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West Virginia Fans: Help The Relief Efforts
Sarah Palin says women are the driving force behind the Tea Party movement
School Sends Teen Wearing ‘Gay’ Shirt Home
Tires at fault in Blink 182 drummer Barker’s air crash
Diplomat trying to sneak a smoke on flight causes bomb scare
Cat found nailed to post
House panel OKs bill despite teachers’ protest
Anti-gay church plans stop at Plant High

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores,

Bubba thinks he missed a portion of the show, we then heard a bumper
starting off the show, Spice thinks its sensory overload, Ned said he
was freaking out. We then heard a clip of the Rays winning, Bubba
thinks the Rays are partying; he said he’ll be going to the game
tonight, he thinks Denzel’s son has never been to a baseball game.
Spice asked what team could Denzel’s kid see in Indiana, Bubba thinks
Chicago and St. Lewis, he then said he’s got two extra seats, Spice
said it’s a school night, Bubba said Brent goes to bed the earliest of
everyone, Spice said he watched South park last night, he said he’s
hurting from it this morning, Ned said he’s been known to sleep for
about 18 hours. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he then said he has
a problem with, he then told Manson he hasn’t called
Terry, he thinks he’ll just take their massages and use them for
himself, Spice said he’ll use them, Bubba told the guys if they don’t
want to use them, he’ll take them. Brent said that the site kicks ass,
Spice said they got everything, Bubba thinks Manson shouldn’t go to
the site; he said he’s bought four guns already. Spice likes how they
have a giraffe’s skull on the site, he said he’s thinking about buying
it and displaying it in the house, he said he’s thinking about buying
some skin, he thinks Bubba could hit people with a giraffe bone leg.
Bubba said he just got a 50 cal, he thinks it’s like Manson’s AK47, he
thinks he’s the Kenny Powers of radio, he then told the listeners to
not buy a Sea Doo Water Craft, Spice said he’s heard that about Wave
Runners. Bubba said never buy a jet ski when it’s brand new, he said a
used one is just someone else’s problem, he then said you’ll want the
extended warrantee, he said he never buys it, saying that Dave Rice
could wire stuff up for him, Dave said he never buys the extended
warrantee. Bubba said you can either buy it now or bid on the gun, he
said they can’t just ship it to you, the gun has to be shipped to a
dealer, you also want to make sure it’s a person who is reputable.
Spice said they’ve got some cool non lethal weapons, Bubba told Dave
to look on the site for some stuff they can buy for the show. Jim in
Tampa said he bought a Sea Doo, Bubba told him to run, he said the
ones that he has end up in the shop more they it can be used, he then
said everyone has on their screens, Manson thinks Spice
is a weirdo. Spice said come for the guns, stay for the taxidermy,
Bubba thinks Ned will be all over this site, he then said he’ll be
getting Naughty Alysha a 38 inch Buffalo horn, Manson said he’s the
only one who finds this a problem, Brent said it’s kind of stupid.
Bubba checked out the non lethal stuff, he thanked Terry for getting
him turned on to the site. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Carron from calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour. Bubba said the music today was provided by Ned, he thinks it’s a
contrast between Twenty-five and Ned’s music, he then said the Pagan
Potheads Tour will be on his birthday, he said he doesn’t want
anything, he wants it to be a normal day, Manson said there’s a link
on Bubba said Kevin Hayslett will be on, as well as Lisa
Lampanelli in studio, he thinks the song they did for her was radio
friendly, Manson said no, he thinks he said cunt about 20 times
(“Bubba’s New and Misc hits Vol. 6”, track 7 and “The Clemulus
Package” disc 2, track 9). Bubba then plugged the race for speed,
Spice said they’ll be bringing by a spiker. Bubba then selected the
bumper music for next week: Monday – Dave, Tuesday – Jabberjaw,
Wednesday – Bubba, Thursday – Brent, Friday – Manson, he said he’s
pulling Carl’s ball out of rotation, he then asked Spice if he got the
new underwear, called Saxx, Brent said they’re great for working out
in, Bubba thinks they’re for Ned, Ned thinks they look like booty
shorts. Bubba read about the product, Spice said his girlfriend likes
to see him in underwear for some reason, Bubba told him to put them
on, Ned instructed him to take his pants and shirt off, the website is, Manson thinks he can’t fit an extra large, ned said
they’re too big, he said he needs small. Carron said she loves, she said she lists the giraffe stuff, Spice is amazed
by all that, he thinks you can’t be happy about it, she said they
import that stuff from Africa. Manson wonders what the sport is in
shooting a giraffe; Brent said you have to be morally bankrupt to do
that. Spice asked what they pay for that, Bubba thinks it’s horrible,
Manson thinks she’s baby facing, she said she just works there. Spice
asked if a lot of people buy this stuff, Bubba said he wouldn’t buy
anything like that, he said it’s cool for the guns, he asked people to
not buy a giraffe Hyde, he then asked her the number one seller is,
she said they sell a lot of Gator heads, Brent said they have legal
