiring
Lummox back, Spice said he saw Lummox at a ball game. Jeff wondered if
the guys found out about the Cummings situation, Bubba said Misty
failed a lie detector test, Manson thinks she never passed a test.
Bubba played Juicey Fruits bumper and brought him on, Juicey Fruit
said he’d love to hang out with the guys. Brent said if he saw Juicey
Fruit, he’d run if he had to fight him. Juicey Fruit wished Ned a
happy birthday, spice wonders why Bubba has to do this. Rick in Ft.
Meyers said the Clemulus package is the funniest thing he’s heard, he
wants to hear a matel call, bubba said they’ve got a project coming
out at the end of the year. We then heard a clip about Misty Cummings
failing the lie detector test; the guys wonder what she lied about.
Bubba thinks Hailey is hanging out with Caylee Anthony, bubba thinks
they’re having a party in heaven. Bubba thinks channel four out of
Orlando is horrible; the guys crack up at the way the reporter says
“took”. Bubba thinks they could be millionaires by being media
consultants. Bubba said he’d like to punch the reporter in the mouth,
the guys wonder how people on horseback can look for the kid, Bubba
thinks the horse would just step over it. Brent said if he was the gm
of channel 4, he’d ask some questions. Bubba wants to get a picture of
the reporter; bubba thinks one of the networks needs to pull their
affiliation. Bubba recaps how the report should’ve gone; Bubba thinks
they should’ve tightened it up. Bubba thinks the reporter emphasizing
every other word is annoying, Bubba thinks she’s the most annoying
bitch on television. Bubba thinks channel four doesn’t have the media
savvy it needs. Bubba likes the Anker. Bubba thinks one of the
reporters is mush mouthed; Bubba replayed the clip a few times. Bubba
told channel four in Jacksonville to give him a break. Bubba likes how
the female anker sets things up; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – bubba on Twitter, Jasmin Bedwell

