Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th, 2010 by Staff

Today’s recap is dedicated to Artie Lange, as today is his special
day. Happy birthday Artie!

Today’s recap compiled by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music for today provided by Ned.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Segment 1 – Weekend Recap

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by “A
Horse with No Name” by America. Bubba said the music for today was
from Ned, he wonders if the song is about Cocaine, Ned said it is.
Bubba said he had a hell of a weekend, he said that he got drunk over
the weekend, so much so that he had $800 in his pocket, he ended up
giving it to the bar tenders, he then said he sat on the side of the
road because of a flat tire, Spice said that Dave Mckay called him
asking about it. Bubba said that major Head and some guys stayed with
him, Spice said a flat on a motor cycle really is frightening.
Bubba said because of that, he didn’t even make it to the stage, he
likes how Gulf Coast Harley has some Coke Fountain machines, he thinks
he should put that in the new BRN, Manson doesn’t think they should do
that, Spice said they all need to kick the soda, Bubba suggested
putting a real bar in the studio, Dave jokingly suggested they also
put mirrors in for Cocaine, he said it has no windows, might as well
make it a crack den. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Spice said
Peña looked good, Bubba thinks Carlos was checking out the show, Brent
thinks the Giants should’ve swept the series. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sports

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators on October 16. Bubba wondered if Ned was serious
with his “Lonely Boy” selection, he then said the nfl is investigating
Farve over something, he thinks Heather being a massage therapist for
the NFL would be a strain on his relationship. Spice said this story
could be fake. We then heard a clip of Joe Madden talking about the
game, followed by a clip of Peña talking about the game. Brian in
Pasco said being stranded in Pasco is like a scene from “Deliverance”,
he said he called the show last week, he said that you can only run in
the district you live in, the term is four years. Jeremy thanked Bubba
for talking with him yesterday, Bubba sad it was great meeting him, he
then said that the biggest upset was Alabama getting beat, Brent said
the Gators offensive coach should be fired. We then heard the Monday
Night Football theme; Bubba thinks the Packers looked like crap
yesterday, Brent said they seem to come out great in the first
quarter, only to fall apart later on. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming-out of commercials, we heard “Baba O’riley” by The Who. Bubba
thinks Ned is ripping him off with that selection, Ned said he was
listening to the who when Bubba was in diapers. Bubba said you can get
the new Bubba Army remember the heroes shirt on, he then
plugged his appearance at Sting Ray Chevy on October 23. The first
email of the day said he lives about three minutes away from the track
in Homestead, Bubba said he’s trying to get Tony Stewart to do a ride
along with Spice. Another emailer asked for some information on
Bubba’s Lumber Liquidators appearance in Ft. Meyers, Bubba said
there’s some stuff on about that, Manson said they’re an
awesome company. Another emailer asked why Bubba never talks about Oil
pans, Ned said you can’t have a regular one, Bubba asked Spice to
explain the difference between a wet and a dry oil pan, Spice said he
doesn’t know, nor does he care. Another email was a copy of an email
sent to a radio station requesting Bubba’s show on 99.5 The Fox, Bubba
thinks they’ve never lost to John Boy and Billy, he said The Bone had
a brain fart and put them on, Spice said that no one even noticed.
Another emailer thanked Bubba for the Metro PCS hookup. Bubba read an
article about a family taunting a 7 year-old girl who is dying, he
thinks it’s pathetic to do something like this, we then heard a news
clip about that, the guys cracked up at the woman saying “ass raw”,
Bubba thinks they’re using a lot of redneck terms, Spice thinks the
news station should hire her to do a news report. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Remember the
Heroes shirt, followed by “Buffalo Soldier” by Bob Marley. Bubba said
that he was looking for Ned yesterday, Ned said he was there. We then
heard a news clip about the family apologizing for taunting the 7
year-old, Bubba thinks the reporter sounds like a puker, Manson thinks
he’s blue blooded, the guys wonder if anyone really talks like that,
Bubba said he just wants to get to the commentary, Bubba hopes the kid
lives to be 90. We then heard a news clip about Farve, Bubba wonders
if they can put the pictures of his penis on, Brent thinks
they could. Frank asked Bubba if he’s heard from Hogan, Bubba then
read a text he received from him. Frank said he’s glad that Bubba left
tna when he did, as Hogan turned heal. Bubba said that if he’s doing
something that is jeopardizing the show, the guys should let him know,
he excluded Ned from this practice, as he thinks Ned just encourages
him to do stuff like this. We then heard some Brett Farve voicemail
messages, Bubba said it’s him. We then heard another clip of Farve
responding to him getting rejected, Spice said that Brett’s wife knew
that he was having an affair right around the time when they had their
first kid, the guys wonder who would put up with this. We then heard a
clip of Farve talking about the internet news of him texting a female
employee of the Jets, Bubba cracked up at him locking up, he then said
that Glen Beck is saying he’s going to retire briefly for medical
reasons, Spice thinks Beck has managed to scrape up money for years.
