Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012 by Staff
Monday, September 24, 2012

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba and Manson talk a little about the Rays.
Bubba said he got a chance to accomplish something on his bucket list,
but he’ll never go to Notre Dame’s stadium again, he doesn’t like how
people were standing during the whole game.
Tara got attacked by some bees over the weekend.
Emails: Chicken dip, “50 Shades of White rash” is a great series,
Tyler is great on air, listener thanks Bubba for talking with his
Sister about the missing girl, listener can’t tell the difference
between regular and blue cheese.
Brent has his wires out, he now has rubber bands, they’ll be on for
about three weeks.
Dock, fabricator of the stars came on saying he’ll be dropping off a new sign.
Bubba gives a rundown of the NFL games over the weekend, he then told
a story about a drunk fan at the Notre Dame game.
51% of people are fine with splitting the check on a date.
Woman is suing the Orlando Magic for using her picture.
Robert said he’s back in the dating scene, he talked about dating.
Tara said that she’s always offered to pay.
Ross said he’s the kind of guy who pays for the first date dinner, he
makes an effort to be nice, it seems that it’s not being returned.
Ned’s “Monday Night Football – Packers VS Seahawks”.
Bubba said the Cream machine will be at the Buccaneers/Redskins game
this coming Sunday.
Robin thinks that men have made more money than women for centuries.
Bubba asked if she was a Lesbian, Robin said that “labels are for
filing cabbinets”.
Kevin said he called the show last week about driving 170 miles to
work, he thanked the guys for the merch, his wife was mad they didn’t
send a pink Bubba Army shirt, he told her he’d order one.
Bubba talked about a guy at a baseball game who sat behind home plate
and made oral sex gestures.
Audio clip – Man cooked his wife’s corpse into food.
Honey Boo Boo wants more money; Manson thinks the end is near.
Audio clip – Woman kills her kids, then herself.
Ned’s “Crazy Bitch” (“Bubba show classics Vol. 19”, track 9).
Vince Young is out of the NFL, and doesn’t have a lot of money.
Robert asked Bubba if he heard about the monorail in the zoo.
Audio clip – man mauled by a tiger after jumping into it’s cave,
claiming he wanted to be “One with the tiger”.
Ned’s “Wild tigers Bite” (“Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 3”, track 9).
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “You Better Not Smoke Pot” (“Bubba’s ew and
Misc its Vol. 6” track 10, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track
Audio of Billy Joe Armstrong flipping out over being told he has a minute left.
Caller said that Billy might have to go to rehab; Bubba played
“Welcome to Paradise” in the background.
Audio clip – Parris Hilton blasts gays who have sex with strangers.
Audio clip – Chef flips out.
Bubba remembers the time they had Grandpa Munster on the show, he
remembers his line of “You’re past your prime”, he thinks he was on to
Audio clip – Monica is writing a book about her afare with Bill Clinton.
Bubba said that a lot of their old Clinton stuff is too dirty for
regular radio, but they did find two bits.
Manson’s “Clinton Confesses to the Pope” (“President Clinton Parodies
Vol. 1”, track 18). In the bit, Bill Clinton confesses his sins to
Pope John Paul II, Manson thinks it’s horrible, Bubba cracked up at
Bubba said that he’s heard from good sources that Taylor Swift’s
people have heard some of Ned’s parodies of her songs; he’s even heard
that Taylor has heard them and has enjoyed them.
“Clinton – You Can’t Touch Me” (“President Clinton parodies Vol. 2”
track 7, and “Political CD” track 25). The bit takes place at “the
first Annual Kick the Republicans while they’re down, after hours
Whitehouse party”. It starts off with Ted Kennedy singing an off key
version of Jimmy Buffett’s “why Don’t We Get Drunk”, we then hear
Manson as bill Clinton go on stage and tell some jokes. “Anyone here
from the GOP tonight? No? Good, because if there was, I was gonna tell
you to come blow me.” We then hear Manson spoof “You Can’t touch Me”
by Mc Hammer.
Audio of Rush Limbaugh talking, Tara points out Rush moving his papers
around, Bubba thinks the guy has nothing.
Audio clip – Joe Biden’s wife introduces him.
Kanye West upset over his sex tape being shopped around; Bubba hates
the guy for being arragant.
Grady Jud on the phone to discuss the latest stuff happening in their
jails – you go back to school, everyone is woken up at 6:00 with
school programing, they are also given GED prep courses, they even
have retired school teachers come in to teach stuff like CPR, how to
be responsible as a parent, etc, he then described some of the stuff
that they don’t have at the jail.
Audio clip – Girl spanked by male school official.
Nick thinks Bubba is wrong with his statement of the abuse should be
the same sex.
Audio clip – Parent is upset that an elementary school has a padded room.
Various callers comment on the padded room.
Bubba plugged and the Raffle for the Ford truck
from Elder Ford.
Buddy doesn’t like how the disciplin doesn’t start at home.
Bubba recapped the time he was on a plane with his Mom, she was
nervous about flying.
Tara thinks bubba is hateful; she said he’s the kind of guy who will
tell someone as they get on the ride that someone died a week before.
Momar Kadafi beat and raped kidnapped school girls he used as sex
slaves during checking his email.
Japanese man cooks his own testicals into meal, garnishes with
mshrooms and parsley, Tara thinks it must’ve been a small meal.
Guy thinks we’ve been in an unconstitutional war with Kadafi’s
Country, Brent said we didn’t kill him.
Man fakes disability in wheelchair, wants to have someone clean his
diaper, Bubba wonders how that would turn someone on.
Ned’s Load – “Neditorial – World Series of Poker” (“Bubba Show
classics Volume 20”, track 15).
Crystal in Charleston said she had a female friend who was into the
baby sexual thing.
Audio clip – Woman holds on to car as it travels 85 mph.
The show closed with Ned’s “Monday Night Football – Packers VS Seahawks”. Show:

Emails: Guy wonders how to hear the show, and a guy thinks Bubba is on
his way to the top with entertainment.
Audio clip – Billy oe Armstrong freaks out at Iheart Radio fest.
Ned’s “Monday Night Football – Packers VS Seahawks”.
Fish said he’s cooking some food right now for the game; the line on
the game is Packers minus 3.
Bubba wondered if most College people stand during the game.
Mike in Jersey asked if Bubba got the tit shots of Janie Cakes for
Ned, Bubba said no, Tara thinks this is why Ned was so pissed today.
Bubba doesn’t like the seating to Notre Dame games, wooden seats with no backs.
Handicap Mike Alstott said he’s been to two Iowa games, everyone stands up.
Codey said he was at the game; he was tailgating around the softball area.
Allan said that the Husker fans sit down; they only stand when the
game gets exciting, or when they play Oaklahoma.
Adam in Charleston said that they’ll yell at you if you’re standing
during certain parts of a Gamecox game.
Handicap ike Alstott came back on, he’s been watching a lot of ball
games, Iowa lost to Central Michigan.
Man in Packistan kills daughter as he was ashamed that she worked at a
beauty shop.
Audio clip – Man arrested for sex with a minor.
Audio clip – Chad Johnson on “Inside the NFL”.
Audio clip – Steven Jackson caught writing bad checks.
Bubba and Brent talked about football.
Audio clip – boy drowns in bath tub while Dad looked on internet.
Michigan Matt asked if “Football Friday” will be back, Brent said he
can’t talk for two hours like he needs to.
Man raped a four year-old, then sent the pictures to his ex girlfriend.
Bubba said they weren’t reading this shit back in 96, Manson thinks
we’re stupid and have no morals.
Audio clip – A baseball Dad stalked by another baseball dad.

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