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about the Cummings
case, then into Manson’s “Ronald And misty Cummings’s Wedding Vows”
from “bubbas new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “The Clemulus
Package” disc 3, track 11. We then heard some rush as bumper music.
Bubba said he like to take a step back and apologize to the reporter.
Brent said they’re very close for having Michael Moore on the air.
Bubba said blind Lawrence is at the show today, Spice said he has him
putting together a gift bag, Spice thinks he’s not doing so hot on
that project. Bubba said he’ll have one of the IT guys will hook his
phone up with Twitter. Bubba wondered how many people will follow him;
Bubba said J.T. the Brick has ten thousand, Spice said J.T. emailed
him. Bubba thinks he’ll only get a thousand people following him.
Brent said only 725 people are following them. Bubba wants Brent to do
a test Twit. Bubba said this is like a whole new language for him.
Bubba wants the code to get on Twitter; Manson said his kids aren’t in
to that stuff. Manson said he’d rather have his kid have sex behind
his back, rather than Twittering. Bubba wants to hit Gary with a
waffle ball bat. Sluggo explained what it was; bubba wants the guys to
get individual accounts. Sluggo wants to look at bubba’s phone; Bubba
thinks Slugo is drunk this morning. Sluggo said Ned’s would be
different, as he has a jitter phone. Sluggo said he’s horrible at
explaining stuff; Bubba wants to make his Twitter page a little more
user friendly, Sluggo said he can set something up. Sluggo said all he
bubba has to do is set up the Twitter thing with an account. Bubba
wonders if Sluggo smokes, Sluggo said he smokes marberl Lites. Bubba
said he’s got some pictures of heather in his phone. Slugo said he’s
never been in a situation like this. Bubba wrote something on his
Twitter, it worked. Bubba said he likes Slugo, he then told him to get
out of the studio. Bubba asked Manson if he’d Tweet, Manson said yes.
Brent said he’d throw the case out if he was a judge, we then heard a
clip about that; Bubba thinks she’ll end up winning. The guys wonder
just what was she saying, Spice did a black girl voice. Bubba hopes
it’s the last case the lawyers ever settle. We then heard need’s “Dead
Baby”, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – men’s health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into “Magic
carpet Ride” as bumper music. Bubba wonders what is going on. Bubba
played Dr. Marks’ bumper and brought him in. Bubba read an email from
a guy who asked about getting some products to Canada, mark said they
do, they have a lot of people from Canada who buy from them. Corry in
Canada said his parents didn’t get him circumcised, mark said if you
don’t clean it every day, you could get cancer of the penis, mark
thinks the guy should get circumcised. Bubba wonders how someone pees
when they didn’t get circumcised; Mark said there’s a little pinhole
that allows the pee to come out. Mark said it’s not a very bad
procedure, mark said it’s something you have to do. Corry said he
cleans it, he said his aim isn’t very good, Corry said he has to wear
a rubber during sex. Mark said the CDC is recommending circumcisions,
bubba gonged him. Bubba read an email from a guy asking about lowering
his sex drive, mark suggests the guy sees a psychologist. Bob on
protection said he has a rash on his penis, he said it gets irritated
after sex. Mark said you could get a yeast infection to do a crack in
the skin, Mark said he sees things all the time where people put a lot
of creams on it, mark said you should let it heal on its own. Bubba
gonged the guy, Brent wonders if Mark can gong someone. Spice wonders
how hard it to clean one’s penis is; mark said it’s a problem. Bubba
read an email from a guy who asked about his puffy nipples; Mark
suggests the guy get his levels checked. Josh out of Virginia said he
has an infection, he said he got it from unprotected anal sex, he said
he has blood in his urine, mark suggested the guy go see his
urologist. Bubba read an email from someone asking about anal warts,
bubba handed the email to mark. Bubba read another email from someone
saying that after they orgasm, they feel a burning sensation, mark
thinks it’s inflammation of the prostate. Bubba read an email from
someone asking about the weight lost product is, mark said it’s FB
Plus. Another email asked about Andro jell, mark said it could rub off
on the guy’s wife. Ron said he was trying to get his wife pregnant, he
wonders if starting a new workout will work out, Mark said if that
happens, he should get his sperm checked out. Bubba read an email from
a guy asking about a bigger seaman volume, Mark thinks abstaining from
sex for a few days. Ranay in Englewood said her doctor charged $2500
for a circumcision, mark thinks it should be checked out, Manson
thinks they should go to a rabbi. Another email said he has ED, he’s
had surgeries, mark thinks the guy should try some Andro Jell. Bill
said he’s taking penis shots, Mark said it gives you an errection.
Bill said he’s 54, Mark thinks he enjoys getting errections. Bill said
he’s tried various forms of medication, Bill said he’s a heroin
addict. Another emailer asked about birth control, mark said there are
different things you can do. Eric asked mark about the fat burner, he
said he’s a little hesitant about taking them, he said his heart feels
like it’s going to come out of his chest, Mark said it may feel like
that, but it’s normal. Bubba read an email from a guy who said he has
a pimple on his penis, Mark advised the guy to go see a doctor. Gary
in Naples said his wife bit his penis during oral sex. Mark thinks the
guy fractured his penis, Mark said they could repair the injury, the
guy said it looks crazy. Bubba wonders if the guy smacked her, the guy
said no. Jim said he really likes the ball watches, bubba hung up on
him for a bad call. James said he gets angry periodically, Bubba asked
the guy how bubba is. Mark thinks the guy has low levels. Bubba thinks
people are really into getting their levels taken care of, mark said
he tried some Andro Jell, he said it’s really changed his life. The
guys discuss testorone levels, bubba plugged Revita T. mark said
they’re working on a growth product, it’s still getting tested. Bubba
thanked Mark for coming in, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Mark’s number is:


