Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, October 25, 2010

Recap for Monday provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for Monday provided by Chaz:
1. Owl City – Fireflies
2. Los Lonely Boys – Crazy Dream
3. Millencolin – No Cigar
4. Bodyjar – Not the Same
5. Alien Ant Farm – Wish
6. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
7. Chevelle – Grab Thy Hand
8. CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Beings

Segment 1 – Sports, Bubba big timed Spice at Sting Ray Chevy?

The show started off with “Fire Flies” by Owl city. Bubba said the
music was provided by Chaz, he hit the “Pander Warning” sounder a few
times, he then told Ned he had something for him, we then heard “Go
Pack Go” sounder, he admonished Ned for chanting “Blow Pack Blow”, he
told him it was his responsibility to look in the news paper, he said
they’ve got a train wreck going on with the audio, he then said he has
a new mega phone, Spice wondered if he got it at Radio Shack. Bubba
said the dogs are afraid of the mega phone, he said Heather wants to
divorce him because of all this, Spice as Heather said he can’t wait
to kill him. Bubba plugged Bubbaween at Scene night Club, he said
it’ll be live for about five hours, he then recapped what they’ve got
for that particular event, he said that Fabrizi called him asking why
the Cobra kid is coming, he then apologized to Spice for thinking he
was big timing him on Saturday at Sting Ray. Spice said he was there
for about 15 minutes, he said the line was pretty long. Bubba said
that Big Dick was supposed to be helping him, he was sitting on the
tailgate of a truck, he said that he got up and apologized to Spice,
he texted him twice over the weekend, Spice as Bubba then said some
stuff, he said that he gets it. Bubba said that Dick is a lazy tree
slug, he then asked who drove the car, Dave said he’ll check, he
thinks Al-kida tried it out. Bubba goofed on Al-kida a little, he
thinks he’s like Sylvester Stallone, Al-kida said it drove good, Spice
sarcastically said he’s full of personality. Bubba said Rob Kahn was
dead on with his UFC prediction, he said that he saw the whole thing,
Spice said Kane’s punching power is incredible, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sting Ray Chevy recap

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba told
the people of Canada to pay attention, he then talked about the bubba
Army Canada Hockey jersey, he then plugged the locations where you can
get the “Remember The Heroes” shirt, he said that they’re now upping
the donation from $50 per car to $100, he thinks next Monday starts
November, he said he feels like an old timer by pointing that out, he
said they had about 2000 people show up for the Sting Ray appearance,
he then said Dick was sitting on the first Bubba Army car. Charles
came on, he got dumped for cursing, Spice thinks the guy is an idiot.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Sports recap

Bubba came on plugging Bubbaween; Brent said they last did in October
of 2000 (October 27, 2000). Spice said the Penthouse was a blast,
Bubba said they’ll be broadcasting in the white velvet room, Ned said
that he’d like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, Bubba asked Brent if he’d
like one, Brent said no. Charles asked Bubba if he’ll talk about the
election, Bubba said that he’ll do a Florida based show on Thursday
from 10:30-11:30. We then heard the Monday Night Football music, Brent
said Dallas’s season could be over if they lose, Bubba thinks Farve
screwed up his legacy by coming back, the guys went over some scores,
Brent said the Gators needed to be off this week. Bubba said that Rob
Kahn was dead on with his prediction, we then heard the clip from
Friday’s show, where Rob predicts Kane’s victory. Rick came on with a
chicken dip update, he said he picked some up at a little store, it
was the only thing at the party that people really went for, Bubba
said that there’s a chance that Sweet Bay will pick it up, he said
Publix has been meeting on it for two months. Eric in Jacksonville
asked Bubba if he has any appearances lined up for Jacksonville, Bubba
said they’ll be at the Gold Club on Saturday, November 13, Ned said he
might be there. Eric asked for 1800AskBrent, Bubba thinks they should
call up 1800Soberup before. Eric asked Brent the rest of the season
for the Gators, Brent said it’ll give the freshman a chance to play
Bubba is convinced the guy was drunk, he then went over UFC 121, Ned
thinks it sucks if you get beat by a deaf guy. Bubba took a call from
a guy who asked about Lesnar arguing with The Under Taker, Bubba said
he’ll get to it after commercials; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – under Taker and Lesnar, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that he’s not letting Paul and Young Ron off the
hook, he said ned has a new offering, Ned said it’s “Young Fag Ron”.