gator hunts in Florida. Spice wonders what you do with a seven piece
giraffe vertebra, Ned said that people saying they just work there is
what the Nazis said. Spice asked her if she has Giraffe skin in her
house, Carron said no, we then heard some clips of CP Trav saying some
Buffalo Bill quotes, Bubba and Spice then talked like him for a few
seconds. Spice asked for a bone no one cares about, he said he wants
one for Bubba to do hit people with, Bubba told Spice that the last
time they delt with hogs, it was a problem, Brent said they have the
constitutional right to carry a gun. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Birthdays and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges on Saturday, may 22. We then heard “Jacky Blue” as bumper
music, Bubba plugged the Pagan Potheads Tour, he then went over some
birthdays, he thinks John Lennon’s son was a disappointment, he thinks
it would be like Lisa Presley trying to do a music career, Spice is
shocked that Beddy ford is still alive. Bubba said the biggest thing
go is that Obama will take your guns; Brent said Obama has allowed
guns in National Parks. John in Orlando said he got an email last
week, Bubba hung up on him, the guys then did some redneck voices
saying they heard about something on the internet. The first email of
the day said Bubba needs to be educated, the emailer said they didn’t
like the comedy show, the emailer thinks the guys don’t have the moxy
to read it on air, Bubba wishes he had a button to quit some
listeners, he said he got a bunch of hate mail from people who didn’t
like his national database idea, he said he gets people in pain, he
said they do it the right way, he said his guys don’t need to go
Doctor shopping for weed, he thinks ned resells it, he thinks weed is
an economic stimulus package. Another emailer said they have some
information on Lisa Glide, a teacher who was arrested for sex with a
teacher. Another emailer said he’s 17, he wonders what charges could
come up if when he’s 18 and they possibly break up; she could say they
had sex. Another emailer admonished Bubba for getting the fart
validation story wrong. Another emailer said they find it ironic that
Bubba is for stiffer drug laws; Bubba thinks he described it already.
Another emailer said their daughter was on pain pills, the emailer
thinks they could’ve doctor shopped all day, but didn’t. Another
emailer hopes the fans will break up with him. Another emailer said
they see a lot of people who use their ebt cards to buy their food and
drink, Bubba thinks a lot of white trash is abusing the ebt system; he
said it’s a problem no matter who it is. Another emailer told Bubba to
walk a day in their shoes, saying they can’t walk without pain pills,
Spice thinks the emailers are addicts, he said Bubba is just talking.
Another emailer said the Pamela Rogers situation happened near them,
Bubba told Spice to go to, we then heard “hot For
Teacher” on the site’s page, Spice thinks she has a mid section like a
dude, bubba disagreed with him, he said it’s just a continual loop,
Spice thinks she’s dumb for putting that up on the internet, Bubba
said he can’t teach anything. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish Bumper, then into some
Van Halen as bumper music. Bubba thinks John from Richmond is on hold,
John came on a few seconds later, he said he saw the billboard back
up, he said he was a different John than the billboard guy, Bubba
thinks it’s fantastic. Mike in Chicago came on, calling Bubba the
greatest radio personality ever; he asked when will the tickets for
Bubbapalooza come out, Bubba said within a week. Doctor Nukem said he
called when Billy Mays died, he thinks Bubba is on point, Bubba said
he’s gotten a lot of hate mail over his comments, Doctor Nukem said
it’s an epidemic that is killing our brothers and sisters, he said
it’s a huge problem, he said he’s had people make about $8,000-$10,000
a month for selling pills, he then said some of his ER friends are
trying to get something going. Bubba said we have a database for your
driving record, he thinks this isn’t any different. Dr. Nukem said
it’s very hard to lose your medical license in Florida, Bubba said
every ham and egger can go to these fake pain management places, he
said it’s a shakedown. Dr. Nukem said that some people do have real
issues; however the medication can be dangerous. Bubba said the guy
who called yesterday was on, Joe said he respects the doctor, he said
the only reason why he does what he does is that he’s out of work, he
said he used to live up North, he said Florida is easier to get pain
meds. Dr. Nukem said there’s one on every corner, Bubba thinks it’s a
problem, Dr. Nukem said that Politicians aren’t saying anything about
it, Bubba thinks its big pharmacy, he said no one will go against the
big companies. Joe said he can make ten grand in two days, he said
he’s not proud of what he does, Dr. Nukem told Joe he was killing
people. Bubba said Kevin Hayslett was in studio, he asked him how big
of an issue is this, Kevin said it’s huge; he said it starts with kids
who go to parties. Joe said they now have “Pharm parties”, where kids
go through their parents medicine chest and throw the pills in a
bucket, Bubba thinks the problem is we have an unbelievable loophole,
Joe said he’s seen anywhere from 10 to 12 doctors in one week, Dr.
