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Top Stories:
Laura Bush book suggests poison at German summit: report
Charlie Crist prepares for independent Senate run
Gulf of Mexico oil leak 5 times bigger than thought
Chavez takes to Twitter to fight critics online
Gainesville Sun: Boy dies after trip to dentist

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba stops being friendly with people?

The show started off with audio of The Rays winning, then into some
Static Ex as bumper music. Bubba thinks the guys are angry, he thinks
they beat the crap out of each other, Spice said someone they had on
the show ended up marrying the lead singer. Bubba asked if anyone
heard him on Cowhead’s show, Spice said he heard about it, Brent said
he read about it on Twitter. Bubba said that Awesome Kong was on the
phone, he said he was ready to have his camera crew, he said she ended
up hanging up, he said he’ll pay her five grand to fight, he thinks
they’ll sell out the Sun dome. George in St. Lewis said he heard
Howard’s show, Howard asked what happened to the show, Bubba said he
must’ve heard the Porter segment, he said he’ll call him, he then said
he got an email from some psycho dude, he thinks he’s turning into
Manson, he said he’s not available for anymore friendships, Spice said
Bubba makes himself way too accessible, Bubba said he’s done talking
to people, Spice said people are always keeping score. Bubba plugged
what they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he said the email
has him pissed off, he said the guy is hung up on the Ned/Manson
thing, he thinks the guy will hunt him down like Mark David Chapman,
he thinks he had a little too much stuff last night, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army burnout
shirt. Bubba said that he’s got a bunch of complaint emails about
Porter, along with emails about his appearance on Cowhead’s show, he
said a lot of stuff has come up with Mindy Mccready, he thinks Howard
would like the audio of Cowhead, Brent said he’ll be on Super fan
roundtable next week. Jim said it would be Mcmury’s benefit to let off
the gas, Bubba said it would’ve made the bump harder. Jim said the
Porter stuff was hilarious, Bubba said that would be like him jumping
in Jim’s truck and doing what he does, he said it’s very job specific.
Todd in Texas said it was an honor to talk to him, he said there’s a
lot of good things in Detroit, Bubba told the guy to not get into the
Bubba hates Detroit show, he said it doesn’t’ matter, he said everyone
loves home. Jason in Canada said Porter said a lot, Brent said Tucker
is fine. The guys said he might not be able to get tickets, Bubba told
the guy it won’t be that difficult, he said Canada has been nice to
them, he said Americans won’t drive thirty minutes, Manson thinks he’s
been to Bubba’s house just once. Bubba said he heard the Westin sold
out; he said he’ll have more NASCAR guys on. Kenny said he’d like to
apologize, he said Bubba blindsided Awesome Kong like nobody’s
business; he said that he and his wife were rolling when they heard
it. Jeff in Mississippi said it would be great to hear the guys, he
said Howard was interested in the Porter segment, even though he
didn’t really understand it. Bubba said that you would only say
something bad about Howard, because you couldn’t be him, he said they
could never be Howard, he said if you got someone validated to be the
king of media who has endorsed them, he wonders how it doesn’t account
for more things, Spice said it’ll work out. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Bubba said he doesn’t have a chance to address all the hate mail about
Porter, he said that it is what it is. The first email of the day said
they heard Bubba had something with Samantha Fox, Bubba said no,
saying it happened in 1989, he said it was a decent score for him,
Brent said she used to date Paul Stanley, Spice said she’s a lesbian,
Bubba thinks he’s in Brent’s club of turning girls gay. Another
emailer said that child protective services has been involved with the
Mccready case. Bubba said Mindy sounded really responsible, he said he
never would’ve guessed that she would be involved with that, Spice
said she’s known as a liar. Another emailer asked for some boobies,
Bubba said they’ve got the Twelve Boobs of Christmas. Another emailer
asked if there’s a pre sale for Bubbapalooza, Bubba said he’d like to
do that. Spice asked about the dicast cars, Bubba said they’re
numbered differently, saying that they made 350 of them, but he has
250 of them. Another emailer asked about Twisted Tea, Bubba said Spice
loves it; he said Spice fooled him for the longest time. Another
emailer said they’ve been listening for three years, he asked who Gary
Cox is, Brent said he’s a self help guy, who will call you about a
thousand times to drive someone crazy. Another emailer asked if bubba
went to school with some guys, Bubba said yes, Spice thinks a dentist
in Warsaw is a big deal, Bubba said number 25 is someone he knows.
