Thursday, August 05, 2010

August 5th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is Blind Lawrence, scribing today’s recap from my new desk.

Bumper music provided by Brent:
Buckcherry – Sunshine
Danzig – When Death Had No Name
Iron Maiden – Running Free
Misfits – London Dungeon
Monster Magnet – Solid Gold
Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with some Buck cherry. Bubba said the music was
provided by Brent, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the
show for today, Kevin Hayslett will be in today, he said he’s working
on something for Jacksonville, he said the radio landscape changed
last night, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Lex and Terry gone

Bubba went over some sports scores, he said the marlins are now 500;
Spice thinks A-Rod’s 600th isn’t all that impressive, Ned said he
would’ve thrown it back on the field. Bubba said ladies only for the
Aerosmith tickets, he said he’s not looking for women who smoke 305
Basic cigarettes, he then said he thinks Spice should send Tasha’s kid
to Rays camp next year, he said Tyler loves Rays camp, he said there’s
a section for the parents to sit, he said the field is insanely big,
he thinks he’s getting old. Spice said he wanted to send the kid to
the camp, but he’s busy at Vacation Bible Camp, Bubba then recreated
how the kid would react to that, Manson thinks that’s a downer, Bubba
thinks that would be torture, Ned said he’d tell the kid to fuck off,
Bubba thinks the kid is being set up to be a nerd, he then said Rob
con will be on the show tomorrow, the guys then talked about Roger
Hawta beating up a guy who punched a woman, bubba thinks Donna would
leave Manson. The first email of the day said Bubba’s simplicity will
make him crash into something, the emailer said when Bubba messed up
Shalom, he almost peed his pants. Bubba said their whole radio world
changes in January; he said they’ll have more options. Another emailer
thanked Bubba about Buddy’s home Furnishing. The last emailer asked
Bubba to stop complaining about Rush, Beck and Palin, Spice thinks
Palin knows what Shalom means, Bubba thinks she doesn’t know, Brent
said she didn’t know South Africa was a country, the emailer told
Bubba he’s a closet Democratic bitch, Bubba wonders how he could get
labeled with that, he said he diss agrees with the Republican party on
war, abortion and God. Brian in Jacksonville said Lex and Terry were
canceled in Jacksonville, bubba said he buried the hatchet with them
(January 22, 2010), he said they’re pretty cool guys, Brian said the
whole format of the station was changed completely. Bubba said what
saddens him is that they never got the chance to say good-bye, he said
they’ve had that happen to them, he said some of the decisions are
made by people who have never done radio ever, Spice said Jacksonville
is Lex and Terry’s home town, even if they don’t live there, Ned said
he’d like to rub it in, Bubba told him no, he said it’s like the
Packers VS The Bears, he said they need good competition, he said he
texted Lex and Terry if they’d like to say good-bye, but contractually
they can’t, Ned wondered if this will be the Lex and Terry news
station. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers, Mike Tyson update

Bubba said the ratings came back from Ft. Meyers, he said they got
second in 25-54, he said they’re getting beat by The Beat, he said
this guy Big Mama is there, Spice said he did okay, the guys cracked
up when Bubba said Big Mama’s name, he thinks Manson or Ned will have
a bit about that, he ended up congratulating him. Elizabeth said she’d
like to win Aerosmith tickets, she said she’s 31, she loves listening
to his fat ass every morning. Nancy said she’d like to win tickets,
she just bought he used Pontiac, Bubba put her on hold. Linda asked
why Bubba segwayed from Big Mama to the callers, Spice joked she holds
her nose for a living, she said that she teaches 1st grade, Bubba said
that’s tickets all day, Spice said Flyin’ Brian is beating them in t.
Meyers. Linda said hello to her husband Danny, Spice said he got some
chicken dip the other day, Bubba said a large place that sells food
might be offering it, Spice said he’s a grinder. Linda asked if Bubba
would open up a school for her, Bubba said no, Spice said Dave’s
restaurant closed for the right reasons, Bubba said the first order
will be 100,000 tubs of chicken dip, he said they might call it
Bubba’s Buffalo chicken dip, he said his picture will be on it, he
said there’s a trade secret he can’t talk about on air, he then
plugged “Beach Heat” is on ShowTime tonight, he wondered if it would
be anti Semitic if he said Shalom, he then said that there in one of
the episodes, Brent said they’ll be on August 19, Ned said he’ll watch
it. Teresa came on, but quickly got Eviled for having a bad phone.