Nukem thinks it’s a disgrace. Bubba thinks some good people have a lot
of pain, Joe said he deals with addicts, he said about 90% of the
people he deals with don’t have medical insurance, Bubba said it’s
hard telling how many people Joe has killed, he then asked Kevin what
Joe is facing, Kevin said the doctor shopping doesn’t equate to the
trafficking, he said about fifteen years. Joe said they’re in his
name, Kevin said the pills have data on them, he said people may have
had prescriptions a year earlier, he said the problem is the person
who gets hooked on pills, he said we need to go after the person who
is doctor shopping, he said the pain clinics are also an issue, he
said the doctors dispensing the pills are a problem. Bubba thanked Dr.
Nukem for calling in; he thinks Pantera is an idiot for picking up the
wrong line. We then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper, Bubba wonders what
esquire means, Kevin said it was an Old English deal. Bubba recapped
for Kevin the email from earlier about the 17 year-old who is dating a
16 year-old girl, Kevin said the guy could get in trouble, he said he
does a lot of unwinding, he said the guy has a problem. Bubba wonders
if it matters if the guy is in high school, Kevin said it doesn’t
matter, he said identification is not the matter; he said age is the
problem. Bubba said he’s seen prison stories about guys who have done
jail time, he said some guy was at a beach bar, the guy met a girl,
she turned about to be 16, Bubba thinks it’s a double whammy. Kevin
said that’s a case they won’t look at, Bubba said the letter of the
law could have the guy looked at. Spice said the Ragoosa case is
getting a lot of attention, he wonders what her lawyer is thinking,
Kevin said there’s no incentive for that. Bubba asked Kevin if he
heard his theory of Casey Anthony, Kevin said no, Brent said the state
is going for the death penalty, Kevin thinks it’s like the Graziano’s.
Bubba said George Anthony should flip now and cooperate with the
state, he said if George doesn’t start cutting a deal with the state,
it’ll be easy for her to reverse the script on him, he said she could
easily hold a press conference and say anything, he said she could cut
a deal with the state and not get killed, Kevin said he agrees in
theory, he thinks the state attorney wants Casey to flip for no value,
he said he’s not sure how creditable she is, Bubba said he would flip
if he knew something was up, Kevin said it’s a tough call. Steve on
protection said he was arrested, his wife attacked him while he was
getting some stuff from her house, he said he called the cops on her,
he said the cops assumed him to be guilty, he said his ex lied to the
cops, he was then arrested, he said she’s very bitter towards their
divorce, he said they didn’t file, he asked if he could do something
against the cops. Kevin said that’s a no information case, he said the
guy could do it in state or Federal court, he said he has to prove
that law enforcement didn’t have propopal cause for that, he thinks
the guy should get the case expunged, Bubba thinks the guy is
argumentative. Jarrid in Tampa came on, he said he got a Dui this past
weekend, he said the cops told him he failed the sobriety test, Spice
told him to hurry up, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” under the guy.
