Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today’s recap goes out to our new listeners in Charleston, South
Carolina. Thank you for listening to the show.

Also, this recap goes out to Jabberjaw, as today is her special day.
Happy Birthday Kim!

Recap for today provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today provided by Miller:
The Passenger – Iggy Pop
Standing on the Verge of Getting it On – Funkadelic
Sweet Caroline – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield
Bastards of Young – The Replacements
Falling to Pieces – Faith No More
Cannonball – The Breeders
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
Got My Doppelganger On – Hex Dispensers
Lamar Vannoy – The Bouncing Souls

Segment 1 – Charleston South Carolina Callers

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Miller, he
then thanked Dave for getting him a new wind screen, Dave said he
didn’t put a new one on, but he has one ready in case. Bubba told Ned
that today is when they’re starting on Charleston, South Carolina
(98.1), he said that South Carolina is the first state to succeed in
the Civil War, the guys corrected him on that, they then went over
some sports scores. Bubba thinks they should reward the first
Charleston caller, he told them it will take them a long time to get
up on the show’s history, he thinks they’re one of the most complex
shows. Lisa in Charleston came on saying that she has been listening
since the Satellite days; Bubba seemed a little bummed out with her
being a Satellite caller. Matt in Charleston said it’s great to hear
the guys in Charleston. Rick said he’s brand new to the show, Bubba
said he’ll send him a shirt, he asked him to stay tuned, Brent said
he’s seen the Gators come apart. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Football Recap

Bubba came on saying where you can get the “Remember the Heroes”
shirt, he then asked Ned if he saw the Buccaneers get their asses
kicked, Ned said he didn’t, but he did see the Packers get beat by the
Dolphins, he then chanted “Blow Pack Blow” over the “Go Pack Go”
sounder. Brent said he watched the Saints game on his iPhone, Bubba
thinks its hard watching on a four inch screen, he then went over some
College scores. Bubba went over the stats of when the Gators had last
lost three games in a row; Brent said the offence is horrible, he
thinks Tyler could call better plays. Matt in Brandon said half the
stadium was Saints fans; he didn’t like how the fans were chanting
“Who Dat Nation”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt. Bubba came on saying this is timely whenever the Bucs
are horrible, he wonders if Monday Night Football is blacked out for
Jacksonville, Brent said he’ll check. We then heard Ned’s “Bucs Stink”
from “bubba show classics Vol. 12”, track 5. The song parodies “Love
Stinks” by the J. Geils Band, and focuses on how lousy the Buccaneers
were in their 2009 season, they ended with a 3 and 13 record that
particular year. Bubba came on saying that the Jacksonville game isn’t
blacked out. Bear said he’s not doing so good, his twenty-four
year-old son was at a football game with the guy’s 10 year-old son,
the two of them ended up getting arrested after a dispute was settled,
the guy said that a cop shoved the 10 year-old, Bubba isn’t exactly
sure what to tell the guy at this point, he then went over some facts
about South Carolina, he thinks they’ll be screwed with them being
known as “The Holy City”, Spice sarcastically thinks Religion is
helping them out, as the crime stats were high, the guys think
stealing a car has got to be tough these days, Bubba isn’t sure if you
can hot wire a car, Spice said they do it in all the movies he’s seen,
he wonders how long it takes to hot wire a car, he thinks he’d
electrocute himself. Dr. Joe Saturley came on welcoming the Charleston
listeners; he said his book was published there. The first email of
the day said Season 2 might be better than Season 1 of “East Bound and
Down”, Bubba and Spice think the girl in season 1 is hot. Ike in
Orlando said he never did any hot wiring, he then explained how they
do it; Spice said he always saw the screw driver technique. Another
emailer asked what Bubba did to run Dave Rice off, as he had mentioned
it on Friday. Bubba said it’s not his choice, Dave thanked the emailer
for being a Dave Rice mark, he said that he’ll be moving out of State
with his family, Bubba said it makes him sad. Another emailer thanked
Ned for his “fire Flies” parody “Black Guys” (“Bubba how classics Vol.
13”, track 4), Spice it’s the happiest song on the planet. Another
emailer said he’s a Philadelphia fan; he doesn’t boo when Aubry is on.