Stephanie asked for some Aerosmith tickets, she said she could go, she
said she’s 23, her Husband loves the show. Bubba asked why you’d think
about getting married at such a young age. Victoria asked for some
tickets, she said she’s 26, she said she’s not stupid enough to get
married yet. Bubba said that Mike Tyson got up to 350 pounds, he said
he now has a chart in his room, he started it on the 11th of July, he
said he’s down 30 pounds, Manson said that’s a good number, Brent said
jack Stiefel wanted to send some Subway, Bubba said he’d strip Jack of
his Special Forces title, he then said that Mike did the scene in “The
Hang Over” just to support his drug issue, as he thought it wouldn’t
be all that much, Manson as Mike Tyson said some stuff, Bubba said
Tyson blew through a lot of money. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, Oil Spill stopped?

Bubba said Kevin Hayslett will be coming in, he then plugged rob con’s
appearance tomorrow, he thinks if you see Rob con, you wouldn’t want
to fight him, Brent said the guy fighting Anderson Silva is nuts,
Bubba said pissing off Dana White is never a good idea. We then heard
“Mike Tyson Cribs” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 6”, track 21. Mike’s
crib consists of a big pepper mill, the world’s largest water bed, a
big wheel race course, an escalator rock wall, a garbage truck, and
animal preserve. Bubba said he loves Manson’s Mike Tyson
impersonation, Manson said he loves Mike, he said Obama is boring. Lin
said Bubba has the best radio show in the United States, she said
she’s kind of into the Goth stuff. Lorry said her son is interested in
going to the show, Bubba gave her tickets, he thinks more chicks
listen to them. Nicole said she works for Critter Control, Ned thinks
that’s cool. Spice asked about an Opossum, Bubba asked how they
determine what gets killed vs. what doesn’t, Nicole said anything that
isn’t classified gets killed, she said they have a guy who takes
Pythons. Bubba asked what the most common animal is, Nicole said rats,
she said they use lethal traps for them, she said they’re legally
allowed to relocate squirrels. Ned wonders how you kill an Opossum,
Nicole said they have stuff set up, Spice wondered if she’s beheading
them, Nicole said it’s a chamber Spice thinks she’s not answering the
questions. Miranda said she needs tickets to get out of the house;
Bubba said he doesn’t want to give her tickets, Ned thinks she’s on a
Zany bar. Chrisy in Brooksville thanked Bubba for the show, she said
she’s been listening for a few years, she said she works in retail.
Bubba thinks it’s a glorious time for Ned, ned said it’s great to have
him back, he said he’s just a dear friend of his, Bubba thinks he’s
being more distant about it with Rafael, ned thinks Rafael is queer.
Bubba said they go through Farve retiring every six years or so, he
said a woman said that Farve texted her pictures of his penis, he then
said seven dogs ended up dying on a flight, Spice wonders if that’s a
lawsuit, Manson thinks you can’t sue because of how little a dog’s
life is. We then heard a news clip about static kill capping the well,
Bubba said they have no idea where the slick will go, it’s 147 miles
long, by 82 miles wide, by 600 feet deep, Manson said that’s about
200,000,000 feet deep, he said he’s concerned about the stuff you
can’t see, Brent said if he owned a TV station, he’d ask for pictures,
Bubba said they’ll force you down, Manson thinks that would be a major
news story, Bubba said a pilot’s license is very coveted, the guys
wonder how the oil can just disappear like that. Bubba thinks they
should move to California, he said it’s like they’re their own
country, he said California gets it, he said we shouldn’t be Governed
by the Bible. We then heard a news clip about a Federal Judge over
turning the Gay Marriage ban, Bubba said the problem is we’re being
Governed by old people who don’t get it, he said Term Limits would
stop most of this madness, he suggests they kill people over 70, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard Kevin’s Hayslett’s bumper. Bubba
said you can get a hold of Kevin in several ways, Kevin said he’ll try
to be uniform, Bubba likes how Kevin has some videos up on his
website, Kevin said Bubba gave the idea to him, he said he has more
legal videos than anyone, Bubba thinks you can represent yourself by
watching Kevin’s videos. Spice wonders if the legal limit is a little
too low, Bubba thinks ned is never under the limit, he asked if he’s
ever used that as a defense, Kevin said Ned has been convicted of 3
duis, but has gotten jailed for zero, he said they changed it from .10
to .08. Jennifer in spring hill said her boyfriend got a speeding
ticket, traffic was going 33, he went in a passing zone, he got pulled
over. Kevin said law enforcement can give a ticket without giving the
number, he said excessive speed is the term when someone is going
fast. Vinnie said he took his daughter to a party, they to a citation
