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Oil Rig Explosion: Search on for 11 Missing Off Louisiana Coast
New Spirit Airlines planes cut out reclining seats
Balloon boy parents to pay $36K in restitution to sheriff’s department, other agencies
School calendar committee recommends Good Friday holiday
Is Praying Un-American? Federal Judge Rules “Day of Prayer” Unconstitutional

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show, fake doctor arrested

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, then into “Who
Made Who” as bumper music. Bubba thinks the Rays need to slow down,
Spice thinks it’s a beautiful problem, Bubba thinks they have six runs
one day and six the next, he then said that Kurt Angle will be on the
show today, he thinks he’s not a good friend at times, he said Kurt
has a thing called “Angle Foods”, he said he doesn’t know much about
it, he said Kurt used to fart under the covers with Carron, he then
said that Paper Tongues will be coming in, he said it’s Seen dudes, he
said Spice found them, Spice said it’s a fresh sound. Bubba said some
woman got arrested for trying to be a doctor, he said she’s a doctor
about as much as he and ned are doctors, he said the woman was in
Florida, he said she had about 600 clients, Manson thinks it must’ve
been good to have that. Bubba said the Tampa PD had an undercover
operation to bust her; he cracked up a little as he recapped the
story, the cops told her that they could wire her up, go into doctor
offices and ask the doctors for oral sex. Spice wonders if it’s close
to entrapment, Bubba said the doctors can’t be doing that, he said
that’s why Ned can’t be a doctor, he said you can’t be held on the
same grounds of a prostitute, Brent said the cops can do a sting like
that. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s Wall mart
appearance. Bubba said the music was supposed to be from the Ferret,
he said they couldn’t pull it off, he then decided the discussion is
too good to talk about now, he said the music was provided by Spice,
he said if you’d like to play Brent and Manson trivia, start calling
in now. The first email of the day sad they agreed with Bubba’s
thoughts on cock fighting, Bubba said the emailer makes a great point,
he said that chickens can’t love, he wonders what the difference is
between human fighting, he thinks they should have fighting to the
death for guys on death row, he said the winner will just die of
natural causes, Spice proposes that the winner gets the Electric
chair, he said the motivation would be not to die in the ring, he said
he’d fork out his own money for that. Bubba said if he was President,
we’d be in the black. Another emailer said they were getting into
Quarter midgets, Bubba explained it, we then heard the bell, he told
the guys it was too early to start ringing bells, he thinks he’s
acting like he’s 74, he asked Spice to Google something, Spice asked
if he really had to, he said that he found
Another emailer said he’d like to place as many Bubba Army stickers as
possible, the emailer said he had about 3500 trailers. Another emailer
asked if Bubba will be working with Dawalt, Bubba said he’ll be having
a meeting with them today, Ned said he’d like to come to the meeting;
Spice sarcastically said a tool merger is exciting. Bubba asked Dave
if he’s a tool guy, Dave said he has a cordless drill in his trunk.
Bubba proposes “the Ultament Man Garage” for Father’s day. Another
emailer asked if Bubba and heather have broken the plane in yet, Bubba
said no. Another emailer said they’ve been a Jackal fan, the emailer
said Jessey called him personally to thank him, the guys goofed on
Jessey a little. Another emailer said they’re a Communications
graduate, they wrote a research paper on how the FCC messed with Bubba
and Howard. Another emailer said they’ve been listening for about ten
years, the emailer thinks Bubba should be thrown in jail for the
Salvia video, Bubba said they did it before it was illegal. Another
emailer asked where they can get the Ned’s “white wife Of Tiger” bit;
Bubba said its on iTunes (Bubba show classics Vol. 12, track 3).
Another emailer thanked Bubba for getting the Bill 6 killed. Another
emailer said his son had called some other kid a douchebag, the kid in
question was Autistic, the kid went to school the next day, only to be
sent to the VP’s office for seven hours, the emailer said they finally
understand where Bubba is coming from when using the term
“Pussyfication of America”. Another emailer said Hogan got 25,000
calls during his show, the emailer wonders if Hogan’s show will be
back, Spice said they’ve got commitments for the next few weeks. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Brent and Manson trivia

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour. Bubba said he’s got a bunch of people ready for trivia, he said
if you have a problem with your phone, visit Joe from ATNT, Spice said
the Genius bar is a racket, he said Steve from Sting Ray said they’re
very appreciative of what Bubba did, he said from now until May 21,
Sting Ray Chevy will donate