Segment 5 – bubba reads emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard some OA as bumper music. Bubba
said Oar will be in the studio a little earlier. Bubba said OAR have
been in the studio before, the guys think seven months ago (September
30, 2008). Bubba read some emails. The first email said that his
parents bought some land, but it wasn’t working out. Bubba said it
took two years to build his house, Spice said imagine doing it in the
middle of nowhere. Another emailer said that he can look at Brent’s
land; another emailer said the same thing. Another emailer said that
they saw a sign that said Tim Grill is the hometown of Ohio, the
emailer has never seen a sign with bubba’s name on it, Manson said
he’s a disabled comic. Another emailer thinks Bubba was wrong for
putting Brent in a position like he did. Bubba said he asked heather
what was wrong, heather said nothing was wrong. Another emailer said
they’d like to hear the morning show on Fridays. Bubba said he’s tried
until he’s blue in the face, Tim has denied them that. Another email
said they really love the show, they’d like affiliates in Cleveland
and Columbus, bubba said everything is hurting. Bubba thinks Beasly
are dumbasses, Bubba wants them to look at his numbers in Tampa. Bubba
said he can’t put twenty-five years of radio into a two minute video.
Bubba said he took the Ft. Meyers job for pennies on the dollar, Bubba
said he’ll never forgive Beasly for slapping him in the face. Bubba
said he asked Beasly if he could get into Vegas, Bubba thanked Ft.
Meyers for making him number one. Bubba said Beasly told him to make a
two minute video for the general managers, bubba said he’d like to
talk to the people one on one, Bubba said screw you to Beasly. Bubba
said Dixie Carter missed her window to get on, Bubba said at least OAR
showed up early. The last email of the day asked if the show is on
line, Bubba said yes. Bubba said he heard about a device where you can
get internet access on your regular phone. Bubba read something about
Howard Stern with podcasting. Bubba said he has a window of
opportunity to leave Cox when his Sirius contract ends. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – the guys from OAR in the studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for various social
networks the show is on, we then heard some OAR as bumper music. Bubba
said Spice came to him and asked if OAR could come into the show,
Bubba said he wasn’t sure about it. Bubba thinks not having them in
was a mistake. Bubba said he’s an OAR mark. Mark said they’re doing
really good, Spice said the last time they were there, they shocked
Grant and Hogan stopped by. Bubba said he was with Hogan one night,
Hogan doesn’t remember meeting them; Mark said he’d like to try and
get Brooke to open for them. Brent said you can go to an oar show for
the ass factor, mark said it’s very exciting. Bubba said they’ve
crossed over nicely, Spice thinks getting on the Twilight sound track
is chick heaven. Mark said the guy who helped them out with the song
on the soundtrack; Mark said he couldn’t bare telling him they’re on
the deluxe album. Mark said touring is where it’s at; they have a crew
of about twenty guys. Brent thinks the backdrop costed them a lot of
money, Mark said you have to switch it up. Bubba asked Jerry if he’s
heard of Mindi Abaire, he said he hasn’t heard of her. Jerry said he’s
in Columbus, jerry said he lived in the same dorm with mark and Chris.
Spice said Tasha thinks Rich is hot. Bubba asked the guys about guitar
hero, mark joked that they’re on the deluxe version of Guitar hero.
Mark said he feels strange going to Disney without kids. Mark said
that all he knows about Disney is, there are dudes in suits who are
really excited about being there. Mark said he played a place that
smelled like cocoa nuts, mark said his favorite place to play is in
Arizona. Spice wonders if they’re doing a corporate gig, mark said
they’ve done some ones for Budweiser. Mark said they’ve done the USO
tour, Brent said a lot of the artists don’t take the money they get
from the USO. Spice wondered if they would travel around the world
without security, mark said no. bubba said “Shaddered” is the number
six single on iTunes. Bubba went over the list words they’ve been
asked not to say. Bubba wonders if the guys have degrees, jerry said
he and mark had them. Bubba thinks he should’ve hung around at Indiana
State. Mark encouraged listeners to go to school. Spice asked about an
old lady Jerry was with; Jerry said it was his grandma. Mark told a
story about a guy who thought the ending of the show was good. Spice
said he was freaked out; the guys took him to The Rack last night.
Mark thinks Sheryl Crow is really cool. Bubba had the guys play a
song; bubba gave them a plug for their gig at the Hard Rock tonight.
The band played their song “Lay Down”. Bubba said they did a good job,
Mark said they’re working on some new stuff. Spice wondered if it’s
tough to get together Mark said no. Mark said they’re thinking about
making a different style, Bubba doesn’t want them to. Bubba wondered
if they have anything new they can play, mark said no. bubba wonders
how they make a song, mark said sometimes the words come first,
sometimes the music is first. Bubba thinks the guys need a tragedy to
get themselves going. Spice wonders if they allow whores on the bus,
mark said he doesn’t think they do. Patrick in Tampa wondered about
Pearl Jam being an influence, Mark said they are, but not musically.
Brent said he’s delt with Pearl Jam, he said OAR is much better to
deal with. Mark thinks that it’s the way it was, Bubba said radio is
great when it comes to airplay. Bubba thinks the guys are into
Twitter; Mark said they try to be involved in that. Mark said they’re
trying something new by posting music on their pages, mark said
they’re page is Bubba said he’s gotten
emails from people saying OAR is a good band. Bubba thinks if they
leave Ben in Florida, he won’t come back the same. Ben said he doesn’t
have a girlfriend, Brent thinks he’s the smartest guy in the band. Ben
said the ass factor is better than the other guys do. Bubba wonders if
they’ll get a Ben sex tape, Ben said maybe. Bubba said he hates to
tell the guys what to do. Bubba showed the guys the torture rack, Mark
thinks the guys are sick, mark wonders who sold it to them; bubba said
Lasker made it for them. Bubba had the guys play “Shadder”. Jenny said
she was on her way to the show, she wants to know where the guys are
going after the show; mark said he’ll be hanging out with a friend.
Jenny said she’s five seven, 34 double D, 135 pounds. The guys boo her
when she said she was bringing her boyfriend, she was then Eviled a
few seconds later. Mark said they’re all about NASCAR, Spice wants to
call Vickers. The guys don’t know Tony that well; Bubba said he’s
trying to get Brian Vickers on the phone. Chaz in Georgia thanked the
guys for their Military work; mark said it’s their pleasure to do
that. Bubba wants the guys to play one more song, Jerry suggested
something snappy, they then went into a song. Bubba gave the guys a
plug for their shows for the weekend, Spice thinks Mark can rap better
than anyone. Bubba said they have a blind guy who writes the recaps.
Bubba had Lawrence come in; Bubba chided Spice for shoving a dildo in
Lawrence’s face. Bubba asked Lawrence what he thought of OAR, Lawrence
said he enjoys their sound, Spice thinks it’s a record executive
answer. Bubba thinks Lawrence didn’t hear the segment, Bubba wonders
if Lawrence is deaf. Bubba thinks Lawrence talks a little too loud, he
thinks it’s better that Lawrence can’t see him. Spice said Ben will be
Lawrence’s friend. Bubba asked Lawrence if he could get out of the
studio without any help, Lawrence was able to leave the studio in one
piece, Spice yelled for Lawrence to look out, bubba chides Spice for
doing so. Bubba thanked the guys for coming in, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Twitter discussions, Brent hatley concert