Another emailer said they wrote Bubba an email last week, the emailer
regretted throwing in the Tyler comment. Bubba said that Frank
Caliendo had a great opening yesterday. Another emailer said that
Bubba has surrounded himself with some great people; Bubba said
Jacksonville has done a lot of good things for them. Another emailer
said they fell out of their chair laughing when they heard the phrase
“Key West Boomerang”. Another emailer asked what the FaceBook address
was, Bubba asked for Sluggo to send Spice the information. Another
emailer asked if Bubba will be coming to Charleston. Another emailer
mentioned T.J. Lavin, Spice said from what he’s heard, he’s doing
better. Another emailer asked the staff their thoughts on the new
building, Spice said it’ll be unbelievable, Ned said he wants to move
in. Dave said that Bubba has treated him well during his tenure; he
thinks the hours get to him. Bubba said he can’t work with a lot of
people, Dave said they’re trying to hire someone, Manson said that he
goes in there every day and asks ave to fix his Q Base. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Bubba said this Saturday, he’ll be at Sting Ray Chevy from Noon to
2:00, he said he’ll be trying to get Hogan to go out with him, Spice
wondered if he’s avoiding the Cocoa pebbles situation. We then heard a
news clip about June Cleaver dying, Ned said she was steamy, he
wonders what her pubic hair looked like, Bubba said he shaves down to
nothing, he said he doesn’t want to impress anyone, he thinks he’ll
outlive Brent. We then heard a clip from “Airplane”, Bubba said that
movie can’t be reproduced, the guys cracked up at the Jive scene. We
then heard a news clip about TI getting sent to prison, Bubba said the
AP guy ruins every story, he said he’s glad the guy didn’t cover The
Hindenburg (may 6, 1937), the guys then goofed on TI in the news clip.
Bubba said the Steve Hurley texted him about “Airplane”, Spice said
he’s never seen it. We then heard a news clip about the porn industry
stopping because of Aids, Spice said there’s a guy who tested positive
for Aids twice; Bubba said if a condom is in a porno, he’s out. Nick
said his girlfriend is a porn star working in California, Spice thinks
the guy should be happy she’s not working, the guy said he met her on
a website, Spice said that if he was dating a girl who was in porn,
he’d check her real and stage name. Manson wonders what it’s like to
have sex with someone who fakes orgasms, Nick said it’s not that
special, he said they have a lot in common, Manson wondered if the guy
was also raped by his Uncle, Nick said that’s never happened, Spice in
a girlish voice asked for Nick to bring his pool cleaning stuff. Nick
then recapped his first date, he said he’s had sex at her parent’s
house, he said one night they woke up her Sister, Spice then goofed on
the guy a little. Bubba thinks this relationship won’t work out, Nick
said he hopes it does; he said he needs to be realistic. Bubba thinks
they’ve drove the guy away, he was going to ask him if he’s introduced
her to his family. Dave in West Palm sad he’s dated a porn star, Nick
came back on, Bubba asked him if he’s talked to his parents about
this, he said he’s only told his Dad, he doesn’t want to inform his
Mom about this, he said his parents are in New York. Bubba thinks Nick
is a pussy for not giving him any information, Nick said he doesn’t
even know her porn name. Spice asked if the girl really likes him,
would he be open to a threesome, Nick said that if she brought in some
guys, he would be done; ned thinks the guy is a twink. Bubba thinks a
bunch of bricks will come falling down on this guy, he said he’s
letting the guy down easy; Manson said girls who are in porn are
mental. Bubba said he was rally down and out when he got fired from
Philadelphia. Dave in West Palm said he had some drinks and dinner
with her, she wasn’t anything big, he never made contact with her
after, he said her stage name is Kristy Wild, Bubba wonders if he
through her off the show, Spice said she was with Jersey Jackson,
Bubba said they did the Pop Rock experiment with her (May 24, 2006),
he then went on to say that “jackass 3D” had the biggest weekend
opener, Spice said he’s happy for them. Bubba offered up the chance to
see the movie with the guys, he then decided against it. Kevin said he
was a Satellite listener since day one, he said it sounds great. Bubba
isn’t sure how to describe Ned to the people, he said Ned did a New
Listener introduction, he thinks you’ll be even more confused if you
listen to it, he then said today is the nine year anniversary of the
Gary Condit call, he thinks it’s the meanest, one-sided call Ned has
ever done. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba said
that he met Stan and both Beasly people in Ft. Meyers, he told Spice
he wouldn’t believe how well the event went, he thanked Mark Matthews
for all he does, he thanked the people of Charleston for welcoming
them. We then heard “Ned’s Introduction For listeners” from “bubba’s
new and Misc hits Vol. 8”, track 11. Bubba said that Glen Beck is now
saying he’ll be okay, he then crumpled up the article about that,
