Monday, October 04, 2010

October 4th, 2010 by Staff

Today’s recap goes out to Tara Clem, as today is her special day.
Happy birthday Tara!

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Today’s Bumper Music defaulted to Bubba.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning (3-2), followed by
CCR. Bubba started off by saying that today is Tara’s birthday, he
then went over some sports scores, he doesn’t get how the Packers
played yesterday, he then said that Russ did not provide bumper music,
Manson as the Ferret said he doesn’t do that anymore, Bubba suggested
he just pay a $20 fine. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Football discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Brandy” by The Looking Glass.
Bubba said every time he hears this, he thinks of Ned’s parody (“Bubba
show Classics Vol. 15”, track 4), he thinks the song couldn’t be aired
on regular radio, Ned said there’s no chance. The guys then talked
about the unemployment rate going up, in Florida it’s about 12%, in
Vegas it’s about 16%, Spice said that Billy Vegas will be coming by.
We then heard the Monday Night Football music, Bubba thinks he had a
great week; Brent said he can’t pick them, the guys then went over
some College and Pro football scores. Bubba said that they need to
catch up, he then said that a Greek woman is giving John Thrasher a
run for his money, he said we need to get him out of office, he then
said that on Saturday night, he got hammered from Sex on the Beach
with Gray Goose, he ended up passed out on Fabrizi’s couch, he said
that he got one of the bar tenders fired, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (, followed by “Break On Through To The
Other Side” by The Doors. Bubba said he’s got some people lined up, he
said that the calendar is his life, he said that he lost it over the
weekend, he said the calendar was thrown away, Manson thinks they
couldn’t do it fast enough. The first email of the day said he’d like
to be on “Bubba Saw 2”, Bubba thinks Lasker should be on it. Another
emailer thanked Bubba for giving some love to a company he works for.
Another emailer asked to see the Bubba jigsaw clip on,
the emailer asked for Sirius to keep the guys on Sirius, Bubba thinks
maybe Sirius will call them, he said it doesn’t matter, they’ve got
places to go. Another emailer asked about the Internet app, Bubba said
its “IRadioNow”, he then got distracted with a clip of Aubry Huff,
Brent asked about a lucky thong he wears, Spice said that’s his deal.
Bubba thinks he’s turning into Manson; Spice then goofed on Bubba as
an old guy. Another emailer said his girlfriend surprised him with the
vaporizer Manson was raving about, Spice said there aren’t that many
girlfriends that will do that. Another emailer wanted to confirm she
had the right info on Regina Hunter. Another emailer said they signed
up for, the emailer suggested a discount. Another
emailer thinks Bubba will lose the bet on Marco Rubio, Manson said
he’s never been called by a polling company, Spice said he doesn’t
have a home phone for that reason. Bubba said if Rubio gets in, the
show will be screwed with, he thinks they’ll have a FCC violation if
he gets in. Mike in Dexter Maine said he loved “bubba Saw”, he said
the guys took it to the max; Bubba said they just twist stuff. We then
heard the clip of the guys getting woken up on Friday morning with
fireworks, Bubba thinks they had 7500 fireworks in a five gallon
bucket, he then said they’re going to buy a shed and install speakers,
fog machines etc, he thinks they’ll have it done by the end of the
year. Mike suggested the guys put the shed on wheels and let the fans
mess with them. Rich in Tampa asked about the Susan G Koman car, Bubba
said he saw it, he suggested going to and look at Susan
G Koman, Brent said to look at the 990 form, the guys think that the
cure is being suppressed. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he had
an encounter with MJ, he showed him his Bubba Army sticker, MJ ran
over to the guys car as if he was making a citizen’s arrest, he took a
picture of the sticker, he then took a picture of the license plate,
Brent said he’ll turn it into something it’s not, Spice told him not
to be surprised, Bubba said the mission is done, he asked what they’ll
do when this is over, he thinks it’ll never be over, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Susan G Koman foundation discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling
Stones. Pam said she’s a breast cancer survivor, she said the Susan G
Koman foundation wasn’t there for her, Bubba said you’ll be doing more
if you make contact with someone who has breast cancer, Spice said
it’s like the Live Strong bracelets. Bubba asked Spice how the Orlando
Rock show was, Spice said it was a great show; he thinks Jackyl closed
the show. We then heard a news clip about an old woman who shot a 12
year-old for throwing a brick at her window, Bubba wonders where we
went wrong teaching our people English, he said he’d make the
community go through a how to speak English course. Kimberly said
she’s a Mastectomy fitter, she said the website is a lie, as they
claim 75% of the money is given back, Spice thinks it goes to the
ceos. We then heard a news clip about a guy who had sex with another
guy, the clip was secretly taped, the man involved killed himself,
Bubba said they’re now being charged, he said that’s really traumatic.
