Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29th, 2010 by Staff

Monday, November 29, 2010

To our Miami listeners, we thank you for listening on 93.1. Please
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Segment #1 – Miami discussions

The show started off with Lenny Cravits’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.
Bubba came on saying it’s been so long since they’ve been on, the guys
cracked up at how they were canceled in Miami, Manson said he didn’t
find out until just now, he then said if his kid was what Ron’s kid
is, he’d drop him off at the fire station. Ken in Venis came on asking
about Aubry, Spice said he’ll be in studio sometime this week. Bubba
thinks he’s got a great deal going on with the Giants, he said the
Miami people are calling in, he admonished them for not listening to
them when they were on, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment #2 – Football discussions, Leslie Nielsen rip

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Baba O’riley” by The Who. Bubba
asked Ned about his vacation; Ned said that he enjoyed it, saying that
he was flying to Orlando a lot, as he just wanted to get patted down.
Bubba went over some College sports scores, Brent said the Auburn and
Alabama game was great, Bubba said he was ribbing Brent about the
Gators losing against FSU. Scott in Miami said the show will be
missed; he locked out with Ned Dragons. Dave in West Palm said that it
was horrible how they canceled the show; Bubba said he gives Cox
credit, as they were holding this out. The guy asked about Kevin
Vargas, Bubba isn’t sure, he hopes the guy is still with Cox. The guy
said for a while, 93.1 was a party station; the guys think their time
in Miami was like that. We then heard the Monday Night Football music,
Ned said he hides stuff under his crotch when he travels. Bubba said
that Leslie Nielsen died; Spice said he loves the naked Gun series, we
then heard some clips of Leslie, the guys were cracking up at that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment #3 – Bubba at a gay bar?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas”,
followed by “Bang a Gong” by T Rex. Bubba said one week from today,
they’ll be announcing the winners of the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he
said that for the most part, people don’t pay attention. Brent said
they’ll be giving away three on Monday, four on Tuesday, three on
Wednesday, and two on Friday. Bubba thinks they should have some
runner ups if someone can’t make it, he then asked for someone to go
to the show’s Twitter page, he said that he and Jimmy, Janessa’s guy
were doing shots of Sex on the beach, they ended up in a gay bar, he
ended up by himself, he said no one hit on him, Spice said that was
disappointing. Bubba said that Jimmy was on the floor, a guy told him
to take his shirt off, he said that Janessa had video of it, but Jimmy
made her delete it the next day, he said a guy tapped him on the
chest, he told the guy he was with his wife, Spice said the thing was
funny to him. Bubba said that he saw a room that said “guys only”, he
saw a total of six guys, he then said he saw a one man band in Key
West, he posted some footage on his Twitter page, but deleted it off
his iPhone for some reason, Spice said the guy needs to get a band.
Shannon asked Bubba about the fight with Andre Johnson, we then heard
a clip of Andre talking about the fight, Bubba and Spice goofed on him
a little, Spice said any time someone uses the word “Organization” in
an apology, they didn’t write it. We then heard a news clip about
Leslie Nielsen’s death, Bubba admonished the news guy for messing up
one of Leslie’s lines. We then heard a clip of the Andre Johnson
fight; the guys think the commentary is horrible. Bubba asked for an
update on the clip, Jabberjaw said that dick found one clip, but the
audio is horrible. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment #4 – Air Marshals and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard some CCR. Bubba gave a tymbal for
the Magic, he thinks Manson changed his opinion of the one man band,
he said you can go to, Spice sad it’s pretty cool, he
thinks they should make Britney Spears do this to give her money. The
first email of the day said they tried Fein with Eggnog. Another email
was a copy of an email exchange with someone for the Susan G Koman
foundation. Bubba said that the air marshals average about 4.2 million
arrests a year, Spice wonders how many of them are on a given flight,
Brent said they’re on the coast to coast flights; Bubba said that
we’re spending about $200,000,000 per arrest. Chase said there was a
shooting in Ruskin, a guy wearing a shirt that said “Sharif” on it,
the guy then killed some people. Jabberjaw said they’re on the story,
Brent thinks it has a lot of holes in it. The guy said an ice cream
guy had been shot, he said that they raised money for him, he called
the guy a sack of crap, as he turned around and killed some people,
Bubba thinks the guy should just call the cops and let them handle it.
Steve said the air marshal thing was cracking him up, he thinks if you
offered the cops that they could fly free, you’d be able to fill the
planes with security; he suggested the cops take a course to become an
Air marshal. John said that in other Countries, if they don’t like
you, they could deny you getting on. Another emailer said they saw a
car with a Bubba Army license plate, they wondered if it was someone
from the show. Another emailer said they heard Manson’s rendition of
“I remember You” (December 1, 2006). Frank on protection sad is
brother is an air marshal, but he thinks it’s a sham, he said it’s
actually a high paying job, Bubba thinks they could have an Air
Marshal who is listening to the show. Spice said he was watching
something on the Discovery channel, he said we spend a lot of money on
stuff that we don’t need. Bubba said that Heather participated in
Black Friday; he said he would pay $500 extra to sleep until Noon.
Gary on protection said being an air marshal is a boring job, Spice
thinks the job is not needed. The guy explained what happened with
9/11, he said they don’t come out of the cockpit, he said that you
