Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th, 2010 by Staff

Today’s recap goes out to Manson, as today is his 49th Birthday. Happy
Birthday Manson, the Bubba Army appreciates your talent.

Blind Lawrence here with today’s recap.
Today’s bumper music provided by NED!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Segment 1 – Super Boat Race

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing, followed by Robert
Goulet. Bubba wondered if Ned was ribbing him, Ned said this was
supposed to be “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy, we then heard the song, he
thinks that’s what would start the show, he said some tracks are
$1.29. Bubba plugged the Super Boat races, you can go to
for more information, Spice said he likes to see them flip. Bubba
thinks in order to go, you should be able to get some trivia, he
doesn’t want just anyone to get it, he then went over some prizes
they’ve got, he then went over some sports scores, he said that he
didn’t get to bed until 1:45, he said his flight left at 8:00, he
thinks they’re sucking in regards to football picks, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Football

Bubba said that Ned gets bummed out when ever his music is selected;
Ned said his music needs to be heard. Bubba wondered if anyone went to
see Drake, he said that Fabrizi texted him with updates, he thinks
Scene would’ve been the lesser of two evils. Jim said he sent Bubba
gift, Bubba said that he sent the guy something back, he told the guy
to go to The diamond Club, the guy said he was going to go. Bubba then
went over some College scores; Brent said UCLA only threw the ball 8
times. Bubba said he heard JT The Brick on the way in, he said there’s
a clip of a Florida fan who is six foot five, he’s dressed up in a
suit with a hot chick with him, he talks about how superior Florida is
to Alabama, he thinks the Alabama fans aren’t smart enough to find
him, nor could they kick his ass, Spice said he just sent it to
Jabberjaw. Bubba said that Ned loves to watch the Boise state games,
as they have a blue field. We then heard the Monday Night Football
music, Bubba said there’s a lot of bad blood between the Packers and
Bears, he thinks he’ll be able to catch the first half. Spice said he
went to the Bucs game yesterday, he was in a suite, but he didn’t say
who he was with. Bubba went over the stats, he said that Manson came
in last place, Tyler ended up getting first place. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Berlin wishes Manson a happy birthday, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”,
followed by “Saturday in The park” by Chicago. Bubba asked Spice if
he’s seen his calendar, Spice said no, Bubba then went over what he’s
got coming up. Ted said he enjoys the show, he thinks the football
picks are mind numbingly gay, he then got the Evil treatment, Bubba
said if you don’t like it, sit through it. Sean in Ohio said he has a
big jag of beans, he said that he had to get up around 10:00 at night
or so, Spice said he’d rather hear football picks than this guy. The
first email asked about the WGN show, as well as the name of the
vaporizer Manson talked about, Manson said it’s Iolite. Another
emailer said that Pitas is now carrying the chicken dip, Bubba then
goofed on Spice cutting the deal. Another emailer said that the kid
who died on the Beau flex was in fact practicing “”, Bubba said the
choking Game has nothing to do with masturbation. Another emailer said
they enjoyed the old Ned, the emailer thinks Ned is depressed, Ned
told the emailer to get Satellite radio. Bubba said they’ve got a
special guest on the line, Berlin Waters, Manson’s daughter came on,
the guys goofed on Berlin sounding not sure on Manson’s age, Berlin
said that she wanted to call in, Donna made her do it. Manson said
that Berlin has a homemade shirt that says “I love Chrystal meth”, he
said that she asked he duct tape her hands behind her back. Another
emailer requested the Bad Monkey bit. Another emailer asked if the
guys will get their food through a three inch hole, Ned said he’ll
provide the hole. Another emailer asked if Tyler was to die, would the
guys make a joke, bubba thinks that would be the case. Another emailer
said that he can’t stop thinking about Ned’s “Brent Hatley 5-0” song.
Another emailer asked if Bubba would consider hiring Frosty, Bubba
said he’s brilliant. Another emailer said they loved when Ned gave his
Packers football selection. We then heard a news clip about Ronald
cummings getting 15 years in jail for drugs, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Religion Discussions

Bubba said he normally does play bits by request; he then went into a
triple shot of bits:

1. “Bad Monkey” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 1, and
“the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 7.
2. “Ronald and Misty Cummings’s Wedding Vows” from “Bubba’s New and
Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 4, and “The Clemulus package’ disc 3, track
3. “hatley 5-0” from “rent hatley concert” track 6, and “Ned’s Tribute
to Brent hatley”, track 15