Spice said glen is picking up some tricks from Limbaugh. We then heard
a news clip about the female jets reporter, Bubba said she’s hot until
she talks, he said Little Lupe on Howard’s show is hilarious, Ned told
her to shut up and spread, Spice then goofed on her accent, he
suggested they give her some sports trivia. Lindsey in Pulk county
said there was a sting operation with a sexting case, she said she’s
one of the exes of a person involved, when the guy called for bailout,
she wasn’t one of the people, she said that he was trying to pick up a
kid, she saw it on CraigsList, Spice thinks the listing should be
taken down. Bubba wonders how you CraigsList a minor, Spice said it
was a sting, Manson said this is rarely an isolated event, Lindsey
said she’s done with him, she changed her number after this, she said
they had not so great sex, Bubba thinks the guy had everything ready,
Spice as Chris Hanson said some stuff. Lindsey said he was arrested
Friday afternoon, she can’t find the guy on the Sitress County
website. Bubba asked her if she was hot, Lindsey said no, bubba likes
how she has her act together, he said that a higher education is kind
of a turnoff, he suggested a dating game, Lindsey said no to that,
Bubba thinks she’s shell shocked, he said once the data is out, they
can call her back. Scott in Dayton said he’s glad he has something
good to listen to, he thinks the guy who called earlier should be
lucky if the relationship with the porn star will last, he then said
he married a stripper, he said the sex was unbelievable, he said he
tried to get her to stop, he said they were married for a year and a
half, he said that it ended when she had an online gambling problem,
Bubba thinks the guy will be screwed up. Patrick in Charleston said
he’s excited that the show is on his town, Bubba thanked the station
for putting them on, he then said that the Chandra Levy trial is
coming up, Brent said Gary Condit was having an affair with her. Bubba
then read an article about a guy who tied up another man for sending
nude pictures to his daughter, Manson said that’s understandable, he
thinks he’ll never do it again, Bubba asked that they be judges, he
then recapped how he’d torture someone if they touched his kids, he
then went on to say that Gary Condit is probably thanking 9/11, as it
took all the pressure off of him, he then said that this is probably
the unfarest phone call Ned has ever done, Spice thinks Ned’s call to
the John Benet Ramsey tip line is up there, Bubba thinks ned wouldn’t
do a call like this in today’s environment. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Tyler in Charleston said he can’t believe the guys are on in his town.
We then heard Ned’s “Condit Call” from “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”,
track 14. In the first call, Ned offers his support for Gary Condit,
he thinks you can be a killer and do a good job., In the next call, he
thinks Gary is getting railroaded, he wonders if Gary will need a
separate officer for his balls. N the next call, he thinks Gary has
balls the size of Road Island. In the next call, Ned said he and his
friends are for Gary. In the next call, he said he voted for Condit,
he then has some new campaign slogans for Condit’s election. He then
wonders why Gary smiles so much; he thinks Gary is wearing a vibrating
butt plug. In the next cal, he claims he has a copy of rough sex
Weekly, with Condit in a leather mask, with an ice cream scoop up his
ass. In the next call, he says that he has a collect call from Chandra
levy, saying her Cement shoes were too tight. In the last call, he has
a song for Gary. The song parodies “Leila” by Eric Clapton; he thinks
she was chopped at the knees. William in Miami said he got this
information from someone;
Shane McMahon got canceled out of his wille, Bubba told him he was a
mark and hung up on him. We then heard a news clip about a kid who was
outside at 3 in the morning, Spice thinks a bad parent would’ve taken
their kid to a strip club, Bubba thinks someone in the interview is
peeing, Manson thinks people should do interviews on the toilet when
commenting on stuff like this. Spice said if someone comes to him with
a news camera, he’s not talking into it. Marty said it was great
meeting him on Friday night, Bubba said he got in two wrecks, he said
that Keith blew the motor up on his car, so he couldn’t race on
Saturday, the guy said he had a blast there, the bell was heard in the
background. Bubba said that a guy got $650,000 from a lawsuit after a
spiked heel hit his eye, the guy has double vision, Ned thinks Bubba
would look really fat, Spice said if he gets an eyelash in his eyes
it’s not fun, Bubba thinks the guy gave some extra money to get it in
the eye. AJ said he’s a long time listener, he wondered about Miami,
Bubba thinks they’ll hold on a little longer, he then dumped the guy
for cursing, he then talked about Nato saying Bin laden is in
Pakistan, Brent said we give them about three billion a year, Bubba
thinks we should just leave, he thinks there’s nothing wrong with it,
he said he doesn’t care where Bin laden is, he thinks we’re like the
fat chick that screws you, ten makes you a sandwich before leaving.
