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Top Stories:
4 Killed During Thanksgiving Family Gathering
Child’s Body Found In Septic Tank
Tiger Woods’ wife used golf club to free him from SUV
After 4 officers killed, police tell area residents to stay inside
Mysterious ‘Saddam Channel’ hits Iraq TV
White House Gate-Crashers: Security Breach or Social Office Lapse?

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – The guys return from Thanksgiving

The show started off with Powerman 5,000 as bumper music. Bubba said
that Dave Rice’s iPod will be rapped today; Ned said he’s glad to be
back today. Bubba said that he didn’t gain one pound while visiting
Janie, he said he worked out every day for an hour and fifteen
minutes, he thinks getting home at 6:15 doesn’t give him much time to
decompress. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd calls in, cop killer discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba asked Brent if he had a good Thanksgiving, Brent said
it was wonderful. Bubba wasn’t sure if the bumper music was Nine Inch
Nails, Spice said it was. Sam in Indiana said it was great to meet the
guys, Bubba likes how Showgirls 3 doesn’t allow smoking, Ned thinks
you have to throw corn in there to get a lap dance; Manson thinks
Bubba could make it rain in the club. Bubba thinks B-Fudd is on, the
software is messed up, we then heard his bumper. B-Fudd said his
Thanksgiving was great, he said he got a motorcycle, Bubba said he
knew about it, he said it looks like something Lasker would have,
Spice thinks it’s a retarded motorcycle for retards, the guys goof on
B-Fudd for saying thirty the way he does. Bubba wonders if it’s legal
to drive on the road, B-Fudd said he can, Spice said it’s like a
go-cart in the neighborhood, Bubba thinks the cops are just being nice
to him, Spice and Bubba pretended like they were on police radios,
B-Fudd was laughing throughout the banter. Spice asked him what his
Thanksgiving was like without his Dad, B-Fudd said it was kind of
tough, he said his doctor told him he’s getting fat for gaining four
pounds. He went on to tell the guys about a cop who was drinking
coffee and was shot, Bubba told him they already knew that story.
Spice thinks if you kill a cop, you should be killed, we then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba wonders what’s happening to our world,
Brent said this is the kind of guy who shouldn’t have been walking the
streets. Bubba said this goes back to Brent’s logic of “if you give a
monkey a gun, don’t get mad if the monkey shoots you.” Brent said Mike
Huckabee‘s political career is over, Bubba said he would slowly
torture the guy. We then heard a news clip about the guy’s track
record, Manson thinks the guy was faking about turning his life over
to Jesus. Bubba said this is as bad as it gets, Brent said he’ll check
the guy’s track record. Bubba wonders how Huckabee can put blame on
the Criminal justice system; he said he’d have more respect if
Huckabee admitted to his mistake. Bubba wonders who really cares about
Tiger Woods’s situation, he said it’s a family matter, Manson said all
of America cares. Bubba said Woods doesn’t need to explain anything to
anyone. Manson said this gets really Juicey for the general public,
Ned thinks Tiger Woods is a physical guy, he thinks he’s on Growth.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Football discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live chat with
Brent on this Wednesday. Bubba plugged the Rachel’s
appearance this Friday in Orlando, he said he’s racing the next day at
Orlando’s speed world, he thinks he won’t be able to handle 200 laps.
We then heard the Monday Night Football music, he said that outside of
Ned, he tied for Manson’s scores; Ned had the lowest at 4 and 11. The
guys discussed some football scores. Bubba wonders why you’d want to
go to Notre Dame, Spice thinks USF has a better chance of recruiting
people, Brent said you can see every College football game on TV.
Bubba said Indiana’s football stadium is so lousy; they took out the
visiting side’s bleachers. Bubba said he doesn’t’ see the Buccaneers
winning another game this season, Brent said he’d take the nose tackle
out of Alabama to play for Tampa. We then heard Ned’s “Bucs Stink”.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Miami bumpers, Tiger Woods discussions, Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. We then
heard Ned’s “Hypnospice” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 20.