$50 from every sale to the BTLs Foundation, he then went over some of
the deals they have, he went on to say that The Car Store will be
donating $100 for every sale, he said Elder Ford has stepped up, he
said you don’t need a motor cycle to participate in Bikes for Badges,
he said they’ll have a bike show, he said he was disappointed with the
cops who turned out, he said Ned will be a group letter, it’ll be at
the Wing House, Bubba said he’ll be at Sting Ray Chevy. Jarrid in
Orlando asked if the Pagan Pothead tickets will be like the TNA
tickets, Bubba said no, he told the guy he’s rubbing him the wrong
way. Spice asked what city did Manson work in, Jarrid said Grand
Rapids Michigan, the guy got buzzed, Robert was asked the same
question, he guessed St. Lewis, he got buzzed. Brad came on and said
he had no idea, Bubba thinks no one will know it. Bruce guessed
Oklahoma, Brent asked Manson’s original name, Bubba decided to use it,
Bubba thinks they only used it once during a press conference. John
in Orlando guessed Chicken bone, he didn’t know the rest, Manson said
they should give it to him. Brent asked what Bubba used to call him;
Bubba thinks they shouldn’t use it. Spice asked how long did Brent
last in his first fight. Mike came on saying 36 seconds, he got
buzzed. Brian in Palm harbor said 39 seconds, he got the tymbal, Bubba
told him he has early show tickets, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Lee Moody, the guys hot jock some songs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said the Ferret had some difficulties with his music, he then plugged
the God Hates Fags stuff on, he then recapped what Venue
has, he then went over who will be there, he said Spice will be at the
Penthouse club, he then plugged his Wall mart appearance on Saturday,
Brent said he’ll be at Elder Ford on Saturday from 2-4 PM. Bubba said
someone sent him Lee Moody’s number, we then heard a news clip about
Ben Roethlisberger getting suspended for four-six games, Brent said
this isn’t the first thing that has come up with him. Bubba told Spice
to try a number, he thinks the number he gave him sounds like a
business line, he wonders why you’d want to get rid of Ben, Brent said
it wouldn’t do the Steelers any good if they traded him. Spice said
the number went to voicemail, Bubba told him to cal it back, he said
he can’t believe that Biren Leftwidge is still in the league, he then
left a message for lee Moody, he told her he’d like to get her on the
show, he said some guy called in saying that Lee and Ben were seen
together (January 6, 2010), he said channel 10 used the site as a
reference point, he mentioned Blind Lawrence’s recap. Spice went over
lee’s FaceBook page, Bubba said Lee is a fan of Ben on her FaceBook
page, he said Rob Kahn’s Father-in-law paid for some food, he said he
doesn’t have the address of Brother’s Tavern, he said Ned swares by
tavern food, Brent said it’s 120 Commers BLVD, Bubba thinks you can’t
say no to Rob Kahn asking for marriage. Dwayne wished Bubba a happy
Birthday, he said some guy called Howard’s show, saying that Janks has
called into the show a lot, Bubba said he’ll stop having Janks on if
it pisses him off. Brent said Gary said it’s fine, he said Janks is
keeping it in the family. Captain Janks came on, saying the caller had
called in from Philly, he said Howard told the guy that Bubba is part
of the family, he said he’ll edit the calls down. Bubba said they’re
legal team will be going up to Chicago; he said Bill O’riley had Mygen
Kelly on his show. Bubba said when he wins the case, will he be on
various shows, Brent thinks it will happen. We then heard the clip,
where Mygen explains the West Memphis Three case, Bubba likes how
Mygen said a limited public figure, he told Phil Campbell he has a
duty, Brent thinks the lawyers are up for a payday, Manson said he’s a
huge baby. Bubba said this is “Bring your kid to work day”, he said
Westin is at the show, he’s thinking about having Westin come in and
do some radio, Spice said you start off doing that, he said it’s
stupid crap DJS say before the song starts off, he then gave an
example of how it would go down, Bubba said it’s something you have to
do. We then heard “thunder Struck”, he thinks it’s a bad example. We
then heard “Celebration” for a few seconds, Bubba thinks you just have
the station, he told Ned he’ll be on the Big 69, WFAG. Ned then
introed “Celebration”, Bubba thinks it was horrible. The song started
up again, Ned then did another one, Bubba said that was a suttle post.
Spice asked what Westin likes, Manson said Westin likes hip-hop. Bubba
told Spice he had to do it, Spice then introed a Cold Play song, Bubba
told him it sounded good, he thinks Brent would be the worst at hot
jocking, Brent said he did that on Thunder. We then heard “Ants
Marching”, Brent said he didn’t know the song, Bubba said he’d be the
program director, where he admonished Brent for not knowing the song.
We then heard “Main Street”, Brent introed it, Bubba told him to stick
to producing. Bubba said if you’re good, anyone can do anything. Bubba
then introed “Main Street”, he said he got goose bumps doing that, he
wonders if Manson did that stuff, Manson said hot jocking was
horrible, he said he would hit stuff that had a zero intro, so he
wouldn’t have to talk. Bubba looked for something Manson could hot
jock, Spice thinks Westin is sleeping. Bubba decided to play the call
from the security guy from January 6, 2010; he thinks she got fired
the day before the call aired.