Whitney in St. Augustine thanked Bubba for what he’s done with fallen
officers. We then heard the clip of The Under Taker giving his
comments on the Brock/Kane fight, Bubba pointed out the Under Taker
eyeing Brock up, he thinks it’s a work, Manson agrees, Bubba said it
doesn’t look prepared. Spice said Dana doesn’t want the UFC and WWE to
intermingle, he said Brock doesn’t say anything back, he thinks it was
disrespectful for Under Taker to do what he did, when he did it. Bubba
thinks Under Taker was at the first Bubbaween, Brent said he’ll book
an interview now. Spice said a lot of guys didn’t like Lesnar. Jamie
in Jacksonville said he watched the whole match on the internet, the
whole thing looked fake, Bubba thinks the only thing that was fake was
the interview. Sean said it was a shot, as you can tell by the look.
Manson wondered what the shoot was, Bubba explained it was if the guys
had heat or not, he said the upcoming Wrestlemania will likely be the
Under Taker’s last. The first email said they like when Bubba Dudley
was on. Another emailer asked Bubba to stop using Rob Kahn as the MMA
expert, the emailer said that Rob knows nothing from a viewer’s
standpoint; Brent said he’s put seven guys on UFC he’s personally
trained. Another emailer said Devon James is on “Bang Brothers”, Spice
said he could care less. Another emailer said that at WZZR, they were
silent about Paul and Ron; Bubba said he’s heard that the kids Steve
touched were relatives of his own family. Another email was a copy of
an email saying they’re not re signing if Bubba isn’t back on, Bubba
said he doesn’t want any of that. James said the heat between Under
Taker and Lesnar was that Lesnar didn’t want to help the younger guys.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson Calls in, various callers, Ned’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Bubba
told Tucker they were eight days away from Tucker having to pay
$5,000, he said it would pain him to give the money to the Mormon
church, he said they haven’t had a caller yet say they’ve been asked
for polling, Tucker said Rubio is 12 points up. Brent asked if Rubio
made $309,000, why is he running for a job that pays $174,000 a year.
Bubba thinks it’s safe to say that Rubio has tied up the Right Wing,
he then pointed out Tucker’s nervous laugh, Brent said the Chamber of
Commerce is for out sourcing American jobs, Tucker said that Marco
Rubio is a phony; Bubba asked that they make sure they get that slip
up. Brent said that Rubio is the Republican John Edwards, Bubba thinks
Rubio makes a wonderful candidate for the old people, he said no one
is calling the average guy as they don’t have a home phone, he likes
how Charlie doesn’t Pander to the God loving people, he told Tucker he
lives in blue-blooded Washington, he said they’re tired of the Rubio
guys, he then explained why Crist became an independent, Tucker thinks
Charlie was Mr. Pro life until he became an Independent. Bubba said
that when Charlie wins, he’ll thank the Bubba Army, Tucker thinks the
Mormons will be grateful for the check; Bubba said Tucker’s $5,000
will cover the foundation, Tucker thinks all of his money will go to
clean up the airwaves. Steve said Charlie Crist saved our homes, Bubba
asked if Charlie was the guy who started Citizens Insurance group,
Tucker said people aren’t adult enough to get that. Bubba said he