Bubba said that the people who tried to extort John Stamos got four
years in jail, he thinks someone is extorting him, he then thanked the
Tampa people for not showing up for Terry Jones’s appearance, we then
heard a news clip about that, Ned said it sounds like Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, Spice said the guy pisses him off for doing a stand-up tour,
yet he didn’t do anything. Bubba called Terry a jackass; he thinks he
needs to get on the show. Adam in Sarasota said the problem with Farve
was that the girl said she didn’t want to end up in a garbage can. We
then heard a news clip about Farve sending pictures of his penis to a
female employee of the Jets, Spice thinks a Brett Farve penis slide
show would be something. Bubba then read the harassment deal, he
thinks Farve didn’t say he was looking for bad intentions, he thinks
he’s too smart. We then heard a clip of Eminem on 60 Minutes, Bubba
said he hates Anderson cooper, Brent said his ratings are horrible,
the guys think the setup was horrible, Brent suggested they bring in
the hot English woman, Bubba thinks Manson parodies Eminem better than
anyone he’s ever heard, he then thinks when famous people go on to be
famous, they over do stuff, Spice said it’s easy to do that. Brent
said that there was a story about how Computers are advanced with the
stock market. Bubba said that Eminem is talented, he’s not sure if you
can describe it to a guy like Anderson Cooper, Spice goofed on Eminem
a little, Bubba thinks if your Dad has left you at six months, he
wouldn’t want to meet him, Spice said there’s a guy saying he’s
LeBron’s Dad. Spice then goofed on Anderson Cooper a little, saying he
hates straight men, Bubba said that his kids are exposed to a lot of
stuff, he said that the kids won’t be using that kind of language
until they’re older, he said they’re much different home than they are
at work, he thinks when you’re huge and successful, you have to
embellish stuff, the guys don’t think he had two hours to live, he
likes how Eminem is an entertainer who gets it, he said that they’re
soft now, he thinks they’re a notch above the Chadd and Christy show
(Morning show in Tampa on 94.9). Valery said she wore her “Bitch, I
Told You” shirt, Bubba said he got a lot of looks himself, as he did
that with Tyler a few days ago. Dan in Philadelphia came on, Bubba had
to dump him for cursing, he said John Force’s car exploded after a
burnout. Bubba asked about some racers he knows, he then dumped the
guy for cursing. Bubba said he was with Holy from 1991-1998, Spice
thinks Bubba was with other women, Manson thinks it’s like a bad
comedy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba’s Relationship with Holly

Bubba came on saying that Manson is one of the best guys when it comes
to parodying Eminem, he said this is the song Manson did about Bubba’s
relationship with Holly, Spice pointed out that she hooked up with
Brian Steel, Bubba’s number one fan at the time, bubba thinks that’s a
story itself, he then wondered if he should set up the story before or
after the song, he then decided to do it now, he then said he was in
Orlando back in 1991, he then hit the dump for some reason, followed
by The Price is Right music. He then came back saying the studio
looked exactly the same when he was there, he said that while in
Orlando, two girls, Shelby and Holly showed up at the station, Shelby
was 17, and Holly was 18. Bubba was hanging out with Bruce Clem’s son,
who was 16 at the time, he said that he was being an uncle to the kid,
they all ended up back at Bubba’s house, Little Bruce and Shelby went
in one room, while Bubba and Holly went in another room, he then
remembered his old address, he said he’s like Rain man with that
stuff, he thinks Little Bruce had sex with Shelby, Brent said he
wishes his Uncle was like that. Bubba said that from that point, he
and Holly were together, he said that she was a hell of a packer, he
said Heather is a hell of a woman, the guys wonder if Heather if like
a slave, Bubba said no, he said that Rebecca was too uppity for his
liking, he said that whenever he would get fired, Holly would have all
the stuff ready to go, he then remembered his old address in Chicago,
he then restated his claim of being Rain Man, ned told him Rain man
told boring stories. Bubba said he did mornings in Chicago, Holly