“Scott on protection said he works at the hotel where the Steelers
stayed at; he said that Lee moody stayed for an extended period of
time with Ben Roethlisberger. Bubba said he doesn’t want to throw this
on her, Spice wondered if the caller is confusing it with his ex,
Bubba put him on hold, he wondered if he can put the video on his site
if he owned it, Brent said no, as to legal ramifications.”

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Westin hot jocks some tunes, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Wall mart
appearance, then into “Camel Walk” as bumper music. Bubba plugged his
Wall mart appearance, he said he’ll get hammered at Venue tomorrow
night, he told people not to talk to him, he said Westin decided to
check out what Manson does, Bubba said he was planning to pass out in
Manson’s production room. Westin came in to the studio, Bubba thinks
he’s less then excited, Manson told him to talk into the mic, Bubba
said all of his life, Manson has been in radio, he said Donna had the
twins before he left the Power Pig, Westin thinks he’s been on the air
before. Bubba asked him if he’s ever written anything, Westin said
maybe, Manson said he’s stepping lightly, Spice thinks he does a great
stoner impersonation, Westin said he wasn’t sure, Manson said he can
do a gay guy, Westin did a voice, Bubba said it wasn’t that bad, Spice
proposed an English off, Westin as a Brit told Bubba to do it, Manson
said it’s good, he said Westin doesn’t know anything about hot
jocking, he had Spice run down some bullet points, he thinks Westin is
playing a stoner, Manson thinks this is information overload for
Westin. Spice read the bullet points he had, Ned thinks it’s brutal.
Manson said the new rappers like to talk, bubba said he’d like to tell
Westin how long the intro is, he then gave an example as to how it
would sound like. He then fired up the song, Westin did an intro, the
guys cracked up when he said he has a big bologna, Bubba thinks he’s
being a dick, the guys were cracking up at his stuff, bubba admonished
Spice for having songs with short intros. Bubba fired up another song,
Manson told Westin to be more high energy. Westin tried it again;
Bubba thinks this would be good radio, Spice thinks he’ll get a show
on Sirius. Bubba joked he’s on cocaine; he asked Westin if he has a
girlfriend, Westin said yes, the guys goofed on Westin, Spice goofed
on him. Westin tried it, the guys were cracking up, Spice said he was
shaking. Spice as Westin introed a song, Westin tried it, he stepped
over the intro, the guys were cracking up at this. Ned tried it,
saying he had no paper. Bubba told Westin he could go back to bed if
he’d like, Westin said he’d like that, he said he and his girlfriend
hung out last night, Manson said she’s a nice girl. Matt in Tampa said
that he’s about Ben’s age, he said he can understand where he’s coming
from, he thinks the guy is dumb enough to rape a girl. Bubba told him
he’s not paying him by the hour, he told him to get to the point, matt
thinks the suspension is ridiculous, Bubba thinks Packman Jones got a
light end of the deal, Brent said the Kobey deal got dropped before it
went to court. Bobby in Claremont said he’s about to go in for open
heart surgery, he said he’d like to talk to him, Bubba said that’s a
pretty big deal, bobby said this is a third one, Spice said he sounds
60, Bobby said he’s only 20, he said his wife just had a kid, Ned
thinks the guy is a goner, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the pink bubba Army
phone skin. Bubba came on discussing the lyrics, Spice said it’s from
a hbo show, Bubba said that doesn’t make it good, he then said the kid
who got set on fire returned to school, we then heard a news clip
about that, Bubba said he feels bad for the kid, he wonders what
happened to the guys who did it, we then heard the 911 call about
that, Manson said it’s horrible to hear the kid screaming in the
background. Kurt came on, bubba told him they can’t be left on hold,
Kurt laughed at this, Bubba told him he couldn’t wait to stress his
ass, he said he just says that to screw with angle, he thinks Kurt
would stick up for him, Kurt said Bubba was his boy, he said Awesome
Kong was out of her mind. Bubba said she’s stupid for leaving, Kurt
said she could be a guy. Spice wonders if they could’ve really turned
it into an angle, Bubba said maybe, he then told Kurt that he must be
sore after his match, Kurt said it was crazy, he said all they could
do was open the door, he said it worked out pretty good. Bubba thinks