built his home in 1999, every year it’s been from 5-7 thousand
dollars, he said after one of the Hurricanes, it was five times more,
he said when he signed with Citizens Insurance, it was $7700. Brent
said he’s in a B flood zone, his rates when up three times, Tucker
thinks Charlie is subsidizing rich people, Manson said Tucker was
giving him a headache. Bubba said he can’t think of a segment where
Tucker has pissed him off more, Tucker told Bubba to get off well
fare. Brent said when he was on vacation to California; he had to pay
some taxes. Bubba asked where the anti war protesters, Tucker said
we’re fighting a war in Pakistan. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on
Rick Scott, Tucker said he likes him, Spice said Tucker doesn’t live
in Florida, he said he doesn’t really know much about it, he said that
Charlie is one of the oddest people; Manson said four out of the five
people there were Republicans. Dava said she loves Tucker, she said
she’s an insurance agent, she said if you live on the water, citizens
might not be your only option; Bubba said people on the water have
very little options. Dava said that there are a bunch of insurance
claims. Tucker came back on said you can get off of the Government
dime by going private, he said he likes Christine O’Donnell, Bubba
thinks that’s Tucker’s penis talking, Brent said she’s a moron, Tucker
thinks she’s not going to win anyway, Brent said Mike Castle would’ve
beaten Chris Coons. Bubba went through some callers he had on, he
thinks Tucker has made a sucker bet, Tucker said it’s a decent
contribution, he thinks Barbara Boxer is a helper of Satan. Bubba
asked about pot being legal, Tucker said if you could sell it but not
tax it, things would be fine, Bubba said he has a very Libertarian
view on it, he thinks California is getting ahead of themselves too
fast, Tucker thinks if you give a weed smoker a joint, they’ll take a
bong, Manson said they should just decriminalize it, Tucker said if
you want to get high, just say so. Spice said there’s some weed that’s
so good, you can’t move for 48 hours, Tucker thinks it’s like the Malt
Liquor. We then heard a news clip of Palin talking in Orlando, Bubba
thinks she should apologize for discrediting the Republican party,
Tucker thinks hiring people is a risk. Bubba thinks he’s as smart as
Palin, Tucker thinks bubba isn’t 1/10 as hot, Bubba said he wouldn’t
be Vice President, Tucker thinks Bubba hates to see attractive women
in power. Bubba said if you put Hilary Clinton next to Palin, Clinton
would look like Einstein, Tucker thinks the guys should turn in their
man cards for selecting Hillary over Palin, Manson thinks Hillary
would nuke everyone, Brent said she’s tough with Foreign policy.
Tucker thinks Bubba is high on Charlie Crist narcotics, he thinks
Bubba would betray his man hood, Brent said Hillary may hate men, but
Palin hates anyone who isn’t a Religious nut. Tucker said that voting
for Hillary is a way of saying you sit down to pee, Bubba thinks
Tucker is shallow with his charity, he thinks Tucker will be on his
knees saying he was sorry, Bubba said he’ll do likewise, he thinks
Tucker is touching himself during this, Manson thinks Tucker would
vote for Palin while touching himself, Bubba thinks a vote for Palin
is a vote for infidelity. Tucker said his wife was 125 pounds in 1984.