We then heard the Price is Right theme, Bubba wonders why Ned’s stuff
will lead to their demise; Ned said he’s a serial offender. Bubba said
he has to kiss Kevin Vargas’s ass now, he thinks some people in the
building will complain. Bubba said they’re name has appeared three
times on the new general manager’s desk; Ned thinks he should go down
there. Bubba said he can’t be held responsible for people who don’t
work for him. Ned said he had a bi about it, but Bubba didn’t like it,
Spice said it won’t let him in the system. Bubba said Vargas shined up
three different promos with the Homeless guys. We then heard the first
bumper, which featured a homeless guy praying. We then heard the next
one; Bubba said this stuff reminds him of the Power Pig stuff. We then
heard the last one, which featured Animal, Bubba said if he heard
this, he would tune in, the guys were cracking up at the clip, we then
heard the tymbal sounder. Bubba said one of the coolest things he ever
did was having fun with Larry Plummer. Spice asked how the 25th
reunion went, Bubba said it went well, he said he stayed for about
three hours; he said he had a blowout with Heather, he thinks it’ll be
over. The guys guessed some stuff, Bubba said no. Portor said he’s
more African American, he said he was born in Africa, Manson thinks he
can say the n word. Bubba told him not to use it, he told him to
remain calm, he told him not to say it. Portor said he’s heard this
stuff for about a month, he said he’s held off on this phone call, he
said he would check African American, the guys were laughing their
asses off at this. We then heard a news clip about Tiger Woods, Manson
said it’s the main headline on the Drudge Report. Bubba told Tiger to
keep talking on his website. Spice explained what happened; Bubba was
cracking up at this. We then heard the 911 call about that. Spice
thinks Marge Schott is in the clip, Bubba rewound it to the part; he
thinks it’s the woman from the “Life Alert” commercials. Bubba said
someone he knew from high school came up to him, she wants a second
chance with him, he thinks it was just a joke. We then heard Manson’s
new offering about tiger Woods, the song parodies Rehab’s “Sitting At
A Bar”, Bubba thinks Manson is just pandering at this point, he thinks
nothing is worse than a white guy trying to deliver Tiger’s message.
Josh wonders why the media is so quick to release the 911 call, but
not on the marine situation, Spice said that story is really irking
him. Brent said it’s really odd, Manson thinks something shady is
happening. Bubba thinks if the 911 call is the way Jason described it,
it should set him free. We then heard a news clip about the sleeping
pilots from North West. Bubba said he doesn’t care what happened,
they’re not paying attention, he stopped and started the clip to
interject some commentary, he likes how the air traffic control guy is
making the pilot bury himself. Adam said he saw the Tampa tribune, the
front cover showed something about tiger Woods, Bubba thinks we don’
have the right to know, Spice said the story has everything America
loves. John in Cleveland thanked Bubba for the updates, Ned wonders if
Bubba was updating people on the fight. Bubba thinks if you stay with
someone for four days, you tend to wear on each other, he said it
reminds him of what Linda Hogan said, “After three days, fish, family
and friends start to smell”. Spice said he’d like to guess, Bubba said
it was over something that happened with Julia, Bubba said he didn’t
appreciate Heather’s comment, he said they haven’ talked since the
incident. Bubba thinks they should burn a timeout, he said they’re all
weird in their own way. Spice wonders if its divorce, Bubba said he
hasn’t considered that, he said that he needs to be a gentleman about
it, as there are children involved, he thinks it could make or break
his relationship with his wife. Spice wonders if it’s over the way he
punishes his kids, Bubba told him it wasn’t the case, he thinks
Heather is over him, he said he’s over her. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said he has a ton of emails to get to, he thinks
today is flying by, Ned thinks today is creeping along. Bubba went
over some birthdays; he thinks Dick Clark should let it go, Manson
said he ruins his New Year’s Eve. The first email of the day asked if
the contest includes reconstruction, Bubba said yes. Bubba said that
you have one hour to call in when your name is called, which will be
next week. Another emailer told Manson to keep up the good work.
Another emailer is interested in the stuff within the studio; Dave
gave a run-down as to what the guys use. Another emailer really
enjoyed the Thanksgiving tweets. Another emailer said that they’ll
have the chicken dip Bubba likes. Manson said he’s trying to maintain
after Thanksgiving, Spice thinks they should heat up a tub of it and
bring it into the studio. Bubba said he was listening to WRSW in
Warsaw, he said it’s small-town radio. Bubba said some manager of a
bank was on the radio with a 3-50 rule, in which three times a month,
go in and spend $50 each visit. Bubba found this concept to be
Spice said he finds it convenient to spend money at a well-known
place. Another emailer wondered if they can get a Bubba199 playlist,
Bubba wonders if people really care. Another emailer said they loved
it when bubba surprised the guy in Indiana; the guy Bubba visited
spent more money on Bubba Army merch than anyone ever. Bubba said
Scott came to the door with a Bubbapalooza Pittsburg shirt, Bubba said
the guy buys two of everything; one item is still in the packaging.