for underage drinking, he said she was adjudicated guilty, Kevin said
that won’t be expunged, he said she’ll have 30 days to file an appeal;
the guy said this happened in Pulk county. Mike in Tampa said the guys
are doing a great job, he said he rented a house at the beginning of
the year, the guy didn’t pay the rent and it was in for closure, Kevin
said landlords own homes they don’t own, he said he’ll probably get a
30 days’ notice. Raul in Miami said he got arrested for possession of
marijuana, he asked if he could get it dismissed, he said he’s been
trying to get legal for five years, Spice told him bye, Raul said he
pays taxes, Spice told the guy to not let America’s door to hit him in
the ass, Kevin said if you commit a crime and you’re an illegal, the
light of deportation shines on him. Bubba asked him how he got here,
Raul said it was a Visa, they came from Columbia, Bubba told the guy
to go home, the guy got Eviled, Bubba wishes everyone had a button
like that, he said it’s American VS. Non American. An email asked
about Regina Hunter, Kevin said she’s fantastic. Another emailer came
from someone saying they know someone who has made about
80,000-1,000,000 dollars in drugs; Kevin said the upside is keeping
some of the money. Another emailer said her husband has had a horrible
driving record in 2008, Kevin said if there are drivers who have a
five year reprieve of driving, they can help and get the points off
the record, he said the judges embrace that stuff. Shannon said her
daughter has been charged with a Criminal act of keying someone’s car,
the witness said she didn’t do it, Kevin asked if she’s been charged,
Shannon said yes, he said the difficult thing for the Prosecutor is
knowing who did it, Shannon said they can’t afford a public defender,
bubba said this could be a 15 minute chat, Shannon said it should’ve
been dismissed, Bubba said she doesn’t know how it works, Kevin said
it’s not going to magically disappear. John on protection said he was
ordered to pay child support, he had 30 days to pay the Attorney fees,
the motion has been filed for non compliance. Kevin said the guy will
appear in front of court, he then said he’d be talking with the lawyer
who represented him; bubba asked that some callers make it as short as
possible. Bob in Daytona said his son has been arrested for possession
of pills, he thinks his kid is into harder drugs, bubba thinks he
won’t learn his lesson, Kevin said his story resonates with a lot of
people in Florida, he said there needs to be something different for
him to get his problem fixed, he said he’s told some people to let
their loved ones in jail, and not have a conversation with them for 60
days. Bob said they tried a 21 day stint, Bubba said it’s the hardest
thing to do, he thinks it will save the kid’s life, Manson said it’s a
constant struggle to keep your kid alive. Kevin said you want the best
for you kid, but you need to have a struggle. Another emailer said
they have a life time suspension on their driver’s license, Kevin said
on October 1, you’ll be able to get your license back, bubba thinks
Kevin will have a branch on that, he said the number is: 18005295655.
Jeremy said he got into the Wall mart case and stole some games, Spice
thinks the guy is 10 years-old, Bubba asked him what he was doing, the
guy said he got addicted to doing it, bubba thinks the last thing a
fire fighter will do would be to steal stuff, Kevin said he could take
it off the guy’s record, ned said if he puts a fire out at his house,
he’ll steal his video games. Jeff said he got stopped recently on a
suspended license, he asked about getting caught driving on a non
valid, Kevin said he’ll help out. bubba read an email from someone
asking about background charges, Kevin said they could do that by
getting your case sealed or expunged, he then listed the various
people he’s endorsing for the August 2010 Election, Bubba said that
info will be up on Kevin thinks Debbie Moss will be a great
judge, as she’s been doing it for 20 plus years. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Drunken 911 guy vs. Bubba at Atlantic City audio, Bubba’s
Immigration idea

Bubba thinks the guys are killing him, he asked if the guys were out
messing around with blind Lawrence, Ned said he was grab asking with
him, Bubba then admonished Manson for being late to returning to the
studio. We then heard the 911 call about the guy asking for a ride to
the liquor store, Bubba said this would be like if Terry Schiavo
spoke, Spice said people love to abuse 911, Bubba suggests they kill
this guy, Spice wonders if the guy is sober is a rocket scientist,
Bubba thinks when you’re that tour up, you’re done, Spice said he
likes getting a good buzz, Manson said he’s never been drunk to where
he can’t talk, Spice then recreated what Bubba sounds like drunk, ned
asked if Bubba ever took his shirt off, Bubba thinks he was drunk out
of his mind at Bubbapalooza Atlantic city (July 12, 2008), Dave said
he has a CD burning at the moment, Bubba hopes they didn’t doctor the