can’t get it open while it’s in the air, by the time you’ve touched
the handle, you’ll have about 18 people on you for it, he said that in
the beginning he agreed with, but now with our strong protection, the
guys like how everyone will fight someone on a plane if a problem was
to happen, Bubba thinks the guy going to the cockpit is a free beat
down, he then talked about a guy with “Atom Bomb” tattooed across his
knuckles, the guy he’s never heard of a situation of that magnitude,
he said that stuff will happen on the ground. Spice asked what the guy
does if an Arab guy comes by, does he get a little nervous, the guy
said he does, he then said he was getting off a plane, he saw some
custom guys, he told them to keep profiling. Bubba asked about the
guys who slept and missed the flight, the guy said it mentally drains
you, he said the issue needs to be addressed. Bubba asked what the guy
do with flight plans, the guy said he just landed from a flight
yesterday, he said he doesn’t have to worry about that stuff; he just
puts it in the computer. Bubba asked about pilots being with flight
attendants, it happened a lot in the day, now not so much, Bubba
thinks he’s a little flapped up, Gary said it was a fantastic time, he
said the girls that have been there for years aren’t young anymore, he
then said that the days of having fun are over, as someone can turn
him in, Bubba said the guy is one of them, he thanked Gary for the
insight, Spice joked that you can’t sexually assault a woman anymore.
Bubba doesn’t know who is dumber – Guns and Roses or Weird Al, he said
that Al turned down a beer companies offer to use his music, Spice
said the timing was right for the guy. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment #5 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for,
followed by “The Boys are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy. Bubba said you
need to be listening if you signed up for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Rachel in Orlando said she’s been listening for about two
months, she said she feels a lot better knowing inside stuff, Spice
said as long as the cockpit is secure, you’re fine. Rachel said she’s
23, originally from Detroit. Bubba said they did well with men 25-54,
the ratings said that they were 0.0 with women 18-34; he said the new
rating system has him frightened, Brent said they’re done. Bubba
doesn’t get how it changes so quickly, he said that would be like your
batting average differently then what it normally is, Brent said that
at least TV is more accurate, Bubba likes how Canada does it with a
radar gun, he then said that they’re getting ready to get fired from
Orlando, Brent said the numbers are way off, Manson said that there’s
a rating system with the internet that you can’t disprove, Spice said
that talk keeps you interested. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, he came
on saying that a guy tried to blow up a Christmas tree, Spice thinks
B-Fudd could be an air marshal. B-Fudd said he likes the body scanner.
Chad on protection said he’s a flight attendant, there was a bomb
scare on a flight in Japan, he said his flight didn’t have one, he
talked to an air marshal who didn’t know anything about it, no air
marshals were on the flight, he said that sex between the flight
attendants and pilots is still going on with international trips, he
said that on flights to Japan back in the day, the only thing to do
was drink and have sex. Mark came on saying that there were some
Middle Eastern guys on a flight, an air marshal noticed that the box
cutters were in the seats Tom in Valrico said he loves the show, he
said they’re right about Loyal customers, he went to Sting Ray, he had
a chance to meet Steve Hurley, they talked about for about 20 minutes.
Bubba thanked the guy for listening to the show and supporting the
advertisers. Bubba took a call from a woman who asked how the Twelve
Boobs Winners in Miami will know if they’ve been selected, the woman
said her phone is crap, at her job they blocked the online stream,
Bubba said they can thank 93 Rock for destroying the contest, he
thinks he should call up Paul and Young Ron’s show, he then read an
article about Bristol Palin, Spice said the problem is that you have
to live up to expectations if you’re a Palin. Brent said the average
age of the viewer of her show is 57, Bubba thinks its horny guys; he
thinks she’s fooling everyone. We then heard a clip of Palin talking
about Alaska, Spice thinks she’s not a viable candidate, Bubba said
you shouldn’t say never about her, Spice thinks she’ll get ousted,
Brent said Reagan was treated in this same manner, Spice said she’s
going for the easy pay day. Manson said it doesn’t matter what you’ve
done, people don’t care. Bubba said he doesn’t like the music in the
clip, he thinks she’s talking to a bunch of kids rather than adults,
Manson wonders who is watching this, Spice said she always talks like
this. Bubba said he’d like to see a bear attacking Palin, he said he’d
watch dvr and rewind it, Ned wondered why it needed to be a black
bear. Bubba said he’d like to have Ted Stevens back and have Palin
take a lick, Brent said he got voted out for taking things from
Contractors, he told Bubba that if Big mike was getting uppity, he
could threaten to send him to Alaska, Bubba thinks she’s sending out
stupid little facts, Spice thinks women ware watching the show, Bubba
thinks Tucker is watching with his pants down the guys goofed on her
saying “On your heels”. Bubba said that she gets $150,000 a week for
talking, he’s convinced she’s talking to third graders, he thinks
having to listen to her is frustrating. Spice said Glen Beck had to
correct her, as she called north Koreans our friends, he thinks she
should stop hunting bears and study Foreign policy, Bubba thinks she
should just die, Brent said how Barbra Bush said she needs to stay in
Alaska. We then heard a news clip about the shooting in Ruskin a
caller had mentioned earlier. We then heard a news clip about FourLoko
getting sued over a guy who committed suicide, Spice pointed out the
kid was under age, he wonders how the lawsuit will even pass, Bubba