drove in and half the truck unloaded by the time he got home from
work, he then said that when he was in Tampa, he stayed with Holly
from 1992 until 1998, he said her Dad Alfred Marshal is a great guy,
ned asked for the address, bubba told him he wasn’t going to give it
to him, Spice cracked up saying that Bubba went through that whole
story to just say they were together for six years. Bubba said he was
stuck in a situation when he met Rebecca, he said she used to jog by
his old house, he thinks Holly suspected something, he then said he’s
not proud of all this, he said he was insecure guy back then, he
thinks he wanted to get caught, as he couldn’t continue leading the
double life, Brent said they offered her $2,500 to do an interview,
but she declined. Spice said that Holly ended up with Brian, Bubba
thinks she was telling him all the information when he’d cal in for
bubba Trivia at the beginning of the old shows on 98 Rock, he thinks
Holly was paying him back, something he deserved, he then said one
night he was planning to go out, he said at 7 on thisparticular night,
he told Holly that he was going out with the guys. When he went to
take a shower, Holly snuck a Radio shack tape recorder in his car, he
said that his car had all this fancy stuff in it, to where you could
hear the phone call through the sound system, Spice as Bubba then
recapped how the call might’ve gone down, Bubba thinks he’s the
World’s fattest human with Spice’s impersonation, he said that he went
home and didn’t think anything of it, he said Holly had a beeper,
while he had a cell phone, he then went home, he sent her a beep, but
didn’t get a response, he noticed the whole house was cleared out, a
note was left saying that he should play the tape he said Holly would
often get home and sleep on the couch. Spice wondered if Bubba still
has the audio, Bubba said he doesn’t, he wishes he did, Manson said it
would be priceless. Bubba said the stuff he’s thrown away would make
them really popular, he said he begged her back, but didn’t get
anything, he said that when they first started on 98 Rock, they would
number they’re fans, he said that Brian Steal was listener number one,
he thinks Holly marrying Brian is creepy, he thinks he drove her to
having an affair, he said that he would have her wipe his ass, Spice
said if he had to date a fat girl who asked him to wipe her butt, he’d
be out of there, bubba thinks she’s kicking herself in the ass, Spice
thinks Bubba is an egomaniac for saying that. We then heard Manson’s
“Cleaning Out y closet” from “The Fat and the furious’ disc 2, track
1, and “Bubba show Classics Vol. 5”, track 3. The bit starts off with
Manson asking for trail mix, saying that he can’t do an Eminem bit
without it. The bit is a parody of Eminem’s “Cleaning out My Closet”,
and recaps Bubba’s relationship with Holly. Bubba came on saying
Manson was the best at Eminem, he thinks people would think that was
really him, he then said a bunch of guys are racked up to talk about
the Holly situation, he said he doesn’t want dudes commenting on it,
he’d rather have women cal up and comment, he said he wishes he was a
patient as he was now, he said someone needed to burn a timeout with
him, Spice said no could talk to him back then, he thinks he doesn’t
need therapy at this point, he said he just goes just to tell people
he goes, Spice said he can’t trust a therapist, he thinks they’ll talk
about him, Brent said that just proves he needs to go, Bubba said
Walter Dron’s wife, Jane is the best at therapy, he asked all nine
female listeners to forgive him. Tony asked why Bubba called Eminem a
sell out during an interview with icp, Bubba said he has respect for
both artists, he said it’s hard to explain the Juggalos, he said it’s
hard to describe it. Gary asked bubba if he’s become wiser, he asked
if Bubba has found a girl that can wipe with something softer than a
towel, Bubba said that he can do it now, he said that they used to use
a towel and wash it after each usage, he said that Holly would use a
shower head to get the clumps out, he then said it was a three part
series, he said towels and the shower got bleached, he then told the
guys enough with the towel stuff. Luke said he’s laughing his ass off
with all this, he said Bubba should let her sleep in the bed she made.
