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Top Stories:
Port Charlotte mother arrested in sex case involving toddler
Raleigh groom killed on wedding day
Bubba the Love Sponge offers Casey Anthony’s parents $25,000
Deadly bombings worst Iraq attack in two years
Affidavit: Balloon mom admits hoax
Dayton woman admits to sex with boy
Church janitor charged in slaying of NJ priest
2 men arrested after attack on alleged child molester
Girl, 15, Says Mom Knew She Dated Coach, 40
Top Madoff Investor Found Dead in Florida Pool
ESPN analyst Bob Griese apologizes for on-air racial slur about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Blind Glen in Arizona, today is his special
day. Happy Birthday Glen!

Segment 1 – Sports scores, weekend recap

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into some
Michael Jackson as bumper music, Bubba wanted it to stop, Spice was
picked for music today. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Spice got
confused with the name of the contest. Bubba thinks Brent overslept,
Brent said that he just couldn’t wake up; he wonders how he didn’t
hear his alarms. Bubba said he needs to get back on his diet, he’s at
292. Ned said his weekend was non eventful, Bubba said Spice was
carving pumpkins, Spice sarcastically said he enjoyed it, he then said
he watched a little bit of UFC, he thinks Showgun got screwed out of a
fight. Brent said he fell asleep early on Saturday night. Bubba thinks
the guys will clown him for watching Match Point, Spice thinks it’s
about tennis, he recapped the movie, the guys seemed disinterested,
Manson thinks they should tuck, Spice doesn’t like the title. Bubba
said he’s going to make the guys watch it, he said he feels like going
to commercials, he said all the guys do is ball bust. Jeff in
Jacksonville suggested Bubba get a DVD burner, he said a ppv will
delete itself off of the DVR a few days after. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Miller update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
Wonka” set. Miller came in and said that he blacked out; he doesn’t
remember insulting Tom Bean, or getting gay with Bubba. Bubba thinks
Miller will leave embarrassing stuff out, as he’ll have to edit his
own footage. Bubba said he was at the race track; a lot of people gave
him props for the segment. The guys wonder if Miller will be leaving,
Miller said he’s chosen to move to Panama, Bubba said he’ll give him a
bonus. Miller said he’s learned a lot from working there, Bubba thinks
they should bring Jabberjaw in to comment on the situation. Jabberjaw
was in, she said she wasn’t in the same boat as Miller, she said it
was a huge opportunity to do nothing. Miller said he’s officially at
FSU, he said he needs to get his citizenship. Bubba wonders why he’d
leave this job; he thinks there’s a lot of opportunity here. Miller
said he understands why Bubba is bummed out, he said there are certain
differences, Manson thinks it’s a pipedream, Miller said Hammil isn’t
too happy about it. Spice wonders what’s so great about Panama, Miller
explained it. Bubba took a call from a guy who talked to Miller; Spice
thinks they should quiz him. The guy suggested Miller learn Spanish,
Manson thinks he won’t be able to learn it. The guys cracked up at
Miller being unable to name some stuff about panama, Jabberjaw said it
was tough to find a job in America, let alone Panama. Bubba said he
wishes Miller the best, but he doesn’t understand it. Bubba said if
Tom the Treeman did that, he would understand, Spice as Tom said he’ll
be moving to Ethiopia. Miller said he leaves December 15, he said
he’ll start in math and Science; he said he’d be a sophomore, the guys
think he’s a freshman. Bubba asked Miller if he’ll know if he’s made a
mistake, Miller said yes. Miller said there were a ton of factors;
Spice thinks Miller is a very strange guy. Bubba hopes Miller doesn’t
kill himself, Spice thinks he’ll be running cocaine. Bubba wished him
the best of luck, Jabberjaw said she can understand traveling, but not
leaving. Jabberjaw said she left to go back to school. Spice said he
likes real world experiences. Bubba thinks going back to school and
hoping for something big it’s not worth it. Spice said one of the
truest statements he’s ever heard is, “it’s not what you know or who
you know”. Brent said school won’t help you unless it’s something
specialized. Jabberjaw said she had a relaxed weekend, she said
they’ll be going to the Packers/Vikings game, Bubba thinks James going
is disrespectful. Bubba said she was really close to dropping James on
the Satellite show, he told her she has the book at all times. Bubba
said Manson and Brent won this weekend; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Football recaps, Blind Lawrence calls in, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
went over the football standings, he thinks the Bucs and Rams should
play as to who sucks more. The guys go over some college sport scores.