audio. Bubba said it’s disturbing to know that some celebrities have
made so much money, he said you have to throw women a bone sometimes,
Brent thinks Jessey James looks like the biggest jackass now, he said
girls aren’t keeping their mouths shut. Bubba said he was at Scene
Night Club, he said he can’t wait for Spice to see what it looks like,
he said it’s practically done, he said his channel 10 friends will be
in town for the rand Opening, he said some wall paper guy is jacking
Fabrizi around, he said he recorded the conversation, he said he
missed most of it, as he was trying to find the phone. We then heard a
clip of the wall paper guy and Fabrizi arguing, he said the guy took
his tools and left, he said Fabrizi tour the wall paper off and asked
someone to paint it, Spice thinks it would be weird to work for a
Tyrant, we then heard the clip again., Bubba said Dave Rice provided
them with audio of Bubba drunk at Bubbapalooza at Atlantic city, we
then heard the 911 call, he thinks it sounds like CP Trav on a Zany
Bar, Ned thinks the guy is a whisky drunk. We then heard a clip of
Bubba at Bubbapalooza in Atlantic City, Dave said the rap music was
bubba’s intro. Bubba asked where a wrench was, he then asked for some
audience participation, Ned said they’re trying to sell tickets, Bubba
asked for someone to stop the audio, he thinks he’s WC Fields. We then
heard Manson’s “your Fatter Than me”. Bubba said the guys just give
him material for days. We then heard a news clip about an Illegal
Immigrant getting two duis, Bubba thinks they should just send the guy
back after the first offence, the Immigrant has since killed someone,
Brent said one of their friends got deported, he said they got their
asses kicked in Court. Spice thinks life as a nun is just weird, Brent
said they can’t do anything sexually related, he thinks Spice is too
old, Spice thinks it’s a life of listening to bad music and hanging
around, he said they’re mean as teachers, Bubba said the priests just
touch, Bubba suggests they just throw the guy on the next plane out of
America, he thinks they should have a chip that blows up Illegal
immigrants if they get near America, Ned said it’s awesome. We then
heard a news clip about a shooting at a beer plant, Bubba thinks
Tuddle is planning out an attack, he thinks Tuddle should kill the
other shows that don’t talk to him anymore, Ned said he doesn’t trust
Tuddle, he doesn’t think he’s capable of killing people. We then heard
the 911 call about that, Bubba thinks the guy sounds like a new jersey
guy, Spice and Bubba then talked like New jersey guys, saying they got
shot, Spice thinks the guy could be on The Apprentice. We then heard
another 911 call about that, Bubba wonders how many people died, Brent
said 8, Ned thinks the guy is getting after it. Bubba said he’s the
average man, Spice thinks he’s not, Ned thinks Tuddle would shoot
Bubba between the eyes. We then heard another 911 call about the
shooting; Spice thinks if sounds like the woman from the Poltergeist.
Bubba said when he flips out; the first guy he’ll shoot is Spice. Joe
in Miami said he’s an Immigration attorney, Bubba said he gets it’s
his living. Joe said there are some guys who come to this country who
are no good, Bubba said he gets our Country were Immigrants, Bubba
said you need to let go on some stuff if the system is broken, he said
their like the Red Roof in, and they’re out of rooms. Joe said his job
is to deport those who are making it a bad image, he said no one
should be treated like they’re animals. Bubba said he doesn’t have a
problem with the Arizona law, Brent said it makes people open to sue
cops if they feel they’re not doing their jobs. Bubba said we’re
afraid to say no, he said if you’re not supposed to be here, you
shouldn’t be here, he then asked how common it is for people to come
back, Joe said it’s about 2 out of 5 people; he said a Cuban could not
be deported. Bubba said not to come to our country and start problems,
he said the problem is we let these people in, he wonders if he’s a
dictator, Ned thinks Bubba is crazy. Chris in Tampa said he loves the
show, he said he speaks common sense which is why he likes them, he
said he was in Central America, he got an intern ship working with an
Immigration place, he said the problem is that they have no rules, he
said when they file their paperwork, they don’t put that they have
stds, Bubba said screw the diseases, having bastard kids is a problem.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The Guys comment on the news, pictures of guys penises

Bubba said they need to pick the music for tomorrow and the Lotto, he
then said that Kady Couric talking about Palin, we then heard a clip
of kady talking about Palin, she asks where they get the names, Bubba
said that’s why you need to be in radio, Manson said that’s what
everyone is thinking, he thinks kady is into bondage and choking,
Spice said he’d like to see her ball gadded while reading the news.