Bubba said that you’d like your woman to be treated as you are, Manson
said he’d never step on any woman, Ned said he would. Dave said he’s
been listening since 92, he said he’s never called in, he said when he
was in his 20’s and 30’s, he said he was doing the same ting Bubba was
doing, he said Bubba is getting wiser and the years go by. Richard
said he’s only 23, he said that everyone grows, Spice goofed on him a
little, Richard said he likes when Spice talks black, he told Bubba
he’s got a lot of black listeners. Bubba said he’d rather hang out
with black guys than white guys, he said Saturday night he was at
Scene, he said there were two black guys were there, wondering how
Bubba does it, he invited the guys in his vip room, Spice said black
people are fun to hang out with. Michelle said it’s horrible what
Bubba did to Holly, she said that Bubba is a little arrogant now, but
she loves him, she wondered if Heather knows, bubba said yes, he
thinks heather would wipe his ass if it was required, he said they’ve
offered holly money to come on the show, he said that he’s seen her,
it’s not very good, Michelle said she saw Bubba get beat down on TV,
Spice joked that Awesome Kong said this was for Holly rather than
Haiti. Click came on; Bubba wondered if it was her real name, click
said yes, she thinks Holly was running around with other guys, Bubba
thinks that’s not the case. Mari said she was horrified to hear
Bubba’s story, Bubba said he feels horrible for what he did, she said
that the flip side was that nurses have coe-dependency issues, Spice
then goofed on her for saying that. Bubba thinks Holly has a FaceBook
page, he said he’s just eating humble pie at this point. Kim said
she’s not offended for his actions, she said that she agrees with the
other callers, Bubba said he doesn’t want his listeners to think that
he’s taking this stance. Kim said she didn’t like hearing Bubba talk
about fat girls back in the day, Spice explained why he talks about
fat chicks the way he does. Michelle said she was calling about a 15
year-old having a civil suit over a child molestation, she said her 15
year-old nephew molested her kids, as well as his Sister, she said
she’d like to turn her sister in, Bubba told her to use all resources
against her, he thinks it’s a learned behavior. Juley said after the
last call, the topic seems trivial, she said he used to offend her a
lot back in the day, she thinks everyone deserves forgiveness. Bubba
said he wants to do an exes show, Spice said they tried that, but none
of them want to talk. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23. Laura came on saying she talked to
Bubba ages ago, she said bubba is a real man. Carron said Holly knew
what she was getting into. Jessica in Ft. Meyers said she hasn’t been
able to listen to him, she said it’s great when bubba talks about his
past. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Bubba said they get
complaint calls when he’s not on, Tucker joked he was at Lumber
Liquidators, he wonders where Bubba was, Bubba thinks Tucker would
asked to be double charged for that kind of stuff. Bubba asked Tucker
his thoughts on Brett Farve, Tucker joked he doesn’t’ start a day
without texting a picture of his junk, he said that’s why he’s anti
porn, he said he’s anti penis, he said he can’t handle that stuff this
early, Bubba said he’s a little disappointed in his grooming, Tucker
said men do not shave their pubic hair, Bubba said he’s bald eagle,
Tucker wondered if bubba is a competitive swimmer. Spice said that
hair holds in Oder, Tucker said you’re supposed to smell like a man,
Bubba said he doesn’t’ want his crotch to smell like that. Spice asked
Tucker if he’d ever want to look at someone’s penis, tucker said he’s
never thought of that, he wonders who had the biggest penis as a
Brent thinks George Washington, Ned thinks Lincoln. Bubba asked him
about rick Sanchez, Tucker said Rick is an idiot, he said he’s had
dogs smarter than Rick. Bubba thinks Rick should’ve been able to
defend himself, Tucker said he likes how you’re not allowed to crack
on John Stewart, Spice said Tucker is bent over John eating Tucker’s
lunch. Tucker said that Rick has an iq of around 85, he said Rick
killed a guy years ago, he said this was in 1990, the guys goofed on
Tucker saying that rick “Moed” the guy down, he thinks Tucker will