Bubba played blind Lawrence’s bumper and brought him on, he gave the
new listeners an introduction as to who he is. Bubba asked Lawrence
where “bubba Got Brat” was located, Lawrence said it was “Bubba Show
Classics Vol. 1”, track 24, he went on to say that today was Blind
Glen’s birthday, the guys think they should call him. Lawrence said
he’s going to miss Miller, he said Miller is always nice to him.
Manson asked Lawrence if he liked the ribs they pull on him, Lawrence
didn’t understand him, he said Spice put a rubber on top of his cane,
Bubba said those are the ones he knows about. Bubba thanked Lawrence
for his work and let him go a short time later. The first email of the
day said they enjoyed the show. Another emailer thinks they live in a
sick environment of child molesters. Another emailer said when the
contract is up; the emailer thinks Bubba is a fat f. Another
emailer asked about clothed pictures. Another emailer recapped what
happened to Dahmer. The emailer said the cop who was supposed to
supervise them was on the phone and missed it; the guys wonder how a
two life sentence will do much. Spice said he loves watching Lock
Down, Bubba told him he should take him to Major Head’s area, Spice
said he’s good watching from a distance. Another emailer said they
were in a Susan G. Koman race; they were the only person wearing a
Bubba Army shirt. Bubba read an article about a guy who killed a judge
and a politician for touching his daughter, the guy is now a hero. The
last email of the day said they were at a costume contest, the winner
was a guy named Black Hogan. Bubba said Hogan asked him to be the mc
at Hogan’s Madison Square Garden event, Bubba said he can’t go, as
he’s going to Jay Campbell’s funeral. Glen in St. Petersburg asked
about Obama having the right to bash Fox News, Bubba said he does,
Spice wonders why Obama even deals with it, Manson said they’re just
going to use it against him. Ned said he’s never watched “Lock Up”, he
said he’s been to jail before. Ned said he once spent twelve days in
there. We then heard a news clip about a man who was killed on the way
to his wedding, Bubba thinks it wasn’t edited properly. Bubba thinks
he’ll have to check the story, he backed it up a little, Bubba said
it’s hard to imagine that, Ned wonders if the open bar is still on.
The guys crack up at a guy who thinks it’s good that it happened,
Bubba told the guy to wake up. Bubba said Manson’s kids are growing
up, Manson thinks he’s getting old. Bubba said the Anthony’s will be
on CBS for $20,000. We then heard a news clip about the Anthony’s
getting offered an interview with Bubba, he wants to call it a sit
down. Bubba wondered what the Cuban population is in Miami, Brent
thinks it’s a majority, Spice said a lot of people don’t like Castro.
Bubba read that Fidel’s younger sister went against him in 1964. Doug
in Ocala said he was having dinner the other night, he said they found
worms in them, Bubba called bullcrap, Spice said that’s the oldest
scam in the book, Bubba hopes the guy is a jackass looking for a pay
day. Bubba read an article about a minister asking to go to jail for
being a ex offender, he asked to serve one and a half years in prison.
Bubba wonders how can a guy can have sex with a fifteen year old and
get what he got, Manson said some of the cases are hard to prove, but
that she’s pregnant is a problem. Bubba thinks seven kids is a
problem, Spice said it’s arrogant to do that, Bubba thinks its black
trash. Bubba asked Spice to look up the guy; Ned thinks it’s Hispanic,
Bubba thinks they should include brown trash. Spice found a picture of
the guy, he had the guys guess, Bubba said he was right before when e
said Black trash. We then heard “The Boopity song”; Bubba thinks
Blacks like to have a lot of kids. Spice read that TD Jakes has five
kids. Bubba took a call from a woman who said when she was fifteen,
she was with a thirty-five year old man, Bubba told her to shut up.
She said she graduated from Duke, Manson wondered when it’s okay.