Less said the reason why they’ll never find bin Laden is, if he was
killed, it was just cause an issue. Bubba said we need to have the
Boogey Man, Less said if we kill Bin Laden, he’d be considered a
Marder. Bubba thinks we should’ve had the Japanese on the first line,
Ned said you can’t trust them. We then heard Ned’s “A-Bomb The A-Rabs”
from “Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 1”, track 11. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jabberjaw’s birthday, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23, followed by “Electric Avenue”. Bubba
said the song was for Ned, the guys wonder if the artist was Jewish,
or was calling for boys. Bubba then plugged his Sting Ray Chevy
appearance this Saturday, he then asked Ned if he went to the Drag
show, Ned said he was there, he had a great time. Bubba said that
today is Jabberjaw’s birthday, he thinks she’s 25, he said they’ve got
some cake for her; he said Jabberjaw is very valuable. We then heard
Hogan singing “happy Birthday” from “the Fat And The Furious” disc 2,
track 13. Jabberjaw said her Sister through a surprise party; Spice
thinks her family tree is weird. Jabberjaw said she’s the baby, she
said they had lunch on Saturday then a Halloween party, the guys
goofed on her saying she watched the packers game. Bubba asked her if
she got laid, Jabberjaw said no, she said she’s only been with two,
the guys think differently, she said she’s not itching, Manson thinks
James really spoiled it for her, Spice thinks Jabberjaw should go with
girls, Jabberjaw said she’s really busy, she said that she talks to
James periodically. Spice is shocked that she selected him, Manson
goofed on James a little, Bubba thinks it’s not greener where he is,
Spice thinks James would be a Sexual, Bubba suggested they hook
another guy up at the show, he then asked her if there was a guy at
the Brn she’d go with, who would it be, the guys think it’d be
Twenty-five, Jabberjaw said she gets along with him, she said Miller
is funny, Spice thinks she has a messed up taste in men is bad, Bubba
thinks Miller is sloppy fat. Jabberjaw said that personality means a
lot to her, Spice thinks Jabberjaw should just go to girls. Jabberjaw
said that she doesn’t want the guys to sing “Happy Birthday” to her,
Bruce suggested the guys get Jabberjaw a vibrator, he said he works at
Planet X, Manson thinks it’s her lucky day, Jabberjaw said she doesn’t
have one. Bubba told her to just sit and enjoy the cake. We then heard
a news clip about a kid dying in a home, the guys goofed on the voice
over guy in the clip, Manson thinks they should throw the book at the
Mom, Bubba and Manson then talked like southerners saying they need a
man, Bubba thinks the punishment should fit the crime, he then got
caught off guard with the cake, the guys then goofed on the guy asking
the kid to go to sleep, Bubba wonders how you can grab a two year-old
in the manner he was grabbed, he then yelled for the guys to pick up
the Planet X guy. Manson said if you’re that violent, just leave the
house, Spice said he just puts on his headphones. Steve in
Jacksonville thinks Bubba should be a Politician, Bubba sad we’re the
Policemen of the World, he thinks we should just leave the nations
we’re occupying, Spice said he would do a food drop of Dingle Berries.
Bubba said if we heard a country of Humanitarians, the caller would’ve
been aborted. Randy in Ohio told Bubba not to smack his lips on the
radio, the guy got the Evil treatment, Bubba said he loves the word
“Dingle Berry”. Bubba took a call from a guy on protection who said
his wife gave birth to a kid that wasn’t his, he thought he could
handle taking care of it, he said seeing a black baby was a shock to
him, he said he knew who it was, the guy said he abused the kid, Bubba
said it’s not the kid’s fault, the guy said he would often throw the
kid down on the bed, he said when a kid cries around him, he has the
same mindset, the guy ended up hanging up over Spice’s black voice.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Steve the Child Abuser

Bubba told the Charleston audience to not hold the music against him,
he thinks Miller is weird with his selections, Ned thinks it should be
the main stays, he said “Screw Diversification”. Steve the Child
abuser came back on, he said he ended up hitting a kid and left a
mark, he said he got a one year sentence, he said it would’ve been ten
years to life; he served six and a half months. Bubba said with this
guy it was violence, not sexual abuse, the guy said if there’s a guy
who is struggling with this, he said that he would pray that it
wouldn’t happen. Bubba asked how hard it is to distance him from the
problem, the guy said the black kid was the one he got in trouble for,
he said he has a son who is 18 and is in College, he said he thinks
the kid is evil. Bubba said part of him wants to cut the some slack;
Manson doesn’t get the guy not distancing himself from the issue. The
guy said he leaves the room whenever a kid cries, he said it’s only
with infants. Bubba asked if he’s only hit one, the guy said yes, he’s
had the urge to do it other times. Spice asked about sound effects,
the guy said it can, he doesn’t like it on TV, he said something is
wrong with him. We then heard a clip of a kid crying, the guy quickly
said he didn’t like it, he said you don’t want to go to prison with
that on you, he said he had to defend himself several times, Spice
thinks if you’ve abused a kid and you’re in prison, you should just
give in, the guy asked them to stop playing the Baby sound effect.
Bubba said they’re such a dick show, he thinks they’re meaner than any
show out there. they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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