wishes they had a common sense judge, Spice then goofed on the guy
saying that his son should’ve been passed out drunk. Manson as Bush
said he’s glad he did tort reform, Spice as an aid told him he didn’t
do it, Bubba said that he’d get the guy disbarred. We then heard a
news clip about Whipped lightning, which is Whipped Cream with
Alcohol, Spice said he’s at home with nothing to do, his ex dealer got
busted years ago. Bubba wonders when we became so pussified, Brent
said we have this idea that life is risk free, ad if not, someone has
to pay. Spice said he’s got Barfume; it’s from the same guys who made
Liquid Ass, Bubba thinks they need something to do with that, Manson
thinks they should infuse the show with alcohol. Bubba read an article
about Derik Geeder, he’s not sure if the Yankees will pay him, he then
read about Aubry Huff’s new deal, he thinks Spice was right the whole
time, Spice told Bubba to apologize, he then goofed on Bubba and Brent
talking about Aubry coming to Tampa, he then goofed on Ned a little,
Ned wondered why he has a hair lip, this had the guys laughing. Bubba
thinks Spice could be like a one man band, Ned said he’s embarrassed
hearing Spice’s impersonation of him. Bubba shamed the people of
Winter Park for allowing the FourLoko lawsuit. We then heard a clip of
Susan Boil, Bubba said this has been number one for about ten weeks,
Brent said she looks like Artie Lange in a wig, Manson wonders who is
listening to this, Brent said the Lou Reed version is 1,000 times
better, Bubba said this makes him want to kill himself, Spice said she
became popular from American Idol, Bubba thinks if he could sing, he’d
be right on. We then heard a news clip about a woman who is renting a
wheelchair for $800, Bubba said you could easily buy one for $350, he
wonders why this isn’t given attention, Brent said we throw away
$900,000,000,000 Bubba thinks in four years, he could have them owe
nothing, he doesn’t get how the debt is much larger than the deficit,
the guys think Tyler’s kids will be speaking Chinese. The guys wonder
why Trans fats are banned, Brent said we’re the second fattest country
in the world, Mexico is number one, Bubba thinks the skinny ones are
over here, while the fat ones are eating up all the food. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment #6 – Staff not liking Big Dick, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by “Cars” by Gary Newman. Bubba said that he saw Lummox at Scene, he
said he misses everyone, he left because he hated Big dick. Brent said
at Scene Night club on Thursday, Baba Booey will be signing his book.
Big dick came in saying that Lummox is full of crap, he said that
Lummox almost melted down and almost punched Jabberjaw, Jabberjaw came
on saying Lummox got drunk, she said Lummox broke her shoe at
Gasparilla, Big dick said that Lummox didn’t like it when Jaba would
make fun of him with BubbaRaw videos. Bubba wondered if a lot of
people like Dick, Dick said he really doesn’t care if they like him or
not, he said he gets along with everyone, he just comes into work.
Bubba thinks they should put their true feeling on Big Dick, Spice
thinks they should do it now, he thinks they should make a lotto out
of it Dick thinks Grant hates him, he said he’s just dumb as a coe
worker, he said that Grant sent him to the wrong rental car place in
New Orleans he doesn’t like picking up his pieces. Spice he’s heard
that Big dick hates him, dick said he likes him, Spice thinks it’s not
the case. Sally said Bubba has a great following in Orlando, she
thinks the station has its head up their asses, Bubba said people said
the same thing about Miami, they’re now off, he then said that he’s
getting sued by Paul and Ron. Michael came on saying he’s missing the
point, he thinks you can’t take a single incident and reflect on it,
Spice thinks the guy is confusing the issue. Bubba thinks the guy
calls the show and is a dick, the guy ended up getting the Evil
treatment. Bob in Port charlotte said he heard that Dan Deelereto is
leaving clear Channel; Bubba said he’s 65 or so, Spice hopes he can
retire at that age. Bubba said he only has a problem with MJ, Paul and
Ron, he said he heard that Ted from the jack and Ted show is going
through some tough times. We then heard a news clip about Michael
Bray’s Mom getting attacked, Bubba had no idea what the guy in the
clip was saying. We then heard a clip of Axonna talking about Mel
Gibson beating her up, Bubba thinks el was on to something for beating
her up, he then said the Mel Gibson mix tapes were great, Spice said
the guy is a dick, but she’s the kind of woman that drives you insane.
Will said that Buckethead mentioned Bubba and Spice when John Racener
was on the show, Spice said he’s a good guy. We then heard a news clip
about two of John and Kate’s kids, Bubba wonders how pathetic we are
for making these people popular, Manson said there’s a bunch of them,
Bubba thinks Kate isn’t hot, Spice made some gagging noises. Bubba
then said he likes Kelly Osborn, Spice said he still pictures her as a
fat woman, Bubba said he doesn’t want to cover the story, Spice said
Ozzy is out of place a lot, but when he goes on stage, he’s fine.
Steve came on saying there’s a video called “IOUSA” that says that by
2040, we’ll be owing $56,000,000,000,000, he then said that there was
a bailout back in 1990, we won’t be done paying it until around 2031,
Bubba thinks we’ll never be secure money wise. Brent said he was
looking at, he said it adds up to about
54,000,000,000,000. We then heard a news clip about Obama getting
stitches, the guys cracked up a little, Spice doesn’t think it was an
accident. Bubba then said that one of the guys over the pound got
engaged, he thinks they should do a show on royalty, Manson said he
was so amazed when Princess Diana passed away. Spice said he remembers
that, we then heard his racing commentary from Nov. 18, 2010. We then
heard a clip of Spice on a two seater, he said he was freaking out,
Spice said he would’ve preferred a regular race car, he said he wasn’t
playing it up, Bubba doesn’t think so. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment #7 – Spice on a two seater