Bubba asked him what pills he was on, Jarrid said he had a drug
problem, Spice goofed on his voice, Kevin asked if they took urine
from him, Jarrid said yes. Kevin said the dui squad is great, he
thinks it’ll come back with something; Bubba hung up on the guy a
short time later, Kevin said he sounded like he was on pills. Sue on
protection said her fourteen year-old son got arrested, her son had
sex with his girlfriend, she said she doesn’t’ feel comfortable with
her lawyer, Bubba and Spice goofed on her voice. Kevin said many times
it will be consensual, he said sometimes they have buyer’s remorse, he
said the defenses have to be brought up in court, he said it’ll be up
to the prosecution. Spice asked if Sue will make a statement, Kevin
said he hopes not. Sue said he’s never been in trouble, she said he
wants to be a cop, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” under the caller.
Spice told her that just because her son looks like an extra from Reno
911, doesn’t make him innocent. Bubba asked her if she knew about it,
Sue said her son told her about it, Spice did his “Bitch I Told you”
routine for a few seconds, Kevin thinks it will impair him from being
a cop. Spice said he’s never heard of a kid who bragged about sex. Joe
on protection said back in 1990, he said he was 18 and his girlfriend
was 15, he was convicted of rape. Kevin asked him if he was convicted
before, the guy said he had some priors, he said he had Grand Theft
Auto, Bubba cracked up at this, thinking the guy is screwed. The guy
said he got the rape thing taken care of, he asked if he could get the
Grand Theft Auto removed from his record, bubba thinks Kevin should
use the tagline “Kevin n your side”. Robert in Jacksonville said he
got a stop light ticket, Spice booed him, he said it was given to his
wife, as he used her car, Kevin said it’s a cash cow, Bubba said it’s
a way to tax and fine your way out of trouble, he then read an article
about that, he said the law states you have to have a second for every
mile per hour that the yellow light has to be in, Kevin said he didn’t
know that. Bubba said all of called county has to go back and
recalibrate the red lights; the yellow should be 4.5 seconds long,
Kevin said it was great information. Bubba said when you drive you
having timing, he thinks they need to slow the yellows down, he said
when the photo is snapped, the light is red, Kevin said he likes this,
he said the red light is sometimes for a DUI, Bubba thinks the big
guys are freaking out, Kevin thinks it’s like tweaking a slot machine.
Bubba gave Kevin’s information; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Lisa Lampanelli and Jimmy “big Balls’ in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour on April 23. We then heard “Big Fat Bubba Blows”. We then heard
“Sunshine Go Away Today”, Bubba thinks Ned is outside, he then sang
along with the song, Manson joined in. Bubba asked for Lisa to come
in, he said he didn’t know she was a chubby chaser, he thinks she
should’ve gone out with him, the guys think Jimmy Big balls would be
stretched by Cowhead. Lisa said she’s not sure what he looks like, she
said Bubba and Jimmy could fight, she said they’re getting married
October 2; she said the Jews are over chargers. Bubba wishes Manson
was Jewish, Manson said he’ll gladly convert. Bubba asked how Lisa and
Jimmy met, Lisa said she was on Jim Brewer’s show, she said she was
going through a bad breakup with Pothead Tommy, she said he does
security. Bubba thinks it’s good pay, Lisa said she lets him live in
her house and drive his car, Jimmy said she bumped him up from
Rochester’s, Manson thinks Jimmy is the world’s Fattest Jiggalo. Bubba
said he’s a 2x guy, Lisa said she only gets Jimmy 3x stuff, Spice said
rich people dry clean stuff. Bubba said he’s got like three outfits
that fit, Lisa said they have to make one for the wedding, she said
his neck is large, Bubba thinks Jimmy has no neck. Spice asked the
budget of the wedding, Lisa said the florist wanted $67,000, Bubba
thinks his whole wedding was $50,000. Lisa said they knock twenty
percent off when she got her dress. Bubba asked her if she’s done with
rehab, he thinks she was lonely, Lisa said she wanted to meet people,
she said she had to write a book, she said that had jimmy has a big
nut sack. Bubba asked about her being into African Americans, Lisa
said Jimmy knew it was part of her shtick, she said the crowd boos her
when she says she’s with a white guy. Bubba asked her where she’ll be,
Lisa said she’ll be in ft. Pearce, she called it a crap hole, she said
her manager told her to work in big markets every year and a half,
Bubba thinks Jimmy has expensive taste. Spice said he didn’t see the