We then heard “Stuck In The Middle with You”, Bubba thinks Ned will
participate more into the show, ned said he didn’t like having his bit
censored, Bubba said they could turn it into a Breakfast Flakes show,
Manson said he’d do any gig, he suggests they do a Religious show, and
be fake like everyone else. Bubba then talked about Eddie Long, who
has denounced homosexuality, but got in trouble for trying to touch
three men, he wonders how much of a bunch of suckers these people are;
Brent said it’s the God complex. We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba said his pastor is common sense, Brent said the anti gay people
are mostly gay. Bubba proposes they open a church, he said the God he
knows would never forgive people like Susan Smith, he said his bible
has a broken people section, he doesn’t get 10% of a paycheck. Spice
wondered what too much money is for a pastor, Bubba said there are
some people who truly want to help out, Manson thinks if you actually
believe, you should drive a car that has 100,000 miles on it, Spice
thinks it’s like a charity organization, Bubba thinks
should have tax records on various churches, Brent wonders why it’s
not published. Bubba said he’d like to support the small people, yet
he doesn’t like the mega churches. Spice asked if Walter was to make
around $300,000, Bubba said he wouldn’t care, he’d like to see the
intake, he said there’s a template, Brent joked Ned would like to file
a Freedom of Information act to see the pictures of that. Bubba thinks
the Priest is a down low brother, he thinks his pastor flies on Jet
Long, he thinks the people covering it up should be held responsible.
Frank on protection asked Bubba to not keep him on hold so long, he
said he worked for a radio station owned by a church, he said the
church was gridded, he said they could raise about $1.4,000,000 with
just donations, the church folded years later, he suggested Bubba look
into Joe Lawsteen, Brent said he looks gay. Bubba said it’s a big
shakedown, he said it’s a genius business idea. Tracey wondered if
anyone really needs to drive a Bentley, Bubba said they shouldn’t be
judgmental on just that, Spice said if you’re a brain surgeon and
you’re not religious, you can do that. Tracey said she tried to put
her kid in Catholic school; she had to volunteer and tyve in order to
keep her kid in. Bubba said he could care what message you deliver,
Spice said that Religion is the one career choice where money isn’t
supposed to be important. Sam said the think that kills him is people
are doing all this for something that can’t be proved; he said every
war in this country was started over Religion. Jimmy said that you see
a lot of $40,000 incomes, yet there’s more money coming in, Bubba
thinks if you’re going to be a church, you need to have a recognized
5013C. Jen on protection said they file taxes, she said a lot of
pastors are considered self-employed, Spice said that stuff is easy to
cook, Bubba thinks the records should be open to the public, Jen said
the budget is set every year. Bubba thinks this stuff would make
people change their opinion; Brent said the church will normally give
the pastor a house. Bubba said he’s had some good interaction with his
pastor, he said it’s sad that guys like Eddie Long are giving the
organization a black eye, he thinks the first red flag should be when
your pastor is on TV. Rob said he’s a young guy who is a Catholic, he
said the church has a bunch of issues, he said there’s no comparison
to what the Catholic church does, Bubba said they’re just exposing the
Catholic church for something they might’ve done for thousands of
years, he said the Catholic church is at the top of the not to be
trusted list, Spice said people know about the church because of the
Internet, Brent said all the money goes to the Vatican, Bubba said if
someone put a gun to his head that the family go to church in either a
Catholic Church or a mega church, he said he’d pick the mega church,
as he has a 50-50 chance that the kids aren’t touched. Rob said that
priests should be get married, Bubba said he’ll take his pastor on a
jet, rather than his kid getting touched. Spice said the priests are
stupid to send the money to the Vatican, he said the Priest is some
low level mob guy, Manson said the pope is the one in charge of
covering up molestation, Spice said it makes them look weird. Bubba
then recapped what a priest says, he said just the template itself is
flawed, Spice suggests the guy rises up, Manson said if you touch a
kid, you’ll get transferred, yet if you get married, they’ll kick you
out. Spice said he appreciates the guy, he wonders if the guy should
back away from all this, Bubba thinks the guy is a sucker, Manson said
that’s like saying that you’re a good Klan member. Bubba said that all
Catholic people are suckers, Spice said he would like if it a priest
was to explain his problems with the church, he thinks it will never
happen, as he thinks they’re sackless. Bubba said if guys like Rob
were to break away from the Church, something could be done with
Religion, Spice said the Catholic Church is making the Scientologists
seem normal, Manson said we’re giving money to guy in gootchy shoes
and red lipstick. Bubba said if the preacher who is delivering the
message, but can’ live the life style, it’s Hypocritical 101. Tony on
protection said he happens to know a reliable source that says the
Catholic Church takes in a lot of money; Manson sarcastically said
it’s shocking. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba came on saying he’s got some people racked up, he then
went into two Catholic themed bits:

