This Week October 8-12th 2012

October 14th, 2012 by Staff


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  1. Tom Cook

    I enjoyed listening to your show today, Could you tell me the name of the drug side effect spoof you did right before the “Keep us stoned in America” bit? I share some of my laughs with my wife who doesn’t listen to radio normally.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. perry

    Hey, I missed the show. Did you guys talk about how Bubba filmed his wife have sex with Hogan and then Bubba trying to get paid for it? Man, with friends like you, well you know the rest. Hey, spikeboy, or spriteboy, whatever the fuck you’re being called, tell all the guys in the studio that if Bubba will do that to a friend, he’ll do it to you workers as well. Peace!!

  3. Don Serrano

    Bubba … with all the publicity that came out today regarding the sex tape, just tell us the truth … was it you? … were you and your ex-wife fully aware of the camera, and planning to profiteer off your best friend? … is it true you said, “if we ever want to retire, all we have to do is show this” ???

    I want to simply “say it ain’t so” … but from what I’ve been reading, you can’t … you DID this Bubba … you set up, and lied to your best friend … you gave him permission to have sex with your wife so you could videotape the event and make money … that’s simply horrible

    You need to address this situation … and if you’re guilty of what I’m saying, then man-up and admit it … and face the well-deserved consequences, including prison

  4. Friend of Brian Adams

    Bubba: The world is stunned about what you did to your “best friend”. Videotaping him having sex with your own wife with the intent of blackmailing him, and/or selling it for a profit … I’ve never heard of conduct so low, despicable and disgusting. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Be a MAN and admit what you did was reprehensible. For years, you have preached and pontificated about doing things “the right way”, and you’ve never been shy to “call people out” when they didn’t meet your “standards” for honesty and integrity. What a HYPOCRITE! What a LIAR! What a SCUMBAG! This is no surprise to people who’ve have dealings with you … you are LOWER THAN DIRT! I hope Terry Bollea BEATS THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!

  5. Bill Gates

    Bubba you sir are a scumbag, The fact that you would set a friend up to screw your wife then video tape it and sell it makes you the biggest lowlife known to man.


  6. tyler

    Fat loser

  7. Marc Macaulay

    I am truly saddened by the apparent betrayal of so called “Best Friends”. I enjoy the show and hoped to tell Bubba in person one day. Now, I think you are a sick, twisted, self centered back stabber. Watch your backs boys. Not anyone I would want calling me a friend. But in show biz there is no such thing as bad publicity. The money whores will all get paid. Marc.



  9. Jeff Mervine

    Bubba, I’m not sure what’s goin on with the sex tape shiz but who gives a shit. Fuck the haters and maybe bubba didn’t tape it… he’s got money… but what about the whore ex wife heather… that bitch don’t deserve to even have a capital letter heading her whore name and she needs money I’m sure. I’m anxious to hear about it more. You fuckin rock Ned … should have been you porkin heather lol… old balls slappin against her tight chin skin…….ooohhhhhhh god!

  10. Nick Hogan

    WTF Bubba??? You seem to be on point when it comes controversial topics and current events involving regular white trash hillbillies, politicians, and celebrities. Let’s hear it!!! What do you have to say about uuhhhh, ahem, you know what i’m talking about!!!!!!

  11. Jerry S.

    Bubba, you are lower than dogshit. What you did to your “best friend” was terrible. All you care about is scamming people for a buck. I used to LOVE YOUR SHOW when it was on in Orlando. Now, I hate your guts. Your are the most vile, despicable form of rotten guttertrash that has ever walked the earth. I hope Hogan finds you, and kicks the shit out of your fat fucking ass! How does it feel knowing that EVERYBODY thinks you’re a scumbag?

  12. Danny

    Wow, I could care less about this shiz. Only the people involved should care this much and quite frankly, all I care about is hearing a good show everyday. Bubba, thanks for showing up everyday and keeping me entertained, Manson I think you are the most talented man in radio, and Ned is the man. F the haters, if you don’t like it, don’t listen, who cares.

  13. ALLEN

    I just can’t believe that you let your best friend fuck your wife at the time with you in the next room.. Really I guess you never did care about the ho. If I was you just stay single brother suits you way better.

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