Spice asked her if it would be okay for her daughter to date a
thirty-fie year old, Bubba told her to shut up, Bubba Eviled her a few
seconds later, he said he gets paid to do what he does. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 boobs of
Christmas®, then into Ned’s “White Trash Baby”. We then heard some PM
Dawn as bumper music, Bubba said he really likes the song, he thinks
they only had one hit after it, Spice said he thinks they’re doing
Christian music now. Bubba thinks they should go Christian. Michelle
in Georgia said she dated her teacher when she was 13, the guy is now
an assistant principal, she’s disgusted by it. Bubba wonders how it
happened, she said they would make out, she said the guy has made out
with other girls, she said the guy would tell her to meet him in the
locker room, the guys think he’s done more than just kiss girls. Bubba
asked her if she still lives in the area, she said no, as her husband
is military. Bubba wonders how it went down, she said it started out
normal, he would tell her she’s cute, it would then get perverted, she
said she wasn’t sure what she could say, the guy would call his goatee
a womb brush, she thinks it’s disgusting, she then went on to say this
would take place before the baseball games, as he was also the
baseball coach at the time. Spice thinks it’ll be great to see the guy
on the news, Bubba thinks she doesn’t want to do anything because of
him having a family. Bubba put her on hold; he thinks she’s very
slippery, the guys goof on her a little. Mica was back on, she called
to apologize. She said she would investigate the guy the woman before
her was talking about. We heard the coo coo sound affect a few times
over her, Bubba then Eviled her a few seconds later, they then went to
break shortly after that.

Segment 5 – Various news clips, Bubba VS. Mica

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “Trick Or Treat at Ned’s” from “bubba show
classics Vol. 9” track 8, and “Bubba’s Holiday classics Vol. 1”, track
4. The bit involves Ned dealing with various BRN members. The Ferret
arrives first, screwing Ned out of some candy. Twenty-five shows up
dressed up as a lemur, ned thinks he’s a raccoon. Cigarette John shows
up asking for a pack of smokes, Ned tells him to f off. Bubba shows
up as a professional racecar driver, looking for a BK stacker. He
leaves via a car, crashing it in the process. Miller shows up and
tells a joke; ned said he hadn’t heard jokes that bad since Bamboozle
Fest (the original name of Bubbapalooza). Brent shows up a MMA
fighter, ned bitch slaps him, Brent gives reasons why he fell, Ned
thinks he’s making excuses. Chip shows up asking for Gumby bares, he
then gives Ned a cock tap ping and leaves. Manson as Jason Ellis shows
up looking for some candy, Ned thinks none of Manson’s impersonations
are good, he then asks for candy as George Bush, he gets him to leave
with a nude picture of Donna he found on Spice shows up
as the bareback avenger, ned breaks him down, he gives Spice the
number of a stripper who just had an abortion. Big Dick shows up
looking for candy, he thinks a king sized candy bar will give him
cavities. Dave Rice came by, he said he was looking for a camera; he
got dehydrated after working 18 hours, Ned ends up giving him the wha
treatment. Twink shows up, Ned thinks he’s a queer douche bag, Twink
denied his homosexuality. (Twink was an intern who got fired for a dui
two months into his stint). Bubba came back as a fag, he was looking
for Spice. Carl Harris stops by, he’s disappointed Ned only has Candy
Corn, he gives him the bad candy violation sounder, Ned tells him to
go make a shitty Bubbapalooza promo. (the bad candy violation referred
to a segment on the show called the Unsigned Band Review, where the
guys would listen to a band and make comments; one sounder was “Bad
mix violation”.) The bit ends with Ned shooting at Twenty-five for
fing one of his pigs. We then heard some Rob Thomas as bumper
music; Bubba thinks they should edit that one a little better. Spice
said he’s tucking on this one, Manson thinks it’s the gayest song he’s
ever done, Spice thinks his tour bus has no urinals. We then heard a
news clip about a guy who was looking for some pills in his underwear.
Spice said he had to take some Oxy, he said it’s not that good of a
feeling. We then heard a news clip about a hundred plus troops dying,
Bubba thinks we should get out. We then heard a news clip about some
pilots who missed their destination about 150 miles, Bubba wants
channel 28 to turn the phones off. Bubba said Mica was back on, he
said she’d like to talk to Ned; she wanted to hear the Tim Tebow song.
Mica described what her husband does; Bubba said he feels sorry for
him. Mica suggested Manson not go to Wall mart for bikes; he said he
throws them out after a while. She said the most expensive bike she
has is $8,000, she said it’s made out of carbon fiber. Mica said she’s
107 pounds and is 5 foot seven, she said she graduated Duke; Spice
goofed on her for opening a bike shop. Bubba thinks her education
isn’t worth much, she said bikes are her hobby, Bubba thinks she brags
a lot. Bubba thinks she’s ugly, he thinks she should get a nose job,
he thinks she looks cracked out in one of the pictures, Spice thinks
she’s fat. Ned thinks she’s steamy. Bubba went to Casey, she said Mica
isn’t hot, she’s been baker acted seven times, Mica said it was five,
she said her parents have custody of the kids; Ned said it’s just
getting better and better. Spice asked why the parents have custody;
Casey said it was because she tried to kill one of them, Mica said it
was because she threatened to kill her kid after not getting her meds.