ring, Lisa said she got a jeweler, Jimmy said he paid for it. Bubba
looked at the ring, he guessed about $125,000, Lisa said she’ll get
the reseat, Jimmy said if she was white trash, she’d have one in her
pocket, she said some fans point it out at the show. Bubba thinks
Jimmy paid about $35 grand, he thinks he’s on the high Low game, he
thinks Lisa was sleeping with the beverage guy in Orlando, Lisa said
that guy was fired, she said Lora was late 15 times, she said she
wasn’t funny. Spice said she was funny, but not for her audience. Lisa
said she fired all the gay and female comics, she said the Lesbians
love her show. Spice said he noticed a lot of gay people, Lisa said a
lot of the wops have been coming to the show. Spice asked her who has
a big gay fan base, her or Kathy Griffin, Lisa said Kathy. Spice said
the great thing is, the old people at the show don’t get it, Lisa said
Jimmy’s parents didn’t know who she was, Bubba as an Italian guy said
some stuff. David in Sarasota thinks Lisa is having Rosan Bar
syndrome, Lisa thinks she’ll be like her. Spice asked her about the
pre-nup; Lisa said they’re signing it six months in advance, saying
that if they divorce in six months, he gets nothing. Bubba sad Jimmy
has zero expenses, he then said some stuff as an Italian guy, this had
Lisa cracking up. Spice thinks Jimmy gets paid something, Lisa said he
gets health insurance, she said he has knee problems. Bubba said he’s
very surprised to see Jimmy, he thinks Jimmy would be some small guy,
Spice goofed on Bubba, Lisa said she needs someone who keeps her in
line. Bubba thinks he’s above the rim on what he is, he said Jimmy is
a man’s man, Spice said it’s like they fit, Lisa said she looks like a
salt and pepper shaker. Bubba said Spice’s girl is really hot. Lisa
said Jimmy gets nothing if he cheats on her, she said it’s written
there, bubba thinks Jimmy has disgraced his people. Lisa said she’d
never forgive him if he did that, Bubba thinks he’d have Jimmy dialed
in. Lisa thinks Jessey James is an idiot, Bubba thinks Sandra has it
going on, Lisa thinks sex with Sandra is terrible, she said that she
and Jimmy talk dirty, Bubba then goofed on Jimmy saying they enjoy
each other, Manson joined in. Jimmy said he listened to Lisa’s audio
book, Lisa said she doesn’t want to know anything about his past.
Bubba asked if Jimmy trips up, who would be better, Lisa said a wop
who doesn’t cheat. Jimmy asked if Bubba’s wife will ask questions,
Bubba said no, Lisa said the guy is on the road with her, Bubba thinks
Jimmy could be getting crazy during a show, Jimmy said he couldn’t, as
they have a lot of gays and lesbians in the audience. Lisa said ticket
prices are reasonable, about $30-$50, Bubba thinks Lisa could do stand
up at the Monster Truck show. Lisa said she signed a deal to do a show
with Chelsea Handle, she said she got Jim Carrey when he was on a down
spiral, Spice thinks kids are a pain in the ass as it is. Lisa said
they’re still pitching to the E network, she called Comedy Central a
bunch of assholes, she said they offered $250,000 for the last one,
HBO paid $450,000, Manson said comics on Comedy Central aren’t all
that good. Lisa said that she’s better than George Carlin and Chris
rock, as she’s not dead or black, she said comedy Central offered her
$175,000, she said Larry the Cable Guy gets a lot of money, she said
the biggest place she sold out was 6700. Bubba told her that they just
booked a Calgary show, 6,500 seat venue; he thinks Lisa should do an
ad for them. Bubba asked her one of her favorite places to play, Lisa
said she likes Rooth Echard Hall, and The Chicago theatre, Bubba said
he used to work across the street from there. Spice thinks if Bubba
and Lisa hooked up, Lisa would make more money, Bubba said he’s hooked
on a lot, Jimmy said he likes cement. Lisa said they’ve
got a few tickets left for the clear Water show, Bubba said she
doesn’t have to pander. Lisa said she has a full-time driver, she said
he’s a white guy; she said he found her a Star Bucks at 5:00 in the
morning. Bubba asked about the sex, Lisa said they’re very busy, Jimmy
said it went down to 5 times a week, Jimmy thinks Lisa is afraid of
heights and widths. Lisa said she’s gained eleven pounds, she said
she’s had to diet to drop the eleven pounds, Spice said he’s stuck on
her bunion surgery. Bubba said he’d like to see her with dark hair,
Lisa said her hair is the color of the Nicks, Bubba thinks the closest
Jimmy will get to a Virgin is pulling Lisa’s hair, he still thinks she
was having sex with the beverage guy, he thinks Jimmy should be
renamed “Jimmy No balls”, Spice thinks that’s why they don’t have sex.