Another emailer said they found the boopity stuff funny, Spice said
he’ll check to see if it’s on the site. Another emailer said they love
the show, they’re the only tatted up pinup model. Another emailer said
his friend booked the last room in the Westin, Bubba asked to see if
all the rooms are truly sold out. We then heard a news clip about
making it illegal to own a snake, Bubba said he has a problem with
Ruson’s bill about head shops, we then heard “snake Snake Snake” from
“bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 14. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Awesome Kong on Cowhead’s show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bikes For Badges on
May 22, then into “let the Body’s Hit the Floor” as bumper music.
Bubba said he’s working with Dawalt tools for Father’s day, he said
he’d like to have naughty Alysha participate, Manson thinks no one
cares about Dad on Father’s day, Bubba thinks if Dad gets flowers,
he’s gay, Manson said if you miss Mother’s day, you’re in a word of
hurt. Bubba said he just wants to be left alone on Father’s day, he
doesn’t want anything, he said if he’s in a tie, he’s on trial, he
said racing stuff is cool, Spice then goofed on Bubba saying some
stuff. Bubba isn’t sure if he should get into the Awesome Kong stuff
or the email, he thinks he should do the Awesome Kong stuff first.
Mark said he was cracking up when he heard it. We then heard a clip of
Cowhead talking with Awesome Kong. Bubba said he and Cowhead had
worked on getting fake heat with each other. N the clip, Cowhead talks
with Awesome Kong for a little bit; the guys think she’s stupid. Bubba
cut into the interview a little later on, he ended up freaking out and
hanging up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Chris Meyers calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges. Bubba went to Chris Meyers; Chris thanked him for coming on.
Bubba said Chris is everywhere, Chris said he’s never heard the term
“stick and bald guy”, he said he was dragged to the races growing up.
Bubba said he saw Chris covering a game at Lambeau, Chris said he
covered a really cold game, Bubba played the “Go Pack Go” sounder for
Chris, he said calls for Miller Lites were mixed in. Chris then listed
some people he’s had the chance to interview, Bubba told him they had
Kevin Harvick on the show, Denis Rodman was also on, he then played
the clip of Denis mentioning Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson. Chris said
he heard some refer to it as a pillow fight, he said it looks a little
one-sided, he said Jimmy doesn’t’ really have a rival, he said Rodman
once told him he’d change his name to Orgasm, Bubba said Rodman is
always on. Chris said that Rodman is very charitable; he thinks that’s
why he doesn’t have a lot of money left. Bubba recapped some of
Harvick’s comments on the show from yesterday; Chris said it was a
move Kevin had practiced. Bubba said they’re good friends with tony
Stewart, he said Tony and Kevin are friendly; Chris said Kevin is
sarcastic about some stuff. Bubba thinks maybe Hendrix will get around
some stuff, he said it’ll probably be a Satellite spinoff. Chris said
he knows some guys are up in points, he said they’ll get stronger if
they have Cane involved. Bubba said Harvick called Edwards a fake ass
the last time he was on, Chris said that made major headlines, he
thinks he ment it. Bubba said Mattie called him asking for the audio,
he said he’s a good friend of Kevin’s, he said he didn’t want to start
anything. We then heard the clip of Kevin talking about Edwards, Chris
said they couldn’t find it. Bubba asked Chris if he has a Twitter,
Chris said no, he joked he had a tough time getting his computer
turned on. Bubba thanked him for coming on; Chris said he’ll dial in.