Mr. Anderson is a good hand, Kurt said that he thinks he had a bad
reputation in WWE. Bubba wonders if stuff like that happens, Kurt said
he’s heard of that happening, he said he was stiff with the new guys.
Bubba said in the industry, Batista is mad, he said Chris Jericho
thinks Batista will go to TNA, he wondered if Dixie has validated TNA,
Kurt said that it could happen, he thinks the ratings will drop before
they go up. Bubba asked if a big name will come to TNA, Kurt said he
likes Batista, Bubba said Batista will kick Kurt’s ass; he thinks
Little Ray, Jericho and Batista might come over. Spice wonders if its
guys who deals are up, Kurt said it could be that, he said it could be
that they’re fed up, he thinks it’s both. Bubba said with Vince, when
your contract is up there’s a sit out period, Kurt said no, he said
once the contract is up, it’s over. Bubba told Kurt that the next girl
he finds, make sure she doesn’t burn his house down, Kurt cracked up
at this. Bubba thinks RVD getting the strap from AJ was a great move,
he said AJ held on to the strap as if it was something he truly
needed, he thinks AJ took the strap too seriously. Kurt said he
doesn’t really pay attention to that stuff, he said that he didn’t
know it was going to happen. Bubba said it’s not an us VS them, he
said everyone is on the same team, he thinks it’s over, he called Kurt
the biggest prick over at TNA, Kurt said he has to get ready for his
stuff. Bubba asked about Carron and Jarrett, Kurt said he’s happy for
them, he said he knew it was going to happen, he said he has no hard
feelings towards them, Bubba told Kurt he screwed up his situation
with Carron, Kurt said he likes Jeff, Bubba said they’re friends back
stage, he said the important thing is that Kurt and Carron are good
parents, Kurt cracked up when Bubba called Kurt’s girl a freak. Kurt
said he had a long talk with Carron about their tie together, Bubba
thinks they should start asking questions about the girl, Spice thinks
Kurt is on a therapy couch, he then asked him what makes this
relationship different, Kurt said that he’s known her for two years,
bubba joked Kurt used to baby sit her, Kurt said he used to watch her
do gym stuff, Spice said it’s creepy. Bubba said Kurt’s girl has big
jugs, Kurt said her parents raised her the right way, he said they
don’t have any fights, he said it’s like Hogan with his girlfriend; he
said he’s sure with this one. Spice said he heard that Kurt’s girl and
Carron are good friends, Kurt said they get along. Bubba asked about a
threesome, Kurt told Bubba to not even start; he thinks Bubba is
trying to get him in trouble. Bubba asked him about Angle Foods, Kurt
said it’s inspired by a lot of the food systems you see on TV, he said
high protein and fiber makes you lose weight, Bubba said that you poop
a lot. Kurt said the diet is to make you live healthy, he so if you
use his diet, you’ll be fine,
Bubba said he feels fat, he said Nutria System has lots of
advertising, Kurt said they’ve got higher protein and higher fiber, he
said they took a regular pizza, and took a lot of dough out of it.
Bubba said he was looking at the website, Kurt said his company is
talking to the number one dough making company, he said they have a
meeting with them, he said they’re in talks with Subway, he said
they’re thinking about making a bun. Bubba read from the site about a
chicken and rice combination, Kurt said you’ll get 30% off when you
sign up to become a member, he said three a day is good. Bubba said
they’ll put a rotator up on the site, he thinks low carb is part of
the menu; Kurt said it’s a section. Bubba said he should send some of
the food down for them to try it out, Kurt said they were able to put
brown rice and gravy with chicken. Bubba said the site is moving
slowly, he then read from the breakfast section, Kurt said that’ll be
coming up, Kurt told him to go to the angle’s Healthy food section, he
said they don’t want you to starve yourself.
Bubba asked when he’ll get this stuff, Kurt said they sent some to his
manager, Bubba asked for Spice to get Ferret, Manson said he’ll try
some of it. Bubba told Kurt he was hard to interview, he told him he
messes the program up, Kurt said you can go on line to order the food,
he said he owns the company, Bubba said that’s the check Dixie owed
him for the PPV, Kurt said they do all the work, Spice told him he
talks too much, Bubba told him to include Bubba Army as a promo code,
Kurt said he’s doing that, Bubba thinks Russ already ate or sold it.