Bubba said that for weeks and weeks, Spice was saying he wasn’t
afraid, we then heard his prediction as to how it would go, followed
by the audio of him in the pace car; Bubba stopped and started to
comment, Spice said he practically darted up to the wall. In the clip,
Spice was heard pleading with the guy, Bubba cracked up at what Todd
was saying; he then cracked up at Spice freaking out after Todd had
spun out. Spice said you don’t realize how powerful it is on TV, but
going to the event is different; Bubba thinks Manson would be
surprised, Brent said it was great to hear all the drivers talking on
the air, he likes how everyone showed up on time. Bubba thanked All
Star coaches, he then said that there’s some interesting news on
Abraham Shakespeare, he said if you get a big white woman, don’t pay
attention to her. We then heard a news clip about that, bubba said
that he likes Melanie Brooks’s delivery of news stories, he thinks all
the guys would want to do if they won the lottery would be to get
high, Spice thinks the guy is a sucker; Bubba thinks white trash has
some great stuff. Bernard came on saying that Dale Earnhardt JR will
be housed with Jimmy Johnson, Spice as a Southern guy said this was a
real shakeup. We then heard a news clip about a teacher who had
molested kids. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment #8 – The show getting cut off in Ft. Meyers?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas” on
December 17, followed by “China Grove”. Bubba said he has some
comments about Big dick, he then read threw them, Spice one of the
comments was from him, Bubba thinks everyone is a pussy, Ned thinks
everyone likes him. Alysha in Ft. Meyers said she’s a Krock listener,
they started playing music after the last break, Bubba said he didn’t
know that, Ned thinks she’s a nark. Bubba fired up the application for
Krock, “Ice Cream Man” by Van halen was heard, Spice thinks they
should play that in the ice cream truck. Lyndsey was heard saying that
Bubba Trivia will get you tickets, Bubba thinks the question of the
day was stupid, he then asked for the other affiliates to call, Spice
said he wasn’t getting an answer from K Rock. Wes in Orlando said
they’re still on in Orlando, Bubba thinks they’ll get canceled out of
there; the guy thinks its crap. Ricky in Charleston said they were
still on, he said the show is great to listen to. Ed in Dayton said
they’re still on. Lyndsey came on, Bubba asked what happened, Lyndsey
said the program director ran away, she said she’ll put the guys back
on, Jabberjaw said this was the last segment, Lyndsey said she was
covering for Steal, Bubba thinks she tries too hard when it comes t
being funny. Daniel came on, but his phone crapped out, Manson thinks
she should kick back and enjoy the time of not having to work. Bubba
then read some more comments about Big Dick; Manson thinks hammil
wrote one of them. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Express11