After four kids, she’s still at 125 pounds, Bubba thinks it’s a
descries, he said he’ll be rubbing it in. Manson said the poles are
whacked, he doesn’t think Rick Scott will get it. Michelle said she’s
volunteered for years for the Democrat party, she said everyone in her
family are voting for Crist, she said no one has called them, Bubba
said that no one has a house phone, he said that he’s going to have
Carl make a promo featuring Tucker’s commentary. Gordy in St. Cloud
said guys like Rubio and Scott are dangerous for the state, Bubba said
Rubio is a puppet for Carl Rove and Jeb Bush. Keith in West Palm said
his sister is a Republican nomination, the Republicans don’t give her
a dime, the guy said her website is, he said the
Meek won’t win, your throwing your vote away if that’s the case. Josh
said he’s been Republican his whole life, he’s sad he’s irritated with
what is going on. Bubba thinks all these Political experts know what’s
going on, Spice said they’re talking with people of a younger
demographic; Bubba said all we want his people to show up at the
poles. Denis said he’s not voting for the Democrats, he asked why the
guys cut on Mormons, Bubba said he ranks on all Religions, he said
they’ve made thousands of references to the Catholic and Muslims, he
suggested we just get rid of the labels and be good people. Brandon
said that he’d vote for Bubba, he then talked about Rick Scott getting
fined, Bubba said if you don’t want your life to be an open book,
don’t run for office. Anthony in Daytona said his step son wants to go
as a villain, he suggested the kid go as Bin Laden, Manson suggested
the guy move, Bubba told the guy to go ahead and do it. Ned said he’s
lost interest with his bit, he suggested Bubba stick it where the sun
doesn’t shine; he then explained the bit, where he talks about Young
Ron. We then heard the bit, which parodies “Big Bad John”. In the
song, ned thinks Ron is gay with limp wrists, who at 10:01, he goes
home, locks the door, and puts gold beads in his ass. Bubba thinks
they should offer the song to Paul and Young Ron, he misdialed a few
times, Ned thinks it was Bubba’s fat fingers, they ended up with a
busy signal, Bubba said he wouldn’t mind having someone from Miami
call up, he told Ned his song was brilliant. Amanda in Miami said
they’re talking about an advertisement, Bubba wondered if she blew her
speakers out. The show was heard in the background, Bubba thanked her
for the call, he thinks the Dolphins and mattresses wouldn’t warrant a
packed phone line. Mark in Miami called Ron and Paul clowns, Bubba had
to dump him for cursing, he doesn’t get how they’re in 18th place, yet
Paul and Ron are in first place, he said if they had someone like
that, he would apologize to the audience for exposes them to a child
molester. Greg said he’s got the station on, he turned the volume up,
Bubba thinks they get their show from the complete sheet, he said this
is the show that does the time check, he asked the Bubba Army to call
in (1877-728-5676). Richard thinks ned is a genius, he said Paul and
Ron are horrible. Bubba said he’ll try one more time, he ended up
getting a busy signal. Olivia in Miami said she doesn’t get how the
guys aren’t number one in Miami, she said she called in on Friday, she
got hung up on after saying they were tools. Lennoard said he got
through on Friday, but didn’t get on. Bill in Miami said he grew up on
these Paul and Ron guys, he said his radio is tuned to them every
morning, he wonders if the office told them not to say anything, Bubba
said they never put their phones on busy. We then heard a clip of
Aubry talking after his victory against Philadelphia, Spice said he’s
happy for him. We then heard the final out of the game,, Bubba asked
they do a season ending phone call, regardless what happens. We then
heard a clip of Brett Farve getting booed during warm up, Bubba thinks
Farve isn’t giving you a lot of ammunition to stick by him, Spice said
SNL did a parody about him, saying it was hilarious. Jenn in Ft.
Lauderdale said she switched over to Ron and Paul, where Ron was
asking Paul how much hair he had around his belly button, Bubba thinks
you’d be able to connect the dots, Jenn said no one has challenged
them. We then heard a Spanish bumper, Bubba had no idea what it was
saying. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Dave in
West Palm came on saying he talked to someone who works for the show,
the guy denied Bubba calling in, Bubba thinks he talked to a guy who
is just doing what he’s told. We then heard the Manson and Berlin
collaboration “Loved The Way You Died”. Angie said she’s listened to
105.9, they’ve been playing mostly music, Bubba thinks they don’t want
to take his phone call, he thinks they’re just driving listeners away.