vote with his penis on Christine O’donald. We then heard a clip from
Saturday Night Live goofing on her. Bubba said that there was a witch
who put a spell on them; he then told Tucker about Sabrina in
Jacksonville, Tucker had no idea what Bubba was talking about (August
9, 2010). We then heard a clip of Christine O’Donnell’s commercial,
Bubba thinks tucker has touched himself to the commercial, Tucker said
no, he wonders why people don’t like her, Brent said she’s anti
masturbation. Sean wondered why Tucker called Colbert a pompous ass,
Tucker said Steve is a comedian, he doesn’t’ think he’s not talking
for people, Spice said he was, he thinks Tucker is still mad at Comedy
Central, Tucker told bubba to watch the tape. Bubba said that Linda
McMahon’s opponent is painting him as a Girls Gone wild, Tucker
wondered if the guys are supporting her, Bubba said he is, he doesn’t
like how the guy lied about being in Vietnam, Tucker said that he got
his stuff from VH1, Brent said the guy was against the Sirius/XM
merger, he wonders why the guy is ahead nine points in the poles.
Bubba thinks they should put Tucker in Beck’s slot, he said Beck is
interesting on TV, Bubba said he’s the most plastic, yet not real guys
on TV, Brent said he believes in magic underwear, Spice said that glen
is an amazing actor. Tucker wonders why Glen is so famous, he said
Rush went deaf and kept it a secret, Brent said he made a big
production of it on the air was, Bubba said that was because he was
smashing pills, Tucker thinks we have a problem, Spice said he’s
against guys being fake. Tucker said the show is ground Zero for
legalizing stuff, Brent said that Rush should suffer the same thing he
wished on people, he said Elliot Spitzer should’ve gone to jail. Bubba
thinks the rules should be that you shouldn’t be arrested for
Marijuana and hookers, unless you’ve spent money throwing people in
jail for that stuff, and you get hemmed up for what you’re against,
Tucker thinks it’s not consistent, Bubba thinks Tucker is eating his
own logic, he thinks maybe it would take a guy like Limbaugh doing
hard time if he got caught, Brent said Roy Black got Rush’s charges
tossed. Tucker thinks privileged people getting hemmed up would be
grotesque, Bubba said the system is wrong, he asked why the homeless
guy was put in prison and Limbaugh wasn’t, Tucker said that people
with good lawyers don’ get better treatment, he sighted Martha Stewart
as an example, Brent said that if you go in front of a Federal court,
you’re more than likely going to jail. Bubba said he was watching V
and saw an Alligator get shot in the head, he said Tucker is talking
to guys who got railroaded by the Government. Brent then recapped some
cases that have had summary of judgment, bubba said this was the same
court that hasn’t granted them summary of judgment, Tucker said he
wasn’t sure about that, Bubba said he’s the bad guy in this case, he
thinks bubba should run for office, bubba said he wouldn’t do it
again, Brent said the process is corrupted, Tucker said Obama is
hurting the country. Bubba said the reason why McCaine lost was
because of Palin, he said Janie cakes voted for Obama over McCaine’s
Palin selection. Brent said that had McCaine selected Romney, things
would’ve been better, Tucker said taking the same position after
losing is stupid, bubba thinks it was bad timing, he thinks McCaine
would’ve gone with Charlie Crist, tucker said Charlie is a sad joke,
bubba said Charlie isn’t part of the system anymore, Brent likes how
Charlie has never been the moral police. Bubba asked why Tucker likes
Sharpton, Tucker said that Sharpton has a sense of humor; bubba is
convinced Tucker is drinking the Fox cool-aide. Bubba asked Tucker to
look into Marco Rubio, Tucker said it has nothing to do with who he
works for; he said he agrees with Rubio’s politics, he said his
personal money situation freaks him out. Bubba told tucker he has no
loyalty, Brent said Rubio is controlled by out of state interest, he
said he’ll owe all those people when he gets in, he thinks Florida
will be sold down the river, Tucker thinks that’s not a problem, Bubba
wonders what the deal is, he told him that if he calls Charlie a
pathetic man one more time, he’ll beat him, Tucker said he’s been
taking a lot of roids. Brent said that Rubio is not a tea partier,
he’s controlled by traditional Republican sources, Tucker said the