Casey said she knows Skip, she said he’s a great guy; she doesn’t know
how he’s still with Mica. Bubba wondered if all Mica does is brag,
Casey said she can’t believe she’s being so high on the horse, she
said Mica is loopy as hell, Bubba thinks she’s coo coo for cocoa
puffs. Casey said she’s a really nice person when you get to know her,
Bubba told Mica to watch her language. Spice wondered what it’ll be
like the next time they meet, Casey said it won’ happen. Bubba said he
got rid of Mica, he said he couldn’t take her anymore, Casey thinks
she should get off the pills and act like a Mom. Bubba said the Bubba
Army will call you out, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Oakridge boys audio, who would grab the guys’s popcorn?

Bubba thinks the world they live in is impossible, he thinks certain
words shouldn’t matter, he thinks Obama says bullshit. We then heard a
news clip about Balloon Boy’s Mom, the guys goof on the reporter’s
voice. Bubba said he’ll kill the network head who gives them a reality
show, Manson thinks it could happen. Bubba said a lot of people are
upset about the UFC 104 decision, Spice said Showgun got screwed out
of a victory. Bubba read that a guy put an ad on Craigslist asking for
a secretary, asking for sex, Brent thinks it could be a problem, Spice
thinks you can’t discuss that during a job interview, he doesn’t want
to give the guy a timble for swagger, Manson said that at least the
guy is up front, we then heard the timble sound effect. Bubba had no
idea the Oakridge boys were still together, Manson thinks one of their
songs is horrible. Bubba read that their video for “GI Joe and Lilly”
is really popular, he potted up the audio, Spice thinks the guys look
ugly, Bubba thinks it’s pandering, he thinks it’s the musical version
of pan handling. Spice said he really likes the Mandolin in the
background, he thinks it sounds like he’s at Olive Garden. Bubba likes
the cold meddle tongs at Olive Garden, the guys think the song sucks.
Bubba potted up another video, Bubba thinks it’s a pathetic the song
was a hit back then, the guys cracked up at the deep voiced guy,
Manson doesn’t like how the song is 2”11, Spice thinks one of the guys
with a beard is out of control, he thinks the guy is getting the crowd
going. Bubba read that Saw got roughly 20 million dollars this
weekend. Bubba wants to see “pirate Radio”; Spice thinks it’ll be like
a field trip, Bubba said he doesn’t want to sit next to Ned, as he
doesn’t want to be involved in the popcorn game. Bubba asked Manson if
he had one guy to grab his popcorn, Bubba said he’d pick either Manson
or Gale, Manson said he’d pick Pantera, ned thinks he could freak out
while taking the popcorn. Spice thinks bubba would grab his popcorn,
Brent said Spice, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Cleaning women, Mica and Skip

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into some Eddie Money as bumper music. Bubba said Spice became a Money
mark after seeing him live, Spice confirmed it. Bubba thinks the year
has flown by, Brent said they’ve got fourteen months left on their
contracts. Bubba thanked the listeners for going to Sting Ray Chevy;
he then plugged the 12 Boobs of Christmas®. John in Arizona wonders
if bubba said everyone should get a pre-nup, he said the cost won’t be
that much; Bubba thinks the odds aren’t with him. Bubba told Spice he
makes more than he did when he was 30. John said he’s 33, Bubba said
the mentality of girls is different. Bubba asked Spice about him and
Tasha, Spice said it could happen. Bubba took a call from a girl who
said she has a pre-nup; her husband had more than she did at the time.