Spice thinks the kids feel bad about this; he thinks the kids should
go around the Country talking about something like this. Derik said
he’s been listening to the show since he was 7, he thanked Bubba for
his style of radio, Bubba thanked him for that, he then talked about
the Bubba Army Bikini profits going to help out animals, he then said
he’d like to help out a family that can’t afford getting their pets
said or neutered, he said that Brent just adopted a cat, he said
there’s no salaries involved, he said the cause is to help animals, he
asked the President of Susan Koman get a real job, he said if they
were to spend some of their money on helping out, things would be
better than they are now. George said his wife fought cancer for five
years, the Susan G Koman foundation never helped her out, when it was
over, she paid about $400,000, he ten asked Bubba about the race,
Bubba said he watched it from flag to flag, he said he’s disappointed
with Tony, he said someone needs to knock Kyle Bush out, he then
apologized to the Satellite listeners, as they played this clip on
Friday about the New York Governor candidate getting questioned by a
news reporter, he said the reporter has every right to ask whatever
question he’d like, he said the guy just flips out, we then heard the
clip about that, Bubba said this just shows that Politicians just flip
the script, Brent said this hasn’t hurt the guy yet, he said Upstate
New York is very Republican, Bubba said if he was a Republican, this
would make him turn against the guy, Manson said the guy supposedly
wrote racist emails. Bubba took a call from a woman who said Bubba is
on the right track with his idea to get her dog snipped, the spca said
the only people they can help is if their on welfare, Ned thinks Bubba
is Bob Barker. The woman said she was channel surfing and came across
the show, she remembers hearing Bubba talking about Cox giving him a
problem, she likes how Bubba will go through ten different angles, she
said it’s a team effort. Sandy said she loves the show, she said six
years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the time she had
no insurance, she went to a Surgeon, she was hooked up with the Susan
Cheeks, they provided everything for her, Bubba said it’s refreshing,
Sandy said it’s a private organization, Brent said he’ll look into it,
she said she doesn’t even wear pink. We then heard a news clip about
an 84 year-old guy who got his neck broken, Ned said he’d like the
video, Bubba wondered what the problem was after it was discovered the
guy was drunk, Manson asked if you’ve ever seen a rugged 84 year-old
man, Spice said the cop doesn’t know how old the guy is. We then heard
the 911 call about that, Ned cracked up at the guy getting pie faced,
Bubba then acted as a 911 call, with Ned acting as a witness, Manson
thinks you can deal with an 84 year-old in a different way, Bubba
thinks the guy in the cal should’ve been describing the Hindenburg
(may 6, 1937), Spice thinks the guy doesn’t know much about the case,
Bubba thinks the guy is high, he said we need more guys like this.
Mike thanked Bubba for being down with all the Juggalos, he said on
Friday; there was a car accident, a woman died while riding her bike.
Bubba thinks Kevin Hayslett is supposed to cal the show today about
Devon James, he said he has a cleared check, he said he has a three
page contract, Spice said you’re dealing with a pimp and a Craigslist
whore, Bubba said their professional con artists, he thinks their
getting into some real problems, Spice said it’s a no win situation
for Tiger, Bubba said this is just a shakedown. Mike in Orlando said
he’s related to the guy who got his neck broken, he said the guy
chases women and drives a nice car, he can see him validating what the
cop had said, Manson thinks you can’t take an 84 year-old serious when
he threatens you. Bubba asked if they could do an interview with the
guy, Mike said probably not, Bubba said he’s not going to embellish
the story, Mike said he’ll ask the son, Bubba said if he could get a
follow-up, he wonders if Hogan will do the right thing or not.

