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February 6th, 2012 by Staff

Listen to the show this week to hear the first week live from the new studios. This week we have television personality from The Insider, Brooke Anderson, Top 5 countdown of the country charts, Dr. Mark in studio, Actor/Director Kevin Smith, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, plugs for pain, and the pheromone challenge!


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  1. Gail

    Just returned to the Buffalo, NY, area from a two-week stay in Sarasota. Enjoyed the listen, Bubba. Thought I heard you make reference to Buffalo Russo..Carl plays a mean banjo on his show at 97Rock! Best wishes to all of you there in your new studio and have fun on that trip to Hungary!

  2. Rick Conrad

    Who won the pheromone challenge?

  3. Jason

    Hey Bubba,
    What was the name of that band and song you all played on Friday? The one where you said the lyrics really hit home and you started singing it with a passion might I add…Just really enjoyed that band and would like to hear them again..Thanks Jason

  4. Brandi

    First will you make a bumpersitcker that says if the bitch is laughing her ass off shes listening to BTLS?!?!?

    The young girl that ran in hancuffs…. WHEN A COP SAYS DONT MOVE DONT RUN DONT RUN. I was a jackass as a flightnurse in the army and thought I could go into my home to goto my daughter even thought the leos said no ( I was a jackass WO3 in the Army so I thought I was untouchable and didnt watch COPS enought SURE AS SHIT!) I went back to my door and got tazed 2x’s I am not a tiny baby girl Im a 5’9 woman that can hold my own that got tazed 2x’s…never got convicted or what ever happens but still it was a blast better then a tattoo….crap. Just wish dont move ment dont move. They have the right to kill your ass.

  5. AkiraSTD

    Why is he in a new studio? Thought he built a major compound.

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