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March 5th, 2012 by Staff

Listen to The Bubba The Love Sponge® Show this week for: NHRA rookie driver Courtney Force,  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the phone,  girls from the National Championship of pole dancing in studio, and The First Annual “Cook The Books” event and more…

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  1. Terry Dennis

    Bubba you and your staff are the greatest thing that happend to Radio.

    I want to keep hearing you on the radio and you know that cooking the book would be a kool. but the way this country is today I really dont think you should do it The fuckin ragheads arent worth loosing what you have now.

    Love your show and I’m telling everybody I know to listen to you show cause you are for real.

  2. Tim Dimsdale

    I am very disappointed to see that you have reconsidered your position on the “Cook the Book” event. I feel strongly that our country has methodically and systematically chipped away at our contitution. The high ranking police officer kept saying that “Bubba is a big picture guy”, but I would submit that the bigger picture is that the ‘powers that be’ managed to trickle down to a level at which your friendship could be exploited in order to give you the excuse you needed to back out and still save face. No name calling here sir. That whole thing was just a ‘bit’to help make it more palettable to the huge number of listeners who will be disappointed that you have aquiesced to the same powers that oppress the rights guaranteed in our Constitution. For one use the excuse that bad things could happen as a result is to demonstrate that one has a basic lack of understanding for the concept of cause and effect. Thanks for listening.

  3. jaystor

    The pussification of the mighty Bubba… not cooking the books? Wussie…

  4. J. Finch

    Hey Bubba!
    I owe you an apology sir. For years I had heard OF you, but had never heard your show. All I really know about you was what I had picked up from media and (obviously) jealous dj’s, which lead me to believe you were a huge douchebag.
    I’ve lived most of my life in your neck of the woods, North Manchester, so most of what was available on the radio was Bob and Tom, or that idiot Mancow. Neither of which I particularly cared for, but that (barely) beat the local morning crews!
    Anyway, I moved to Brandon in June of last year, and heard your show for the first time shortly after. You are the MAN! Yeah, sometimes you’re abrasive, and can be a dick, but to the people that deserve it!
    Maybe it has to do with both of us growing up in the same are in the same era, or just that I happen to have the same mentality, but I find myself getting as angry as you do about the same things, an being just as annoyed by the pussification of America as you.
    Again, I want to apologize for my previous unfounded opinion of you and want you to know that you have a new fan for life. I’ve even been telling everyone back in IN that they have to listen, and have converted many (thank God for radio io!)
    Keep doin what you’re doing, and don’t take any crap from anyone!
    Bubba Army all the way, brother!

    Jimm Finch

    P.S. I know you probably choose not to give it any attention, but I can’t believe how much that moron Cowhead trashes you on his show. Seems like a jealous ingrate to me.

  5. Wes

    Man… you guys were so adamant about freedom of speech and you bailed on your event. I guess we all should give up on the hope of fighting back. Political correctness 1, BTLS 0. Game over.

  6. Teresa

    Thank you for reconsidering not burning the Qur’an this week. We have many men and women fighting for our freedom in the middle East while they are fighting to stay alive because of the recent burning of the Qur’an. Yes we have the right of freedom of speech and that makes our Country a wonderful place to live. However, with that freedom to say what we want or burn the Qu’ran brings consequences to those fighting for us to continue to practice that freedom. Additionally, I strongly believe it would have made our city a target for radical Islamics attacks and the ultimate consequence would be the loss of many lives.

    Our military fights every day for us to practice and live any faith we choose in this Country. Radical Islamics will fight every day to die for their faith / religion. They will also go to any length to take revenge on Americans.

    Schedule time with one of our base leaders at CENTCOM and see just how screwed up our world really is. The middle East has a movement happening right now that no one has ever seen. We are not privied to all that is happening over there, but listen closely to the news and count the number of times you hear Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Afghanistan,and Libya. Change IS coming in the middle east and we need to be on guard more than ever before. Thank you for having a change of heart.

  7. Rags

    Can you say, “Pussification of America”? Now, real quick, three times?

  8. NoGo

    This was a calculated bit from the beginning to try and give the show a ratings bump. As soon as I heard it announced I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Bubba and all his people on the show (not to mention his employer) will never allow such a demonstration of free speech. But for the listeners who like those scams, don’t worry, the next bit to trick people into listening to the show is just around the corner.

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