Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily recap courtesy of Blind Lawrence and daily bumper music provided by Brent.

The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister
KISS – Nowhere to Run
Motley Crue – Public Enemy #1
Ozzy Osbourne – You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll
W.A.S.P. – The Last Command
Danzig – Trouble
Iron Maiden – Wrathchild
Led Zepplin – When the Levee Breaks
Wolfmother – Sundial

Segment 1 – Bubba at Scene

The show started off with audio of The Rays winning. Bubba said the
music was provided by Brent, he thinks Ned wouldn’t have gotten in,
Ned wondered if it was a good time, Bubba said it was great, he thinks
they didn’t turn the air conditioner on, he said he got 32 texts from
people saying they couldn’t get in, he said he got put in the worst
VIP section, Ned thinks Bubba got jobbed out on his own club. Brent
said that the Rays swept the Rangers, which is a really good team,
Bubba then recapped some sports scores, he said that Heather French is
leaving the Rays, Spice said Tom over there is great, Bubba thinks he
met him at one time, he said it was cool to see Mayor Bill Foster at
Scene, he likes how the guy from across the street brought them some
food for free, he said they had some great stuff, he said everyone is
friendly in St. Petersburg, Spice said they use to fight each other
over the years, Bubba thinks it’s like a family thing in St.
Petersburg, he said he’s trying to do the BRN Christmas party on
December 20, he thinks Hogan was on TV, Spice said he ended up leaving
with him, he didn’t think he’d ever do that, Bubba said he left at
9:50, Fabrizi told him he might’ve pushed it a little too hard, he
thinks Bubbapalooza is up, Spice said it’s up there, he said if you
want to see the new Orleans show, don’t see the Calgary one, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Troops