    Will you stay with sirius. If not will I just not hear you when I get in my HVAC van.

  2. mark cunningham

    Can’t believe they did this. Figured you be gone the week of thanksgiving then Monday still crappy Christmas songs. People at COX are stupid. Your program was far better than any other in South Florida. Plus we now are forced to listen to the a holes Paul and Old Ron. Try and get on a radio station in Palm Beach if you can or build your own transmitter relay down here.

  3. destiny upshaw

    OMFG i am so upset. WTF south Florida. REALLY. I now have to buy a phone where i can get satellite radio on it…I am so peeved. GO BUBBA ARMY!! :(

  4. scottymac

    I had to go out and buy sirius radio to hear you, now i hear howard may not sign again, will you still be on??? Miami Sucks!!!! Theres no rock stations in Miami, all spanish and black,,,,

  5. Alan - Ft Lauderdale

    Coxblocked in South Florida!

  6. grizbear

    I only play CD’s on my morning drive. There is nothing worth listening to on the radio now. How many stations do we need playing annoying Christmas music, especially a week before T-giving? It’s ridiculous. 93.1 is likely to become hip-hop, like we need another 1 of those. It was the only real rock station in S. FL. Not classic rock. Funny how 103.1 The Buzz now claims to be S. FL’s only rock station, when they play half rock and half reggae. You can’t go from Metallica right to Bob Marley. I don’t get it.

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