Lisa said Jimmy can perform very well. Bubba thinks Lisa is very
conservative in bed, Lisa said she’s a good girl at heart, he thinks
she’s a fake, Spice said she has to have material. Bubba recapped the
time when he and Spice were at the show, Spice said he had to pee; he
said he couldn’t hold it in. Bubba asked Lisa her thoughts on The
Tonight Show, Lisa said Conan got ed, Spice said Leno just isn’t
funny, Lisa said she’s on the show on Tuesday; she said she’ll be on
after Nick Cage. Bubba said he lost his house the other day, he thinks
Lisa should cut on him; she said everyone has seen her appearance with
Simon from American Idol. Bubba plugged her website,
Lisa said she was on Howard’s show, he texted her his address, Spice
thinks Bubba penciled himself in, Bubba said he’s never asked her for
anything. Lisa said she was talking about the wedding, Howard told her
to invite Bubba, as he’s a good gift giver, Bubba thinks Jimmy likes
him, he then offered to take Jimmy to some booby bars, Lisa said no to
that, Jimmy said he doesn’t do that stuff. Lisa thinks Jimmy balls
will scrape his ankles, he said they can’t play Manson’s song; Lisa
said she loves that song, she said she should go on the Friday show.
Bubba said he’d give her at least $1,000, he said he likes giving
checks, Lisa said she could buy some China with that, Bubba said he
likes Jimmy more, Jimmy said he’ll be 49 next month. Bubba thanked her
for stopping by, he said she didn’t
‘T need to sell tickets, Spice said Lisa will be giving away tickets
for charity. The guys think they should change Jimmy should just take
on Lisa’s last name, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch meaty
Mandingo (With A Side of man Sauce)”, then into Manson’s “Thank God
I’m An Altar boy”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Vinnie and Joe from Festival of Speed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin.
We then heard “Sunshine Go Away Today” as bumper music, Bubba said he
had to play it again, he then said he messed up, he said he enjoyed
Lisa Lampanelli, he said she’s really easy to talk to, Manson said
he’s got a soccer event this weekend, Bubba said he’ll be racing,
Spice thinks it’s horrible. Bubba said it’s refreshing that Lisa has
found a man’s man. Cliff asked for an update on Janie Cakes, Bubba
said he thinks he should call her tonight, Cliff said he lost his Mom
to a heart attack in 1994, he said when he heard the news, it was a
hard time, Bubba said he doesn’t know what it would be like without
his Mom, Spice said that would tear him up, he said he didn’t know how
Bubba was able to hold it together, Manson thinks Bubba did the right
thing. Spice said he found out his Dad died at 10:00 at night, he had
to go on the air at 6:00 the next morning. Brent said he would be
freaked out if that would happen. Jim said he’s on a handset that was
dying, Bubba thinks Scott Ferrall is on, Jim asked how Tyler was,
Bubba said he’s doing great. Jim said his son is Lupus on the Cowhead
show, he said he’s been listening for a long time, Bubba told him to
call up Cowhead, he then said TNA will be moved up to 8:00 full time,
he said it’s great to have the one hour jump on Vince, the replay will
be on Thursdays at 9:00, he thinks no one will apologize to him over
his Haiti comments, he said they’ll be doing something for the West
Virginia mine situation, he said he could get behind that. Spice said
they’re doing a free show in West Virginia, Bubba asked for Carl to do
a promo for the event. Brent said it’s a very tragic story, Bubba said
if you listen on Sirius/XM, go to the event. Bubba asked for Joe and
Vinnie to come in, he told Vinnie they were in the microphone
business, Vinnie said he’s engaged to a woman. Bubba asked him how he
scored it, Vinnie said he’s lucky, he said they have a Spiker, Bubba
thinks he couldn’t role up in one, he said Spiker of Tampa is
sponsoring the event, Festival of Speed. Spice asked how many are
made, Vinnie said about 20 to 40 thousand, he said the zero to sixty
is about four seconds, he said the Vayron is the fastest car, it’s
zero to sixty is 2.5 seconds. Bubba asked if they only have cars,
Vinnie said they’ll have bubba’s car there. Bubba thinks Lambergeenes
are yesterday’s news, Vinnie said no. Bubba said he got a DV9 a few
years ago, Vinnie said those cars are nice, Spice thinks they should
put Bubba’s Daewoo on display, Vinnie said its history. Bubba said if
the car gets into a wreck, just pull the license plate off and let it
sit there, Vinnie said it’s nicer than spice’s car. Bubba said his car
costs about $89 a month, he thinks his car isn’t a been body, Vinnie
thinks they could race it, Spice is shocked the thing has blown up.