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba said that Brent has paid his $10, he said there’s going
to be a twist in the lottery, he thinks it will send Spice over the
mountain, he thinks most people will be happy, Manson thinks if your
name starts with S and ends in E, you’ll have to pay triple. Spice
wondered how something so nice can turn into something so mean, Bubba
thinks they should do a HR segment; Spice thinks he’s not getting
enough money. Bubba said he’s gone from the biggest Brett Farve fan,
to wishing that his legs get broken, Brent said even some NFL vets are
hating on him, he thinks Aaron Rogers will have some time. Bubba then
went over the people who owe him money for the lottery, Manson said
he’ll pay him $20, Bubba asked Manson to tell him how he feels about
it, Manson said it sucks that he has to wait until tomorrow. Bubba
said that “Beach Heat” will be on tonight, Brent sad he just records
the show, Spice said he watched the first episode, Bubba recapped the
episode, Sp9ice said it’s like “Baywatch” with screwing, Bubba thinks
they’ll be recording it just to bust each other’s balls, he then
thanked David G for giving the fallen officer a hero’s welcome, he
thinks they were the only show to talk about it, we then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba said this is so unnecessary, he said all US
troops have left Iraq, but we’re going to Afghanistan, Manson said all
we have are 50,000 troops left. Brent said we’ve got 4400 men and
women dead, Bubba wonders if we’re truly any safer, he said we’re
still in them, Manson thinks the troops couldn’t wait to get out of
there. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for today,
one if not both members of ICP on the show, Spice said Shaggy has no
reason to lie, he said you could be at any show, someone could throw
anything at you, Bubba thinks she shouldn’t have gone. Tom in Kentucky
said he’s going to see a concert Saturday Night; jackal will be there,
Bubba thinks they’ll put on a hell of a show. Ross in Lakeland said he
was browsing the internet of the Honky Tonk Man cutting a promo, Bubba
said he’s at a cross roads, he said that sometimes when you’re a lower
level bottom feeder like he is, he said this is just him trying to get
him to talk about it, he said if he plays the promo, he’s doing what
he wants, he said there was a great crowd at Scene last night. Chris
in Georgia asked when Bubba will go to Bristol, Bubba said he’ll be
there this weekend, he said he’s going to try and keep it low key. The
first email of the day said they started listening a few months ago,
the emailer loves how Bubba tells it like it is, the emailer asked why
Bubba isn’t on other radio stations. Another emailer said Dr. Laura is
on Sirius already, Bubba said that he heard she’ll be going to
internet radio. Another emailer thanked Bubba for recognizing his
custom van, Spice said it looked cool. Another emailer said they’d
love to see Bubbapalooza New Orleans, Bubba said tickets are free,
just email:, he said this is for the fans of the city
that won the super Bowl. Another emailer said that Tommy is racist;
the emailer said that Tommy is a crooked business man. Bubba said that
he heard if you owe as much money as Cheap does, that’s about 2.3
million. Another emailer asked about the Protein bars, Bubba said its, he said he had a nice salad shooter yesterday, Spice
said it stunk up the building. Another emailer said she’s the girl
that Twenty-five Cent had fun with, she just wanted to get some
pictures, Ned still thinks the guy had one eye open, the emailer said
her husband missed a majority of the show, the guys were cracking up
at the email, Manson said this would be like
Brett Farve coming to town, only to have Bubba get drunk, and find out
that Heather had sex with the backup center, Bubba said he can’t get
Dave on the phone fast enough. Another emailer asked if Bubba will be
racing in New Henry, Bubba thinks he needs to call Kenny Kenny.
Another emailer said he’s a member of the swat team in Pulk County;
one of his friends’ sons was killed in a horrible car accident.
Another emailer said they can’t get the link on to work for
Bubbapalooza, Brent said sign him up, as the emailer said he’s a pot
smoker. Another emailer said they’d like to go to New Orleans with a
2001 girl. Another email was from Marshal Thompson, he thanked the
guys for meeting him. Another emailer said it’s a sad day when a guy
who took a picture could be a sex offender, Manson wonders how they
caught him, Bubba explained it, Manson said you don’t know the girls
are under age, Bubba wonders where personal responsibility is, Manson
thinks a good lawyer will get this thrown out in five minutes. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bill Foster calls in, Dr. mark Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said from the Ned file, a man in a banana costume exposed himself and
brandished a weapon, Ned thinks it sounds like fun, the guy in
question was also spitting on people, Bubba said he wouldn’t be
surprised, Ned said he was looking for a good time. Steve said that
girls have been known to flash people, Bubba sarcastically thinks his
phone was great. Daniel in Jacksonville said if he was a truck driver,
he thinks it’s not a criminal charge, Bubba said even Manson thinks
the guy didn’t do anything wrong, the guy got Eviled shortly after
that. We then heard a news clip about Scene night club, Bubba thanked
Heather and Reggie for coming by, Spice said Heather is steamy and
pregnant, Bubba said they didn’t turn the air on fast enough, he
thinks Reggie does some cross talk, he likes how the news caster said
Twenty-five Cent, Reggie said he loves bubba to death, he thinks
Reggie will have his own VIP room, he likes how Bill Foster made it so
that places will stay open until 3 am. Bubba then dialed up Bill
Foster, Brent said he’s glad Bill is their Mayor. Bill said he’s