Bubba told Brent Chris is a good guy, he then said they’re the only
guys left in the studio, he called the other guys dildos for leaving.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mike Deeson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Power Pig hello
Shirt. Bubba said he hopes he’s not running into a wannabe Porter in
Orlando, he said Ned has a new offering. Lee in Orlando said he got
some breakfast at First Watch, he said he was listening to the show
and heard the conversation between him and Awesome Kong, he told Bubba
that younger people might be listening to the show. Bubba said if he
was targeting kids then no, he asked lee how old he was, Lee said he’s
23, he said he works at a place for the old people, he said 96.5 is
one of the best stations ever. Bubba said that station doesn’t pander
to kids, he asked what the kids like, Lee said the kids need to be
influenced to listen to positive stuff, Bubba told him to follow his
bouncing ball, he said a parent would probably have the show on, he
said it’s on the parent, he said what he does is out there, lee said
Howard has a great voice for radio, Spice asked him what the biggest
picture is, Lee said he’ll hope to be a parent soon, Spice thinks Lee
is the nerdiest 23 year-old he’s ever heard. Bubba said he talks to
men, he said guys that change diapers don’t appeal to him, he said he
could care less what the guy does, the guy got Eviled a few seconds
later. Bubba said when guys like fifty Cent and Chris Brown do
positive stuff, it’ll be different, he said men listen to his show for
his content, Brent told bubba he has a lot of power. Greg said Mike
Deeson will be doing an expose on the Schiavo situation. We then heard
a bumper for ten connects news, then into Reggie Roundtree’s bumper,
bubba said Spice is trying to get Mike on the phone, he came on a few
seconds later. Bubba said he was on to Robert Schindler, Mike said he
heard about Bubba’s commentary on the subject, he thinks Michael
Schiavo told him about it. Mike said they looked at the salaries, he
said the money is being spent on other stuff, Brent said it’s not a
charity, Mike said the 990 claims they lost more money, he said he
looks at how money is spent, Brent said he uses Guide star, Mike said
Charity navigator is a great source. Bubba said he has a 96.2% give
back ratio, he said they had a few fees to pay last year, Mike said
it’s spectacular. Spice asked if Robert is saying anything, Mike said
he’s tight lipped, he said he just stop into say hi, Bubba said he
likes that. Spice said whenever you see Mike around, it’s not good,
Mike said they’ve done some great stuff for him. Spice read the
mission statement of the Terry Schindler/Schiavo foundation; he said
it makes no sense. Bubba asked him about hannity, Mike said he’ll take
a look at it, Bubba thinks channel 10 may not want him to mess with
it, he said Gallagher is shady, he thinks county comitioner is a
flawed position. Mike said he’s look at a bunch of Politicians in the
state. Bubba said he’s disgusted by Kevin White, Mike said he’ll get
re-elected, he said this will be a great year. Bubba asked him his
thoughts on Charlie Crist, Mike said he thinks Charlie will win, he
said he’s known him for years, he said people will under estimate
Charlie. Bubba asked about the Atwater situation yesterday, Mike said
he talked to Rich, who said he was trying to work for a peaceful
solution, but he had a plan B, which was to stall the budget for being
approved. Bubba said Thrasher is the guy who caused all the problems,
Brent said also JD Alexander. Bubba said they shout down the Bale
bondsman bill, he said Jim Coats and David G were on the show (April
5, 2010). Mike said John thrasher is the head of the Republican Party,
he said that stuff raises some eyebrows. Bubba asked when his segment
will air, Mike said 11 tonight. Bubba said Mike is like an older
version of him, Spice said he loves the dirty dining reports. Bubba
said if you’ve ever have a heads up, email him:, Mike said that Reggie talks to himself when
playing golf. AJ came on; Spice goofed on him a little. AJ said he was
wishing his wife a happy birthday, he said she’s 25, he said he’ll be
that age next month, he said he’d like to talk about Porter, he said
it was like a car crash, bubba said he needs to slow down and close
out a topic. Bubba said ned has a new offering, Ned said it’s “those
Mexicans Have Got To Go”, Bubba thinks they shouldn’t play it,
he then said he likes Ras, the guys goofed on her voice a little.
Bubba joked that he’ll fire Ned, as he doesn’t exist; Manson thinks no
one can be that talented. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Dan Mcshary calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada.
