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March 9th, 2012 by Staff

Listen this week for rock band Wayland in studio, radio personality Steve Dahl, radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones, comic Jay Mohr, attorney Regina P. Hunter, Fox New’s Tucker Carlson and more….

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  1. Michelle

    Bubba I havent listened to you lately and I don’t always agree with but I think your pretty cool as Male radio personalities go.. Today I came in on the Middle of you interview with Alex Jones, I didn’t know anything about him, but I am familiar with everything I was saying about the Queen and the Rockefellars!! I had a very eye opening experience when I watched the movie THRIVE! This is much of the same info, with a deeply spiritual overtone and gives us a sense of empowerment over what seems like a very dark energy force that is attempting to take over the world. You owe it to yourself to watch THRIVE!! it;s inspiring and uplifting and NOT preachy! there is no judgement! here is the link.
    Reiki Master/Intuitive
    Michelle Glass

  2. Neil

    Hey guys, I caught the end of the interview with Alex Jones this morning regarding oil and other matters. I was particularly interested in the brief discussion concerning cancer. I know a movie was referenced that sounded very intriguing but I missed the title. I’d appreciate it if someone could supply that info if you have it.



  3. Schwibby Bibby

    Is there a link to the ALEX JONES interview??

  4. steve kelley

    I download the show and listen in my truck at work. I’m always a day or two behind, but haven’t missed a show since about a month after early enlistment (when i finally found you guys again). I was really looking forward to the alex jones interview (big fan), but I can’t find the interview. I heard bubba say alex would be on in about an hour, but then an hour later the show was over. what happened and where can i get the interview? Thanks guys. Love the show.

  5. EX Bubba Army

    Bubba come back to Sirus / XM buddy, we miss you

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