listening, he said it sounds good, he thinks the club will be great,
he said they’ve got great security. Bubba asked about the pear in St.
Petersburg, Bill said he likes it, he said they can have an Economic
drive there. Spice said he talked with Bill about this last night, he
said it’s not a place where he goes all the time, he said it’s
sentimental, he said the last time he was there was about a year ago,
as Tasha’s son wanted to see the pirate ships. Bill said the proposal
is to demolish the inverted pyramid and change it. Bubba said he read
that it’s a push, it will take $50,000,0o00 to have it stay the same,
or $50,000,000 to fix it, Bill said they’re talking a brand new
structure. Spice thinks the only opposition Bill will get is from the
blue hairs, he then recapped how that will go down. Bubba said Bill
has increased Night Life, and has decreased crime rate, Bill said
that’s the case, he said he’d love to take credit in that; he said
he’ll give the credit to the police. Bubba asked about the stop
sticks, Bill said he loves nothing more than to catch bad guys, he
loves the men and women who put on a bullet proof vest that protect
the people. Bubba likes how Bill will use some tools, he said Bill has
a progressive thinking, he asked about The Rays, Bill said he loves
them, he said they’re number one, he said he’ll do everything he can
to make sure they’re taken care of. Bubba thanked him for coming on,
bill thanked bubba for investing in his city, he said Bubba saw a
great potential in them, he thinks Bill is a breath of fresh air,
Manson said he seems like a regular guy. Dr. Mark came in, he said he
couldn’t get in. Theodora said years ago, she and her friends use to
flash people, she said she feels for the guy, she said they flashed a
cop one time, the cop just laughed, she thanked Bubba for what he does
for law enforcement. Bubba said that Dr. Mark was in, Mark asked how
Scene was, Bubba said it was good. We then heard Dr. Mark’s bumper,
Bubba said r. mark has a $55 special, you can call him at: 8138755855,
Mark joked he’s a mad Scientist with his Revita lab stuff. Bubba asked
him to explain what some of the stuff is, Mark explained his Protein
drink, he said he has some samples, he said it works for 12 ounces of
milk, he said this is their latest concoction. Bubba tired some of it,
he said it was good, he asked mark to explain Chia, Mark said it’s a
grain that absorbs water, he said he’ll be 50 this year, he said this
stuff is cheaper than shots. Shian said he’s on Androjell for high
levels, he asked if it affects the sperm count, Mark said it can drop
the sperm count, he suggested the guy see r. Schwartz. Tom in Dayton
said before he orgasms, he has a bad headache, Ned told him to take
the noose off his neck, Mark suggested the guy check that he doesn’t
have high blood pressure. Bubba read an email from someone saying they
might have a concealed penis, Mark thinks it’s a fat pad, he said if
you have a fat pad, you can’t see it, he told the guy to lose some
weight. Spice asked how uncommon it is to see a small penis, Mark said
micro would be less than three inches. John in Orlando thinks he has
an ingrown hair on his sack, he said it’s gotten bigger, Mark said
it’s an infection, he said one of the Buccaneers had half of his sack
removed, bubba told him to get going. Another emailer asked if Dr.
Mark’s office does a testicular replacement, Mark said it’s a water
filled sack, Bubba wondered if a plastic testicals can do anything,
Mark said it doesn’t do the same thing, Ned asked for his testicals to
be big. John on protection said he knows a guy who had his prostate
removed, nothing works down there, Mark suggested the guy got a
prosthetic, he said it’s an implant, Ned thinks he’d get something
like that. Spice asked how common Genital Elephantidus, Mark said it’s
fluid. Dan in Springhill said a few years ago he had speed bumps, he
got it fixed, Bubba thinks the guy can just pass that off. The guy
said he’s noticed some stuff near his crotch, Mark said the condom
just protects the head and shaft, he suggested you get a vaccine.
Another emailer said they have something the size of a BB, Mark said
hurpies is a blister that turns into something else, he said it comes
back in the same spot. Another emailer said they got hit in the penis
head during a basketball game, this happened about a month ago, Mark
said it’s just bruising, he said the brownness is old blood. Another
emailer asked about some supplements, Mark suggested calling the
Revita Labs number. Another emailer asked how to defend himself from
hurpies, Spice suggested the guy dump her. Chris in Tampa said he’s
lost about 100 pounds, he asked about some weight loss stuff, mark
said if you have a lot of questions about that, go see your Doctor.
David in Jacksonville said he’s constantly losing stuff, he wonders if
Adderall would help out, Mark said he doesn’t do that, he said
Adderall is something not to be taken lightly. Another emailer asked
the name of the diet pill, mark said Revita max, he said it was called
FB Plus before, Bubba told mark to explain it to the listeners.
Another emailer said he met a girl who has HVP, Mark said the guy
could catch it, he said they pay $180 for three shots. Another emailer
asked about the Dorsal slit, Mark said he knows about it, he said it’s
when the foreskin doesn’t fold back, Bubba groaned as Mark explained
it, he said that he doesn’t get why some parents don’t circumcise
their kids. Another email said they had genital warts on his anus, he
hasn’t been to the doctor for fear of being called a homosexual, mark
said you can get them without having homosexual sex, he said that the
Ferret is working on a section for him, bubba thanked him for coming
by, they then went to commercial a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dr. Laura Audio clips, Manson’s new bit, various music