Bubba asked who else do they have, Joe said they’ve got some nice
cars, but he doesn’t want to say any names. Spice wonders if they’ll
bring out Tiger Woods’s car, Vinnie said no. Bubba asked who has the
baddest car in town, Joe said some people do, Vinnie said he has
Richard petty’s car, Joe said they’ve got smart cars. Spice thinks the
smart car doesn’t look all that great, he thinks a lexis is a smart
car, Bubba called his a counter programmer. Spice wondered how
protective it is, Vinnie said he can show Spice videos of the cars cut
in half, bubba said he likes the video of the smart cars racing.
Vinnie said he’d like to buy a Spiker, he then said he’d buy some
muscle cars. Bubba said his Dad had a corvette, Vinnie said it’s a
$5,000 car, Joe said they’ve got a bunch of them. Bubba said his Uncle
has a 66 Chavell, Spice said he loves fast cars, Vinnie said it’s big
bucks, if you don’t get one that doesn’t have hydraulics, he said he’s
seen Bubba’s car. Joe said you can go to, he said
you can get tickets on line or in person, he then plugged the jet
event, Spice thinks the motor cycle show is great. Bubba said he
doesn’t’ want to do burnouts with the car, Vinnie said he could do
that for him, Spice said he could do that, Bubba thinks they can do it
live, he said he sneezes at 400 horse power, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba cracked up at the song that was being used as bumper music, ned
said it’s brilliant. Quez in St. Petersburg gave a Bubba Army
shoutout, he said he’s a number one bubba Army fan in St. Petersburg,
Bubba thinks it’s a white guy sounding black, Quez said he was the
real deal. Spice asked what he calls his mom’s sister, the guy said
his Aunty, this had the guys laughing. Jason in Richmond said he heard
Bubba talk about the ratings in Richmond, Bubba said they do well with
African Americans, he thinks they’re not making much progress. We then
heard “I Will Always Love You”, bubba said he’s going somewhere with
this, he said this was before Whitney Houston got all cracked out, he
said this song will make anyone cry, Spice as a DJ said some stuff,
Bubba said he doesn’t know his wedding song, he thinks it’s some Elvis
song, Manson isn’t sure if they had one, Spice thinks Brent’s song was
Kiss. Bubba called heather, she said she didn’t know, Spice thinks
she’s drunk, Bubba said he didn’t get a chance to enjoy the good food
at his wedding, he said he was busy doing stuff, he said if you get a
girl that’s hung up on you, he said if the girl gives you crap for not
remembering their song, just run. He then called up Janie Cakes, ned
thinks Bubba is a bad son, we then heard her bumper. Bubba said he’s
been a bad son, he said he doesn’t like to bug her, Jane said it was
okay, she said she’s kind of sad. Bubba said Jane poked herself in the
eye, he thinks she’s going to hell in a hand basket. Jane said she
couldn’t see, she ended up ripping her cornea, Spice thinks Jane will
need an eye patch, Ned said Bubba has bought four guns after Jane had
a heart attack. Bubba said he hates talking on the phone, she said
spending time with Tyler is important, Bubba said he’s like Manson,
less the racing. Jane said Manson’s Mom is crazy, Manson said he
would’ve flown up there. Jane said it was scary, Spice thinks God kept
her eyesight for her, she said someone Bubba went to school with had a
heart attack, she thinks they should price is right it. Bubba thinks
Jane likes Manson more, he was shocked when he got the name, Jane said
the guy has to work from home, she thinks it was from stress. Bubba
asked her what else she has going on, Jane said she’s doing great, she
said she hasn’t “mokied”, she said she could smell some smokers, she
said it smelled awful. Bubba told her not to get around it, Jane said
she hasn’t gone to church, Manson said good for her. Bubba said
technology is a miracle, Jane said she got her special Forces shirt,
Manson said Donna liked it, he said heather got heat with him for not
bringing it, he said he has no time to carry people’s stuff, Jane told
Bubba to stop it, she then told Bubba he had the story wrong about the
tiger Twins, bubba said the coach at Warsaw High is a dick, Jane said
that Jeff Gross’s kid is really good, she said he’s a softmore, Bubba
thinks having one black kid is regular for Warsaw, he said Jeff’s Dad
