Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Kimberly Miller of Charleston, SC is the Facebook friend of the day.
Scout and Big gulp on the horn, Scout asked about Tara’s claim that
her email was down.
Bubba has the official, final list of everyone who will be at the
Christmas party.
Emails: Listener asks about Twelve Boobs of Christmas (Wired up Brent
gave some information concerning that, he then explained what happened
to him), various listeners with their own chicken dip updates, pink
Bubba Army tanktop, and a listener feels a motorcycle cop was
disrespected by Obama for not showing up at his funeral.
Audio clip – man with no arms throws opening pitch with his feet.
Bubba said all the guy does is fling it underhand style.
Wired up Brent came on, Bubba asked that they get the Moonraker theme
for when Brent talks, he then said they’re going to start a new
segment at 9:15, “Bubba Twitter Trends With Hurricane”, we then heard
a Carl harris produced bumper, Bubba then talked about what Nascar
fans do with ESPN, he then suggested tweeting a picture as to where
you are, they’ll send you some stuff.
Audio clip – Ocala may use “Rock paper Scissors” to determine an election.
Bubba likes how they had more ladies call in last week during talking
about politics, he then decided to take a pole, the only rule being
that you have to select either Romney or Obama.

1.      Kevin – Romney
2.      Jennifer – Gary Johnson
3.      Nick – Romney
4.      Dave – Gary Johnson
5.      Raney – Romney
6.      Mike – Romney
7.      Ugeen – Romney
8.      Will – Obama
9.      Tim – Obama
10.     Erick – Romney
11.     Chris – Obama
12.     Jackey – Romney
13.     Jessica – Obama
14.     Josh – Romney
15.     Amy – Romney
16.     Justin – Romney

The pole ended, the last two people said Romney.
Bubba thinks Romney can’t get anymore fake.
Manson’s “Gop” and “Barry H. Obama” in a back to back double play.
Bubba played the Moonraker theme, he thinks he can’t play it, he said
someone suggested the original Jaws theme.
Audio clip – Kate Middleton photos, Ned suggested “Keep your top on, you whore.”
The guys wondered what the Royal Family does on “Holiday”.
David in Arizona thinks Tyler didn’t do so bad with his picks this
week, Bubba said he’s 9 and 6, David loved Arizona beating New
England, this led to the guys talking about football.
Larry wondered about Charlie Crist backing Obama, Bubba said Charlie
had to flip after he was shunned by the Republican party.
Bob thinks the vote was taken at the wrong time, as most of Obama’s
supporters aren’t up yet, Manson and Tara think the guy was being a
Bubba went through the bits for Manson’s 7:40 segment, he said he
likes “irt Track Mountain”, he then said it’s a burial.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Dirt Track Mountain” (“Bubba’s New and Misc
Hits Vol. 2” track 5). The bit spoofs “Broke Back Mountain” and
features Bubba and Gene Lasker.
Ned’s “Monday Night Football – Falcons VS Broncos”.
Jeff said the races Friday and Saturday night were great, Bubba thinks
Saturday was better than Friday.
Manson explained the “Oh long Johnson” youtube clip.
Audio of the above mentioned clip, Bubba thinks they tried to be cute
by putting the music behind it.
Jeff in Pa wondered if the guys will be coming back to sirius, Bubba
said it’s 50-50, but they havent’ heard anything.
Bubba decided to take the caller from Charleston’s advice.
No qualifying questions – 11-4 Romney.
Qualifying employment – 11-5 Romney.
Qualifying – unemployed – 11-2 Romney.
Audio clip – New York gets sugary beverages banned.
Audio clip – Cop abuses a 77 year-old woman.
Bubba said that they support cops, but sometimes the cops need to listen.
Raw audio of the cop and the 77 year-old woman, Bubba was heard saying
“This is not good.”
Leo Larry on protection commented on the video.
Bubba took a call from a cop on protection who said that he’s had to
pull people through the car window and tossed them in the back of his
car, when they’ve deserved it.
Bubba read a text from someone who tinks this will be a National story.
Anthony said he’s on the side of the cop, Bubba told the listeners to
watch the video before making a judgement.
Jerry on protection said the cop had every right to do what he did,
but what he did was horrible.
Tara suggested the name for the idea Bubba had earlier – “Uploads from
the Road”.
Hurricane gave some Twitter updates concerning the show, one guy asked
about Ned hooking with Jennifer from Naples.
Bubba said that Ned had asked him to gloss over it.
Tucker Carlson on the phone, Bubba told him about the poles they took today.
Bubba talked about Linda Mcmahon is running again, he knows her and
would vote for her if he lived in Conneticutt.
Bubba then proposed his five points to fix the Country.
Tucker said that you don’t change the oil in a rental car, he thinks
they’re won’t be a Republican president in 2016.
Bubba woke Ned up for falling asleep during the show.
Ned’s Load – “Jew Fish Call” (“Public enema #1” disc 1 track 17, “Ned
Only” track 3, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 22).
Audio clip – Bam Marjaira calls the cops over a woman masturbating in his house.
Caller thinks both the cop and the lady are wrong, Bubba thinks the
video will be a political nightmare.
Audio clip – woman plans to mary the man who murdered her daughter.
Audio clip – Alicen Pill accidently tweets a nude picture.
Bubba checked out the picture, he thinks she’s horrible. Show:

Bubba didn’t see Ned at BRP, Ned said “Sudden change of plans”, claims
he got “Too messed up”.
Tara showed her phone that had a picture of Tarlick’s penis, Ned
wishes he had that problem, Bubba thinks it’s not him, he tinks the
phrase “shut the fuck up” drives people around the BRN crazy.
Emails: Listener loves the chicken dip, Ned’s newest offering is
hilarious, guy thinks Bubba is straight up, and a listener placed an
order on Tuesday, they got the requested merch in 48 hours.
Audio clip – mail carrier delivered cocaine.
Michigan matt suggests the fat bitch on “Here Comes ooney Boo Boo” eat
a tub of dip, Bubba said he wants nothing to do with that.
Tara asked if the price was right, would the guys fuck Honey Boo Boo’s Mom?
Audio clip – Clint Eastwood says he’ll do whatever he wants to do.
Caller asks Bubba his thoughts on Kate Middleton, Bubba isn’t all that
Audio clip – Boy Scout organization covered up child molestation.
Manson’s “Gay Scout Master” (“Bubba show classics Vol. 15”, track 5).
The bit parodies “Rock Lobster” by the B52s, and features Faggot Terry
as the scout master. Terry was an openly homosexual man who would call
into the show, it is believed that he died from Aids, he has not been
heard from since the 98 Rock days.
Bubba said he’s half tempted to not even talk about it on air, he
thinks he’ll just reach out to the people privately, Tara and Manson
agreed, he said he has about 60 names, he decided to go with his
original idea, he said if you got the invite then you can go, if not
then you don’t go.
Audio clip – Two teachers caught having sex with students.
Athletic trainer ejaculates on woman’s feet during session, Bubba
thinks that a personal trainer and a married woman are never a good
combination, Ned thinks she just should’ve whiped off her feet, he and
bubba then did radio thatre about that, where Ned thinks it’s on the
woman, caling her a foot whore with her purple nail polish and toe
No net Ned – “Felt Good On My dick”.
Bubba wonders how much of a problem would it be if he had rap music
blaring when he picked up Tyler.
Audio clip about the movie”The Master” has Scientology fired up.
News about the Wikileeks founder in a sex scandle, Bubba said that
he’s heard from good sources that Mike Tyson was railroaded on the
Deseray Washington case.
Audio clip – Sunny from WWE arrested three days in a row.

2 Responses

  1. JW

    Question for Bubba and Manson about this stupid presidential election. What would happen if the majority of the TOTAL votes did not go to either Obama or Romney? Would that be a ‘vote of no confidence’ by the people, and therefore new candidates have to be chosen? Now that would be hilarious and much needed. ;) Ciao!

  2. starmonkey

    What was the bumper music for the lead-in to the Bam Margera female intruder piece?


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