Another emailer said it was great to see Bubba’s vacation, the emailer
said everything was in gravy. Another emailer said a cameraman had a
Bubba Army shirt on. Another emailer said they’d like to see Bubba in
Canada. Another emailer wondered where they can get the Notorious
Big/Mili Cyrus mash up; Spice said you can Google it. Another emailer
said they were with SlideJobjones, they said it was great. Another
emailer was about the four cops who were shot. Another emailer said
they once didn’t let Pauli Sure on the show, Spice said it was over
the guy bringing him. The last emailer thanked Bubba for stopping by
his house on Friday. Nick said that quote about fish; family etc was a
quote from Ben Franklin. Joe in Miami said he was at a buffet, they
cut him off after his third plate, he wonders if it’s legal, Manson
said he’s heard of that happening before. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba wonka”, then
into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch”. We then heard some pod as bumper
music. Bubba read a quote from Urban Meyer about Notre Dame; he thinks
he would never leave Florida. Bubba read that Roman Polanski cut a
deal to get out of his situation. We then heard a bit of Manson’s
Tiger Woods song, he then stopped it, he said he got four or five
requests about that. We then heard a news clip about a guy who gunned
down his family, Bubba had a hard time figuring out what the guy said.
Bubba asked Brent his thoughts on the guys infiltrating the state
dinner, Brent said it says a lot about our society. We then heard a
news clip about that, Brent said they should be charged, Manson said
he didn’t pay attention to this story. Bubba thinks is a big security
breach, Brent thinks Ron Kessler was on to something. Spice thinks
these are the people aren’t worthy of a reality show. We then heard a
news clip about the party crashers possibly facing criminal charges,
Manson thinks it’s a terrorist name. We then heard a news clip about
us forces missing their chance to catch Osama Bin Laden. Bubba thinks
that had we caught this guy when we found him, he wonders if we’d be
in a different world, Manson said we wouldn’t have gone to Iraq. Bubba
wonders if there will be anyone who will get them out, Brent said
they’d never get elected. Spice said Obama could man up and not send
them, Brent said he’s afraid of being called a cut and runner. Bubba
thinks obama will get the troops out by August of 2012. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said he was watching tna the other night, the new
storyline is Man Kind getting mad that he had no idea Hogan was on, he
said Bubba was mentioned all over the place. Bubba said he’s not sure
if Hogan is back on American soil yet, Spice said he saw a picture of
Hogan and Flair in the ring. Bubba read an article about a kid who
molested a girl; the Dad ended up making him strip naked at gun point,
marched him outside, and shot him to death. Spice said he would diss
own the kid at the least. Bubba thinks its old school, Ned said he
wouldn’t charge the guy, Brent said he wouldn’t charge a guy for doing
that, Bubba said he would like verification that the kid was molested.