Angie said she was touched as a kid when she was 9, she said her Step
Dad beat the crap out of the guy who did it. John said Paul and Ron
used to have a cage match, Bubba thinks they won’t be able to fight
him, he said pussies don’t fight. Bubba in south Carolina said the
number sounds incredibly gay, he thinks Paul and Ron are kid touchers
themselves, he thinks if they’re not touching kids, they’re probably
touching each other. Bubba dialed the number, the line connected,
Spice picked up and talked to the guy for a few seconds, he got hung
up on. We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Hogan said he’s been
trying to survive, he thinks Paul and Ron got nothing, bubba recapped
the situation for him, Hogan thinks Bubba would’ve lit the guy on
fire. Bubba asked Hogan if he worked with Brock, Hogan said he has,
Bubba explained the Lesnar/under Taker confrontation, Spice wonders
what the reason is, Hogan said if they’re out there playing the game,
it’ll be a better pay day for Lesnar, he thinks it’s a work. We then
heard the clip where under Taker encounters Lesnar, Hogan thinks the
context caught people off guard. Bubba thinks Vince will sign Brock
into a one-off, he thinks this will be Under Taker’s last
Wrestlemania, he then told him he needs to pay, Hogan said they’ll
need to take care of that, he said that he had saw it before it even
aired, but he didn’t think much of it. Bubba asked Hogan how his
health is, Hogan said that he’s gotten better, he’s out of the
wheelchair. Bubba said Hogan almost died, Hogan said that happened
twice, he said his back shutdown, he said he couldn’t put his feet on
the ground without freaking out, he said this was his first real
surgery, he then explained what was involved. He said it overloaded
him, he then said that Kevin Nash left because they couldn’t agree on
a deal, Bubba said that was sad, Hogan said Dixie getting her company
taken away was what needed to happen, he said he needs to get back on
his feet, he said it’s the craziest thing with his Mom, she went 14
days without eating or drinking, she ended up eating 30 shrimp, he
said she hasn’t been outside in three years, he said one way Hogan is
cool, bubba cracked up at that reference, he asked Brent to call David
Houston, Brent said that it was a different lawyer. Fast Freddie on
protection said that the competition is calling, but they move on.
Bubba thinks for eighteenth ranked, he’s surprised they’re getting the
attention. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Ned’s new Bit replayed, various callers

Tom in Miami said he just got back from the Atlantis trip, he said
they don’t hang out with the listeners. Stacey said he just called the
show, he asked the phone screener why they’re ducking bubba, Bubba
thinks the guy is a jobber who won’t be able to outwork him. We then
heard “Young Fag Ron”. Bubba said that Spice forwarded him the SNL
clip, which we then heard. In the clip, a guy as Farve said he likes
open fly jeans, Bubba cracked up at the clip, he thinks they should
put it on We then heard a news clip about a man accused of
killing a dog, Bubba wonders why you’d want to kill a dog, he thinks
the name Carry Cod sounds like something on Sponge Bob, he wonders if
the guy and Steve Branzick were hanging out, Spice wonders what a Woof
Hybrid is, Brent explained it was a wolf mixed with a husky, ned
thinks it’s a pussy, Brent said dogs are 99% wolf, Bubba thinks the
dog should’ve been removed the first time. Nick said he used to listen
to Paul and Ron, he said every time the guys would comment on leaving
town, Steve would always say that he’d watch the kids, Spice said that
would be interesting. Stew in south Carolina said Spice touched his
penis, Bubba hung up on the guy, he thinks the guy just wants to hear
himself on the radio, he said he’d like to validate that Paul and Ron
are done for the day, he thinks Paul and Ron are listening. Scott in
Miami said big 106 is playing ZZ Top, he called them fags. Becky in
Miami came on with her radio up, “sharp Dressed man” was heard in the
background. Bubba called up Paul and Ron, he got a busy signal. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Miami callers, double shot of Ron and Paul bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Joey in
Miami said bubba was the best, he said he used to be a long time Ron
and Paul listener, he said bubba is the best. Bobby in Miami said
bubba is the best thing on the radio, he said when he was on hold with
them, “Wish You Were here” by Pink Floyd was playing. Marcus said Paul
and Ron suck, he said there’s nothing new. Albert said everyone in
south Florida is phony, and everyone are corporate kiss asses, Bubba
thinks that just speaks volumes. We then heard Manson and Berlin’s
“Loved the Way You died”, followed by Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”. We then
heard Manson’s “Ober Commercial – Fireman” from “bubba show Classics
Vol. 16”, track 17. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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