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August 23rd, 2012 by Staff


Emails: Bubba army poster, and Dose from the Mexican Olympics with a
Warren Sapp story.
10 Uncomfortable topics.
75% of Americans can’t name a Supreme Court justice.
10 items that make you a status symbal.
The guys wonder if today is Ned’s birthday, Bubba asks for Blind
Lawrence to cal in.
Audio clip – LL Cool Jay stops a would be robber.
Blacck and white go gay guys.
Blind Lawrence says it’s Ned’s 76 birthday.
Tara wants to make Ned a cake; Ned wants an upside-down flaming pineapple cake.
Bubba thinks Roger Clemons is full of himself.
Bubba said that Stacey from McDonald’s knew it was Ned’s birthday
today, they layed out a spread for him, exactly what he had ordered,
including a bag with his name on it, with a star after it.
Bubba said that there was an umpire that blew a perfect game call, he
felt bad about it, he saved a woman’s life yesterday.
Audio clip – OJ Simpson’s ex in a porno tape, not with him though.
Audio clip – Roger Clemons.
Bubba said he has 10 minutes to cover the Sapp stuff before Ned’s
load, Ned doesn’t care, he’s zeroed in on his hashbrowns.
Bubba said that he’s done talking about Sapp after today, he likes how
some media guys haven’t cowtailed to Warren, he swaid that Cowhead is
good friends with Warren, the only other positive interview he did was
with Ron and Ian (Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles host a talkshow on 620
WDAE, Tampa’s local sports affiliate).
Caller says he works for the MLB; he talked about the various stadiums
he’s been in.
Steve said his daughter-in-law dated Warren Sapp, he was always saying
they were breaking up, he got upset when McDonald’s wouldn’t give him
free food for being Warren Sapp.
Ned’s Load – “Can’t Stop Their Breading” (“Bubba show Classics Volume
14”, track 6).
Bubba played “rock Star” by Nickelback, saying he liked the song, he’s
in the news because he’s going to marry Averal Lavene.
Bubba has two Sapp interviews he’s going to play, one from Detroit
with the Drew and Mike show Ia show that Bubba competed against), and
WLW in Cincinatti.
Audio clip – Drew and Mike from WRIF interview Warren Sapp.
Chris in Tampa said he did security for the Buccaneers up until
Superbowl 35; he can vouch for everything Bubba has said.
John said for someone selling a book, it’s hard to believe him when he
says “Don’t believe everything you read.”
Mark said he did a football event in 2002, he was a complete dick.
Audio clip from 700 WLW where Warren talked about the cops who shot
black people in Cincinatti.
Bubba thinks they should take excerpts from Sapp’s various interviews
and present it to other radio stations who want to have him on.
Jen said about 10 or 15 years ago, she was working at Thee Dollhouse,
Warren came in, he kept trying to get her attention, he ended up
spitting in her glass of wine, she threw her red wine on him for doing
Less thinks the fans are why the athletes are who they are.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said the Ted Web thing was
unbelieveable, Brent said Warren’s publicist has no problem going on
the show; Warren is the one ducking them.
Mike said Warren was a dick to him.
Audio clip – Judge and joury played at a high school.
Audio clip – Gay bath houses in Tampa tell GOP deligates they can come
in for free.
Research claims that women who have unprotected sex are smarter and happier.
Audio clip – woman cuts son’s head off, then kills herself.
911 call about the woman who killed her son, then herself.
A plane has crashed on I75.
Ken in Charleston said they switched operators during the 911 call.
Larry with an update on the plane in the middle of the road, one wing
on the plane is gone.
Ray said the plane did an emergency landing on 75.
Danny the Jew is impressed with how quick the Bubba Army is with the
news, he thanked Tara and Twenty-five for having his back and giving
him the green light to get into the Christmas party, Bubba said he has
a twist for it he’s going to announce on the IO show.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Pump Some Rounds”.
The show closes with staff members wishing Ned a happy birthday. Show

Bubba started the show by wishing Ned a happy birthday, Ned claims
he’s had 3 shots during the shows, he kept saing that Ned was 75.
Tara said Blind Lawrence said Ned was 76, Ned thinks Lawrence is an
asshole for blowing him in like that.
Brandon in Charleston confirmed what Lawrence said earlier, he wished
Ned a happy birthday.
Kim Kardashian porn, Bubba said her head giving skills make him like
her only a little, he’s generally disugsted by her.
Mario said Phil Hendrie can’t get on fast enough, he was
ranting about how he doesn’t like being in radio, Bubba wants to chat
with him.
Audio clip – Footage of Kim from 2001, Bubba said he couldn’t take the music.
Twenty-five talked about the time he got head from the married
Canadian woman in Calgary (August 13, 2010).
Trucker Mike explained cuckolding.
Blind James said the Canastrips people heard the aircheck when Bubba
talked about them (August 13, 2012), they loved it so much they gave
him a shoutout on Twitter.
Twenty-five talked abou the time in Vegas when he got caught with a whore.
Audio clip of a woman having sex while her husband watches.
Bubba said nobody tells him who he can invite to his party, he said he
was dead on about Buzzard Bob.
98 Rock talkbreak where Brain Brammage calls in to talk about Warren
Sapp. Brain Brammage was a gentleman who was beaten up by the cops,
and suffered brain damage as a result after the octors at the
emergency room took a long time to see him. Brain Brammage died in a
house fire in 2005, Brent is convinced he was murdered.
Audio clip – man accused of raping a teenager on a cruise ship.
Audio clip – Dee Snyder is upset over Paul Ryan using his music.
Audio clip – mman accused of sexual asault on a plane.
Audio clip – senator will not apologize for writing “Go fuck yourself”
in an email.
Bubba said one of his best friends is Wagz from Twitter, he said
everyone on the show is friends with a group of listeners. Wagz has
caught some crap for being Bubba’s friend, he said the haters are just
a handful of people who haven’t gotten there way. He said that Buzzard
bob is claiming that Wagz told Bubba that he couldn’t come to the
party, he said the fucks out there don’t have a chance in going. Wagz
texted him yesterday, they talked last night via the phone, he said
Buzzard bob and the detractors have reversed it on him, they have
organized a spam, block, unfriend campaign, which is why he got his
account suspended. He went on to say that they’re just radio people,
he thinks it has gone to everybody’s heads. Except for the no brainers
who are locked in, Wagz will determine who will be the Christmas party
A majority of the emails were about the Christmas party, bubba said
he’ll send all of the emails to Wagz.
Bubba then read his master list of people who are no brainers vs the
people pending Wagz’s approval, he then told Ned he could
Take the day off for his birthday.
Ned said the greatest gift of all would be to get hot rods shoved in his ears.
Wagz has a new account on Twitter, he is at waagz.
Audio clip – lactating mom at a library.
Audio clip – another sexual asault on a flight.
The IO show closed with staff wishing Ned a happy birthday.

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