Larry said he’s all for bringing the troops back, Bubba suggested they
have them secure the boarders. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news Clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Cri hat, then into
Manson’s “tiger Woods Song”. Bubba said he had no idea who this was,
Dave said it’s “Mother Love Bone”, Brent said they were Pearl Jam
before Eddie Vetter took over. Spice thinks the woman with Tiger is
steamy, Bubba said that TMZ reported that Tiger and his wife got into
a fight, she smashed his car window, he likes how Tiger is flipping
the script. We then heard a news clip about a woman who offered a cop
sex if in order to be let off. Bubba said he’s really interested in
the dash cam, which is why he’s covering this, he thinks she’s
throwing it out there. ned said he would get fired in a week if he was
a cop, he said he’d write zero tickets. Bubba likes how the guy’s cop
skills kicked in, the guys think she had him for about five seconds,
ned thinks the cop is a nerd. Bubba doesn’t like how some announcers
were suspended for saying some players looked like Borat, we then
heard the clip. Bubba thinks it’s the pussyfication of America, he
said Borat isn’t a racial type deal; he can see where it can be a
problem if the person has a track record of racism. Bubba said if Imus
had said what Howard Cosell had said, he would have a problem with it,
Spice thinks we’ve gone backwards, he thinks he hasn’t found his
opportunity to cash in on that. Bubba read an article about Mike Tyson
punching out a photographer, Manson as Mike said he can still punch
people. We then heard Manson’s “Mike Tyson Practices Self Control”,
Bubba thinks the bit as the n word in it, he said Miami has him
handcuffed. In the bit, Manson as Tyson is in prison, with just four
days left until parole. An inmate voiced by Spice flips through
channels, driving Mike insane. The shows he goes through are: Martha
Stewart, Price is right, Sanford and Son, and Good Times. The bit ends
with Mike beating himself up. This bit is not in the catalog. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – David from Back9BBQ, Wood chipper discussions, Bubba’s Murder Game

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said he got a text from someone with an idea for a
parody, Manson said about 75% of his ideas are crappy. Bubba called
Dave; he picked up a few seconds later. Bubba asked Dave if he’s
making dip, Dave said he is, he said everyone is sold out; Bubba
thinks it’s like crack. Dave said they’re getting emails from people
who had it, people love it. Dave said he has to fill all the Honey
Bake hams today, Bubba thinks all Dave did was make dip all weekend,
Dave said they made dip every day, except for yesterday. Bubba said he
doesn’t want anymore chicken dip in the building, he said he’s
consumed with it. Dave said he’s getting emails from people who love
it, he thanked everyone for buying it. Bubba asked Dave to text him;
he said the guys have always loved the chicken dip. David said he
appreciates everyone for trying it, he said the website is Bubba said this is a sad story, there’s no way they
could make a joke out of it, he then describes how painful going
through a wood chipper must be, he then said a kid slipped into one,
he said if that were to happen, he’d follow, he thinks his weight
wouldn’t make it happen. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
thinks you’re done if that happens to you, Ned said he’s with Bubba on
this, Spice said they’re both psychos who are trigger happy. Bubba
said he would kill the people who were mean to him on the job site;
Ned told Bubba he likes the way he thinks. Bubba said before he’d kill
himself, he’d talk to some people. He asked Brent what he’d to in the
situation; Brent thinks he would be murdered, Bubba said he would have
to be on a regular job site. Spice told Bubba to imagine that all the
people Bubba hates would be working with him, Bubba said he’d shoot
Doug, we then heard some gun sound effects. Bubba asked for Big dick
to come in, Spice suggested Tom come into participate. Dick said he
missed out; Bubba recapped the situation for him. Bubba went back to
the clip; he wonders how a shovel can get caught in the blades of a
wood chipper. Bubba thinks they should put a prisoner through a wood
chipper, then mix in the remains with the chili, Spice said it’s like
Cartman on South Park. Bubba told Dick that he shot Nick the intern
for talking back. Dick ran down the people he’d talk to before killing
himself, Dick said he wouldn’t shoot anyone, he said he can’t get into
the mind of a psychopath. Manson thinks he’d kill himself, he then
thought differently, as he has two other kids. Bubba thinks he and Ned
are the only guys who would do that. Spice asked Dick who would he
kill in the building. Bubba told Dick to imagine that he has a gun to
his head. Dick said he’d have Bubba shoot Spice, Bubba thinks it’s not
going over so well. Dick said he’d shoot Tom, Pantera, Nick, Al-kida,
and Miller. Nelson said he had a friend who saw a guy go through a
wood chipper, the guy got an emotional distress. Jessey said he used
to work for a tree company, he saw a guy fell into a meat grinder,
Bubba hung up on him. Bill in Jacksonville said he saw a guy fall into
one, the guy came out in a pink mist. Kevin said he was at East Bay
for the Reutimann race, he said David won it all, Spice thinks they
let David win it all. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he would
have to take apart wood chippers. Bubba asked Spice who he’d kill,
Spice said Al-kida, Chas, Jabberjaw, Ferret, and Treeman. Brent said
Tom Bean, Ned, Gale, Al-kida, and himself. Dave said Bean, Chas, Ned,
Jabberjaw, and Al-kida. Manson said Bean, Sluggo, Dick, Miller, and
Treeman. Ned said Brent, Spice, Dave, Manson, and Bubba. Spice was
laughing his ass off at this. Bubba said Sluggo, James, Dick, Chas,
and Treeman. We then heard Manson’s “Tiger Woods Song”. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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