This Week August 1-5th 2016

August 1st, 2016 by Staff

This week on The Bubba the Love Sponge Show.. We’re back in action!

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  1. Margo lambert

    What happened to Bfud?

  2. Steve

    Hey Bubba and crew,just wanted to say I love the show and listen every damn day on my phone to get me through the morning grind.

    The reason I am leaving this message is that the commercials that play when you listen to the app often repeat 2 or more times in a single break and they are the same three or four…

    It’s really starting to get to me and I want to hit the mute button during the breaks usually :( Would love to hear some new spots to liven things up!

  3. marc

    Where can I find the kid rock trump fight song ? I tell everyone about it but can’t find it anywhere.this place needs that song heard. Great show thanks

  4. Ken The Security Guard

    Hey Bubba. I’m a Security Guard up in Peterborough Ont Canada. Just got
    told two months ago about your show, and love it. I listen Thursday and Friday from 6:00am to 10:00am. I think that it is retarded that you can’t say the R word, but can say N word all the live long day , from a Canadian prospective thats retarded. lol

    Keep up the good work.

    Ken The Security Guard

  5. rthomas

    wheres the chicken man?

  6. JB

    I have been listening to you, literallly around the time hateley left. I think maybe 4-6 years, and I love the Bubba show the best, and then get real bubba on weds. with after show really love it. I wish you guys would literally record a day early uncensored then. get some one besides Jabs who does everything, to cut the N’s out and MF’s. Then run it on air bleeped but it would be a lot better because your uncensored and you don’t have asked the question in your head 3-5 times.TRACE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ACCIDENT DUDE swear you sound like sean penn in High Times and Ridgemont High Aww man. Dude CANT WAIT SEE IN FT MYER THIS WEEKEND BUBBAPoolZa

  7. buddy

    bubba, r u fing kidding me. just read about the poll results. seems theres gonna be a recount with ober and warren. but that’s not what pisses me off. I read the stories and all they say about who brought the mama bear story out is mike deeson and channel 10. not a word about you or your show. not to worry tho bubba it was the true bubba army that came through for you and in the end is gonna get his ass out……..

  8. Bill Friss

    Hey loved the skit “Trump calls Hillary after winning” wherein Trump and Hillary are talking on the phone and Bill Clinton jumps in complaining Trump ruined his first man deal for women. I would love a copy. Funny as hell.

  9. Jared Connell

    Bubba love the show, BUBBA ARMY!!

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