Bubba said they’ll have Dr. Khavari on the show, we then heard a news
clip about Sandra Bullock, Manson said it’s a good move, Bubba said
it’s like the shell game, he thinks a little bit of pandering is going
on, Ned said he’s starting to see Jesse James’s point, Spice thinks he
doesn’t like black people to begin with, Bubba thinks her last role
had something to do with it. We then heard a news clip about a five
year-old kid died while in the dentist office, Bubba said that stuff
is frightening, he asked for Spice to get Dr. Mcshary on the phone,
Manson thinks they gave him a baby bottle with Mountain Dew, Spice
said he got voicemail, Bubba thinks four fillings and eight caps for a
five year-old is a problem, he said the doctor should take the fall
for this, he said it should also be on the parents, Manson thinks the
teeth were damaged, Spice said maybe the kids mouth was messed up,
Manson said you can’t trust a five year-old to brush his teeth. Bubba
said his kids floss. Dr. Mcshary was on, he said he didn’t hear about
the case, he groaned at the news, he said some of the deaths are
because the kids get too much. Bubba wonders how you can cap a kids
tooth at a young age, Dr. Mcshary said it’s the baby bottle caries,
Bubba said this is white trash that probably messed their kid’s teeth
up, Mcshary said if you lose the teeth too early, then the jaw doesn’t
developed. Manson wondered how kid dies from medicine, Mcshary said
most of it is nova cane, he said he’s very careful about that kind of
stuff. Bubba asked if they have a chart, Dan said yes, he said that
number is ingrained in your head, Bubba wondered if his jaw does looks
big, Dan said it’s the structure, Spice thinks that’s why Bubba can
take punches from Awesome Kong, bubba thinks he could be a boxer. Dan
said he’s good friends with Robby Drums, bubba didn’t know who that
was, Dan thinks he should have a website, Spice said he’s really
Dan’s number is: 727-321-2101. Bubba said he likes the thing that
X-rays you, he said it’s better than biting those clips, Dan said
Bubba is freaking him out. Jeff in Virginia said he loves what Brent
does, he said Hogan was throwing Bubba under the bus, Bubba played
“Brent On The Water” for a few seconds, the guy said Hogan talked
about bubba’s pre-nup, Bubba said Hogan should’ve gotten a pre-nup
with Linda. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Dr. Khavari, Scotty the body calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said they’ve got Dr. Khavari on the phone, they then went
to him, Khavari told them to go ahead. Bubba asked him if he’s out of
Miami, Khavari said yes, he said he’s from Iron, he said he’s not
Muslim, he said he’s part of a peace loving religion, he said they’re
prosecuted over there, he said his Father was executed. Spice asked
him about Iran now, Khavari said it’s the worst government in the
world, he said no other nation kills more people. Bubba said they
killed him because he’s not Muslim, Khavari said his Dad would’ve
denounced his Religion, he said his Father was shot. Bubba asked how
they did it, Khavari said it was in the city, the body was thrown in
the desert, his Mother had to pick up the body. Bubba asked him if he
was in America by then, Khavari said he was, he said he’s been here
since 1977. Bubba thinks it’s pretty disrespectful, Khavari said they
asked his Mom to pay for the bullets, she told them to keep the house,
she is now living in the United States, Spice said it’s a crazy life,
he said the guy is a master in Economics, Khavari said it was very
nice of them to say all that stuff. Bubba said it’s sad that a lot of
people won’t take him seriously, Khavari said his Mom was thrown out
of the house, he said it’s sad to see a bunch of houses get foreclosed
on, he said he wants to prevent that, he said the tyranny in America
is money, he said we need to think like Americans. Bubba suggested
people be more responsible, he said we over extend ourselves, Khavari
said that people shouldn’t entice us to spend money, he said it’s
wrong to charge 6% on student loans, he said if people don’t have
jobs, they won’t pay for anything, he said gambling shouldn’t be seen
as a way to make money, Brent said he was talking about the Credit
default swap, Khavari said it’s wrong. Spice asked him his fix for
Florida, Khavari said we have to do three things:

1. Create jobs
2. Manufacture goods and services
3. Create Services

Khavari then plugged his website,, he said you
can see his plans there, he said we need to make health care
affordable. Bubba asked about obama, Khavari said he has surrounded
himself with the wrong people. Bubba asked him about Arnold, Khavari
said he was the greatest body builder. Bubba asked him what he’s a
doctor in, Khavari said he has a PhD in Economics, he said there’s
more things in life than money, he said health is more important.