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, Bubba
said that within an hour or so, the guys from Insane Clown Posse will
be on, he thanked Miller for putting Bubbapalooza Calgary up on, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show
for tomorrow. Mike said they went to Scene last night, ad had a great
time, Bubba thinks they didn’t turn on the Air Conditioner until 7:15,
he said he only allows hot people. We then heard a clip of Dr. Laura
on Larry King, Spice said being a bitch is her gimmick, Bubba said
they won’t be begging her back, he said she can’t get out of here fast
enough, he thinks she gets paid a very fare wage, Manson said she was
within the rules, Brent said no one told her she couldn’t do what she
was doing. Bubba said that she did it in the right context, while she
was trying to be shocking, he said it’s not right in any capacity.
Brent said the first amendment protects you from the Government
interfering with you, Bubba said she’s in the first amendment business
until she’s at work, Spice thinks it’s funny that she dropped the term
11 times and ended up on Larry King, Bubba said when you make the kind
of money she makes, you need to be compliant with the company you work
for, he said they got screwed by the Government, Spice said she hasn’t
been relevant in years, Bubba wonders how much the blogs have made
her, he thinks Larry is making sense on something, he wonders for how
long it’ll be, he said the guys would sign for millions if they had to
clean up their act, he’s shocked that Larry is actually making sense,
Spice thinks she’ll be a bigger star out of all this, he thinks she’ll
get a television deal, Bubba doesn’t think that will be the deal, he
said it’s a trying time when Dr. Laura says “peeps”, he thinks she mis
calculated her usage of the term, he said Manson’s new bit is
shocking, he said the n word is from people who have used it openly.
We then heard Manson’s “Celebrity Racist Rehab”, Bubba said none of it
is from them. In the bit, Don Imus, Cramer, Dr. Laura and Al Sharpton
are asked to say a racial term, and Mel Gibson is on speaker phone.
Dr. Laura is asked to apologize, Mel chooses her out, Bubba thinks
they’ll be in trouble for the bit. Manson thinks Cramer is still in
the bathroom. Cartman from South Park comes in and says “fucking Jew”.
Mel gets hung up on, the bit ends with everyone saying racist terms.
Mike said every time Bubba says he won’ be on in Miami, it breaks his
heart. Bubba said he’s asked for the end of the year to pull the nose
up, he said no one really knows about them. Mike thinks Bubba should
be on Dr. Laura’s side, Bubba said when you pay someone millions and
millions of dollars, the company has the right to tell you what to say
and what not to say, he said Dr. Laura will probably take her ball and
go home, he said he has a problem with groups that pounce on people
for one thing, he said the Rainbow Coalition is just trying to better
themselves, Mike said he’ll listen wherever he can. Dwayne in Ft.
Lauderdale said he’s an African American man, he doesn’t think it’s a
big deal, he thinks it was just for attention, Bubba said she’s
already famous, the guy said it’s just a word, Spice wonders if the
guy has anything else to say, the guy got Eviled a few seconds later.
Robert in Lakeland said he agrees on the delivery approach, the guy
got Eviled a few seconds later, Ned said he’s in the mix. James in
South Florida thinks she’s using it as a cop out, he thinks she should
be kicked off the air. Bubba said that John Mayor is going after Hidey
Montag, Spice explained who she was, Manson said her breasts are
ridiculously big, he hopes John mayor tags everything, Bubba said
whenever he hears the name John Mayor, all he can think of is Richard
Marx’s song about him (March 19, 2010), he thanked Spice for the
hookup, he said he’s begging Spice for forgiveness. We then heard
Richard’s song about John. Bubba asked Ned his thoughts, Ned said he’s
a tool, Brent said he was a great guest, Bubba thinks Ned is the only
dick. We then heard Richard’s rendition of “Staying Alive”, he likes
how Richard has stayed with his wife for many years, he then said the
Rays dressed up in suits, he said that John Cougar Mellencamp calling
the internet dangerous, Spice said he agrees with him, he thinks he
doesn’t need it, he said some College Freshman think email is too
slow, and Nirvana is classic rock. Kim in Ft. Lauderdale thinks Bubba
is one of the realist shows in South Florida, Spice asked her to say
“I see you back there”. Bubba asked how she heard about the show, Kim
said 93 Rock is the first station you hear when she starts up her car,
Brent asked for nerds, Kim said her man wouldn’t like that, Bubba said
he likes the vice versa. We then heard “Soulja Boy”, Spice asked if
her man is a wigger, Kim said no. Bubba said it’s not looking good, he
then asked what happened to the days of the land lords having sex with
some tenets, Spice said if you’re willing to do that. Bubba said the
girls proposed sex for the rent, he said it’s a surface for a surface,
he thinks since the guy is married, it could be a problem, he thinks
the problem is the cameras, Ned thinks it’s nice, it turned out he was
getting black mailed. Josh in Boca said he loves the show, he said
he’ll just stream them from his phone, Bubba sad they’ll make it easy
for the listeners. Ron said there’s an app on iTunes, it’s called
“tune-in Radio”, he listens to them all the time, Bubba said Beasly
has an application “I Radio now”, Ron said he’s never heard of it.
They then went to commercial a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s new bit gets replayed, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Danzick, Bubba thinks the
song was great until the guy started signing, Brent said he can hear
him fine. Bubba said people are mad that he started and stopped
Manson’s “Celebrity Racist Rehab”, Manson said he has a new Ober
offering, Bubba thinks Rick Scott’s arrogance is causing him to slip
in the poles, Spice said this is a bunch of mudslinging, bubba thinks
they should take $80,000,000 and use it to build something, not on
just slamming a guy. We then heard Manson’s bit, Bubba came on saying
that all those clips were uncensored, we then heard Alex Sink’s
commercial, where she’s tired of the in-fighting, Brent thinks it’s