Bubba said the proof is if he likes it or not, he told him to stop
talking so much, he said he’d like for Kurt to do some Dutch ovens, he
told him about Eric Grahallis, Kurt said he could role with him. Bubba
said he’ll take Kurt down with a Sugar Foot, Kurt said it takes about
10 minutes in an oven of 375 degrees, Spice said they got part of the
order. Kurt said he loves and hates Bubba at the same time, Bubba
asked him when he’ll admit he’s not an MMA guy, Kurt said he’s 41, he
said he should get back in the octagon, he said he met Randy kachur,
he said all the MMA guys are great. Bubba asked him about the time
Lesner skirted him, Kurt asked Bubba why he wants him to hold on to
the story, he said big show weighed about 500 pounds, he said Brock
ended up throwing big show around like a ragdoll, he said he got into
the ring, he knew he had to wrestle Brock then, he said a lot of guys
were there to testify. Bubba said Hogan was on to chat with Kurt,
Hogan said Kurt did some crazy stuff in the cage; Bubba told Hogan
that Kurt ccan work. Hogan said that Kurt can raise the bar every
time, he thinks Kurt’s girl never watches wrestling, Bubba said it’s
like what Andre told Hogan about Linda, he said Kurt was supposed to
the moon Sault, he dove off the turnbuckle, his flip caused the gears
to change. Bubba told Hogan that Jericho might come aboard, Hogan said
Kurt is being real; he said Kurt showed them all a vision. Bubba hopes
Dixie gives credit to Angle for making the treck first, Hogan said he
was his first manager. Kurt said he couldn’t talk after the match,
Bubba thinks Kurt is Dum as the day is long, he asked Hogan to take
him off the Band and put him on Angle’s team, he said he needs to give
Hogan some food, Hogan said he’ll take anything for free, he said Kurt
needs to rest, Kurt said he has a lot of respect for Hulk. Bubba
thinks the next angle should be Kurt being gay for Hogan, he then
asked Hogan about filing a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, Hogan said
he’s getting his life back on track, he said the legal system is a tit
for tat kind of thing, he said Wells Fargo set him up the wrong way,
Bubba wished him the best of luck with that. Bubba asked him if he’d
like to do the Hogan show, Hogan said he would be interested in that,
Bubba said Tim had a few week obligation, Hogan said he was too
nervous to listen, he said he gets it now. Bubba told Hogan he had to
get going, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – paper Tongues in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Paper tongues as bumper
music. Ben, the A&M guy was in the studio, Bubba thinks Ben has heat
with Danny, Spice thinks Ben has a potty mouth. Aswon said they had a
show in Jacksonville, he said they’ll be going to South Carolina,
Bubba said they had randy Jackson on the show (December 9, 2009).
Spice asked them how it went down, Aswon said they met Randy outside a
restaurant, he said he slammed down a piece of paper with some stuff
on it, he said Andy has been like an uncle to them, he said they met
in North Carolina, he said he was a Janitor, Bubba said it’s a good
place. Spice asked him if he goes back there, Aswon said he doesn’t
want to go back there. one of the guys said he met Aswon while playing
music, Aswon said they were close to homelessness, he said you can get
a free Star bucks biscuit, he said he met Joey and Jordan first, he
said they’ve broke some rules at their places, Spice thinks the
improve is like a Talented Eight Mile. Bubba said a seven member band
is kind of big, Aswon said they’ve looked at some of the groups like
Link and park. Spice asked if they’ve ever kicked anyone out, Aswon
said they were thinking about adding an eighth member, Bubba told him
to stop cutting the pie so much. Spice asked if they’ve seen some
money, Aswon said they’re kind of broke, bubba joked Ben is looking at
other tapes, he suggested they do “Ride”, he thinks the guy with the
coffee cup will just stand back and drink coffee, the guy said he’s
got a triangle in his back pocket. We then heard “Ride to California”.
Bubba said it was fantastic, Spice said you can get their stuff
anywhere. Bubba said Ben doesn’t look homeless, Ben said you can’t
live without the electronic media; he said it’s about 60%. Spice said
the CDS are now like $6, Ben said the industry is playing around with
prices. Bubba told Aswon he was a performer, Spice said he can hit the
notes; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – More with Paper Tongues