ended up being “Mr. Basketball”, which is the highest honor. Jane said
bubba was right to complain over her smoking, Bubba said her life was
determined by smoking, Jane said it was a ball and chain, Bubba said
Jane used to stay at Tara’s house, Jane said she could never hide from
Bubba, Bubba said he would be so uptight over it, he said he nearly
lost her. Jane said she’s been stressed out, Bubba thinks she should
smoke some weed, he asked her to ask her doctor about that, he said
he’d like for her to get high, Ned said he’d love to party with her,
Jane said she’s a fun drunk, he had to dump her a few times for
cursing, he then proposed a family vacation for the fourth of July,
Jane thinks it works out, she said she started driving yesterday, she
thinks she’ll be at Bubbapalooza in New Orleans. Bubba told her about
Calgary, Jane said Wow to that, she thinks the tickets are $1,000 a
piece. Bubba said he’ll pay to have her around, he let her go a few
seconds later. Spice asked Bubba where he was going with the Whitney
Houston thing, Bubba thinks he should finish it today, he said some
boy sang it, sounding just like Whitney, he then went back and forth
between both clips, he said he’d like to hear the kid kick it in,
Manson said he was good, Spice thinks they should check him for parts
downstairs. Bubba said Hogan was in the studio, Hogan said he never
met her, he asked Brent where he was, Hogan said the number was good,
Bubba said Vince had a horrible number. Hogan said he saw something he
doesn’t want to see, he said Jeff Hearty was on fire, he said Beer
Money, he then said he was supposed to land on his feet with another
wrestler, he said when something is tapped, you can’t do it over
again. Hogan said one of Beer Money’s guys lit Jeff on fire, he said
Jeff’s head was covered with kerosene, he said the fire didn’t work
the first few times, he yelled for it to stop, Bubba joked that Hogan
is too crippled to get to the ring. Hogan said it worked the third
time, he said the emts were outside, Spice thinks he looks like Two
Face, ned thinks it’ll look really cool. Spice wondered if it’ll be
edited, Hogan said yes, Spice thinks it would be really bad if you saw
that happen. Bubba said Jeff was mad at Dwayne the Dog Chapman, Hogan
said Dog was in town, they rented a house in Orlando, he said he was
on a book tour, he said all the guys wanted pictures, he said it
turned into a problem, he said the other side of the story is, the guy
had a long day. Bubba said he went on his Twitter and said Screw The
dog, he said the bubba Army went nuts on him. Hogan said he’s not
getting in the Middle of this one, Bubba said Hogan will have a show
called “Hogan Uncensored” on Howard 101, this Monday, he said Scott
Haul has funny commentary, Hogan said they should let him go. Bubba
said he’s not going to the cage, as he got double whammied the last
time, ned said he’s got a $100 in his pocket, Bubba said Hogan is
double agenting him, he thinks he should be friends with Matt Morgan,
Hogan as macho man said they should listen to the macho Man show.
Bubba thinks they should use the machismo guy more often, Hogan said
he saw him and tried to chop him, he ended up breaking his watch.
Bubba thinks if Hogan messes with matt Morgan, Hogan will be seeing
Andre if he keeps it up, he thinks Hogan is the biggest double agent
ever. Hogan said he’s there, Bubba thinks he should just stay home, he
said this will be the first time he can say anything he’d like to say,
Hogan thinks Linda out worked him, Bubba thinks Linda is miserable at
night. Bubba thinks Hogan is excited about the numbers, Hogan said
Eric woke him up, he said Vince is the monster, he said he watched a
match a few days ago, he said Orten is insane, he wondered if Orten
would turn heal, Bubba said it’s taken him nine years to get where he
is, he then said people loved the Mr. Anderson VS. Kurt Angle match,
he said Tyler is a big fan of him, Hogan said WWE is huge, he said
they’re moving. Bubba said this show is uncensored, Hogan said he’s
going to need some Miller Lites, Spice thinks this will be fun, Hogan
said he’s glad to hear that Jane was doing okay, Bubba thinks Ned
would want to come on the show, Hogan thinks Funk can go. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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