1. “100 Boys” from “Bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track 1
2. Ned – “Catholic Altar Boys” (Not in the catalog as of this writing)

Bubba said he has a woman lined up for Power Boat trivia. Chrystal
came on, she said she’s into it; she’s not sure how good she’ll do in
it. Bubba said she’s playing for a night at Clear Water beach. Spice
asked how much horse power can an engine produce, Bubba thinks she
won’t know that one, he then asked her what her favorite class is,
Chrystal said she likes the Clear Water one, she said she’d like to
sit on the beach in a bikini, she then she’d send pictures, Spice said
that it’s a cool event. We then heard a news clip about Linzy Lohan
getting out of jail, Spice asked that she overdose already, Ned said
he loves her, he doesn’t get why the guys don’t dig her, he said that
Linzy is a partier, Spice said Ned has a point, he thinks it’s the
media that is causing him to not like her, he thinks it’s the Ultament
goal of the poperotsy. Bubba thinks they can get a scram bracelet, put
it on Ned and see what happens; Ned said he’ll do that. Gary in Plant
City came on, he said he loves the car he won, he said he still has
it, he said he’s put over 14,000 miles on it; he said people ask him
if it’s the Hogan car. We then heard a news clip about a girl who
watched her Father die after an argument over skateboarding. Bubba
said that he would never wish that upon anyone, Spice told Bubba to at
least listen to the story first, Bubba thinks there’s a lawn mower in
the background, he doesn’t like how the old timer pulled out a gun,
he’s glad Spice stopped him, Spice then goofed on him saying he
would’ve been wrong, Bubba said maybe being wrong is cool, when you
know how to work. The guys think pulling out the gun was a bad move,
Manson said he’d take his daughter and get out of there if that was
the case. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about Jesse James
Dupree’s concert, Spice said it’s called “Rock the Block” this
Saturday night. The guy asked about the TV show, Bubba thinks it’ll be
back. Sean said he knows the son of the shooter, who is the god Father
of his Daughter, he said the guy is getting death threats, he said the
kids were out their skateboarding, but were destroying the property.
Bubba said that to the news’s credit, they did say that there is more
to the story. Spice then read from the newspaper about the shooting,
he said the younger couldn’t have come at him and started choking him.
Sean said that when he gets off the phone, he’ll talk to the guy,
Bubba suggested he come on the air, he then talked about, he thinks they can’t even talk about the stuff on it,
he said if you can think about it, they have it, he said that Neil was
going to pay Linzy $50,000 for popping balloons, Spice thinks they’re
a lot bigger, Ned was getting turned on as Spice talked about it.
Bubba then read the article about that, Spice cracked up at the dollar
amount, Manson wonders how you turn that offer down, Bubba said he’d
do it; Spice said if she had a sex tape out, it would bring her career
back. Bubba said that David Beckum is involved in a sex scandal, he
then read an article about that, he thinks half of the show’s success
is him knee jerking, he then read an article about a coach who took in
a homeless student, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba hopes
the coach didn’t do anything shady, he likes how one of the kids
suggested the coach get a metal, provided the coach didn’t do anything
wrong, Manson said this is to prevent ringers, Bubba likes how the
kids know what the deal is, he thinks everyone is turned into a bunch
of pussies, he suggested they get behind this case. Sam came on saying
there’s a show on G4 called “the international Sexy ladies Show”, he
then described what they’ve got on the show, he said the balloon
pooping is one of things they do, he said it’s wild to watch, he said
you have to see it, Spice thinks the guy was exposed to too much of
it. Dave on protection came on; Bubba said he doesn’t want people to
know he’s a football coach. Dave said he’s a family man, he said if a
kid needs a home, he’ll be at his house, Bubba thinks even ned would
help out, Brent said that’s true charity, bubba thinks he’ll get the
Governor involved. Dave asked if Tebow can be on a team that can
actually win. Jacob in Orlando said he loves the show and listens
every day, he said he played for the coach in question, this is the
first time he’s heard about it, he said the guy took care of his team,
he said it’s ridiculous. Bubba thinks they should have a direct email
to the people involved, he said he’d like to help the guy out. Spice
explained the Dead Spin video, it’s a guy with four belts, he’s a
Gators fan and is planning to kick any Alabama fan’s ass. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Segway owner dies, 60 Minutes Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Diana Ross. Bubba pointed out
that Manson was eating a veggie burger; he said the chips will really