very well-written, Bubba asked that they put this commercial up on We then heard a news clip about a young Autistic boy who was
neglected so badly his skin was falling off, Bubba wonders how low you
are to do something like that, Manson thinks the guy has no sole, he
thinks they couldn’t pass the test to be a parent, bubba wonders how
stupid and mean you are, he said most seven year-olds are between
60-80 pounds, he thinks this is also part of Manson’s step parent
theory, he said if you qualify originally, but something goes wrong,
you’ll get sterilized, he thinks the guy is a dildo for falling asleep
while his kid drowned in the bath tub, he said it’s just human trash,
Brent wonders how probation works. Bubba said for all the Juggalos,
they’ll have the guys from icp on. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – The guys from ICP call in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s White Cap
appearance on September 1. Bubba said that Tim Sabean was in, he said
the ICP guys were on, Spice said he loves these guys. Bubba went to
them, Jay said it was great to be on, Shaggy said he’s on. Spice asked
him about the armed people, Shaggy said it’s done. Bubba thinks
Violent has less issues. Spice asked him the other problems, Jay said
it’s not baby mommas, he asked what was up with his head, Spice thinks
he has a big head, Jay wondered why no one else mentions it, he said
he’s a size eight with a hat. We then heard a clip of Tila Tequila,
Jay said the event is organized, he said her song is about sex, they’d
figure they’d want to see her, Bubba thinks Shaggy told her prior to
the event that she might get stuff thrown at her, Shaggy said he
didn’t talk to her before, Jay said she was told that, shaggy thinks
she was talking shit on her Twitter beforehand, he said she was two
hours late, Bubba thinks she’s not trailer worthy, he thinks she needs
a folding chair, he then asked the guys to hear the clip again, he
then recapped what she had said, he thinks they covered their asses,
Jay thinks they covered their asses nicely. Spice asked the guys if
they knew she’d get stuff thrown at her, Jay said they had heard
rumors, they asked everyone to not throw stuff at her, Shaggy said
he’s been busting his head more times than he can count. Bubba thinks
method man is a pussy, we then heard a clip of Method Man cursing the
audience out, Spice thinks he’d be able to handle it, Bubba thinks he
has no street cred. Jay said every thirty seconds, the crowd would
yell stuff out, he said the crowd was chanting family, which means
respect, Redman said “fuck family, this is about hip-hop”. Spice asked
about the other acts, Jay said Red and Method Man called them after
the show, they started cursing them out, Shaggy said it was less than
a cat scratch. Spice said we’re dealing with method Man, he thought he
was harder than that, jay wonders how hip hop it is to sue someone.
Bubba thinks Tila is the dumbest bitch ever, we then heard a clip of
Tila saying this will be the last gathering, Jay said those are
fighting words, he said it pisses him off to hear her say something
like that. Spice asked what he’d say, Jay just laughed, this had the
guys laughing. Spice said the cop said they don’t want them there, he
said they could do it anywhere, Brent suggested Tampa, Jay said they
could do that, Shaggy said that she hurt herself by staying up there.
Spice likes how the Juggalos attacked her, Bubba thinks they should
put Octomom on stage, Jay cracked up at that, he said they didn’t know
society hated her that much, he said he’s thinking with his other big
head. Spice asked if this was worse than any other time, Jay said
Andrew W Kay got it worse, as did Bubba Sparxx, he said they took it
straight up, he said some guys who have challenged the audience, Bubba
thinks method Man isn’t a gangster. Spice asked if they’ve got beef,
jay said he doesn’t want it to be like that. Bubba asked who has done
really well at a gathering, Jay said Vanilla Ice. Spice asked how much
money did they pay, Jay said he’s not even sure. Bubba said he has to
set jay straight on his big head, Spice thinks someone could use a
gallon of paint on his head, Jay told Bubba not to call his head cute.
Spice asked about the lawsuit, Jay said he thinks she said the head of
the Juggalos, whoever that is, Shaggy joked it was Juggalos Larry.
Spice said they wanted to have them on to talk about the movie, Jay
said they put it out in the middle of August, Spice thinks it will be
a blessing, Jay said he likes being in the press, he suggested no one
give her a hot Carl. Bubba thanked them for coming on, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tim Sabean in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba thanked the guys from ICP for coming on, he also
thanked the Juggalos, he said Tim Sabean has infiltrated the studio,
Tim said they need Ross, he wonders who is better than him, he said he
rarely hangs around with Ross, he said he’s detoxing. Spice thinks Tim
looks good, he thinks Tim looks like John Kerry, Bubba thinks he’s
looking good, Tim said Howard has told him he looks fat, he then went
over some people who are slim at Sirius, he talked to Artie a few
months ago, bubba said he called his Mom, he thinks he shouldn’t ask
about Artie, he thinks Howard will come back, Tim hopes so, he said
they just live in Howard’s world, Bubba said they wouldn’t be here
without Howard, he then asked how Ferrall is, Manson as Scott said
some stuff, Tim said that he’s doing great. Bubba said he saw Scott
Ferrall’s house got flooded out, Tim said he’s a funny guy. Bubba
remembers when Scott was broadcasting at a UFC event, he told him to
relax, Tim said he would watch the show ad just look in amazement, he
said he’s afraid to walk down the hallway, Bubba thinks Scott Ferrall
should have his own channel, he suggested JT The Brick. Chris in
Canada said he was at the show, he said his friend made the gavel,
Manson thinks they were hanging out after the show, Brent said he was
trying to overdose on weed, Bubba said he loves Dan and Pete, he then
recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show tomorrow. We then
heard Manson’s bit about Mark Ober, where he talks about Dante Morris
attacking someone with a gun who had marijuana on him, he asked why
Mark hates marijuana, he thinks Mark’s Uncle raped him. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