1. Spice – yes
2. Manson – no
3. Ned – yes
4. Brent – no
5. Dave – no
6. Bubba – yes

1. Spice wonders if Hogan will even answer the phone, Bubba said this
is from August 19, 2009, Brent said he has a text message he sent to
Eric Bscoff about it. Bubba said that Hogan settled with Post Cereal,
Spice thinks it wasn’t that easy just asking them to stop airing the
commercial. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hogan’s Post Cereal Commercial discussed, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by “Cuts Like A Knife” by Brian Adams. Ned thinks
Bubba is pandering, Bubba thinks that’s not possible, we then heard
the pander warning sounder. Bubba wonders if he’s supposed to yell at
himself, Ned said he’d like to hear it, Bubba then recapped his first
concert with a girl, it was a Brian Adams show, he then said his date
stood on his shoulders, he’s convinced he messed his back up from
that, he thinks even lost a few inches that night, he then went on to
talk about the clip of Hogan not knowing about the Post Cereal
advertisement featuring him, Brent said this is regular radio. We then
heard the clip from August 19, 2009, where Brent tells Hogan about the
commercial, Bubba stopped ad started the clip to provide commentary,
Manson thinks Brent gift rapped this case to Hogan. Hogan wonders if
the guys are stirring him up, Bubba said no, he asked him if he was
Terry Bolder back in the day, Hogan said he was “Terry The Hulk
Bolder”, Brent said he has it on his DVR, but doesn’t know how to get
it off. Hogan said that he got it, he then recapped the situation,
Manson thinks it’s him, Spice said the guy has more hair. We then
heard the clip of the commercial, Bubba thinks it’s worth some money,
he thinks around seven figures. Hogan wonders if it’s reasonably
similar, Bubba told him it’s in fact him, Brent said he’d like a point
for bringing it to his attention, Hogan said he’ll give him ten
points, Spice asked for some points for coming up with the reality
show, he said he came up with the idea on air, Bubba thought it was
his, Spice told him no. We then heard the commercial in question,
Bubba said he had no idea they distorted the belt, Spice wonders if it
was that way on the commercial, Bubba wondered if that’s a YouTube
thing, he then called up Hogan, only to get voicemail. We then heard
one of Hogan’s bumpers, Bubba called him back, only to get voicemail
again, Spice cracked up at that, he said he thinks it’s funny for some
reason. Josh in Jacksonville said he called on Thursday in regards to
the commercial, Bubba said he remembers the guy, Josh said his opinion
has changed, he said watching it at first it can look like a parody,
Bubba said post wouldn’t have done that if it didn’t sell. Josh said
he read the comments, people were digging at him, he didn’t care for
that, he said the people don’t know who Hogan is. Bubba said Hogan
wouldn’t have known about this if it wasn’t for the show, Spice said
Brent did some leg work behind the scenes. John on protection said his
roommate was there when the cop beat up the old guy, the bar that is
across the street is a gay bar; he said the old guy did in fact touch
the cop. Bubba thanked him for that, he said that you could say it’s a
hate crime, he said a cop would cover his ass; Manson said he finds
the whole thing hard to believe. Bob said that Linda Hogan is also
entitled to some of that money; Bubba said that’s not the case, as she
got everything. Andrew thinks Brent is 110% entitled to the money, he
said Brent was part of it, not formally, but in an informal way, Bubba
thanked him for that, he said it’s nice to get a call from south
Florida. Matt in Tampa said he was going through a ballot in the mail,
he said no one else’s name was with Rhonda Storms, Brent said she was
elected in 2006. Matt said he won’t vote for Rhonda, he asked why
Bubba says no to all the judges, Bubba said incoming judges are fine,
Brent said Storms is un opposed, Spice thinks she’s like Doug clem. We
then heard a news clip about someone speaking out against Eddie Long,
the guys stopped and started to comment, Bubba thinks it’s the common
template of Religion, he then read an article about a guy who raped a
75 year-old woman, he begged God for forgiveness while doing it, he
thinks this would warrant Chemical Castration, he suggests we just
kill rapists, he suggests building a prison in every state that
someone can never leave, Manson said that violent sex offenders
shouldn’t see the light of day, Spice is shocked the bible worked.
Bubba said that if Devon James does have a sex tape with Tiger, she’ll
have to pay him, he said if the tape does exist, it would be the end
all be all, he then read an article about Arnold having sex with a
woman, Hue Heffner might have it, he then asked about West Memphis
Three, Brent said it takes a few weeks for the ruling to come down.