get you with the dip. Spice said the video is just the guy talking,
Bubba said he’s nerd like. We then heard the clip, where the guy says
he’s a football genius, he then recapped how the breakdown will go,
Bubba thinks the girl is steamy. The guys goes on to rake Alabama over
the coals, saying among other things, that they’ve got hotdog flavored
water, and that the family tree is vertical, Manson said the guy’s
promo is pretty week, Brent said you’ll never find out that Rob Kahn
is a black belt until you get your ass kicked. Spice wondered who
would want to get into a College Football fight, Bubba thinks Brent,
Brent said he’s never had a fight like that. Bubba said they’re not
supporting the guy, he said they’d partake in friendly fan jousting,
he said their playing this as the guy is a dildo; Brent said this is
an embarrassment. Bubba said at this point, on paper, Alabama is a
better team; Brent said he doesn’t expect Alabama to win. Josh said he
had a friend in high school lived with his cross country coach, he
tried to commit suicide at home, the coach gave him a new life. Kevin
came on saying the guy is a dildo Gator fan, he said he’s been
studying Marshal Arts for a few years, he said no one will brag about
it, you don’t want to pick fights with people, Spice thinks the guy
won’t even show up. John said the Saint cloud coach is doing it all
wrong, he said if the guy did it like the Dr. Phillips coach, it would
be better, Bubba hung up on him, he then asked if anyone watched “60
Minutes”, Spice sad he missed it, Brent said he watched the whole
thing last night, Bubba thinks it was dead on to what they’ve been
saying, he then read an article about the segway company owner dying
while riding one off of a cliff, Spice said he likes those things,
Bubba said a lot of NHRA guys have them. We then heard a news clip
from “60 Minutes’ about the war in Afghanistan, Bubba wonders if it
will change their view, Brent said this just shows how feeble our
attempts are over there, Bubba thinks all we’re doing is getting dead
soldiers, he thinks we’re just turning up the hate over there, Manson
thinks it’s intense, Bubba said that’s real warfare, he thinks we
should just go home and give the Country back, Manson thinks had we
had the World War I mentality, we would’ve won. Brent said this is
costing us $171,000,000,000, he said we’re close to
$1,000,000,000,000; Manson said that we’ve lost our minds, Bubba
suggests we just let them have it back, he said if he was president,
he’d just cut his loses, Spice wonders where the soldiers are getting
the weapons, Bubba said everyone is just a Cool-aid drinker, Manson
thinks we’re stuck in the game until 2050. Spice doesn’t get how
Russia lost, yet we provided Afghanistan with their weapons, Manson
thinks that no one will ever get America out of the mess. Bubba
wonders what a win would be classified as; Brent said no one can
answer that one. Pete on protection thinks Bubba is spot on, Bubba
thinks he’s pissing people off with his commentary, he wonders if we
even have a mission statement, Pete said they never had a direct
explanation. Jason thinks they need to be more honest with us, they
said back in June they found a trillion dollars worth of Lithium.
Bubba said this is like a roach motel, he said he could care less
about Afghanistan, Manson said they’re the same guys on the monkey
bars, bubba hopes Obama was watching this, ned yelled for the dog in
the clip to shut up, Bubba thinks our leaders have failed the
Americans, he wonders if there’s something that would make us realize
what we’re doing, Manson doesn’t think that’s the case. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Manson’s “Afghan navy” from “Bubba Show
classics Vol. 3”, track 15. The bit is a parody of the Armed services
commercials. Bubba came on saying he’ll get to some callers, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few
days. Gary said Bubba is right on with the war, he then read a
paragraph of a letter someone wrote him, saying the people will never
change, Bubba thanked him for the call. Jeff said he’s done several
tours, he said when he left was in 2009, he agrees with the guy
earlier, he said nine times out of ten, the mission statement would
tell them to support the Iraqi national Army. The timer was heard in
the background, the guy then got buzzed. Bubba said that wasn’t
disrespectful, he suggested the callers get ready. James thinks the
war has already been lost, how on 9/11, their goal was to make them
fear us, Bubba said they’ve mind screwed us. Steve in Miami said the
last caller hit the nail on the head; he asked what the soldiers have
to come back to. Ryan said he just graduated with a degree, he said
we’ve over stressed ourselves. Spice plugged “rock The Block” in
Orlando, the guys then wished Manson a happy birthday. We then heard
Manson’s bit about Mark Ober fining a man who beat two dogs to death
$110. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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