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then into
some messages from the fans. Bubba said OAR will be in Orlando
tonight. Bubba said they’re almost at the one thousand mark for
Twitter. Bubba said he put something up there, the guys wonder if Ted
Kennedy is on Twitter. Spice thinks the word followers is a strange
word. Bubba thinks the guys should sign their names when they’re on
Twitter; Brent said they would get Bubba’s writing confused with his.
We were then treated to a Brent Hatley concert, with the following

  • “Brass hatley” from “NFC” track 10, and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 3
  • “Brent On The Water” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley”, track 10
  • “Gator Brent” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley”, track 7
  • “Black hatley’ from “NFC” track 4, and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 2
  • “Brent Stones”
  • “ZZ Hatley” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley”, track 20
  • ,li>“hatley 25 or 6-4”

  • “Brent Acres’ from “NFC” track 20, and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 4
  • “hatley Get your ass kicked “ from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 13
  • “Hot butter Hatley” from “NFC” track 24, and “Ned’s Tribute to
    Brent hatley”, track 18
  • “Brent Hatley” from “nfC” track 8, and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 8
  • “hatley Impossible” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley”, track 16
  • “hatley Deeds” from “NFC” track 16, and “Ned’s Tribute to Brent
    hatley”, track 14
  • “Brent Van dike”

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – heather stops by, Ned has heat with blind Lawrence

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various social
networks the show is on. Bubba thinks the last bumper was a little
long, Bubba wonders why they have a Facebook. Bubba played a bumper
about it, bubba thinks they should focus on Twitter. Bubba said they
have 964 followers, Spice said heather is in the studio. Bubba wonders
why she’s here, heather said Dave Rice thinks they’re going to fight.
Brent thinks Heather and Amanda will never be honest with him. Heather
said she’ll get what she can get. Bubba thinks it’s cover your ass
mode, Brent said he’s done caring. Brent said Bubba demanded it
yesterday. Bubba wonders what the problem is, Heather said she’s not
mad that Bubba is out of town a lot. Bubba said it’s a party when she
comes with him to the track, Heather said racing is a dude thing.
Heather said she’s just trying to be a good wife. Beau in Miami said
he has the billboards in Miami, he said his Dad owns a company that
could help them out. Bubba wants the guys to get his information.
Bubba said he’s on the fence of taking a nap or play an audio clip,
bubba said he likes to cut tires once he gets home. Brent thinks Bubba
should play an audio clip tomorrow, Bubba said he has a ton of stuff
to do, ned said he’s just chilling out. Ned thinks blind Lawrence is a
tool/jackass, he thinks Lawrence should be in a concentration camp.
Ned thinks Lawrence is a useless blind man, ned wants to rough him up,
Spice thinks Lawrence would kick Ned’s ass, Brent thinks it would make
a great video. Ned doesn’t like how Lawrence transcribes everything.
Ned said he’ll rap Lawrence’s stick around his neck, they then ended
the show a few seconds later.

4 Responses

  1. johnsa

    jambo tombo

  2. joe

    blind lawerence, didnt transcribe all Ned comments about him

  3. james allen

    I used to listen to bubba. I even over looked all the fake voices. I just think the show has lost it. Who wants to listen to the same old watered down shit when my time is valuable. I also need to stay awake. 3 years of listening to this burned me out. I know it’s cliche to say Jason Ellis. Upon your advise I listened for a week. I almost stopped on the second day, thank goodness I didn’t. He’s fresh and talks about mma and has a way better outlook on things. Thanks for bringing me to him!!!!!!

  4. Lawrence


    Thank you for commenting.

    I don’t do transcripts, it’s a summary, I did manage to get the stuff ned said about me.

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