3 Responses

  1. chris c

    quick question- do you know the icp song that they ended the interview with before they went to commercials?

  2. lawrence

    “In yo Face” from “Boom Pow Bang!”

  3. Zeeboe

    Cross roads? What cross roads? Come on Bubba. You said you’d fight the guy, so fight him. Don’t go taking the high road, Bubba. You going born-again? That always seems to happen when a guy is being challenged to fight. It’s okay, I’ve used that one as an excuse before too, but I also never said I’d fight a guy who I never had an intention to fight, but then pull that “Oh, I’m turning the other cheek, I have morals and ethics and I’m better then all that” trash.

    And that’s what it is. I can admit I’ve used it before to avoid an ass-whipping, so Bubba should too to prove he is indeed kinda gutsy.

    I like Bubba by the way. I admire that he stood up to Honky. When Honky talked trash about people, everyone was loling, but when Bubba stood up to him, all of a sudden, Honky and his fan base went “limp” and played the innocent victim act and didn’t understand why Bubba was picking on “poor Honky”.

    Don’t stop there, Bubba! Keep it up. Don’t let him do this. He’s done it for years. He challenges guys to shoot fights KNOWING they will not accept so then HTM can go and accuse the guy if being a wimp. Call his bluff, Bubba!

    Hell, Piper went through the same stuff in 2003 with Honky, but him and his sissy fan base on his message board had no guts and after getting into it with Honky, they all of a sudden got morals too.

    I’m so tired of this moral crap going on. It gets people nowhere and only makes people victims and it’s just a WUSS’s excuse to avoid a fight.

    I really want to see this fight happen, but I am not only worried Bubba will refuse, but he may try to ignore HTM all together. I personally don’t see a shoot fight happening as cool as it would be. I suspect Bubba will pull that cheesy “take the high road, turn the other cheek, I’m too mature” nonsense. That happens too often now. Guys just ignoring stuff and letting stuff go and having “morals” and trying to be “mature” and “grown up”. Again, I cannot type it enough: That’s just a chicken-turd excuse for being yellow is what it really is all while trying to keep your pride. I wish the days I’ve read about where some men had guts were still around. At least have the bones to admit you’re scared at the very least.

    I like to think Bubba is better then all that though and I’d like Bubba to make some sort of a response so let’s force this issue. I suggest we ALL contact him and encourage him to fight Honky.

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