Spice said Tasha agrees with the pre-nup. Bubba said Heather pays for
the cleaning ladies and some other stuff, Ned wonders what she’s busy
doing, Spice was laughing his ass off at this. Bubba said Heather
keeps the house really clean, he said he has nothing to say, ned still
can’t believe she’s not a cleaning woman, Bubba thinks the woman does
other stuff. Skip was on to talk about Mica, Bubba told him to run,
Spice said he was waiting for his call. Skip said he was looking for a
transcript, he said her parents aren’t happy, he went on to say that
it’s been three years of hell. Bubba said she likes to brag about
stuff, Skip said he’s been getting phone calls from friends, he said
he’s not too happy with Ned. Skip said this isn’t the first time,
Spice said she called off air, she said she did porn, Skip said he
wouldn’t doubt it, Skip thinks the Island is listening, Bubba said
people are listening regardless, Skip said Ned can have her, he thinks
Ned will have to get a second job. Skip said he’s not just a painter,
he said he’s an artist; he went on to say that she was banging on the
window. Bubba recommended Regina Hunter, he said she’s the best at
what she does, Skip said he’d be willing to take Bubba up on that
offer. Skip asked her what she said, she now said she’s working, Bubba
said if she was like that on the air, it wouldn’t happen, he thinks
her Dad is flipped out. Spice asked if he likes her parents, Skip said
he always respects her parents. Bubba thinks Skip will get good deal
out of all this, Skip said her Dad is killing himself. Spice asked him
to yell that he wants a divorce, Skip said ho, as he had some
customers. Bubba said if the divorce would work out, he would plug
Skip’s bike shop. Skip isn’t surprised that Ned wants to have an
affair with her; Skip said she told the dcf that he beat the kids.
Bubba explained what happened, Skip said he’s not surprised, he
doesn’t know what she’s on this morning, he said if she has one pill,
she’ll take the whole bottle. Bubba put him on protection; he then
went to a guy named TJ. TJ said Skip is as crazy as she is, he said
Skip has some duis, Skip said it was eight years ago. TJ said that
Skip wanted to name one of his kids Adderall, Skip said he’s more than
welcome to come down there, Bubba thinks it’s not relevant. Skip
thinks TJ is a plant from Mica. Skip asked if Mica’s Dad called her,
he said no one can control her. Bubba said he’d be more than happy to
produce a tape to DCF, Skip said her parents are high class people, he
said she doesn’t make any money. Skip said he had a restraining order,
he said it shouldn’t matter the guy had a dui eight years ago. Mica
came on, Bubba told her she caused a lot of problems, she said she’s
always causing problems; she said she doesn’t know what to do now.
Mica said she had a lot of caffeine in her, Bubba thinks she’s coo coo
for cocoapuffs. Bubba told her Skip wants a divorce, she said she’d
like one, she said they’ve called Regina Hunter; Bubba said she’s
turning the script on him. Bubba asked what Skip’s vices are; Mica
said Skip has problems with pills. Bubba said she’s got Ned all fired
up, Mica said she has a crush on Ned, we then heard “Big Tebow” from
“bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 8”, track 6, and “the Clemulus
Package” disc 3, track 19. Ned thinks she should wear a ball gag,
Spice said he likes her. Over all this, we heard the coo coo sound
effect, the guys cracked up at her saying “yeah”. Ned thinks her
putting Skip back on is a buzz kill, Skip said he’s not hooked on
pills, Ned thinks it’s the best bike shop ever. Skip thinks TJ is the
kind of guy who she cheated on him with, Bubba thinks Ned will get her
on a bender. Bubba put the guy on hold a few seconds later; he thinks
it’s a white trash situation. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various News Clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls foundation,
then into some Justin Timberlake as bumper music. Bubba said he played
anything on Spice’s iPod. Jim in Tampa said he’s glad he’s normal.
Bubba said that bob Greasy got into some trouble for commenting on
something. We then heard a clip of bob apologizing, Manson thinks it
was a week comment, Bubba thinks it’s the pussyfication of America,
Brent agrees. Bubba read that sex offenders have been ruled out of a
neighborhood. Bubba wondered about various campus killers, he said he
had to take the night off once. Bubba read that an old woman had sex
with a 12 year-old boy, we then heard a news clip about that. The guys
cracked up when they said the woman has a walker. Josh in Tampa
wondered if Hogan will be going to TNA, Bubba said he’s heard that for
years. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up; he’s bummed out that
REO Speed wagon couldn’t make it. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. Skip's Mom

    Skip wants his kids back and needs to tell Mika bye-bye! She is crazy! Skip is a great dad and a hard worker I am not just saying this. He has endured far more then he deserves!!!! Her parents are control freaks. I have been trying to get custody of the kids. They have some kind of hold. They need to be away from all the vioence and drama!!!!!!

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