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August 2nd, 2012 by Staff


Today’s Facebook friend is Bruce Thornton of Filer, Idaho.
Bubba Army muddflaps should be back in stock soon.
Emails: Listener thanks the guys for what they do, media director
wants Bubba on his show, listener points out how fast Bubba moves,
Heather Cooper, a friend of Bubba’s wrote into say that she likes
Twenty-five, but is concerned over Ned’s usage of bath salts, and a
Listener submitted an idea for the Romney Suck chant the guys were
doing yesterday.
Bubba came back from break a little upset with AOL’s new design.
Alex Young is listening to the show now.
2012 Olympic coverage.
Olympic athletes are taxed based upon their metals.
Negative Mike came on saying we’re the only Country that doesn’t
finance our own athletes; he said you have to be out of the country
366 days to not get taxed.
Jamie called in saying it’s actually 330 days.
Kyle wondered if Michael Phelps got taxed for all of his individual
metals, Bubba sarcastically thinks it’s a great way to welcome our
athletes home.
Bob doesn’t get how guys like Lebron James can’t pay his taxes; Bubba
said they’re not talking about that.
Bubba is tired of the Chick-Fil-A coverage.
Audio clip – Jerry Sandusky upset over the recent NCAA rules.
Ned’s “Then You raped Me”.
Audio clip – Al sharpton.
Manson has a new song about the Aurora shooting “Pump some Rounds”;
Bubba wants to vote on it.
After Cory from Naples said to abort the bit, Bubba decided to have
the females vote.
Ned’s Load – “Clubbed Foot Straight Jacket” (“Public Enema #1” disc 2
track 9, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 1”, track 19).

1.      Debbie – Yes
2.      Dixie – Yes
3.      Elizabeth – Yes
4.      Lisa – Yes
5.      Kim – Yes
6.      Sharry – Yes
7.      Jaz – Yes
8.      Lisa – Yes
9.      Susan – yes
10.     Trisha – Yes
11.     Jennifer – Yes

Bubba likes the female listeners.
Audio clip – Sharron Ozborn leaving AGT.
Audio clip – Denis Rodman writing a childrens book, Bubba hopes the
book is better than the way he talks.
Manson’s newest offering is played, he joked he had to do some Bath
salts to do the bit.
Bubba said he’ll give the audience a chance to either put it in
rotation, or only play it once.
Various callers weigh in on the new Manson offering.
Cynthia in Long Island, NY said she was dancing to the bit, she then
requested that if she got shot in a theatre, that Manson do a bit
about it.
Bubba replayed the bit after a majority of the listeners said yes to it.
Audio clip – Sex trap.
Dave didn’t get the parody.
Audio clip – 911 call about a shark attack.
Bubba said that someone has footage of the gator that ate a guy’s hand.

Robb Kahn came on the line to comment on Manson’s parody element, he loved it.
Bubba was recapping a time when he rolled with Robb Kahn; he then
stopped when he thought the audio would be used against him.
Audio clip – Child porn site shut down.
Bubba wants to kill more people, including the guy from Aurora.
Bubba wants to do “Bubba Court”.
Brent remembered the time when Ned was the judge in Bubba Court
(Auguast 26, 2008).
Bubba wants a Price is right like Wheel.
Dock, fabricator of the stars came on saying he could do the wheel for them.
Audio clip – Priest caught for child porn.
Manson’s “100 Boys” (“bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track 1), and
“Thank God I’m An Altar Boy” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track
Audio clip – the Post office defaults.
Woman stabs husband after sex.
Fake Lottery prank.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment “Bubba Dreams” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 17”, track 4)
Bubba points out Twenty-five messed up with a button. Show

Bubba was listening to some old 98 Rock stuff, he wondered what
happened with some of the frequent callers of the past.
Emails: The So Sick Social Club, Wrestler got a Bababbooey mention,
guy smoked a bunch of weed, Great Britin listener will try to get the
Bubba Army sign on TV, Henry Lee Summer should come to the Christmas
party, and a guy thinks the prize should be $50,000.
Ian in Florida had some questions, but his line dropped.
Bubba talked a little about the people he’d invite to the Christmas party.
Ron in Austin sent the guys some glass products.
Bubba wants to shave Twenty-five’s beard, Tara joked that it
scratchers her when they make out.
Bubba wants the Bubba Fan Roundtable to be strictly Heather Wiz’s deal.
A Tuesday could consist of Heather and some girls, and Wednesday could
be Heather and the guys.
Ian came back on the line complementing Bubba on his interview skills
with the MMA guys, Bubba wasn’t sure if Randy harris still does
“Knockout Radio”, Twenty-five said that is the case.
Ian has a 19 year-old girlfriend; his ex is hooked on crack.
Bubba attempted to call Bloody Bill, but got voicemail.
Tara has never been to Canada.
Women in there 40’s are having great sex, but not with their husbands.
Tara thinks women are more shadier than men.
Twenty-five got four responses from the experiment, but
all he got were bots.
Blind James came on saying the water is refiltering, his wife is
excited about the Christmas party, he wondered if they can get the
Special Forces shirts.
Bubba went back to the infedelity article; he said he’s lucky to know
people who have great marriages.
Tara said the opportunity is always there, Bubba said she has a bunch
of pregnancy scares back in the day.
Audio clip – AJ Amandinger dropped for a positive drug test.
Benny and the Jets thinks the guy had Energy shots that were banned;
he then talked with Bubba about football.
Bubba and Brent tlaked about ollege Football a little.
Old 98 Rock talkbreak where Bubba argues with a caller.Bubba decided
to play a game with Twenty-five, how good is he with black music.
Twenty-five was able to name some of the tracks within seconds of
Bubba playing them.
Bubba’s favorite rapper is Notorious BIG; Twenty-five said he has the
DVD of the movie about him.
Bubba likes Biggy because he sounds lazy, he can barely get it out.
Bubba played some Charlie Daniels for Ned.
Bubba then played some Manson bits.

1.      “Stairway to Bubba” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 8” track 6, “The
Clemulus Package” disc 2 track 7)
2.      “ou Have No Friends” (“Bubba’s Back Vol. 2”, track 1)

Craig in Conneticutt came on, his phone cut in and out so Bubba gave
him the Evil sounder; he then decided to offer up a challenge, who
knows music better, him or Twenty-five.
Bubba decided to go with it; the first to six would be the winner.

1.      Eminem – Who Knew? (Craig)
2.      Bubba sparrxx – Ugly (Twenty-five)
3.      Tech N9ne (Twenty-five)
4.      Rick Ross (Twenty-five)
5.      KRS1 (Twenty-Five)
6.      LL Cool Jay (Twenty-five)
7.      Eazy E (Twenty-ive)

Craig was a little bummed Twenty-five was beating him in the contest;
he then threw in the towel.
Woman sentenced to prison for sex with a dog.
Bubba wonders how you could be turned on by sucking off a dog.
Man used wife’s rape on

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