Bubba asked him what his personal life is like, Khavari said he’s
married, he has two kids, he thinks he’s accomplished everything in
life, he said he’s suffered some losses along the way, he wants to
make sure that people own their homes, he said he’d like to provide a
health care system that is affordable to everyone, he also wants to
make education easy. Bubba asked him if he listens to the station,
Khavari said he didn’t know, he said he was over whelmed, Manson said
he’s voting for him, Spice said he’s at a disadvantage, he said most
Americans will look at him and not like what he offers, Manson said
it’s because Americans are stupid, Khavari said he doesn’t consider it
to be a disadvantage, Bubba said Muslims suck, Khavari said the
fanatics are mean people, Bubba said he’d be looking for someone.
Khavari said he wants to do the right thing, he said don’t worry about
his accent and his name, saying he can’t do anything about it, Bubba
said it’s all about the message. Khavari said he wants to make Florida
recession proof. Bubba said they’re hear for him, Khavari said it was
very kind of them, he said it’s better to hear the message, he said
status quo must go, Spice said he likes that. Bubba told him he’s on
93 rock, Khavari said he knows about the station, he said he doesn’t
remember all the names. Manson as a Southern guy said some stuff,
Spice piled on. Bubba said the pool guy was on the phone, he said
there’s no vacancy left, he told the guy to hang on, he said this is
about the Manson is Ned controversy, Brent said Bubba isn’t elected to
anything. Bubba went to the guy, he said he’s right here. Bubba read
the email, where the guy said he was on The Cowhead show, he called
bubba a hypocrite for not being real with the audience, he goes on to
say he still has Bubba’s key to his fence, Bubba said that could be a
threat, he then called the guy a pussy for hanging up, he said the guy
is a creep, Spice said bubba didn’t do anything wrong, Brent thinks
he’ll be able to find his number through the email address. Bubba said
Scotty the body was on the phone, he then gave Scott’s history, saying
that Scott took eight years in prison for cocaine. Scotty came on
saying some stuff, Bubba thinks it was quite the buildup, Scotty said
he’s been out for thirteen years. Bubba asked how his kid is, Scott
said his kid is doing better, he has an apartment and a job, he said
he’s working waste water, he said bubba’s show is the show for the
turd herders, he said he makes it to Tampa, he said he works for U.S.
Water Services. Bubba asked him if he’s a super visor, Scott said
project manager. Spice asked him if he’s ever shot anyone, Scot said
no, he said he had a weapon on him. Bubba asked him the most he’s ever
had, Scott said a couple dozen. Bubba asked how much would that go
for, Scott said about a couple hundred grand, he said the exchange is
different from the way you see it on TV, he said some guy just flies
it in, Brent said Scott did his time. Bubba asked if he’d fly or drive
to Miami, Scott said he did both, he said guys would make $500-1,000 a
key. Bubba asked what would happen after the drugs would come, Scott
said he never touched the stuff. Bubba asked what a guy would take,
Scott said it would all depend, he said he had a guy from Texas who
would supply him with some stuff, he said he’d get about twenty or
fifty pounds, he said that would be about four to six hundred, Brent
thinks they were stepping on it. Bubba asked him how much could he
hold back for personal usage, Scott said he had an ounce just for his
head, Brent then described an ounce to Bubba, Bubba said the strippers
would come up to him and ask him for a bump, Scotty said that the
girls would drop whoever they were with to be with him. Bubba asked if
he ever had to cut some girls off, Scotty said it was a hassle after a
while, he said he had a lot of sex, Bubba thinks they should do a
movie about this guy, he said Scotty once paid for some skiing stuff,
he hid in the hotel room for the whole weekend, he said he would be in
the bathroom for about two weeks. Bubba said Scotty would rent a limo,
but have the guy stay there for a long time. Scotty said he and
Fabrizi went out one night, they went to the Mons Venis, they got some
cocaine with some girls, one girl guessed he was big, he told her no.
Bubba said once you’ve given a thousand to a stripper, they’ll take
it, the guys goofed on Scotty making Rodman like statements. Scotty
said he’d like to hook up some time. Manson said Scotty fits right in,
Bubba said they’re usually really nervous about who sees them at work,
he then decided to play Ned’s new bit tomorrow, Ned said he has a song
on the satellite show, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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