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Paper Tongues as bumper
music. Bubba said a caller would like to talk to the group, a woman
came on saying that she’s excited to see them, one of the guys said
they’ll be in a music festival. Bubba asked her how old she was, the
woman said she’s 24, she said she has a boyfriend who won’t be going
to the show, Bubba wonders why she’s throwing it out there, she said
she doesn’t participate in stuff like that, Bubba thinks the guy is a
loser, he thinks she’s needy to call the guy a boyfriend after a
month. Aswon said they have to get right back on the bus unless they
want to make their next date, Bubba thinks she should just tell them
her hotel room number, she said she’s five foot six, weighs around
140, Spice thinks she’s 165, he said if she was 110, they would stick
around. Bubba thinks he offended one of their fans, he said you can
visit paper Devin said he’s single, Cody said he’s taken, Bobby said
he’s got a Cuban, Willy single as it gets, Jordan said he’s single.
Spice said he feels bad for Jordan, as he got into a conversation with
blind Lawrence outside, Bubba said they love to mess with him, he said
Lawrence talks into Spice’s ass, but has no idea what’s happening.
Aswon said he’s taken, he said he doesn’t really talk about it. Bubba
suggested they do “Trinity”, which they then did. We then heard the
tymbal, Bubba said Aswon can belt it, Spice wonders if he’s one of
those guys who has to take care of his voice. Aswon said he tries not
to say much, he said he gets really nervous, Bubba said he’s in his
own little world, he said he gets nervous when he has to talk in front
of a bunch of people. Spice wonders if it’s one of those things where
he gets used to it, Aswon said it gets to the point where he has to
run to the bathroom three times, he said it’s always number two. Spice
said he’s heard that about Eddie Vetter, he said that’s why he was
always drunk on stage; Aswon said that Alcohol zaps the crap out of
him; he said he’d rather take a red bull. Bubba asked them what they
did back in the day, Aswon said they did “Proud Mary”, Bubba said
sometimes bad is good, they then did “Proud Mary”. We then heard the
tymbal, Bubba said if that sucked, he wants to suck, Aswon said he can
do that, he said he can do about ten of them, he said he met Steve
Parry on the street, he said when he met him, he was wearing hiking
boots and other stuff. Manson said Aswon has an amazing voice, he said
the kid has sole. Aswon said had this been another life he’d do it.
Bubba said he could listen to the guys do one more song, Aswon said
they’ll do “Get higher”, Bubba suggested they play the studio version
to the end the show. They then did the song. We then heard the tymbal.
Bubba asked who writes the stuff, Aswon said they always collaborate
on the music, he said the music is first, the lyrics are next, he
sometimes it’ll just come together. Bubba asked what they should play
to ride out the show, Aswon suggested “Everyone”, Aswon said they
recorded that song in the Mountains of North Carolina, he said they
borrowed everything, Spice joked Aswon recorded it on the toilet.
Bubba wished the guys the best of luck, we then heard “Everyone”, they
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    paper tounges suck ass quit marking out fag

  3. Alex S

    Out of curiosity I checked out Paper tongues new album and it’s badass. Songs like Trinity sound mellow when played acoustically but the full band version will blow you away. Around the 00:50 mark in the song, it takes off and rocks. I highly recommend the songs Trinity, Get Higher, and Strongest Flame. On youtube, they have some killer live performances.

  4. The World According to Cyclonus: a Sad Journey » Kurt Angle is a marketing genius.

    [...] by clicking here. Lastly, you can find the show recap from Bubba’s interview with Kurt here (scroll to Segment [...]

  5. lisa

    paper tongues were GREAT…..bought the album……
    ty guys

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