Bubba said that the money from Craigslist’s adult section is about
$36,000,000, Spice said if you want a hooker, you can go to other
websites, Ned said he liked to go on there. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Kevin Hayslett Calls in

Bubba said that Russ was scheduled, but he no showed, he then said
they’re looking for Kevin Hayslett, he then asked the guys about Rick
Sanchez. We then heard a clip of Rick saying that john Stewart is a
bigot. We then heard Kevin hayslett’s bumper, Bubba said they’ll find
out sooner or later, Kevin said this is like Billy Jack, he said
they’ve got a contract, he said it’s not that complicated, he said for
a contract to be legal, two parties have to be there, you can’t have a
contract for nothing, he told Bubba he bought the pig and the pope, he
said they haven’t seen the tape yet. Spice said there’s already a
report that says a check has been signed, Kevin said that’s not their
money, he said it’ll be published when they file it, he then read a
little from the contract. Spice wonders what the next step is, Kevin
said they sue for it, he said you can just as the judge to frees the
account, he then read a portion of the contract about owning property,
Manson said Tom Bean has these white trash for all their worth. Brent
asked if a tape does exist, can they file for an injunction, Kevin
said they could. Spice said they didn’t name the production house,
Kevin said that tells him she’s working on her fifteen minutes of
fame, and her time is running out. Spice thinks the check could be
made out to her husband, Kevin said that doesn’t matter, Bubba said
the problem is what generated the money in the first place. Kevin said
it’s happening tomorrow,
Spice asked how long it would take to get into court; Kevin said that
all depends on the judge’s schedule. Bubba said this could work out
for all parties, Manson wondered if she can sell a tape without
someone knowing, Kevin said that’s a felony. Spice asked if they’re
just pulling a rib,
Bubba said it’ll be a guy who looks like Tiger Woods; he said it’s
worth his investment to shut her up. Spice asked if there’s anything
with the other radio shows, Kevin said that’s an injunction. Bubba
said that for argumentative purposes, there’s no tape, he said they
can shut her up via the court, Spice said he kind of hopes there’s a
tape, Bubba said the only thing they have is a night visioned a tape,
Manson said they would’ve sold it automatically, Bubba thinks it’s
just white trash, he then said that octomom had a yard sale, she got
only $2,600, Manson wonders who would buy any of her stuff, he said
that he has a balloon payment for the new BRN, he hopes he can pay it
off a year early, he said that he’s responsible about it, he thinks
it’s an indication of how the public feels about her. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Billy Vegas in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
came on saying he’s got some people lined up, we then heard Manson’s
“She’s The octomom” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 10,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 4. We then heard “fire and
Rain” by James Taylor, Bubba said when Manson puts Bubba over, he
loves it, he then said that he couldn’t post a song to save his life.
Bubba asked Spice to post up the song, Spice then just did the song,
Bubba then posted the song, he thinks he doesn’t need the guys. Dee
said she’d love to hear Manson’s bit with Elmo and Kady Parry, Spice
asked if she was African American, Dee was impressed with how he
picked that up, she said she was married for a while, but her guy
kicked her to the curb, Spice asked if the guy was a down low brother,
Dee said the guy was white, Spice thinks maybe Elmo should interview
her. Dee said that she had mixed kids, Bubba asked about the girl, Dee
said she was 12, Spice then goofed on Bubba a little, Bubba told him
he’d hit him with a Wiffle Ball bat for that. Dee said the employees
caught her husband with another woman, she got copied on the letter
the guy’s work had sent out in regards to that, she said that she’s
43, medium length hair, she said it’s an athletic build, she said
she’s been divorced from her man for about four or five years, she
said she wants someone who treats her good, she said that she’s been
dumped by all. Bubba asked if she can make the booty clap, Dee said
she’s not good at that, Bubba said it’s shocking that women like this
love the show, he then asked her what they sound like, Dee said the
guys know what the audience is, Bubba said he just tries to target
people who are 25 plus, people who aren’t afraid to go against the
grain. Dee said she doesn’t like its specific issues, she likes how
the guys can find the humor in subjects; she said that she would love
to do a dating game. Spice asked her to rub her Chia on the phone,
Bubba told him to stop, he then apologized for that, Manson as Elmo
asked her to rub the Chia, bubba told the guys they were killing him,
he then asked Dee who she listens to, Dee said she flips over to Steve
Harvey, she said she might hear a bit of FLZ. Bubba thinks Twenty-five
would be too ghetto for her liking, Spice said he’d like to see them
on a date. Billy Vegas came on, he said that he and Spice were in
Orlando, Bubba joked that it was gay, Billy said they have a new club,
but it doesn’t have a name yet, Spice as Bubba suggested they name it
after him, Bubba told him sometimes his bubba impersonation works, but
sometimes it doesn’t, Spice was laughing his ass off during all this,
Bubba told him he should just deliver it when the time is right. We
then heard manson’s bit about Kady parry on “Sesame Street”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Spice’s message for Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Fly” by Lenny Cravits. Bubba took
a call from a guy who said he heard the call about the show, the guy
said it’s like the Maytricks with the blue pill, where you get some
reality when the show is on, Bubba told the guy he has the Maytricks
backwards, as he said the red pill is people who want to learn, he
then called up Hogan, only to get sent to voicemail again, he then
asked Spice to relay a message to him, the guys goofed on Spice
leaving a fast-paced message, Spice then goofed on Bubba drunk at
Scene on Saturday, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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