Indians should be treated like Americans. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Bubba admonished ned for getting in late, ned said he was working on
something, he then admitted to smoking. Bubba said the killer whale
had a baby boy, we then heard the news clip about that, followed by
Manson’s “wild whale” from “bubba show classics Vol. 13”, track 18.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the Show

Bubba said he just got a call from Gulf View Harley, he asked that
they not touch his bike, he said Greeny will get it taken care of for
him, he then admonished Ned for blowing past him, ed said the ride
needs to go on. Bubba wondered if they have anymore of those Bubba
Army biker Vests, he thinks he was two years ahead on that, Spice
wonders if they still have them. Jabberjaw came on saying she’s
collected the money of people who have and haven’t paid for the
lottery, Bubba thinks everyone owes him, Manson said he’ll pay up now.
Bubba hopes the Golf Cart company is messing with his stuff for three
months, he thinks he should just pick it up, he thinks the Lightning
game was incredible, Spice said it was great. Bubba said they’re
playoff material, Spice said seeing it there is something, Bubba said
he likes the Xo club near the ice, he said he doesn’t like the TBS
announcers, he said he wants his Dwayne Stats back, he thinks the guys
don’t like the Rays, Brent said the announcers have to be impartial.
Larry asked Bubba why he doesn’t’ like white people, bubba said he
likes black people, as they seem to role with stuff better, he thinks
the guy doesn’t have a job, Spice and Manson goofed on the guy a
little. We then heard a news clip about Misty cummings getting
sentenced for 25 years in jail, bubba thinks it’s backside justice. We
then heard a news clip about a gay crime in new York, bubba thinks he
doesn’t’ want to do it because of the reporter; he thinks you have to
be really insecure to beat up a gay guy. Don in Venis came on saying
he was Toby, he said he works in don’s batteries, he’s not sure about
Bubba’s golf cart, Bubba said it’s a big mystery. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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  1. Melissa Weed

    You got off easy with the ladies today Bubba…. I am in British Columbia Canada and I was dying to call the show during the Holly segment! Too bad for me and lucky for you that there is such a time difference. First off the notion that certain types of women get cheated on or that they let it happen to them is a cop out excuse for scuba bag men to sleep better at night for having done so. From what I heard of your story today Holly was not the type of women to allow this to happen to her… She suspected you… Caught you and left your sorry ass. A victim stays around to get beat on over and over and she my friend was not that. Yes there are women out there that do let that happen and turn a blind eye.. I suspect like that sweet Georgian peach that called in to be a mayrtar and tell you that you are just a man…… Poor thing you are. You say that Heather would never stand for it, but who’s to say that if it had been her during that time in your life that you wouldn’t have done the same to her. I would consider myself a good wife, I am no push over. If my husband ever cheated on me I would hang him from his eyelids and beat his balls until he blinks. Does that mean he wouldn’t cheat? Lots of men (and women) cheat on spouses that do not deserve it. Is it just cavemanisim? Has our society tried to impose a system of one women for every man when that is unattainable? I gotta say it is good of you to come out on the air admit your wrongs and essentially make amends to all women everywhere. But as much a the ratings would love to see you have Holly on the air, I think the best way to redeem yourself is to let her go. Leave it alone and yes by telling your story learn and hopefully your influence will convince more men to stay in their own beds. We love you up here, had a blast in Calgary, I would consider myself a fan. But on this one there will be no ass kissing or wiping…. I disagree. I was looking forward to a lady letting you know that on the air. Perhaps time did not permit but you got off easy today……..

    And what happened to Rebecca????

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