Kip said the kid from earlier shouldn’t be in rehabilitation, he said
52 and a half months on a 7 year sentence, he said Kentucky Governs
their own laws, Bubba thinks the check was defensible, Brent said the
guy is out of his mind, he thinks the guy would be the victim if he
got a bad check. We then heard “Dueling Der Ders” as the guy talked.
Bubba hung up on him, he then talked about a woman Spice had on his
show years ago (Spice hosted a show on 98 Rock in the Afternoons when
Bubba was fired), he said that the woman was dating Rich Davis from
Rich and Cavino, bubba said that she claims that Brett Farve sent her
pictures of his penis, he said he wouldn’t mind texting pictures of
his penis if it was big, Spice thinks it’s arrogant for a guy to text
a woman the picture of his penis, Bubba doesn’t think women look at
penises the way men are horny, Manson said that’s why Playgirl is read
by homosexuals, Spice said a woman can get away with sending a picture
of herself naked, Ned said it’s better than nothing. Bubba thinks even
if you’re well hung, girls probably don’t want to see that, Bubba said
they’re trying to verify, Spice asked if Bubba would look, Bubba said
yes, he then asked Brent if he’d like to participate in that, Brent
said he’d like to measure up. Spice said if you take a picture of your
penis, you want to lay nice, he said the winter time is brutal for
him. Bubba said there’s been a lot of speculation on Farve, he said
when you’re in Green Bay, that stuff won’t come out, he said a lot of
people don’t go to a new York team, as the media will bury you, Spice
wonders if Heather would leave Bubba if he texted pictures of his
penis, Bubba said probably, the guys think they could print a picture
of a penis with a star over it, Spice thinks it would be pointless,
Brent said you could always set up a membership site, Spice hopes the
story gains more momentum, Manson said he’s putting this in his media
guide if he was the Packers, Spice said the athlete’s lives are
accessible. Bubba said anytime a woman says “We need to talk”, it’s
never good, he then said he’s got the list of people who would like to
come to the opening of Scene Night Club. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Bubba came back checking his sound effects, the buzz and the ding, he
said that everyone from the BRN can go, except for Spice, he thinks
Spice is too cheap to get a red carpet, he said the name Bubba has
been good to him. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Bubba asked him to be
in town on the 18th of August, he asked him to be there, Hogan said
he’ll be there, Hogan asked if Best Buy is a good place to buy a TV,
Spice said it’s strong, Hogan said he doesn’t own a TV. Bubba thinks
Russ would’ve called 37 times to get something, Spice said he would
think it was a prank call. Bubba told Hogan he needs to have someone
call for him, he told Hogan not to miss his meeting, Hogan said it
costed him $20,000 to keep the place open. Spice asked if they could
have Hogan for a sleepover, Bubba said $25,000, he said he feels bad
for Hogan, as Linda took everything from him.Bubba listed the TV
people he’d like to invite to Scene, he thinks Dennis Phillips’s nine
Will be good for business. Bubba then went over his list of radio
people he’s thinking of inviting, Spice said Ron will be drunk by
8:15, Manson as jack Harris said an open bar. Ned suggested they have
just Boy from Fisher and Boy. Bubba said Hurricane is the only guy
coming from FLZ, Spice said he likes Froggy 2, Bubba even approved MJ,
he thinks MJ won’t show up. Bubba decided to approve the Rays guys, he
said he’s got a special room for the guys, he wondered if he should
invite Raheem Morris, he approved him, as Brent said he was cool to
then, Bubba thinks you can’t say no to Rob Con. Bubba went on to
friends of the show, he approved everyone. He then went on to
Celebrities, he approved almost everyone. He then went on to staff,
Blind Lawrence got denied, he said he can’t be drinking if Tom the
Treeman is there, Spice as Treeman said some stuff. Bubba said Rafael
can only come with Ned, he said Rafael can only come with Ned. Spice
said if Al-kida comes, he could film it. Sluggo was denied, Chaz was
approved, Pantera said he’s been with him for so long, Bubba thinks
flashing lights would freak him out, he said Pantera could come only
if he took his medication, he asked that Miller not do any cocaine, he
thinks Dave will tell him everything wrong, he then told Spice he could
go. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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