This Week October 15-19th 2012

October 15th, 2012 by Staff

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  1. Everyone

    Bubba you suck, you have always sucked. Your ad riddled website is embarrassing. For once your life is interesting and you aren’t even talking about it.

  2. Bob Showers

    Bubba -
    I hope this reaches you, and without a doubt, any male who has to ask another male to make love to his woman is nothing but a conceited, vain, arrogant and selfish person. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    I used to have a great affinity for HH. I will never repeat his name again, and by the way, why don’t you consider calling him by his real name, and no longer honoring him by calling him Hulk Hogan. He hides behind this persona in order to avoid dealing with reality, so I suggest you continue to refer to him, among other things, as Terry Bollea, as there’s no need to honor an image of Hulk Hogan, a mask for Terry Bollea to live his shameful existence taking advantage of others!!

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Bob Showers

  3. mike

    Dear Bubba. I remeber back in the late 80′s i lived in Redington beach not to far from where hogan lived there. I got to tell you he was a dick then as well. I remember when he used to eat in the Frog Pond for breakfest, little kids would want to see him. All he did was bitch about it. I have some more stories about him from back then. No i dont personally know Hogan

  4. neil

    Ive been a long time listener since Power Pig(power pig,hello)..i recently listened to an interview with former wwe superstar doink the clown,and he talked about Hulk Hogan playing the politics game with macho man and refusing to work with him,blah,blah,blah..but he made some points that i thought were false until you expressed your true fellings about him as a father and his ADULT children..i say all that to say this,bubba i disagree with you more times than i agree with you and its a sad day that hogan got worked into a shoot about some sex tape, i want to believe that there are people behind the scene trying to suck out of him the little money he has..i cna go on about NUMEROUS times you were there for him,even in all his failed attempts at getting back into showbiz…midget wrestling…need i say more…hogan says a sex tape has been leaked..ok..hogan says it was done by heather and you..ok..hogan files 100 million dollar lawsuit aganist you and heather…WHAT!!…props to you for being honest and i hope you come out of this on top(no pun intended)

  5. d

    I have been a listener of Bubba since the 93.3 days. I initially heard about this stuff w Hogan and out of interest, caught the bit on of Hogan and heather. I recognized Bubbas voice immediately when you said ” Ill be in my office”. Today was the last day i will listen to your show. IDK if this is a work or a shoot, but listening to you “defend” your stupidity is something I just cant fathom or stomach. This will drag for months and eat up air time. IDC that Hogan banged your wife–swinging is fine—but swinging and now you claiming to not know a GD thing is ludicrous. IDk Howard…IDK Howard–all damn morning. Its already old. You cant please your woman and give it up to that old nasty husk speaks volumes about you Bubba–volumes. Spice leaving really crippled you, but this is the cream cheese on top. You are the laughing stock of anyone that had any respect for you. Well done.

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